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Carmen Sandiego

The Sultan and The Seductress

Chapter 2

By Dimitri

-----Brunsei - Palace of the Sultan - Training Rooms.

-----It had been over a week of the same for Hallie, Carmen would
come in in the morning, watch as the young girl was spoon fed her
breakfast, then get straight to business, performing oral sex on
the eighteen year old until she came to the brink of orgasm, then
stopping to read for five or so minutes. Then she would return to
Hallie and pick right up where she left off. Hallie was given breaks
for lunch and dinner, and around eight in the evening Carmen would
leave, a blanket would be placed over Hallie and the girl would lie
awake for hours, wishing she could get a hand free to wank herself.
It had been a week of almost constant sexual arousal, and she still
had not been able to orgasm, because Carmen had told her on the third
day she would only be permitted that pleasure if she gave the Prince

a blowjob. The Prince showed up everyday of the week to watch, each
day his cock seemed to stay hard all day, and he would fuck the brains
out of a selected whore later that night, only to return the next
day to watch again. It was three hours into this - the seventh day
- when Hallie began to show signs of losing control over her ideals.
Her breathing had once more reached a fever pitch, the red head's
body was coated in sweat, it dripped from her breasts, her hair,
her legs and of course her pussy. Her vagina was indeed soaking
with a combination of sexual juices, sweat and Carmen's saliva.

cried Hallie,"I've got to cum!"

-----Carmen pulled away once more and Hallie screamed in anger and

-----"Quiet," replied Carmen,"Would you like to cum?"

-----"YES!" screamed Hallie, her eyes wide in almost manic need.

-----"Then suck his dick!" she said, pointing at the Prince.

-----Hallie faltered for a second, looking in confusion at the Prince,
and then she felt Carmen's talented tongue inside of her again, she
quickly rode to the brink of orgasm and then was let down once more
as the thief pulled away.

-----"Suck his dick," said Carmen,"And I'll give you the most mind
blowing orgasm you've ever felt."

-----Hallie once more felt Carmen's mouth around her clit, and she
pleaded to be allowed even a little orgasm.

-----"Suck his dick!"

-----Hallie only hesitated several seconds, then she nodded her
head wildly.

-----"Please just let me cum," she whispered as the Prince rushed
to her, fumbling his pants down. His rock hard cock slipped loose
and he moved to guide it into her mouth, but Carmen stopped him.

-----"What is it now woman?" he cried.

-----Carmen smiled and held up a key, she released the handcuff from
around one of Hallie's wrists,"You slide it in darling," she said
with a grin, her finger sliding up Hallie's cunt.

-----The sex slave did not hesitate even slightly, she grabbed the
Prince's cock and slid her mouth over it, she had obviously never
done this before, she gagged as the first four inches filled her
mouth, her teeth instinctively began to bite down.

-----"Watch it bitch," growled the Prince and she remembered herself,
keeping just the four inches in her mouth, she began jerking of the
Prince with her free hand, as Carmen continued to finger fuck her.

-----The Prince kept his eyes fixed on Carmen's cleavage, today she
was wearing a tiny, lacy black bra, and he longed to push his cock
between those two giant mounds and cum all over her face. The thought
pushed him over the edge as he felt Hallie's tongue circling the
head of his cock, and he came with a thick grunt, several streams
of jism hitting the back of her throat. She gagged again, but when
the Prince made no sign of pulling his cock loose, she swallowed
the cum and sucked his clean.

-----"Good girl, wasn't so hard was it," said Carmen and instantly
bent over and began tongue fucking the girls cunt. The Prince stepped
back and put away his steadily deflating member. The other guards
stood at full attention, sweat beading down their faces, their rock
hard cocks straining against the material of their pants, trying
desperately to get at the pussy so close by.

-----Hallie screamed in pleasure and her body seemed to buck, as
if she had been given a massive electric shock, Carmen grabbed her
around the ass cheeks and sucked at her bald cunt lips, her tongue
darting in and out. Hallie made several, smaller bucking motions,
then seemed to collapse - a self satisfied smile on her face. Carmen
slipped away and sat up on her knees, she looked at the eighteen
year old girl and smiled a little sadly.

-----"You should be happy," grunted the Prince,"You proved your point,
she'd gladly give a blowjob to anyone now wouldn't she?"

-----"The first time is the hardest," replied Carmen,"But now she
associates it with cumming.......I'm sad because she isn't the conquest
I wanted."

-----The Prince grinned,"You have a thing for red heads? Me, I have
a thing for women with jet black hair."

-----Carmen smiled, brushing some of her own jet black hair out of
her face,"Forget it Princee, I'm out of your reach."

-----She stood up and pulled her mini skirt back on, then buckled
up her trenchcoat.

-----"How can you wear that thing in the heat?" he asked,"Don't you

-----"Oh indeed I do," she said with a smile,"It's one of my favorite
things," she walked out of the room with a little shake in her step,
knowing it would drive the Prince crazy.

-----He stood up and looked at Hallie, she had a dreamy expression
on her face and was slowly fingerfucking herself with her now free

-----"Girl, you enjoyed that?"

-----"Yeah...." she replied, sounding half asleep.

-----"Would you like to feel that sensation again?"

-----"Would I!" she said with a lazy grin.

-----"Then service my men," he said, grinning at the three guards,"And
I'll see to it that you do."

-----Hallie hesitated slightly, then smiled,"You promise?"


-----She beckoned for the three men to come, and they quickly did

-----4 Days Ago - Cairo.

-----The man was dressed all in black, he smiled lazily at Ivy while
fanning himself with a small, white paper fan.

-----"Aren't you hot?" she asked,"Don't you sweat?"

-----"Da," replied Mr Chips,"It's one of my favorite things."

-----"Let me get straight to business," she said,"I want Carmen Sandiego,
she's in Brunsei, you can get me to Brunsei."

-----"I can," he replied, he sounded bored but at least he hadn't
eyed her up like Akbar had.



-----"How do I get there?"

-----He clapped his hands together twice and suddenly all the lights
in the room went of at once, all the windows were shuttered, and
Ivy couldn't see a thing. She clapped her hands together, but nothing

-----"Sorry my dear," said Mr Chips, she could almost hear the grin,"The
only way to turn the lights on is by a voice specific command."

-----"What are you playing at?" she said,"Edging towards where his
voice had come from."

-----"Won't work that way," he said, and now it seemed he was behind
her, she whirled and lashed out with a karate kick.....nothing.

-----"The only way to Brunsei," he said from right next to her, she
lashed out and caught nothing but air,"Is through the
don't worry, I'll send you!"

-----She saw stars briefly as a billy club smacked her in the back
of the head and knocked her to the ground, then all was dark again.

-----Brunsei - 1 day ago - Buyers station.

-----"Yes, she's got a bruise......the Sultan doesn't like damaged

-----"I assure you sir, that she arrived in mint condition, the handler
will be beaten."

-----"Whatever......she has red hair, that is a bonus, I'll pay the
usual for her."

-----"But master.......the uh.....have you seen her brilliant teeth?
Her firm buttocks? Her magnificent breasts, she is a class A specimen."

-----"A bruised Class A I'll pay the usual."

-----"Agreed sir, I will have one of the handlers fingers taken off

-----"I do not care," replied the buyer and snapped his fingers,
two large men came forward and grabbed Ivy.

-----Her hands were tied behind her back, at an awkward angle so
that she was forced to press her chest forward. She was naked, so
her large breasts seemed even larger, especially considering her
amazingly skinny waist and excellent hips. One of the handlers gripped
the crook of one arm, the other reached down and grabbed hr buttocks,
she moaned in outrage from behind her ball gag as she felt her ass
cheeks spread apart, and felt hot breath on them.

-----"She bears no other marks master, and there is no sign of laser
treatment......she has not been a slave before."

-----"Excellent," replied the buyer and gripped her by the chin,
lifting her head up he peered at her eyes, then forced her mouth
open and examined her teeth,"Excellent....take her."

-----The two men grabbed her and pulled her away, the buyer called
after them,"See she get's shaven straight away, the Sultan may want
to use his special tool to break her in."

-----Ivy shook her head wildly as she was taken out to where three
camels waited, a robe was strung around her body and she was tied
to a camel, then they made off.

-----When they arrived at the palace she was instantly taken into
a small room where a short european man waited. Her robe was ripped
from her back and she was forced into a seat, her legs were spread
in the dentist type chair and tied to stirrups.

-----The man was a gynecologist she realized, he looked through a
small folder and grinned,"Her blood tests were just faxed to me from
Mr Chip's doctors, she's clean," he said,"No AIDS, no STD's of any

-----"An all American girl?" laughed one of her handlers, the European
laughed, he was French she thought, although there was something
wrong with his accent. Suddenly the dentists chair rose up in the
middle and she found her hips being forced into the air while her
arms and legs remained tied to the chair, her pussy completely exposed.
The Frenchmen grabbed up a small whirring object and she felt a
moment of panic when she thought he might hold a vibrator. The she
saw it was a razor, and felt only slightly less fear.

-----"Sit still my dear, this won't hurt a
may enjoy it!"

-----Today - Brunsei - Holding Room.

-----Ivy reflected, at least she wasn't tingling anymore. After
having her pussy shaved, and feeling the terrible embarrassment of
getting a thrill of pleasure from it.....her cunt lips had tingled
for much of the day, she had been put in this holding cell to await
her 'marking' whatever that was.

-----She heard a bit of noise and turned to see a woman being pushed
down the hallway by the same muscle bound handlers who had treated
her. She gasped as she recognized the woman - Carmen Sandiego!

-----The door opened and the handlers shoved Carmen through the door,"Here
you go bitch, we'll finish up soon enough."

-----As they walked away, they laughed crudely.

-----"Carmen?" cried Ivy, leaping from her bunk to the floor, where
Carmen lay in a heap.

-----"Ivy? Ivy is that you?"

-----Ivy could not believe the state of the worlds most wanted criminal,
lying naked on a cell floor here in the tiny country of Brunsei.

-----"Yes, my God, what happened?"

-----"They caught me a couple of days ago, I was delivering a statue
to the Sultan, I admit I stole it......when I found out a girl had
stowed away in the hopes of catching me. The Sultan claimed he was
going to add her to his harem.......THE PIG!....." she screamed.

-----"Hallie Brownsmith?" muttered Ivy,"We thought you had kidnapped

-----"Oh Ivy no...." gasped Carmen, sitting up on the bunk,"I've
done a lot of things that I'm not proud of.......but nothing like
white slavery. When I told the Sultan I was returning Hallie home....he
had his men grab me, then he claimed he was going to make me join
his white slavery!"

-----"Carmen I'm sorry," gasped Ivy,"How did he catch you, you've
always been a match for us."

-----"I've been friends with the Sultan ten years!" Carmen cried,"Back
when he was a struggling merchant in Brunei, I didn't suspect a thing....this
was the one place I could always count on to be safe."

-----Ivy sat back, she was having trouble looking Carmen in the face,
her eyes dropping to the thief's large tits, bigger even than Ivy's
own....which were quite frankly huge, so she dropped down lower and
noticed Carmen's cunt, while not hairy.....was unshaved.

-----"'re not shaved?"

-----"No," replied Carmen,"The Sultan has his women shaved before
he has sex with them.....women with jet black hair are his least he's saving me for later."

-----"What do they 'marking'?" Ivy asked tentatively.

-----Carmen frowned,"I'll show you," she got on all fours in front
of Ivy, the ACME Detective was a little shocked at the position,
until she noticed the Carmen's firm asscheeks, pulled apart, revealed
a small SB.


-----"Sultan of Brunsei....original huh?" she looked around as if
she feared listeners,"Ivy....can you contact the Chief or Player?"

-----Ivy shook her head,"My wrist communicator on my watch was gone
when I awoke on the plane to Brunsei, as far as they know....I'm
still in Cairo."

-----"I'm......I'm scared," whispered Carmen,"Ivy.....would...would
you hold me?"

-----Ivy smiled,"Of course Carmen," she said and reached out to embrace
the Thief, who smiled brightly up at a dark corner of the ceiling.

-----"Both their bodies are fantastic," muttered the Prince,"How
I long for the Seductress's body."

-----"Patience my brother," whispered the Sultan,"Carmen has promised
us a show beyond our wildest dreams."

-----"Is she really marked?"

-----"No," laughed the Sultan,"I'd like to meet the man who could
forcibly mark Carmen Sandiego!"

-----Ivy was getting hot, or maybe just flustered. Her and Carmen's
breasts had mashed themselves between each other, and she had felt
her nipples go immediately erect. Carmen was rubbing her arms up
and down Ivy's back - apparently for warmth - and they occasionally
strayed down to her lower back, nearly to her buttocks, and the Detective
would feel a thrill of anticipation - anticipation of what she didn't
know - race through her body. The main thing though, was that Carmen's
constant movements was causing friction between their tits, and it
was fairly clear that Ivy was not the only one getting turn on.

-----Carmen's tits were surprisingly firm for their size, and when
erect became doubly so. The two beautiful woman were now both moving
their bodies against each other, feeling their breasts rub hard against
the others. Carmen bent her neck down and lightly bit into the side
of Ivy's neck, surprising the detective but thrilling her as well.
Carmen moved her mouth up the side of Ivy's neck, lightly kissing
her neck.

-----"I just need," whispered Carmen,"To feel safe and secure."

-----Ivy opened her mouth to say something - she didn't know what,
maybe a protest, maybe an encouragement - when Carmen moved forward
and locked lips with the twenty one year old Detective, her tongue
slipping inside and exploring Ivy's mouth.

-----It was quite simply the most incredible kiss that Ivy had ever
experienced and she returned it with passion, her own tongue slipping
past Carmen's and into her mouth. She slid her arms up and ran them
through Carmen's hair, then lowered them down her back and grabbed
her asscheeks, squeezing them tightly. Carmen lowered Ivy to the
bunk breaking the kiss she smiled and whispered,"That was incredible,"
then she kissed her again and began to run her body up and down against
Ivy's, their tits pushing against each other, their pussy's trying
vainly to connect despite the hips and thighs in the way. Carmen
slid slightly to the side so her thigh rested against Ivy's cunt,
and vice versa. Then she began to rub up and down again, their shapely
long legs stimulating each others erect clits. Carmen broke her
kiss with Ivy, a thin stream of saliva between their lips, and lowered
her open mouth to her neck, kissing her there briefly, letting the
saliva run down Ivy's neck, she continued on, sliding her wet mouth
down to Ivy's large breasts and sucking on her nipples. As she did
so she had to move her leg at an angle to keep it between Ivy's soaking
cuntlips, and the Detective did the same, raising her leg so that
it remained between Carmen's dripping pussy.

-----The two began to move faster now, sliding up and down, Carmen
sat straight up, watching with a grin as Ivy's tit's bounced up and
down, her own did so to, bouncing up and down as she rubbed her now
wet thigh against Ivy's cuntlips. She whirled suddenly, assuming
a 69 position she buried her face between Ivy's legs and began grinding
against the red heads bare pussy lips.

-----Ivy, in turn, grabbed Carmen's ass and began to make quick darting
motions with her tongue into Carmen's cunt. She was unable to keep
it up for too long however, taking constant breaks to squeal in pleasure
and enjoy Carmen's oral attentions.

-----Carmen saw the predicament and lowered her ass slightly, allowing
Ivy to bury her face in her cunt. Each time Ivy screamed in pleasure,
Carmen received the brunt of the cry, and Ivy constantly jabbered
out, meaning her chin was rubbing against Carmen's clit.

-----They came within seconds of each other, Ivy screamed out and
bucked her hips wildly, Carmen finding it difficult to hold on, then
collapsed back onto the bed. Then Carmen came - a gusher - her juices
spilling all over Ivy's face, running into her mouth, down her cheeks,
through her hair, coating her in it. Carmen collapsed and rolled
of Ivy. The two lay panting on the bunk together, after a little
bit Carmen had the strength to sit up and kiss Ivy, tasting her own
cum in the Detective's mouth.

-----"I've been wanting to do that for a long time now," she laughed,
standing up.

-----Ivy grinned weakly,"Wish I could say the same, but now I'll
be looking forward to another chance."

-----Carmen ran a finger down Ivy's body, pausing briefly to circle
a nipple, and again to rub Ivy's clit,"Next time will be under different
circumstances," she said,"I've sweated so much my fake mark will
be coming off."

-----"What?" asked Ivy, puzzled.

-----Carmen reached between her asscheeks and pulled away a small
bit of plastic with the faded mark 'SB' on it.

-----"What the hell?" started Ivy, Carmen ignored her, walking to
the bars, she grabbed the door and pulled it open, then slammed it

-----"Lock 3!" she yelled and the electronic lock engaged, Ivy realized
the door had never been locked.

-----The two handlers appeared and handed Carmen her familiar red
overcoat, she slipped it on and smiled at Ivy,"Thanks for the fuck
Ivy, maybe I'll screw you later, if you're not to busy getting done
up the ass or sucking someone's cock!" she walked away laughing,
Ivy stood at the bars, a look of pure shock on her face.

-----The Prince collapsed onto his chair,"Well."

-----"Well," echoed the Sultan.


-----The Sultan laughed,"The Seductress is a grade A bitch, I'll
give her that, I'm so horny I could do my entire harem."

-----The Prince shook his head in wonder,"I must have her," he said.

-----"The red head?" muttered the Sultan,"She is mine first."

-----"No," replied the Prince, a dangerous look coming into his eyes,"I will have Carmen Sandiego!"

-----France - The Louvre

-----Zak tried unsuccessfully to stop laughing.....he failed.

-----"Shut up you horrible urchin!" cried Cella Lulose, one of Carmen's.....larg

-----"I'm sorry Cella, but you look so........stupid!"

-----The 320 pound woman was stuck in a large hole that several of
Carmen's machines had created, but the hole had not been large enough.

-----"Okay," said Officer Cassidy, an Interpol man,"How do we get
her out?"

-----"Make a bigger hole?" laughed Zak?

-----"No!" gasped the curator in shock,"You will undermine the whole
foundation of the building!"

-----Zak and Officer Cassidy were almost in tears from laughing,
Cella fumed angrily and waited as an enterprising young policeman
rushed to find some oil or butter.

-----Cairo - Office of Mr Chips

-----Mr Chips flipped the wristwatch into the air, catching it easily,
it slipped it into a drawer as a young man entered his office.

-----"Mr Chips sir, the information you requested has become available."


-----"The ACME Detective Zak will be predisposed with getting Ms
Lulose out of her hole for several hours."

-----"Excellent, set up another crime just afterwards, Carmen wants
to keep the interfering little bastard out of things."

-----The man nodded and left the Office.

-----Brunsei - Garden's of Contemplation.

-----Ivy couldn't believe her luck.

-----The Handler had brought her food and had not closed the cell
door properly. When he called for the cell to be locked it had released
the deadbolt, but had not sealed tight.

-----Now she found herself in an incredibly green garden, unfortunately,
the walls were extremely high. She looked around until finally she
saw just what she needed - a tree.

-----She considered herself an expert on most plants and trees, but
did not recognize this one, much like a palm tree it had a thin,
long trunk culminating in large, frondlike leafs at the top. But
the bark was a moist, firm substance, that seemed to be glued on
in flakes rather than a continuous layering. She was of course,
entirely naked, but she'd cross that bridge when she came to it,
first she had to get out of this madhouse. Wrapping her arms around
the tree, she pulled herself up.

-----Her nipples reacted instantly, as they brushed against the bark,
they became erect and sent a thrill through her entire body, she
ignored it as she wrapped her legs around the tree and tried to pull
herself up higher. Now it was her clits turn as her little love
button brushed against the bark and caused her body to buck, making
her slide back down to the base.

-----"Goddamit!" she muttered and tried again, sliding herself up
the tree, ignoring the sensations rushing through her body.

-----Carmen watched through the hidden camera, she turned and smiled
at the Sultan.

-----"What do you think?"

-----"It is an enjoyable picture......but I want to know why you
feel it is so important I do not fuck her?"

-----"In a case like Ivy's, it's important to break her first, humiliate
her, play mindgames."

-----"Will it make my screw more enjoyable?"

-----Carmen sighed,"Yes Sultan....extremely."

-----Ivy was now halfway up the tree, and she felt like she was going
to explode. The moist yet firm bark was having a strange reaction
with her body, causing incredible feelings to rush through her body,
she once more drove her body up, her cunt grinding against trunk,
her breathing becoming faster and faster.......she gasped for air
as she found herself nearing the top.........then she came, her juices
immediately reacting with the moist bark and causing her to slide
back to the base of the trunk. She collapsed onto the ground and
lay panting.

-----The two handlers arrived, picking her up she was powerless to
resist and they tied her to the tree, so her arms and legs were once
more bound around it, and her tits and cunt rested against the bark.
Then the handlers walked away, one of them pinching her ass as they
did so.

-----"Hello," came a voice.

-----Ivy managed to turn her head and saw a naked young girl looking
at her. She was about eighteen, and like Ivy had red hair.....she
looked a little familiar.

-----"Hallie Brownsmith?" gasped Ivy, recognizing the girl at last.

-----"That used to be my name, the boss likes to call me Cynthia."

-----"The Boss?"

-----"The Prince.....he likes to be called the boss."

-----"Hallie, untie me, we'll get out of here."

-----"Oh I can't do that," laughed Hallie,"The nice lady promised
to give me another orgasm if I made you cum."

-----"What? What the hell are....." Ivy broke off as the nude eighteen
year old approached, she slipped her arms around Ivy's waist and
kissed her lightly on the neck,"Of course, if you promise to eat
me out....I might let you free."

-----Ivy couldn't believe what was happening, Hallie had been an
ordinary young girl two weeks ago.

-----"Well? Will you do it?"

-----"Do what?"

-----"Eat me out, suck on my clitty, lick my lips......?"

-----"You'll have to let me go first," Ivy murmured, hoping beyond

-----"I will," replied Hallie,"But first you have to say,'I'll do
it, I'll lick your slit and chew your clit till you cum your brains
out,' and you gotta say it sexy, kay?"

-----Ivy gulped, then nodded.

-----"Say it."

-----Ivy whispered something unintelligible.

-----"Louder, so I can hear it."

-----Ivy smiled falsely, then said as sexily as she could,"Come on
baby, you let me go and I'll lick you slit and chew your clit until
you fucking cum your brains out."

-----Hallie grinned,"The nice lady told me that if I got you to say
that she'd let me suck the bosses cock."

-----"What!" cried Ivy, Hallie smiled and walked around to her side.

-----"Pity, I'd love to see your face buried in my lap," she sighed
and straddled the side of Ivy's thigh,"You have a beautiful body,
and you're so good looking......I could just eat you up."

-----Ivy felt a wet trail as Hallie rubbed her cunt up and down Ivy's
leg, then the girl did something even stranger. Grabbing Ivy by
the head, she began to lick up and down Ivy's face, her tongue licking
the detective's lips, her nose, cheeks and eyes, then she lowered
down and began to suck on her neck. Despite herself, Ivy could feel
her already aroused cunt tense up.

-----The young girl stepped behind the ACME Detective and grabbed
both her asscheeks.

-----"You have a fantastic ass," she whispered,"I would kill for
an ass like yours," then she began to rub her crotch up and down
against Ivy's firm ass, her tits pressing against Ivy's back. This
forced the captive redhead to rub up and down against the tree, and
again the trunk's secretions created a reaction within her.

-----"Stop.....please stop...." gasped Ivy,"I can't......take......take....I
can't....oooohhhhhh.....please no.....I can't stand much more.........ahhhhhh...
she came hard, her juices causing the trunk to grow slicker, she
slid down to the very bottom, so that she sat with her legs spread
in a circle around the trunk.

-----Hallie stepped around to face Ivy, her bare cuntlips right in
her face. She grabbed her by the head once more and forced her mouth
against her cuntlips. Ivy's protests were muffled by the eighteen
year olds pubic free snatch being pressed against her.

-----"Hallie!" cried a voice,"Stop that!"

-----Hallie reluctantly pulled free, Ivy gasped for breath.

-----Carmen took Hallie by the hand,"Come my dear, I'll give you
what I promised," Hallie happily went along with the thief and the
handlers returned to take Ivy back to her cell. They had to drag
her along, she was too exhausted to walk.

-----ACME Headquarters.

-----The Chief tried once more to get into contact with Ivy, once
more he failed.

-----"Gee.....I don't know....where is she?" he muttered to himself,"She
should still be in Cairo according to my readings....but she isn't!"

-----"Help you Chief?" came a voice, the Artificially Intelligent
Computer jerked his head up and found himself facing a tallish man
dressed all in black.

-----"Who the heck are you?"

-----"Can you say hell, Chief?" asked the man with a impish grin,"Or
is that beyond your programming parameters."

-----"Wha...? Hey, how'd you get in here?"

-----"Ppphhf," ppphhfed the man in black,"I walked want
to know where Ivy is or what?"

-----"What do you know about Ivy?" asked the Chief suspiciously.

-----"Enough to know that this watch can be used to open a C5 corridor
to ACME Headquarters in case of emergency."

-----"That's Ivy's watch!"

-----"Exactly," the man in black said with a grin, he threw the watch
onto the Chief's control panel,"Her co-ordinates are in one of the
databases inside the watch......oh yes, tell Zak that he needs to
upgrade security again.......override A172, C5 corridor to Cairo,"
a small blue tunnel opened in the air and he stepped into it, disappearing
from the room.

-----"Well I'll be a monkey's uncle," muttered the Chief, staring
at the wrist watch, his face on screen changed to an orangutans.

-----Cairo - Office of Mr Chips.


-----Mr Chips smiled,"It's all taken care of, with any luck, you'll
have Carmen in chains by tonight."

-----"I may take a whip to her after having her the first time,"
muttered the Prince to himself,"Well done Mr Chips, enjoy your bonus."

-----"Oh I intend to," he said and switched of the monitor, he turned
to the next one and smiled at the person on screen,"Did you get that?"

-----"I did indeed," laughed Carmen Sandiego,"Well done, I hope you
enjoy your other bonus?"

-----Mr Chip's looked at the picture of Hallie he had been faxed
and smiled,"I intend to."

-----Brunsei - Harem.

-----The Sultan walked among his women, looking this way and that
for one in particular.

-----"Esmerelda? Where are you?" he yelled.

-----There was a rustling from behind some curtains, he strode angrily
towards them, the beautiful woman of his harem leaping out of the
way. He pulled the curtains aside and stared in anger at Esmerelda.
She was half naked and was slipping into her robes, another harem
girl - Melanie - lay spread-eagled on the various cushions, cum dripping
from her face, fingers shoved into her shaven vagina.

-----"Esmerelda, you are insatiable!" he roared.


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