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Carmen Sandiego

The Sultan and The Seductress

Chapter 3

By Dimitri

-----The woman smiled, despite her name, she was Greek, and her long
curly black hair ran down to her shoulders. She stood two inches
taller than the five foot nine Sultan, and had the figure of a supermodel.
If only the Sultan knew, she thought, why I am his favorite...because
I remind him so much of the woman Carmen.

-----"Wipe that smile of your face woman," he cried,"Else I call
my guards to sodomise you again!"

-----Esmerelda's smile faded for a second, replaced by anger as she
remembered the humiliation of being buttfucked one at a time by six
horny guards, then she recovered,"Sultan, I worship you and you only."

-----"Then why do you let the other women lick and suck on you?"

he growled.

-----"I can only ever think of you, and I get so horny......I just
have to have satisfaction.....the girls are a poor substitute," she
grinned openly at him,"You do so many important things, I cannot
expect you to service me constantly."

-----The Sultan smiled, his cock growing erect as he heard this praise.

-----"Indeed," he laughed,"I am gracious with my time with you."

-----"Sultan, does this mean I am to have the pleasure of sex with
you this night?"

-----" and Jessica!"

-----"How I wish I could have you to myself," she groaned,"But your
mighty sexuality is more than one woman can hope to contain."

-----The Sultan walked away, a huge grin on his face, Esmerelda followed,
she breathed a sigh of relief - thank goodness another woman was
coming, when the Sultan had come within five minutes and fallen asleep,
she and Jessica could fuck each other.

-----As Jessica joined them, she winked at the other girls and grabbed
Esmerelda's ass, the Sultan's favorite smiled at her and they walked
through the heavy wooden doors, a guard shutting it behind them.

-----The girls heaved a sigh of relief.

-----"Poor old Esmerelda," giggled Dahlia,"At least Jessie will be
there to give her an orgasm."

-----"Speaking of which?" laughed Georgina,"I haven't cum since last
night, and I haven't had a good cock in me for a week."

-----"Didn't you have the Sultan two nights ago?"

-----"I said a good cock!"

-----They all laughed, then turned to look at the middle eunuch.

-----There were three eunuchs - The Sultan was a paranoid man and
still practiced the old method of insuring fidelity - but the middle
one was something special.

-----His name was Tubar.....or at least his twin brother's name had
been Tubar, his real name was Hazan. Tubar had been an exemplary
guard for the Sultan, but when the harem had grown to over twenty
woman, he had decided to award his three best guards by cutting of
their cocks and making them harem guards. Tubar had become sick
and the Sultan had allowed him to go home to Brunei in order to see
his family. Tubar arrived near death, and told Hazan the story one
night while their mother and father were out to get medicine.

-----"I really care little one way or the other," muttered Tubar
on his deathbed,"Since I lost my manhood I have lost the will to
live, but I know that were I still a man I would want revenge, return
to the Sultan and replace me..........and," he had laughed then,
a little of his old personality returning,"And then fuck the brains
out of all of his harem, the other eunuch's will not care, they barely
feel the will to eat any more."

-----Hazan had given his word.....and now here he was.

-----"Come on Tubar," laughed Georgina,"Make me feel like a woman."

-----Hazan grinned,"Very well, but you know it's getting harder for
me to conceal erections when the Sultan's naughty
girls keep flaunting yourselves."

-----"Poor baby," cried Dahlia with a laugh, she approached him and
squeezed his crotch,"Let me stroke it better!"

-----Tubar grabbed Dahlia around the waist and threw her onto a large
pillow, he removed his pants, his large cock springing free. Their
were cried of joy and delight from the other woman, many of them
slipped fingers into panties and began stroking themselves as Hazan
lowered himself onto and into Dahlia's waiting hole.

-----Georgina grabbed a German girl - Helga - around the waist and
kissed her, the tongue intertwined and they fell onto their plush
cushions, arms and legs wrapping around each other.

-----Hazan had his arms wrapped about Dahlia's neck, he was pushing
into her quickly, his thrusts moving quickly in and out. He had
quickly discovered that the girls of the harem enjoyed a good, hard

-----"Yes....yes....yes.....ahhhh.......ooohhhh.....yes!" cried Dahlia,
they were beginning to slide forward along the ground as his thrusts
pushed them backwards.

-----The rest of the girls were now either involved in masturbating
or eating each other out.

-----"Do the..." gasped Inga - a Swedish girl - as an African
beauty ate her out,"Do the slave girls get to do this sort of thing?"

-----"Not really," replied Hallie, stroking her own pussy while slipping
her toes into another girls cunt,"I got eaten out by Carmen and got
to wank myself over another red head they were training but that
was it....usually they're for the Prince and the Guard's pleasure.....I
was lucky to be noticed by the Sultan and made a harem girl."

-----Inga grinned, the poor girl didn't know she was here so that
the Sultan could get his obligatory fuck before sending her on to
Mr Chips, who now owned her.

-----Helga was muscular, and she had picked up Georgina and turned
her upside down, they were in a 69 position, only now Georgina hung
upside down as she buried her face in the German's lap and the German
could only dart her tongue in and out as she struggled to hold up
the American girl.

-----Hazan stepped in front of Hallie, she spread her legs wide on
the couch she was sitting on and he pushed into her, fucking her
on his knees while she had her tits sucked on by Inga and the African

-----Ivy was on all fours, she moaned behind the ballgag she was
forced to wear as the French doctor worked his finger up her asshole.

-----"No problems," he said,"She's had plenty of toilet breaks so
she ain't dirty, but she is an anal virgin."

-----The Prince grinned,"That is no problem whatsoever.....I enjoy
a tight female ass."

-----The doctor pulled his finger out, there was a small pop and
he grinned,"I've been a doctor ten years, I can't get over that sound!"

-----The Prince smiled, he looked at Ivy with a grin,"She is perfect
for my needs," he walked over to Ivy and bent down to whisper in
her ear, he made sure the Doctor could hear,"Tonight my dear, me
and six of my men are going to gangbang you......your mouth, cunt
and ass would be stretched so wide by tomorrow that a polar bear
would find you loose......." he paused for a few seconds, thinking,"A
polar there's an idea!"

-----Ivy's eyes widened so much the doctor thought they would fall
out, she screamed something from behind her ballgag, the Prince chuckled,"Don't
be silly my dear....I'm not so crude...although maybe a dog!"

-----Ivy was still yelling as she was taken away by her two handlers,
one slipped a finger into her cunt for a few seconds.

-----The Prince left straight afterwards and the doctor turned to
a videophone, he switched it on, Carmen's face appearing.

-----"Yes?" she asked, looking annoyed at the intrusion.

-----"I just examined your uh 'pet project' and was told by the Prince
that he and six of his men were going to gangbang her tonight!"

-----Carmen frowned,"Really? What kind of test?"

-----"He wanted to know if she could take his cock up her ass.....he
also said a few things about Polar Bears and Dogs!"

-----Carmen shook her head sadly,"Oh dear.....and with ACME on the
way, too."


-----"Keep that quiet," she said with a grin,"You, me and the Sultan
will be quite safe."

-----The doctor sighed in relief,"Really?"

-----"I guarantee, you'll be at a safe place."

----------The Handlers stood staring at Ivy through the bars.

-----"What?" she yelled, struggling to cover her naked body.....she
was genuinely scared by the Handlers, at first they hadn't touched
her, just treated her like a piece of furniture. But recently they
had pinched her ass and just before in the doctors office one of
them had slipped a finger up her pussy.

-----One of the handlers looked at the other and nodded, he walked
over to the control panel at the end of the hall and pushed the button
that released her celldoor.

-----"Get away!" she yelled, standing up she looked more like her
old self, in a karate stance, eyes fiery with determination. As
one of them started forward she whirled and kicked straight for his
face. His reactions were lightning quick - especially for a man
his size- his arm moving in a blur he caught her foot and stared
down it's length to her now parted cuntlips, he grinned.

-----"No!" she screamed and wrenched loose, she darted past him and
hit the first one straight in the chest, instead of him collapsing
however, she bounced off, right into the first's arms. He held her
tight and she kicked up as the second handler approached, he grabbed
her legs and they pushed her down onto the bed. The first handler's
hands were so big that he was able to hold her wrists together with
one hand and her ankles with the other. The other handler grabbed
some rope and tied her wrists and ankles down so she lay in a X position
on the bunk, then they left the room.

-----She lay in shock, after all that they had simply left her here.
She lay waiting for several minutes, then heard footsteps.

-----Two Asian women entered, upon seeing her the giggled and rushed
over to her, exclaiming in Chinese over her naked body, one of them
held a bottle and Ivy was able to read the familiar logo - Johnson's
Baby Oil.


-----Zak ducked as the boomerang flew over his head, it rammed into
the brick wall behind him, biting into it and sticking there.

-----"Struth!" cried Ozzie Baloke, Carmen's Australian Henchman,"I
coulda sworn that boomerang would take the head of you like the wind
on a Fosters!"

-----"Just keep talking like a stereotype!" yelled Zak,"The police
are already on their way!"

-----"Hah, you'll never catch me cobber!"

-----"Don't you mean copper....?" started Zak but Ozzie was already
rushing away, Zak gave chase immediately.

-----Brunsei - Prince's private quarters.

-----"I have been waiting for you Carmen," said the Prince,"Have
you come to succumb to fate and sleep with me?"

-----Carmen smiled,"Prince, calling ACME on your own brother is one
thing, but gangbanging Ivy just to enrage me enough to make a mistake
is completely another!"

-----The Prince stood up and attempted to look Carmen in the eye,
her being taller than him caused a slight problem,"How dare you accuse
me of....."

-----"Shut up!" cried a voice from the shadows, the Prince turned
to see the Sultan emerge.

-----"When you told Mr Chip's to return the Detective's watch with
our co-ordinates to ACME, he immediately contacted me."

-----"That treacherous....."

-----"I instructed him to do so!" yelled the Sultan,"Only now, instead
of you leaving before they arrive with your more favorite slaves
and a captured Carmen, I will show evidence that my brother was secretly
running a white slavery ring beneath my very nose, I will have you
executed and return all of the slaves........except my favorites
of course, who will be hidden away."

-----"" started the Prince, he reached out suddenly
to grab the Sultan, but Carmen grabbed him by the neck, he suddenly

-----"What did you do?"

-----"Just a little trick I learned from Mr Spock," she said with
a smile,"Where are you going to send your favorites?"

-----"To my secondary facility, where everyone is guaranteed to be

-----ACME's helicopters landed around the palace, men rushed out,
prepared to meet resistance, but the guards smiled and waved them

-----The Sultan emerged, followed by a man dressed in the Uniform
of a General, he smiled warmly at the ACME commander,"Greetings my
friend, have you come to pick up the women?"

-----"Women? what? I...?" sputtered the Commander.

-----The General shook his head,"You mean, you're not here to take
the liberated prisoners home?"

-----"Libera.......?" the commander was interrupted as a pink screen
suddenly appeared before him, the Chief's face upon it.

-----"Hey easy way to say this, we just received
word that the Sultan of Brunsei himself has turned in his brother
to the local authorities......"

-----"That would be me," muttered the General.

-----"...and that he requests the aid of the closest multinational
law enforcement agency......."

-----"That would be you," smiled the Sultan.

-----" pick up the poor women captured by the Prince."

-----"My Brother was an evil man," said the Sultan sadly, shaking
his head,"He was stealing money from me and using it to fund a white
slavery ring."

-----"What about Ivy?" blurted the Chief.

-----"Ahh, the ACME Detective," replied the Sultan,"She was the one
who brought it all to my attention, I didn't want to listen at first,
but she convinced me when she found evidence that Carmen Sandiego
was involved. The witch escaped unfortunately, as she always seems
to do and Ivy went in pursuit."

-----The Chief frowned,"What about her wristwatch?"


-----"Yeah, a guy from Cairo returned it to me, we use it to get
a fix on our Detectives."

-----"Ahh, she mentioned losing a tracer in a fight with a man dressed
all in black in Cairo, could this be the man?"

-----The Chief frowned,"I still want to check out this palace, we
have warrants you know and......"

-----"Go ahead, go ahead," laughed the Sultan,"With my Prince gone,
the only women you will find here are the liberated slaves, my servants
and my harem."

-----Brunsei - Three Hours earlier.

-----The first Asian woman - Ivy didn't know much Chinese but gathered
her name was Che Quen - wore a smile and nothing else as she rubbed
oil into the Detectives breasts. Ivy frowned at her treacherous
nipples as they once more became erect, the woman was sitting on
her waist, rubbing the oil into her large breasts and Ivy found herself
hoping that she would leave it at that, staying away from her cunt.

-----The second woman sat cross legged, resting Ivy's head on her
lap, and was brushing her hair, which had become a mess over the
last few days. She sang softly under her breath while she worked,
and everytime Ivy tried to speak she would smile and shush her.

-----Che Quen moved down, Ivy moaned softly as her waist was coated
in the oil and rubbed in, and then the Chinese woman moved down and
began rubbing the oil into Ivy's bald cunt. The doctor had reshaved
it earlier when she had been sent to him by the Prince, and it still
tingled slightly. Che held her lips - which were now tanned a golden
brown like the rest of her body from days in the hot sun - slightly
open while she slipped some oil in, working her finger in, she slowly
rubbed it deep into the Detectives body.

-----Ivy moaned again,"Please....don't..." she whispered, the girl
brushing her hair smiled and stroked her cheek and shushed her again.
Now Che was running the oil down her long legs, she felt the tense
muscles relax as the Chinese girls expert hands massaged her tired
limbs. Now her entire front, from head to toe was oiled up, and
Che proceeded to untie her arms and legs - it never even occurred
to Ivy to break free as she was turned over onto her stomach. Soon
Che's talented hands were massaging her stiff back muscles and she
let out a groan of appreciation.

-----"Sing," said Che and the other girl looked up, Che said something
else in Chinese and she placed Ivy's head back in her lap. The Detective
failed to notice that her mouth now lay mere inches from Sing's bare

-----Che's fingers worked deep into Ivy's lower back, relaxing tightened
muscles, and then they were on Ivy's ass, massaging the firm, rounded
cheeks. Che slipped her hands between the buttocks, parting them
slowly, and began rubbing oil over and around her anus, her small,
oil coated finger slid easily into Ivy's asshole and worked up and
down, she removed it and replaced it with her middle finger, which
slid easily in and out of Ivy's ass, slipping it out, she ran her
finger down Ivy's crack and to the edge of her pussy. Ivy was moaning
in pleasure almost constantly now and Che nodded at Sing, who uncrossed
her legs, Ivy's head lowered down, resting on the beautiful Chinese
girls pussy. Without thinking Ivy's tongue snaked out and slipped
between her pussy lips, she lowered her mouth so it rested directly
against her slit, then she began to suckle on it, almost like a babe
on a teat.

-----Che smiled as Sing closed her eyes and tilted her head back,
feeling the pleasure of Ivy's oral attentions. She placed the baby
oil on the ground and slowly pulled Ivy's legs apart, bending them
at the knee so that Ivy's pussy came into view, she slid down onto
her stomach and began to lick between the captive Detective's slit.

-----The two Handlers once more stood at the bars, watching as Ivy
licked and was licked, they heard footsteps coming and stepped away
to face the intruder - it was Carmen.

-----She opened her mouth to speak and the first handler shook his
head, raising his finger to his mouth, the second motioned for her
to look, but also pointed at her high heels. She removed them and
came to stand at the bars, looking in wonder as Ivy ate out Sing
and was in turn eaten out by Che.

-----"Che and Sing never fail to amaze me," she whispered, the handlers
showed no emotions, but she noticed that their tight pants showed
semi-erect cocks, she grinned and turned back to watch Ivy.

-----Ivy's hands were wrapped around Sing's back, and she was suckling
on the Chinese girls clit and cunt with a vengeance, Sing rested
back on her arms, breathing quickly and moaning for more. Che raised
her now wet face from Ivy's slit and smiled at her companion, then
she reached up and once more parted Ivy's buttocks, the red head's
asshole almost seemed to wink at her. She stifled a laugh and buried
her face in Ivy's ass, giving the Detective the first tongue rimming
of her life.

-----Carmen's trenchcoat lay on the ground, her mini skirt was hiked
up around her waist, her panties were around her ankles and her fingers
plunged in and out of her cunt. She smiled smugly as she watched
Ivy's reaction to Che's tongue slipping around her asshole. Her
middle finger slipped in and out of cunt while her other fingers
held her lips apart. She looked up and noticed that one of the stony
faced handlers was licking his lips.

-----"Hell why not," she laughed, she turned and grabbed the first
handler, pulling his pants down with a quick motion and his rock
hard cock sprang free, his eyes widened and he opened his mouth to
say something.

-----"Shhh," she whispered, turning from him, she lowered herself
onto his cock, it slid into her slowly, she moved right down to the
base of it, her cunt stretching to maximum limits to contain the
big man's cock. She grabbed the other handler by the hips and pulled
him to her. Ripping his pants down, she grabbed his cock and swallowed
it, he leant back and let out a low moan and she grinned around his
phallus. The first grabbed her by the hips and began to slide her
to and away from him, this motion allowed him to fuck her and her
to suck him without any effort on her part, her eyes turned to follow
Che, Sing and Ivy as the two handlers used her mouth and cunt.

-----By this point, Ivy lay on top of Sing, the two kissed passionately
and rubbed their bodies up and down against each other, Ivy's large
tits rubbing against Sing's smaller ones. Che was finger fucking
Ivy's ass as quickly as she could, while the other hand's fingers
probed her own cunt and clit.

-----Ivy slid forward slightly, so that her breasts hung over Sing's
face, the Chinese girl quickly took the invitation, sucking hungrily
on the redhead's nipples. Che now had access to Sing's cunt and
began eating out her Chinese partner, while her fingers continued
to frig herself and also Ivy's ass.

-----Carmen had removed her top and bra and now she was giving the
second handler the tit fuck of his life, her massive mammaries rubbing
up and down around his cock, he began to moan louder and louder,
his face showing an expression of pure ecstasy. He came suddenly,
several streams of cum leaping from his jerking cock onto Carmen's
face, her tongue slipped out and she licked up what cum she could,
the handler collapsed to the ground.

-----The first handler moved her to all fours and began fucking in
earnest, she squealed in pleasure as she came and then he stiffened,
several jerking motions later and his cum filled her body. She slipped
away from his quickly wilting cock and turned to face him, he grinned
at her as he pulled his pants back on, mouthing the words ' thank
you ' he turned back to keep an eye on Ivy, his stony expression

-----Ivy had cum twice now, and as she lent down to kiss Sing, she
felt Che's finger slip out of her asshole, the weight on the bed
lessened and she turned to see the naked Asian frowning.

-----"I am sorry," she said,"But we must go now, it is soon Sultan's
time with us."

-----Ivy sat up and Sing slipped of the bed, she turned and smiled
at Ivy, then stepped forward and hugged her, they kissed briefly,
then turned to face the bars. The handlers opened them and the two
Chinese stepped out and walked away, the handlers stepped aside and
Ivy gasped as she saw Carmen - fully clothed again - smiling at her.

-----"Quite a show you put on detective," she said,"I haven't fucked
a man in five years, relying on my female henchmen or dildos, but
I just had to have a cock in me after seeing that performance."

-----"You fucking whore!" yelled Ivy in frustration as Carmen turned
to walk away, she turned back and smiled at her.

-----"I'm not the whore here," she grinned,"Who just let two Chinese
nymphomaniacs fuck her just for giving her a massage?"

-----Ivy screamed as the Master Thief walked away,"Oh yes, bring
her to the Sultan's helicopters, we're going to the happiest place
on Earth."

-----Florida - Disney Land

-----"Check it out, Chief," said Zak,"Ozzie is somewhere in this
place, and I mean to find him."

-----"Yeah, and a trip to Disneyland on ACME funds is no reason to
make this the number one place he's likely to go," replied the Chief,"Oh
yeah, Mr Broderbund has given me the go ahead to tell you that Ivy
is hot on Carmen's tail."

-----Zak smiled,"That's great, I just wish I knew why I wasn't allowed
on the case."

-----The Sultan's Personal Helicopter - Somewhere.

-----Carmen stood naked in front of the mirror, checking out her

-----"I've got a nice ass, don't you think?" she asked Ivy, who was
tied to the four poster bed."

-----When no answer came from the detective, Carmen smiled and said,"A
little taken aback by the opulence of the Sultan's helicopter? It
can double as a four bedroom house when it's on the ground, of course
everything has to be locked into place."

-----"What do you want from me?" yelled Ivy.

-----"What do you think?" replied Carmen, she grabbed her breasts
as she faced the mirror and looked them over critically,"No sagging
yet, thank goodness."

-----"If you expect to take advantage of me've got
another thing coming!"

-----Carmen laughed,"My we think highly of ourselves," she slipped
a thong on and examined her bikini line,"Don't need a trim just yet,
but I'm getting a little hairy......"

-----"You mean to tell me that you took advantage of me for no reason...."

-----"Oh no, I admit you were a good fuck, even a great one....but
quite simply I'm too busy right now to give you another orgasm...."
Ivy fumed at that,"So I thought that I'd pick out a costume for my


-----"Didn't I tell you?" Carmen asked herself, slipping on a extremely
tight white top that clearly showed her breasts through the sheer

-----"No, what holiday?"

-----Carmen struggled into a pair of denim shorts a nine year old
would have had trouble getting into,"We're everyone goes after winning
big......I'm going to Disneyland!"

-----Florida - Disneyland.

----------Ozzie growled at the monitor,"What? I bought him here to
keep him occupied."

-----"Da, da, I know," replied Mr Chips,"But there was an unexpected
complication and they've moved to the secondary location at Disneyland."

-----"Crikey dick!" muttered Ozzie,"Okay, I'll try and get his attention
and take him to New York? How about that?"

-----"Fine, but do it quick, Carmen would have arrived by now."

-----" the way, is your first name fresh?"

-----"What? no.......oh wait, I get it....very funny asshole!"

-----Ozzie laughed as he cut the connection, turning around he put
the Mickey Mouse head back on and suddenly Mickey was grinning down
at an unconscious man,"Sorry fella, but I need this more than you

-----Ivy looked around at the tunnel, something wasn't right about

-----"It's fake," said Carmen with a smile,"Everything in Disneyland
is, a fake designed to fool the morons into believing there is something

-----"My, aren't we cynical," stated Ivy with a little grin,"Just
at odds with the world!"

-----"I'm not the one naked," she said with a grin,"If you'll excuse
me, I'm going to go ride Mystery Mountain."

-----"Queues here are terrible," joked Mickey Mouse, coming up behind

-----She turned and smiled,"I recognize that voice, Ozzie?"

-----"The one and same, where are all the slaves?"

-----"Moved on already, the Sultan decided it was dangerous to have
all his eggs in one basket, why are you here?"

-----"I came to warn you Zak is here......" he stopped and looked
down at Ivy's naked body,"Ivy?"

-----"I'll explain later."

-----"Yeah, well I'm going to move him on, but I wanted to warn you

-----"I'm not worried, I'll go out."

-----"Aren't you worried he'll see your face?"

-----She smiled,"Look at my clothes, you can see my tits and my shorts
are rapidly being devoured by my ass, do you think anyone is going
to see my face?"

-----Mickey saluted and started off, Carmen turned to Ivy, who was
handcuffed directly to one of the underground tunnel's pipes,"Don't
go anywhere......oh by the way, there's a dildo in the desk drawer
over there, you should just be able to reach it if you walk along
the pipe and stretch, I might consider letting you go if you fuck
yourself up the ass with it."

-----Ivy lashed out, trying to hit the worlds most wanted criminal,
but she easily ducked aside,"Consider it Ivy, from what I saw with
Che, you enjoy a good buttfuck."

-----She walked away, and Ivy felt a great deal of anger and shame,
directed at herself, because she couldn't help but stare at her ass
as she walked away.

-----Zak leaped after Ozzie, who had 'accidentally' lifted Mickey's
head to reveal his own.

-----"Stop that mouse!" he cried and several onlookers laughed, thinking
it was a comedy bit.

-----"Try and catch me asshole!" cried Mickey in an Australian accent
and several mothers shrieked in dismay. Mickey rushed around the
corner and smashed head on into Donald Duck, who fell to the ground.

-----"Watch where you're going," yelled Ozzie/Mickey, Donald turned
and stared, and despite his eternal smile several people dashed into
shops to avoid what was clearly going to be a confrontation.

-----"Watch where I'm going?" yelled Donald,"Listen to me, just because
you're Mickey fucking Mouse doesn't mean you can rush around knocking
me over!"

-----"What?" cried Mickey, looking around for Zak.

-----"You look at me when I'm fucking talking to you," screamed Donald,
a fist lashed out and smacked Mickey over. No one seemed to take
any note of a screaming, swearing Donald Duck, but as soon as he
hit Mickey, several people rushed over.

-----"What'd you hit Mickey Mouse for?" one man yelled.

-----"Let him hit Mickey, I always hated that arrogant fuck," yelled

-----"Come on, Donald would never hit anyone, sure he gets steamed

-----"....Donald could take Mickey any day......"

-----"......Goofy would go down like a ton of bricks..."

-----" kidding me, that witch, she could beat them all....."

-----"......what the fuck is Goofy anyway?"

-----Zak arrived in time to see Mickey trying to crawl away, Donald
Duck sat atop him punching him in the back of the head. About fifteen
people were having a loud conversation over Goofy's breed.

-----"Player, C5 me two enforcers!"

-----The familiar blue corridor opened and two large men arrived,
they looked around and saw Mickey's head fall off, revealing Ozzie.
They quickly grabbed him and rushed him back through the C5.

-----"Well done," said the Chief,"Coming home?"

-----"No," replied Zak with a smile,"Think I'll enjoy myself a little

-----Ivy screamed out in pain, stopping, she relaxed herself, then
pushed again, again the incredible pain, but slightly less now.

-----The dildo was in fact huge, and getting it up her ass was proving
almost more difficult than it was worth.

-----"My oh my!" came a voice, she opened her eyes and saw Carmen
eyeing her appreciatively.

-----"Carmen, I should know better, but I'm taking you at your word....."

-----"...because you have no other choice," finished Carmen,"It's
this or a life of slavery," she sat down,"Go ahead, I want you to
fuck yourself with that thing, when I'm satisfied, you have my word
I'll release you."


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