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Castle: K-9 Kate
by Arc Light

As the most junior detective in the entire NYPD, Kate was used to getting shitty jobs. But, she had to admit, this one had been tailor made for her. Vice wanted a Russian speaking woman to hang around a new Russian bar that was reputed to be a gang hangout for the Russian mob and get a feel for the place. The only other Russian speaking woman in the department was a fat woman nicknamed "the Cossack". No Russian in his right mind would have come on to her and bragged about his gangland doings. That left newly promoted Detective Kate Beckett.

Vice had provided her with a short, slinky dress and some cheap, knock off Victoria's Secret underwear. Kate, knowing how Russian party girls dressed, ditched the underwear as soon as she was outside Vice's view. Real Russian party girls either wore real Victoria's Secret bras and panties, or nothing at all. Most choosing to go with nothing at all.

And so, she had spent six hours in the Moscow Bar as Irina from St. Petersburg. She had been sandwiched between two drunks for several minutes. One grabbed her boobs from behind while the other tried to finger fuck her. He might have succeeded if he hadn't been so drunk. And then the two drunks had gotten into a drunken argument over who was to have her first and they staggered off.

Minutes later a surgically enhanced blonde who had been giving her boyfriend a hand job had shot his load all over Kate's dress. The two Russians laughed about it.

The rest of her time there hadn't been much better.

She had finally gotten back to the 35th Precinct, from which she had been working out of for Vice, and reported to a bored, distracted Vice cop. He informed her that all the people she had identified were Russian gangster wannabes. No one of importance.

"It's what we get for sending a rookie detective out on this." He had said, sarcastically.

Kate had wanted to ask him if he thought that if he had dressed up in a scanty red dress, big shot Russian mobsters would have chased after him. But she kept her mouth closed.

Once released by Vice, she headed for her car, her own clothes, a nice long shower and a day off the next day.

She got to the door leading to the parking lot and found it was locked. There was her Crown Vic, not twenty feet away and she couldn't get to it. She stopped and thought. She remembered that there was another door towards the end of the lot. She retraced her steps and found a corridor that led in the way she wanted to go. She tried the door at the end of the corridor and found it was unlocked. She stepped forward and found herself in pitch darkness. She found a light switch and turned on the lights. The door she had opened had closed and had no door handle on her side.

Then from behind her, heard growls. She turned around to find herself facing a dozen or more very large dogs.

Crap! She thought. The 35th has the K-9 unit for all of Manhattan. I'm in their damned kennel.

She decided that she'd just have to brazen it out and walk past the huge dogs, and so out into the parking lot. She could see that the door was even partly open.

Although it sounded foolish to her, she told the dogs in a loud, confident voice, "It's okay, guys. I'm a cop."

As she walked to the door, two big Dobermans barred her way, snarling at her. When she tried to move to one side, a dog behind her knocked her onto her hands and knees. She tried to stand, but the two dogs in front of her bared their teeth and growled.

Max, the alpha dog of the pack of attack dogs, couldn't remember the last time he'd mated with a bitch. But before him was a human bitch, who was in the right position, except for the red thing that was wrapped around her. And his sensitive nose told him that she smelled of sex. He wasn't too sure of how to mate a human bitch, but he was sure he had found her sex organ which didn't appear to be covered by the stupid red human thing she had. He jumped on top of his bitch from behind, driving her ass up and her face down.

Kate gasped in shock. She had some fucking dog on top of her. She tried to turn around, but the other dogs snarled again.

She tried to move very carefully to one side, but Max grabbed her dress with his teeth and pulled. The back seam of the cheap dress tore all the way. The dress fell off and Kate was left naked, on her hands and knees, surrounded by huge dogs.

Then she looked down between her swinging tits and her open legs and gasped again.

"Fucking dog is right. The damned dog has a hard on for me." She watched in shock and horror as the dog's long, thick cock emerged from its sheath. The red prick looked to be bigger than any she'd personally seen, and as big as some of the male porno stars she'd seen pictures of in Vice.

Max began trying to fuck his new bitch. The first time, he went under her belly, the second time he missed his mark as well. His cock shot over her ass and onto her back next and then he tried to jam it into her thigh. Finally, he was successful. He penetrated his new bitch. He had at least four inches in her. He pulled back and pushed six inches into his hot new bitch.

Kate screamed, then quieted down.

"Shit. If I scream and someone hears me and comes to see what's happening, I'll be found with a dog fucking me. I'll never hear the end of it." She gritted her teeth and groaned as quietly as she could as Max filled her cunt with his huge prick.

The dog's pre-cum was lubricating the human bitch's pussy and to Kate's shock, her cunt was starting to provide its own lubrication. She just couldn't believe that her pussy juices were starting to flow to help the dog who was raping her.

As the human bitch became slicker inside, Max started to pick up speed. His cock pushed in and out of Kate Beckett faster and faster. And to Kate's horror, she was no longer just lubricating her animal rapist's way into her. She was beginning to become aroused.

"No! I'm not going to be turned on by being raped by a dog."

But the more the foot-long dog cock rammed into her, scraping her G spot and filling her entire cunt as it had never been filled before, the more aroused the sexy detective became. She let out a long, loud moan and came all over her dog rapist's giant cock. Her cum shot out past the cock embedded in her, attracting the attention of the other dogs. Two dogs gathered around her cum and began lapping it up.

Max pushed as deeply as he could into this human bitch and let loose a torrent of virile dog cum. Then he pulled out of Kate.

Tears of rage and humiliation poured down her cheeks as she realized what she had done. She had let a dog bring her to orgasm. She sobbed and gasped for air. She shook her head to clear it and get ready to flee.

Rollo was not the toughest attack dog in the pack, but he was smart. He saw exactly where he had to go to fuck this new bitch. He mounted her and slid ten inches of dog cock into the helpless cop with one swift shove.

Kate moaned in both anger and need. With her cunt full of her own cum and the first dog's cum, her cunt was wet enough for the new dog to fuck her hard and fast, which he proceeded to do. Kate felt another orgasm building in her stuffed pussy.

Another dog came over and lay down in front of Kate. He rolled on his back and wagged his tail.

"Fuck. You want me to rub your tummy? Fuck you, Fido."

The dog growled at her and bared his fangs. Afraid of getting her face ripped open, Kate began rubbing the dog's tummy. To her shock, she saw she was arousing him, too. His long, thick red prick began poking out from his sheath. Soon she was looking at ten inches of hard dog cock. Just then, Rollo lost his footing on the concrete floor and pitched forward, pushing Kate's head down. As she opened her mouth to scream, ten inches of dog cock plunged into her mouth so that she was deep throating a dog. With Rollo's big paw still forcing her head down, and afraid she'd choke on the big cock, she decided the only thing she could do was to get the dog off as soon as she could. She began using her lips and tongue to give the dog a blow job.

Kate was humiliated. She was being spit roasted by two dogs, one stuffing his cock into her tight twat, the other pushing his cock down her throat. Kate decided she could do nothing but try to get the damned dogs to cum, so she would have a chance to escape. She started pushing her shapely ass back and forth as the dog behind her fucked her. She stroked the other dog's hairy ball sack while running her lips and tongue along his cock.

Kate was embarrassed, but she could feel another orgasm building deep within her over full twat. She wanted desperately not to cum, but the big prick raping her pussy was turning her on too much.

Kate loved the taste of cum, whether male or female. In the back of her mind, she wondered what dog cum was going to taste like. She knew there was no way that the dog wasn't going to cum in her mouth. On one level, deep within her, that excited her.

No, dammit. She thought. I'm not going to even think about how this dog raping my mouth tastes.

The two dogs had established a rhythm with Kate. The dog behind her pushed forward when Kate shoved her sexy ass back at him. When the other dog pulled back, the one in her mouth pushed his cock as far down the hot cop's throat as he could.

Kate was ashamed that she was part of the rhythm as well. The more she pushed back, the hotter she got. At last, Kate Beckett moaned through a huge orgasm. Her cum once again shooting around the dog cock inside her and spraying behind her.

Rollo pushed his cock as far into the hot human bitch as he could and shot load after load of cum into her cunt and on into Kate's womb. The other dog came seconds later, flooding the cock sucking cop's mouth with his cum. Kate swallowed every bit of it, blushing when she found that while dog cum tasted different than any human cum she'd ever swallowed, it was quite tasty.

Kate gasped for air and waited for her reeling, sex drugged mind to clear. She waited on her hands and knees for too long. Buster, a huge German shepherd, climbed on top of the human bitch and began to try to fuck her. To Kate's shock, the huge prick was pushed up against her asshole. She knew that the massive prick would tear her unlubricated ass open. She had no choice but to reach behind her, take the thick red cock in her hand and guide it to her wide open, hot fuck hole. She felt she should have been more embarrassed at helping her dog rapist to fuck her, but deep down she wanted another big cock in her tight twat.

Buster slid all the way into the tight human bitch and began fucking her. Buster used a different technique on the well fucked cop. While the other dogs had been happy to ram their dicks into Kate as fast as they could, Buster was slow but steady. He slid his cock all the way into her loosening cunt, then pulled almost all the way back out and pushed forward again. He went back and forth in a relaxed rhythm that Kate found herself enjoying.

Fuck. I'm being raped by a dog and I'm getting off on it. She tried to think of anything but sex, the slow, steady fucking she was getting was too much for her. She began pushing back when Buster pushed forward, moaning lustfully as her canine lover stuffed her juicing twat full of cock.

Another dog came over and stood before her. She knew what he wanted and there was only one thing she could do. She reached out and took ahold of his long, hard cock, and pulled him to her. The dog collapsed in front of her and Kate took another dog cock into her hot, sucking mouth. She had loved giving head from the very first time she'd taken her boyfriend's cock in her mouth in high school. Later, at Stanford, she'd found she loved pushing her tongue into some slut's hot box and being rewarded with a tasty squirt of girl cum. She knew now that she wanted dog cum just as badly.

Buster and Kate came together and for a few seconds, Kate concentrated on getting the other dog to shoot his load of tasty cum into her waiting mouth.

What a cheap fucking whore I am. She thought. Here I am desperate for a dog to shoot a massive load of cum into my mouth so I can savor every drop. Then Kate sucked even harder.

Max had decided he wanted to fuck his hot human bitch again. It was a new experience for him and one he thoroughly enjoyed. He'd breed with the new bitch again and again. He mounted Kate and pushed his cock forward. But Max's aim hadn't improved. He missed Kate's cunt and pushed four inches of dog cock past her sphincter and into her ass. Kate screamed around the dog cock in her mouth, something the dog enjoyed. The she realized that the new cock in her ass seemed to be quite well lubricated. In fact, Max's cock was still dripping with his cum and from Kate's own cum. He easily slid his cock all the way into the woman's sexy ass.

Kate relaxed and decided to enjoy the feeling of a cock being pushed into her ass far further than any human lover had ever managed. She realized that she was enjoying the feeling of the huge cocks being pushed into her. She went back to deep throating the dog in her mouth, salivating at the thought of more tasty dog cum in her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the cock, and ran her tongue along the rock-hard prick that was now sliding down her throat.

The dog came in her waiting mouth and the horny cop savored the taste of the dog cum as she swirled it around in her mouth and finally swallowed.

As Max kept fucking her tight ass, wave after wave of pleasure assaulted Kate. She now had to admit that she was no longer a rape victim. She was now a whore for dogs. She giggled at the thought and then reached back to finger her empty pussy and tease her clit with her thumb.

Max and Kate came at the same time. The big dog pulled his prick from Kate's sodden asshole and walked away. The continuous orgasms were too much for the fucked-out cop. Kate pitched over on her side, then flopped onto her back, exhausted.

Charger, the dog who had been next to fuck this hot human bitch looked down at her in confusion. She wasn't in the right the right position to be bred. However, the dog's sensitive nose picked up she scent of female sex juices. It smelled entrancing. He had to try to lick some up from the human bitch. He pushed his nose into Kate's dripping pussy and then began to lick her.

Kate lifted her head up to see another dog was giving her head. She smiled and spread her long legs as far apart as she could manage, then lifted her ass off the floor. The dog obligingly ran his tongue from her dripping asshole, up her wet twat and ending at her engorged clit. When he licked her clit, Kate felt an electric shock of sorts go through her body. She moaned and let the dog lick her from asshole to pussy to clit and then back again, over and over again. She was loving it.

The dog then pushed his long tongue as far as he could into Kate's juicy cunt. Kate moaned passionately.

"Fuck, boy, no man has ever gotten his cock as far into me as your tongue is. Fuck me with your beautiful tongue. Lick out all of my cunt honey."

As she lay there, writhing with passion, two curious dogs approached her from either side. Perhaps remembering something from their puppyhood, they began nuzzling Kate's tits, causing her large, spiky nipples to stiffen. As the dogs licked her tits, Kate reached up and grabbed the dog's long, hard cocks and began giving the two hand jobs. The dogs enjoyed that and continued to lick and nip at her jiggling titties.

Scout, a Doberman, had seen how the female bitch had satisfied his fellows with her mouth. He was determined to try that. He edged his way past the two dogs who were licking Kate's tits and stood over her, not sure what to do. Kate certainly knew what to do.

"Hey, big boy. Are you looking for a hot, wet mouth to put that lovely cock into? Do you want someone to suck all of your delicious cum out? Well that's me, sweetie. Kate Beckett, cocksucker supreme."

Kate pulled the dog to her and got him to lay down on her face. She took his long cock into her mouth and began using her talented tongue and lips to prove herself as an expert dog cocksucker. Scout was so excited he came in Kate's wet mouth almost at once, disappointing Kate, but giving her more cum to taste and eventually slide down into her cum filled stomach.

As Scout left, the two dogs licking her tits began to whine. She was sure they were about to cum and they did, shooting long strands of cum onto Kate's face, hair and tits.

As Kate lay there, drenched in cum, she looked down at the dog who had licked up all of Kate's pussy juice and cum, but was now finished. Now the dog just looked at her with a forlorn expression on his face.

"Oh, you want to put that big cock into some hot bitch's cunt, don't you, boy? Well, come here. I've got just the twat for you."

Kate got the dog to crawl up her body until his cockhead was even with her still dripping snatch. She reached down between them and put his cockhead at the entrance of her cunt.

"Now just push it in, lover. Push it in and fuck my brains out."

Almost without realizing it, Kate lifted her long, toned legs and wrapped them around the dog's haunches, pulling him into her. Then she wrapped her arms around him as well. Kate Beckett had totally accepted being gang banged by a pack of dogs.

"Baby, fuck me like I was your favorite bitch." Kate looked around at the other dogs. "I am your favorite bitch, aren't I?"

Although the position was unusual for Charger, the dog loved the feeling of Kate's hot, wet cunt on his cock and began to fuck into her. Because of the position, he couldn't ram his cock into Kate as hard as he'd wished to, but the feeling was great. Frankly, Kate liked the slow, easy fucking herself. As Charger fucked her, Kate took a deep breath. As she did so, Charger licked her face, and his tongue went into her mouth.

Kate giggled. "You want to French kiss, do you? You know, I think I can taste my own pussy juice and girl cum on your tongue. Kiss me, lover."

Charger responded by literally pushing his tongue down Kate's throat. Oddly, the mixture of dog saliva and her own juices were intoxicating to Kate and she happily let the dog French her as he fucked her.

Once again, Kate was rocked by a massive orgasm just as Charger shot his load of cum deep, deep into her throbbing cunt. As Kate lay there, her legs spread wide and leaking cum from both her cunt and ass, she noticed that the dogs were just standing around looking at her. They were all sporting massive hard-ons, so Kate knew they weren't done.

"Oh, you guys are having trouble figuring out how to fuck me in anything but doggie style, aren't you?"

Kate pushed herself back up on her hands and knees, then wiggled her pert ass at the dogs.

"Come and get it, boys." She called out.

Buddy, a massive Belgian shepherd, quickly climbed on top of Kate. She reached behind her and guided the dog's massive cock into her sloppy cunt. Buddy's cock was easily as long as the others, but it was far thicker. The slutty cop felt the walls of her pussy being stretched as they'd never been stretched before, but she soon became accustomed to it and resumed pushing her hot ass back in time with the dog's thrusts.

Buster, the German shepherd, decided he wanted to try the hot human bitch's mouth. He stood in front of Kate who was too busy to notice Buster. Buster put his paws on Kate's shoulders and lifted himself up. Buddy moved slightly to one side and now poor Kate had to support the weight of two dogs on her back. Buster's cock was right in front of Kate's open mouth and he slid it right in. Now Kate was truly being spit roasted. One dog cock was deep in her cunt and the other in her sucking mouth and down her throat. She imagined that the two dog cocks would slam into each other in the middle of her chest. But Kate loved it and was cumming over and over as the two pounded her from each end.

Buddy came in Kate's loose cunt, shooting a truly massive load of sperm into Kate's pussy and all the way into her womb. If Kate had been able to get pregnant by a dog, she would certainly be so by now.

Buster kept pushing his dick down Kate's throat and never seemed to tire or cum. Another dog, Scout again, climbed on top of her and filled Kate's ass with his cock. Her asshole was so loose and so full of dog cum that Scout was able to ram his prick into Kate at a furious pace. So furious that Kate came twice before the dog shot his cum into her overloaded ass.

Tiny, who was a huge Doberman, was next in Kate's well fucked cunt. He slid right in and pumped in and out of the hot, horny human bitch for all he was worth.

Buster still had his cock down Kate's throat. Kate was using all of her cock sucking skills to get the dog to cum since her jaw was starting to ache from being held open by the huge cock.

Tiny had been replaced by Max again when Buster finally came. He shot a huge load of cum into her throat and down into her stomach. Then, still cumming, he pulled out of Kate's mouth and gave her a facial. Dog cum sprayed over Kate's short brown hair, her face, her shoulders and even her swinging tits.

Kate went face down on the floor, overwhelmed by the multiple orgasms. As soon as Max came inside her very juicy twat again, she flopped over on her side and then onto her back.

The two dogs who'd previously been licking Kate's tits and getting a hand job, Thunder and Lightning, came over and looked down at Kate. The totally fucked woman was staring at the ceiling and trying to get her sex fogged brain to function. Thunder laid down between Kate's thighs and began licking her snatch. Without any conscious thought, Kate spread her legs as far as they would go and lifted her knees up a bit. Thunder seemed to know exactly what to do. His long tongue ran from her asshole over her now widened slit and up to her still engorged clit. He settled into to licking the well fucked cop.

Meanwhile, Lightning came over and sat on Kate's chest, his big thick cock laying between her tits.

Kate stared blearily at the dog.

"You want a titty fuck, big fella?"

Kate tried to push her B cup tits around the dog's huge prick, but they were so slick with dog cum and her sweat, that her hands slipped off. She wiped her hands on the dog's coat, rubbed her tits again, and eventually managed to get her tits dry enough for Lightning's cock to slide between the valley of her breasts. The dog caught on, and as Kate's now heating up snatch was licked at one end, Lightning pushed his cock back and forth. As his cock went forward, Kate opened her mouth and let the dog's cockhead slide briefly between her lips.

Lightning came shooting his massive load into Kate's already messy brown hair, over her cum streaked face and shoulders, and soaking her tits again as well.

Kate sat up and looked around. Half the dogs were laying down, either asleep or no longer interested in fucking their hot, human whore. But the other half, led by Max, were headed her way, still sporting huge erections. Kate got back on her hands and knees. As she did so, Max mounted her again and another dog presented his thick red cock to her mouth. Kate happily opened her mouth for another deposit into the dog sperm bank that was her body.

The rest of the dog gang bang was mostly a blur to Kate. Dog cock after dog cock was stuffed into her mouth, cunt and asshole. Cum drained from her abused ass and cunt. More went down her throat, and down her chin. She came again, again and again. Briefly, Kate wondered if it would be possible to have a dog cock in her mouth, cunt, ass and between her hot tits all at once, but a wave of orgasms swept that thought away.

Kate finally noticed that there were no more cocks inside her. She looked around. All the dogs were laying down, seemingly asleep. All except Max. The dog just sat and looked at her. Kate stood up shakily and grabbed her torn dress and her purse. She winked at Max and blew him a kiss.

"Thanks, big boy. We didn't start out very well, but this was the best night I've ever had."

Kate looked through the glass panel in the door. It was still very dark out. Kate was sure she could get out before any of the human K-9 personnel came on shift. But, as she headed for the door, a growl from behind her stopped her cold. Turning, she saw the biggest dog she had ever seen coming towards her. He was also the ugliest. His face appeared to have been somehow disfigured. For the first time since Max had first fucked her, Kate was terrified. She backed up, but felt her ass come up against the cold concrete wall. She was trapped.

The dog was named Curly and he was a Tibetan mastiff. In spite of his appearance, he was quite friendly. He was not an attack dog like the rest, but a bomb sniffing dog. He had been disfigured pulling his human partner away from a booby trap. Curly was lightly, but gruesomely, wounded, and his human handler had been concussed. She had been told to take a week sick leave. She had taken Curly back to her home, claiming that the dog who saved her life couldn't get the TLC he needed at the police K-9 kennel.

There was no place for a dog Curly's size to sleep but on her bed. Their first night, she had put Curly up on the bed and stripped to go to bed. She always slept nude. She was lying on her bed, checking her phone for last minute messages when she felt Curly's tongue run from her clit all the way to her asshole. She first thought to tell Curly to stop, but he was the dog who had saved her life. She laid back and allowed Curly to push his nose into her blonde bush and push his tongue further into her cunt than anyone else had ever done. She grabbed her D cup tits and began squeezing them and twisting her hard nipples between her thumb and index finger.

Curly brought the woman to a huge orgasm and then sat there on her bed. She could see that Curly still had an erection. She knew what Curly wanted. She knew it was wrong, but she was now aroused, and she did love the dog who had saved her life. She rolled over, put herself face down on her pillow and raised her curvy ass for Curly. In seconds, Curly was fucking her. Curly fucked her harder, longer and deeper than she'd ever been fucked before. After a truly mind blowing orgasm, she collapsed. When she looked over at Curly, he still had a huge erection and was just looking at her, as if expecting her to do something about it. She sighed and snuggled up next to the huge dog, taking his cock into her mouth and deep throating him until he came.

Seeing that Curly was still hard, she got on all fours again, expecting him to stuff his cock back in her hot cunt. Curly surprised her by fucking her tight asshole. She had to give him another blowjob before he would go to sleep.

Curly spent the week fucking the woman silly. He fucked her cunt regularly, and her mouth, asshole and tits. Both of them loved every minute of it.

As Curly stood before Kate, he knew exactly what he wanted. He approached the frightened woman who smelled so strongly of sex. He noticed she also smelled of fear. To reassure the woman, Curly began to lick her cunt, to let her know that he wanted to fuck her, not hurt her.

Kate relaxed as the familiar sensation of dog tongue in her still dripping snatch calmed her a bit. At least she knew what the big beast wanted.

Once Curly was sure the woman was no longer afraid, he stood up, putting his paws on the wall on either side of her head and looking down into her face. Kate looked down. The dog had the biggest cock she had ever seen. It was rock hard and rubbing along her pussy. Kate sighed and lifted herself up, then lowered herself, impaling her cunt on the dog's cock. To Kate's surprise, she took every inch of the dog's cock inside of her. Her cunt had been stretched that night more than she had imagined. As she began to fuck the dog, Curly began to help her, moving up and down in a nice easy rhythm with his new human lover. Curly had the feeling that this female was, like his human handler, a complete slut. If Kate had known what he was thinking, she would have had to agree with him.

Kate put her arms around the dog to steady herself. Happily, the dog began to lick her face and once again, Kate Beckett found herself fucking and French kissing a dog.

Kate and Curly came at the same time. Kate was amazed at the river of cum that poured from her pussy, down her thighs and down onto the floor. She saw that the dog was still massively erect and still had his paws by her head. Kate sighed and sank to her knees, taking the dog's cock into her mouth. Kate couldn't possibly get this huge cock down her throat, but used her talented lips and tongue to satisfy the dog. She was rewarded with blast after blast of the tastiest cum she'd ever had.

When she stood up, she saw that the dog was still hard.

"You're a regular dog porn star, aren't you?" Kate said. "You may as well get my asshole now, lover."

She turned to face the wall, then reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Curly knew exactly what to do. He pushed his dick deeply into Kate's already well used asshole and began to fuck the slutty cop with the same easy motion he'd used on her cunt. Kate rubbed her cunt with one hand and her tits with the other. She'd come twice, squirting both times, before Curly finally shot his cum into her worn out ass. Finally, Curly dropped to the floor and his cock retracted into it sheath.

Kate quickly opened the door. Looking around, she saw that there were no lights in either of the buildings around her and that it was still quite dark. Wrapping her torn dress around her, she ran on shaky legs to her car and sped away.

Once back in her apartment, she threw her ruined dress in the trash and headed for a shower.

Once in her bathroom she used the wall mirror and a hand mirror to examine herself. Her cunt was puffy and red from all the use it had gotten, but a smiling Kate loved every dog cock that had given her so many orgasms. She laughed when she saw that her clit was still engorged.

Her asshole was equally red and sore. Kate had rarely enjoyed anal sex before, but her dog lovers had given her one anal orgasm after another.

Her perky tits were scratched and raw from the dogs who'd tried to nurse from her, but no one would see what had been done to her and she had enjoyed it terribly.

Lastly, she checked her face. In spite of all of the dried dog cum on it, Kate's face was unmarked. She wouldn't have to explain any embarrassing marks or hickies to her colleagues.

Once in the shower, she let the hot water run over her and wash the cum from her body. She then lay on her back and directed the water to inside her cunt and ass. She stood and stuck a finger in her pussy to see if anything remained inside her. Plenty did, as a river poured out of her and onto the shower floor. She began exploring herself with a finger up her twat. As she did so, she thought about what had happened to her that night. As she ran the events of the night with the dogs through her mind, she was turned on again. She added a second finger to her cunt, then a third, a fourth and finally a fifth. To her surprise, her whole fist slipped into her still wet snatch. As she fist fucked herself, she put three fingers into her asshole. She shuddered through the last orgasm of the night and pulled her fist from her cunt and her fingers from her ass. She licked her hand, tasting her own juices and those of her dog lovers. She cleaned the three fingers of her other hand with her tongue as well.

Finally, as she headed for bed, sexy, slutty, Kate Beckett, NYPD Detective, whore for dogs, lover of canine gang bangs, cocksucker for K-9s, and anal slut for anything on four legs, wondered if the K-9 unit needed a detective.

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