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Note: In entry 1 Alexis is 13-14 in following ones she's 16

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Castle: From Alexis Castle's Diary
by Tricksterson

Memo: From: Professor Donald Chillbury, Chief Researcher, Alexis Castle Memorial Library
To: Jennifer Hart, Curator, Alexis Castle Memorial Library
Date: 1/12/68

Confirmed. It has passed every test. You certainly find the most interesting things in time release coded files. It casts new light on much of the Senator's life, especially as to why she spearheaded the Universal Marriage Act of 2037, the year after her father died, even though it relegated her to an also-ran in the Presidential Election of 2040. It also goes a long way towards explaining why she never married. Fortunately she was one of the first to have a Memory-Soft implant after it was released for public use which is why her recollections are so crisp.

Entry 1: It's hard to say exactly when it started. My father and I were always close. Mostly, I suppose due to my mother's abandoning both of us not long after my birth.

But in terms of sexual interest I guess it started about the age of twelve. I noticed him staring at me with extreme intensity, especially when we'd go to the lake cabin we had at the time or to the beach and I was in a swimsuit. Hugs became longer and closer, sometimes ending with a seemingly casual brush to my tight little preteen ass. Kisses moved from the forehead and cheek to the lips, although he never, at that time, tried to put his tongue in my mouth.

And what were my reactions to this? Mostly I was confused, less about what he was doing than to how it was making me feel.

Now, I'm well aware that incest often involves rape and both physical and psychological abuse,* though not as often as Aronsen** and his lackies would have people believe but I'm speaking for myself and, as it turns out, for thousands of others, when I say this isn't always the case.

My body *liked* the kissing and touching. It *wanted* it. And this is where the confusion came in. Everything I learned at school, in church (although we were Christmas-and-Easter Episcopalians at best) and just plain absorbed by osmosis from society in general told me it was wrong for a girl my age to be feeling what I was feeling, especially about my father.

But underneath the veneer of societal conditioning was the Primal Woman and what she wanted was Her Man. That My Man had also sired me, didn't matter to Her.

So I responded to my father's overtures, which at this point might not have been conciously motivated because he always had a deep streak of denial about our relationship, by teasing him. The one piece suits were replaced by bikinis and instead of taking my clothes off and on in the bathroom when I showered, I would take them off in my room and wear only a towel on the way. I also started leaving the doors open when i changed and when I showered. Just a crack. An invitation if you will.

Of course he responded to the invitation. We were seducing each other without either of us being entirely sure what we were doing or how far we were prepared to go.

By the time I was thirteen going on fourteen my chest was starting to develop. Nothing that could be called "breasts", much less "tits", just little puffs of flesh with nipples on top. But combined with my teasing it was enough to make him go to another level of the game.

He started coming into my room when he thought I was asleep. Which I wasn't of course but I pretended to be, the first time out of curiosity as to what he wanted, the other times out of fear that I'd scare him off. Because from the beginning it was he who was afraid and ashamed, he was the one who thought we were doing something wrong. I only knew that I loved and wanted him.

His hand would stroke my hair gently, then my cheeks, then my lips. Whenever he touched my lips I had to fight the urge to lick or suck his fingers, as much from a sense of mischief as from lust. Then he moved to what I thought of as my "titty puffs" but he never went inside my night shirt or pajama top. Instead his fingers would brush against my nipples through the thin fabric, always making them erect. I could never keep my breath from getting quick and shallow at this point. Sometimes I moaned but he always assumed I was just getting aroused in my sleep. Or maybe he was pretending I was asleep as much as I was.

He never touched my pussy even though I wanted him to more than I'd ever wanted anything before. Maybe he was afraid to wake me, maybe he was teasing me, I don't know. But he would push up the hem of my nightshirt, if I was wearing one and run his hand up and down both my inner and outer thighs then stop, kiss me on the lips, still without any tongue and then leave.

When he was gone I would pull down my pajama bottoms or pull up my nightshirt, pull down my panties, which were usually wet by this point and masturbate, which I had started doing at about the same time he'd started his nighttime visits. I also started doing it in the shower whenever I thought he was spying on me, which happened more and more often.

I would rub my fingers or the heel of my hand against my pussylips, which were just starting to get a peachfuzz on them, then slip a finger in. The itch became a burning, then a raging fire, then something indescribable. It was a good, or maybe bad, thing that dad's bedroom was on the other side of a very large apartment because I always wound up screaming.

"Yes, daddy! Yes! Fuck me! Your little girl wants you!"

For some reason I was always able to keep it to a moan in the shower, or at least to a level that the sound of the water mostly covered. Fear is a very strong emotion and both of us were in it's grip, my father more than me.

One night I simply couldn't take it any more and took the step that would change both our lives forever.

That night as his hand reached out over my belly which he later told me he never touched because he was afraid of tickling me awake I reached out and grabbed his wrist and opened my eyes and looked into his.

He was of course much stronger than me but he didn't resist as I guided his hand and put it between my legs so he could feel the dampness leaking through my panties.

"My pussy wants you daddy," I half moaned, half whined. "She wants your fingers in her." Then I raised my hips and pulled my panties down with my free hand.

"Guh!," I gasped as he rubbed my labia and then again, louder as one of his fingers entered me, Just a few thrusts had me arching my back and biting my lips as I came, the celestial light of orgasm flooding my mind, body and soul.

But when I could see and think again he was gone.

I finished pulling off my panties, removed my nightshirt and walked out of my room both naked and determined. "This is not over!," I muttered. I wanted my father as a lover and I was going to have him.

I walked across our apartment and opened his door. He was sitting up in bed, pants unzipped, his beautiful eight inch member in one hand and a fifth of bourbon in the other.

As I walked in he look up, despair in his eyes, and asked, "Alexis, what are you doing?" It was a question he often asked in the early years of our relationship. His conscience often bothered him. Mine never did. I suspect that has something to do with my success as a politician.

I walked forward, kneeled by the bed, took his dick in my hand and answered, "I'm doing what we both want." He let go as I started stroking up and down it while crawling onto the bed, squatting between his legs and kissing the tip before rubbing the length of it all over my face as an act of worship. Then and now his cock was the only god I've ever had or wanted. Then I licked it up, down and all around, not very skillfully I'll admit, but enthusiastically.

I paused, took a deep breath then moved forward and squatted over his dick.

"Are you sure, baby?," my father asked.

"We both need this too much to stop," I replied as I guided his penis between my pussylips and let gravity do the rest.

It hurt! It hurt a lot! Yet not as much as I had feared. He thrust upward to meet me, then rolled me over onto my back.

"So tight," he grunted. "So beautiful."

Each thrust after that seemed deeper and harder than the last and drove me blind with ecstasy. One hand clawed at his neck, the other at his shoulders while my legs locked up around his hips, desperately trying to pull him further into me.

"Yess!," I hissed into his ear. "More! Fuck me daddy! Fuck me harder!"

"My little whore," he whispered back. "My little goddess."

"Yes! Both! Anything you want!"

As his hot sperm steamed into me I moaned, "Yeah daddy! Put a baby in me!"

What can I say, I was young, in love and in the middle of the best orgasm of my admittedly young life so I wasn't thinking too clearly. That was however the last time we ever made love without protection.

Don't get me wrong. Possibly the greatest disappointment of my life was that I was never able to give my father a child. I always intended to, after college I hoped, and after setting up a plausible "beard", but as my life became more public and political that became impossible.

Afterwards we looked into each others eyes and held each other close as we spoke at the same time.

"I love you."

Later we confessed to each other that we each feared that the first words out of the others mouth would be, "This was a mistake." But it wasn't. Not then and not any time after.

* The Senator was in fact a major funder of rape and child abuse clinics.
** Senator Dean Aronsen (R-Nevada) the major opponent of the Universal Marriage Act.

Editor's Note: Following are three sample exerpts from Senator Castle's Diary. I have added a holographic display feature as a potential addition for the exibit. Unlike the first entry we will encounter not legal problems as she is sixteen and thus just over the Federal Age Limit established in '42 for all legal activities including sex, driving, drinking, military service and voting.

Entry 27:

Say what you will about my father's writing but he did his reasearch. Occasionally this provided me with a opportunity for amusement.

For instance in researching his second "Nikki Heat" book he wrote a scene in which she was duct-taped to a chair and asked my help creating the scene to see how easy or difficult it would be for her to escape.

"Just a little tighter," he told me once I had him secured.

I looked at him and smirked. "You're enjoying this a little too much."

"So are you."

"You have no idea daddy dearest," I said with a grin, "but you will in a moment." I stood up, straddled his lap and lifted my dress so I could rub my thong clad crotch against his.

He opened his mouth but I silenced him with two fingers across his lips and then with my mouth. Even after two years of being lovers he still had bouts of guilt and shame from time to time. I've never understood those two emotions although like any successful politician I know how to arouse and manipulate them in others. I suppose that makes me what most people would call a sociopath. So be it. Cue evil laugh.

But I digress. As we kissed my fingers unbuttoned his shirt and roamed over his chest and abs. It will come as no surprise that in my opinion my father had the perfect body type. Enough muscle to impress but none of the grotesque bulk you find in professional body builders.

Reluctantly I stopped fondling his body in order to push the spaghetti straps of my dress off my shoulders and let it slide down my body, exposing my tits which I then offered up to daddy's mouth which he promptly used for the purpose of licking and sucking them.

I closed my eyes and moaned softly as my hand reached down and pulled out his cock. As I stroked it I kissed my way down his chest and stomach and off his lap, ending on my knees, dress pooled about my legs on the floor, sucking his balls one at a time.

I stood up, pulled off my thong, which was soaked through by now, straddled him once again and lowered myself onto his rigid member, groaning as it entered me. I was on the Pill full time by now as we never knew when the urge might take us. A day never passed when I didn't want to fuck him. it was true then and it was true until the day he died. It's true even now, six months later.

"Unnnhhh!," I moaned as I rode him. "YES! Fuck your little whore!"

You're not...a whore," he grunted in reply. "You're my wife. The only wife I'll...ever want."

Hearing these words were enough to make me come, arching my back and screaming like a banshee, fingers locked behind his neck in order to stay on. I continued to ride him, mouth fused to his until he came in me then pulled myself off and got dressed.

"Aren't you going to zip me up?"

I grinned evilly at him. "No, I want you readily available when I get back."

"What if I escape?"

"Yeah, that could happen," I said, flashing him another smile. I blew him a kiss, wiggled my ass at him as I went through the door and left.

Sure enough he was still in the chair when I got back and was fully erect before I closed the door.

Entry 33: We won! By one vote but we won! The Universal Marriage Act passed! I'm stoned but luckily that's legal now. Didn't write that bill but glad I supported it.

Entry 37: Marriage Tip # Whatever: A good wife is not afraid to do a little roleplaying to liven up the relationship

"What's this?" I heard from behind me and spun around to see my father, husband of my heart, looking at me appreciatively. And well he should because "this" was sixteen year old me in a cheerleader's outfit shaking my booty and my pompoms (real and metaphorical), all of it quite nice back then, if I do say so myself, to a now long forgotten pop hit called "Single Ladies".

"Monica wants me to try out so I borrowed her outfit because I thought you'd like it." I started flashing him in rhythm to the beat, lifting up the top and showing him I didn't have a bra on underneath. As he came down the stairs and sauntered towards me I switched to high kicks to show that I didn't have any panties on either.

"Single Ladies" ended and segued into "Halo" and I shifted tempo to match the slower song going into a stretching routine. I bent one knee while stretching the other full out in profile then bent back as far as I could, letting my top ride up to just below my tits. I stretched my arm down and behind me to touch the floor, pulling my top up even firther to half expose my deep pink, cherry sized nipples and swung to face him, twisting my legs under me then slowly spreading them wide. I pulled up my skirt, which was already not hiding very much, spread my pussy lips, which by now sported a trim strip of red fur on either side, with my index and ring fingers and inserted my middle.

"Fuck me loverman," I moaned then rolled onto my stomach and got my legs under me and wiggled my rump at him to show just how and where it was that I wanted to be fucked.

I heard him undress then approach and looked behind me. He was naked from the waist down but still wore his shirt, I faced front in time to feel his hands moving under my top and up my belly to play with my breasts while his cock rubbed against my labia. but he didn't put it in, showing me that I wasn't the only tease in the family.

It turned out that that wasn't the only reason though. he was also lubricating himself with my pussycream. He pulled back from me and then one of his hands moved down my body and joined the one I already had in my vagina. At the same time his dick, slick with my juices, slowly pushed into my ass.

I've never liked anal as much as cunt sex but I like it well enough and my father liked the extra tightness so I gave it to him as an occasional treat. Still i grimaced with pain as he pushed in but once he was actually inside the hurt mostly went away and was coupled with an increasing pleasure.

After a few thrusts he put another finger inside my pussy and i withdrew mine to play with my tits. I felt his cock inside me building to release and moaned, "Yeah, yeah, yeah! Cum daddy! Cum inside your little girl's asss!" His sperm flowed into my poop shoot and his fingers brought me to climax a few seconds later. I slowly collapsed to the floor, his weight on top of me.

He pulled out and rolled off me. After he caught his breath he asked, "So are you?

"Am I what?"

"Going to become a cheerleader?"

"No, I already have my hands full with French Club and fencing, not to mention," the conversation paused while I pulled him to me for a langorous kiss, "other things."

Entry 38:

You might be wondering about my father's reputation with the ladies because it was an impressive one as you would expect from someone as ruggedly handsome, witty, rich and famous as he was.

Well it was exaggerated, deliberately so in part, just like Bruce Wayne's although it was our relationship, not a nightlife as a crime fighter he was covering up. He did enough of that in the open. He went out with a lot of women and yes, he even fucked a few of them but not as many as you might think, Women can lie about their conquests as much as any man. We're just a bit more selective about who we lie about.

And he always came back to me.

And then there was Kate Beckett. But that's a whole other subfile.*

Which doesn't mean I was never jealous. Sometimes I just gritted my teeth and bore it. Other times, when I knew actual sex was unlikely I just ignored it. Other times...

One instance was when he made Number Nine on the list of New York's most eligible bachelors. This actually split my mind in two. On the one hand I felt he deserved to be Number One. One the other hand I didn't want him on the list at all! I wanted him married to me de jure as well as de facto. But of course that was impossible then. I suspect that it was then that the seeds of the Universal Marriage Act were planted in my brain.

In any case his listing had made him even more of a bimbo magnet than usual and he had a date. One that I was determined to thwart.

I was pretending to fix his tie when I used it to pull his mouth down to mine. When our tongues had finished their tango I said "Call her and cancel. Tell her something came up." I reached down between his legs where indeed something *had* come up. I rubbed his crotch for emphasis then unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. By the time I got down on my knees he had his cell phone in his hand, this being about a decade before the first skull implants.

I lifted up his member and ran my tongue over his sack, giving it a good wash before working my way up his dick with small, quick kisses then popping the head into my mouth, giving it a good, hard suck while twirling my tongue around it while massaging his balls with my hands.

I had slowly worked my way about halfway down the length of his shaft when he gently but firmly pulled me off then up onto my feet. He gave me one of his patented rakish grins then slammed me hard against the wall.

Variety is the spice of any successful marriage. Every now and then he liked it rough.

Every now and then, so did I.

"Yess," I hissed as he pulled at my dress, breaking the straps and exposing my tits. "Do it!"

His mouth came down on one breast and his teeth bit into my nipple, drawing blood and a gasp of both mingled pain and pleasure. My own nails clawed at his back, tearing his shirt to shreds. He slapped me with the back of his hand and threw me roughly down onto the carpeted floor then pulled of what remained of his shirt, stepped out of his shoes and dropped his pants.

I licked the blood off my lips and teeth, savoring the taste the grinned at him and closed them tight, locking them together at the ankles while wiggling my hips enticingly.

"You're going to have to work for it, stud."

He got on his knees, grabbed my legs and yanked them apart hard then pinned my arms to the floor and shoved his cock into me.

"That's it," I moaned, wrapping my legs around his hips. "Rape me Daddy! Rape your little girl and make her love it!"

And he did.

* Unfortunately if said subfile was anything but the product of whimsy it has yet to be recovered.

Entry 546:

Seventy-one. Back when I was a kid that was still considered really old, at least by people my age. Now it's late middle-age and lifespans into the one-twenties are far from rare.

So I guess I'm dying young.

Damn the Radical Vegan Underground anyway! And whoever created Anthrax-Leprosy Mu as well.

Still, I accomplished much that I'm proud of, most of all the Universal Marriage Act. And now I will be with my love, whether in Heaven or Hell, assuming either exists, does not matter.


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