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Chronicles Of Narnia/Underworld:
Chronicles Of Selene Part 1 - Seduction Of Susan
by Rupert

Susan Pevensie found it absolutely impossible to sleep. She was awake,
listening to the crickets chirping outside her window. It was a very warm
summer night in the middle of July. The day had been very hot with the sun
shining down from a cloudless heaven. That heat had somehow managed to stay
on well into the night. It was now well past midnight, with no sign of
relief from the oppressive warmth.

The heat was not the only thing keeping Susan awake, the events taking place
in Narnia kept replaying themselves in her head. It had been some time now
since they came back and Susan started to really miss it. The adventure and
excitement had got to her and she was desperate to feel it again. She had
considered revisiting Narnia of course, but found it impossible to enter.
The closet was nothing but a closet and that made entry into the magic land

It was a truly saddening thought to never be able to visit Narnia again.
Susan abruptly decided that she would think no more of what was impossible.
She needed something to take her mind off of both Narnia and the unforgiving
heat. Fortunately she knew just the thing that was needed to distract her.
At 17 Susan was still a virgin, but she was far from clueless about the
carnal pleasures. She had heard some things, but most of her knowledge came
from her own exploration. She had found some ways to make herself feel real
good and now was the perfect time to do a little of that.

The nightgown clung to her body, damp from the sweating caused by the heat.
Susan stood up beside the bed and peeled it off. She was now down to her
undergarments which she also quickly shed. Now, completely naked Susan lay
back on the bed on top of the bedspread. The very light breeze coming from
the open window provided some relief for her warm body. The great advantage
to living in a castle was a great deal of privacy. Susan had a big room all
to herself, far enough from anyone else to not be bothered. There was no
risk of her getting caught in this very improper situation and Susan was
smart enough to see through all the lies she had been told about the dangers
of what she was about to do.

Susan slowly moved her hand down her body. She reached her destination and
slowly inserted one of her fingers. She quickly added one more finger and
started to move them in and out. She closed her eyes and started to let her
imagination run wild. At first she thought about a few very handsome friends
of her older brother. That was alright, but somehow Susan's thoughts started
to drift away to something very different. She was starting to think one of
her friends. A girl named Rose, who Susan was very close too. Rose was
blonde, petite and had a dazzling smile that made Susan's heart melt every
time she saw it. Susan really tried to think about other things, but after a
while she just gave up and let her fantasies be all about Rose.

It had happened before that Susan fantasised about Rose when she pleasured
herself. She had heard some pretty awful things about how wrong it was to
like other girls in that way, but she had convinced herself that it was
alright. She couldn't believe that something that felt so good and wonderful
could be wrong. Of course, she would be very much ashamed if her feelings
about her friend came out into the open. Right now however she was a lone in
her room and felt completely free to fantasise.

Susan kept moving her two fingers in an out. She also used her thumb to
gently touch her clitoris. She wasn't supposed to know what it was called,
but her curiosity had driven her to look it up in a book about anatomy. At
first the thoughts was all about kissing and touching Rose. Then it moved on
to undressing and touching each other. Susan imagined that it was Rose's
delicate hand that touched her and that her friend gave her promises of love
and devotion as she did this. It was starting to feel real good and Susan
let a few soft moans slip out her lips.

Those moans were so low that no other human could hear them. Fortunately
Selene was no longer a human. She was a vampire and had been so for many,
many years. She had travelled Europe back and forth and managed to visit
other parts of the world as well during her many years. Right now the
possibilities to travel were limited due to the second Great War raging in
Europe. Rumours abounded that the Germans were conducting research on
creatures like her so she had found it best to leave the continent during
these troubled years.

Selene now stood below the open window and listened to the moans emanating
from the bedroom. It was the kind of moans Selene liked the best. The moans
of a woman in pleasure. Selene had heard moans like that many times before
and she never tired of it. Not only could she hear what was going on in the
bedroom. She could also smell it. Her supernatural sense of smell allowed
her to identify a woman in heat from a distance. Like the sounds, it was
something she would never grow tired on.

Listening and smelling was nice, but Selene wanted more. She wanted to see
as well. She already knew what Susan looked like. Selene had been stalking
her for weeks. Not during the day of course, but pretty much all the time
when the sun was down. She had yet to see the beautiful girl naked however.
That was something she didn't want to miss. One quick, catlike jump and
Selene was up in a tree. It was pretty dark, but that didn't matter to a
vampire with supernatural senses. She saw the young girl writing naked on
the bed. It was a truly breathtaking show. Susan was slender, yet she had
all the right curves. She touched herself like an expert, showing no signs
of shame or shyness that were so common with humans.

Not only had Selene been stalking this young girl, she had done some
research as well. Susan Pevensie might have looked like a normal girl, but
that was far from the case. She was a warrior and a hero. She was a royalty
of Narnia and thus a very special young woman. Not only did Selene have all
the senses humans had in extra strong versions. She also had a sense of
magic. She didn't know much magic of her own, but she could sense were magic
had been done. She could feel that the magic in Susan was very strong and
after some investigation Selene had found out why.

The show progressed with the beautiful young human touching herself and
moving her sexy body in a way that Selene very much appreciated. Her fingers
started to move quicker and quicker at the same time as the smell of arousal
became stronger. It was obvious that the girl was quickly approaching
orgasm. The moans had been wordless so far, but now that suddenly changed.
Susan started to moan a name and Selene couldn't believe her luck when she
heard the name.

"Oh, Rose. Mmmmmmmmm. Rose, do it just like that." Susan moaned

Selene decided that there was no better time than now to make the move. She
would need to be naked for the next step so she quickly shed the very ugly
clothes she had been wearing as a disguise. It just took one quick jump for
Selene to land on the balcony outside the room. Susan was quickly
approaching orgasm. Her finger shot in and out of the pussy in a very quick
pace and her moans were getting louder. She furiously rubbed her clitoris.
She started to use the other hand on her nipples. Selene decided that now
was the best time to make her presence known. Susan was obviously on the
height of arousal and that would suit Selene's plan just fine.

"You I can see that you are enjoying yourself Susan." Selene said in a
soft voice.

It was a good thing that Susan already had her hand covering her mouth,
because otherwise she would have screamed. Now she managed to suppress the
scream. It was a very shocking site of course. A very beautiful older woman,
completely naked, climbing in from the open window was enough to shock even
a brave girl like Susan. The stranger had obviously seen everything and
Susan quickly started to blush, ashamed about what she had done. She racked
her brain for something to say, but couldn't think of anything.

"I understand that you must have a lot of questions and I will answer those
later. Right now however there is something else to deal with." Selene said
as she sauntered up to the bed and sat down.

"What?" Susan managed to get out of her mouth.

Selene moved in closer to the young human. She moved down and placed a soft
kiss on the neck. She could sense the blooding rushing back and forth just
under the skin, but it wasn't time for that yet. Instead she started to kiss
her way down Susan's quivering body. She reached the young girl's brown
pointy nipple and took it into her mouth. A small yelp escaped Susan's mouth
and Selene took this as a positive sign. She gave the nipple a good workout
with her mouth, careful not to let the fangs touch the sensitive nubs.

Susan could not believe this was happening. She considered the possibility
that this was a dream. She had in fact had dreams that weren't completely
unlike this, but this felt far too real to be a dream. There really was a
naked woman in her bed. It was strange and scary, but it wasn't a bad thing.
She wasn't Rose, but she was stunningly beautiful and she had started to
make Susan feel very good. At any other time Susan would probably have
screamed, fought and threw her guest out, but right now her libido was in
charge. She simply let the woman do her thing, knowing that it would feel
very good.

"Do whatever you want to me, please just tell me your name." Susan moaned.

Selene looked up at the young girl and gave her least evil smile.

"My name is Selene...but that doesn't matter right now. All that matters is

With that Selene left the nipple and started to move even further down the
Susan's nubile body. The young girl was shivering in anticipation. Selene
hovered right above the pussy for a while and took a deep breath. The scent
of arousal fuelled the vampire's own dark desire. This girl was a virgin and
Selene wanted to make sure that the first touch was a good one. She extended
her tongue and let it touch the small, but clearly visible clitoris. It only
took a few light touches with the tongue the send the young girl into bliss.

"Mmm. You're soooo good. Sooooooo good." Susan moaned in ecstasy.

Selene found it somewhat ironic that young Susan thought her good. Selene
had always known she was an abomination against all that is pure and good in
this world. She was a creature of darkness, corrupting this formerly
innocent girl. This was what she thrived on, young and sexy women giving
into their lust. Making good girls go bad and perform acts that were
thoroughly reviled by the pillars of society. Selene truly loved being the
temptress, luring willing prey over to the dark side.

Blissfully unaware of Selene's intentions, Susan simply enjoyed the expert
treatment she was receiving. Selene could do things with her tongue that by
far surpassed whatever Susan had managed to do on her own. Susan felt how an
entirely new world of pleasure opened up for her. Having a stranger show up
like this might be a one time occurrence, but Susan didn't want this feeling
to be just that. She decided that she would have to feel this again some
day. Every little lick sent shivers of intense pleasure all throughout
Susan's body. She slowly caressed the stranger's smooth black hair in order
to show her appreciation.

Selene definitely got the message. She was used to reading far more subtle
signals than that. Several hundred years of training had given Selene the
ability to read people like they were open books. She listened closely to
the heartbeat of the young woman she was licking. It was quite rapid by now
and it was a sure sign that orgasm was near. Another sign was the in the
increase of the lovely nectar flowing from the girl.

All thoughts about the strangeness of this situation had dissipated for
Susan. All that was left what the intense pleasure provided by Selene's
probing tongue. Susan looked down at the beautiful woman licking her pussy.
She was one of the most gorgeous women Susan had ever seen and she couldn't
help feel proud that a woman like that was interested in her. Every lick
brought Susan closer and then one sudden touch of the clitoris set Susan

She was just about to scream out her pleasure when the woman pressed her
hand over the mouth. The only sound coming out was a muffled moan, but that
didn't prevent Susan from enjoying it. What she now got to feel was many
times better than what she had ever felt before. Susan felt the pleasure
radiate out from her heated centre and take over her whole body. She sailed
off to a dreamland where there was nothing but intense pleasure. She had her
eyes firmly closed, trying to close off all impressions except for the
pulsating orgasm.

Then suddenly Susan was ripped away from her dreamland of pleasure. At first
she was too disorientated to know what happened. She was too shocked to
actually believe what was obviously happening. The stranger had sunk her
teeth into Susan's neck and now she was feeding off the blood. Susan
regained her composure after the shock and tried to struggle, but the
stranger was far too strong.

A girl of less supernatural experience might have been overwhelmed by fear
at a moment like this, but Susan was overcome by a completely different
feeling. It was a feeling of even more intense pleasure than before. The
orgasm from before had not dissipated, instead it kept raging through her
body. The line between pain and pleasure had been blurred and Susan felt
like the bite enhanced the orgasm. Both sensations combined to give Susan an
extraordinary high. She accepted what was happening and tried her best to
just enjoy it. The rational part of her brain was screaming that she was
about to die, but she had a feeling that things were going to be alright
somehow. A strange combination of peacefulness and pleasure was the last
thing Susan felt before she lost consciousness.

* * *

Susan opened her eyes and looked around in extreme confusion. She found
herself on a bed in a luxuriously decorated room. She also realised that she
was very much naked and quickly covered up. Selene was sitting in a chair,
reading and she immediately locked eyes with Susan.

"Good morning, sweetheart, Had a good night's sleep?"

The question was asked in a casual tone, like it was the most normal thing
in the world to ask after what had happened. Susan, polite as she was

"Yes, I feel very good."

It was true what Susan said. She felt strong and well rested.

"I thought you would, now, do you remember last night?"

The memories of what had happened came flooding back to Susan and her hand
immediately shot up the neck. She found two small puncture wounds, but they
were almost healed and it didn't hurt.

"You bit me." Susan said matter of factly.

"I did. Do you know why?"

"Because you're a vampire."

Before Narnia Susan would have tried to find a more scientific explanation,
but now she didn't have any doubt about Selene's true nature.

"I am, so what does that make you?"

Realisation came rushing to Susan. She remembered how she had thought she'd
die yesterday, yet here she was. A small mirror came flying through the air
and Susan instinctively caught it. She looked in it and saw nothing. She saw
the wall behind her, but could not see her own reflection. Susan was just
about to scream, but she was muffled by a pair of soft lips against hers. A
second ago Selene had been on the other side of the room, but now she had
joined Susan on the bed.

Susan felt her fears slowly dissipate as she enjoyed the kiss. Her brain was
still reeling from the shock, but her body was ready to relax in Selene's
embrace. Susan dropped the quilt she had been covering up with, no longer
caring about covering up. Selene seemed to appreciate that since she
immediately started to caress Susan's firm mounds.

They kept kissing for what seemed like an eternity, neither in need of
oxygen. Susan let her tongue drag over Selene's teeth and she felt the sharp
fangs. She then tested her own teeth and found the same kind of sharp fangs,
those were definitely new. The realisation didn't bring fear to Susan, just
curiosity. She slowly moved away from the kiss, eager for answers.

"So you made me a vampire?"



"I drained your blood and then I let you taste mine. You probably don't
remember that part, it goes on instinct more than thought."

Susan took in the implications of this. The thought of drinking blood would
have been the most disgusting thing in the world to her yesterday, but now
it felt strangely appealing.

"Why me?" Susan asked, her curiosity not yet satisfied.

"You're a hero, Susan. You're one of the most powerful creatures in the
world. That and the fact that you are incredibly beautiful."

The compliment made Susan look down, she was still a young and insecure girl
at heart. Selene put her finger under Susan's chin and made her look up. She
placed a soft kiss on Susan's lips before she spoke.

"You're a real sweetie Susan, getting embarrassed like that. You have no
reason though. You need to realise your beauty, your power and the new
rules. And I'm here to help."

"New rules?"

"What you have to realise is that your life has changed. The rules you
lived by are void. You were taught to be a sweet little flower. Obedient and
chaste. Your destiny was to find a good man and be a good wife and mother.
You were taught to live by the commandments and the rules of man. You can
forget all that now. From now on you are free. The world is yours. You can
do whatever you want and you can do it forever if you play your cards

A thousand thoughts a minute rushed through Susan's head. Selene noticed her
confusion and placed a reassuring kiss on the faint wounds in Susan's neck.

"It'll all be revealed to you eventually. It really can't be explained. It
has to be lived. Like this."

With that Selene moved her hand down and pushed one of her fingers into
Susan's tight pussy. A small yelp of pleasure and surprise escaped the
younger vampire's lips.

"There is so much pleasure in this world and I'm going to show it all to
you little one." Selene promised and placed another kiss on the wound.

She also pushed another finger into Susan and started to move them in and
out slowly.

"Show me, show me how good it can feel. " Susan pleaded.

Confusion was giving way to pleasure in Susan's mind. There was so much to
take in about her new situation, but all that mattered right now was the
wonderful sensation Selene was causing with her skilled fingers. Susan could
some time be stubborn in her old beliefs, but she had no problem accepting
what she saw with her own eyes. She was now a vampire and decided that it
was for the best to let Selene be her guide. An eternity of pleasure like
this sounded pretty good to Susan and she didn't want to miss out on that.

"You like this, don't you?" Selene asked and as she did this she touched
the clit.

"I doo. It's soooooo gooooooood." Susan eagerly responded.

And then suddenly Selene withdrew her hand.

"Nooooo" Susan cried out.

Selene didn't answer right away. Instead she slowly and carefully licked her
fingers clean. Susan was so mesmerized by the show that she almost forgot
about the pleasure she had lost.

"If you want any more pleasure, you gotta earn it." Selene said with an
evil smile on her face.

Susan looked at Selene with begging eyes, but it had no effect.

"It's evil, but it's the way it is." Selene said.

"So, what do I have to do?" Susan asked eager to please.

"You can start with undressing me."

Fortunately that was easily done. Selene was wearing a kimono that she had
picked up in Japan at the beginning of the century. Susan immediately got to
work and quickly pushed it off Selene's shoulders, revealing her naked upper
torso. Susan couldn't help but stare at the vampire's flawless beauty.
Without even thinking Susan stretched out her hand and started to gently
caress Selene's right breast. It was something that human Susan wouldn't
have dared to do, but this new vampire was quickly shedding all her

Selene let out a soft moan that could only be considered encouragement.
Susan started to caress with both her hands. It was the first time she
touched another person in such an intimate way and she tried her best to
etch this moment into her memory. Susan slowly explored Selene's chest.
Without even knowing it herself Susan licked her lips.

"You wanna taste, don't you? Wanna try putting that sweet mouth of yours to

It might have sounded like a question, but Susan didn't hesitate. Selene lay
back on the bad and Susan followed. She hovered above Selene's erect nipple
with her mouth for a few seconds. Then she started her licking by dragging
her tongue back and forth across the right nipple a few times.

"You're doing good honey. Soon you'll be just as depraved as me." Selene

A small part of Susan's mind protested against the promise of depravity, but
that little part was quickly drowned out by Susan's overwhelming desire for
female flesh. A rhythm of intense licking was quickly established and with
every lick Susan's determination increased. She wanted all that Selene had
promised. To follow desire instead of some superimposed moral code. The
human girl Susan used to be had wrestled with guilt over her desire for
other girls, but the vampire had no such problems. All that mattered was the
instinct of pleasuring.

Selene looked down at her protégé eagerly licking nipple. She couldn't help
but feel proud of what she had accomplished. She had liberated this
wonderful girl from the twin prisons of human mortality and human morality.
Susan's transformation into a fully independent and strong vampire had only
just begun, but Selene had a feeling it would go easier than she had first
expected. It did feel very good to have the nipples licked, but Selene
wanted something else. She conveyed this by pushing Susan's head a bit
further down.

It was easy to understand and what the older vampire wanted and Susan was
more than ready to give it. She let her tongue drag across the Selene's flat
stomach a few times, but then she moved further down. She took in the sight
of the forbidden paradise and inhaled deeply. The scent was highly
intoxicating and it took young Susan to new heights of excitement. She could
have simply enjoyed this moment for a little longer, but right now she
didn't have that kind of patience. She moved down and pushed her tongue deep
in between Selene's folds.

"Mmmmm. Do it just like that little one." Selene moaned.

Susan started to let her tongue work its way in and out of the delicious
folds. It just wasn't possible to get enough of the taste, scent and
experience of licking another woman. She had secretly dreamt of this moment
for years and now it was finally happening. She had felt a great deal of
shame about those fantasies, but all of that was gone now. Was it the
vampirism or just the excitement that made all the shame disappear? Susan
didn't know and didn't care.

It had been many weeks of research and stalking that had led up to this for
Selene. Much of that time had been spent longing for this moment. When this
sweet little girl took the plunge and broke free of her moralistic
upbringing. She now had her little tongue buried deep in Selene's pussy and
she looked absolutely adorable. Susan wasn't very skilled yet of course, but
she was quickly learning and every lick was better than the last. Selene was
sure that her protégé would be a full fledged Sapphic lover in a matter of

It was getting close now and Selene wanted to speed things up even more. She
started to maul her own tits in ways that would have made a mortal scream
out in pain. It gave Selene an intense satisfaction to do this. She even
drew a little blood as her nails penetrated her skin. This immediately got a
reaction from Susan. She looked up at the small wounds and for the first
time she truly looked like the vampire she now was. Her eyes glowed and her
fangs were extended. She made a hissing sound and Selene knew very well
what it meant.

"Come here and take it. Fuck me with your fingers suck my blood." Selene
growled, also showing her vampire features.

Susan was going on pure instinct now. She quickly moved up and placed her
mouth over one of the small wounds. She started to suck with a force she
didn't know she possessed. The rich, life-giving taste of Selene's blood
filled her mouth and overwhelmed her senses. It was not long ago Susan had
been human and something like this was still unthinkable, but things were
different now. The fact that she now did her first truly vampiric action
didn't stop her from thinking about the needs of her lover. She pushed two
of her fingers deep into Selene and moved them quickly in and out.

It only took a few good hard thrusts to set Selene off. The orgasm arrived
and started to rip through her body. She had experienced countless orgasms
throughout her hundreds of years as a vampire, but she never got tired of
the feeling. This was what drove her on to continue existence. It was pure,
raw pleasure. Susan was ferocious in her sucking and fucking. It was just
the kind of behaviour that Selene loved. Susan was drawing a lot of blood,
but that was perfectly Ok, Selene had done the same very recently after all.


Susan felt Selene's pussy tighten around her fingers and she felt how
Selene's body pulsated. The younger vampire's self confidence got an
enormous boost when she realised that she had actually brought this ancient
vampire to orgasm. Susan could feel how Selene's blood flowed into her body.
It felt as if every ounce of blood exchanged made their connection stronger.
Susan had got her first taste of blood and she couldn't help but want more.
Especially since the source was of the blood was this incredibly well shaped
breast. Unfortunately Susan felt her head get yanked away from the sucking.

"You're sucking my dry, little one." Selene explained.

She then drew Susan in for a kiss. It was a rough and intense kiss. Their
mouths crashed together and could feel how Selene's sharp fangs scratch her
lips. Still she didn't want it to stop. It felt too damn good. They shared
the taste of each other's blood and let it flow back and forth between their
mouths. They rolled around on the bed kissing wildly for several minutes
until they finally came to rest next to each other.

"You learn quickly little one." Selene complimented.

"Thank you." Susan said with a sweet smile.

"Now, that was the easy part of being a vampire. The sex. Now I just have
to teach you how to survive."

"I'm smart. As you said I learn quickly." Susan boasted."

"Let's hope you do." Selene said and moved in for another kiss.


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