This story is impure fiction, involving fictional characters from the
classic 1970's jiggle TV show, Charlie's Angels. It features drugs,
abduction, forced sex, rape, and other nastiness. Do not read unless
you're over 18.

Charlie's Angels: Angels In Hell Part 1 (no sex)
by Wally Wombat ([email protected])

Kelly looked at the little card with a dumbfounded sense of wonder. After
years of hiding his identity, the intriguing Charles Townshend was inviting
her, and the other Angels, out for a fancy dinner engagement.

Finally, she would get the chance to meet her boss. He had always beguiled
her and the others with an ability to dodge their every attempt to learn his
identity. They even came to the conclusion that he had to be living under an
assumed name. Bree had reasoned that since he'd been in the intelligence
business, and then police work and then private investigation, he must've
made some pretty powerful enemies who would want to meet him for far
different reasons.

So Kelly stared at the little card that had arrived in the mail that day.

'I Think Its Time We Met' was printed along the top of the card, with the
date and time for a dinner engagement at a restaurant. Not just any
restaurant, but one of the most exclusive spots in LA. Even the biggest
Hollywood stars have to mention someone's name to get in.

Then she wondered. Is this just me, or did the others get the same card? Her
heart sank at the prospect of the others getting the same treatment. She'd
always held Charlie as the father she never had. Strong, compassionate, and
of course, handsome and distinguished, with every virtue she could imagine.
She knew it was completely unrealistic, but even Angels can dream.

She was startled form her dream by the ringing of her phone. She twisted
around, and walked over to the phone stand.

"Hello", she answered.

"Kell, it's me, Kris." Came the caller. "I just got a card from Charlie,
asking me to meet him!"

Kelly's heart sank. But she quickly regained herself and confirmed that she
too had received the same card.

"Isn't this great!" Kris's voice grew to a fever pitch. "We'll finally get to
see Charlie!"

Kelly paused, then replied. "Yea...Yeah." She stammered. Her private
fantasies had been blown away, and left in ruins.

"Kelly, are you okay, you don't sound that happy?"

"I'm fine, I've just come back from my jog, and I'm kind of bushed."

Kris was excited as she'd ever been, and could hardly contain herself. She
was almost jumping up and down as she eagerly described the surprising events
of the day.

Kelly was the complete opposite. She'd been hoping it was just her that
Charlie wanted to meet. Just like in her fantasies. She'd always fantasized
about a midnight rendezvous with the handsome Charlie, who would be her
self-less Knight in armor. And what a tender lover...

"Kell!" Kris repeatedly shouted. "Kell! Hello! Kelly! So what are you going
to wear? I can't make up my mind!"

Jolted back to reality, Kelly tried to think. "I don't know, I haven't even
thought about it."

Kelly was lying and she knew it. That black strapless evening gown, with the
long black gloves and silver heels. A silver necklace, and a touch of slinky
danger in her moves. Just like Rita Hayworth had driven the men wild in
Gilda. She'd always been wearing that in her fantasies, and Charlie would
unzip it oh so slowly.

Kris jolted her back to reality yet again. "A limo and everything to take us
to dinner! Can you imagine anything better?"

Kris was trying to play some mind games, and fake out her competition. She
knew Kelly was a knockout, and had those deadly eyes. Time to head her off at
the pass. Kris had always been the poor sister to Jill, but it was cutthroat
time, and she was bound and determined to wipe out the competition.

"I think I'll just wear something casual. The old man will probably be the
guy wearing a bib." Kris laughed, but she was in full kill mode now, and
she'd already had to fend of her damned older sister's attraction to "her"
Charlie Townshend.

When she opened the letter, her heart almost stopped. She almost had to sit
down. At first she thought Charlie had only wanted to meet HER. But after
awaking from her sexual daydream of banging the mysterious Charles Townshend,
she had been sent back to the real world, yet again, by big sister Jill,
who'd let her know that Charlie had sent her the same letter.

"Fuck!" Kris had shrieked to her self when Jill had gleefully told her about
getting the same letter. Charlie wanted to screw Jill, not her! Well fuck
Jill! Charlie is mine!

Now sis' was going to take the Concorde and be there tonight.

"Dammit!" Kris steamed. "Every time I've had a guy, Jill has sashayed in and
the dope has followed her like a moth to a flame. But no more. Its time to
stand and fight fire with fire. Guys had always lusted after her, but Jill
just seemed to always have that extra bit of juice. Now its my turn!"

It was payback time now. Kris was bound and determined to snake her sister
just this one time. She had that white gown she'd kept from the cruise, and
it was time to use it to full effect. High cut slit to show off her legs, and
after a nice afternoon at the salon, she'd finally be able to go toe-to-toe
with her sister.

Now it was Kris's turn to come back to reality.

"I think I'll just do the casual thing too." Kelly sighed. "Don't want to get
the old man too excited." And with that, Kelly said her good-byes and put the
receiver down.

She slowly turned around, and still held the card before her. A wicked smile
crossed her face, and she thought to herself. "Charlie, you aren't going to
know what hit you."

Over the next couple of hours, came the expected calls from Sabrina, Tiffany
and Julie. They'd also received a card and invite. Kelly sighed, and resigned
herself to the fact that Charlie wasn't going to be the fantasy figure she'd
dreamed about. After hearing that the Aryan Sisters, as she referred to them
as, had also been invited, Kelly had decided to go for it anyways. She knew
her friends well, and figured that they would try to fake her out.

She swayed over to the closet and slid open the mirrored door. Then she
reached in and plucked out the black strapless. She brought it to her chest,
and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Damn I'm sexy!" Kelly smiled to herself. Those others aren't going to know
what hit them.

At the same time, Sabrina Duncan was trying on her sexiest white gown. She
rubbed her hands along her waist, and down her thighs. Her figure was
dynamite, but she'd always been insecure about it. She had always been smart,
and that tended to scare off the guys. Well, most of them at least. The
damned nerds were always slobbering over her. She could do without those
creeps. But hey, it wasn't her fault that she was smarter than most guys. But
they tended to hold it against her, and she tended to lead a solitary life.
Only one lover in her entire life, and that had ended in a messy divorce. So
much for the strong, silent type.

She began rubbing her thin waist and belly, lovingly caressing her taut,
well-toned body. Tonight she was going to knock over the bimbos and lay
claim to her own little private stake, name of Charles Townshend. She
continued to caress her body, taking extra care to rub her hands across
her aroused vagina, enjoying the imaginary caress of Charlie.


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