Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Charmed"
that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement on their
copyright of the series.

The story itself is mine.

This story contains: m/f, first - f/f, f/g, f/gg, spanking, whipping, mild
D/s and b&d - g/g, young, lesb, cons.

If you don't like that stuff or are not mature enough for it, then I suggest
you don't read this story. If you do, then enjoy.

Summary: Certain events that happened during a summer vacation when Prue is
18 years old, Piper is 16 and Phoebe almost 14, are told here.

Notes: This happened long before the first episode of "Charmed" and the three
sisters don't posses any magical powers at this point.

Charmed: Charmed Tales Part 1 - Growing Pains Chapter 1
by Oric13 ([email protected])

"Oh, honey! You look beautiful!" Penny Halliwell proudly gushed, as her
granddaughter walked down the stairs, wearing a gorgeous, black, strapless

Piper and Phoebe - who completely agreed with their grandmother's assessment
- followed Penny's exclamation with those of their own. Prue did indeed look
stunning; the way she was dressed and the carefully applied make-up, enhanced
her already significant natural beauty.

"Thanks!" Prue smiled. "I hope Andy feels the same."

"Listen sweetie. Andy already feels you are the most beautiful woman in the
world," Penny said reassuringly, "when he sees you in that outfit, he won't
know what hit him."

Penny quickly raised her camera and took a picture of her granddaughter.

"Thanks, grams!" Prue answered with a grin.

At that moment the doorbell sounded.

"That will be your prom date," Penny smiled, "right on time!"

Walking to the door she opened it to reveal Prue's boyfriend Andy standing
there; wearing a splendid black tux.

"Hello, Andy! Come in," she greeted the young man. "Prue has just finished
dressing and is waiting for you."

He stepped inside and his mouth fell open as he stared at his girlfriend.
'Wow! She looks absolutely stunning!' He said as much, earning him the
approval of Prue's sisters and her grandmother and not in the least, Prue

"Thanks, Andy." Prue smiled with appreciation at her boyfriend. "You look
pretty hot yourself!"

Penny quickly herded them together and started taking photos of them.

They patiently waited until Penny was satisfied that she'd made enough visual
reminders of Prue's senior prom and were allowed to leave.

"Goodbye, kids!" Penny waved, as the young couple walked to Andy's car. "Have
fun at the prom!"

"Yeah, goodbye you guys!" Piper smiled as she waved at her sister.

"Goodbye, Prue!" Phoebe called after them. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!"

Everybody grinned at those words coming from the notoriously, wild Phoebe.

"And don't do anything Phoebe WOULD do!" Piper quipped.

They all laughed.

"Bye, grams!" Prue waved at her family. "Goodbye, Piper! Bye, Pheebs!"

The three Halliwells waved enthusiastically as Andy's car drove away.

* * *

Prue glowed with contentment as they left the prom and entered Andy's car
again. It's been a magical night so far; they had danced for hours and had
a lot of fun talking with their friends. Then to top it all off, she and
Andy were crowned King and Queen of the prom. Wanting to finish this
wonderful night with a perfect ending, she had decided to give Andy the most
precious gift: her virginity.

Or in layman's terms: she planned to fuck her boyfriend silly tonight.

"So," Andy smiled. "Where do you want to go now?"

Prue shot him a wicked smile. "To a nice and secluded place," she answered

He gulped when he heard those words and quickly pressed down on the gas,
speeding the car away.

* * *

After driving for half an hour Andy pulled in an overgrown, sandy road and
finally stopped the car at a place that he had discover a while back and had
dubbed "Look-out Point". It was totally secluded on a hill at the outskirts
of the woods, overlooking San Francisco.

Prue gazed silently outside, admiring the magnificent view. "It's beautiful!"
she finally said.

"So are you," Andy smiled.

Prue smiled back and they kissed passionately.

* * *

Andy had his hand inside Prue's dress cupping a breast as his tongue wrestled
with his girlfriend's. At the same time Prue had opened Andy's zipper and was
rubbing the thick bulge in her boyfriend's pants.

"Let's go outside," Andy suggested after breaking their lip-lock for a
moment, to take a breath of air. "I have a blanket in the trunk we can spread
out, we'd be a lot more comfortable there."

Prue nodded her assent.

They quickly stepped out and rushed to the back of the car. Andy opened the
trunk and pulled out a thick blanket, giving his girlfriend a wink he also
took out an ice bucket containing a bottle of champagne.

"Could you get the glasses?" he asked, pointing at a small box.

Taking out the box, Prue smiled appreciatively. "I see you believe in being

"Well. I used to be a boyscout, remember?" Andy grinned.

There was a small clearing in front of the car where they laid out the

They both stood there silently for a while, looking at each other.

Standing with her hands on her hips, Prue shot Andy an impious smile. "Okay,
boytoy... time to strip!" she ordered. "Let's see some pecs... and some
pecker!" she grinned.

Grinning back, Andy slowly started removing his shoes, sock and tuxedo.

Wearing only boxers - which were sporting an obvious tent - he stood back and
raised his eyebrows in a questioning manner, giving his girlfriend a "your
turn" gesture.

Winking at her boyfriend, Prue started to do a slow, sensual striptease.

Andy felt his mouth grow dry as Prue's firm full breasts came into view. He
hungrily gazed at those perfect twin globes until after several minutes he
finally managed to tear his eyes away from the two beauties.

Looking up he saw his girlfriend looking at him with a slightly mocking smile
on her lips. He blushed lightly in embarrassment.

"Finished?" Prue dryly inquired. Indicating his boxers, she said, "Time to
remove the last piece of clothing then."

"At the same time?" Andy suggested.

Prue nodded and they both hooked their thumbs in the waistband of their
underwear, slowly dragging it down.

At last they stood there: in all their naked glory (luckily it's a warm
night). They hungrily studied each other's crotches, then at the same moment
looked up and rushed into each other's arms. Eagerly they kissed and groped
at each other's naked forms.

* * *

Hovering over her boyfriend's nude body, Prue examined his erect member and
gave it a couple of gentle pulls, eliciting a groan of pleasure from him.

Bending down she gave the swollen head a few tender licks, listening to
Andy's soft moans she smiled in satisfaction then opened her mouth, taking
in his rock-hard cock. Moving her head up and down she started sucking him

"Ohhhhh, Prue! That feels so good!" Andy sighed blissfully as he lay there;
his eyes closed enjoying his girlfriend's hot mouth on his dick.

Opening his eyes, he found himself looking straight into Prue's dripping
snatch. Studying the swollen lips and her erect little clit with a hungry
look, he finally stuck out his tongue and licked it across Prue's wet, hot

Prue moaned softly as she felt her boyfriend's first tentative licks on her
excited pussy. Rewarding his efforts she curled her tongue around the tip
of his cock, dipping inside the little piss-slit from time to time before
licking around the inflated head again. Giggling a little as Andy's erect
member started to bob wildly under her treatment, as if nodding its assent.

Getting into the spirit of things and not about to be outdone by his
competitive girlfriend, Andy started licking more enthusiastically; taking
long swipes across her slit and the swollen little knob above it,
occasionally dipping into her hot tight hole, which brought out several
excited whimpers from Prue.

They both doubled their efforts, sucking and licking eagerly, holding a sort
of friendly contest of who would lose control and come first.

* * *

Prue's eyes shot wide-open as she suddenly felt Andy lips on her clit,
sucking wildly. Feeling her orgasm approaching she sucked on his sensitive
dick with a force that would have made an Hoover vacuum cleaner proud, at
the same time she stuck a finger up his ass.

Andy bucked wildly and his sperm shot into his girlfriend's mouth, moments
later he felt Prue's pussy clench and her juices flow into his mouth. They
eagerly drank each other's fluids until they both were spent.

Prue turned around and they hugged tightly, lying there exhausted but

* * *

"How about it?" Prue asked, sipping down the last drop of champagne in her
glass. "You think you're "up" for more?"

After issuing a roguish grin to his girlfriend, Andy glanced down at his
already semi-erect cock. "Oh, I think I can manage," he replied dryly.

Prue grinned back and crawled in a predatory manner towards him. She took her
boyfriend's "pride-and-joy" in her hands and stroked it tenderly. Guiding it
in her mouth she moved her mouth slowly up and down the swollen staff, while
using her hand to gently play with his balls. In a matter of moments, Andy
was fully erect again.

Letting the now rock-hard member slip from her mouth, Prue kneeled above
Andy's lap; reaching back she guided him inside her.

"GOD! Yes!!" Andy groaned as he slid inside her tight, hot cunt.

Putting her hands on his shoulders, Prue slowly started moving up and down
her boyfriend's joystick. Steadily increasing her speed as her arousal
increased with it.

Each time Prue squatted in his lap, Andy grunted in pleasure. He reached out
and started playing with the black-haired beauty's perfect tits, which were
invitingly bobbing up and down. Letting his palms rub across the rosy tipped
globes, he occasionally dipped his head and sucked on one of the hard

As her lust increased by Andy's tender play with her breasts, and the big
dick she's riding, Prue started to move faster on her boyfriend's engorged
stick, only slowing down when the rock-hard cock started to collide with
her hymen.

Andy meanwhile, started softly pinching and pulling on Prue's now painfully
erect nipples and taking them into his mouth, nibbling and biting down on

"OH!!" Prue exclaimed loudly, as the mild torture of her tits shot surges of
lust through her body. She started moving up and down more franticly, her
long black hair flinging wildly as her body shook. Taking a deep breath, she
raised herself almost completely of his dick, and then swiftly crashed down,
gasping as Andy's thick eight-inch cock tore through her hymen and took her

Prue halted for a moment, panting lightly while Andy rubbed her back. After
she got used to these new sensations, she started moving up and down again.
slowly at first... but after getting used to having her boyfriend's hard cock
fill her so completely, she went faster.

The last bit of pain turned to pleasure and Prue started riding his dick in
earnest now. Sliding a hand down her body she started rubbing her clit,
letting her other hand flail wildly above her head, like she's riding a bull
at a rodeo.

"Oh yeahhh," Prue panted, her face red from lust and exertion, and her hair
all sweaty and tousled. "Fuck me, Andy!!" she groaned as she slid even faster
up and down his rampant erection.

"Yes! Yes! Yesssss!!" she shouted as she felt her orgasm approaching. "I'm
CUMMINGGGG!!!" Her body shaking as she violently came.

Andy groaned as his girlfriend's tight - previously virginal - cunt gripped
his cock in a vice-like grip. "Oh fuck!!" he groaned, the sensations getting
too strong. "I'm going to CUM!!" he called in warning.

As those words penetrated her lust-filled mind, Prue immediately lifted
herself from his throbbing cock that was dripping with her juices and his
pre-cum, and kneeled beside him, taking his vibrating member into her mouth.

With a loud cry he shot his load down his girlfriend's throat the moment she
took him into her mouth.

Prue eagerly drank every drop of his man-juice smacking her lips as she
licked him dry.

Satiated and exhausted they collapsed into each other's arms.

* * *

After cuddling for a while they reluctantly decided it was time to get up and
go home, before their parents became too worried.

Yawning a little, Prue stretched, proudly displaying her bare breasts. A
sight that didn't go unnoticed by her boyfriend. She smiled playfully when
she noticed his eyes on her tits again.

"You just can't get enough of the twins, can you?" she teased him.

"Well, you have to admit that they are pretty incredible," he smiled back.
"They just wanna make you come back for more."

"Too bad we're running late as it is," Prue said somewhat ruefully while
standing up. "Oh, well. another time."

Andy stood up, sporting a giant erection and gave Prue a pleading puppy-dog
look. "How about going one more round," he grinned wickedly.

"My, my," Prue studied his rigid member with pretended perplexity. "You're
an eager one, aren't you?" Walking backwards she sat down on the hood of the
car and drew her legs up, flashing him her still wet snatch. "Very well...
come and get it, lover."

Swallowing deeply, his eyes filled with lust, he approached his gorgeous
girlfriend, his gaze focussed on the inviting V between her legs. Stepping
between her legs he lifted her feet upwards, almost bending her double. With
one solid thrust he drove himself inside her.

"Fuck!" she groaned, her eyes rolling back as he started slamming inside of
her. "YES! Fuck me! Fuck me HARD!!"

He was happy to oblige, with a speed that was only given to the young (and
the very horny) he drove his rock-hard cock inside of her like a piston.
Fucking her like this would be his only chance to ever have sex!

"Yessss, that's IT!!" she hissed as she pinched and pulled on her swollen
nipples. "Fuck my tight little teen cunt! Fuck it hard!!"

Still holding Prue's legs wide open and her ankles up, Andy continued his
relentless pounding. He started to breath heavily. Even after coming two
times before, it was still hard to keep back his orgasm at this frantic

* * *

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." Prue breathlessly chanted, she had already cummed
three times and her eyes were glazed over from the thorough fucking she's
receiving. She was still playing devotedly with her - now extremely
sensitive - nipples as her boyfriend continued driving his pole inside of
her with unrelenting force.

Finally, unable to hold back any longer, Andy pulled out his throbbing cock.
Giving it a few quick jerks he shot his load all over Prue's breasts and
face, covering her with his sticky cum.

Prue gasped in surprise at the enormous amount of cum that gushed out of her
boyfriend's dick. It seemed almost a gallon. 'How the hell does he manage to
produce so much cum after cumming twice before?' she thought in astonishment.

After recovering from the surprise she started cleaning her body, scooping
globs of cum up with her fingers and licking them clean.

Having finally finished her little task, she looked at Andy, who'd sat on the
hood beside her, looking at her with a big satisfied grin on his face. Giving
him an amused look, she said, "That was quite an impressive feat you just

"Thanks," he smiled. "I was quite impressed myself."

Lying back against the windshield, he silently looked at the stars for a
while then turned back to face his girlfriend. Wiggling his eyebrows at her,
he asked, "So. ready for round four?"

Prue's mouth fell open and she looked at him with a combination of dismay,
fascination and astonishment.

"Just kidding!"


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