"Kate Beckett became addicted to big black cocks. She has to make a decision: Rick Castle or the big black cocks. Will she lose everything?

Read the previous chapters is recommended for understanding the story.

Be indulgent, this is my first story and English is not my language.

Of course, the characters don't belong to me...........

Castle: Kate Beckett's Dilemma Part 8 (MMF,M+F,MF,inter,oral,anal)
by Gari2b

At 8:00 p. m, we knock on the door of the suite, Kate will open.

She is dressed in a little black dress bought in the afternoon.

It arrives at mid-thigh, from the front it's quite classic, the left shoulder is stripped bare but from the back it's quite different...

In fact, there is no back, only a dozen of very thin straps hold the two sides of fabric together and it does not hide anything of its anatomy.

With his usual 10 cm high heeled shoes, you can only see her ass.

She will welcome the two LAPD inspectors.

She opens the door and faces the two cops. Seeger, the blond, comes in first, followed by a tall black of 2m and 100 kg, a mountain of muscles.

She likes this one, if his sex is in proportion, she'll have a blast.

"Captain Beckett, this is Tim Holloway, my deputy. Mr. Castle, I think you've met him before!"

She beckons them to join her husband and sit on the second sofa facing him across the coffee table with refreshments and sandwiches, Rick answers: "Sorry I don't remember well, so you are one of the two officers who stopped me! You should have brought your colleague too, my wife would have been delighted!"

Kate follows them and looks at her husband with big eyes, opens her mouth but doesn't say anything 'Ah, he wants to play this little game!' she thinks.

She comes to sit with her husband. She adjusts her position to offer their guests an unobstructed view of her thighs, but until then they have only seen her front.

After a few glasses of alcohol that warm her up even more, Kate gets up to fetch ice, she moves away and they finally see her from behind.

Both remain with their mouth open, unable to articulate a word and look at anything other than her ass, whose swaying is accentuated.

She comes back to sit on Rick's lap, straddling his knees, turning her back on their guests.

In the movement, her dress goes up and she shows them half her ass.

She starts kissing foolishly Rick who ends up lifting up the dress and makes it pass over her head.

He turns her over and reassembles her, always on his lap, but this time in front of the two detectives.

Rick kisses her neck, from behind he caresses her breasts and pulls on her aroused tits of excitement.

Kate looks at them, Rick holds her knees and spreads her legs wide open.

"So, gentlemen, do you like my wife?" asks Rick. The two cops swallowed up, unable to answer, "And you haven't seen anything yet".

"Baby, would you mind taking care of them?"

Kate gets up, completely naked, Rick slaps her ass.

She goes around the table and sits down between them.

She turns to Tim, the tall black man and kisses him, her tongue asking for immediate access to his mouth and then she does the same with Seeger. She is now very excited, she lifts her legs up and puts them on each one's thighs.

She looks her husband straight in the eye and glamorous, "So, Rick, do you like the view?"

The two cops each kiss a boob, lick them, chew on her upright nipples.

With his mouth still on her nipple, Tim lets his hand down to caresse the clitoris, but he quickly introduces a finger into her wet pussy.

She lifts his head up, kisses him again, "More!!" she asks.

Immediately he feels a second finger piercing her, in a sigh, she throws "And you, Kyle, don't you have a hand?"

The blond detective does not waste any time, he makes her lick his middle finger to moisten it and, without any other preparation, introduces it directly into her asshole.

Kate dumbs up: "Like this, yeahhh! Louder!" Springer penetrates a second finger.

Without letting go of her nipples, the two cops increase the speed of their return trips until Kate can't take it anymore and enjoy a first time: "Oh, yes, yes! It's gooood!"

Recovering her breath, Kate kneels down in front of them, she undoes the blond's belt, lowering both the trousers and the boxer to find a beautiful cock of about nine inches.

She does the same thing to the big black and she has a shock: she's already seen big dicks but here, it's a real monster. She grabs it in her hand, it is two inches short for her fingers to meet, it must be fifteen inches...

Without hesitation, she dives on it, licks it, swallows as much as she can.

She goes on and little by little manages to make it go down largely in her throat.

Lacking air, she withdraws, her mouth is open and saliva flows from everywhere.

"Rick, you didn't lie," said the black man, "Your wife's really an amazing cocksucker!"

Leaning over Seeger, she easily swallows the blond's cock, which, while being sucked, spreads her buttocks as far as possible, stretching her pussy and asshole to the maximum.

She sucks them both off, each in turn.

Rick has a plunging view of her ass, he can see that she is excited, her pussy shines.

This morning, both two cops thought Rick was exaggerating, in truth, he was way below reality.

They want to make the most of her but under the effect of her expert mouth, they will not last long.

The first to come is Seeger, Kate just has time to swallow his sperm discharges that Tim guides her mouth on his big cock to ejaculate there too.

She swallows again...all of it.

Kate gets up and looks at them, "Now that you've had the aperitif, can we get down to business in the bedroom?"

She moves away by accentuating the swing of her hips.

The two cops and Rick can't take their eyes off her ass.

They get up quickly and follow her.

They go into the room, Kate sits on the bed, she addresses her husband first, "You sit over there!" by pointing to the chair near the bedpost.

She lies three quarters on her stomach, showing off her ass, "And you two come here!"

Tim approaches her, pulls her by the arm and makes her kneel on the carpet.

"If we could pick up where we left off?"

He takes his big dick and pushes it towards her mouth.

Seeger comes to position himself at her side, Kate starts sucking them again but as soon as they get hard again, she goes back on the bed, lies down, legs widely spread, "Damn, put something in there!!"

The black man sits down and starts to insert a finger then soon a second and finally a third in her soaked pussy.

He removes his fingers full of juice and lubricates his cock. Kate raises her legs and puts her ankles on his shoulders, Tim starts to penetrate her very slowly so that she gets used to his size.

She accompanies his back and forth to control the penetration but she never took anything so big in her pussy, not even the baseball bat she used as a girl.

It is torn apart, but it does not succeed in introducing it entirely.

Seeger gets sucked, Kate feels the pleasure rise and she soon has a new orgasm, suffocated by the cock in her mouth.

She's determined to take it whole but not in her pussy.

"Kyle, fuck my ass, now!!!."

The two cops reverse their positions, but Seeger, immediately, slips his cock into her asshole.

Tim kneels on the bed and Kate takes him in her mouth again.

After a few minutes with the blond cock in her ass, Kate wants tougher, more difficult, she asks him to make way for his partner.

"Come on Tim, now your turn to fuck my ass!!"

This one can't believe she really wants to get her ass fucked by his huge cock?

She makes him lie down, Tim holds his sex straight, Kate, back turned to him, places her feet on each side of his thighs, her hands on his shoulders and, slowly she goes down on his huge black tail.

Although prepared by the previous sodomy, each thumb introduces the groan of mixed pain and pleasure, Tim keeps her buttocks apart, the asshole squeezes his fat sex incredibly tight.

"Rick, it's so good to fuck your wife's ass!" Tim says.

Seeger got up but keeps getting sucked, Kate goes up, practically pulling the big black cock out of her ass, to go down even lower, impaling herself more deeply each time.

Her ass is completely distended, she is about to come again when she manages to swallow it completely.

In front of them, Rick sees the monster cock stretching his wife's ass and wonders how she can get into such a thing.

"It's true she's had quite the practice." Thinking about the big black tails she's had recently.

Seeger withdraws from Kate's warm mouth to position himself at the entrance of her pussy, passing after his assistant's huge cock, he sinks very easily up to his balls.

Kate never experienced double penetration with such a cock up her ass not even with porn actors.

Then they begin to plow it in rhythm but explode quickly, feeling their sperm gush out takes Kate into a new orgasm.

Once recovered, the two inspectors put their clothes back on, they bid farewell to the couple, Kate always completely naked takes them to the door.

Seeger thanks her again for the evening, "Kate, if you ever come back to LA...."

"It won't happen again, it's the one and only time and nobody can know anything!"

The two cops acquire the head, Tim says "Understood Captain Beckett! Welcome back to the NYPD."

Kate smiles, takes his face in her hands and kisses him deeply, "Thank you guys!"

Tim sighs, disappointed in spite of himself, Kate is the biggest bitch he would ever fuck.

She goes back to the room, "Rick, I'm going to take a bath in the hot tub. Are you coming?" Kate's heading for the bathroom.

Rick undresses or rather tears off his clothes, he dresses like a donkey.

He's running to join her: "Rick, I'm exhausted, my asshole and pussy are blown out, but since you've been good, you deserve a little reward!" she teases him.

She dives on his dick, sucks it, takes it all the way down her throat.

Overexcited, Rick doesn't last long under her caresses. He spills out into her throat and Kate swallows to the last drop while lovingly looking straight into his eyes.

Both calmed down, they soon go to bed.

Before falling asleep, Kate asks Rick how he felt about the evening:

"So baby, did you like it? You weren't jealous?"

"Oh no Kate, no jealousy tonight. I knew you didn't have the slightest feeling for them, it wasn't the same with Franck Reagan or Lex Steele...

I loved to see you getting fucked by those two guys, to see that huge black dick bust your pussy and ass, I even regretted they didn't fuck your ass both together. Maybe you wanted to, by the way?"

Indeed, she thought about it, with what she's taken in the last few weeks, her asshole can accept just about anything.

"By the way, Rick's gonna have to fist it one of these days, I haven't done it yet!" she thought.

"We should have done this sooner," Rick continues, "Pick two or three unknown blacks with big dicks, I watch them fuck you in every hole, knowing we'll never see them again."

As she falls asleep in Rick's arms, Kate thinks back to his last words and that gives her an idea.

She'll have a little baby Castle soon.

And she can continue to get fucked like the black bitch she's become...

Eighteen months later....

They never heard of Lexington Steele again, Rick's threats carried, nothing filtered, no photo or film, not even the scene shot in the Hamptons.

The night in Los Angeles was actually their last fucking party.

Three months later, their wish was granted and Kate was pregnant.

Nine months later, a beautiful little girl, brunette with blue eyes, Lily was born.

Kate took a six-month leave of absence, she has just returned to her duties as captain of the twelfth.

Rick came home the night before a week-long promotional tour, he wanted to be there for Kate's birthday the next day...

Kate left the loft early for the police station, letting her husband recover from their reunion night.

Hers inspectors are crumbling under the job, completely overwhelmed. Esposito comes to see her: "Boss, a new case just came up on us. Someone called to report a gunshot. Looks like there might be a victim."

"Where?" she asks.

Esposito gives her the address. It's not far from the loft.

"Espo, I'll take care of it! ". She calls Rick: "Get ready, I'll pick you up in 15 minutes, we have a case!"

Indeed, a quarter of an hour later her husband waits for her at home.

"What's going on so the captain herself can leave her office?" asks Rick;

"Oh, not much, probably even a false alarm!" she replied.

Shortly afterwards, they arrive at the indicated address, an abandoned warehouse.

Everything seems quiet, her gun in hand, she penetrates inside followed by Rick, everything is plunged into the dark.

Suddenly a scream, it's her husband... and the light shines out all over the building.

In front of her four hooded blacks, knives in hand. One fifth holds a cutter under Rick's throat, he throws at her: "Drop your gun, dirty cop or I'll kill him!"

She can do nothing but obey.

One of them, certainly the chief, approaches to pick up the gun, "Goddamn, that's a good cop! They're hiring supermodels now?" he reaches out his hand and feels her breast.

"Don't touch her, asshole!" yells Rick, but the knife on his throat makes him shut up.

"Let's see it, get out of here!" ", she hesitates..."

"Get undressed, you're told!" tossed the chief to her, pointing the gun at her.

She doesn't see how to get out of this situation, she has to save time, Esposito will come to rescue them when he realizes that they haven't come back.

"Don't hurt him!" Kate starts to unbutton her jacket.

The one who held Rick, tied him to a pole and came to join his accomplices.

Kate is now in her underwear, "Come on, we told you naked!!" she unclips her bra and slides her panties.

She is at their mercy, completely naked, the comments come out:

"Fuck, she's good!"

"You saw the device...".

And suddenly, the orders are no longer the same, the chief throws at him: "Get down on your knees!" he advances by unbuttoning his pants.

Arrived in front of her, he pulls out his cock; he's half bandaged but it's already a hell of a meat, "Suck me bitch!" Kate takes it in her hand and jerks it off for a few moments, he still grows bigger and becomes huge.

She starts by licking it, first the acorn and then the whole length;

She opens her mouth and tries to swallow as much as she can, even with her habit of deep gorges, she has difficulties, she releases it to catch her breath, she has saliva everywhere.

All the others have taken out their genders and masturbate, they are all hung like donkeys, she is surrounded by huge black tails.

Everyone wants to take advantage of her, she takes another one in her mouth, one in each hand.

The other two bring back an old sofa, lift her up and put her on knees, turning her back.

One of them turns around and comes to position himself to be sucked again.

The chief places himself behind Kate, he spreads her legs and pushes two fingers into her pussy, despite the situation, her body reacts: "Damn, the bitch, she's soaked!"

He grabs his tail, guides it into her pussy, Kate gets so wet that he goes down in one go.

The second cock in her mouth, she moans "Mmmmmm!!!!" The black guy grabs his hips and starts his comeback, coming out almost to dive back in and slap his pubis on the buttocks.

The second one grabs her head and makes his cock penetrate the back of her throat, suffocating, lacking air. Eventually, they release her, each one leaves the room.

Two others are sucked in turn, a third one introduces two fingers into her sex to moisten them and then puts them in her ass but very quickly his big cock replaces them.

It slowly penetrates her ass but introduces the tail in its entirety, he remains motionless for a few moments and then begins to plough it.

It's over, she can't control herself any more, the sodomy makes her practically enjoy herself,

"Yes, like this, take my ass! Yes, yes, yes! It's gooood!"

The chief comments for Rick, "She's one hell of a bitch, your colleague! We rape her and she's having a great time!"

A black guy comes to sit next to her, the second one comes out of her ass and pushes her on his buddy.

When Kate sat down, she impaled herself on the taut cock. She doesn't have time to move until a second enters her asshole still open.

The three others stand in front of her to get sucked or jerked off.

Kate is on the verge of orgasm, "Come on, fuck me! Kiss me louder, more! Break me down!"

All of them accelerate, penetrate her more violently, "Yes like that, yea!" she comes.

But they're not finished with her yet, they won't let her recover.

The chief, in his turn, comes to sit on the couch, she comes on him but instead of her pussy, he puts his cock in her ass, a second pass behind her, raises her a little bit, his tail against that of his friend.

He forces and soon her asshole gives way, he introduces the head and then of a single cost all its length, Kate remains the mouth open and then cowards, at the same time a scream and a rail, "Ahhhhh!"

"Do you like being ass fucked?"

She can't answer, a third took advantage of her open mouth to shove his tail!

And always comments for Rick, who can't see everything in detail,

"Fuck, two dicks in her ass and she wants more! What a slut!"

Kate doesn't know where she is, what she does, what she says, it's all about sex, all about double anal penetration, "Mmmmmm! Yesssss, blow my ass!! Again, again!!"

On her own, she moves her buttocks backwards, causing them to kick their shots so that they penetrate her even deeper.

"Louder, louder, louder, I'm a slut for blacks! I'm your asshole!!! Yessssss! ", she delights intensely.

The five blacks surround her, jerk off, Kate with her open mouth caressing her clitoris.

All of them release their sperm between her lips or on her face, she swallows until the last drop and collapses exhausted by her repeated orgasms.

The five blacks get dressed again, their leader goes to Rick and frees him,

"Is it all right, Mr. Castle? Is that what you asked?"

"All right guys, you'll receive the agreed upon sum and an extra bonus! But don't forget confidentiality!"

"Don't worry, Mr. Castle, getting paid to fuck a bitch like her, such a piece of ass!" I'll do it all over again anytime and for free!"

Rick laughs and turns to his wife, "Happy birthday, Kate!" I hope you enjoyed my gift!!"


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