Catwoman/Hancock: black Superhero Love (MF,oral,anal)
by The Fan

John Hancock lay on his back, catching his breath after a memorable session of lovemaking. Next to him on the king-sized bed lay a lovely young black woman with honey-brown skin, still wearing a shiny black leather outfit, albeit only the boots and the top. Exposed was her delicious derriere. Hancock gently patted Catwoman's ass. Hot damn, this chick had passion the likes of which had to be experienced to be believed.

Hancock had been alive for thousands of years, longer than he cared to remember. According to his ex, Mary Embry, currently living in Los Angeles, California, with Hancock's best friend slash benefactor Ray Embry and their son, they were ancient immortals. They had been around since the days before the Pyramids were built in what would later be called Egypt. Today, Hancock was a respected American superhero. After many years of struggling in Los Angeles, waning because of his womanizing and drinking, he got help from Ray Embry and embarked on a brand new life.

Hancock came to New York City seeking a change of scenery, and like everybody else who ever came to the Big Apple, Hancock found himself slightly overwhelmed by the gigantic metropolis. In his town, he found a kindred spirit in a most unexpected place. He met Patience Phillips, also known as Catwoman. A sexy African-American lady with powers of her own. She possessed superhuman strength, super speed and superhuman reflexes. Her powers were a gift from the ancient Egyptian feline goddess Maat. And she was still honing them, all the while embarking on a spectacular career as the greatest cat burglar of all time. A burglar with the actual powers of a feline, and more.

Hancock's history with women was complicated at best. According to accounts of his personal history, (as told to him by Mary Embry) of which he only remembered a few decades, he'd always been a hero with a penchant for womanizing. Hancock thought about all the women he banged while living in Los Angeles. Even though half of L.A. hated him and they thought he was a vagrant with powers as opposed to a real superhero, he got his fair share of women. Hot ones too. black women. White women. Hispanic women. Arab women from Lebanon and other places. Oh, yeah. He wasn't lacking for female action, but a lasting relationship was something that eluded him.

What were the odds that he'd find something very much like happiness with Catwoman, the super-powered black female burglar who was the terror of jewelers on both the east and west coasts of the United States of America? Hancock looked at her again. Somehow, she'd squeezed out of her black leather bustier and black boots without waking up. Now she curled up naked against him, looking nothing short of magnificent. Hancock thought about the intense lovemaking they had last night, and sighed. Hot damn. Just thinking about it got him hot. It was definitely one for the ages.

* * *

Hancock had been patrolling the skies above New York City, having caught wind of a possible terrorist attack. Although Hancock had spent decades living in California, he had a soft spot for New York City. The great city had endured so much in the past decade. First the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and then the Times Square Car Bomb, and many others. Evil men from both within America and beyond her borders threatened the lives of ordinary New Yorkers. Radical Muslims. Psychopaths. Serial killers. Ecological nutcases. Neo-Nazis. Oh, yeah. New York City had seen it all.

Now, Hancock called New York City home and he was determined to protect it by any means necessary. Even though he could fly, was basically bulletproof and could lift ten thousand times his body weight, Hancock knew he had his limitations. And in a world where being a superhuman wasn't enough, Hancock sometimes felt a terrible pressure to be everywhere and protect everyone, even though it was impossible. Well, thanks to Catwoman, he was finally able to relax. The terrorist threat was averted, actually, thanks to her. Hancock wouldn't have believed it if told but the top female cat burglar in human history actually saved the day.

* * *

Catwoman was out on a heist as usual when she spotted two burly Arab-looking men and a blonde-haired white woman along with a slim Asian guy in a van together. The quartet parked down the street from the Israeli Embassy in New York City and came out with guns blazing, just as NYC Mayor and a certain Israeli politician stood outside the embassy with a crowd of reporters, answering questions and posing for pictures. Before anyone could react, Catwoman dropped out of the tall building which she was climbing and drop-kicked the Asian guy unceremoniously, dropping him on his ass. Catching his rifle before it hit the ground, she threw it at the nearest Arab guy. The burly bearded Arab went down like a sack of floor. The sexy black female superhero clad in shiny black leather smiled to herself. Nice. Two down, two to go, Catwoman told herself before she gathered her strength to spring after the remaining terrorists.

The African-American feline femme fatale never got the chance to pounce on the remaining terrorists. For another leather-clad African-American superhero dropped out of the sky, only with a bit less grace. Hancock waded into the bearded Arab dude and the blonde-haired white woman. They barely got a couple of shots in before he threw them away, knocking them unconscious. He scanned the panicked crowd of reporters. Smiling, he waved at them and asked if everyone was alright. He sensed a presence behind him, and chanced a glance at Catwoman. She looked at him, and gave a mock-salute. Hancock rolled his eyes. Catwoman chided him, telling him that she didn't need his help. Hancock shook his head. Everyone's a critic. All around them, people were chattering excitedly and more than a few of the reporters photographed the superheroes who saved the day....a black man and a black woman, superheroes in New York City. Now that the city that never sleeps had officially seen everything....

After that memorable afternoon interlude, Hancock offered Catwoman a night out on the town. They roamed all over New York City, kicking ass and taking names. And later, they went back to her place and fucked each other properly. Catwoman lay Hancock naked on her bed, and she took his long and thick, uncircumcised black cock in her mouth. Hancock gently ran his hands through her hair as she sucked his dick. Hot damn. This woman was amazing. Catwoman looked into Hancock's eyes as she sucked his cock and licked his balls. Hot damn, this dude was the hottest brother she'd ever seen. And she couldn't get enough of him.

When Hancock finally came, Catwoman eagerly drank his manly juice. The sexy black male superhero pulled her into his arms, and spread her shapely thighs wide open. Without hesitation, he started licking and fingering her pussy like his life depended on it. Catwoman lay back on the bed, rubbing her sexy tits together as Hancock licked her pussy. Hmmm. He was really good at what he did, sending shockwaves of pleasure coursing through her. Soon he had her moaning in pleasure. Then he rubbed his hard cock against her cunt, asking her if she was ready for him. Catwoman nodded. Hancock kissed her forehead, then thrust his cock deep inside of her. He slammed his cock into her, fucking her with deep strokes. Laughing with wild abandon, Catwoman wrapped her arms around him as he fucked her with all of his might.

Oh, yeah. They fucked all night. To really top things off, Catwoman let Hancock have a go with her ass. The sexy black female superhero got on all fours, shaking her big round ass invitingly. Hancock didn't need to be told twice. He smeared lubricant all over his erect member, then placed it against Catwoman's backdoor. Gently, he eased his cock into her asshole. Catwoman gritted her teeth as Hancock began fucking her. Hot damn. He loved the feel of her sweet ass around his member. He fucked her until he came, half an hour later, flooding her asshole with his manly seed. Catwoman's screams of pleasure mixed with deliciously hot pain mingled with his.

Still not sated, Catwoman wanted to return the favor. Hancock was a bit apprehensive when she told him what she had in mind. Still, he was a freaky man with a lot of curiosity so he went with it. Catwoman smiled as she strapped on her dildo. Looking at Hancock, she told him to bend over. The tall, sexy black man did as the gorgeous, light-skinned black woman told him. She caressed his ass, then spread his cheeks. Gently she applied lubricant all over him, then she pressed the strap-on dildo against his asshole. Hancock groaned as Catwoman penetrated his ass with the dildo. Holding him by the hips, she began fucking him gently with her strap-on. Unlike him, she was gentle when it came to ass fucking, something Hancock was most thankful for as she made him scream in both pain and pleasure as she filled his ass with her toy.

John Hancock lay on the bed, remembering the events of the night before. Beside him, Catwoman stirred. She looked at him and grinned. Hancock smiled back. Swooping her into his arms, he carried her to the kitchen, where she found breakfast waiting for both of them. Catwoman smiled and gently kissed Hancock on the lips. Hancock smiled. A brother could get used to that, seriously. Hot sisters like Catwoman/Patience Phillips didn't come around every day. That's for sure. He wasn't yet ready to define what it was they had, but today, in this moment, they were happy together.


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