Disclaimer: If u r under 18 don't read this. The story is pure fiction and I have not created the characters, they are from the movie, which I guess u haven't seen. The movie isn't that good but at least take a look of the lead actress as it will help your imagination and I hope enhance your pleasure. Beside the starting situation of the story is also taken from the movie.

Codes: MFFF, oral, anal, ncon

Carnival Of Souls (1998)
by Shaim Malik ([email protected])

Alex was sitting in the car in the driver's seat, lurking at her reflection in the mirror, appearing quite flattered by her looks. She was wearing a loose floral print black top and a short skirt. Lately, she was feeling very excited at the prospect of a fresh beginning, leaving all her fears behind her.

Suddenly, out of horror her heart skipped a beat as she felt that she saw someone in the backseat of the car through the mirror. She turned back instinctively to see that no one was there. As she took a sigh of relief thinking it was her imagination, someone from behind placed a hand round her neck. It scared the shit out of her. She tried to struggle in order to loosen his grip on her neck and prevent him from choking her. After an instant he let go of her neck as Alex knelt on the steering wheel to take breath and analyze her grave situation. It was Louis sitting in the backseat, the ugly monster who raped and killed her mother. So the devil she had been fearing all her life has returned.

Her mind went blank and she wasn't able to think anything, as Louis made her recline in the seat and ran his hand over her beautiful face and fixed her now messed up hair.

He pulled out the gun and asked her to open her mouth, which she obliged.
"Did u miss me, Alex?" asked Louis to which Alex didn't reply. "I'm not sure how long I would be able to stay in the car without pulling the trigger," after he had placed the gun in her mouth.

Alex was very terrified as she started to drive without offering any resistance whatsoever.

"You have grown up, Alex. You are almost a lady now and very sexy," as he
placed his gun on her breast and used it to raise her frock and get a view of those beautiful melons she had been hiding from everyone so far.

"I bet there are thousands of boys dreaming about getting there hands on them," said Louis staring at her beautiful breasts and large nipples as Alex sat stiffly in her seat, terrified.

He then to a seat and ordered her to take a right turn. "20 years is a long time. You might have forgotten me but I can assure you, not a day went by when I didn't think about you' and he again gripped her neck via his wrist."

"We are going to a familiar place, Alex. Drive as I tell you," as he made way for his hand into her frock while placing his mouth on her neck. He was fondling her breast quite roughly which made Alex very embarrassed. She thought about driving the car into the river.

Just as she was thinking about it Louis informed her that her younger sister was also his captive tied in the dark room in his house, alone. After hearing it she changed her mind and decided to do whatever he wanted her to do, as she didn't want her sister to die such a dreadful way.

He kept instructing her on the directions while he was playing on her jugs. "Do you know, what's the worst part about jail?" asked Louis as he got a hold of her large nipple with his thumb and forefinger. "You don't get women there, and when you got to spend it in solitary cell you don't get men either. Everyday I used to think about your mother to masturbate. I bet I deserve to have you as a prize for all the sacrifices I made," as he pressed her nipples and asked her to stop the car and get out.

She slowly got out of the car and Louis followed her.

He asked her to move slowly towards the only house in view as far as she could see.

Alex asked him about her sister to which Louis replied that she would get her back as quickly if she does what's demanded of her. When she entered the house, she knew what was to happen to her. She knew that she was about to be raped just like her mother.

They kept moving till both of them reached a large room. There was a TV there and she saw her sister tied in a room on the TV.

"Now, you trust me...?" as he made his dick inside his pants touch her beautiful ass and to her surprise called two other men sitting in the next room.

Alex so far had been thinking that he was alone but to her horror there were other men also involved in the ploy.

Both of them entered the room. Alex looked at them in disgust and they looked at her with lust.

"Alex, meet these sexually frustrated mates of mine, Jack and Robert. And boys this is Alex," as he grabbed both her breasts over her clothes, "Ain't they beautiful?" as he pulled her frock slightly to make them see her partially covered melons.

Alex noticed them pulling down their pant and playing with their dicks.

"You beautiful chicks use to have fun with whoever you want and look at us with disgust when we approached you..." said one of the three who was short and had moustache and had a bloated belly.

"Cuz we are ugly...?" asked the other one who was of average height, fat and bald. He had abnormal teeth.

"C'mon boys don't be angry on her, she isn't like them, are you Alex?" said Louis still playing with her breasts with one of his hand and running his other hand gently over her face and slowly enjoying the warmth of her body.

"She will please us with all her effort," and he let go of her breast and joined the other men in the room as they removed each and every piece of clothing from their body.

They were playing with their dicks staring at Alex like hungry vultures while Alex was staring at the ground without having the courage to look at them. Her heart was thumping in her chest. She was feeling embarrassed and scared and didn't know what to do.

"Strip now Alex, let me see those beauties of yours," Louis broke the silence of the hall.

Alex was finding it very difficult to politely obey the person she hated the most, but then she pulled her frock down making them see her beautiful breast completely. Her nipple was already hard from the touch of Louis. She closed her eyes when she saw their eyes roaming over her naked juicy tits.

Robert slowly moved toward her and ripped her skirt and panties to reveal her bush. Alex still with her eyes closed and heart pumping clasped her legs together.

"Of course you don't need to wear a bra," as she felt a pair of hands grab her breasts as if weighing them one by one.

She suddenly started to sob despite not wanting to appear weak to these monsters.

"Open your eyes," she heard as she felt warm breath on her right breast and two hand running down her back and exploring their beautifully curved ass.

She opened her eyes just as she felt a tongue on her nipple. She impulsively placed her hand on his head and tried to push him away which made him put her nipples in her mouth as Alex started to realize it was one thing to think that she would be able to go through it and completely different to go through it. His hands were violently molesting her ass cheeks and he made her grasp his dick in between her thigh muscles.

He started to push her to the sofa in the corner with his mouth engulfing her nipples one by one and his hand slapping her ass. She suddenly noticed, to her horror that Jack was filming her being violated over a camera.

She pushed Robert on the sofa and rushed towards jack in order to prevent him from filming her.

Jack was laughing at her meanwhile running back from her, still filming her. "Yeah, folks will love to see your melons juggle," Jack said wickedly.

Alex crossed her hands to hide the view of her breasts, in response to which Jack in mean gesture pointed the camera suggestively toward her bush with a smirk on his face.

Alex gave up her chasing and stood sobbing in the middle of the room desperately trying to hide her nipples and bush with her hands. She gave up and looked down just as Louis and Robert came and stood next to her.

All of them were laughing at her as Robert playfully inserted his finger into her firm ass as an expression of pain and humiliation came upon he face. Jack was filming the events with complete dedication and his dick was completely erect.

Louis made her uncross her hands to let her breast in view of Jack's camera. "A little kiss for the camera," and Louis kissed her breasts and Jack ran round to get the best angle.

"Can I suck your asshole Alex," Robert asked laughing as he made her kneel and inserted another finger insert her asshole, which made Alex cry in pain as Louis forced her to stay in the position.

Robert pulled his fingers out and placed his face over her asshole and inserted his tongue inside it as Louis made way for his hand to squeeze her jiggling naked milk jugs. "Ah boy! They are soft, Alex. They are way more delicious than your mother's," and he pinched her hard nipples and kept squeezing her breast with his hard hands very roughly.

Meanwhile Robert's tongue was entering deep inside her bowels and his fingers were exploring her clitoris. Then he pulled out her tongue from her ass. He then placed his dick upon her small her hole as pulled her ass cheeks with her hands and inserted it inside Alex's body.

Alex who was no more able to think anymore was horrified with her anal penetration. He got hold of her waist meanwhile Louis got on the floor underneath Alex who was leaning on the floor with help of her hands like a four footed animal. He tried to kiss Alex lips to which she moved her head away. He in anger slapped her and placed his mouth under her breasts.

Alex breasts were hanging over Louis mouth like ripe fruits, urging him to suck their juice. They were juggling with the thrust provided by Robert. Louis grabbed them with his hand and started to suck them one by one as Alex was writhing with pain caused by Robert, who had speeded up and was about to cum. She felt a warm liquid flow into her as Robert slowed down and pulled his penis out and left the room. Louis got up and went behind her and ordered her to stay in the position she was. He ran his finger over her firm buttocks and red freshly violated asshole. He slapped her quite a few times, which made Alex sway her hips in air, which excited Louis even more.

Meanwhile jack who had stayed away from the proceeding so far had come in front of Alex's face and kissed her. Just as Robert returned he handed him the camera and started to adore Alex back with his hand while Louis had penetrated her virgin pussy. Alex was blank in her head; she didn't want to think anything she couldn't even if she tried. Jack grabbed her ripe melons with both hands from either side of Alex as he was playing with them. Engulfing them in hands, squeezing them, and pinching her hard nipples and her pussy was being ravaged by Louis.

Robert stood next to her and asked her to look in camera which she denied before Robert gripped her face and forced her to look at it, whereas she at same time felt that Louis had cum inside her and was getting out of her, but jack was still doing his weird stuff with Alex's breasts.

Just as Louis got out of Alex jack made her stand and pushed her next to the wall. Alex closed her eyes as he saw two men picturing jack slowly teasing her breast with his tongue and playing with the other one with his hand. She then felt her nipples being engulfed into jack's mouth as he started to suck on them one by one. He kept doing it for few minutes while she could feel his dick on her thighs.

Alex opened her eyes as an impulse of sharp pain reached her brain. Jack was biting her nipples with his teeth. Out of pain she tried to push his head away from her jugs and screamed. Jack lowered the pressure of her nipple before doing the same with her other nipple. He then made her lay on the floor as he put his dick in between her tits and made them to cover his completely as he sat over her.

Alex was looking at him expressionlessly and Robert was standing with the camera behind her. Jack slowly started to push his dick in rhythmic way through her breast and kept doing it till his semen started to flow all over Alex's breast neck and face. After he was done he stood up and joined Louis and Robert, as Alex was lying motionless on the ground. She was wishing that it was a horrible dream and she would wake up in her bed.

Jack wore his pants and Louis informed her that her sister is in the next room. Just as they were leaving the room, someone among them threw her the keys and left.

After a few minutes Alex gathered the strength to stand up, her breasts were red and were hurting badly, as did her pussy and asshole. The semen all over her body had already dried up. She searched around the house for water and found a bucket. She washed herself clean of the semen, arranged her messed up hair and pulled over her top and somehow managed to put on the torn skirt. Then after taking a deep breath for a while, pushed the key in the lock of the next room.


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