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Castle: Season 4 Episode 13 - An Embarrassment Of Bitches: Kate Goes To The Dogs Part 4 (f-zoo,FF,anal,voy,ncon,bmail)
by Sith Lord

Castle had just dropped off Royal the dog at his apartment for the day and had to go to some book signings his agent had scheduled.

"Hey Alexis!" he called out.

"Yeah dad what's up?" she called out from the top of the stairs.

"Can you watch Royal while I go to these book signings? I'm going to be gone for most of the night probably so don't wait up! Thanks!"

He shut the door even before he could hear her response

"Sure dad why not!" she said with an exasperated sigh. "Not like I have a life or anything and was going out tonight." she huffed as she stood there at the top of the stairs in her bath robe pouting down at this random dog she was now stuck watching. It was bad enough her dad had come back home and interrupted her masturbating to take the edge off from school, but now she was stuck watching this dog for the night and wouldn't be able to finish, or go out with her friends.

Royal sniffed and smelled a familiar scent coming from the top of the stairs. It smelled like a bitch in heat and he was ready to breed again as he hadn't been able to for a few days. He sniffed up the stairs starting to track the scent to the young Alexis Castle, who had no idea the night she was about to have.

After Alexis's relationship with Ashley ended after the bank robbery incident she hadn't been able to get any kind of "release" in a while except using her fingers. She was still a virgin of course and she planned on staying that way, but she was still a teenage girl and hormones were raging. Now Alexis Castle was no lesbian, but being around Kate Beckett and all the sexy cops at the precinct with her internship with Lanie, made her more aroused than she normally was. She would have called Ashley to help, but they were not talking anymore, and now she had to watch this dog her dad was trying to use to solve a case. She tried to ignore the wetness between her legs, but it had been so long since she had the apartment to herself and could get off without her grandma or dad barging in! She was so startled by her dad barging in that she didn't even have time to clean her hand from rubbing her 17-year-old pussy. The dog was slowly walking up the stairs to her sniffing the air around, probably to check out who she is since this is the first time they had ever seen each other. She would have to have a talk with her dad later about bringing strange animals into the house and leaving without even an explanation.

Royal was on the hunt for the source of the arousal his doggy nose was picking up on and it seemed to be coming from the top of the stairs. The odor was much sweeter than the last bitch he had bred with. Something young, very fertile, and VERY aroused. This sweet new scent was making him very aroused, and his red monster started to come out of his sheath.

Alexis Castle slowly approached this new dog that her dad had asked her to dog-sit for the night. She had never met this dog before so she was going to take this slow till she knew the demeanor of the dog. "Come here Royal!" she said with the sweetest voice she could muster, and extended her hand towards the dog. Coincidentally this happened to be the exact hand she had been using not even 2 minutes before to try to get her little pussy off.

Royal now had a bead on the scent. It was coming from the person up the stairs. He shuffled up the stairs his red doggy cock hidden in his golden fur. He approached this new bitch and sniffed at her outstretched hand. His nostrils flared a bit at the nice aroma and he immediately started to lick the outstretched appendage trying to lap up all the wetness. This served to intensify his arousal and only made his bestial urges start to skyrocket, unbeknownst to the young teenager.

"Wow, you must really like me huh?" Alexis exclaimed out loud as the dog started to almost ravenously lick her hand to the point it was completely covered in dog saliva. Then it moved up to lick her face and very nearly bowled her over. "Jeez this dog must weigh as much as I do." she though quietly to herself. At just 5 feet 4 inches tall and only 121 pounds on her lithe frame she was pretty much spot on. She has strawberry blonde, almost apricot colored hair that goes down to her mid waist. Her eyes which all the boys love, was a blue color that would make water itself jealous. Her pert breasts were a nice small handful at 32B. Her nipples were a nice pink color almost the size of an eraser nub and her areolas were also a pale pink color. Her last boyfriend Ashley was the only one to feel up her breasts and pussy, and even he hadn't seen all her naked body. She started to pet the dog trying to get it away from her face so she could breath as his rough tongue was leaving trails of dog drool on her cheek and face. She pushed him away gently and rolled him onto his stomach to start to rub his belly like most dogs like when she was greeted with a view of the largest penis she has ever seen in her young life. It wasn't a human penis but it definitely still stunned her young mind. "Holy crap!" Alexis swore out loud startling even herself with her use of "adult" language. Royal's 9-inch monster dog cock was on full display. Alexis's mind flashed back briefly to an incident that happened at her middle school when she was 12. She had a "cheerleader" phase going on and joined up to be a little bit more popular and get some extracurricular work down to look better on college resumes. Turns out the football team lost to the opposing team called the "Mastiffs" and someone put pictures of ladies having sex with mastiffs all over the girl's locker room as a prank. Being a curious girl she did some web searches on what was happening in the pictures and got a very "adult" introduction to bestiality. As it turns out that was her first real look into the adult world of sex. She was no stranger to male genitalia though. As a kid several parties were hosted at their apartment by her dad and unknown to him the male guests would try to walk in on her when she was using the bathroom or have her walk in on them using the bathroom and flash her their penises. One of the guests that came over one time when she was nine years old was a black man that was actually openly masturbating in their bathroom and she got a really good look at his cock, which was dripping pre-cum almost in a steady stream. He had smiled at her and asked her if she wanted to touch him and learn about sex. She refused of course but she was always curious after that. She was never mad at the men that did this since she got to see their penises as a curious girl and knew that even though they talked a big game they were all harmless. Despite herself she found her hand reaching out towards the giant red throbbing dog cock in front of her almost as if she was in a trance.

Just as she was about to make contact with the throbbing red doc cock she recoiled back, her hormones subsiding for the brief moment it took to snap her back to morality. What she failed to realize is that the tussling with Royal had moved her dangerously close to the edge of the staircase and with her quick movement back momentum was taking her down for a hard fall.

Alexis let out a loud scream as she fell down the staircase. Her tumble had her trashing about trying to break her fall but it was of little use. Her bath robe gave her a little cushioning to brace her body while falling open and revealing her teenage treasures, and she somehow landed on her hands and knees at the bottom of the staircase but momentum carried her head forward and gave her a strong smack to the top of her head on the wall that knocked her out.

Royal knew even as a dog that that was a bad fall and was worried for his new nice smelling bitch. He hurried down the staircase after her to make sure she was ok. He sniffed around her prone body and whined at her but got no response. He tried licking her face, but still got no response. Royal knew she was alive, so he got back to investigating the smell of sex he had picked up earlier. Sniffing around he traced it back to the Alexis's teenage cunt, now exposed thanks to her tumble. Royal sniffed and licked the puffy exposed pussy before him. Royal savored the taste of this new bitch on his tongue. She tasted much sweeter than the other one. Her scent and taste got stronger and sweeter the more he licked.

Alexis was out cold, but her teenage body was responding a lot to this new sensation. In dream she found herself being licked in the face by Detective Beckett. While this was completely out of character for the beautiful detective, Alexis was liking the sensations of the gorgeous detective licking her face. Then her dream shifted to her on her hands and knees and the Beckett was behind her with her face buried into her teenage pussy. Alexis had never had her pussy eaten out before but she knew right away she loved it. Beckett was snaking her tongue into her pussy so far it felt like she was being licked all the way to her hymen. In her subconscious she knew it was near impossible for a human tongue to do what it was doing but the feeling of it snaking all around her pussy and basically covering her from pussy to asshole with every lick outside felt so good. She tried to push back into the probing tongue wanting to feel it more and more.

Royal kept licking the hole in front of him and the sweet tasty juices kept coming into his mouth every time. This taste was very good and his dog nose knew the bitch was almost ready to mate. He could smell the lust in her building. Even though she hadn't moved yet he knew it was time to mount the bitch and make her his.

In Alexis's dream Kate stopped licking her and moved behind her. Looking back between her legs she saw a massive red dildo hanging down from between the Detective's perfect legs. It took her breath away and she was scared. Alexis was still a virgin and wanted to remain that way until she found the right man. She knew though that she was so horny she was barely hanging on to some kind of reason. She tried to use her legs and arms to get away but Kate collapsed onto her back and held her down. The massive red dildo was moving back and forth trying to find her pussy. Kate wrapped her arms around Alexis's waist and started to drool down her cheek and breath heavily into her ear almost like she was a dog...a dog...then like a bubble popping Alexis awoke. Just as Royal found a mark with his massive red dog cock.

The bitch below him seemed to be coming awake. She was trying to throw him off as he was trying to thrust his cock into her. Royal fell forward even more locking his front paws around the bitch allowing her no escape. The attempt to keep her in place caused him to aim higher than usual and as he thrust forward he felt a hole start to allow him entry and he thrust forward.

Alexis was just coming out of her knockout when Royal thrust forward and Alexis felt something like a red hot poker enter her ass. She let out a guttural scream and looked down between her legs to see the massive red cock of a dog slip the rest of the way into her butthole. The pain was unbearable and Alexis surrendered to the merciful blackness and passed out from the shock and pain of the invading dog cock.

Unbeknownst to Alexis and her dog rapist, the commotion and screams below had attracted the attention of the Castle's upstairs neighbor and they had called the police. Detective Beckett heard the call on her way to meet up with Castle for an interview and recognized the apartment number. She decided to respond as she was the closest unit and Castle was her partner.

Royal heard his new bitch cry out as he entered the tightest and hottest hole he had ever felt. He wrapped his paws around his bitch tighter and drove all the way into her as deep as he could go. This new bitch was wrapping around him so tightly that he wasn't sure he could even get his knot into her. He whined a little at the sheer pleasure this tight new bitch was giving him.


Reggie's phone was going off as he was coming back from hanging out with several friends. It was a text alert from the smart collar he put on Royal. The text was letting him know the dog's heart rate, respiration, pulse, and temperature were on the rise. According to the phone app it looked like a mating session had started. "Seems Detective Beckett liked the last breeding session more than I thought" Reggie contemplated. On a whim he decided to check the GPS tracker to see if she was back at home so he could set up to film it again for more footage. Astoundingly it registered a different GPS area than Kate's apartment! Was Royal out at some kennel somewhere getting his fuck on? "No that makes no sense" he thought. There is no way they would let him out of the police departments care during an investigation, yet this was definitely not the headquarters GPS. He punched in the coordinates and nearly fainted when he saw the address listed. It was his favorite author's luxury apartment complex! "Wait!" he exclaimed out loud. He did a quick google search of Castle's extended family and saw that both his mom and daughter lived with him. The mom wasn't too bad looking for being a grandma, but the daughter was stunning. Flaming red hair, eyes that were like pools of aqua, and a tight little body for a high school girl. Chances were incredibly slim but if Royal was actually a God among dogs and got to fuck one of them he could be looking at a near endless stream of pussy. He just needed Detective Beckett to...holy fuck, she was headed in that direction now according to her phone's GPS. Reggie contemplated that he must have been a near saint in a previous life to get so many things to go right for him. Now he had some texting to do to get himself some more potential pussy. He had to rush to get his plan in action if it had any hope of making this legendary!

Kate's phone alerted her to a new text. She paid it no attention until she got to the high-end apartment complex. "You better hurry up to the apartment complex. I have a feeling you'll like what you see". It was from the burner number that rapist kid had used last time! "Oh Shit!" Kate exclaimed as she rushed up the staircase to Castle's apartment.

Alexis was still passed out on the floor. Royal driving his massive red spear of a dog cock as deep as it could possibly go into his new bitch. This one was so much tighter than his other bitch. It almost hurt his cock to keep going in and out, but his precum was flowing and it was gradually getting easier to move as it coated this new tunnel. As he drove it in he could hear little whimpers coming from the bitch beneath him. He even heard his bitch saying things but he didn't understand her. He just kept driving his cock in and out reaching deeper with each thrust as his knot got closer to its goal.

In her passed out mind Alexis was trying to make sense of what was happening to her body. She returned to her dream of Kate pounding in and out of her ass. The red dildo was so big she felt her ass clench onto it not wanting it to go further. "Kate stop please it hurts!" she caught herself saying lightly. In her dream haze, she felt the dildo start to squirt something inside of her ass. It must have been lube because the thrusting of the dildo got easier. Gradually, she felt the pain start to give way to pleasure. As she looked back she saw Kate push her hands down onto her back driving her ass up more to meet her thrusts. A look of crazed passion on her face as she drove deeper into her. Kate started to bark at her. Which seemed odd, but Alexis's attention was quickly pulled back to her ass as she felt the dildo inside her start to grow even bigger. "No!" she exclaimed in her dream. "It's too big, you'll break me in two!" she screamed out at Kate. But deeper into her ass the giant red dildo went and she felt it expand into what felt like a softball shape in her ass. It rubbed her walls and she felt the balls of the dildo slap steadily into her pussy and clit. "Oh God yes Kate fill my ass up you fuck me so good!" she said in her dream as she experienced her first anal orgasm. The stimulation was too much for her and in her dream, she squirted her pussy juice all over the bed and coated the sheets in her juices as she came the hardest she had ever felt in her young life. Then she felt the red dildo inside of her start to squirt something hot inside her ass. It felt like a hose had been turned on inside her ass and hot viscous liquid was pouring into her abused asshole. Squirt after squirt poured into her over, and over again, as the dildo slowed it's thrusting and the bulb at the base locked and sealed them together.

Kate arrived at the top of the staircase winded and fumbled for her keys. A while ago Castle had given her a spare key to use in case of emergencies and she felt this more than qualified! She arrived at the door to hear a scream of "No! It's too big, you'll break me in two!" come from inside the apartment as she flung open the door. She saw young 17 year old Alexis to her left sprawled on the floor at the bottom of the staircase, her ass raised high as Royal pounded into her without mercy. She flung the door closed behind her and rushed to the girls side trying to pull Royal off, but it was much too late. She had been knotted to the dog. Anger seething inside of her as she saw young Alexis being violated, then she caught Alexis mumble "Oh God yes Kate fill my ass up you fuck me so good." She was taken aback. She inspected the young teen that was face down on the floor and saw that she was out cold. "She must be in some kind of dream" Kate thought to herself as she examined the poor girl. As she was inspecting her she saw the girl push her ass back towards the still thrusting dog and hear and saw the cum squirt from her bright pink teenage pussy and land on the hardwood floor of the apartment. Alexis was having a massive orgasm from the pounding she was getting as Royal stopped and held himself in place. Kate knew from her own experience that he was flooding her hole with a truly massive amount of cum. Taking in the sight before her she felt her own pussy becoming a little bit moist.

Kate heard her phone ring. It startled her from her voyeurism and brought her back to the moment. She whipped open the phone and let out a stern "Beckett!" into the phone mouthpiece. "Did you enjoy the show Nikki?" the voice answered back. She recognized the voice on the other line. It was her rapist from the other night. "You son of a bitch!" She screamed into the phone. "How could you! I swear when I find you..." she started to threaten over the phone. "You'll what?" the voice demanded over the phone. If you even try to do anything I'll release all the videos I have of you fucking the dog, and all the videos and pictures I have of you begging for my cock and fucking an underage boy! In fact, just for even thinking of threatening me I have a new task for you. You are going to suck Royal's cum out of the bitch Royal was just in and you are going to take video of it on your phone over facetime. If you don't do this in the next 5 minutes your life is over!" Click went the phone and Kate stood there in total shock. She had overplayed her hand and now she had to violate Castle's daughter and film it or else she would never be able to put an end to this. She couldn't afford this little shit to wreck her career before she caught him and destroyed all his evidence. "Fuck!" she screamed as she resigned herself to her task and brought up the facetime app on her phone and entered in the phone number. Before she dialed she took a comforter off the couch and draped it over Alexis's prone body. No reason to give this asshole more ammunition and drag another victim into this mess. If Kate was lucky Alexis would stay passed out and would not realize what was happening. Kate would be long gone and her rapist wouldn't have any evidence against Alexis to try to drag her into this mess. She had to strip a little bit though since she still had to work and couldn't afford to get her clothes dirty with dog cum and Alexis's cum was still on the floor.

Reggie quickly booted up his PC and loaded up his hacker script kiddie kits, and connected his phone to his PC. He wanted to make sure the video call was recorded for more evidence. If he could get the identity of whoever Royal was mating with he would have them sucking his cock too in short order. He loaded up his recording program and waited for the call that would hopefully hand him another pussy for his budding harem.

Kate decided it was best to strip down naked for her cum cleaning session. She couldn't find any paper towels to clean up the cum covered floor, and couldn't afford to waste time looking. She also tried to move the anally knotted Alexis and Royal, but the hardwood floor was slick with cum and pussy juice and she didn't have enough traction to budge them, she also didn't want to risk injuring Alexis. She just hoped that Alexis wouldn't make too much noise and give herself away to this monster. Kate hoped she could get this done fast and get herself cleaned up before Alexis woke up and realize what was going on. Kate got into position and pressed the video call button on her phone. "Hello Kate, hope you are feeling hungry today", exclaimed the voice on the phone. "I want to see everything, so set up your phone on an end table or something with the speaker phone on. Don't worry about controlling the camera. I just want you to worry about cleaning up that new bitch Royal just fucked." Kate hurriedly set up the camera of her phone to focus on Royal and the covered-up Alexis. It was the best plane she had to try to protect Alexis. This way all he could see was her covered ass and pussy, which wouldn't tell him much, and he already had video of her so it didn't really matter too much about her being naked. "What is this view?" the voice over the phone complained. "Isn't there a table at another angle? Why is your film partner covered up? This wasn't what I wanted Beckett!" the voice on the phone started to yell.

"If you think I am going to help you corrupt another innocent person into your little filthy game you have another thing coming." Kate told the person on the phone. There was no way she would get Alexis involved with this if she could help it. Even if it meant having her life ruined. "Fine!" exclaimed the voice on the phone. "Just get to work and lick that dog cock and pussy clean." When your mouth is full of dog cum and pussy juice make sure the camera gets a good shot of your pretty little mouth full and swallowing it. That's your punishment for your disobedience since I'm not there to correct you myself." "FINE!" Kate yelled as she glared into the camera as she settled into her position under the dog and the still knotted Alexis. "Oh, thank god!" she thought to herself as she saw that the dog wasn't knotted to Alexis's teen pussy but rather her ass. She knew Alexis was still a virgin from their random girl talk, and knew she was saving her virginity for her wedding night. A small victory for the poor girl but one she hoped would help her through this trauma. She started licking around the girl's pussy trying to get at the dog cum falling down from her obscenely stretched ass. She couldn't help but notice that the teen girl's stomach was still fluttering and her pussy lips still twitching from the orgasm she had earlier. The strong scent of Alexis's cunt mixed with the strong smell of dog cum made her own pussy start to get wet, which did not go unnoticed by Royal.

Royal was having the time of his life. His dick was stuck in the tightest mate he had ever have and was now getting cleaned by his other bitch. His canine nose did not miss that the bitch cleaning his cock was also aroused. He remembered this odor from the last time and the taste was pleasant so he decided to lick and consume the juice from this other bitch under him.

Despite the depravity of the current situation, Beckett was getting very wet. She let out a moan and accidentally swallowed some of the combined dog cum and Alexis's pussy juice she was keeping in her mouth as she felt Royal's dog tongue start to work at her pussy and scrape along her outer lips. The taste was something she found herself surprised she liked. She tasted the young sweetness of Alexis combined with the nutty flavor of the dog cum and found herself wanting more. She dove deeper into Alexis's pussy as the cum drained out of her teenage ass and fell into Beckett's waiting mouth. She pushed her hips up to hopefully get more access to the rough dog tongue working its way into her pussy lips as she collected more of the combined nectar in her mouth. The dog cock was starting to come loose from Alexis's super tight ass as Royal's knot went down, and she wanted to be ready to grab as much of the cum as possible.

Alexis meanwhile was having the best dream of her life. Kate was deep inside her ass with a huge dildo and now she looked down to see her dad eating her pussy out with so much gusto that she was on the edge of another massive orgasm. "Wait..." she thought in her dream, "why would her dad ever eat her out? Her dad would never do something like that, but fuck was he good at it!" She moaned out load and ground her pussy down towards the mouth of her father as the massive dildo pulled out of her ass and she felt the stopped-up liquid come pouring out.

Kate saw the massive dog cock start to slide out and readied herself for the stream of dog cum she knew was on its way. She was about to cum herself from the licking of the dog at her now twitching pussy as Royal lashed her pussy repeatedly with his massive tongue. She knew her tormentor wanted her to capture all the cum and she had a good head start with her mouth already half full. However, she wasn't ready for Alexis's immediate pushing down on her face with her pussy as she felt her mouth immediately covered with her teenage pussy lips. She saw the dog cock pull out completely and was suddenly having her face sat on by Alexis. She needed to warn her but her mouth was still half full of dog cum and teenage girl juice! She was also staring her own orgasm from the furious licking on her clit that Royal was doing with his doggy tongue. She couldn't push Alexis from her since she was laying down in a mixture of slimy dog and girl cum. She swallowed the cum mixture in her mouth with a huge gulp, but before Beckett could try to warn the poor teen, she watched helplessly as the teenage girl woke up from her dream and straightened up, dropping the blanket covering her onto the floor by her side, as she unknowingly revealed herself to the watching gaze of the camera and the perverted boy on the other end.

Reggie could only watch in stunned silence as Alexis Castle revealed herself from underneath the blanket that was covering her and pushed her lithe teen body down to the face of Kate Beckett, mashing her pussy into the mouth of the detective as she struggled to push her way free.

Alexis was almost there in her dream. Just a little bit further and she would cum all over her father's mouth and tongue working at her pink teen pussy folds. She felt one last lick on her clit and she straightened up, her massive orgasm causing her to wake from her dream just as she shouted out "YES! OH DADDY LICK ME! I'M CUMMING!"

Kate Beckett felt Alexis's massive orgasm squirt into her open mouth as she tried to push her way free of the cumming teen. She paused when she heard the teens orgasmic cry for her father. That was definitely something they were going to have to talk about, but she had larger concerns at the moment. Mainly trying to not drown in the squirting juice of the teenage girl currently mashing her pussy into her mouth. The amount Alexis was currently flooding her mouth with was crazy, she had never experienced anything like it. She was swallowing it down as she felt and heard the flood of dog cum escape from Alexis's gaping ass and splatter across her perky breasts and start dripping towards the floor and running down her taunt, firm stomach.

Alexis felt herself cum as she woke with a start and straightened up onto her knees. The first thing she felt was her ass gaping wide and feeling sore. The next was feeling her massive orgasm rip through her teenage body as she brought her body up to a kneeling position. Her strangled cry from her dream of her dad eating her out still ringing in her ears. She felt something below her pussy lips licking and sucking her clit as her orgasm subsided and looked down to see the shocked face of detective Kate Beckett wet with her cum and what appeared to be a white milky fluid too. She looked behind her to see the dog from earlier eating the detective as she saw Kate's legs twitching and her stomach area looked to be quivering as the detective experienced her own orgasm. She felt Kate's hands pushing against her butt as she tried to push free. The still stunned teenager lifted herself off the detective to hear her gasp for air and breathe deeply. Alexis took in her surroundings as best she could. She felt the floor underneath her slick with what looked to be a lot of cum and white fluid she could only assume was the dog's cum as her memory flooded back to her. "Kate....Kate...what just happened?" the slightly confused and scared teen girl asked the detective laying on the floor covered in dog and her own cum.

"Let me tell you what happened!" a voice said from a phone lying on the living room table. It's camera side pointed right at the young teen and still orgasming detective. "I'd love to fill you in on our new arrangement." The voice said with a tone Alexis really did not like.

To be continued...?


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