This story is fictional. The characters are fictional and the situation is purely fantasy and there's nothing wrong with fantasy.

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Castle: Girl Gone Wild Gone Wrong (FF,FFFF,MF,MMMMF,F-gang,anal,oral)
by Tori ([email protected])

Alexis Castle peeked in on her Father in his study. "Bye Daddy. I'm going out with Janie and Debbie. Don't wait up."

Her Father didn't look up from his laptop but mumbled, "Sure sweetie. Have fun."

Alexis smiled. She knew she shouldn't expect too much when her Father was in the zone. He was almost finished with his latest novel and was so focused, a bomb could have gone off and he wouldn't have noticed. The other thing he didn't notice was how his 20 year old daughter was dressed. The cute redhead had on a very short skirt, crop top and six inch heels. It was also very obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra and her thong barely covered her freshly shaved pussy. Alexis was in her third year at college and she and her friends were invited to a private party at one of the city's most exclusive clubs. She knew her name could get her in anywhere but this time, she'd been invited out of nowhere by some guy roaming through the campus quad.

The three girls met up at the club entrance and were immediately allowed inside. The music was pounding and they looked around and saw hundreds of young, beautiful people dancing and having the time of their lives. The girls found an empty table and sat down. Within minutes, they were served drinks and offered other non-legal substances. Alexis hardly ever drank. The most she usually had was a glass or two of wine at dinner but tonight, she was downing her second tequila sunrise and before she knew it, she was taking a hit from a big fat joint. The music and the party favors affected the pretty rich girl and soon she was out on the dance floor with a guy she'd never met before. The two started touching each other and then, he took her by the hand and led her upstairs to one of the VIP rooms.

Inside the room, Alexis and her new friend joined three other girls and another man. He introduced himself as Bill. He handed Alexis a glass of champagne and then picked up a camera. He told the girls to start dancing. Alexis looked around and saw that the guy that brought her up here had left, leaving her alone with just the girls and Bill. She didn't think anything of it and was soon dancing and drinking more champagne. One of the girls came over and put her arms around Alexis and danced closely with her.

Bill was filming everything and then he said, "Go ahead, why don't you two kiss."

Alexis didn't have a chance to respond because the blonde leaned in and kissed her. She ran her hands up Alexis' back, caressing her and holding her close. Alexis opened her lips slightly and felt the blondes tongue slip into her mouth. Alexis started to get into it and was soon kissing the blonde passionately. She heard Bill say, "You two should take off your tops for me. Let me see those titties."

The blonde girl pulled Alexis' top up over her head and then Alexis returned the favor. The two beauties rubbed their nipples together and began kissing again. When the kiss broke, Alexis looked over and saw the other two girls on one of the couches completely naked. The cute brunette was busy going down on the other blonde. The blonde girl with Alexis dropped down to her knees and pulled Alexis' thong to the side and started to lick her pussy. Alexis placed her hands on the girls head and gyrated her snatch as the pretty girl ate her out. She made Alexis cum within minutes and as she did, she noticed Bill filming everything.

Over the next hour or so, Bill filmed the four girls doing 69 and then all of them got in a daisy chain. They licked, fingered and sucked each other's pussies and asses until they'd cum so many times, they'd lost count. By the time Alexis went back down to the main room, her friends had gone. She called a cab and went home.

When she woke up the next afternoon, her head was pounding and she was having a hard time remembering the previous night, let alone what she'd done. Her friend Debbie called her and asked what the hell happened to her. All Alexis could tell her was that she didn't remember. That all came to a crashing halt when she received an email from Bill. Attached was a small sampling of the video he'd shot. The clip showed Alexis going down on a blonde girl. The blonde girl squirted all over Alexis' face and then the clip ended. Alexis was mortified. Everything came rushing back to her. She sat on her bed and said to herself, "Fuck, how could I have been so fucking stupid?" She knew she needed to find this Bill guy and get that video back. It would ruin her not to mention the affect it would have on her Father.

She quickly sent a response email to Bill and asked him to meet her. A few minutes later, Bill replied and told her to meet him at his hotel. She agreed and then took a shower and some aspirin and got ready.

* * *

Alexis arrived at Bill's hotel a little after 8pm. She knocked on the door and when Bill answered, she saw the camera in his hands. "Do you always carry that thing?" she asked.

Bill invited her in and said, "Yes, I do. It's my business. I film videos for a company that pays a shit load of cash."

Alexis sat down and said, "About last night. I need that video back."

Bill laughed and said, "Hell no. You sighed a release form or don't you remember that." He showed the form to her and she recognized her signature.

She looked at him and said, "I was so fucked up last night I would have signed anything. You can't possibly think that paper would hold up in court."

Bill sat down and said, "Is that what you really want? You don't want any publicity or you wouldn't be here, am I right?"

Alexis looked at him and said, "You've got it all figured out, don't you? I'm also guessing I'm not the only girl you've done this too, right?"

Bill smiled and said, "Pretty and smart. I like that. I'll get right to the point. The company I work for is paying me ten grand for this video. If you want it back, you pay me the ten grand and you can take it with you."

Alexis was shocked. She said, "I don't have ten grand. I can give you two."

Bill laughed and said, "Two? You've got to be joking. A rich little slut like you has to have more than that."

Alexis shook her head, "I've only got two. My Father keeps me on an allowance. He doesn't believe in giving me everything I want. He thinks it would spoil me like all those rich snobs you read about on page six."

Bill thought about it for a minute and then said, "Well, I've got an idea. You give me the two grand and have sex with me and some of my friends and I'll give you the tape."

Alexis stood up and started walking out. She stopped when she got to the door and turned around. "How many friends?" she asked.

Bill picked up the phone and made a call. "Tom, get Danny and Tony and get over here as fast as you can." When he hung up he looked at Alexis and said, "You do the four of us and it's a deal."

Alexis sat back down and said, "OK, but lose that fucking camera or the deals off."

Bill took the camera and put in one of the dresser drawers. When he turned back, he saw the beautiful redhead taking her clothes off. When she was completely naked, she laid on the bed and started rubbing her pussy. "Come on mother fucker. Show me that cock."

Bill stripped out of his clothes and got on the bed with Alexis and went down on her. He was shoving his tongue inside of her dripping wet pussy when there was a knock on the door. He jumped off the bed and opened the door to let his friends in. He quickly got back on the bed and resumed eating the young college girl out. Tom, Danny and Tony watched him and then took their clothes off. They all looked at the gorgeous girl on the bed with Bill and their cocks got rock hard. Tom climbed up over Bill and fed Alexis his cock. Tony got on the other side of her and she began to suck both of them off. She went from one cock to the other, sucking and licking their balls. She started to cum and screamed out as her orgasm hit her. She squirted her pussy juices all over Bill while she stroked the two hard cocks with her hands.

Bill got up and Danny pulled her down to the end of the bed. He spread her legs wide open and shoved his foot long cock into her sloppy pussy. He held her by her ankles and he pummeled her relentlessly. Alexis started to cum again just as Tony covered her face with his hot load. Tom straddled her face and shoved his cock into her mouth. He was fucking her face, driving his cock deep down her throat. What she didn't know was that Bill had gotten his camera out and set it up on the dresser and started filming the gangbang on the bed. Once he was sure the camera was capturing the explicit sex on the bed, he joined his friends again. He laid down and pulled Alexis on top of him. She sank her pussy on his cock and started to ride him. She felt Danny spit on her asshole and then he pushed his cock inside of her.

"HOLY FUCK!!!!" she screamed. "GODDAMN THAT'S BIG IN MY ASS!!!!"

Danny and Bill DP'd the pretty redhead while she sucked off Tom and Tony. She was airtight when she came again. Danny shot his load in her ass and was quickly replaced by Tony. She started to cum again and this time, her orgasm was so intense that when she squeezed her ass and pussy tight, the two men fucking her had no choice but to cum. Tom grabbed her by her red hair and shoved his cock down her throat and came. Alexis swallowed what she could and when he let her go, her shot several more ropes of his jizz all over her face and hair. The men got off of her and left her lying on her stomach on the bed.

Tony was the first one to get hard again and climbed on top of Alexis. He spread her ass cheeks apart and slip his cock into her well lubed asshole. He put his hands on her shoulders and power fucked the red headed college girl until he came in her ass. When he got off of her, Tom took his place and fucked her gaping hole. All four men took a turn in her ass. Bill was the last one to do her. By the time he put his cock inside her, her asshole was so gaped and filled with cum, she reminded him of a pornstar he saw in a gangbang movie. Alexis wasn't saying anything as the men sodomized her. The only sounds that came out of her mouth were primordial grunts and moans. She'd forgotten all about why she came here and only thought about the big cocks in her ass.

* * *

Several hours later, Tom and Danny left, leaving Tony and Bill with Alexis. The two men DP'd her one last time. Tony finally left and Bill went in to take a shower, leaving Alexis lying on the bed, covered in her sweat and their cum. Before he went into the bathroom, he turned the camera off and put it back in the dresser drawer.

When he came out from his shower, he saw Alexis sitting on the edge of the bed. She looked like she'd been through a ringer. Her red hair was matted with dried cum and her makeup was a mess. He looked at her and smiled. He went over and helped the exhausted girl into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Alexis let the hot water clean the filth from her well used body. She stood there thinking about what she'd done. She knew she'd regret it in the morning but she also knew she did what she had to do.

When she came out, she got dressed. Bill handed her the video chip and she handed in the money. When she got home, he Father was still in his study working so she went up to her room without speaking to him. She was humiliated to say the least and the last thing she wanted to do was speak to him.

* * *

Two weeks later, she found a new email from Bill. There was another video attachment and when she opened it, she saw herself getting fucked in the ass by Danny. The clip ended with him filling her with cum. She put her face in her hands and cried. "That son of a bitch. Will this never end?" she said to herself.

Her phone rang and it was Bill.

"Hey there sweetmeat. I saw that you read my email. Be at my hotel room tonight at 8pm. Don't be late." He hung up before she could speak and then she cried again.

* * *

That night, she arrived at Bill's room and found over a dozen guys waiting for her. Bill showed her in and said, "Your ass belongs to me. If you don't want Daddy to see that video, you'll do what I want for as long as I want. Understand?"

Alexis spit in his face and then said, "I'll do it but no camera this time or I swear I'll kill you."

Bill wiped the spit from his cheek and smiled. "Sure baby. These guys are paying five hundred a piece to tap that ass so get out of those clothes and get to work."

Alexis stripped and got on the bed. The men all took off their clothes and waited for their turn with the hot beauty. One by one, the men used Alexis, fucking her holes and making her cum over and over again. Bill sat in a chair and watched while he counted the cash.

When the last guy left, he stripped out of his clothes and got on top of Alexis. He pushed his cock into her pussy and said, "This one's on the house."

He fucked her hard for almost twenty minutes and then came all over her face. He told her clean up and get out.

When she came out of the bathroom, she got dressed and started for the door.

Bill said, "I'm going out of town for a couple of weeks slut. I'll call you when I get back."

Alexis didn't say anything, she just opened the door and left.

When she got home, she grabbed a bottle of scotch from her Father's bar and went up to her room and got drunk, eventually passing out in her clothes.

* * *

The next several days were hell for Alexis. She couldn't face her Father and he was starting to worry about her. He tried several times to speak to her but she just ran out of their penthouse. One night, he'd finally had enough and confronted her when she got home. He hugged her and told her she could tell him anything. "Please honey. What's wrong?" he said.

Alexis looked up at him and started to cry. She put her head on his chest and told him everything. As she spoke, she could feel him tensing up. She knew this happened whenever her Father got angry.

When she finished telling him about the last night in the hotel, Castle stood up and said, "Don't worry about anything honey. I'll take care of it." He picked his daughter up and carried her to her room. He laid her down on her bed and kissed her cheek. "Get some rest. I'm going to make sure this goes away." He closed the door and Alexis cried herself to sleep.

* * *

A week later, Alexis came down for breakfast and found the newspaper on the table. On top of the paper were two video chips. She sat down and read the story about a video producer who was killed in a car crash in Florida. She read the story about Bill's death and then looked at the chips.

Her Father came in and sat down across from her and smiled. She looked at the chips and then at her Father and he said, "See honey, I told you I'd take care of it."

A big smile came over her face and she said, "I love you Daddy!" He smiled back and said, "I love you too Alexis."

The End


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