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Additional Credit: The plot of this story came from Phantom on the CSSA
forums where I lurk. I contacted Phantom through email to discuss many
aspects of this story and gained a lot of useful input as well as the main
plot from his forum post. Quite frankly, without phantom this story would
not exist.

Description: The ultimate hunter comes to Earth to hunt, defeat, rape and
take skull trophies from five of Earth's greatest female warriors in a single
night: Deadly Little Miho, Natalie Cook, Beatrix Kiddo, Lara Croft and Agent
Paris Hilton. Can he succeed?

Content Codes: MF, inter, cream pie, viol, ws, cons, rape, snuff

Charlie's Angels/Predator: Five Women. One Night. Part 2 - Natalie Cook
by JD ([email protected])

The police sirens faded in the distance as the newly cloaked predator leaped
agilely from rooftop to rooftop, using everything in his path to speed his
run. He was on the fastest route to Natalie's Los Angeles home, going from
rooftop to truck roof, to a run across a row of fences, climbing each one in
seconds. He hoped to catch her alone to preserve the purity of predator
against prey,

He arrived just as Natalie was leaving in a fast sports car. Still cloaked,
he fired a tracer into the rear of the car. This he considered fair hunting,
for she had a vehicle and he did not. Natalie was singing along loudly to
her stereo and didn't hear the faint chink it made. Nor did she see the
shimmering distorted light as Gogedheh trailed her to Sanctuary, a bar and
nightclub complex.

Natalie rarely ever went out to clubs so early on in the evening, but Charlie
was sending the Angels to Kazakhstan the next day. They were taking indirect
commercial flights to avoid suspicion and so had to be up very early. The
result was a long planned girls night out was turned into a girls evening

Gogedheh watched from a shadowy service ally across the wide street as his
prey met up with her dangerous friends, Dylan and Alex. One of the females
seemed similar in appearance to Miho to his alien eyes. Miho, whose blood
dripping head was tightly secured in his trophy netting.

A few people later reported seeing a kind of blur across the brightly lit
street. Gogedheh avoided the well-lit and manned main entrance and went
around the side. He entered the building through the bar door, carefully
avoiding the building's staff. The back corridors of the club were poorly
lit, but easy to navigate by the sound of the thumping bass in the main
dance floors. The only downside was that the ceiling was so low Gogedheh
had to move in a half-crouch. It barely slowed him.

The cloaked predator strode past a dressing room where that night's headline
DJ was getting his balls drained. The muscular black man had his hands
wrapped in a freckled redhead's curls as she knelt before him. He left room's
the door ajar because he enjoyed the thrill of knowing the staff could walk
by; when Gogedheh paused, the DJ heard the slight noise over the girl's
subdued sucking and moaning and put on a little show.

"Oh yeah," he said loudly, and spat in her face, "Take it bitch! Take my fat
cock all the way down your throat! Take it all, whore!"

The DJ got off on the thought that someone was watching him shove his big
black dick into the girl's face, and moreso from knowing that she loved it
when he treated her like a slut. The redhead had her hand inside her skirt,
and stroked her pussy vigorously. He managed to wait until his big black
balls rested on her chin with her lips stretched wide at the base of his
shaft and then he started to cum. Long used to her lover's length and girth,
the girl swallowed obediently and quickly while bringing herself off below.
Gogedheh, mindful that time was passing, hurried on to the dark main floor
of the club.

There were large metal girder supports visible across the roof of the club,
part of the `Raw Design'. Gogedheh pulled himself up onto one of the strong
girders and took position close to where Alex, Dylan and his target, the
warrior Natalie Cook, were talking together.

The Angels were deep in conversation about Alex's actor boyfriend, who Dylan
was convinced was the lost twin of another actor she'd met and fucked in New
York City. Gogedheh quickly formulated a plan to take out all three at once
with minimum risk to himself. He readied his netgun and prepared to attack
while cloaked...

...and then Natalie excused herself from the conversation and headed for the
ladies restroom alone. Gogedheh thanked the gods of the hunt for his good
luck and blessing and followed Natalie. The remaining Angels were so deep in
conversation comparing Jason's cock to Joey's that neither noticed the blur
of the predator's light bending cloaking device.

Natalie had her platinum blonde hair in a ponytail and wore a loose fitting
white top and matching tight-fit white pants with high-heeled boots. She was
a lot taller than Miho had been, even before Gogedheh made a trophy of Miho's
head. She hummed Soul Train and pushed open the door of the restroom. Natalie
entered the nearest cubicle, clicked the lock, and dropped her pants. The
toilet cubicle was still clean and the restroom was otherwise empty of
patrons - another sign that they'd really hit the club a little too early,
mission be damned.

Gogedheh caught the door as it closed and slipped into the room. The toilets
were designed to be well lit and spacious, but the ceiling was still pressed
against the over eight-foot tall hunter's head. He felt the warmth of the
light fittings through the long clouded plastic panel that ran the length of
the ceiling.

He de-activated his cloak and slipped to wide metal disks from his pack. He
worked quickly and quietly to attach the disks to the restroom door; one
level with the door handle wall and the other centred. He tapped buttons on
the disks to program and activate them.

Sat in her cubicle with pants and sensible panties around her calves, Natalie
still sang cheerfully to herself. Inside her mind was whirring; she had
noticed straight away that the door had taken slightly longer to close than
it should have. After that she'd listened closely and heard the few sounds
the predator made attaching the disks to the door. Someone else was in the
toilet and trying to be quiet. In Natalie's line of work that was immediate
cause for suspicion.

Natalie's heavy stream of urine was slowing, with the sound of the splashing
in the bowl dying down. She decided whoever was out there was probably
waiting for the toilet to flush to make their move and `catch her by
surprised'. As soon as the last drops were squeezed out she quietly tugged
up her pants, clicked the lock and pulled open the cubicle door in one swift

"Hi Camper!" she began, before taking in the sheer size of Gogedheh. She
started calculating weight, height, likelihood of him being a guy in a
costume or some kind of cutting edge genetic experiment like the Dutch
government was working on. She saw the scabbed green blood around the small
shuriken wounds in his thigh and she saw the weapons he carried. Then she
noticed Miho's head. Like Miho before her she weighed up all her options
very fast.

Unlike Miho, she was suddenly very frightened. She forced a grin and wondered
if she could shout loud enough for the other Angels to hear her over the
thumping dance music.

"What are you? An Alien-a-Gram?"

Gogedheh intended to take Natalie Cook without weapons for as long as she
remained unarmed. He swung a mighty punch at her, and was impressed when she
leaned back out of the path in a graceful move that ended with her bringing
her foot up hard towards Gogedheh's crotch. He was off balance and smashed a
hole through the pasteboard wall of the cubicle with his huge fist. He barely
managed to bring his muscular alien thighs together to catch Natalie's foot
before she made contact with his pouch. He lacked external balls, but a kick
to the cock would still hurt.

Natalie tugged her foot free, and was annoyed to see the delicate material of
her boot scratched up by Gogedheh's mesh jumpsuit. As he pulled his arm out
from the damaged cubicle wall, Natalie threw herself forward into a roll and
went for the door. She pulled up short at the sight of Gogedheh's disks.
There was movement behind her, Natalie reacted with an amazing backflip,
shoes brushing the ceiling, which took her over another lunged punch from the

"DYLAN! ALEX! HELP!" she shouted as loud and as hard as she could. She
calculated sound against sound and hated the result; Natalie realised there
was simply no point wasting time and energy on shouting for help while the
music was so loud and the other Angels were so far. Instead, she tried to
analyse the disks on the door and find a way out that avoided having anything
to do with them.

Gogedheh was getting annoyed; Natalie was a lot more agile than he expected
and definitely intelligent enough to find weak spots in his defence if he
fought hand to hand too long. He moved towards her slowly as she took up a
fighting stance. Natalie's heart hammered in her chest; if the Angels came,
she'd need to warn them about the devices on the door. If they didn't, she
needed a way to beat the huge strong guy before he landed one of those surely
bone-shattering punches.

Her eyes flicked upwards for a moment, then to the metal breastplate her
attacker wore. She charged at him, spinning into a long limbed flying kick
that took her body exactly where Gogedheh didn't expect. She stabbed against
the flesh of his stomach with the heels of her shoes. She missed the mesh but
failed to break skin. The predator howled angrily as both of his fists missed
their targets on Natalie's body. He stumbled and destroyed most of another
cubicle wall.

Natalie's pale blue eyes glittered and she smiled as she landed; the howl was
definitely loud enough to be heard over the music. While the predator shook
off the remains of the wall she got behind the big guy and jumped onto his
back. Gogedheh felt Natalie's hands grip onto the rear straps of his
breastplate as she pulled herself up. He bucked around, but she rode him
almost like a mechanical bull as she climbed towards the ceiling.

Out in the main club staff and guests looked towards the noise.

"What was that?"

"Well, either Natalie's really constipated or really in trouble! Let's go!"

Patrons headed for the exits fearing gang violence or some kind of loose wild
beast. The manager feared a police raid and got the staff moving evidence of
drug dealing - if it turned out to be a gang or animal nobody was going to
call the police straight away in case they found anything when responding to
the call.

Natalie grunted as she punched a hole through the thin plastic strip beneath
the light fittings and pulled hard. She took out an entire ceiling panel,
which then dropped to the floor. To her horror, Gogedheh managed to get a
tight grip on her ankle. She realised she had to go for it anyway and grabbed
the thickest electrical cable she could find. Gogedheh pulled on Natalie's
leg and Natalie pulled on the cable. A shower of sparks splashed around her
as she ripped it from the ceiling. Gogedgeh pulled her from his back by the
ankle. As Natalie fell she rammed the sparking end of the cable into the arm
gap of the breastplate.

The electrical charge smashed through both predator and prey. Gogedheh's arms
flew out straight from his body as the cable grounded through him. Natalie
screamed as her ankle was cleanly snapped before Gogedheh lost his grip. She
smashed like a thrown ragdoll into the wide mirror running above the sink
counter, and landed heavily on the row of taps. Silvered glass rained down
over her, causing a myriad of small cuts through her clothing. Slithers of
red bled into white fabric.

Gogedheh was held in place by the current flowing through him; it felt like
his whole body was being crushed in a vice, or like his skin was shrinking
around him. His flesh burned on contact with the cable. Lights flickered
throughout the club for a few seconds before the fuse was tripped and
everything went dark. The mighty hunter's body smoked slightly as he dropped
to his knees. He swayed gently from the shock.

Out in the corridor the Angels didn't slow as they charged towards the
restroom. They stayed on course as tiny emergency lights activated through
the building. They planned to smash in the door and land ready to fight.
Natalie was recovering from her brief shock and didn't hear them coming.
Dylan and Alex yelled out and hit the door with simultaneous flying kicks.

Gogedheh's disks reacted to the impact and exploded shaped charges of plasma
and shrapnel in a narrow field; one foot vertically and three horizontally.
Alex's belly was torn open like tissue paper, her intestines and toned
stomach muscle shredded. Dylan was kicking lower and caught the blast right
in her tits. They landed in a bundle of limbs and agony as each suffered
massive trauma. Dylan spat out blood as she died very quickly, a huge lump
of shrapnel in her heart. Alex wasn't so lucky. She clutched at her ruined
stomach and banged her head back at the floor while screaming in pain.

Natalie heard the explosion as she pushed herself up on the sinks; her
heart sank to her bowels at the sounds of her closest friends suffering so
terribly. She wasn't in good shape herself. Hot pain shot up her left leg
from around the break. Her foot swung loosely at the end of her leg. She
saw Gogedheh was still on his knees, shaking slightly. The red emergency
lights cast him in an eerie glow. Natalie used the sink counter for and
half hopped, half dragged her way to the door. As each step jolted her ankle
she sobbed and yelped.

The predator was almost in shock. He'd known his targets were dangerous, that
was the whole point, but he'd never felt such pain as when Natalie had forced
the electrical current through him. His muscles were twitching, while the
burn on his back was excruciating. His mask view had flared brightly and
blinded him momentarily. The damn thing was supposed to be shielded from
surges! Sound returned to his ringing ears; Natalie's stumbling path, Alex's
groaning. The hunter turned his head, flicking his dreadlocks around, to see
Natalie's infrared-lit shape reach the door.

The restroom entrance hung off the twisted hinges; Natalie's eyes were
adjusted to the half-light. She looked down into Dylan's glazed face and then
across to Alex's. The woman's face was twisted to ugliness in her suffering,
while her crotch was soaked with piss. When she registered Natalie standing
nearby she managed to speak hoarsely.

"Get the fuck out of here! I'm dead already. no way I'm gonna." she broke
off, clutching bloody hands into her stomach, as pain lashed through her like
a lemon soaked whip.

"Kill me! Please," she begged.

Natalie pulled herself into the corridor, sobbing with each painful twist of
her ankle. Gogedheh stood up shakily and strode over to the limping woman. He
grabbed her arm loosely and span her around in one movement. He lost his grip
and Natalie lost her balance. She landed heavily on Alex who managed a raw
scream as the weight came down on her stomach.

Gogedheh targeted his shoulder cannon on Alex's head. She looked up into
three bright red dots and managed to nod urgently when she recognised them as
a kind of laser targeting system. He fired a single plasma shot past Natalie
and ended the fallen Angel's suffering.

Natalie looked for a moment at the gaping hole the creature had drilled
through Alex's face, then turned back to Gogedheh. The last remaining Angel
was almost out of ideas. When Gogedheh leaned down to latch onto her ponytail
she tried the last one and she lunged for his smartdisc - recognising it only
as a bladed weapon. Her fingers scrabbled against the disc, but it was too
tightly strapped. The predator had no intention of allowing a fast human to
grab one of his weapons and use it against him, as foolish hunters had done

Gogedheh pulled Natalie up by her hair and smacked her head heavily into the
wall using his free hand. There was a dull noise as skull met plaster. He did
it again. Blood began to drip down from the newly opened wound in Natalie's
temple, while her eyes flickered woozily from side to side. She was barely
conscious. Gogedheh's arm dropped to his side, with Natalie's body flopping
against his legs. He dragged her by the hair back into the restroom and
dropped her next to the toilet she had emptied her bladder into.

He quickly unbuttoned his leather crotch pouch; his cock sprang free and
hardened up. Natalie was beating the fuzz in her brain enough to feel her
pants roughly tugged down and then the predator twisting her body until she
was on her knees with her face in the toilet. Her fingers moved weakly around
the base. The acrid smell of her own piss wafted up into her nose as Gogedheh
drove roughly into her cunt from behind.

She squealed as she was violated, while Gogedheh wasn't as impressed with her
drier snatch as he had been with Miho's wetness. Still, she was hot and she
was tight and it felt good to have a defeated warrior bent subserviently
before him and pleasuring his cock. He reached around to grope at the
female's milk glands, which he knew to be sensitive. Each one sat snugly in
the predator's giant hands and he squeezed and mauled them while hammering
deeper into the now loudly sobbing Angel's rape-rocked body.

Natalie's face was beet red as she felt her cunt stretched to accept the huge
cock of the predator. It felt like he was getting deeper with each powerful
thrust while he face came closer to a dunking in the piss-water beneath.
Natalie blushed though because she felt her cunt and tits responding to the
predator's rough treatment. Around the pain of the penetration there was a
definite pleasurable buzz building.

Gogedheh realised it too; he felt his progress inside the female become
easier even as he tore through her tight cervix and thrust his full length
inside Natalie's writhing body. She was starting to struggle more against
the violation. Fully impaled on twelve inches of cock and with her breasts
tightly held her twisting and squirming only served to make things better
for the predator.

"Take it out, you bastard! Take it out! Oh God! No! NO!"

"Take it bitch! Take my fat cock. whore." Gogedheh responded with an
imitation of some of the DJ's earlier degrading talk.

The predator felt Natalie's body squeezing along the full length of his
shaft, except for where the rounded point of the head pushed into the wall
of her womb. He began to fuck her with long, hard strokes. He pulled out all
but the last inch of his cuntjuice slick cock and then slammed it home again.
He kept the rhythm up as he tore off Natalie's top and mauled her bruised
breasts with thick fingers. He felt the - to him, tiny - hard buds of her
nipples and rolled them between his clawlike digits. Natalie's cunt clamped
tightly around his cock, so he did it again.

Natalie was moaning like a cheap whore as the pain faded throughout her
body to be replaced with the rising tide of a powerful orgasm. She tried
desperately to blot it out, feeling an immense stab of humiliation and
shame at getting off on a brutal rape by this inhuman monster. She was on
her knees with her face in the toilet, and the killer of her friends was
raping her, so why the hell did it feel so good? Her voice rose in pitch
as she cried for him to stop, but Gogedheh was rutting her fast now.

Natalie's soaking cunt squelched obscenely as the huge cock violated the
deepest core of her being. She spluttered as her face was splashed into the
piss water in the toilet bowl, and then screamed one long high note as the
predator raped her to a mindblowing orgasm. Natalie's entire body felt like
stiff muscle as pleasure exploded from her cunt and spread throughout her

The female sprayed hotly and wetly out from her cunt as Gogedheh ground his
cock deeply into her womb. Her spasming pussy was too much for his cock and
for the second time that night the predator began his explosive climax.
Greenish-white alien cum was fired into Natalie's womb. She barely heard the
noise before the almost scaldingly hot spunk sprayed inside. Gogedheh kept
fucking her, filling her with his seed in victorious orgasm, grunting in time
with his thrusts.

Natalie Cook shook as she came down from her climax. She could feel the thick
cum draining heavily down her toned thighs as the monster pulled out. Steam
rose from her gaping hole. Her face hung close to the fetid water as she
realised what a total failure she'd been. When the predator pulled back on
her hair and brought a blade to her throat, she didn't resist. Her last
thoughts of shame and humiliation faded into a happy memory of the Angels
together and then to darkness.

Gogedheh took his second trophy. He intended three more before the night was
out and the next would be even more challenging; Beatrix Kiddo, the only one
of his targets to have bested a predator.

The Hunt Continued...

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