Chronicles Of Narnia: The Undoing Of A Prince (mm, ncon)
by Charlie

Peter stormed into the cave, followed by a scowling Prince Caspian. They had returned from the badly-executed battle, many of their men and woodland creatures dead As soon as they were in the main chamber of the cave, Peter began shouting, his loud, angry voice filling the empty cave.

"So many good men! Dead! All because of your..." Peter struggled for words, and came out with an enraged, "FOOLISHNESS!"

Prince Caspian stood up from his position in the cave, musing, and strode towards Peter angrily.

"We shouldn't have been in there in the first place!" The moonlight illuminating the cave struck his pale face and dark hair, making his somewhat ashamed face ghostly.

"And staying here and starving would have been better?"

"Better than losing those men!"

"Because of you."

"Because of me." Prince Caspian muttered. "Of course. So much for the courteous nobility." Then, quietly, under his breath, "So much for a king."

"What was that?" Peter grasped Prince Caspian's long hair in his fingers, pulling his face in. Prince Caspian bit his lip and grabbed Peter's hand, attempting to relieve the pain, but he failed. He to disguise the pain with a sneer, but the pain proved too much, and he could only manage a slight shake of the head.

"What. Was. That." Peter pulled his hand away from him, dragging Prince Caspian backwards by his hair. Prince Caspian twisted Peter's wrist and pulled free, pushing Peter backwards, spitting at him,


Peter jumped up, backhanding him across the face with his right hand.

"Don't you dare insult me, you filthy, cowardly..."

"What?" said Prince Caspian, a hand on his cheek, which was already reddening. "Or can the king -" He bowed mockingly. "- not finish his sentences as well as being a dimwit?"

"You filthy TAMARIN!" On the word Tamarin, Peter drew his sword, and held his head high, a silent challenge. Prince Caspian drew his sword out, and scorn was etched upon his face. Peter lunged at him, just missing his face. They parried along the rocks, Peter forcing Prince Caspian into a cave wall, then jumping away, smiling arrogantly.

Prince Caspian swung his blade, but alas, with too much force - he was soon knocked to the ground by an almighty push from Peter, who held the tip of his sword against Prince Caspian's neck. He kicked Prince Caspian's sword and it spun off, past the rocks down into the darkness that made up the majority of the cave.

"Are you trying to humiliate yourself, King?" Prince Caspian sneered, his chin forced up by the blade, blood running down into his shirt, staining the delicate material.

"Humiliate? You don't know the meaning of the word." Peter smiled creepily, running his tongue along the wound. "Strip."

"What?" Prince Caspian's sneer melted into a look of shock. "You sick bastard."

"I said -" Peter placed a foot on Prince Caspian chest, and pushed. Prince Caspian fell to the floor and Peter pushed the side of his sword, the sharp blade into his neck. His face was inches from Prince Caspian's when he growled, "I said, STRIP."

Prince Caspian stared from Peter's cold, hard eyes, to the cold, hard blade against his throat. He gulped, and more blood trickled down him. He began to pull off his shirt, and Peter withdrew his sword, sneering. Prince Caspian looked quickly at Peter and bolted upwards. Peter launched himself at Prince Caspian, pinning him to the ground.

"Oh, no, you don't."

"HELP! HELP!" Peter sat back as Prince Caspian screamed, amusement on his face.

"The others are out collecting firewood and burying the dead. The dead that they can find. There's no-one to hear you scream, so howl your lungs out. The weaker you are, the easier you'll be to fuck." He spat the last word out, his eyes dark.

"You're not going to - surely you won't..." Prince Caspian stood up, and Peter joined him.

"You can try and fight me, but, believe me, I'm stronger, and I have plenty of..." he raised an eyebrow. "Stamina."

"Try me." Prince Caspian let loose, pushing Peter to the ground. Peter wrestled his way above Prince Caspian quickly and straddled him, hands on his shoulders. His fingers were firm, and they dug in, almost painfully.

He pressed his groin into Prince Caspian's, running his hands through his soft black hair.

"Try getting away now," Peter trailed a hand down Prince Caspian's damp, solid chest. "I have you..." Stomach. "Completely..." His hand slipped into Prince Caspian's trousers. "In my control." In one swift movement he jerked trousers down, revealing a conspicuously large bulge in Prince Caspian's black pants. "My, my, what have we here?"

"Let me go! You twisted freak! Let go of me!" Prince Caspian twisted and tugged, but to his dismay, only created more of a bulge, and he reddened.

"Oh! Does Prince Caspian like serving his High King?" Peter began to stroke the black material, licking his lips.

"No! No, I... I..." Prince Caspian continued to struggle, which just produced more friction. "I don't - I mean - Let me go!"

"Why would I let you go," Peter slipped a hand into Prince Caspian's boxers with one hand, and threw the trousers aside with the other. "When we could have so much fun?"

"No, just let me-" Prince Caspian stifled a moan and closed his eyes, trying desperately to regain his composure.

"Hmm, pretending you don't like it?"

"Of course not I-I mean, um-"

"Even if you want to deny it," Peter leaned close into Prince Caspian, his breath tickling the Prince's soft neck. "Your body likes it. It's so obvious." He chuckled. "Your flushed skin," he traced his hands down the sides of his face, and left them tangled in his silky hair. "Reddened lips." Peter glided his lips quickly and gently across Caspian's, smiling softly. "Stiff nipples," He brought his tongue down across the left, then the right, watching Prince Caspian bite his lip defiantly, fighting himself. Peter relished how uncomfortable he looked, writhing under his touch as he tugged on his nipples, his sharp teeth scraping every nerve in the Prince's chest.

"And, most importantly," Peter eyed Caspian's boxers lustfully, grinning. "This."

"Don't. No. Stop it!" Prince Caspian squealed as Peter drew his boxers down, and gasped.

"My! You may be a prince, but this, this is fit for a king!" Peter licked his lips at the gorgeous organ in front of him.

"Don't!" Prince Caspian tried to pull his boxers back up, but Peter swiftly slapped his hand away.

"You love it," Peter stroked Caspian, watching his hips buck under Peter's firm grip.

"No, I-I don't, just-" Caspian stifled a moan.

"You need it." Peter swirled his thumb around the tip, bringing his thumb up to his mouth to taste the saltiness on it.

"I-oh, oh, oh! No!" Prince Caspian was, by now, writhing on the floor, sweating and moaning, his naked body bucking in time with Peter's strokes. But Peter suddenly stopped, exclaiming, "And now I'm going to prove just how needy you are." He lowered his head, breathing on the Prince, just inches away from the oozing translucent liquid. "I'd wager a fair deal that'll it'll take nothing more than a good long lick to reduce you to a sobbing, whimpering mess of release."

Prince Caspian looked straight at Peter, his eyes begging. He shook his head pathetically in a silent plea. But Peter just smiled lecherously, and licked straight from the top of his sack up to the very tip, a slow, long, wet, lustful lick. It, as predicted, made the Prince shudder his release into Peter's warm, waiting mouth.

"So," Peter swallowed. "As usual, I was right."

"Now, now will you let me go?" Prince Caspian gasped, sitting up and brushing his hair back from his warm, wet shoulders. "Now that you've... you made me..."

"Let you go?" Peter giggled sadistically. "Let you-this is just the beginning!"

"But, but..."

"But, but, but, yeah, yeah. You honestly think I'd let you go with THIS?" He pointed to his crotch, to the now straining breeches. Prince Caspian's eyes betrayed him, gazing at the tent in his trousers.

Peter placed a leg on either side of Caspian's head and pushed his crotch into his face. Caspian twisted, struggling, but Peter held his head firm and continued rubbing. He pushed the Prince's head away sharply, and slowly took off his breeches, a needy grin on his face.

Prince Caspian tried to crawl towards him, but Peter grasped his hand and pulled him to a nearby rock. He sat down and shoved the Prince to his knees.

"Now, princey boy," Peter widened his legs. "Get these off," He pulled lightly at his elfin pants that barely covered the swelling beneath it. "And sort this out." He rubbed his crotch.

Caspian looked apprehensive, but Peter rolled his eyes and grabbed a hunk of his hair.

"You. Will. Do. As. I. Say." Peter emphasized each word with a tug on the Prince's hair. Caspian growled with anger, tearing off the miniscule underwear. Peter slapped him.

"What?!" Peter shrieked. "You make that up to me. Now!" He pushed Prince Caspian's head down with one hand, and his meat into his mouth with the other, thrusting upwards sharply. Caspian's eyes widened, and he tried to pull away, but a strong hand on the top of his head stopped that.

"Come on, none of that sloppiness," Peter huffed at the Prince. "Suck!"

With guidance from Peter's hand, Prince Caspian began to move his head up and down, letting his tongue move freely around Peter's organ, and his pale cheeks to hollow as he sucked slowly, his hair sticking to his face.

Peter moaned, relishing the warmth pooling in his crotch, the firm grip of the Prince's hands as he used them to grip, to save his mouth from doing the work. He whimpered as the sucking became harder, pulling on him, pushing him towards the edge. He sharply shoved Prince Caspian away, gasping with the effort it took to not spurt all over the hard stone floor.

"On your back," he panted, his hands on Prince Caspian's shoulders, his eyes desperately lustful.

"What?" Caspian suddenly realised what he was in for. "No, you're not going to-"

But he was silenced by a kiss. A passionate kiss, tongues twisting like snakes, lips being crushed against one another, as Peter lowered Prince Caspian to the cold floor, pulling his arms above him, watching him squirm.

Watching his whimper as Peter forced his legs open and prodded at him with a spit-slathered finger. Caspian screwed up his face and whimpered.

"Shhh, in a moment it'll all feel so good." Peter pushed two fingers in slowly, brushing against the spot which made the prince's eyes widen, and his fingers clench around Peter's neck. He slowly pushed himself in, driving slowly, watching Prince Caspian look into his eyes with bliss, watching him stroke along his chest, down to his hips, helping him push. He built up a pace, head thrown back, mindlessly riding him.

He watched him scream with pleasure as Peter drove into that perfect spot, his whole body speeding up as he rammed into him, collapsing on top of him as he let go - his body tingling, one hand entangled in Caspian's hair, the other bringing Caspian over the edge again. They shook together, until the Prince curled into a messy ball.

Peter began to put his clothes on, his eyes wandering round the cavern, widening as he saw a shadow in the corner.

"Edmund?" he whispered, realising who it was. "How much did you see?"

Edmund shook his head in disgust, removing his cloak and placing it over Caspian's confused wreck of a body.

"Enough," he said walking out of the cave with his head down, leaving Peter with his thoughts, and the tainted Prince.


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