This story is impure fiction, involving fictional characters from the classic 1970's jiggle TV show, Charlie's Angels. It features drugs, abduction, forced sex, rape, and other nastiness. Do not read unless you're over 18.

Charlie's Angels: Angels In Hell Part 7 (MF,ncon)
by Wally Wombat ([email protected])

Sabrina woke with a start, as her attacker was raping her.

"No!" She protested in vain. "Get off of me! Stop! PLEASE! STOP!! You're
hurting me! NO!"

Her attacker seemed to pick up the pace of his assault as her body began to
come to life. He began to grunt and swear at his helpless, bound victim.

"Fight me you fucking BITCH! Fight me!" He growled as he feverishly pumped

Sabrina was panic-stricken as she tried to fight back. But she could only
flail her arms around, and scream out her pain. He was savagely raping her
beautiful body. The burning pain of the stranger's penis thrusting into her
was terrible. He was hovering over his terrified victim, and was enjoying
every second of her torment as he pounded his organ into her. Sweat started
flying off his body and spattering onto her. Sabrina was still under the
effect of the drug, and her mind couldn't focus on anything. In the haze,
she tried to place the face of her tormentor.

"Oh yeahhhhhh..." The man groaned in pleasure as he squirted his load inside
Sabrina. His face was twisted in orgasm as he pumped his semen into Sabrina's
writhing body. He grunted and tried to catch his breath. Sabrina simply let
out a groan, more of relief that her torment was over, than any kind of
pleasure. Her vagina was burning from the assault. He had raped Sabrina as
she was dry, with no chance for her juices to lubricate her vagina. He didn't
even try to stimulate her as she lay unconscious. He'd simply pushed her gown
up to her waist and pulled her pantyhose down before penetrating her.

Sabrina's mind was trying to get on track. But her attacker began sliding his
fingers under the front of her gown, fondling and massaging her breasts.

"Stop." She whined as the assault continued. "Pleeeeezzzz. Stop it, please."
And with that, she couldn't hold back anymore, and began sobbing. Tears
welled in her eyes, and began streaming down her cheeks. She closed her eyes
as tight as she could, as if to make the nightmare go away.

But her attacker continued playing with her breasts, sliding the straps of
her gown over her shoulders, and exposing them in the dim light. By now
Sabrina was crying hysterically. She completely broke down as he put his
mouth over her breasts and began licking and mouthing them.

After a few minutes, the man leaned back. He reared back on his knees,
lording himself over his helpless victim. Sabrina tried to focus on is face,
but it was too hard. She was still half asleep with the effect from the drug.
She couldn't even discern anything about the room in which she was being
held prisoner. All she could make out was the shadowy figure before her. She
looked down to her thighs, and saw the material from her gown was all bunched
up by her waist. Then she saw the thick legs of her attacker between her
thighs. Her eyes began to focus for her now. She could see the sweat covering
his naked body. He looked to be six feet tall, with an average build. She saw
the limp organ hanging between his legs, and tried to look at anything else.
She began to make out features on his face now. He was white, middle-aged,
with wiry black hair. For a second, she thought she recognized him.

"Trying to figure out who I am, Bree?" He growled at her. "Think real hard,

Sabrina could only let out a mumble as she opened and closed her eyes. "Who
is this animal?" She thought, "He must be someone I've busted. He sure knows
me. But who?"

Her mind began to race as she tried to focus on his face. He had thick black
eyebrows, and his skin was kind of dark. Who was this monster? A hundred
random faces flashed through her mind, but it was so chaotic that she didn't
recognize him.

The man smiled at her as he drank in her torment. "Still can't place the mug
huh? Well, take a gamble, bitch!"

Now Sabrina was completely confused. She knew the man was toying with her

Sabrina shook her head form side to side, and muttered, "Just tell me who you
are you fucking bastard."

"Ooooh!" He laughed. "Profanity from the cop princess! You know you're
starting to spoil the mood!"

Now Sabrina was starting to come to, and with that, she began to gather
herself together. She wiped the tears from her eyes, and began to figure a
plan for escape.

"Now that you're coming to," and with that, he reached for her right wrist,
and grabbed it in his hands. Before she knew what he was doing, he'd lifted
her arms over her head. She tried to pull her arm back, and even hit him
with her left, but she was still under the effect of the drug. But she felt
herself getting stronger. She tried to pull her wrist back, but was jolted
to reality by the sensation of cold steel around her wrist and the
unmistakable sound of a pair of handcuffs being clasped tight.

With her free left arm, Sabrina tried to lash out at her tormentor. But he
grabbed her arm as she made a feeble attempt to strike him.

"Fuck you!" She barked out at her tormentor. "FUCK YOU!" She started throwing
her arm around in desperation.

The man just laughed and grabbed her wrist in his hands. He then pulled her
hand over to his crotch and began stroking his organ with her reluctant
fingers. She winced in disgust as he continued to pleasure himself.

He flashed her a cruel smile, and blurted out, "Fuck ME? I'm sorry babe, but
you already have." Then he lifted himself over her and stepped to her side.
She focused on the sight of the nude man beside her. She still couldn't
remember the face. As he stepped into his pants and then pulled them up to
his waist, she tried to place him.

The man leaned over to her and put his face right up to hers. "Think black
jack you stupid fucking bitch. Think a set-up with your slut friend there
Jill. She set me up and I went down for six years."

Suddenly, it all came to her. That's where she'd seen his ugly face before!
The sting they did on that low-life that shot a friend of Charlie's.

She was about to say something when he pulled a stretch of fabric and wrapped
it around her head, covering her mouth. She began to throw herself around,
trying to resist. He responded to her by throwing her a smile and lifting
her from the bed. He turned and carried her through the door and down the


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