"Kate Beckett became addicted to big black cocks. She has to make a decision: Rick Castle or the big black cocks. Will she lose everything?

Reading the previous chapters is recommended for understanding the story.

Be indulgent, this is my first story and English is not my first language.

Of course, the characters don't belong to me...........

Castle: Kate Beckett's Dilemma Part 7 (MF)
by Gari2b

Her orgasm when she thought about Rick calmed her down.

When Frank picks her up from the loft and sees the limousine, she does her best not to climb anything when entering and sitting in the chair.

She keeps a certain distance between them, sleeping with Frank, even if she would appreciate it, can only complicate things even more with her husband.

There are going to be enough problems to overcome when he finds out about Lex, don't worry about it.

At the exit of the car, on the red carpet, Kate and Frank are assaulted by flashes of photographers covering the event.

On the way in, one of the journalists asks Kate "Where's Rick Castle? You're getting a divorce? Are you and Commissioner Reagan in a relationship?"

Furious but drawn by Frank's arm, Kate has no time to answer him.

At the top of the steps, too far to hear the exchange, Mayor Carter Poole himself greets them and invites Kate immediately.

"You are sublime. I am very happy to have you here, you will really be the star of the second part of the evening. All the men will be at your feet. I was scared when Rick Castle told me he couldn't make it..."

"Wait, Mr. Mayor, there's a second part of the evening?" And you spoke to Rick on the phone? When?"

"Uhhh... your husband???" You are Mrs. Castle??? And you're here for a gang..."

Kate interrupts him: "Mr. Mayor, when did you get Rick on the phone? What did he tell you?"

"I called Rick last week, he told me he'd be in Los Angeles for another fortnight and come by Frank Reagan to invite you. Kate, Frank didn't tell you what the party was about?"

"I leave you with him, he will explain everything to you!" Carter's moving away as quickly as possible.

Kate approaches Frank, takes his hand and leads him to the dance floor for a quiet chat.

Misunderstanding her intentions, Frank sticks to Kate, letting his hand wander on top of her buttocks.

She seems to have seen a camera flash, she stiffens and moves away quickly.

"So, Frank, when were you gonna tell me there's a second half of the night? And what does it consist of?"

"Carter talked about Sean Michaels' bachelor party, to Eric Vaughn, his main contributor to his re-election campaign. Eric figured out it was you, you met a few years ago, I think. He's the one who conditioned his gifts on your presence."

Kate remembered the billionaire playboy perfectly.

Not yet married at the time, after an assassination attempt on his life, she had to keep him safe in a hotel room.

He did everything to seduce her, she finally let herself be kissed and would certainly have slept with him without a new attempt on his life.

When he found out, Rick was crazy, he wanted to end their relationship.

If she slept with Vaughn, even now that they're married, the result would be the same.

"So, Frank, if I understood correctly, not only did you intend to involve me in a sex party without telling me, but I also had to sleep with Vaughn to pay for the mayor's campaign! I love sex but I'm not a whore!"

"Kate, you're exaggerating... You're going to be fucked by all the men present, so Vaughn more or less..."

"All men? And how many are there?"

"About a little more than fifteen..."

"Don't tell me I'm the only woman!"

"Uh, maybe, the mayor only told me about you! Anyway, Kate, you're a bitch who never refuses a cock in her ass. So, Kate, if Vaughn fucks you, the mayor will be happy, and if the mayor is happy, I'm happy!"

Kate couldn't believe it. "Frank, I don't care if the mayor is happy or not, I won't go to that party.

And Frank, from now on, our relationship will be strictly professional."

Franck laughed. "Kate, you can't do without my big cock and..."

"Good evening, Commissioner Reagan!" Kate leaves him alone on the dance floor and leaves the reception under the mayor's misunderstanding.

* * *

Returning to the loft, Kate, with Rick's letter in hand, remembers the evening.

She slowly began to grasp the sum of recent events.

She doesn't feel like she's doing anything wrong by fucking with Lex, Rick agrees with their open marriage, and he's often with her he brought her to shoot the film himself.

But if she thinks about it, she is the one who initiated this turning point in their marriage by sucking Espo... she is again the one who insisted to participate at the bachelor party or to make the film in the Hamptons.

Rick only followed her every time.

And yesterday, she decided, alone, to go to Lex's house to shoot another porn movies, rather, shoot scenes during two days of sex parties, certainly...

She begins to feel uncomfortable, to have a ball in her stomach, a very bad feeling.

All the men now consider her only as a whore who fucks for free.

She can understand that for Lex, sex is his job, but the others?

What happened to her? What must Rick really think of her??

Why does she have so many questions?

She hesitates to have kids with Rick? He is gentle, considerate, madly in love with her and an extraordinary father.

She'd like to throw him all away for phantasms?

Does she want to end up as a porn actress?

Because she suspects, that's the fate Lex has in store for her.

The more she thinks about it, the more she thinks she's really gone crazy!!

Rick's right, they have to stop this. If he were here, everything would be so much easier.

* * *

The night was short, Kate arrived at the police station the next day at 7 a. m. and drink coffee with Ryan and Esposito, her two favorite lieutenants, when her phone rings.

"Hello Captain Beckett, Detective Kyle Seeger of Los Angeles PD speaking."

"Hello Detective!" replied Kate, who remembered the blond police officer, rather handsome, with whom they had collaborated a few years earlier to solve Mike Royce's case, "What can I do for you?"

"I'm calling you about Rick Castle, your former partner. He was arrested at the end of the night, driving totally drunk, wondering how he could. With the alcohol level he had, we should have taken him to the hospital but he begged us not to. But more seriously, while searching his vehicle, we found any bag of coke. For the moment, he's in a drunk tank cell. He'll be introduced to the judge in the morning. I preferred to warn you."

"Thank you, Detective Seeger, but Rick is more than my partner, he's become my husband. Drunk maybe, but coke? I can't believe, he never touched a single drug in his whole life."

"Captain Beckett, I shouldn't tell you this, but since it's about your husband... He wasn't alone in the car, a blonde girl was accompanying him, he asked us not to mention her in the reports."

Kate pissed all the time "A blonde girl?".

"Yes, Captain, Gina seems to me!"

Suddenly, Ryan interrupts the conversation: "Beckett, you have to see this."

He hands her a tablet showing page 6 of the NY Ledger.

"Storm on Richard Castle's front, third divorce in sight?" and underneath two photos taken the day before at the reception one on her arrival on the red carpet at Frank's arm, the other on the dance floor, always with Frank, his hand on her ass.

A third showed the mayor welcoming Eric Vaughn....

"The author was contacted by our reporter during an autograph session in Los Angeles. When he saw the pictures, he was content with a mysterious "I have my answer..." He refused any interview. "The continuation in our next editions."

Then Kate realizes why he is in this state, all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

Rick was aware of the mayor's entire evening program.

She went without him on Frank Reagan's arm.

The other guests, especially Vaughn the photos taken out of context...

His current insecurities and his writer's imagination have done the rest. She didn't choose him, he lost her, hence his laconic response, and Gina...

She took Rick for granted, she forgot that half of the women in New York would kill to be in her place.

Gina, as always, tried to get Rick back.

Meanwhile she was running after phantasms but no phantasm will be worth the price of losing him.

No one will take Rick Castle away from her, he's hers alone.

"Detective, can you keep Rick in the cell until I get there? I take the first plane out!" asks Kate on the phone.

"I'll try, Captain, I owe it to you both!" says the LAPD detective, "See you soon."

All sirens on, Ryan drives Kate to the airport as fast as possible.

* * *

The flight was never over, as soon as she arrived in Los Angeles, Kate immediately went to the police station.

Rick sobered up. He was talking quietly with Detective Seeger in his office when Kate suddenly came into it.

Surprised, Rick shouted to his wife, "Captain Beckett, what are you doing here in Los Angeles?

Nothing more interesting to do in New York?

No commissioner or billionaire to worry about?"

Before Kate could answer, Detective Seeger intervened "I saw the judge, in thanks for past service to the LAPD, no charges will be brought against Rick Castle.

I'll give you the office a few minutes to talk to each other."

He goes out and closes the door.

Barely alone, Kate throws herself into her husband's neck and kisses him until she runs out of air.

As she takes her breath, she says to him all at once: "Rick, you didn't understand anything, I love you more than anything. There's only ever been you." and she's kissing him again.

Nestling in her husband's arms, Kate tells what really happened the day before.

Rick explains the presence of his ex-wife, who came just like his publisher on the promotional tour. Nothing happened between them, even though they actually forced on the drinks.

All misunderstandings are resolved.

Moments later, the detective is back in his office, Kate asks how she can thank him.

"Well, in fact, Captain Beckett, all night long, Rick talked about his wife's deep throats and ass, so we said with my deputy."

"No way. Don't even think about it! "said Kate.

"Baby wait!" Rick interfered, "We owe him a favor. He got me out of jail!"

"Rick, are you asking me to suck Seeger? Right?" told him Kate

"Absolutely my darling, and his deputy too..."

"Detective, meet me at 8:00 in my suite at the Four Seasons. And bring your deputy of course..."

There, the Castle spouses leave the police headquarters to return to their hotel.

* * *

Once in their room, Kate goes into the bathroom to unpack her things.

She sees the huge bathtub, the Jacuzzi instead, and talks to her husband: "Rick, I'm going to take a bath to get back from the trip! How would you like to join me?"

She turns on the taps, regulates the water temperature and sends a few bath salts.

She undresses her travel bag, stores the contents, undresses her, and enters in the foamy water.

Rick throws his jacket on the bed and grabs his phone to cancel his commitments of the day with Paula, his agent.

Quickly he also undresses himself, in his boxers, he enters the bathroom.

"So, you're coming, Rick?" she says with a smiling lighter smile, she recovers to leave room for her husband.

Rick sits between his wife and the edge of the bathtub, Kate rests on her chest, wrapped in his arms, Kate tells all the story has happened to her in the last three weeks.

She tells him absolutely everything the quickie at the front door, the scene shot for the film after his hasty departure, the triple penetration by the three porn actors, the wild sex with Lex, the double anal by the cameramen, the fist by the makeup artist, the blowjob in front of their house and the trip back to new York in Lex's car.

Rick tells her that he had watched her and that he was not the only one...

She tells him about Sherlock and Alex's attempts, the fact that Rick had perceived it long before her and was trying to preserve her as usual.

Finally, she ends with the sex telephone with Lex and his friends, describing all the details. She is masturbating with a bottle in her office, her photos sent, the live video, the weekend in Malibu for the next movie and the scenes planned: double penetrations with Mandingo and Lex, the humiliation in the cop's bar, the submission to the pillory, the gang bang and the evening with the participation of his friends.

The next film, of which she knows nothing about, except that it will be much, much harder.

And until this morning, she wanted to shoot.

Rick can't believe his ears, how could she come like this?

How can she even think about being alone in this kind of thing?

Kate confides all her feelings, all her thoughts. The pleasure of being on a leash when she was exposed, when she was forced to have sex.

She tells him about all her desires, even her most extreme phantasms, her hesitation to realize them or not, she also shares her feelings, the sensations that kissing Lex has made appear in her.

But above all, that she wants her husband before anything else.

His presence is an absolute necessity for her. Whatever she does, she wants him around her.

And finally, she tells him she wants a child with him.

Rick tells her to wait a while, to shoot the film if she really wants.

She refuses. Her decision is made, she stops all this.

She has hurt him enough, she will devote herself to him alone, to their future family.

The conversation has warmed up her husband, she can feel it behind her back.

She turns around to face him, sits on his knees, one leg on each side of his hips and kisses him, trying to pass on everything she feels for him.

"Rick, make me love, make me forget everything..."

He starts by taking Kate's foot in his hand, he takes it out of the water and kisses it.

With both hands, he massages her leg up to his thigh.

Under the effect of his caresses, Kate tilts her head backwards, which makes her breasts emerge. Rick immediately takes them in his hands, plays with the nipples, tweezes, rolls them between his fingers, then his mouth takes over and licks them, bites them.

Kate dawdles, with two hands, she takes her husband's head and the plaque on her chest.

Then she comes out of the water and sits on the ledge, she spreads her legs as far as she can and exposes her open pussy.

Rick advances, his mouth immediately plunges into the swollen clitoris, his tongue separates the two lips and he introduces it as far as possible.

Soon two fingers replace it but he continues to lick the sensitive bud.

Kate feels her orgasm coming "Yes Rick, keep it up! " he accelerates the penetration of his fingers and she explodes "Oh, fuck, Riiiiiiiiick!"

He's already made her come once, and she hasn't even touched him yet.

Her husband is the only one who puts her pleasure before anything else.

Rick goes up to kiss her again and she can taste herself on his lips.

She wants to return the favor, grabs his hands and makes him sit in his place.

She descends slowly, spreading kisses on his torso.

She arrives at his lower abdomen, she grasps his cock in her hand and begins to caress it slowly, she descends again and she ends up taking it in her mouth.

She leaves her lips rolled on his glans and jerks him off faster.

Finally, while surrounding her tongue, she engulfed it more and more deeply into her throat, until she came to touch his pubis.

Three weeks without fucking and under his wife's expert mouth, Rick can't stand it anymore "Oh, Kate, that's so good!" he says in a weak voice.

"Rick, I need your dick inside me, please! Hurry!"

She turns her back to her husband and leans on the ledge, Rick does not wait any longer, he takes his cock in hand and slowly penetrates her wet dripping pussy.

As soon as he makes a few round trips back, Kate's orgasm bursts out, "Yes, Riiiiick, yeah!"

He does not stop to let her recover, he turns her over to face him, takes her ankles, lifts them up and places them on his shoulders, he goes deeper into her.

Kate feels a new orgasm coming, she follows her husband's movements to accentuate the penetration and after a few minutes, Rick releases his sperm in the sex of his wife who enjoys again.

* * *

The rest of the day passes quickly.

To get back together and make up for lost time, Kate decides to stay with Rick, in love, for his last week of signing tour.

After seeing hand in hand shopping to complete her wardrobe, they returned to their suite while Kate prepares herself in the bathroom, Rick picks up his wife's phone and calls Lexington Steele.

Lex is surprised by the identity of the caller, she had asked for two weeks, so he misunderstands her intentions, too confident, he picks up: "Hello little bitch! You're there..."

Rick, out of him, cups: "It's Rick Castle, asshole! Listen to me you're going to stop all relationships with my wife, you'll never come near her again! Do you understand?"

Lex laughs in the phone, "Too late writer boy! You lost her, she's mine. Your wife is going to be my slut! She's gonna shoot for me, and believe me, I've planned wild sex even for a whore like her."

"Well, forget it..."

"I told you, man, it's too late, I've already started and I've recorded everything. If I have to blackmail her, I'll send it to the mayor and finish the handsome captain of the NYPD... And for you, it'll be publicity when everyone knows your wife is an insane bitch."

Rick gets carried away, he yells in the cell, "Lex, if any picture or movie comes out, you're dead!"

"Are you threatening me? You think I'm afraid of a little shitty writer?"

"But you're such an asshole! You didn't understand anything!! I'm not threatening you, I'm giving you a choice you forget my wife or I'll make you go to jail for drug trafficking, rape, relationships with a minor, and anything else I can think of. I know enough people in the CIA or the FBI to do that! Once you're in jail, I'll find a prisoner willing to do anything for a little price money. And Lex, I'm rich, very rich."

Rick is hanging up.

He managed to say the last words in a calmer voice, poker can sometimes help, but if he listened to himself, he would go and shoot Lex.

Astonished, Lex wonders what just happened, even if he willingly belittles him, he knows Rick Castle's reputation. He talked about him with Carter, the writer has high-placed connections, even very high.

Too bad, Kate's a hell of a fucker, but he won't take that kind of risk for her.

He'll find another one.

Rick's finally calmed, he doesn't doubt for a second that Lex will bow.

Anyway, he's willing to execute his threats.

Soon, all this history will be behind them, there is only one thing left to finalize the evening.

Kate is very clear he's gonna watch her get fucked by the two cops.

He will not participate and, whatever she does, there will be no jealousy on his part.

And, it will be the last time....


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