"Kate Beckett became addicted to big black cocks. She has to make a decision: Rick Castle or the big black cocks. Will she lose everything?

Read the previous chapters are recommended for understanding the story.

Be indulgent, this is my first story and English is not my language.

Of course, the characters don't belong to me...........

Castle: Kate Beckett's Dilemma Part 6 (F-solo,MF,oral,anal,M-dom)
by Gari2b

"Kate, should we go for the final scene?" Lex says.

Between two whines, she's dropping, "Yeeees!"

She'll be coming soon!

"On Sunday afternoon, you'll have a gang bang with eight guys."

"Eight? But, but, but, but I don't..." she stutters.

"Isn't that enough for you? You want more? Ten? Twelve? More??"

"No Lex, eight will be fine."

"Get the bottle up your ass!"

"What? But Lex..."

"I said, up your ass!"

The bottle always inserted in the pussy, she gets up, turns her back on the phone and kneels on the chair.

She carries two fingers to her mouth, smears them with saliva and introduces them into her ass. She pulls out the bottle, dripping from its juices, positions the neck and pushes it almost entirely into her anus.

Lex is excited because he didn't think she would.

His friends, however, wonder how far she can go.

She really accepts anything by Lex.

"Keep up the good work! The sequel?"

"Yes Lex, yes Lex, oh yessssssss!" she screams as she begins to come.

"The actors aren't pros, they're black scum from New York. I'm bringing them here for you. I picked them all for the size of their tails. You know, Kate, these guys, maybe you'll arrest them later, they might recognize the slut they fucked, but you don't. Can you imagine your future interrogations? When they find out you're a cop, they're gonna let it go! It'll look natural, I'll just be there to guide them. You'll suck' em off at the chain, then they'll take your pussy, your ass!!! They'll do whatever they want: double penetrations, double vaginal, double anal, you'll get everything!"

She is overexcited, forgetting totally where she is, the bottle always in her ass, she sat down, put her feet back on the desk, legs spread out to the maximum, she caresses her breasts, twisting her nipples and then put two fingers into her pussy.

Everyone can hear her panting.

"Do you like your program, Kate?"

With a tiny little voice: "Yes!"

"I didn't hear Kate!"

"I love it, Lex! Manyyyyy!! Oh yeaaaaah!" She's moaning on the phone.

"So you'll come?"

"Yes, Lex, I'll come to your house! I'd like to be there already!" she let go without thinking and taking her breath.

Lex turned her brain over, she just agreed to be his sex toy for two days.

"And Kate, it's nothing compared to what's gonna happen in the next movie!"

"Have you already planned another one?"

"You'll be surprised, some scenes will not be marketable, I'll only sell them to very rich amateurs. I'll tell you when you get here!"

But Lex is making a mistake, he's talking about Rick.

"So, did you think about my proposition, you've got so far to dump this piece of shit writer! Rick Castle may be writing stories about you, but I'll make you movies."

"Shit writer? Rick Castle? Damn it, my husband!!"

Left in her delusions, she completely forgot about him.

"Lex, call me back in two weeks." she cuts Facetime but doesn't hang up right away, she hears the comments.

At the other end of the line, Lex is smiling. One of the guys says, "That bitch is Rick Castle's wife?"

"Yes, that's her! You've see guys, I do what I want with her, she'll start shooting both movies!"

"Can we enjoy her too?"

"Of course, guys! Did you hear what she said? What you'll want... You'll fuck her!! Personally, I advise you her ass!! The two of them already did it during the last shoot. You'll see, she'll ask for more! She's a nympho, she's still on fire in her ass...!"

"But how did you find that whore?"

Despite the chill of cold water flowing behind her back, Kate listens, she wants to know his vision of their story.

"The first time I saw her was at Sean's bachelor party..."

Lex explains his encounters, "She made us a crazy stripper and then the hostess of the evening, I fucked her, ass fucked her in front of everyone, even her cuckold was in the front row watching her get off! Then she wanted to get fucked at home at the front door with it wide open, her two gardeners were jerking off looking at us and her husband, who thought he was hiding, saw everything too!"

He then recounts the afternoon of shooting, the blow job in the car, the return trip with the exhibition and the rest area.

"Here you are, guys, you know everything. She looks like a top model but, believe me, she's a rabid cock! She's a really big bitch and, believe me, I've seen! Once I get her under control, she'll be a real gold mine..."

After the telephone session and Lex's story, no one around the table doubts it.

She's heard enough, she's shutting down the communication.

She really wants this? She's gone completely insane.

* * *

Lex keeps talking with his friends, "I already have a scene in mind for her second movie!!! I'm taking her to get fucked into an immigrant shelter in Skid Row!"

One of the cameramen said, "Lex, are you fucking serious? Skid Row?? These guys haven't had sex in months or years..."

"So what? What's the matter???"

"How many guys are you gonna fuck her? There are about 50 of them in this home!"

"Anyone who wants..."

"Lex, she's gonna get hard!!!"

"I don't care, if she comes back after the first movie, she won't leave again!!! I'll film anything with her. I have a friend who specializes in BDSM and zoophilia, he's very interested!! Can you imagine?? A chick like her fucked by a dog or sucking an horse?? I'm going to make a lot of money and when I get tired of her I'll stuff her somewhere in a brothel in Mexico or sell her to a rich man in Eastern Europe... And all this time, for you, she'll be "Open Bar", you'll fuck her all you want!!!"

* * *

Kate is having a really bad night, she keeps thinking about her afternoon on the phone call with Lex.

She must be suffering from a split personality, Captain Jekyll and Mrs Hyde.

The Captain Jekyll part tells her to calm down, stop her bullshit and wait for Rick to come back.

She is a police captain, wife of a world famous author who worships her.

She has the life she's always dreamed of.

But the Mrs Hyde part tells her that she has fun with Lex, she gets off like never before in risky situations like this afternoon when she had jerking off in her office in front of Lex and her friends.

She almost regrets that Lex didn't make her leave the blinds ajar, her men could have taken advantage of her too...

With him, she was going to realize her most extreme fantasies, those she dares not tell anyone about: like the one where, a NYPD cop is captured by a gang of black delinquents and endure every possible and imaginable sexual abuse.

Lex promised her, the next movie will be even harder!!! She's trying to imagine it.

"Farther than I'm gonna shoot? What can he find me to do?"

"No more partners? No more penetrations? That's not it, she's already had a gangbang and vaginal and anal doubles penetrations!!!! Bigger dicks? Impossible to find a man with a cock bigger than his or Mandingo's!! Oh, fuck, unless it's not a man... If it's a... No, he wouldn't dare... He told me about scenes that can't be shown in a movie? She saw such perversions when she went into "Vice"... He's not going that far!" she said to herself, without really being convinced.

Lex is a man without morals, he has no feelings for her, in his eyes, she's just good to get her holes filled...

Is she ready to give up everything for this??

There'll be no turning back, no Captain's career, no marriage to a millionaire, just a porn actress!!

Anyway, in two weeks she'll know......

In fact, she hopes that Rick's return will help her to pull herself together, that his love will allow her to get her head back in place and escape Lex's grasp.

When her husband is with her, everything is easier.

If he had stayed, none of this would have happened.

She asked him for two weeks, but what will she do if Lex advances the date of the film or worse, if he comes to see her?

She's gotten so hooked on him, she'll probably fall for it.

Finally in the night, she made a decision, she will stop fucking the Reagan family and the others, but she will shoot the movies, with Rick's agreement or not, he will choose, he will follow her or not....

She arrived at work the next morning even more tired than in the past.

In the late afternoon, despite initial hesitation, Kate returned to the loft to get ready for the reception.

At least the evening will entertain her a little and change her mind.

The long dress she planned to wear is a gift from Rick, she moulds it like a glove.

At the top, the neckline goes down to the navel, a chain allows to reduce it and make it decent but it prohibits the wearing of any bra.

The straps hide her breasts a little, they attach themselves behind the head.

The back is completely stripped, you can see the beginning of her ass cheeks.

At the bottom, the cut of the fabric on his left leg, goes up very high, halfway up the thigh.

Her ass is so molded that she can barely wear a mini thong.

With her husband, she always wears it without any underwear, the neckline is completely released and she knows what to do so that he can see her breasts or her ass...

He still has only one hurry, to take it away from her or sometimes fuck her just by turning her upside down.

But right now, she's not gonna wear it to tease her husband.

His buttocks will enhance his long legs.

She puts everything on her bed and is going to have a bath.

Conversation, sex on the phone instead, really heated her up. She doesn't want to leave in this condition so, once in the water, she sees the last time she put on that dress.

To calm down, she caresses herself slowly and for once, for a long time, she will jerk off thinking about her husband and not her lover.

* * *

It was summer, a few weeks back, with Rick, they were going to a charity event in the Hamptons.

She had already started to tease him by dressing, making it clear that she would not wear anything else.

Rick holds the door for her, she looks at him and enters the limousine, she pushes out the dress, the slit reveals almost all of her ass.

As she sits, without closing it, she turns to him, a breast almost falls out. Rick can't take his eyes off of her.

She smiles cheekily at him. She knows she's driving him crazy.

He sits down. Immediately, he orders the driver to lengthen the route and close the partition window;

Kate reaches out her hand and caresses him through her pants: "What's the matter, Riiick?"?

She releases his already tense cock, starts jerking him off: "Feel like something Ricky?"

He puts his hand under her knee and slowly releases the dress, he spreads out her legs and pushes two fingers directly into her wet pussy.

* * *

In her bathtub, Kate relives the scene intensely, she's back in the car with her husband, her hand goes down under the water, her fingers replace Rick's, she inserts two fingers, but it's not enough, a third and a fourth one join them, she whimpered but continues to jerk furiously, sprinkling water all over the bathroom floor.

They don't have a lot of time, Kate gets up, turns her back, raises her dress even more to get her ass out of the way and slowly gets impaled while sitting on her husband's lap.

Her pussy is filled with her husband's cock, she releases a rail and immediately feels the pleasure rise in her.

While taking her doggy-style, he shows her his two fingers to suck, she understood what he wants, he introduces a finger in his ass then a second, finally he withdraws from her pussy and his cock replaces his fingers.

She gets up, opens the furniture near the Jacuzzi and seizes the dildo which is there.

She molded it on her husband's sex, that's his exact replica. She sucks it but quickly she comes back to her imagination, she presents it at the entrance of her ass, strength a little but makes it penetrate.

Kate leans on the splitting glass and begins to climb up and down on her cock, taking it out almost entirely and pushing it deeper.

She screams out her orgasm "Yessssss!"

Rick enjoys simultaneously "Oh Kaaate!!"

She is no longer in her bath, she's back in the limousine, after a few quick trips back with the dildo, she explodes "Yes Rick, yes enjoy in my ass! Yes, Riiiiiiiiiiiiiick!"

She teases him hard, but he has prepared his revenge, he puts his hand in his pocket and brings out the surprise he has prepared for her.

It withdraws and very quickly, before her asshole closes, he slips in a metal plug.

She just has time to put on the lipstick that the car comes to a standstill, as she exits, she greets the driver who opened the door for her: "Thank you, have a good evening!".

"Good evening to you too, Mrs. Castle. I hope you enjoyed the ride!"

Blushing, she grabs her husband's arm and they walk up to the red carpet.

There, she understands the utility of the plug, it prevents the sperm from flowing out of her asshole and staining her dress.

It's there to keep all the guests from knowing she got ass fucked coming to the reception.

She turns to him, "Thank you Rick, you've thought of everything!"

He replies with a huge smile "Always, Kate! For you, always!" and kiss her.

On this last thought, she decides to get out of her bathtub.


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