CSI: Sara and Nick, Two of a Kind (MF,cons,rom)
by Spiderguy

Sara Sidle and Nick Stokes were driving back to the Las Vegas Crime Lab after
being North of Las Vegas in one of the many deserted towns that populate that
part of Nevada.

They had been sent there by Gil Grissom to investigate what had appeared to
be a crime scene, but had actually turned out to be an abandoned car.

The managed to make it to a small town about 50 miles north of Las Vegas,
then their car began to act up and didn't want to run right.

Luckily there was a service station and Nick managed to make it into it, and
after the attendant checked the car out, he told them it had a bad fuel pump,
and he could replace it, but he had to get a new one form his supplier, and
wouldn't be able to until the next day.

Sara called and spoke to Grissom and explained the situation to him and told
him there was a motel at the edge of town, and they would stay there and be
back when the car got fixed.

They walked the short distance to the motel and were told there was only one
room left, so they decided to share it. After they checked in, they went to
the room, and both of them stopped just inside the door and saw that there
was only one bed.

They looked at each other and both were clearly a little ill at ease, but
since it was the only room available in the only motel in town, they really
had no choice.

Sara looked at Nick and with a slight grin, said, "I'll flip you to see who
gets the bed and who gets the sofa?"

Nick grinned and said, "Naw, that's all right, you can have the bed."

They washed up and went to the dinner and had supper and were talking about a
case they were working on when they were sent on the side trip, and by the
time they finished eating, both of them admitted they were tired, so they
went back to the room to relax.

Neither of them had any other clothes other than what they were wearing, and
Sara crawled into bed and pulled the cover up over her and removed her
clothes and dropped them on the floor, as Nick did the same on the sofa.

Once they were settled in, Sara turned the light off on the night stand and
they tried to get to sleep.

Nick had managed to just about fall to sleep when suddenly as he turned over
on the sofa, there was a snapping noise, and suddenly he felt like he had
been stabbed in his butt.

He quickly jumped up with a yell, and Sara turned the light on, and Nick saw
that a spring had broken in the sofa and had come up through the fabric and
that is what had stuck him.

Sara sat up in bed and asked what the problem was, and Nick pointed at the
sofa and said, "Spring broke in the sofa and...."

He turned to look at Sara as he was talking, and suddenly the words froze in
his mouth. Sara was sitting up in bed, watching him calmly with the covers
dropped in her lap, but what surprised Nick was that she was naked.

He quickly turned his back and stammered, "Oh gee Sara, I'm sorry."

Sara frowned, "What are you sorry for?" Then she realized that her being
naked had embarrassed Nick. She grinned slightly as she pulled the cover up
to her neck and said, "Sorry didn't mean to startle you like that. I always
sleep in the nude, I didn't think."

Nick nodded slightly and glanced back and had a slight grin and said, "It's
just you caught me by surprise is all."

Sara leaned to the side slightly and she could see the spring sticking up in
the sofa, and said, "Oooo, you're not going to be able to sleep on the sofa
with it like that." She paused a second and then said, "If you want to share
the bed, I don't mind, it's big enough for both of us." And she slid to the
side as she said that.

Nick caught his breath, and for a second he almost accepted, but said, "Naw,
thanks, but I better sleep on the floor."

Sara frowned, "The floor is hard and you won't be comfortable. Come on, I
don't mind, we'll share the bad. I mean we're both grown adults, we can share
a bed without meaning we have to mess around or anything."

Nick was getting slightly red in the face, and Sara saw this and smiled
slightly, "Does that bother you Nick?"

He swallowed and nodded his head, "To tell you the truth, yeah, I would be a
little embarrassed...ah, not because it's you, but because..."

She was still smiling and said, "Is ti because I'm naked in bed."

He quickly nodded, and said, "Yeah, that's it. If you put your underwear on,
then I might..."

Sara had her head tipped and softly said, "Sorry, I can't do that, I don't
wear underwear."

Now Nick was really nervous and Sara could see that, so she decided to push
it with him. She threw part of the cover back and said, "Cut the nonsense and
get in bed here. I could order you to you know, I do have senority."

He licked his lips and moved to the bed and eased himself down on the edge of
the bed keeping his back to her.

As he lay down, he mumbled, "OK, but as long as we keep on our own side of
the bed, I don't want you filling a sexual harassment complaint against me.

He deliberately rolled on his side as close to the edge of the bed as he
could without falling off.

Sara looked at him with a glint in her eye and a grin on her face. "Settle
down Nick, I won't bite." Under her breath she added, "Unless you want me

Nick moved slightly and asked, "What did you just say?"

"Nothing, nothing at all. Good night Nick."

Sara was on her back, wide awake. She didn't want to go to sleep, just yet,
and fought the sleepiness that was trying to overtake her. She brought one
hand up and began playing with her nipples, squeezing, twisting and
stretching them in an attempt to stay awake.

She slid her other hand across her belly and spread her legs slightly and
began rubbing her clit. It wasn't long before she had to bite her lip to keep
from moaning and then could feel herself begin to squirm. Try as hard as she
could, she couldn't hold still.

It wasn't long before she was plunging her fingers in and out of herself as
hard and as fast as she could. She was barely aware of the bed moving and
then heard a gasp beside her.

She turned her head toward Nick and opened her eyes slightly and saw him
looking at her with an expression of surprise on his face.

She managed a small grin, and managed to gasp. "Hey.... Nick... wanna...
wanna help... help me?"

She watched him swallow and he brought his hand to her chest and she felt his
hand settle on her breast and begin rubbing it and squeezing it lightly.

Now all pretense of sleep was gone, and she just wanted relief and Nick was
there to give her that relief.

He had pushed himself up on one arm and was watching in amazement as she was
playing with herself, and it seemed someone else was controlling his body as
he reached out and put his hand on her breast and began rubbing it.

He could feel his breathing getting faster as he played with Sara's breast,
then suddenly he jumped and felt like he had been shocked as he felt her
fingers wrap themselves around his already hard cock and begin pulling on it.

He swallowed ad tried to speak, but no words came out. Finally he managed to
whisper, "Sara... what do you want me to do?"

She was breathing heavily and rapidly and she managed to gasp, "...Fuck me...
Fuck me Nick... I need you... Please... fuck me!"

He licked his lips and could feel himself getting lightheaded as he heard
what she said, and he began to tremble, then he managed to get out with a
hoarse whisper, "I've never... Never... never made love to a woman before..."

When Sara heard that, she stopped. She was shivering from excitement, but
what Nick had said, shocked her.

She looked at him and blinked a few times, then with a slight grin, sotly
asked, "Are you trying to tell me you're a virgin Nick? You've never had sex
with a woman before?"

He bit his lower lip and tipped his head slightly and nodded his head

She couldn't help it, but the situation struck her funny and she snickered
slightly and tried to hide her smile, but Nick rolled onto his back and
stared up at the ceiling, and muttered with a bitter tone, "I'm glad you find
that so amusing. I am sure that when you get back you can tell everyone and
you can all have a big laugh about it."

She rolled onto her side to face him, reached out and out her hand on his
chest and softly said, "Nick, I'm not laughing because of that, it's just

He turned his head and glared at her, "Well what's so funny then?"

She stared into his eyes, then pushed her self up on and elbow and leaned
toward him slightly, then softly whispered, "I'm in the same boat you are."

He blinked a couple times confused, then he raised his eyebrows and looked at
her and asked, "You've never had sex with a man before?"

She moved her head form side to side slightly, and told him, "I have always
kept myself occupied with either school or work, and I have to admit that I
never have been able to allow myself a relationship with a man where the
situation might arise."

She leaned a little closer, and kissed him lightly on the side of the mouth,
and whispered, "This seems to be a perfect opportunity for us to help each
other, don't you think?"

His reply was to smile and take her and roll with her until he was on top of
her, and they began kissing.

It wasn't long before he was inside her and she had her legs wrapped around
his waist and they were bouncing on the bed.

She had her face shoved in his shoulder and was gasping as she begged him to
fuck her harder and faster.

* * *

After they finished, they curled up pressed against each other and with their
arms around each other. The last thing Nick remembered before dropping off to
sleep, was Sara whispering a thank you to him.

* * *

Later, after getting back to the lab, over the weeks, their fellow employees
noticed a change, for the better in them, and that they seemed to be spending
more time with each other.


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