This story is impure fiction, involving fictional characters from the
classic 1970's jiggle TV show, Charlie's Angels. It features drugs, abduction, forced sex, rape, and other nastiness. Do not read unless you're over 18.

Charlie's Angels: Angels In Hell Part 5 (MF,bond,ncon)
by Wally Wombat ([email protected])

"C'mon baby." The voice urged Kelly on. "Up and at'em."

A sharp sting in her nose jolted Kelly awake. Her mind was swirling, and her
eyes refused to open any more than a crack. She felt exhausted and in some
kind of difficulty. She was in the twilight zone, and had no idea what was
going on. Another stabbing pain in her nose brought her back to reality. Her
eyes opened more, and she could make out the blurry shape of a face right in
front of her.

"Time to wake up baby." Came the mysterious voice.

Then she realized it was smelling salts that were burning her nose. She tried
to rub her nose, but her wrists felt tied.

She thought she could hear Jill screaming in the distance. Suddenly, another
burning sniff from the salts brought her to attention. Then she heard Jill
shriek in fright. She looked around, and discovered that she was in a strange
bedroom, with a complete stranger right before her.

"No! NO! Please don't! You're hurting me!" Came Jill's tortured cries. She
could tell Jill was close by, probably in the next room.

"Who are you?" Kelly managed to mumble.

"Oh we're going to get to know each other quite well baby." The voice said in
a sinister tone.

Kelly tried to move her arms, but they seemed to be tied above her head. She
was still dressed, but she was tied to the bed in someone's house.

Then came more cries of anguish from Jill. She sounded like she was being
tortured, or worse.

Kelly began to panic. She was in deep trouble. She looked to see her
wrists were handcuffed together above her head, tied to a the headboard.
She couldn't see exactly, but it was obvious her wrists were bound tight.

The stranger was slowly moving back from her face. He appeared to be about
40, with long dark brown hair and an unshaven appearance. Her heart began
racing when she realized he was taking off his shirt. He looked to be a
fairly large guy, maybe something over six feet, with a medium build.

Then came a loud groan of pleasure, and the sounds of Jill sobbing.

"They've already got a head-start sexy!" The man smirked, "Its time to get
it on!"

Kelly tried to scream, but he leapt forward and put his hand over her mouth.

He leaned right up to her and with a menacing glare, then slowly stated,
"Nobody can hear you, scream all you like. It only turns me on."

Then he roughly rolled her onto her chest. Kelly froze as he began to unzip
her gown. He pulled the zipper all the way to her buttocks. Her bare back
trembled as he spread the gown's sides apart.

As Kelly sobbed, he rolled her onto her back. Then he pulled at the top of
her gown, causing her breasts to pop out. They were well-formed white globes,
and he quickly began to massage them with both hands.

"God damn! You are one hot bitch!" He whispered to her, as he kneaded her
breasts, and rubbed his hands over her chest and sides.

With that, he leaned back and placed himself between her legs.

"No!" Kelly pleaded, as he began to slowly lift her gown up to her knees. She
even tried to kick at him. He placed himself between her legs and continued
to gather her gown together as he pushed it up her legs towards her thighs.

Kelly began to feel the sheer terror of the situation. Tears of despair were
starting to well up in her beautiful eyes. The man simply responded by
pushing the gathered material over her crotch, and revealed her naked thighs.
Black stockings covered her legs, and a garter held them up. But her crotch
area was completely naked. It was an exquisite sight.

Kelly was sobbing now, and begging the stranger not to rape her. She was
trying to wake up from a terrible nightmare, but it was no dream.

Then she felt the stranger sliding between her legs. She tried to press her
legs together, and bring her knees up so she could kick at him. But he was
leaning over her and getting ready to penetrate her. Kelly's nylon covered
legs were desperately rubbing against his thighs, and she was doing all she
could to prevent the inevitable.

"God you look gorgeous!" He grunted to her. "Just keep fighting it! I love
it!" He was grunting with every breath as he leaned over her. His hands were
under her armpits. Then he pulled his right hand to his crotch and guided his
cock to Kelly's gyrating crotch.

"Pleeeeeeeeeze!" Kelly whined as she felt the organ probing her pussy lips.
She threw her head back and clenched her teeth as hard as she could.

Then suddenly he thrust into her with his entire length. Kelly let out a
shriek of pain as her attacker groaned with pleasure. She'd never been
penetrated so roughly, and not while so dry inside. He began thrusting into
her as she groaned and cried in anguish. His strokes were long and rough.
He must've had a full seven inches in her, then almost completely withdrew,
then savagely plunged into his victim again and again. The burning sensations
flooding into her brain were driving Kelly to the brink. Still half-dazed
from whatever drug had knocked her out, her mind was reeling.

The thug was leaning right over her, spraying sweat over her anguished face.
The violent thrusts were getting faster and faster, and his breath was
blowing harder and harder into her face. He began to forcibly kiss her face
all over, rubbing his mouth all over face in a frenzy of lust. She kept
pleading "NO! NO! NO!" as he kept raping her.

Suddenly he jolted in orgasm, shooting his burning semen deep inside her
writhing body. He let out a high-pitched groan as he continued to pump her
full of semen. As he groaned, Kelly whined in despair. She could hear the
muffled sounds of Jill whimpering as well.

The humiliation was terrible for Kelly. She'd always prided herself on being
able to handle herself and take care of any problems or dangers that arose in
her profession. But this brutal attack had stripped away her confidence and
savagely scarred her psyche. The physical and psychological trauma of the sex
assault had torn away her will.

Her mind raced as she tried to block out the fiery waves of pain that were
overcoming her. There was the physical pain of the violation of her body, but
also the emotional pain of being violated and abused by someone she couldn't
lash out at.

Who was this monster, and where was she? What were they doing with Jill?
Where were the others?

The rapist then collapsed on to Kelly, continuing to slowly grope her all
over he now almost naked body. Her strapless, tight black gown was almost
completely gathered around her waist. Kelly was at the breaking point.
Panic had long passed into a grim resignation that there was nothing she
could do. She had no idea where she was, or who this animal was, or where
the others were.

Her attacker started to slowly rise off of her, and eventually was standing
beside her. She watched as he reached over to her wrists, and freed them from
the headboard. Her wrists were still handcuffed together, and he let them go.
Kelly immediately began to massage her burning vagina. As she tried to ease
the pain, her attacker lifted the top of her dress back over her breasts. He
flipped her over and pulled the zipper up her back. Then he pulled her gown
back over her hips.

"What are you doing with me?" Kelly nervously sniffed through the tears of

He didn't answer. He just simply placed his arms under her back and knees,
and lifted her off the bed. Kelly looked around as he carried her through the
door and down a hallway. He pushed open a door, and entered a darkened room.
In the darkness, Kelly could make out a white shape on the floor.

He lowered her to the floor, and then grabbed her wrists. She tried to fight
him, but he punched her in the gut, stunning her. In a second, her wrists
were bound to a pole coming from the concrete. The concrete was cold, so she
figured it was the basement. Then she looked to her left, where the white
form was.

"Kris!" She thought to herself.

Kris was lying on her right side, her white stocking covered legs exposed by
the slit in her gown. Her wrists were also handcuffed around the same pipe.
She was still out cold. Kelly could see Kris was breathing, but she was
obviously drugged.

The stranger moved over to Kris, and untied her wrists. He put his arms under
her shoulders, and pulled her slumping body towards him and lifted her up.
Kris seemed to be starting to come out of it, and her head was rolling

Kelly watched in fear as the stranger carried her friend towards the door. He
looked back at the cowering woman, and smiled at her.

"Don't worry gorgeous. You're still my number one girl." He laughed at Kelly,
then stepped through the door and vanished. Kelly could hear his footsteps
going down the hallway. Then another set of steps approaching. The door had
been half open, and a silhouette appeared. It was another stranger, carrying
Jill. Kelly tried to focus as the second stranger lowered the bound Jill to
the concrete where Kris had been. Jill looked to be terrified, and her
bulging eyes recognized Kelly. Her tight skirt was pulled up to her waist,
exposing her naked thighs. Kelly could see the redness between her legs, and

"Kell! Where's Kris?" Jill stammered in fright.

Kelly didn't know what to tell Jill. The stranger placed Jill on the ground,
and fastened her wrists to the pipe. The stranger tested the strength of the
cuffs, and then went out the door.

Kelly looked over at the ravaged Jill. Her golden hair was a mess, and she
had bruises on her arms. There were bite marks on her neck and breasts. Her
breasts were exposed, and her naked thighs were shining in the darkness. It
looked like she's been savagely raped.

"One of those bastards took her out after he brought me here." Kelly
answered, then broke into tears "He raped me, and now he's going to do the
same to Kris."

"These guys are animals, Kelly!" Jill cried. She sniffed back some tears and
tried to gather herself together.

"It's Roy David," Jill whispered. "The guy we set up at the casino for
shooting Charlie's friend. The security guard."

Jill took a deep breath as she tried to compose herself. "He's hell bent on
revenge against us," she stammered, her voice cracking with emotion.

Kelly let out a few whimpers and tried to speak, but began to break down
again, a stream of sobs and cries were the only sounds that came from her.
After a few moments, she took a deep breath and tried to compose herself.

"Alec DeWitt." Kelly squeaked out with some effort. She broke down again,
and her entire body shook from her sobbing.

"He tied me down and just raped me." Kelly cried, her words breaking off as
she was overcome with emotion.

"He fucked me up the ass Kelly!" Jill lashed out. "The bastard did me up the
ass, and told me he loved the way I cried! These guys are animals!" Jill
adjusted her position, trying to ease the pain in her ass. Her naked thighs
and buttocks welcomed the cool sensation of the concrete. The brute had raped
her several times. She'd never had it up the ass, and the pain was terrible.
And the animal had bitten her, and seemed to enjoy making her suffer.

"You got off easy if he only fucked you once!" Jill sobbed.

Kelly was speechless. Jill sounded like she was coming apart. She then put
her efforts into trying to figure out a means of escape, but it seemed
hopeless to her.


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