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Carmen Sandiego

The Sultan and The Seductress

Chapter 4

By Dimitri

-----Ivy grunted as the dildo slid up her ass another inch, she now
had five inches in, but her ring was stretched to the limit. Grimacing,
she slid it back out, she did not allow it to come free from her
asshole though, knowing how much harder it would be for her to get
it back in. She began to slide the dildo in and out of her ass,
their was still some oil from her experience with Che and Sing and
her sweat was allowing her some lubrication, after six or seven strokes
it became easier, although no more enjoyable.

-----"Smile," said Carmen,"Pretend you're enjoying it, wank yourself
if you have to."

-----Ivy forced a grin onto her face, one of her hands slid down
over her still bald pussy and she began to finger fuck herself as

the dildo slid in and out of her ass,"Yeah," she groaned,"That feels
good, ooh baby."

-----Carmen laughed hysterically,"Enough, enough!"

-----Ivy sighed and let the dildo drop out of her ass, it clattered
to the ground.

-----"Careful," admonished Carmen,"That cost a bit."

-----She stood up and stretched, her shirt made a popping sound and
she quickly stopped,"Oh!" she smiled and peeled the shirt off, then
removed the incredibly small pants.

-----"What are you doing?" asked Ivy suspiciously.

-----"Forget it Detective, I'm a woman of my word."

-----She quickly got dressed back into her usual red trenchcoat and
threw the shirt and shorts onto the desk, reaching into her pocket
she produced a key.

-----Ivy sighed in relief as Carmen released her.

-----"I would never have let the Sultan or Prince touch you," she
said, serious now,"But I've wanted you for a long time now, can you
truthfully say any different?"

-----Ivy smiled,"You are wanted the law," her fist
lashed out and Carmen caught it easily, the Master Thief pulled Ivy
tight to her and smiled,"Don't lie to yourself,"

-----Ivy grinned right back and suddenly Carmen felt her own handcuffs
snap around her wrist,"I'm not, before I hand you in I'm going to
fuck your brains out."

-----"Oh Ivy," laughed Carmen and lent forward, kissing the detective,
who quickly responded. Ivy melted into the kiss, her eyes closing
as she felt Carmen's tongue in her mouth again, it just seemed right.
Then suddenly she was falling backwards, the handcuffs she had placed
around Carmen and her own wrist pulled tight. She opened her eyes
and looked in shock at the pole she was once more handcuffed to.

-----Carmen's shadow disappeared into the darkness and Ivy screamed
in frustration, until she noticed the key lying on the ground next
to her. She quickly unlocked herself and made to run after Carmen,
until she heard the noise of jets firing up, one of Carmen's getaway
devices no doubt.

-----She looked at Carmen's discarded clothes and began to laugh.

-----Zak stared in shock as his sister approached him.

-----"Ivy? what kind of get up is that?"

-----Ivy was wearing a pair of denim shorts so tiny they looked more
like thong panties than anything else and a tight, white and very
see through top.

-----"Stop looking at my tits, Zak," Ivy muttered, walking past her
brother, she grabbed his hand - touching the wristwatch and instantly
reappearing on ACME satellite scans - and said,"Player, C5 me to
ACME Headquarters........and prepare a bath."

-----ACME Headquarters, the following week.

-----"So the Sultan gets away scott-free?" Ivy yelled at the Chief.

-----"'fraid so," the computer replied,"His brother has already been
executed for treachery against the head of the country......namely
the Sultan himself."

-----"It's just not fair," moaned Ivy, Zak stared at her, she had
been in a deep depression since meeting him at Disneyworld.

-----"Hey Sis, calm down, you ever hear of Karma?"



-----"Yeah, it's an Indian thing ain't it?"

-----"It's more than an Indian thing Sis, it basically states, what
goes around, comes around."

-----Ivy sat thinking for a second, then she smiled and began laughing.

-----"What's so funny?" asked the Chief.

-----Ivy smiled, warmly and real for the first time in a week,"I'm
thinking that I'm gonna be there when Carmen's comes around."

-----"Yeah," laughed Zak,"She'll pay for her crimes!"

-----Ivy smiled, thinking at the same time,'Who gives a shit about
her crimes, I am gonna tie that bitch down one of these days and
shove a dildo up her ass!'

-----She laughed again and the Chief and Zak joined in.

-----"Oh yeah," said the Chief after awhile, I just got a note of
commendation from Mr Broderbund himself for you Ivy, well done!"

-----Ivy grinned,"Yeah, Karma! right Zak?!"

-----Brunsei - the Sultan's private bedroom.

-----"Sultan," the dull voice woke him up, he looked up and saw one
of his eunuchs......Tubar he thought...staring at him.


-----"Esmerelda is sick," he said simply.

-----"Oh," replied the Sultan, getting up,"Have you called the Doctor?"

-----"The Doctor disappeared with Carmen and ten of your best sex
slaves, remember sir?"

-----The Sultan growled, he disliked being reminded of the treachery,
she had been supposed to contact him with their new locations, but
had disappeared,"Very well, I will see her."

-----He followed Tubar out of the room, when he got out there he
found himself looking at his entire harem, all forty two women.

-----"What is going on here?" he asked, perplexed.

-----"My name is Hazan," growled Tubar from behind him,"And the time
for Karma is now.....I'm going to do to you what you did to Tubar!"

-----Cairo - Office Of Mr Chips.

-----"....he signed his money and the Sultanship of Brunsei over
to me quite easily," said Hazan with a smile,"He doesn't care one
way or the other about much nowadays....." he began to laugh.

-----"Excellent," said Mr Chips,"And a quarter of his fortune will
be arriving in my account by this time tomorrow?"

-----"It is already on it's way," laughed Hazan,"Excuse me, but my
friends among the guards are calling me back to the poker game."

-----"Poker game? with forty two beautiful woman to play with?"

-----"The women play too," laughed Hazan,"The game is strip poker!"

-----Mr Chip's signed of and began the long process of cleaning out
his harddrive of unnecessary, incriminating evidence. Having Hallie
suck his dick made things go a little faster.

-----"What's that?" came a voice behind him, he turned and looked
at Carmen, who stood behind him wearing only a smile.

-----"A memo I was gloating over before I deleted it, my beloved,"
he said, she walked over to him and leaned across his back, her large
breasts pushing pleasantly against his muscular back, she read the
memo and laughed out loud,"For such brilliant detectives, they'll
never figure it out!" she smiled at Hallie and smacked her behind,"Get
away girl, I'll finish your chores for tonight."

-----Hallie looked a little disappointed, but went off nonetheless.

-----"It was your best crime ever," the Russian said, smiling at
her,"Masterfully manipulated from the very beginning," he paused
as they kissed,"Have you gloated to Player yet?"

-----"Just now, I was wanking myself as I did so, so I wasn't as
eloquent as usual."

-----Mr Chips laughed,"Well, you asked for a challenge and I gave
you one, Ivy's quite something isn't she?"

-----"Oh, you should have seen her with that dildo up her ass," laughed
Carmen, tears in her eyes,"It was absolutely priceless!"

-----"We'll see about that when we sell the tape on the Market,"
he laughed, standing up, they embraced, then he stripped of his clothes
and they began to make love on the floor. On screen, the memo sat
forgotten :

-----TO : Chief of ACME

-----SUBJECT : I wish to congratulate Detective Ivy for her fine
handling of the White Slavery Case. She is an excellent example
of the exemplary standards of the ACME Detective Agency. I suggest
some form of payrise, or reward, the details of which can be handled
by you at some later point.

-----FROM : Mr Broderbund; FOUNDER OF ACME.



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