"Kate Beckett became addicted to big black cocks. She has to make a decision: Rick Castle or the big black cocks. Will she lose everything?

Read the previous chapters is recommended for understanding the story.

Be indulgent, this is my first story and English is not my language.

Of course, the characters don't belong to me...........

Castle: Kate Beckett's Dilemma Part 3 (MF,F-solo,inter,oral,anal,exhib)
by Gari2b

Kate enters the villa, slams the door and calls her husband, "Riiick!! Rick, where are you?"

With no answer and no light on the ground floor, she thinks she will find him asleep in their bedroom upstairs.

Without success, she goes down again, goes into the garage and notices the absence of the Ferrari.

"Where the hell did he go???" and she's even more irritated.

Finally, she enters the kitchen and finds the letter in plain view.

After reading it, she tries to call him. The call goes straight to his voice mail.

She's completely hysterical. Not only he leave her alone on the set, which allowed all the excesses of the afternoon, but he also gave her an ultimatum.

Now he leaves for a month and refuses her calls...

Enraged, she does the number again and leaves a message "You don't want to answer me...all right!!! I'm gonna get my ass fucked again by Lex and his friends...! ".

Lex...she still has the taste of his sperm on her tongue!

She picks up the card and dials the number, but at the last minute she thinks and hangs up. She can't screw up her marriage on a whim because she's sure Rick wouldn't forgive it.

Because, if she knows that Rick will pass on the set, they both agreed to do it, she's sure that Rick wouldn't forgive her if she voluntarily fucked Lex now.

She rereads the letter and suddenly, at the end of the first sentence, she realizes: "Oh my God! He saw us this morning on the porch!!!"

She calls him back and leaves a new message: "Rick, honey, that's not true, I'm not going to have sex with them! Please call me back!"

She goes out on the terrace, undresses herself and dives into the pool.

* * *

In his car on his way home, Lex saw his phone light up and smiled when he saw the caller's identity.

While Kate was asleep, he had been able to unlock her phone, he had retrieved her contact information but he also found some very interesting photos and videos.

He sent them to his cell phone.

She cut off the call before even the first ring? " It doesn't matter !" he said to himself, her call reinforced the idea that he had while she was asleep, he was going to turn a proud police captain, Mrs. Richard Castle, into a slut subject to all his desires.

His submissive bitch.

He saved her number in his contacts, no name or surname, just four letters "SLUT".

He was going to use her to make his fantasies come true, and after 25 years of porn, the fantasies he has will be really hard on her ass.

Swimming a few lengths calmed Kate down, she gets out of the water, dries out and goes, rolled up in a towel, to lie down on the sofa in the living room.

She reads his letter again; "Making a baby? Rick wants a kid with me?"

She thinks, they never really talked about it, she loves her husband and he's the only one she can imagine having a baby with.

Only she's been getting high all afternoon and she loved it. She volunteered for the film but the rest of the time Lex more or less forced her.

When he ass fucked her ragingly, when she was taken in double anal by her assistants and fisted by his makeup artist, she had incredible orgasms.

She has already good sex with her husband or with her many lovers but none of them have had this intensity, she has enjoyed continuously.

She has always had in her a background of submission, it is undoubtedly her work, where she directs men, who wants that.

She only had BDSM games with her husband, but it's light, fun, Rick is too much in love to hurt her.

But this is all about something else, Lex only wants his body to abuse. He's an animal, he impresses her with his looks, his big cock and his voice.

When he commands her to do something, she can only obey, she could come, simply because he tells to her to.

"Cum for me, Kate!"

He's turning her brain around.

She thinks about her husband's letter, his implications, finally exhausted she falls asleep without going up to her room.

* * *

After a full night's rest the next morning, she doesn't want Rick at all anymore. Yesterday, Lex..., everything is forgotten, but she must meet with him before he leaves to resolve their disagreement.

She thinks he's still at the loft.

She calls him and leaves him a message "Rick, I'm going back to New York this morning, wait for me! Call me back, please! I love you!"

Despite several attempts, she has his voicemail directly because he blocked her number! Excused, she leaves him a message "Rick! What are you playing at? You won't talk to me?"

At the moment of calling their car service, she sees Lex's card, her anger erases her initial resolutions "He will certainly want to talk to me..."

She calls him and Lex answers on the first ring "Hello, it's Kate!"

After their late evening yesterday, Lex is surprised by her morning call "Kate! Do you accept my proposal? You can't do without me anymore?"

"Almost Lex, almost! Seriously, I have to get back to New York and I thought maybe we could drive together?"

He was going to stay a little longer, but immediately accepts "Of course Kate, with pleasure, but what about your husband? ".

"He stays here to finish his book!" She lied, not wanting him to know her marital problems.

"I'll pick you up at your place in an hour. Right?" he suspects that something must have happened between them. "He'll take advantage of it!"

She closes her bag, takes a quick shower, but when she gets dressed, she hesitates.

Sitting on the bed, her usual police captain's outfit trousers, blouse and sports underwear.

She puts everything in her purse, she doesn't want to dress like this to travel with Lex.

She goes into the dressing room and grabs a dress that stops above the knee.

She opens her lingerie drawer but decides to go commando: "If he wants to have sex before arriving in New York...!"

At what time, Lex walks into the property. She goes out on the porch and closes the door of the villa. She throws her purse in the back, walks into the car, they kiss each other to say good morning.

When she sits down, the dress goes up very high on her thighs.

She doesn't do anything to put it back in place, Lex notices, stays silent and starts driving.

The first kilometers are calm, she is uncomfortable, does not know what to say, their only common point is sex. Finally, they're talking about trivialities." It's so different from the rides with Rick! What am I doing here?" thinking she made a mistake calling him.

* * *

Once out of town, Lex puts his hand on her thigh, slowly he raises his hand, he stops at the edge of the dress and he waits for her reaction.

His contact pulls her out of her questions "Rick is jealous of Lex? He dumped me and ran away?? He wanted it, I'm gonna get fucked again by Lex!!!"

Kate lets him do it, better, she moves forward a little bit on the seat, making it easier for him to do the job, he looks at her, smiles at her and pushes his hand even higher, under the fabric, at the limit of her pussy.

He doesn't encounter any obstacles, "No panties Kate? Do you have an idea in your head?"

"Maybe Lex!" she replied, looking at him brazenly.

To her great surprise, he didn't push any further but a few minutes later, once on the highway, he threw at her.

"Lower the backrest of the seat and take off your dress!"

"What? But Lex..."

"Kate, stop talking! We both know why you're here!! Obey and quickly!!! Get naked!!!"

She does it and her the seat belt is undone, she folds down the backrest, puts the dress over her head and lies down completely naked.

This is the first time she has shown herself in this way, but she already feels her excitement rising.

"Do you like being seen naked? To show yourself off?"

Lex wants to test her limits, seeing a truck in the distance: "Put your feet on the dashboard!!!!!" she obeys, her pussy is completely exposed.

Arriving at the side of the semi-trailer, Lex slows down and stabilizes the speed, not seeing the road, Kate is surprised by the truck's presence, instinctively she brings her legs back

"Put' em back and spread the thighs!" Kate is executing.

The truck driver appreciates the view, after few moments, Lex accelerates, a sound of horn thanks him for the show.

"Kate, don't move! Stay like this! Next time, too, you'll jerk off! ".

The next trucker arrives quickly, Lex simply says: "Touch yourself Kate! "

She sees the driver at the window, begins to caress the clitoris but very quickly introduces two fingers into her pussy and starts groaning. Lex encourages her,

"Keep it up, Kate, you're a big fat bitch! Make yourself happy! He's watching you cumming!"

The situation and Lex's words excite her terribly, she doesn't last long

"Oh fuck, it's good! Yessssssss!" she's coming with a furious third finger.

They drive a few kilometers in silence, Kate recovers from her orgasm, she is always lying naked on the seat.

She feels the car slowing down, she lifts her head up and sees Lex heading for a rest stop.

"Where are you going?" she grabs her dress to get dressed, he stops her:

"Stay naked! We'll stop for five minutes. "

"What for, Lex?", she's getting longer to avoid being seen.

"What you've been waiting for since we left your house...I'm gonna fuck you!".

He's heading for an isolated part of the parking lot

"Get up! I know the area, the guys come here to see all sort of fucking things!"

Indeed, barely stopped, the car is surrounded by three men, instinctively hiding her chest and tightening her thighs.

"Kate, put...!"

He doesn't have time to finish the sentence, she put her feet on the dashboard again and she plays with her pussy, caresses her breasts, pulls her nipples, her tits rise up.

Lex immediately notices: "You like turning them on, don't you? You're one hell of a bitch!"

He slips pants and boxers, kneels down on the chair and presents her his already bandaged tail.

"Suck me but keep caressing yourself!"

She slides towards him, holds out her left hand and guides him to her mouth. She spreads her legs even further apart, with her right hand, she squats her pussy, slips two fingers in and moans "Mmmmmm!"

She watches the three voyeurs gather on her side, they have taken out their genders and masturbate, it excites her even more, her pussy drips from her juice!

Lex's hand replaces Kate's

"Fuck, you're soaked!" he pushes two fingers into her, she almost enjoys.

"Yes, Lex; like that, yeaaaaah!" he finally introduces the other two and jerks her off in a frenetic way, she explodes with pleasure


He doesn't give her time, " Get on your knees! Turn around!"

She obeys, turns her back and looks at the voyeurs, always with their tails in their hands.

Lex puts two of his fingers, still coated with her juice, in her ass to dilate it but very quickly his big cock replaces them.

He introduces it completely, until his pubis hits Kate's buttocks. She lacks air, keeps her mouth open but spreads her legs out to facilitate penetration and moans.


Lex grabs her by the hips and starts his comeback, slowly at first, he gradually accelerates, coming out of her ass almost to plunge back in violently and deeper.

"Yeeees, it's so good to fuck your ass! Look at them, Kate! They're excited to see you! They're jerking off for you! Cum for them!"

She's on the brink of a new orgasm.

"You want to suck them?" she doesn't answer.

Taking his silence for a "yes", Lex rolls down the window and two of the voyeurs pass their tails inside while continuing to jerk off.

"You want them to fuck you too? Should I open the door?" He reaches out to the handle but she stops him "No Lex, No not that!"

"Come on, Kate, you're a fat bitch, you like a lot of cocks!! I saw it yesterday!"


Her tone is such that he doesn't insist, he puts his hand back on her hip and takes up again his shelling even harder. He quickly unloads into her bowels.

Kate doesn't want to be there anymore but her body betrays her, she enjoys seeing her spectators ejaculate, she receives a few jets of semen on her face, "Yes, it's gooood! Fuck me, yeah, yeah, oh yeaaaahhhhh!!!!"

Lex gets off her ass and puts his clothes back on, Kate wipes herself and puts on her dress.

Without delay, he starts and takes off towards the motorway.

The rest of the ride is silent, she gets stopped at a subway station on the way into New York, Lex feels like he's gone too far, broke something,

"You know, I would never opened the door, it was just to get you more excited, in the heat of the action!"

Kate looks at him and smiles at him, "Come on, it's okay! ".

He's bending over, kissing her as goodbye "See you soon, Kate?"

"Of course Lex! See you soon!" she replied mechanically, she grabbed her bag, got out of the car and walked away....

In the subway, she picks herself up again, wondering what it was like to call him. Of course, she wanted revenge on Rick, knowing his jealousy, she used Lex for that.

But he takes more and more control over her, he has already had her fucked by his technicians, there in the rest stop he wanted three strangers to fuck her, how far will he go?

The worst thing is that if he had insisted, she would have obeyed him...

She goes directly to the police station.

"I'll take a shower and change my clothes there. I don't care if everybody can see I just had sex!" she said to herself.


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