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Date: 10/18/2007

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, graphic violence, voyurism, female solo sex,
female/female sex

Pairing: Stella/f

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Category: Slash

Summary: As soon as she arrives at the scene of a homicide, Stella takes a
look at the victim's dead body and shockingly discovers that the victim was
her only lesbian lover.

Other Notes: This AU story has a scene from the episode entitled 'Run Silent,
Run Deep' in it and is based on the Playmate of the Month pictorial of Arlene
Baxter -- who I had chosen for the role of Jessica Macpherson -- in the
December 1993 issue of Playboy Magazine.

Dedications: None so far.

CSI - New York: From Her Past
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It was on a nice and warm afternoon on the 18th day of the month of October
that a detective of the New York City Police Department's own Crime Scene
Investigation Unit known as Stella Bonasera was driving her car over to the
scene of a latest homicide case at a brownstone apartment building that was
close to the Big Apple's own Central Park.

And as soon as she had arrived at that very building and noticed that an
ambulance and a small squad of NYPD patrol-cruisers were already there, a
curious Stella had gotten herself out of her car, walked over to the police
blockade and showed her badge to one of the uniformed officers, who -- in
turn -- had allowed her to pass and walk closer to the brownstone.

And after she had stepped into that building, Stella had walked herself
towards the NYPD CSI Unit's head investigator known as Detective Mac Taylor,
who had looked at his watch and said, "Just like always, Stella. You right
on time. Both Danny and Sheldon are bringing the latest murder victim down
the stairs right now."

But just as soon as a confused Stella was about to ask Mac what was he
talking about, both Detective Danny Messer and Doctor Sheldon Hawkes had
followed two men from the medical examinor's office down the stairs with
a covered-up dead corpse on a girney and stopped themselves right in front
of both Mac and Stella just in time for the team's head investigator to
remove the cover from the deceased victim's face and say, "Say 'hello' to
Miss Jessica Macpherson, who was unfortunate enough to allow the heartless
son-of-a-bitch to waltz into her apartment, only to have him rape the living
shit out of her and blast her in the chest five times with a Colt 45 Magnum
handgun before he had bolted his own ass out of here. Sheldon, you go with
the M.E. boss back to the morgue. Hopefully, you would be able to help them
find something that we had missed. Danny, you and Stella stay here and

But as soon as the NYPD CSI Unit's head investigator had turned his head
towards Stella and noticed that she was still staring at Jessica's dead body
with deep-rooted shock in her eyes, a concerned Mac has placed his gentle
hand on Stella's shoulder and asked, "Stella, what is it?Are you feeling

And after she had turned her tear-filled eyes toward Mac and noticed that
there was actual concern in his gaze, Stella has wiped the tears from her
eyes, cleared her throat and said, "I'm sorry, Mac. I really shouldn't be
on this case. I'll... see you back at the base."

But just as Mac was about to ask his fellow CSI Unit member what was really
bothering her, a saddened Stella had gotten herself back inside her car and
began driving herself towards the team's homebase, while some bit memories
of another case involving a beautiful dark-haired babe named Melanie Stefano
and one of those memories has a curious Stella looking at a half-naked
Melanie -- who was sitting on a bed at the time -- and asking, "You wear
spray-on hose, right?"

"Yes. It makes my legs look sexy. See?I don't like fishnets. They give me an
itch," that was the answer that a small-smiling Melanie had given Stella
after she had lifted her leg up in-between the CSI investigator's own legs,
only to have Stella give her a good hard look and say, "Give it up, Melanie.
I like men."

But what Melanie has been unable to realize is that it was actually an act,
for as soon as she had stepped out of the very hotel room that Melanie was
doing her 'escourt service' in, Stella has placed her hand on her chest and
let out a sigh of relief and it was because she was afraid that some deep
secret from her past was about to resurface and explode right in her face.

That was before the scene has shifted itself to an indoor garage of the NYPD
CSI Unit's homebase and Stella had placed her forehead on her car's steering
wheel and began to cry her eyes out just before she had lifted-up her head,
wiped the tears from her eyes, took a deep breath and realized that there was
something that she has got to confess to her one true friend, Mac.

And so, after she had finally gotten herself out of her car and walked
herself over to the elevator, Stella had pressed the button, stepped inside
the elevator and rode it up to the floor that Mac has gotten his office on,
only to have a new set of memories appear inside her head.

It was a year before Stella had allowed herself to be transfered to the CSI
Unit and she was just assigned to the robbery-homicide division at the time
along with a young and beautiful strawberry-blonde babe who was known as
Detective Jessica Macpherson, who was unable to take one look at Stella
without allowing a small smile to appear on her lips.

And of course, it had continued halfway throughout Stella's duration with
her old unit but that was before one Thursday evening in which both Stella
and Jessica had clocked out for the day, left the precinct house and started
walking home, only to have a small-smiling Jessica place her gentle hand on
her NYPD partner's shoulder and ask, "Say, Stella?How would you like to come
with me over to my place for a nightcap?I promise you that I wouldn't bite."

And after the two friendly partners had shared a small giggle between each
other and Stella had decided to accept her good friend's kind offer, both
she and Jessica had both arrived at the brownstome apartment building that
Jessica has been living in ever since she had recieved her detective's

Anyway, as soon as the two best friends had stepped into the apartment
that Jessica was living in, an awestruck Stella had looked around at how
wonderfully furnished her NYPD partner's place of residence was and said,
"Oooohhhh, wow! This place of yours is really beautiful, Jess. I really
mean it."

"Why thank you, Stella. So are you," that was what Jessica had said to
Stella, who had turned her curious self around in order to ask her
strawberry-blonde partner what she was talking about, only to have the
both of them give each other a deep and passionate kiss on the lips.

And after that kiss, a small-smiling Jessica has placed her gentle hand on
a startled Stella's cheek and asked, "Well, Stella? Would you like to see
how beautiful my bedroom is?" only to have a somewhat-reluctant Stella
slowly nod her head in response to that question and the both of them to
place themselves inside the bedroom, where they had stripped off all of
their clothes and stared at each other's bare-ass naked bodies.

And then, after Jessica had started pumping two of her fingers in and out
of her hot, wet pussy and carressing her own tits with the other hand and
Stella had started doing the same thing, the strawberry-blonde babe has
moved herself closer to her NYPD partner and began licking all over her
nude body -- all the way down to her hot, moist snatch and carressing her
firm breasts.

Then, after Stella had placed her hands on Jessica's bare shoulders, slowly
licked her lips and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Jess! Touch
me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!" the two NYPD babes had
laid their nude bodies down on the floor and Jessica had turned herself
around and allowed her partner to start licking on her hot and steamy cunt,
which had caused Stella to suddenly realize that she was able to experience
the one thing that she had never experienced with another woman before, for
she was experiencing pure and untamed erotica... and enjoying every minute of

Just then, after Jessica had placed herself in front of Stella and started
rubbing their pussies against each other, the future CSI Unit member has
placed one of her hands on her own tits and the other hand on the
strawberry-blonde babe's silky-smooth naked thigh, causing a
sexually-energized Jessica to place one of her hands on Stella's silky-smooth
naked thigh and the other hand on her bare arm and yell at the top of her

And then, after the two newfound lesbian lovers had started moving themselves
harder and faster and their lovemaking has finally arrived at the Big Apple
itself, both Stella and Jessica had came and collapsed due to exhaustion and
fell asleep with their naked arms in a lover's embrace.

But that was before the very next day in which Stella had gotten herself
dressed, placed a note next to a still-sleeping Jessica, given her friend and
partner a gentle kiss on the cheek and left the apartment, while Jessica was
still sleeping next to the note that had said, "Jessica -- I really am sorry
to leave you like this but I really don't think that we should be seen
together, because I'm afraid that the NYPD top brass would really have a
blow-out over it. And besides, I personally do believe that it was just a
momentary lapse in judgement. I hope that you would understand and there
would be no hard feelings. See you. -- Stella."

That was before the scene had shifted itself over to Mac's office at the NYPD
CSI Unit's home base, which was where Stella was waiting for Mac to return in
order to get the secret about her only lesbian experience off her chest.

And sure enough, as soon as Mac had stepped into his office, sat himself down
at his desk, took a deep breath and said, "Well, we were able to find the
son-of-a-bitch, who happens to be our homicide victim's former NYPD partner
and had shot himself dead in the face with his own gun as soon as we had
cornered him. So, am I suppossed to take the fact that you're sitting here in
my office that you're finally allowing yourself to tell me what was really
bothering you?", Stella had let out a sigh, gotten himself up from her seat
and answered, "As a matter-of-fact, Mac. The answer is yes. I finally am
going to tell you." just before she had closed the door in order for her to
tell it to Mac... and Mac alone.



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