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Castle Season 4 Episode 13: An Embarrassment Of Bitches - Kate Goes To The Dogs Part 2 (F-zoo,bmail,bond,voy)
by Sith Lord ([email protected])

13 year old Reggie was so excited his whole body was shaking. He couldn't stop it, and he didn't want to. All his countless hours of watching the window of Kate Beckett (a.k.a. Nikki Heat in the Castle novels) had paid off more than he could ever have hoped for! Reggie had been reading the "Nikki Heat" books ever since the first one, and when he heard on the fan forums that the inspiration for Nikki Heat herself was moving in across the way, he set up shop at his window and almost never left. Reggie was a good looking boy. He had red hair and dark green eyes. He had a normal build to him and was about 5 feet 2 inches tall at his last physical. He still had some of his baby pudge to his waist but wasn't fat by any means. He was only about 100 pounds give or take a pound or two. The most impressive thing about Reggie was the fact that he had an above average cock size for a boy of his age. His penis when he measured it last was about 7.5 inches long and about 5 inches around. He felt really out of place when he showered with the other boys his age since they were all a lot smaller than him even when he wasn't hard. He had spent countless hours at this window with his high powered camera pointed at the window of Kate Beckett, hoping to catch her naked, topless, or even in a bra, but she was far too modest to go around in her bra and panties. At least that's what he thought for the past year. Now he had clear video of the pride of the NYPD on her hands and knees getting pounded by a dog and clearly having what he thought was an orgasm on the video before collapsing out of sight. Now he just had to find a way to use this to his advantage and maybe...just maybe...he could get his turn with the beautiful detective. He turned his computer on and started his plan.

Kate Beckett woke up with her face pressed against the carpet and her perky, beautifully formed ass up in the air. The cool breeze through her apartment making her keenly aware of her naked state as her brown nipples hardened with the breeze. Her pussy felt so tender after it's abuse earlier. Her thoughts running back through the events of the past few hours. She had her pussy ate out by a dog and then was fucked harder than any lover had fucked her before and even made her squirt...twice! This dog had given her the three biggest orgasms of her life and now it was just sitting in a corner staring at her like nothing had happened.

"What the fuck am I going to do now?" Kate asked herself out loud as she propped herself up, and sat on the floor with her back against her couch. As she brought her knees up she felt what could only be described as a sloshing feeling in her pussy.

"Holy fuck am I still full of your cum?!" she exclaimed in surprise. She reached down to her pussy and still feeling it sensitive from her three earlier orgasms tried to pushed her fingers inside. She was too dry though, so she brought her fingers to her mouth and moistened them with her saliva. She brought her fingers back down to her pussy and pushed two fingers in as deep as they would go. Her pussy was still hyper sensitive and she felt twinges of pleasure as her fingers probed deeper into her pussy attempting to dislodge what felt like a gallon of cum left deep inside her. As her fingers stirred up her pussy she could feel herself start to get wet and aroused as the lubrication made it easier to slide her fingers deeper. Then finally after a few moments later the cum came pouring out of her pussy. "God damn that was deep in there!" she said while looking at Royal the large golden retriever that had made this mess in her.

Royal meanwhile, had been watching his new bitch intently. Waiting for another chance to take her again. He wanted to satisfy his bestial urges that were again starting to take over his being. He smelled her arousal in the air as she used her fingers on herself. Then she did something that made Royal very unhappy. She unsealed her pussy and dumped his cum on the floor. How was his new bitch supposed to get pregnant with his puppies when she dumps all his cum on the floor. Now he had to fuck her again and cum inside her. Royal got back to his feet and got back to work on getting his new bitch pregnant.

Kate Beckett was still in awe of the sheer amount of cum pouring out of her pussy. She had bareback sex before with two guys when she was younger, but they never produced close to this amount of cum. Because of her carpeting she didn't hear Royal until he was almost on top of her. Her face was being licked by this dog that had forced itself on her. Kate's mind couldn't handle it and she pushed Royal away from her in a hard shove.

Royal was trying to be gentle with his new bitch and was licking her around to face to show his care for her, but she had pushed him away and that had hurt him. Now he didn't really care about her feelings anymore and needed to show her who was the bitch in this relationship.

Kate heard a low growl and turned to see Royal with a slight snarl in his face as she drained his cum from her pussy. She was still naked and had no real way to defend herself if Royal decided to attack, so she withdrew her fingers from her dog cum filled cunt and put her hands up. Her own juices and Royal's cum started to drip down her fingers and her hands. Still snarling Royal moved closer to her. Her heart was pounding in her chest, her breasts moving up and down with her breath as she took panicked breaths as the growling dog got closer to her. The dog's snout was now right next to her face and he was baring his fangs while emitting a low growl. He clearly did not like it when she pushed him away. Did he really think of her as his mate? She had to do something to get away from this dog so that it didn't try to rape her again. She looked around for an escape but could find nothing within reach that would help her. She was trapped. Then a thought occurred to her. "Maybe if I just acted submissive and used my hands on him he will get off quickly and I can get away from him?"

Royal was being as dominant as he could be without hurting his new bitch. He was growling to make his dominance known and was snarling at this bitch that dared to drain his seed. Then he felt something warm wrap itself around his cock and he snapped out of his snarling state.

Kate saw his massive red cock outside its sheath and knew what she had to do to defuse the situation. She wrapped her pussy juice and cum covered hand around Royal's massive tool and slowly began to masturbate him. She was hoping that if she satisfied his urge right now that he would lose interest in her for a few moments and allow her to get to the safety of her room and hopefully avoid another round of dog rape. As her fingers closed around the massive red dog cock she felt the wet and hard tool that had so thoroughly fucked her pussy only a few hours ago. It was huge in her hands and was definitely the biggest cock she had ever felt. The pussy juice and left over cum that was still on her hand made for excellent lube and Royal began to hump at her hand.

Royal didn't understand in his doggy mind what this bitch was doing to him but he sure felt good. He started to hump away at this newfound sensation that had enveloped his cock.

Kate struggled to hold onto the humping dog cock in her hand as Royal started to move faster in her hand. "Damn this dog can move his hips" she thought as she struggled to hold on as Royal pumped away. She was doing her best to get a grip on the now slimy dog cock but it slipping from her grasp and with her back pressed against her couch and Royal's hard humping it was getting taxing on her muscles. She pushed off the ground with her legs so she could get up a little and at the very least she would be sitting on her couch and a bit more comfortable while she performed this vile act with a dog, but she lost her grip on the cock.

Royal felt the awesome feeling on his cock go away and turned to see his bitch attempting to get away again. Royal wasn't going to let that happen.

Kate had made a mistake in letting go of the dog cock and attempting to get more comfortable. She was now somehow in almost a missionary pose with the dog now in between her legs and with his front paws now on either side of her. She felt something warm and wet landing on her stomach, and looked down to see clear streams of pre-cum launching from the throbbing red dog cock and landing on her stomach with some making it up almost to her perky breasts. She also felt splashes of the pre-cum landing on her pussy lips as the dog cock moved towards her now exposed cunt. "Oh God No!" was all she managed to say before the massive cock slid home into her pussy and her brown eyes opened wide with the sensation.

Royal wasn't going to let a mating chance slip by, even if he wasn't in the best possible position for breeding. Even if this new bitch wasn't cooperating fully, his sense of smell picks up the subtle pheromone shifts of arousal in this new mate. That told him all he needed to know as he started to again fuck his new mate.

Kate Beckett was in shock as the massive dog cock stroked in and out of her pussy. Her beautiful brown eyes opened wide as the 9 inch spear of dog cock drove home to the very depths of her pussy. The veiny red dog cock moved in and out of her pussy at a steady rate. Its massive girth stretched her pussy walls to the limits. She could feel the constant spurting of the doggie pre-cum into her pussy lubricating the way for the large invading tool. It was not as fast and furious a pounding as before, which was most likely due to Royal not being accustomed to fucking in this position, but it was still quite fast and quite hard. Which was just the way Beckett liked it. What had initially began as just an overwhelmingly full feeling in her pussy turned to pleasure as the raping dog cock rubbed her in all the right places. Kate caught herself letting out small moans as pleasure slowly started to overwhelm her senses. She parted her legs wider in an effort to lessen her discomfort, and take some pressure off of her legs. This had the added effect of allowing Royal deeper access to her pussy which he gladly took.

Royal loved the feeling of this bitch. The way her sex organs felt around his was fantastic. This bitch was prime mating material and he would mate with her whenever he could.

Kate felt the pounding doggie dick in her pussy and felt the hot dog breath in her face as she looked down she saw that Royal had wrapped his front paws around her waist and had his head almost by her neck. She felt the soft fur rub against her breasts and stimulate her nipples to hardness. At the same time this new angle allowed Royal to directly stimulate her G-spot and clit at the same time which was quickly driving all logic from her mind. "Oh God! Yes!" she caught herself saying over and over again as the pleasure washed over her body. Kate Beckett was losing herself to the cock in her pussy and she was slowly giving in to the pleasure it was bringing her. Kate felt a massive orgasm building and needed to feel the release that it brought. The normally stoic detective Kate Beckett was giving in the animal lust this dog had stirred in her loins. She no longer cared that it was a dog cock inside of her. She needed to cum. The dog shifted his position as he sensed her acceptance as her struggles to push him away stopped, and brought his snout towards her face and began to lick her face as she moaned underneath him.

Kate felt the dog tongue licking around her open mouth while she moaned. Royal was licking all around her pink full lips, and she gave in and stuck her tongue out to meet the invading dog tongue. As Kate french kissed with the dog she felt her orgasm wash over her and her pussy clenched down on the invading dog cock that was continually thrusting in and out of her pussy. "Oh Royal! FUCK ME! FUCK ME" she shouted around the dog tongue invading her mouth. He pussy gripped and let go of the dog cock inside of her as her orgasm hit her. Her pussy juice washed over the dog cock as she came like a river. Royals balls slapping against her ass as he kept driving in and out of her gushing wet cunt. She felt his knot outside her pussy pressing against her pussy lips trying to gain entry. She pushed back to meet his unending rapid thrusts lifting her hips up and granting him deeper entry to her pussy. She felt him pressing deeper and felt the pop of the knot as he locked his dick to her pussy. With her hips undulating up and down as she wanted him deeper but her was already pressed against the end of her vagina with the tip of his massive dick pressed up against her cervix. Then came the hot torrent of dog cum. She could feel the pulses of his cock and feel the hot blasts of his cum as Royal flooded Kate Beckett's pussy with his virile doggie cum. Each blast of the hot dog cum increasing her arousal to the point that she came a second time as her vaginal walls were basted with hot sticky cum. Kate Beckett the pride and joy of the New York Police force had been conquered by Royal, and both she and him knew it now.

They stayed tied for a good twenty minutes as Royal's cock deflated to the point he could finally withdraw for her tight pussy. The big red dog cock flopped out of her pussy with an almost audible plop sound. Kate Beckett was breathing heavily resting on her couch in a thoroughly fucked state, and with a sex fogged mind as she felt Royal licking gently at her abused pussy. The river of cum leaking from her hole slowly stopped as his doggy saliva cleaned her pussy, and at the same time sealed his cum inside. Kate looked down and saw that Royal's cock still hadn't retracted into his sheath yet.

"Well I guess it's only fair that I return the cleaning favor too right?" she said as she crawled underneath the golden retriever and grasped the big red dog cock in her hands. It felt hot in her hands, and slick with both her cum and Royal's dripping from it. She brought it towards her lips sticking out her tongue to tentatively taste the slimy cum mixture. The taste wasn't as bad as she was expecting. Her own pussy juice sweetened the taste quite a bit but it was by no means bad. It was different from human cum but still not bad tasting. She took the veiny red monster dog cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She couldn't even come close to getting half of it into her mouth. Kate Beckett was no stranger to giving head. In fact in the back of her mind she was quite proud of her oral skills. All of her past lovers have given her great remarks on it in the past. But for her to be able to deep throat this monster would take much more skill than she had. She couldn't get it deep enough so she popped it from her mouth and licked all around it, lapping at it like it was her favorite sucker. In her peripheral vision from underneath the dog she caught the time.

"Holy crap! she shouted. It was already midnight and she had to be at work by 8a.m. She dragged herself from the carpeted floor and stood on shaky legs, walking to her bathroom. Looking back she saw Royal in the corner of the room licking his rapidly shrinking member. "Well at least he seems tired out." she thought to herself as she dragged herself into her shower to finish the job she started before Royal ravaged her the first time. Her pussy still had that "full" feeling since Royal's doggie cum was still trapped inside her, but she dared not drain it out. Better to not anger the dog that raped her twice and made her his bitch.

Kate Beckett finished her shower and promptly collapsed onto her comfy bed making sure to lock her bedroom door to keep Royal from disturbing her while she regained her strength for tomorrow. Little did she know she would be getting a new sexual partner tomorrow. In the form of a spying 13 year old boy.

* * *

Reggie woke up the following day and knew he had to start his plan as soon as possible. After countless hours watching Kate Beckett (aka Nikki Heat) through his window he felt safe in assuming that the dog fucking was not a normal occurrence. That being said he had to take advantage of this situation while she was likely still in some state of shock. It would make his blackmailing of her that much easier if she wasn't in her proper state of mind. He started his plan by faking sick to get out of school for the day. If things go according to his plan he may need to extend his sickness for a few days. His parents are fairly well off socialites so they wouldn't even notice, or probably even be home for the next few days, but an alibi was always a good idea. He began printing out the images he had taken of Kate Beckett last night from his computer. After a lot of printing he made several duplicate copies and stashed them in certain locations around his parents house. He also set up an email time delay that would automatically send to certain people in Kate Beckett's life and a few porn sites, should he fail to input a code every 24 hours until he disarmed it. Now he just had to work up the courage to enact the first part of his plan.

Kate Beckett woke up and started her day without incident and was able to make it out of her apartment in the morning without being raped by Royal again. Her mind was whirling all day and they hadn't had a break in the case after a full day of work so she had decided to head home. Castle had taken Royal for the day as part of the "shared-custody" arrangement so she would hopefully be able to get some sleep tonight, and come to grips with what had happened to her last night. Also she needed some time to come to grips with her feelings about what happened last night. As she stepped into her apartment she noticed a brown envelope slid under her door. She put her things down and grabbed the envelope off the floor. It felt a bit heavy like a lot of paper was inside. She was hoping it wasn't a subpoena or court summons, or something like that. Instead she found high definition pictures of her in the middle of having sex with Royal. The shock of the pictures caused her to drop them all over her apartment floor. They scattered all over the floor. There was about 30 of them in total. All of them taken through her large apartment window, and all of them showing her in a state of pure bliss and orgasm during her rape. She remembered the massive orgasms she had during the first time Royal took her, and the carpet stains of her cum to prove it. Kate had never thought that for a second she had been in the view of anyone! She spotted a single sheet of computer paper on the floor that had typing on it.

"I know what you did Nikki Heat. I saw you and I have more than enough proof to ruin your life, and there is nothing that you can do to stop me. I am watching you right now through your window. If you make any attempt to shut the blinds I will distribute these images to everyone you know and to every major porn site on the internet. There is only one way that you will keep everyone you know from finding out that you apparently love fucking dogs, and that is to do exactly as I say. First you will strip down to your underwear in front of the window. This will signal your compliance to go along with my demands. Then you will take your lipstick and write your phone number on the window. After that you will follow all directions issued over the phone or else these images become public. You have 2 minutes to make your decision and to comply. Any attempt to alert your police friends and the images go public."

Kate Beckett's mind was sent into a tailspin. She had no way out. If she let the images go public her professional and personal life were ruined forever. She would never solve her mother's murder and see justice done. One minute left. She was trapped. She couldn't call anyone since she was in full view of the window, and she only had 30 seconds left. "Damnit!" she screamed as she turned towards the window and started to take off her clothes.

Reggie couldn't believe it! His plan was actually working! He took out the burner phone and linked it to his PC. The phone connected itself to six different proxies gateways over the internet and made the phone impossible to trace back to him or his house. Then he turned back to his window and set his camera to take pictures of Kate Beckett every few seconds as she stripped for him

Kate stripped out of her detective work clothes as slow as she could in an effort to give her time to think about what she could do to fix this. She came up with nothing by the time she had her shirt off and was working on taking off her pants. It truly was hopeless for her. She had no leverage in this situation and whoever had the photos had all they needed to wreck her life. She just had to hope that whatever they wanted wasn't more than she was willing to give. She was down to her underwear now and wrote the number for her phone on the window and waited. Staring out the window in a black bra and black panties.

Reggie was so excited he couldn't keep his heart rate down. It was almost time to begin. He watched the beautiful Kate Beckett strip for him in front of her window. God she was so beautiful. She has a figure that most women would kill for and beautiful perky breasts. She had a body that was tight and toned from years of daily exercise. Reggie was infatuated with her. He loaded up his voice changing app and made the call that would change his young life forever.

Kate stood in the window nearly naked except for her black bra and panties, which left very little to the imagination. Her cell phone in her shaking hands started to ring. She brought the phone up to her ear and said "Hello?"

"Hello Detective Beckett. Or do you prefer Nikki Heat?" said a disguised voice over the phone

"Kate will do fine." She said through gritted teeth. God Damn these novels that Castle were writing are going to be the end of her she thought to herself as she immediately recognized a voice changer being used. The number was "blocked" of course so she likely wouldn't be able to trace this call after she got off the phone. She waited for the reply

"OK. Kate it is. Well Kate tonight we are going to have a bit of fun. Please believe me when I say that I really don't want to wreck your life and make you unable to show your face in public again, but I will if you force my hand." said the voice

"What do you want from me?" Kate asked the voice over the phone.

"I'm sending over someone to your apartment. We have an arrangement with them as well, though slightly more serious than your current one. You will follow their instructions to the letter or else their fate will be much worse than your own. Your instructions for right now are to finish stripping naked and stand in front of your window until they arrive. You will answer the door naked and stay that way following all their instructions. If you fail to comply or attempt to call anyone we are going to release the photos. Remember Kate Beckett, we are watching you!" *CLICK*

"DAMNIT!" Kate Beckett shouted at no one as she threw her phone away from her. This bastard had her. At least she knew there was another out there in almost the same situation. Though that person sounded like they were in a much more dire situation than her own. She needed more clues to be able to solve this problem and maybe this new person could shed some light on why this was going on. She popped open the front of her bra and let it drop to the floor as her perky 34B breasts were out and on display. Her brown pencil-tip sized nipples were hard enough to cut glass, and stood out at full attention from her quarter sized areolas. She stripped out of her black panties and felt a small twinge of arousal as they slipped down her thighs and exposed her pussy to the cool air of her apartment. She was standing right in front of her massive apartment window fully naked and had her phone number written on her window too. Her shaved pussy started to get slightly damp at the thought of someone else seeing her and ogling her naked body. It was so taboo for her to be doing this and being forced into doing this and for some reason she was getting aroused by it. "Damn, am I turning into a slut?" she wondered silently to herself as she waited for the knock at her door.

Reggie had so much adrenaline pumping through his 13 year-old body after making that phone call, that he was shaking all over and couldn't stop. He watched to make sure that Beckett was stripped and standing naked in her apartment before he set up the final piece of his plan and bolted out of his parents apartment.

Beckett was waiting for the better part of 10 minutes before there was a knock at her door. She shot a final death look out the window at whatever evil person was watching her and almost strutted across her apartment trying to show that she still had some form of self dignity. She opened the door and stood in shock as what appeared to be a 14 or 15 year old boy was standing in front of her and drinking in her nakedness.

Reggie was nearly in a state of shock. He was standing in front of Nikki Heat who was naked and so beautiful that he could barely breath. She said something that he didn't quite catch as he was too busy staring at the goddess before him. He finally caught it the second time she said it.

"Do you want to come in so that I don't have to hold the door open while I'm naked?" Kate said to the kid who was looking like a deer caught in the headlights of a semi. She kind of had to chuckle a little bit despite her situation as the kid just stood there.

Reggie composed himself and stepped into the apartment. "I was given instructions to meet you here and tell you that we are both being watched, and that you needed to follow the instructions that they gave me or else they will not only distribute the photos they have of you but they will kill my family and then kill us." he said. At the end he subtly and imperceptibly flipped a switch in his hand and a laser dot appeared on his chest. Kate instantly froze as the "sniper dot appeared on the young boys chest. Her still recent experience with a sniper bullet to the chest was still fresh in her mind and her heart raced as she looked at the red dot.

Reggie meanwhile was getting all the reactions he was hoping for. Kate Beckett's recent sniper incident had been all over the news, and the pause and wide eyes he saw were the exact reactions he was hoping for. While her focus was locked onto the "Sniper Dot", which was really just a high power laser pointer he got last year at Christmas, he quickly shut it off with a flick of the button again.

Kate Beckett quickly regained her composure after seeing the sniper dot appear on the young boys chest. She even momentarily forgot that she was stark naked in front of a minor. "Who the hell are these people, and what do they want?! Do you know anything that can help us get out of this situation?!" Kate hurriedly shouted while grabbing the boy by the shoulders.

"Damn!" Reggie thought as Kate got close to him and grabbed him. "She smells awesome, and looks incredibly sexy as hell up close." He couldn't help but look down at her perky brown nipples that stood out from her full breasts. Soon he would be doing a lot to her and making her his sex slave.

"I'm sorry I don't know anything about who they are, but they have my parents and said they would kill them if we don't do what they say. They gave me very specific instructions and said they could see us right now and that If we don't do what they said in the next 5 minutes they are going to kill them! Please you have to help them!" Reggie said almost in a panic. Which is almost exactly what he was feeling so it came out remarkably truthful sounding.

"Well what were they wanting you to do? Kate asked almost fearing the answer.

"I'm supposed to escort you to your bedroom and handcuff you to your bed." Those were all the instructions I got, and after I do that they will let my parents go! Please, we have to hurry!" Reggie said still in his panicked tone.

Kate Beckett's mind was again in a spiral that she seemed unable to control. Thoughts of how to get out of this were still swirling in her head. Sadly she didn't see any other alternative. She couldn't let this boy or his parents die. She had to play along for now until she could get away and call Castle or the Precinct. Kate took the boys hand and lead him to her bedroom.

Reggie was in stunned silence as Kate Beckett lead him by the hand to her bedroom. Everything that he planned out was happening right in front of him. It was like he was in a dream. Kate took him into her bedroom and handed him two pairs of handcuffs that she kept on her work belt. As she bent over he got a quick view of her shaved pussy lips and he nearly fainted. The blood in his brain was rapidly being directed down south and he needed to hurry this up before his quickly hardening cock became obvious.

Kate Beckett had never allowed anyone to handcuff her to anything in her room. As a cop she had seen too many crime scenes where people were killed while handcuffed for it to ever be sexy for her, or get her aroused. She lead the boy to the bed and laid down. The boy took the handcuffs from her and brought her left wrist to the head board. He slipped her hand into the cuff and then latched it to the metal headboard. Kate did need to find out some more information before her only lead left. She turned to the young boy that was about to attach her right hand to the headboard. "What is your name? When my friends get here after I don't report in tomorrow maybe we can find a connection and track down the bastards that did this to us?" she asked.

"I don't think you'll need my name for what happens next." Reggie said as he slammed the cuff into place and stepped back to admire his handiwork. On a bed naked before him and unable to do anything was Kate Beckett. The sexiest cop in New York and almost a walking goddess.

Kate's face scrunched in confusion over what Reggie said as he almost painfully tightened the cuff around her wrist and slammed it to connect to her metal headboard of her queen-size bed. She turned to look at the boy and saw him leering at her naked body. As she looked him up and down she noticed a bulge forming in his pants that looked quite large, and a large evil grin spreading over his face.

"IT WAS YOU!" she yelled as her shock set in. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. This young boy had fooled her and had photos of her fucking a dog. She was stunned into silence.

"Yup! All me!" Reggie said proudly as he walked over to her bedroom window and opened it wide. He had set up a camera on the roof of his building that was pointed at a nice angle to catch all the bedroom action that was going to happen tonight. He suddenly whisked around and before Kate knew what was happening he had her left leg wrapped with a strap and wrapped around her base board. He tied it off and grabbed for her other foot. Kate wasn't going to let him have it that easily and fought him, kicking at his hands and body. Reggie stepped back and took something out of his backpack. It was a large Android tablet that had a full screen shot of her getting pounded by the dog Royal. It must have been in the middle of a massive orgasm because her face was in a state of total pleasure. She stopped kicking her foot and went still.

"All I have to do is push this button Ms. Beckett and this gets sent to about 20 different porn sites. You can either comply or I can hit send and the picture goes viral online." Reggie said with a huge grin on his face. Kate gritted her teeth and after a few seconds nodded her head to signal her compliance. Reggie took her foot in her hand and bound it to the foot board of her bed. She was now spread wide open while naked in the grasp of a sadistic young male. She had no illusions about what he intended to do to her, but there was no way he could make her enjoy it. At least that's what she thought at first.

Reggie went into his bag and took out a blindfold and a ball-gag. Kate saw them and her whole body went stiff. She was right he meant to rape her. If she failed to comply though he would destroy her life forever with those pictures. She had to endure it. After all how long could kid like him last with a real woman anyway. Most likely he was probably a virgin and looking to get his first lay by any means he could. This would probably be over in 10-15 minutes tops she thought.

Reggie put the blindfold over her eyes and put the ball gag in her mouth. Kate was remarkably compliant. She obviously didn't know what she was in for. Which brought a small chuckle out of him. "You were probably thinking that this was going to be over quick." Reggie whispered into her ear. "I am going to take my time and break you Nikki Heat. Before I am done, you will beg me to stick my cock inside you, and then I will, and you WILL fuck me like the bitch you are."

To be continued in part 3...


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