"Kate Beckett became addicted to big black cocks. She has to make a decision: Rick Castle or the big black cocks. Will she lose everything?

Read the previous chapters are recommended for understanding the story.

Be indulgent, this is my first story and English is not my language.

Of course, the characters don't belong to me...........

Castle: Kate Beckett's Dilemma Part 5 (F-solo,M-dom,exhib,ncon?)
by Gari2b

The next morning, Castle's cell phone rings, an unknown number is displayed. He's still in the alcoholic mists of his night, with a huge hangover, but unhook the pasty path:

"Rick Castle speaking!"

"Hello, Mr. Castle!" said a female voice, "Hold on, I'll put you through to the mayor, Mr. Poole!"

"Hey Rick, next Saturday there will be a support party. As a thank you for the bachelor party you organized a few weeks ago, I would like to invite you. There will be a reception between 7 and 10:30 pm. Then there will be another one, a lot more intimate, I'll bring about twenty of my biggest donors and five or six girls to have a little fun... Of course you are one of them. Please, could you contact your friend, Kate, if I remember correctly, so that she comes to the second part? Can I count on you, Rick?"

"Sorry, Mr. Mayor, but I won't be available. I'm on a promotional tour in California and all over the West Coast for another two weeks... For Kate, call Franck Reagan, he knows how to reach her!"

He hangs up on him, mad.

That asshole mayor!!

It's because of him that Kate met Lex Steele.

Now the mayor wants his wife to be there too, just to have her fucked by his friends.

If he had been in New York, no one would have gone there: neither he nor, much less, Kate, but here he is sure that Frank will contact her, he would not miss such an opportunity.

He wonders what Kate's gonna do, go or not.

But he's afraid of the answer.

The mayor, although very surprised by Rick's reaction, immediately calls his chief of the NYPD, Commissioner Frank Reagan.

* * *

In the afternoon, Frank calls Kate to give her the invitation, she refuses to go without Rick.

* * *

The next morning Frank reminded her and insisted so much that she finally agreed to be his date for the event.

But he only mentioned the first part of the evening!

* * *

The day before the reception Kate drinks a coffee in the break room with Esposito and Ryan her loyal lieutenants. Suddenly she receives a call on her mobile phone, the number is unknown to her: "Hello Kate! It's Lex!" he has not contacted her since the return of the Hamptons, letting her assimilate what he has made her accomplish. It's time to speed things up a little bit.

She jumped, "Just a moment, please," and quickly headed to her office.

The last thing she wants is a phone conversation with a porn star in the middle of her detectives.

"Where are you, Kate?"

"Let's get to work! I just got back into my office."

"Isolate yourself and put me on speaker!"

"My office is not soundproof, what are you..."

"Shut the fuck up! Do what I say!" yells Lex at her.

She thunders but she's complying, she locks the door, lowers the blinds and puts the phone on her desk, "It's done, Lex!"

He's at home with his two cameramen and two other buddies, he's waving at them to keep quiet and he's also putting on the speaker. "It's looking good!" he thinks.

"You're going to turn a new movie, written especially for the bitch you are. This time I will participate. In three weeks, you'll spend the weekend here in Malibu. You don't have to bring a lot of clothes, you'll be naked at my house and when you need to get out, I'll dress you!"

Kate can't spell a word.

Raising his voice, threatening: "Did you hear me, Kate?"

"Yes, Lex, yes, Lex, yes!" she answers in a blank voice.

"This time you don't wear a mask, but just a blindfold on your eyes, you'll have it for all your scenes, no one will recognize you but you won't be able to see anything!"

Kate still doesn't speak but everyone can hear her sigh...

"Kate, are you there?"

"Yes!" She answers as she releases a breath.

"You want me to tell you a little bit about the scenes?"

"Yes, Lex!"

"First tell me, how are you dressed?"

"Pants and shirt, as usual at work, why?"

"You don't ask questions and you do what I tell you! Understood? Take them off!"

"But I'm at wo..."

"Is it done yet?"

Without further ado, she obeys. She sits in her chair, behind her captain's desk, in a bra and thong.

"Yes, Lex!"

"Send me a picture!"

She swallows but grabs the phone, adjusts the frame and triggers the selfie that she sends it immediately.

Everyone rushes to see the message...

"Kate, I can't see down there! Do it again!"

Retracting her armchair, she slightly spreads out her legs and starts the operation again.

Zooming to see better, everyone enjoys the sight of her pussy barely hidden by a tiny piece of fabric...

"Perfect Kate, you are beautiful! Okay, you want to know the script?"

"Yes, Lex!"

"The first scene will be shot on Saturday morning. Mandingo will join us, you have a fan. Since the Hamptons, he's only been asking me when he can fuck you again. We'll share you both. First of all, you'll suck us, with deep throats like you know how to do them so well. You'll keep sucking on me while Mandingo ass fucks you, he cares so much. Then we'll change the roles, you'll suck him, he'll still taste like your ass, I'll take care of your pussy. After that, we'll move on to the serious stuff, the double penetrations: Mandingo will join me in your pussy. He'll stay, I'll go up your ass. And finally, you'll have us both up your ass!"

"But Lex, you're too big! You're gonna get me high...".

"Kate, you're gonna love this! You're gonna have fun!

"You want the second scene?"

"Yes, Lex."

"Kate, louder! But first, finish undressing!"

Defeated, without saying anything, she unhooked her bra, got up from her chair, slipped her thong and triggered the device.

When he received the photo where she appeared completely naked, behind her desk, everyone smiled, she was ready to do anything...

"So in the afternoon, it will be with my friend Steve Holmes, as in his Public Disgrace films. We'll shoot in a cop bar that one of his buddies holds near Hollywood Station, you'll be handcuffed, you'll be wearing a slutty cop's outfit with boobs an ass exposed. I'm still hesitating about the rest."

"We could have you groped by the clients, then Steve and I would take all your holes on a table or on the pool table and end up with a sperm shower in the toilet. Or else leave you in the hands of his two dominatrixes, they will do what they want with your holes, lick them, finger them, take them with dildoes or strap ons. Maybe they'll want you to take care of them... And all this in a bar full of cops. When they know that a film is being turned, it's full of them! I hope you don't lose your blindfold... What do you prefer?"

Kate is unable to answer.

"I didn't hear you!" What do you want? I leave you the choice!"

"Both women!" she drops in a sigh.

"I knew it for sure, as you are a bitch, you must like to eat pussies! That'll be enough for the first day, we'll go home, you have to get some rest!"

His neighbor slaps him on the arm and silently shows off the other guys.

Lex agrees, "And Kate, on Saturday night I often get friends over, you'll meet them!"

Oh, she suspects how she would know them....

"There are just three or four. Kate, will you meet my friends?"

"Yes Lex!"

"Will you welcome them?"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know, we'll see! Maybe a blow job each? Or something else? That's up to you!!!".

Around him, the thumbs would rise.

"If you want Lex! Anything they'll want!!"

Everyone smiles, nobody imagines only getting sucked off! She was going to have a hell of an evening....

"Good Kate, third scene?"

"Yes Lex!"

"On Sunday morning, it'll be light, you need to save some strength for the rest! I'll put you in a pillory. You know what is, Kate?"

She shivered, she's already seen it in clubs: a horizontal board with three holes to pass the head and hands. "Yes, I know!"

"Your back is held horizontally and the legs held in place by ankle straps. You will be entirely at my mercy, totally helpless, I will be able to do whatever I want with you! But I'm going to start slowly, just spank you gently and then a little harder, I know you like it!

I'll be fingering your pussy, first a finger, then two or three, then your ass! I'll take dildoes, of all sizes, I'll put them in every hole. Maybe I'll fist you, you know, Kate, my big hand in your pussy or in your ass.... You're gonna come every time. It'll dilate you for your last scene!"

Everyone around him looked at each other, waiting for her reaction.

"Will you like it, Kate?"

She can simply blow a weak one, "Yes!".

She sweats with big drops, she is unable to speak but touches her pussy: she is soaked, she flows like a fountain.

"Kate, should we go for the last one? You'll love it!"

"Yes, Lex, if you say so!"

"Caress yourself!"

"But Lex..."

"No wait, I've got better! Find something to shove up your ass."

She sees the empty bottle of coke on the corner of her desk: "It's okay Lex, I found it!"

"Go to Facetime!"

She presses the screen and Lex's face appears on her phone.

"Ah Kate, it's better this way. Show me what you found!" She shows him the glass bottle." I would have preferred a little bigger, but whatever, we'll deal with this..."

His four buddies stand up and sit behind Lex to see the screen.

She senses them, instinctively hides her chest, "But you're not alone!"

"These are the guys I told you about. Raise your hands, show them your breasts, everyone saw your video..." Overcome her, she spread her arms.

"Kate, suck the bottle!" She holds out her hand to pick it up and moves it to her lips. Slowly her tongue licks the neck, then she takes it in her mouth. She brings her in and out, mimics a blow job.

"Kate, put it in your pussy!" Without a single word, she backs up her armchair and puts her feet on her desk, legs spread apart, exposing her pussy to everyone. She presents it, slowly, she inserts it into her sex, the shape of the bottle widening her lips more and more.

"Jerk off!" says Lex. Immediately, she starts going back and forth and starts moaning.

They are all hallucinated: they watch a police captain, completely naked in her office, slipping a bottle of coca into her pussy.

A real porn movie in live...


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