Cathouse: Air Force Amy (MF)
by LilGuy ([email protected])

I was in love with her sense the first time I saw her on the Howard Stern E
Show. I then use to watch her on HBO's Cathouse. She was tall leggy blond
with huge breast. A real life Amazon, a blow up doll comes to life. She had
big lips, big hair, big nails everything about her was bigger then life. Her
legs seem to go on and on.

Her name was Air force Amy and she was a prostitute at the cathouse. I use
to download her pictures when I was younger. I use to masturbate to her
every day and imagine what I would do to her. I save up my money to go down
to Nevada. I was going to spend a week with her, and go every day with her
and have ever kink that I imagine.

I sat on the bed naked. My full erect black cock sticks up. I was a bit
nervous. It was a dream about come through. The bed in question was silk,
long flowing red silk like a heart shape bed. It was a secret interest in
the back. The room had a hot tub in the ground of it and plenty of sex toys
around. The smell of the room was vanilla and Jasmine

Amy stood in a cowgirl outfit complete with a cow girl hat. She had a blue
open vest that showed of plenty of cleavage. Her bra and panties was red and
she was wearing no boots.

"Help me slip it off, please," She said.

She places the boot on my dick. I slowly zipped them off and rubbed my hand
down her long legs.

"Mmmmm you have nice hands," she purred. "You nervous?"


"Good, like shy guys. Take off the other boot and rubbed my legs like that.
Can't wait to have these legs wrapped around you. We are going to try all
type of kinky things today little man."

Her boots was off. Amy toes look freshly painted. They were made pink.

"Mind if I have a smoke" She said as she massage her feet with oils.


She stood up and pressed a slippery foot on my dick. Amy rolled the cigar
around in her hands like a pro, stroking it like it was a cock. She took a
puff and let the smoke blow in the air in a circle. Her foots was rubbing
my crotch giving me a view of wet panties. The heel of her foot dug in to
my crotch massaging it as the rest of her foot rubbed my sensitive cock.
She looked into my eyes. I gripped the bed and came.

My cum splatters all over her feet.

"Oh god" I said.

"That's ok sweetie. We got all night; we don't have to stop after the first
time you come."

She pulled a chair and sat down. Amy pulled drink stand over to her with a
glass of wine. She stuck out her long legs and continued to smoke. My cock
was between her feet as she foot fucked me. She sipped her wine.

"I like you. You're cute. So I am not going to just give you a quickie I am
going to make this night special. It going to be one of our first nights
together. I will fuck you and ways you can't imagine. Do kinky shit to you
that will rock your world. Don't close your eyes, look at me. You like my

"Oh hell yes. You wonderful"

Amy laughed. She slowed down because she didn't want to be exploding let and
then sped up.

"Thank you. You're sweet. You like the foot fucking."

"mmmf, yes."

"Bet you never had a girl like me before. (slipping her hand in her panties)
shit watch the little black cock of your pulsate get a girls hot (sucking her
finger) Yea shit got me wet right now just thinking about it."

Amy pulled off her panties. I grab them taking a good smell.

"You nasty little fuck," She laughed.

She finger herself part of pussy lips and finger her clit with her middle
finger. She plunges deep in her clit foot fucking me faster.

"Ohhh yesss lets cum together," Amy said.

Amy came squirting. I came all over her feet. Her legs wrapped around my neck
and pulled me to my knees. I was face first in her pussy.

"Lick. Give your tongue something to do while that cock get hard. Yes suck my
clit. You like a smell of my pussy don't you?"


"Mmmm deeper, take it all in. Lick higher...mmmm lower, right there...right
there. Oh yesss, you darling boy. Right there shit...right there. Going to
ride you to your knees break when this is done."

I sucked madly on her clit, sucking and slurping. I wrapped my lips around it
and flicked my tongue around it. I could tell by her moans she loved it when
I flicked that spot so I gave tiny and quick licks around it. Sucking it was
all ready getting my cock hard.

"Ohhhh. May have to keep you," She said squeezing her legs around me.

She came on me letting me lick up ever drop.

"I love you," I said looking up.

She rubbed my hair and brought me to her kissing her. My arms went weak as
her tongue explored my body. Her wet finger circles my asshole and started
to play with it. She tasted her juice on my lips.

"See mr Happy awake," she laughed.

She pushed me on the bed and opens her jacket. She spun it around and tossed
it in the air. She smiled looking down on her tits and unbuttons them. I got
a full view of her luxurious knockers. She growled at me and pouches me. She
spun around and put her ass in my face and worked on my cock with her mouth.
She was an expert. It was a lot and spit and she used her hands. It was like
she was twisting my cock inside her mouth forming her hands like a vagina.
Amy stoked my cock and sucked on my balls. Her tongue then circles my cock
head teasing it. Amy slurps up any pre cum. I thought I would explode but she
kept me going.

"Lick my hole," She said.

I stuck my tongue deep inside her gaping asshole. My tongue was trapped
between her cheeks as she rode my face up and down. My dick glided between
her tits as she sucked the head. Her finger wet dripping wet. She took her
finger and fucked my ass as she milked me.

"Lick my hole...Lick it good," Amy said.

My nose was between her ass cheeks as I sucked my for dear life. I got view
of myself in the mirror and finger her cunt.

"That it...make mommy cum," She purred.

I licked and licked as cum squired from her pussy. Her ass buried me into the
bed. My arms flailed and air was leaving me but I love ever minute of it.

"Who the greatest hooker?" She said.

"You are."


"You are!"


"YOU ARE!!! Going to cum!"

Gobs of cum shot out. She took me inside her mouth going up and down as cum
flowed out. She let me lay there for a few mints under her and licking her.
She would finger my ass and ride my face to cumming. My knees were weak and
look beat.

She laid by me and gave me a warm smile.

"Want to suck my tits," She said.


I sucked her tasting my own juice.

"Not so fast darling...yes mmm."

She grabbed my cock and stroked it, and molded it.

"After this no my foreplay sweetie. My pussy going to make you scream," She

She held me like that in her arms. She stroke me to cumming.

Amy sucked her finger clean.

"Ready or not baby," She said.

She licked her finger milking me till I got hard. She sucked my nipples
slipping me inside her. I could hardly move. She straddles me like a tigress.
It the wetness and warmest thing I felt. Her pussy gripped me tightly and she
rode me up and down. She lifted my body up with every bounch. It was amazing.

"Ohhh AMY!" I scream, "You're the greatest!"

"Don't you know it," She laughed.

She kissed me with her full red lips. Her body drench in sweat as she fucked
me like an animal.

"Ohhh can't take it!"

"Hold on baby. Hold on."

I was in heaven. She grabbed my neck and had I sucked her fingers. She was
fucking me like a rag doll. She kept me like that for 15 mints. She came on

"I love you...I love you!" I screamed.

I came like an explosion. I came and came inside and came again.

She looked into my eyes.

"You really think I am done with you."

She took my cock in her hands and stroked it. She places her pussy in my
mouth and had me lick her to cumming. Her hand meanwhile was working to get
my cock hard again. It was like she was molding clay. My cock got rock hard.
She didn't even drop her hat. She tossed it off and let it land on the table.
I got a view of her ass as she bent over parting her ass cheeks. She sat down
on my cock with her back turn to me. Amy squeezed my hands and took me into
her tight hole. My balls slapped her ass as she rode me hard.

"Yes, love that black cock in my ass baby. I feel so hard and tight...Want
you to explode. Hang on baby the ride bout to get even rougher."

She grabbed my hands and me squeezed her tits and she rocked my back and

"Now tell me who the greatest hooker of them all," She said.

"You are god you are."

This time when I came I passed out with a multiple.

I got up later, I don't know how long. I was in another room. I heard her
saying goodbye to other customers. Look like 5 of them. Amy cleans herself
up in the shower giving me a good view.

She helps me up. I was groggy.

"You ok to drive." She said.


She grabbed my ass tightly.

"Get you a Taxi babe. You car will be taken to my place. The taxi will pick
you up again tomorrow. Take you to my place where you won't disturb the
customers with your screaming."

"Ok" I said barely able to stand.

"But here something to remember me by."

She kissed me and held my dick in her hand. My arms dropped as I came in her
hands. Amy licked her fingers clean. I dropped to the floor. She picks a cell
phone from her cabinet and place a foot my chest.

"Go to need the ladies to come in here and carry another one to the taxi."


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