"Kate Beckett became addicted to big black cocks. She has to make a decision: Rick Castle or the big black cocks. Will she lose everything?

Read the previous chapter is recommended for understanding the story.

Be indulgent, this is my first story and English is not my language.

Of course, the characters don't belong to me...........

Castle: Kate Beckett's Dilemma Part 2 (MF,MMMF,MMFF,inter,oral,anal,dpa,fist)
by Gari2b

Meanwhile at the villa, the shooting continues.

Lex, camera in hand, turns around her and encourages them: "Don't stop, take turns fucking her ass! That's why she's here!"

Kate continues to suck the two big black cocks of Mandingo and Rico alternately.

Shane took Mandingo's place up her ass. He holds her by her hips and fucks her wildly with his back.

Quickly, she can't take it anymore, "Fuck, you're kicking my ass!!!! Keep going!! Yes, louder, blow my ass off!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!", she enjoys again.

Shane gets out of her ass, now it's Rico's turn.

Her asshole's gonna be a mess, nobody seems to want to fuck her pussy.

Lex continues to give instructions: "Now, take her in double penetration!"

Immediately Rico, with his cock still in her ass, slowly descends on the carpet.

He lies on his back, he holds her on her back too, his dick always in her ass, he loosens the straps so that she can spread her legs.

Kate has her back on Rico's chest, he makes her impale even more on him.

A cameraman squats down and takes a close-up of her deep anal penetration.

"Mandingo, put it in her pussy!!" says Lex.

The actor doesn't waste any time, he kneels down on his knees, grabs her by the ankles, raises her legs, spreads them out as far as possible and slowly pushes his cock deep into her pussy.

"Fuck Lex! Where did you find this one?? A slut with a tight pussy like that?!"

Kate does not often practice double penetration, and never in this position.

There, with Mandingo still holding her by the ankles, she is squarely torn apart.

Shane makes her throw her head backwards, he holds it between his two hands, makes violent comebacks and pushes his tail deeper and deeper into her throat he fucks her mouth greedily.

Kate's three holes are completely broken by three of the biggest black tails of porn, she has an amazing orgasm.

She's raging, "Put the biggest one up my ass!" she begs.

They all change roles, Mandingo gets out of her pussy, he lies down next to Rico, Kate gets up, she crosses Mandingo, pushes her buttocks out of both hands, her ass is gaping.

She goes downstairs to sit on him, impaling herself again.

Shane penetrates her pussy and starts going back.

It grows so violently in her that she retreats, practically pulling Mandingo's tail out of her ass. He puts both hands on her shoulders and makes her come back to her place, making her fuck even deeper.

Kate moans "Ooooh, mmmm, yeeees!!! It's gooood!!"

She is interrupted by Rico's cock, he went straight from her ass to her mouth. She's just a fuck toy in their hands.

Lex always encourages them: "Come on, guys, louder!! She wants more!!! Kick that fat bitch's ass!"

Rico is the first to come, he blocks her head, pushes his tail in and releases his sperm into her throat.

"Swallow!" Lex yells, and she drinks his cum to the last drop.

Mandingo is still holding her and Shane has accelerated her backstrokes even more.

"Yes like that! Yeeees! Stronger, harder! Shoot me downnnn!!!!!"

She enjoys being ass fucked once again.

They come out of her holes, put her on her knees.

"Open your mouth, stick out your tongue!!!!!!" says Lex, who's filming in close-up.

They both jerk off and take turns ejaculating.

Kate always caresses her clitoris, her mouth is full of sperm, her mask smeared.

With one finger, she collects all their seed, she licks it, and she is always coming.

She swallows, all the semen goes down her throat.

She's reopening her mouth to show them that it is completely empty.

"Yes, you're a good bitch!!!"

Rick moves away as fast as possible, he pushes the Ferrari, he does not respect any speed limit.

He's going straight to the airport. He'll buy extra clothes when he gets to Los Angeles. He soon boarded the plane and emotionally exhausted, he fell asleep before takeoff.

* * *

At the villa, the shooting is over, the three actors went to shower before returning home. Kate, still stunned by her repeated orgasms, recovers lying on the couch.

Lex bandaged like crazy, he dropped his pants, and he gets close to her with cock in hand.

Since he's seen her again, all he wants to do is ass fuck her again, and this morning's quickie wasn't enough for him.

With Rick's departure, he has Kate at his mercy.

He lifts her up, brings her in the next bedroom and sends her flat on the bed.

Before she responds, he's on top of her.

With one hand he puts her face on the sheet, with the other he puts two fingers in her ass. After a few quick trips back and forth, he uses it as a hook to pull her upwards, she finds herself on her knees, her head still plastered, her ass raised high.

He puts the head of his huge cock into her always distended asshole, he pushes and all at once, pushes it in completely.

Kate screams in pain "Fuck, you're tearing me apart!" but she's bending backwards.

As soon as Lex starts moving, she moans.

"Goddamn it bitch, you really like being ass fucked!"

Lex wants more, he tears off her mask, her hair now released, falls on her shoulders; he grabs them, makes a ponytail and pulls them to make her put on all fours, he holds her so and slaps his pelvis harder and harder on her buttocks.

Kate accompanies his movements with pleasure.

"So how did you like getting fucked by three big black dicks?"

She was focused on the orgasm she feels is coming, Kate didn't hear him.

"Answer me bitch! You like getting fucked by a big black cock?" he slaps her right butt cheek.

The pain surprises her, but what Lex doesn't know is that she loves to be spanked. Her lover, Commissioner Frank Reagan, always does it when he takes her from behind.

"Yeeees, like that! Hit my ass, hit harder!" She throws with an ill-conceived voice, on the verge of orgasm.

Lex is surprised, he didn't really expect this, but immediately he sends a masterly slap that leaves his handprint on her ass.

"You didn't answer me!"

He pulls on her hair to make her head twist, he kisses her ferociously, slips his tongue deeply into her mouth, it's too much for Kate who immediately enjoys it.


Lex hardly lasts any longer, after two or three strokes of the kidneys, he releases his sperm deep inside her bowels.

With nothing left to do, the two assistants and the fat blonde got close in front of the bed to see Lex fucking that gorgeous brunette, the two blacks masturbate.

"Take care of them, Kate!" he says when he retires.

She refuses. Lex insists, but she still refuses.

"Riiick!" she calls him for help.

"You've been such an anal cock slut, you never realized that he's gone!

"Do what I say!" he picks her up by the hair and forces her to suck off one of the two cameramen.

He pushes Kate's head on the taut cock until her nose touches the fleece of his belly.

He keeps her in that position until she almost suffocates.

Always clinging to her hair, he removes it and, as she tries to catch her breath, then he makes her dive on the second cock. Kate's starting to suck on her own.

The blonde also wants to take advantage of her, she attacks her clitoris, Kate, under the effect of the caresses of the woman begins to groan.

The first assistant lies on the bed, lying on his back, the second black one leaves her mouth. Lex and he grab Kate by the buttocks and shoulders, they open her thighs as much as possible to make her descend on the taut tail, but when she enters her pussy, the blonde grabs the cock and guides it up to her ass.

Kate finds herself being ass fucked again.

She has lost count of sodomies and orgasms, it seems to have been continuous.

The dick of the technician, smaller than the actors' one despite his eight inches, easily fits into her distended asshole.

The assistant grabs her hips and starts to move her on her tail.

The second one comes to position himself in front of her. Lex always keeps her legs apart.

"Fuck up her ass too! Don't be shy!"

"Noooo! Stop it! Stop! I never did it!" screams Kate.

A slap makes her shut up.

"Don't you understand yet? Your husband left you here! I'm making you do what I want!"

And then turns to his cameraman: "So what the fuck are you waiting for? Fuck her ass, now!!"

The black one under her pulls her back by the neck, she finds herself with her back on his chest.

The second black puts his tail against his colleague's one, he forces the passage and pushes his pelvis to fully penetrate.

Kate has the first double anal penetration of her life.

The fat blonde also benefits from her being fucked by two cocks in her ass she caresses her clitoris again, she pushes two fingers into her pussy, then seeing that she is completely dilated, a third.

Lex notices it and says "Put your whole hand in her. Fist her tight cunt!"

The blonde woman hesitates and looks at Kate

"Lex told you to fist me, so fist me!" Kate tells her.

The big black girl inserts a fourth finger and then forces a little but manages to make her hand penetrate her cunt to the wrist.

The position being difficult, the blonde has removed her hand, however she jerks her pussy with four fingers, the two blacks continue to kick her ass, despite the tiredness, her body betrays her, Kate enjoys again. They pull out of her ass and ejaculate on her breasts and face.

While filming the scene with his phone, Lex gives his orders "Clean their tails!"

She licks both the sexes straight out of her ass.

The blonde takes her hand out of her pussy and carries it to her mouth, she sucks her fingers clean too. Exhausted, Kate falls asleep on the bed.

Lex looks at her with a huge smile on his face.

* * *

When Kate wakes up, it's dark.

The movie's over, technicians and actors, all are gone, except Lex.

He explains Rick's hasty departure at the very beginning of the shoot, six hours earlier. Stunned and angry, Kate is in a hurry to go home and explain herself to her husband.

She's taking a quick shower and getting dressed.

She doesn't even bother to look for her thong.

She picks up her phone and calls a taxi to go home.

"Kate, I'll walk you home, that's the least I can do."

* * *

Arriving in front of the entrance of the villa, knowing that she is mad at Rick, Lex tries his luck..:

"Kate, let go of your husband.

I've been watching you whether it's at the bachelor party or this afternoon you love sex.

But you need it harder, tougher, deeper, extreme.

You must be high. He can't live up to it.

You came like crazy every time my sex blew your asshole or your pussy off!

Come with me, I promise you'll always be fucked by big black cocks.

Now that you've tasted it, you won't be able to do without it.

You're made for these dicks!"

Kate opens the car door, but Lex keeps her seated.

She shivers when she comes into contact with the big black hand on the bare skin of her thigh.

"Wait, don't leave like that! Suck my dick! Go home and kiss your husband with the taste of my sperm on your tongue!"

She turns to him, she wants to tell him that she loves her husband and that she has just realized some of her phantasms, but she can't say a single word.

Lex sees her hesitating, he holds out his hand, grabs her behind the head, pulls her towards him, their lips meet, immediately his big tongue penetrates Kate's mouth, he breaks the last of her barriers.

So what if anyone can see her, so what if Rick can arise at any moment, she wants his big black cock.

He continues to kiss her, she caresses her cock through the pants, she feels it growing under her hand.

She steps forward on her chair, her legs against the center console, her hands undo the belt.

Lex lifts up to give her easier access, she undoes the buttons on her fly, takes down both the jeans and the boxers, his big black tail, already half bandaged gushes out.

She grabs it in her hand, starts jerking him off, making quicker and faster round trips, Lex band completely.

"You want my big black cock?"

Without answering him, she lowers her head, puts her mouth on the glans where a drop of sperm appears, she licks it then her lips surround the big sex, her hand gripping and kneading the balls.

To take it deeper, she kneels on her seat.

She takes it back in her hand for the time to kiss him again, then comes back down and sucks it.

Lex pulls on the dress and clears her ass, he sees the absence of all underwear.

"No panties! You're one hell of a bitch!"

"Mmmmmm!" she answers with her full mouth of cock.

He passes his hand over his bare buttocks, letting his middle finger slowly descend along her ass line.

Kate spreads out her legs, Lex smiles and continues, he lingers for a moment on her asshole and finally introduces his finger into her wet pussy.

Quickly, a second one comes to join it, he pushes them more and more deeply, Kate moans but her sighs are suffocated by the tail in her mouth.

Lex feels that he is going to come, with his free hand, he grabs her head and pushes the tail into her throat and holds it so.

He pushes his fingers even deeper, inserting them into her until his palm knocks against the pubis.

His semen sperm spurts out, he fills her mouth. Kate's moaning and orgasm occurs.

"Swallow and clean me! I don't want a single drop on my tail!"

She licks him conscientiously and then gets up, readjusts her dress and gets ready to get out of the car.

"I'm very serious Kate, think about my proposition, he doesn't deserve you!!

Through her cleavage, he slips his business card between her breasts.

She slammed the door and fled to the house while recovering the small piece of paper.

"Kate don't forget to kiss Rick for me!"

Lex's laughing at her as she starts to run to the house.


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