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This is a sequel to K-9 Kate.

Castle: Kate's Long, Hard Night
by Arc Light

"Get your sweet ass into my office, Beckett." A voice whispered in her ear.

Detective Kate Beckett looked up at the back of Lt. Tyler as he waddled back to his office. The 12th Precinct's captain's office was temporarily his while Captain Roy Montgomery was off on a seemingly never ending special commission at One PP, considering the reorganizing of the NYPD. To Kate it seemed that Tyler had nothing to do all day but take long lunches, count the days until he retired and harass her.

Kate logged off of her computer and followed Tyler into his office.

"It seems that you didn't fuck up your last assignment with Vice as bad as some people thought. They want you for another gig."

"At the 35th" Kate asked, feeling her nipples stiffen and her pussy beginning to get wet. Her assignment a month ago had led to her accidentally locking herself in the police K-9 kennel where she'd been gang banged by more than a dozen huge dogs. Although it had started out as canine rape, Kate had soon found herself enjoying every K-9 cock that was plunged into her hot, wet fuck holes.

Tyler shook his head, disappointing the hot detective. "Nope. A couple of detectives from Vice at the Eight Eight want you. Names are Nelson and Bronte. Take off now, sweet cheeks. They want you there ASAP."

Kate promptly walked out of Tyler's office.

When she arrived at the Eight Eight she asked for directions to Detectives Nelson and Bronte.

"Second floor, turn right from the elevator, third door on your right. It says Vice on it." The desk sergeant said in a bored voice.

Following the directions, Kate found herself at an open door with "Vice" on it.

"Excuse me." She said to the two women inside. "I'm looking for Detectives Nelson and Bronte."

"That's us. I'm Detective Charlotte Nelson, call me Charlie, and this is Detective Maxine Bronte."

"Call me Max. "The other woman said. "You must be Detective Beckett."

"Call me Kate."

The two women were both blondes, tall but a good inch shorter than Kate, and slender. They had slim hips and big boobs. Kate guessed they were in their early forties and were still quite attractive. Kate thought they had been very beautiful in their twenties and thirties. They were conservatively dressed in pants suits.

Kate came in and Charlie and Max explained what they needed her for.

"In spite of what our asshole colleague wrote in his report about you, you did a good job at the 35th. We need something a little different." Charlie said.

Max took over. "We need you to go to a restaurant, the Riverside Inn. It's real major hangout for the top Russian gangsters." She took out a small cardboard box. "We need you to plant these." She opened the box and took out what appeared to be three bolt heads.

Kate frowned. "What are those?"

"Electronic bugs. We got permission to bug the place. These two are matches for the bolts in the tables and the other is a match for the bolts in the ladies' room. When you're seated, pull this plastic tab off. There's a super glue under it. Just push it onto the bottom of the table. When you're done, call your waiter over and ask for another table. Tell him you don't like the way some men are looking at you. When you get your new table, do the same thing. Then when you're done, go to the ladies' room and plant the other bug."

"And don't let anyone know that you speak Russian. You might pick up something useful. Instead of a Russian party girl, you'll be a nice wealthy young woman coming into the City for an early dinner." Charlie said. "Wait until you see what we have for you."

The detective pulled out a large box and opened it. "We have a Dior little black dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, a Gucci handbag and purse, Victoria's secret underwear and silk hosiery, and a nice diamond tennis bracelet, and a diamond cocktail ring. Everything is absolutely top of the line"

Kate shook her head. "This must have cost the department a fortune."

Both of the other women laughed. "it's all been seized in raids. Getting everything in your size was no problem at all there was so much."

Charlie went on. "You have a Connecticut drivers license. You're Kate Winston and you live in a very exclusive neighborhood. The credit cards are real, so you can pay for your meal with any of them, and you have twelve hundred in cash. When you ask the waiter to change tables, tip him at least fifty. A hundred if he's cute."

Kate quickly changed into her new clothes and drove her Crown Vic to a garage near the restaurant. She took a cab the rest of the way, tipping the driver the amount of the fare. Once she was done with her meal and had two of the bugs installed, she paid her bill and went to the ladies' room. Quickly placing the final bug, she began touching up her makeup. As she did so, a blonde woman wearing large sunglasses came up behind her. As Kate turned around to leave, the woman sprayed her with something. Kate fell back against the row of sink, unable to think. The woman sprayed her twice more.

She took Kate's arm. "We're going to walk out of here like we were friends. Right?"

Kate nodded dumbly and walked out with the woman. Once outside, a stretch limo with dark windows pulled up, Kate was pushed into the back while the blonde got in front.

Kate was between two men in the back. They quickly stripped her naked, and put all of her belongings into a paper sack. One man checked her ID.

"A real rich bitch. She'll be fun."

"Those rich cunts are all whores anyway." Said the other. He took a bottle full of clear liquid and poured a some into a shot glass for Kate. "This is the big brother of what you were sprayed with. You're gonna want to do what your told all night. Anything and everything you're told to do, you'll happily do." He took a bottle of whiskey out next. "And this is gonna make you want to fuck all night, slut."

He tipped the bottle into the hot detective's mouth. Kate took two long gulps.

She felt like her pussy was on fire. Her nipples became as hard as rocks and her clit stood up at once. Even her asshole was tingling with desire. Kate wanted to fuck. She wanted to have a cock in every hole.

"You want to suck my cock, don't you, whore?"

Kate just nodded and got on the floor of the limo. She undid his zipper and pulled his hard prick from his pants. She slid it into her warm, wet mouth and began using her lips and tongue to blow the man.

"And you want me to fuck that sexy cunt of yours, don't you?" The other man said.

Kate just nodded while sucking the other man's cock.

She felt a hard cock sliding into her wet snatch.

"This bitch is hot. She's so damn wet already, I just slid into her." The man continued to fuck Kate. He had hardly driven his dick into the naked cop more than a dozen times when Kate came, shooting her girl cum out around the cock inside her and onto the floor of the limo.

The man fucking her laughed again. "She came. The cheap slut came all over my cock after just a few seconds."

Kate felt the cock in her mouth begin to spurt. Three long spurts were shot into her mouth. She rolled the cum around with her tongue, savoring its flavor. Kate loved the taste of cum, male, female or dog, but she found this to be special.

"Now I'm coming." The man behind her told his friend.

Kate was sad that he'd cum and she had only cum once. She wanted her new lovers to fuck her over and over and make her cum again and again. Then she was surprised to find that both of the cocks inside her were still hard. She kept sucking the one in her mouth and pushed her hot ass back at the man whose cock was buried deep in her cunt.

"You wanna change ends?" The man in her mouth asked his friend.

Both cocks were pulled out of her, which made Kate cry out in need, but she was turned around and soon had both men back inside her hot, slutty body.

"Damn!" Said the man fucking her. "She has a damn fine ass. Move back a bit so I can get on the floor and fuck her tight ass."

In seconds, Kate was being spit roasted by the to men. But although she had a cock in her mouth and one up her ass, she wanted more. She slid three fingers into her wet twat and played with her clit with her thumb.

"Man, she is a fucking whore. She's getting herself off with her fingers. The customers will love this slut."

As both men shot their loads of cum into Kate, the limo stopped. The door opened, and the blonde woman looked in.

"So, you tried the merchandise?"

"All three holes." One of the men replied. "They're gonna love this one."

"Get out of the car, slut." The woman commanded.

As they walked away from the car, Kate was still working her fingers around her G spot and stroking her clit with her thumb. She did see that they were in an underground garage.

The woman used a keypad to open a large steel door. They walked down a hallway and through another steel door. There was a man in a black ski mask and a pair of shorts waiting for them.

"Get her ready." The blonde said and left.

The man took Kate into a shower room. He pushed a hose into Kate's dripping pussy. She felt a blast of warm water inside her.

"We're not just going to wash you out, so no one gets sloppy seconds, but there's a chemical in the water that'll make you as tight as a twelve year old virgin. Both holes."

When the man had finished flushing out her cunt and asshole, Kate did feel very tight indeed.

The man dressed Kate in red fishnet stockings, a short black skirt that barely covered her pussy and a see through blouse that he left unbuttoned. Lastly, he had her down a shot of whiskey.

"The chemicals we mixed into the booze will put you in the mood. Oh, will it put you in the mood. You may have noticed that the guys who brought you here stayed hard even after they came. That's chemistry too and all of your customers have had some."

He pushed Kate through another door. "Ready or not, here you go."

Kate was in a large, dark room. The walls had been painted to look like a New York street. In the middle of the room was a classic Cadillac convertible from the fifties. In the back seat was a man, dressed in a long fur coat.

"Hi." He said, opening the back door. "Do you want to get in?"

From his voice, could tell he was young, probably a teenager. She got in back.

"Oh my god." He said. "You're beautiful. Whatever my dad is paying for this, you're worth it. What's your name? I'm Dave."

"I'm Kate." Kate's cunt was already dripping, and her nipples were tight. Whatever was in that drink was working. All Kate could think of was being fucked. Nothing else was in her mind. She reached over and opened his coat. He was naked, and his cock was fully erect. She leaned against him. "Do you want to undress me?"

Dave just stuttered. "I....I....I..."

Kate pulled off her top and undid her skirt, tossing them both out of the car.

"Do you like my tits? How about my pussy?"

"They're beautiful." He gasped.

"Your dad paid for this because you're shy around girls, aren't you?"

He nodded. "He said by the time he was sixteen, he'd...Um...been with several girls."

"Didn't say he'd fucked several girls?"

"Yeah." Dave said softly.

"Dave, lover, maybe you'd better tell me what you want then. Do you want to fuck my hot, wet cunt with your big prick?"

He nodded.

Kate began to stroke the teenager's prick. "You need to tell me, lover. Say, "Kate, I want to fuck you."

"Kate, I want to....fuck you." He said softly.


"In your gorgeous cunt." That was louder.

"With what?"

"My prick." Then he said loudly, "Kate, I want to fuck your beautiful, hot wet cunt with my cock."

Kate swung her leg over Dave and took his cock into her sweet slit. Kate ground her cunt against the him and pushed a tit into his mouth. "Dave, lover, lick my tit. And nibble on my nipple, too."

Kate suddenly felt a hot spurt of cum in her snatch.

"I came already." The kid said sadly.

"But you're still hard."

Dave smiled. "They gave me something to keep me hard."

"Then keep fucking me, Dave. Fuck me as hard as you can."

Dave did just that. He wasn't very skillful and he was only of average size, but all Kate wanted now was a cock in her. He came twice and Kate came three times.

"Lover, do you want me to give you a blow job? Suck your cock?"

"Yeah.' He groaned.

"You have to tell me what you want, Dave. Do you want me to wrap my lips around your hot, throbbing cock, run my tongue from your piss slit to your balls and drink down all of your wonderful cum? If that's what you want, tell me."

Before Dave had managed to get out all of his request, Kate was deep throating the teenager and loving it. She loved the idea that she'd been the first woman to be fucked by Dave, to have her tits felt by him, to blow him and she was sure, to be the first woman he ever buttfucked.

She took one of Dave's hands and put it on the back of her head. He got the idea and pushed her head down until he was in her throat so far that she was licking his balls. She took his other hand and put it on her tit. He squeezed it and began pinching her nipple. Kate came and a minute later, Dave came, flooding Kate' slutty mouth with cum. She swirled the cum around in her mouth, then sat up and faced Dave. She swallowed and smiled at him, cum still on her lips.

"My ass is next, Dave." Kate didn't bother having the teenager ask, she just turned away from and wiggled her sexy ass at him. Kate relaxed her sphincter as much as she could, and with the cum on his cock, he slid deep into her ass. Kate hadn't had her ass stretched since she'd been pounded by the K-9s and she was thrilled to have Dave spread her butt cheeks and sodomize her. She loved it.

Kate had just cum for the second time when Dave pulled his cock out of her loose ass.

"Is there a problem, lover?" She asked.

"I like this, but I really want to fuck your cunt."

Kate smiled and moved so that she was facing him, her wet pussy just above his hard prick.

"Anything you want, honey. Anything at all." She said, lowering her hot snatch onto his prick.

"There is one think I've never done that I'd like to try."

Kate wondered what kinky thing he had in mind.

"I've never kissed a girl before."

Kate smiled at the thought that after fucking her silly, Dave wanted to kiss her. She grabbed to arm of his fur coat and scrubbed the cum off of her lips, then swallowed several times. Then she kissed him with her mouth wide open. He got the idea and they ran their tongues around each other's mouths. Kate took one of his hands and out it on her tit and the other on her ass.

"Feel me, Dave. Feel my perky tits and my sexy ass."

As Dave stroked her hot skin, Kate used her cunt muscles to clench and unclench around his cock to make him cum again. Just as they both came, a yellow light flashed.

"That means we don't have much time left, Kate. I don't know how much of my dad's money you get, and my dad doesn't allow me to have much cash, but I want you to have all I have on me." He handed Kate two one-dollar bills.

"That's sweet, Dave, you don't have to...."

He pushed the bills into her hand. "What you've done for me is priceless, Kate. I wish I could give you all the money in the world."

Before Kate could say anything, a red light flashed. Dave kissed her again and left.

Kate was met at the door by the man in the ski mask.

"You did a good job, slut." He said and pushed Kate to her knees, shoving his long hard cock down her throat. Once he came in her warm, wet mouth, he washed out her cunt and ass. She could feel them tightening. Then he dressed her. This time she had a short, pleated skirt and a skin tight tank top with WHS across the front. Kate decided she was dressed as a cheerleader.

The man handed her two shots of the whiskey with the aphrodisiac in it.

"You're going to need two shots for these guys, whore."

Kate's brain, still totally fogged by the mind control drug she'd been given, downed the two shots and was pushed through another door.

The room was painted to look like a high school locker room. Three young men were standing there, naked and fully erect. She noticed they had the black NFL slashes under their eyes.

"The slut looks just like Wendy." One of the men said.

"Damn close." A second said. "Get your ass over here, whore."

When Kate walked over, her top and skirt were torn off.

"You are Wendy."

"Close enough." The third man said. With that, he began slapping Kate's tits, hard.

Then a voice came over a loudspeaker. "Damage the merchandise and you'll get damaged, asshole. You know that by now."

The man pulled her close. "Here that? That's what you are: Merchandise. Nothing but a walking set of fuck holes. So, you be good to us Wendy, okay? Because if you're not, I'll twist those titties of yours right off your chest, no matter what management says."

Kate was still in a fog and all she could do was whisper, "Okay."

The man grabbed Kate's hair and dragged her over to a mat and threw her down. One man was already on the mat, his hard on sticking up.

"Don't just sit there, bitch. Sit on my cock now."

Kate straddled the man and slid down onto him. A second man knelt behind her and pushed his cock up her unlubricated asshole. Kate moaned, but not in pleasure. The third man stood before her and pushed his cock into her mouth.

"I'll bet you've been like this a hundred times, haven't you, Wendy? Getting all of your slutty holes filled with cock by the football team or the baseball team. You're such a whore, Wendy, that I bet you even fucked the chess team."

The other men laughed.

The man fucking Kate grabbed her jugs and squeezed them hard. The man in her ass began spanking her ass. The man she was giving a blow job to, wrapped her hair in his hands and pulled her head forward until he was all the way into her mouth. As they fucked her, they continued to hurt her and insult her.

"You would fuck anyone who was a football player, or anyone with money, but you treated everyone else like shit. How's it feel to be treated like the stupid cunt you really are?"

"I bet you didn't stop with students, did you Wendy? I bet you fucked the teachers to get your good grades. I bet you even fucked fat old ugly Mr. Sherman."

"I'll bet you banged the other cheerleaders, too. The whole bunch of you were never anything but a bunch of cheap whores."

After ten minutes, the men changed holes, but kept fucking and hurting the sexy cop who was at their mercy.

Finally, the yellow light came on indicating it was almost over. The men finished cumming in Kate and pulled their cocks out of her. They pushed Kate onto her back and looked down on her.

"Every time we bang one of these cumsluts, I wish it was the real Wendy." One said.

"She's real enough for me."

"Maybe we could grab the real Wendy and bang her."

"Sure, numbnuts. We've only known her since kindergarten. She wouldn't recognize our faces or voices, or anything, idiot."

The three men left.

Kate pulled herself up and even with her foggy, drugged mind, she was proud that she had only cum twice for the assholes. She spat the cum that was still in her mouth out and headed for the door she'd come in by.

The man in the ski mask grabbed her as she came through the door.

"You had a bad time with those assholes. So, I'll let you have some fun. Besides, we can't let a fantastic ass like yours go to waste." He pushed the naked cop face down on a table and shoved his cock up her loosened ass. "It's sloppy seconds, but your ass is amazing." Kate felt him prying her ass cheeks apart. "And I just love to watch my cock split a gorgeous ass like you have, slut."

His cock slid easily back and forth in Kate's well lubricated ass. She was a little embarrassed that she moaned as her ass was being raped and came twice.

"I'd love to buttfuck you all night, but we have customers." He laughed. "At least you do."

He washed Kate's cunt and asshole, tightening up both well used holes. Then he did some work on her makeup and dressed her. First was a pair of white hose, held up with garters. Then a long white gown. It wasn't until he put a veil in her hair that Kate realized she was being dressed as a bride.

The man pushed her towards yet another door.

"Don't worry about this guy. He's our best customer and he won't hurt you a bit."

Kate found herself in a room painted to look like a normal suburban bedroom. The only furniture was a large canopied bed. Standing in front of the bed was an older man, wearing a tuxedo. His full head of hair was white, but he appeared to be in excellent shape.

"Gwen, dear, I'm so glad you agreed to come and see me. I'm so happy that you're part of the family now that you've married Greg. I wish I could be happier about Greg. He's just like his mother: Vain, lazy, entitled and arrogant. Oh, yes. I married the bitch to get her family's connections and wealth, but I've made more money than her family has ever had."

He put his arm around Kate, letting his hand fall to her ass, which he began to squeeze. The other found her tit, which he gently stroked thorough her wedding gown.

"Gwen, I've been in love with you from the beginning. And, to tell the truth, I hate the idea of your children having anything to do with my wife and my son. I want your children to be mine. You want that too, don't you?"

He pulled the zipper on her gown down and left Kate standing there with just her stockings on.

The drugs that Kate had ingested were working better now.

"Of course. I'd love for you to fuck me."

"Oh, please, Gwen. You can call me Dad now."

"Please fuck me, Dad." She whispered in his ear as he ran his finger over her already wet pussy lips.

"Climb onto your wedding bed, Gwen and get ready to be my lover."

Kate scrambled onto the bed, spreading her, long lean legs. She slid one finger up and down her hot slit, pushing the nub of her clit on the upstroke. With the other hand, she stroked her boobs, rubbing her engorged nipple between her thumb and forefinger. The drugs in her made her almost feel like Gwen, about to be impregnated by her father in law. Then she was Gwen.

The man crawled between her legs and gently lay down on her. "Put my cock in your pussy for me, Gwen, just like this was our wedding night."

Kate reached down and found a surprisingly long, thick and very hard cock. She placed the head of his prick against her sloppy slit. Once the tip was inside of her, she slid down so that his cock was driven all the way into her tight cunt.

"Your cunt is so tight, Gwen. You're practically a virgin. I wish I had been first with you, but I'll be the first to shoot my cum into your womb and give you a baby."

He pushed back and forth very gently and Kate felt a familiar heat and wetness building in her cunt.

"Dad, lover, you're making me cum." She whispered as she felt her girl cum erupt from her pussy. As she did, she felt his cock spurt inside of her.

Kate wrapped her legs around her lover and pulled him further into her. She ran her hands through his hair and whispered in his ear.

"Your prick feels so good in me, Dad. I love it. I want you to knock me up. Not just tonight, but I want all of my babies to be yours. Your cock is so big in me. I've never had anything so big and so good inside my hot twat."

As Kate whispered obscenities in his ear, he kept pumping into her. Kate came six times and "Dad" shot five spurts of his cum into her womb.

Finally, he rolled off of her.

"You're fantastic, Gwen. Greg doesn't deserve you. Your cunt is so hot and tight, and your whole body is perfect. Perfect tits, perfect thighs, perfect ass, perfect everything."

Kate moved to rest her head on his stomach, looking down at his wet cock, covered in both their juices. The sight was too much for her. She moved quickly down and took his wet prick into her mouth, running her lips and tongue over it, savoring the taste.

"God, Gwen. What a great cocksucker you are. I haven't had a woman give me head since my first secretary, more than twenty years ago."

Kate did her best to suppress her gag reflex and deep throated the man. She could feel her throat tightening around the head of his cock. She knew from experience that this would excite a man and induce him to cum. As she felt his dick tighten slightly, she pulled back so that spurt after spurt of male cum would go into her mouth, rather than straight down her throat. Kate moaned as she was rewarded with a mouthful of tasty cum. She used her tongue to swirl it around in her mouth, then sat up facing "Dad". She opened her mouth and then swallowed.

"Dad" pulled her to him. He slid two fingers into her still full twat and scooped out some of their mixed cum.

"Do you want more, Gwen?"

"Always." Kate said, taking his hand and putting his fingers in her sucking mouth and not letting them out until every drop was in her stomach.

Kate had one more hole to be filled. She swung onto all fours and wiggled her ass back at "Dad."

"Please do my ass, Dad. I just want you to have my ass. Greg will never fuck that hole, lover. It'll be yours and yours alone. You own my ass. Don't you want to fuck my tight ass?" She teased.

"Dad" got behind her and pushed his still hard cock into her twat to lubricate it. Then he put the head of his cock at her sphincter.

"You're sure you want this?"

"I want it more than anything."

He pushed his dick an inch or two into her ass. Kate pushed her sexy ass back, driving him into another couple of inches. Then they both pushed as hard as they could and his dick was buried in her warm, tight ass.

"Dad" reached around and slid his fingers along her wet slit and used his other hand to gently squeeze her tits, making Kate moan. He pushed into and out of her, slowly and passionately.

"I love you, Gwen. I love that your ass is mine and alone. My useless son will never fuck your ass. Your tightest hole will always be mine."

Kate felt both her cunt and ass begin to throb. She knew what was cumming.

"I'm going to cum. You're giving me an anal orgasm. Oh, fuck, this is great." She groaned as her orgasm washed over her. "Dad" continued to fuck her loosening ass as both of them came again and again.

Then the yellow light flashed. "Dad" pulled out of her, allowing his cum to drip from her gaped ass onto her smooth thighs and down onto the sheets.

Dad kissed her softly. "I love you, Gwen." The he walked out of the room. Another door opened and Kate headed back to the man in the ski mask.

"You're one hot bitch." The man said with a laugh. "We probably didn't need to put the drugs in you to make you want to do as you're told and we sure didn't need to use the ones that make you want to fuck. Who knows, slut, since we know where you live in Connecticut, maybe we'll grab that hot fucking body of yours again."

Something penetrated Kate's drug fogged mind and she frowned and pushed the man away.

"Or maybe not." He gave Kate another dose of each drug, then bent her over a table.

"Let's try that sweet pussy of yours."

The drugs in Kate insured that she cooperated enthusiastically and came four times.

When he was done, he washed her out and the man dressed Kate in a new costume. It was a bikini of some sort with long cloth panels over her pussy and ass.

"Since there are four of them, slut, I'll give you another shot of love juice." He poured the whiskey with the drug into it down Kate's throat. With the new dose of drugs in her, Kate felt hotter and hornier than she ever had. Her nipples and her clit were so engorged that she felt like they might explode. She could feel her pussy juice running down her legs and felt she might just cum from thinking about fucking.

The man shoved her through the door.

What she saw surprised her drugged mind. The other rooms she'd been in had been crudely painted with little furniture. She had walked into a nicely done reconstruction of the Millennium Falcon. Waiting for her were Darth Vader, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Bobba Fett.

"So, Princess Lay Me Whore Gana is our prisoner." Boomed the voice of Vader. "But now you are a traitor and are Imperial Whore Lay Me Whore Gana. Get your hot ass over here."

Kate didn't need to be told twice. She tore off her costume and headed for Vader. She pulled his pants down, revealing a nice big, hard cock. She pushed Vader onto his back and dropped onto him, his dick sliding into her wet, dripping cunt. She came at once. Kate used her lean, muscular legs to drive herself up and down on Vader. She pushed her tit into his mouth and yelled, "My ass. Someone fuck my asshole." She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, revealing her crinkled anus.

Bobba Fett immediately dropped his pants and knelt behind the hot cop's bouncing ass. Grabbing both cheeks he stuffed his prick into her unlubricated butt hole. Kate didn't care that it hurt. By this time the drugs in her body were giving her a nearly continuous orgasm. Kate loved it.

"I don't fucking believe this." Luke said. "This is fantastic."

"This is nothing, kid." Han replied. "With the sales of our apps, this is just the start. Next year we'll have two Leias a piece to fuck. We'll make Bill Gates look like a homeless bum before we're done."

"Yeah? Well right now I just want to fuck this Leia."

"Hey, how about our turn?" Han Solo finally asked.

Bobba Fett pulled out of her ass and Darth Vader from her cunt, causing Kate to moan in anguish at her now empty fuck holes.

"R2D2. Over here." Darth demanded.

At his call a replica of the little droid rolled over and stopped by Kate. It whistled at her and then a dildo shot out of his head.

"Imperial Whore Lay Me Whore Gana, clean your holes. My friends will not have sloppy seconds."

Kate stood and lowered her pussy down on the large dildo. It filled her more than Darth Vader's cock did. She felt water washing her fuck tunnel and felt herself tightening. She pulled out and lowered her ass onto the fake cock. Again, she was washed and tightened.

Kate lifted herself off of the droid dildo and found Han Solo pushing her to her knees. As she took his cock in her hand, he shot three long strings of cum onto her face.

"No doubt about it. Han shot first." Luke laughed.

"Fuck you, assholes." Han said disgustedly.

Kate began to wipe the cum off of her face with her fingers, then she licked her fingers.

"No, Han. Fuck me. Do you want to start with my mouth? Do you want my lips and tongue to make you cum and shoot your cum into my mouth and all the way into my stomach?"

Han didn't say a word before Kate had his prick all the way into her throat, deep throating the man.

'This is the way the movie should have been. With Leia out of that stupid white dress, spreading her legs for Han Solo."

"And a Wookie cock up her ass." Bobba Fett added.

"And Luke down her throat." Luke said.

"And Obi Wan fucking her tits?" Darth finished.

"The same with that slut Padme." Han gasped as Kate made him cum again. "She should have been made air tight."

"Good idea." Vader said. "We should make Lay Me here air tight."

"Hey, we'll do that later." Luke cried. "Everyone has had a shot at one of her holes except me."

Han pulled out of Kate's warm, wet mouth. "She's all yours, kid."

Luke pulled Kate over to the pilot's chair of the Millennium Falcon. He sat down and had Kate straddle him, sinking her wet snatch onto his rigid dick. She began to move up and down, doing all the work.

"Tell me, Princess. How does it feel to be fucking your own brother?"

"I love it. Fill me with your cock, lover. Fill my twat with your cum. Fill me everywhere."

Luke imagined his own naked sister bouncing up and down on top of him. He imagined watching her sixteen year- old tits swinging around as he fucked her hot cunt. He wondered if his sister was cherry. He hoped so. He wanted to pop her cherry. He wanted her cherry ass as well. He wanted to turn his own sister into his own little fuck toy and fill her with his cum until she sloshed as she walked. In the meantime, he was happy to fuck an Imperial Whore.

Kate and Luke were happily fucking when Darth tapped Like on the shoulder.

"Getting late, young Skywalker. We want to make Lay Me here air tight."

Luke nodded and pulled out. "The Fuck is strong in this one."

They called R2D2 over to clean and tighten Kate's cunt. Then Han lay down on an air mattress and Kate squatted on his dick. She leaned forward a bit and Luke lubed her asshole then slid his prick into her slippery asshole. That left two cocks and only one hole.

"Shit." Bobba said. "One of us loses out."

"No." Kate said. "Stand in front of me, facing each other, then lean back." Kate pulled the two cocks together and slipped both of them in her willing mouth. All four men began to fuck the slutty cop. When all four men had come once, they switched places. Kate lost track of the times they'd switched and the times she'd come. All she wanted was to be fucked in every hole forever.

Kate vaguely recalled the three men who'd gangbanged her as "Wendy". These men were different, gently stroking her firm tits and her taut ass, they whispered in her ear how hot, how sexy, how slutty, how beautiful and how desirable she was.

"Shit!" Darth Vader said. "The damned yellow light. Okay, guys. One more cum in our sweet princess's fuck holes and we're done." The men groaned and grumbled, but shot one last blast of cum into Kate.

Darth helped her to her feet. "You were great, honey. I hope we can get you next time."

"Fuck that." Han said. "You can have your two Princess Leias. I want just this one." He leaned over and kissed Kate's cheek.

The man left by one door and Kate by another.

"You really had a good time with the fanboys, didn't you, slut. I want a good time with you now. We have a little time, so I think that both your cunt and your asshole deserve a good working over."

He washed her out and tightened her up. The he bent Kate over a table and slid his rock hard dick into her cunt. Once his cock was wet, he alternated between her twat and her ass.

"Damn, but I love your fuck holes, bitch. I do hope we get you back again."

Kate just moaned as she came again and again. She took her stiff nipples and pinched them, wishing her tits were big enough to put in her mouth. She badly needed a cock in her mouth, shooting cum down her throat.

The man pulled out, leaving Kate feeling empty and horny.

"Time to wash you out and tighten you up, then dress you. You're going to love this one. It's kinky."

When she was washed, he put a pair of black nylons on Kate, held up by garters. He added a black skirt that barely covered her snatch, a see through black shirt. Then he added a black veil of the kind nuns wore.

"There you go, Sister Slutty." The man pushed her into another room.

Waiting for her were three teenaged girls, sprawled on the floor. They wore the plaid skirts, white shirts and light blue blazers of St. Cecelia's Academy, a well known and very exclusive private school in Manhattan. But Kate was sure they never wore these uniforms to school. The skirts were as short as hers was, plus the girls had pulled them up so their cunts were clearly visible. Their shirts were unbuttoned, leaving at least one tit exposed. One girl, a slender blonde, showed off both of her titties.

'Shit." Said the slim blonde. 'They did get us a slutty nun."

"That's what they said they'd get." Said the second, curvier blonde. "But she's not a nun. She's a whore."

"Don't call her that." The third girl was a slim redhead with the biggest boobs of the three. "My dad calls them working girls. She's probably had a hard life to end up like this."

The slim blonde laughed. "Laci, your dad's a shrink. He gets paid for making up excuses for whores and others like her."

"Oh, call her a working girl, Traci." She curvy blonde said. "Make Laci happy."

"She has a name, you know." Laci said.

Traci sighed and rolled her eyes, "Okay, what's your name?"


"Okay, Sister Kate, get your pretty pussy over here and let's see what we've got."

Traci got up on her knees when Kate approached her and ran her hand up Kate's firm, smooth thighs to her wet snatch.

"God. She's dripping already. Are you hot, Kate? Do you want to fuck?"

"Absolutely." Kate said as Traci slid her long middle finger into Kate, sliding around Kate's G spot and making her cunt leak all the more. Traci reached around and undid Kate's skirt. It dropped to the floor. Kate took off her top as well, showing off her firm tits.

"Damn, Staci. Come over and feel her. My hand is sopping already."

Staci, the curvy blonde, rubbed Kate's pussy mound while Traci fingered her.

"We should have the drinks now." Traci sad, reaching for a bottle of whiskey like the one that Kate had been drinking from all night. The one with the aphrodisiac in it. Traci took a long drink, much more than Kate had drunk, then she was followed by Staci and then Laci.

The three girls' faces changed from surprise to shock to pure lust in seconds. Traci grabbed Kate and pulled her face down to her twat. She shoved Kate's face into her while her hips rhythmically went up and down. "Fuck me. Tongue fuck me. Make me cum, damn it."

Staci, the curvier blonde grabbed Kate's right hand and shoved three fingers onto her own greedy cunt. She came almost at once and Traci spurted her own girl cum into Kate's waiting mouth. Kate had barely swallowed the first burst when Traci came again.

Laci, the redhead, was so hot she couldn't even think. She just spread her legs, bounced up and down and begged someone to fuck her.

Kate saw some sex toys on the floor by Laci and pushed a vibrator into the redhead's pussy, sending a shower of cum out of Laci's pussy and onto the floor.

"My ass. My ass. "Laci moaned. "I love having my ass fucked."

Traci had wrapped her long legs around Kate's head, keeping her face trapped against the blonde slut's cunt. Working by feel only, Kate found another vibrator, turned it on to high and pushed it up Laci's tight ass.

Kate kept drinking the girl cum that shot from slutty Traci's gushing cunt. Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see equal amount of cum spurting from both Laci and Staci. What a waste. She thought.

Before long, the three girls' bodies were covered in sweat as they rolled around, cumming repeatedly. Finally, Kate felt they were running out of energy. Traci's long legs slipped off of Kate and onto the floor. Kate pulled her face from the blonde's wet pussy and grabbed a strap on dildo, pulling it onto herself.

"Roll over, bitch." Kate demanded. She grabbed Traci and turned her over, ass in the air, face down. She ran the strap on in and out of the girl's twat, then centered it on her butt hole and pushed it in.

"Oh! Fuck! She's fucking me in the ass. Fuck it's good."

"Have you ever been butt fucked before?" Kate demanded.

"No. Keep doing it."

"You'll love it." Laci said, who was now jamming her twin vibrators into both her hot twat and her loosened asshole. "I just love getting it in the ass."

"What about me?" Cried Staci. Kate had pulled her fingers out of Staci's pussy when she out on the strap on. She shoved her fingers into Staci's mouth. "Lick your cum of my fingers, then crawl over and let Traci eat your pussy. The whore deserves some tasty girl cum."

When Staci had crawled over and had her friend bury her face in her cunt, Kate grabbed Laci.

"I deserve some more tasty girl cum, Laci. Stand in front of me. Straddle Traci's ass."

Kate pulled the vibrator from the red furred cunt and being sure to keep the other buried deep in Laci's ass, started giving the girl head. In just a few seconds, the redheaded slut began shooting her cum into Kate's hungry mouth.

Kate pulled out of Traci's ass and grabbed another strap on. "Laci, get the strap on and shove it in Staci's ass. All of you whores should find out what it's like to be buttfucked. You'll be three slutty anal whores by the time I'm done with you." Then she slid back into Traci's gaping asshole.

When Staci and Traci had been thoroughly buttfucked, Kate grabbed the big titted blonde and pushed her face down on the floor. First, she shoved a vibrator into her sloppy cunt, then had Staci pull on a strap on dildo.

"Now fuck your little ass fucked whore up the ass."

Staci didn't need to be told twice. She spread her friend's ass cheeks and slid ten inches of fake cock into her ass.

"Your turn, Red. Put on that fake dick and get to work fucking Staci. I'll bet you love sodomizing a slut as much as getting your own ass owned. And be sure to reach around and grab her tits. Squeeze them good and hard. You too, Staci. Don't let those big jugs go to waste."

Kate sat back and admired her handiwork. The two blondes were getting the ass fucking of a lifetime and Laci was pulling her ass cheeks apart.

"Please fuck my ass, Kate. I love it and I need it so bad."

Kate admired the redhead's already gaped asshole. She found a slender vibrator and pushed it all the way into her waiting ass. Then she found the biggest strap on and pushed it all the way into Laci's ass. As she did so, Laci moaned and Kate saw girl cum drip onto the floor. In fact, all three slutty bitches were cumming.

"I wish someone would ass fuck me all the time, I love it so." Laci moaned.

Something got into Traci's sex fogged brain.

"Laci, you said you only let Jimmy fuck you once, on his birthday. You've been letting him do your ass? What a dirty little whore you are."

The naked redhead blushed all over. "Not Jimmy."

"Who?" Both blondes demanded.

"My big brother's roommate at Columbia."

"Jeremy? God, he's gorgeous. And he fucks you?"

Laci nodded. "For about a year. He popped my cherry, taught me how to give a blow job, and fucked my ass. My tits, too."

"You're a total whore." Cried Staci.

"And so are you two. "Kate said. "The next time you see this Jeremy, take these two sluts along with you. You and Jeremy can fuck every hole these blonde cunts have." Then Kate pushed her dildo as far into Laci's ass as she could manage, which pushed Laci's fake dick into Staci which caused her strap on to penetrate all the way into Traci. The three sluts moaned loudly and came again. Kate came as well from the excitement of getting these hot assed whores to cum all over.

Too soon, for Kate, the yellow light came on. She pulled out of Laci, and pulled the girls apart.

"Time for me to go, but there's no reason you slutty bitches can't still have fun. You're going to do a three slut daisy chain. Laci, on your side and raise your leg up. Traci, get your mouth between Laci's legs, and open your legs for Staci."

When each one was licking another dripping pussy, Kate gave each pussy eating slut a vibrator and turned them on high. "Now stick these up your friend's asses. They'll slide in nice and easily."

As the girls moaned, groaned and came, Kate walked off, wiggling her gorgeous ass.

The door opened and the man in the ski mask was waiting for her.

"You're one hot, slutty whore, you know that? Bend over the table."

Kate bent over, expecting to be fucked again, but instead felt a sharp sting in her ass cheek, and everything went black.

"Detective Beckett! Kate! Wake up. Open your door. Are you okay?" The voice while familiar, seemed to come from far, far away. Kate pried one eye open. She was in her Crown Vic and dressed in her Dior dress and even had her jewelry. Detectives Nelson and Bronte were yelling at her. Kate opened her car door.

"Where have you been?" Nelson demanded.

Kate, who was still woozy, managed to haltingly explain what had happened to her.

"Kate, slide over." Bronte said. "I'll drive you back to our precinct."

By the time they got back to the Eighty Eighth Precinct, Kate was alert enough to give a detailed description of what happened to her. She did leave out young Dave, though. He was too sweet to involve.

Charlie Nelson closed her notebook. "Kate, we'll open a file on this, but we'll attribute it to an anonymous source. If anyone found out about this, your career would be over. And it would hurt every other female cop in New York."

"Yeah." Max Bronte added. "Too many male cops think we're all whores anyway. We don't need this. You can change into your own clothes in the office all the way in back, Kate."

When Kate disappeared into the back office, Charlie reached around and cupped her partner's bra-less tits.

"Did you hear the excitement in her voice when she described what happened to her? Our hot little homicide cop is one slutty bitch. I can't wait to see her eyes light up when I cum in her mouth."

"I didn't have to listen to her. I could smell her pussy juice leaking from her twat. You can have her mouth, I want to hear her moan like the whore she is when I push my strap on all the way into her gorgeous ass." Max replied.

When Kate had stripped off her Dior dress and her underwear, she felt something in her pussy. Reaching in she found the two one dollar bills that Dave had given her. The man in the ski mask must have put them inside her cunt.

She smiled to herself. "I guess I am a two dollar whore."

After fucking Kate, Dave had enough self confidence to ask a girl out on a date. Later, his dad found him banging the girl. He was very proud of his son.

One day, Wendy met three nerds she'd ignored in high school in a coffee shop. While she wasn't looking, they poured some of the mind control drug they'd bought into her coffee. She went willingly with them back to her apartment where they gave her the aphrodisiac. From then on, they spent every weekend fucking Wendy silly. After a while they invited their geek friends from high school to fill Wendy's hot fuck holes for twenty bucks each.

"Dad" did seduce his daughter in Law, Gwen. He gave her two sons and two daughters after his son gave Gwen an STD. He went on to seduce his secretary and is now on his fifth secretary. The others are being well paid to raise his children.

The Star Wars crew never became as rich as Bill Gates, but they became very rich indeed. They enjoyed a Princess Leia and a Queen Padme apiece quite frequently. Luke found his own Princess Leia when he finally spread his hot teenaged sister's legs. She was cherry everywhere, and then she wasn't.

The three girls surprised Jeremy and wore the poor young man out. The girls let their own boyfriends fuck them and ended up being spit roasted, double penetrated and made airtight.

Kate's lovely hazel eyes did light up when Charlie came in her mouth and moaned like a whore when Max fucked her gorgeous ass. Of course, Charlie and Max's eyes lit up when Kate came in their mouths, and they moaned like whores when Kate filled their tight asses with a fake cock.

Several years later, Kate met her favorite author on a case and decided to have a nice fling with him. The "fling" lasted much longer than Kate had ever imagined, but, that's another story.

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