By Wonder Mike

Piper Haliwell was flat on her back, Leo the handyman lowered himself on top
of her and slipped his cock into her dripping pussy,

Piper Moaned loudly as she was entered, it had been months since she had a
man inside of her, in fact she couldn't remember the last time that it
happened. She wrapped her legs around his waist and began rolling from side
to side.

Leo began to thrust harder and harder inside of his lover, Piper rolled
faster to match his thrust, she then began kicking her legs up and down
forcing him to enter her even deeper.

Leo rammed his cock in as hard as he could, Piper wrapped her arms around
his neck and shoved her tongue down his throat, Leo lifted her off the
ground, he then rolled over so she was on top of him.

Piper sat on her knees, his cock buried deeply inside of her, she began to
slowly rise up and down, Leo began to thrust up inside of her, Piper's breath
cam quickly as she began her first orgasm. She began to ride in earnest.

Piper began to bounce up and down on Leo faster and faster with each stroke,
Leo reached up and began to massage her small breast.

Piper's breast where almost all nipple, Leo began to lightly twist and turn
her nipples, he then leaned up and swallowed one of her breast whole as he
pinched and squeezed the other one. Piper was being driven crazy.

Piper began to scream and threw her arms up in the air in ecstasy, she and
Leo were cumming at the same time she accidentally froze Leo as he was
cumming inside of her.

Piper thought this wasn't bad at all, Leo was frozen with his cock rock hard,
she didn't want him cumming inside of her anyway, she knew she had a couple
of seconds and she began riding him as hard as she could.

The bed began to buckle under the pounding it was taking, Piper knew she was
running out of time, she jumped off of his cock and wrapped her lips around
it just as he unfroze, Leo emptied his load down her throat.

Leo didn't know how she got down on him so fast, he never even saw her move,
but he didn't really care, he just knew it was the most fun he had ever had,
he was truly sorry that it had to end.

The couple got dressed, Leo told Piper that he had to leave, his job was
taking him away from San Francisco, and that he had never meant to fall for
her, he knew better and it was best if they broke away from each other now.

Piper told him she was o k with the situation, she understood that he had to
leave, she was dying inside but she put on a brave face, she refused to let
Leo know how hurt she was, she still thought he was a great guy and there
must be something else going on.

The Haliwell sisters met for breakfast the next day, the biker that Phoebe
had picked up last night snuck out the door, Prue just shook her head at her
youngest sister, Prue knew that Phoebe would never change, but she hoped that
she would at least grow up.

Prue had her own problems, her on and off boyfriend had just been murdered
in front of her, she could not deal with another relationship, she was
secretly jealous of Phoebe, she would never let her know that though, she
would never give her the satisfaction.

Piper announced to her sisters that Leo had left, Phoebe knew the real reason
he left but she couldn't tell Piper, she knew she had to do something to help
her. Phoebe also knew how bad the Prue felt, even though Prue would never
show it. Phoebe had a plan to cheer them all up though.

Phoebe told her sisters that she had been going through the book of shadows,
she had found a travel spell that could take them anywhere they wanted to go,
she suggested that they all needed a vacation.

Piper had been working twelve hours a day at the quake restaurant, Prue had
been doing the same at the auction house, Prue told them she could not take
a vacation though, Phoebe told her of the seclude islands they could go to
and the well endowed natives they could meet, she knew it was just what her
sister s needed, she would not take no for an answer, Prue finally agreed.

The Haliwell's decided on the Virgin Islands, it was somewhere that was
relatively secluded and would be a great place to relax, they gathered around
the book of shadows and cast the spell.

The sisters disappeared from their house and reappeared on the tropical
island, it was the most beautiful place they had ever seen. Prue knew they
had made a wise choice, they saw a waterfall and made their way over to it,
they noticed about 15 different species of wild animals along the way, they
thought that was weird but they were on a secluded island.

Phoebe thought there might not be any native boys here, what was the point
of being here if there weren't, she was regretting the choice of islands

The sister saw a house along the waterfalls river, it looked like a hotel,
it was so big, they walked over to see if anybody was there. It looked very
old a spooky.

Prue knocked on the door, an old man entered, he welcomed the sisters. He was
shocked to see them, he had never had unannounced visitors before, in fact,
he knew it was impossible to get to his island.

He told them he was glad they where here, he had never had any female guest
before, and his helpers where in need, he had sent away to the Philippines
for some young ladies but it would be weeks before they arrived, he remarked
on how beautiful the sister where.

He told the Haliwell's they could call him John Doe, that was Dr. John Doe,
he was a scientist doing genetic experiments, he called for one of his
successes to come meet his guest.

The sisters gasped in unison as two creatures walked in, one of them had the
body of a man, and the head of a monkey, the other one had the body of a
monkey and the head of a many. Prue screamed "What kind of monster are you."
The Dr. replied, "I am a scientist."

He told the sisters he wanted to reward some of his more powerful creatures,
he told the Haliwell's they would be a great present. Prue pointed and at Doe
and he was thrown across the room, he hit the wall and fell to the ground, he
stood up and Piper froze him.

The Dr. unfroze and knew he had something special here, two of the sisters
had special powers, they would make great breeders, the other sister must
have a passive power or no power because she stood behind the others, she was
the weak link.

John made a hand signal Phoebe was grabbed from behind, it was a man with the
head of a rhino, he grabbed her by the head, John told the sisters if they as
much as twitched, his rhino would pull Phoebe's head off. Phoebe had a vision
of what was in store for her, she passed out.

Piper and Prue stood motionless, John told them that Phoebe would go first,
he signaled for his rhino to undress her, he then removed his pants exposing
a 15 inch cock, the Dr told the sisters the head was not the only thing that
was changed about his new family.

Rhino laid Phoebe on her stomach, he began to stroke his cock until it was
rock hard, he then began to slowly work it into her cunt inch by inch, Phoebe
was awoken by the mighty cock splitting her pussy.

Phoebe like them big, but this was ridiculous. Rhino slowly managed to get
two-thirds of his giant cock inside of her, he began to thrust slowly in and
out of her, Phoebe bit her lip trying hard not to scream.

Rhino began to ram his cock harder and faster into his conquest, Phoebe tried
to get up to her knees, but the beast was ramming it to her too hard. Rhino
felt her struggle, and he let her get to her knees, he then wrapped his arms
around her waist and pulled her to him. He finally got his giant cock all the
way inside of her.

Phoebe couldn't suppress her screams any longer, she bellowed out as the
beast rammed his cock into her with all his strength, her knees were no
longer on the ground, rhino had lifted her off the ground and was sliding her
back and forth on his cock as he rammed it to her.

Piper couldn't pair to watch it any longer, she froze everyone. She and Prue
ran over and tried to get the beast out of Phoebe, she was stuck tight
though, they couldn't budge her and everyone unfroze. Dr. Doe was extremely
pissed and he told the girls they would all pay dearly for that.

Dr. Doe ordered rhino to fuck her senseless, he began to ram it too her with
all his might, he used his arms to ram her against his chest as he thrusted
into her like a jack hammer, Phoebe was completely limp as she was being
tossed around Prue realized her sister was out cold, she begged the Dr. to
stop the insanity.

Doe told Prue that he would stop it as soon as rhino was finished, he told
rhino that Phoebe' wasn't worth impregnating, her powers were useless, he
ordered him to spray her face, rhino needed desperately to please his
"father" he pulled Phoebe off of his cock and laid her on the floor, he then
began to stroke his cock.

His white sticky semen came pouring out completely covering Phoebe's face,
her sisters turned away, unable to watch, Doe ordered them to turn and watch
his creation finish on Phoebe. Phoebe never knew what hit her, she had been
unconscious for the last ten minutes.

Dr. Doe called in his next creation, the Haliwell sisters heard the hoofs and
they knew they were in serious trouble, they first saw the head of a man,
then the body, it was a stallion. They screamed in unison. Doe asked the
girls which one of them wanted to be next.

Prue stood up, she was the oldest and it was her responsibility to protect
Piper, she saw the cock began to grow, it was a foot and a half already and
not erect yet. She was terrified, but she couldn't bare to watch that beast
unleashed on her little sister. She demanded to go next. She told Doe she
needed it.

Dr. Doe just laughed at Prue. He told her if she really needed it he had
something special planned for her, her ordered Piper to service his child.
She wiped the tears from her face and went to do as she was ordered, Phoebe
had been dragged away, they had know idea where she had been taken.

Piper began to stroke the beast growing cock, it slowly got harder and
larger. It grew to over two feet long, it was as thick as her arm and rock
hard. Piper was sure that it would break her in half. Prue begged the Dr.
not to do this, he ordered her to sit and watch or he would bring in another
beast to sandwich Piper. Prue sat quietly.

Piper began to lick up and down the giant cock, she thought if she sucked it
off, it wouldn't have to penetrate her. The Dr. ordered her to put it in her
mouth. Piper opened her mouth as wide as she could but the cock was too
thick. All she could do was lick up and down the sides. She prayed that it
would be enough to get the beast off.

The Dr. would have no part of that strategy, he wanted his beast to
impregnate Piper, with his mighty creature, with the sisters powers it would
make him unstoppable, he ordered the stallion to penetrate her.

Piper dropped to her hands and knees directly underneath the beast, the Dr.
stood next to his creation and placed the tip of it's cock at the opening of
her cunt. He ordered her to rock back. He wanted her to do it herself. Piper
had no choice but to obey.

She rocked back taking three inches of cock into her cunt. She screamed
"Please I can't take anymore." The Dr. ordered his creations to bring out
Phoebe, she was chained and helpless. He told Piper that Phoebe was useless,
he would decapitate her if Piper didn't do what he ordered. Prue begged
Piper to fuck the beast.

Prue ran over to help her sister. She held the cock still and ordered Piper
to push. She rocked back and buried another three inches into her cunt, she
was screaming as every inch entered her. Prue pushed back on her shoulders.

The Dr was satisfied that Piper was trying, he ordered the stallion to fuck
her. The beast thrusted forward ramming over a foot of cock deep into her,
Piper was knocked forward. Prue held her so she couldn't go forward anymore,
then she shoved her back. The stallion thrusted forward again, this time
ramming at least two-thirds of his cock inside of her.

Piper felt like she was giving birth, she knew she could take anymore. The
stallion-man rose up to two legs, Piper was lifted off the ground impaled on
it's cock, it then dropped all the way to the ground, this time his entire
cock was now buried inside of her, all of the beast's weight was on top of
her. It began to thrust in and out with Piper laying flat on the ground.

The beast rammed in and out of Piper as hard as it could, it had never had
sex before and was going to give it his all, he rammed Piper harder and
harder like it was trying to drive her through the floor, Prue just covered
her eyes.

Piper mercifully passed out under the onslaught, this just made it easier
for the stallion to ram her. It rammed it's cock all the way into her then
rose up to two legs, lifting Piper off the ground, then the beast began to
empty it's load deep inside of her. The beast came and came until it started
to spill out of her stretched out pussy. The Dr. then ordered her carried
away. He looked at Prue and said, "Now it's your turn."

Dr. Doe introduced his greatest creation, Prue saw a teenager who looked
normal except he had three pants legs, the Dr. told her it was his son Jim.
The Dr. couldn't get an erection, he started his experiments to find a way
to correct that problem. His son was his latest and greatest achievement. He
told Prue he had crossed his son with a sperm whale. It was successful and
now he was ready to perform the experiment on himself, he just needed to
make sure the penis worked, Prue would do nicely.

The teen looked at Prue and grinned, the middle pants leg began to rise. It
was soon sticking straight out pointing at Prue, she looked through the leg
hole and saw it really was a cock. It was narrow at the tip, but by the time
it reached his balls, it was as thick as a woman's leg, it was at least three
feet long, her knees became weak.

Prue fell back and sat on the floor, Jim removed his pants, his cock was as
large as Prue thought, she pleaded with the men not to do this, they laughed
in unison, Jim told Prue to bend over, she began pleading louder and louder,
she knew she couldn't go through with it. It would kill her. The Dr. reminded
her he had both her sisters, if Prue didn't cooperate he was sure one of them
would to save the others, Prue had to go through with it. She would do
anything for her sisters.

She was ordered to bend over again, Prue begged him to let her ride him. She
thought it was the only way she would survive, Jim agreed to stipulation. He
laid on his back and waited to Prue to straddle him.

Prue stood over the boy, she spread her legs as wide apart as she could, she
squatted down placing the tip of his cock at her pussy opening, his cock was
narrow at the tip so it went in easily, the problem would be apart six inches
down. Prue started to slowly lower herself.

She took it inch by inch, slowly working her way down on the cock, she could
about 7 inches in, then she started back up again. Her pussy had already been
stretched wider than it had ever been before, she then started her way back

Prue managed to stuff over 10 inches inside now, she bit her lip, she refused
to show any pain. She then started to slowly rise up again. She had to stand
on her toes to get up to the narrowest part of his cock. She then started to
work her way back down again.

This was going far to slowly for Jim, he lifted Prue up by the back of her
knees, then he let her drop, this rammed almost two feet of cock into her
cunt, Prue couldn't help but scream this time. Jim then thrusted up until he
had two and a half feet of cock rammed inside of her. Prue let out a
continuos scream now as she jumped up to the narrow tip of the cock, Jim
shoved her down as he thrusted up into her.

Prue had all three feet of cock rammed inside of her, she had no idea where
it all went but she had taken it all, she sat still on his cock to adjust to
the size. Doe ordered her to move. Prue began sliding slowly back and forth,
it took her a couple of seconds, then she began to rise up again.

Prue was slowly bouncing up and down on the monster cock, Jim started to
thrust up and down into her. Prue began to ride the cock faster and faster,
the faster she rode him, the harder Jim thrusted up into her. Prue was
pulling her own short hair as Jim rammed his cock harder and harder into her.

Prue slammed all the way down on the cock until the entire thing disappeared, she then wiggled her ass back and forth and side
to side before she jumped up and slammed her ass back down. This was the
first time for Jim and he couldn't take much of this.

Jim unloaded a giant load into her cunt, the force of his ejaculation shot
her up in the air and lifted her completely off his cock, the cum came
pouring out like a fountain, it did an rainbow like arc, and covered the
exhausted witch.

Jim came and came all over Prue until she was completely covered, she was
stuck to the ground and couldn't have stood up even if her legs did work. The
Dr couldn't wait to try the experiment on himself, he would keep the three
witches around to breed and use for practice, this was the greatest day of
his life.



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