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Chronicles Of Narnia: The Rite Of The Seasons
by Tricksterson

"Why did you summon us here, Lord Aslan?" Peter, High King of Narnia asked
as he and his siblings and fellow rulers, Queen Susan and King Edmund knelt
before the great golden Lion. They were in a luxuriously appointed bedroom
within the castle of Caer Paravel with a massive four poster bed at the
center made of gilded oak with red velvet bedding, a matching canopy above,
and big enough to fit four or five adults comfortably. They had not even
known this room existed until Aslan had led them here, but then they had
not had time yet to settle into, much less explore their new home.

On the walls were murals of satyrs, fauns and centaurs doing...things with
dryads and nymphs, things that both aroused and disturbed the young monarch.
Even more disturbing was the eager curiosity with which Edmund was looking at
those same paintings.

Susan's reactions bothered him even more. Her breathing had become heavy, her
cheeks flushed and she kept biting and licking her lips, all of which stirred
thoughts in Peter's head that he knew he shouldn't be having.

The three siblings reveries were broken into by Aslan's voice as he answered
Peter's question. "You are here because this room is best suited to the rite
we must perform.

"When the White Witch was slain her unnatural winter was ended and spring was
restored. But in the long run eternal spring would be as unnatural as eternal
winter. The natural progress of the seasons must be restored."

"How do we do that?" asked Susan, tearing her eyes away from the walls. "And
why isn't Lucy here?"

The great lion answered the second question first. "Lucy is the Queen of
Spring, she is not needed here, and is, in any case, too young for what you
will be doing here."

"What will we be doing?" piped up Edmund. From the paintings and furnishing
he already had an idea of what was going to happen but it seemed too
wonderful to be true.

Instead of answering directly Aslan said, "At first, what I instruct you to
do will seem strange, and perhaps even wrong but you must have faith that it
is for the best and before it is done you will know what you do is both
wondrous and delightsome. Do you agree?"

"Whatever you command Lord Aslan," Peter replied dutifully and was echoed by
his siblings.

"Good, now disrobe."

"What? Here? In front of Susan?"

"King Peter, do you already doubt me?"

"No my Lord," the young man said, chastened by the sadness in the Lions's

As they took their clothes off Peter tried not to look at his sister but
couldn't resist peeking and when she asked Edmund to help undo the back of
her dress he couldn't keep a flash of jealousy from going through him.

A flash that showed on his face and made Susan smile. She, as well as Edmund,
had figured out that thee ritual they were going to engage in was sexual in
nature and looked forward to the fulfillment of a long held dream.

She knew what they would call her back home. Tart. Trollop. Slut. Whore.
Harlot, and let's not forget "unnatural" since the boys she wanted most
were her own brothers. So back in Britain she behaved as properly as any
middle-class English girl could be expected to.

But here in Narnia she was a Queen, the only ones above her being Aslan and
Peter. And she very much wanted Peter above her, or at least on top of her.

She had loved her older brother long before she lusted after him, for as long
as she could remember in fact. Edmund was more complicated. She had always
had a love/hate relationship with him. Lust had not entered the picture until
she caught him spying on her in her bedroom.

Although she hadn't learned this until later it was the night that Edmund had
followed Lucy into Narnia and encountered the White Witch. She had spotted
him out of the corner of her eye as she undressed for bed, pants unbuttoned
and cock in hand.

She could have confronted him of course but the idea of his being turned
on by her that much flattered and excited her. So she had played along,
undressing completely, lying on her bed so that he got a full view of her
snatch and maturbating, sonething she had planned on doing anyway. At the
end she had called out Peter's name not just because she desperately wanted
his wcock in her but to torment her younger brother as well.

So now she let Edmund undo and remove her dress, the slip underneath, and
even her bra but when his hands moved to cup her breasts she slapped them
away and hissed, "Edmund, no!" then to soften the blow she turned her head
and whispered, "Soon," and pursed her lips in a kiss. She didn't know which
she was going to enjoy more, fucking her younger brother or teasing him.

At this point her attention returned to the now naked Peter, letting her eyes
run rampant over his naked body and waiting impatiently for the chance to let
her hands and lips do the same. As Edmund undressed, her eyes darted back and
forth, comparing the two. Peter was taller, his musculature more developed,
but Edmund had definite promise, as witnessed by the fact that, although
three years younger, his three-quarters erect penis was the same size as
Peter's which was in a similar state. Susan suspected from this that Peter
had been watching his two siblings as Edmund had undressed her. He seemed
mildly embarrassed about this while Edmund was watching her as boldly as she
was him and their older brother. Could it be that she had fallen in love with
the wrong one of the two? After all, she reflected, attitude made up for a

When Edmund had stripped down Aslan spoke again. "Get onto the bed, all three
of you. Susan, Queen of Autumn in the center, Peter, the Summer King to her
right, Edmund, Winter King to her left."

Maybe there was something magical about the bed, or maybe it was just the
feel of his sisters naked flesh lying lengthwise against him but Peter's
inhibitions broke like a dam during a summer storm. He took Susan's face in
his hands and kissed her hard, his tongue pushing between her eagerly opening
lips. At the same time Edmund's hands returned to fondle her tits, this time
finding no resistance while he nuzzled her neck.

A soft moan escaped the young queen's lips and she switched her mouth from
Peter's to Edmund's with a mix of reluctance and anticipation. Peter took it
well, lowering his mouth to her C-cup tit and sucking on her nipple. Edmund
broke off from gobbling his sister's tongue and soon joined his older
brother, taking the other breast into his mouth.

"Ohhh!" moaned Susan. "My boys! I love my boyyyss!"

"Then prove it, Queen of Autumn," rumbled Aslan. "Prove it with your mouth."

As soon as he spoke Susan knew what he wanted. She pushed herself to a
sitting position against the headboard and directed her two lovers to get on
their knees in front of her. Taking each of their members in hand she licked
first Edmund's cockhead, then Peter's. Finding she liked the taste she took
Edmund's tool in her mouth and sunk down about fives inches of it's seven
inch length, all the while stroking up and down Peter's member. Soon her head
was moving slowly up and down it while she sucked, gently at first, then
harder Each downthrust went a little deeeper until she was finally down to
the root then as she moved back up she felt his pressure building and guessed
that he would be spewing his cum into her mouth at any second so backed up so
she wouldn't choke. When he blew she caught as much of it as possible in her
mouth and let the rest dribble out as she swallowed.

"Edmund, King of Winter, come here," said Aslan. Reluctantly the younger
Pevensie boy obeyed. Susan also looked dissapointed at his leaving but then
turned to her older brother and said, "Fuck me Peter. Take my cherry."
Hesitant, the High King looked over his shoulder at the great Lion who nodded
his head then got between his sisters thighs which were already damp with her
juices. Out of curiosity he dipped his finger into it and tasted it, rather
liking what he found.

"Why does Peter get to go first?" Edmund complained.

"Patience, Son of Adam," replied Aslan. "Summer leads into Autumn and then
Autumn to Winter. Besides there is instruction I wish to give you that will
stand you in good stead when your turn comes."

While this was going on Peter was pushing slowly into his sister's virgin
cunt. He stopped when he hit her hymen and she winced.

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you."

"Yes! Do it! Break my cherry and fuck me!" she said impatiently, although her
face contorted in pain when he broke through. Nevertheless she continued to
encourage him and wrapped her arms and legs around him to keep him in.

"Ohhhhyessss! Keep it up! Keepituppp! Dont ever stoppp! Sooooogooood!!"

By this point however Peter had no intention of stopping. He had never even
imagined anything feeling as good as the tightness of his sister's virgin
pussy. He pounded relentlessly into her until nothing existed for him but his
cock, her cunt and the surge of cum building up in him. Finally he released,
his eyes rolling up in his head as she moaned and screamed in counterpoint.

At first no sound came out of her, as she was barelky able to breath.
Finally, however one whispered word came from her lips.


Edmund didn't hear this but was urged forward by Aslan.

"My turn I think," he said to Peter. His older brother looked resentfully up
at him but Susan, urged on by an incredible lust, whether inspired by the
magic of the room or by her first big orgasm, agreed and started to push him
off then looked plaintively up at her younger brother.

"Pleease... more fucking."

He licked his lips. The temptation to plunge his hard cock into her pussy,
her dark fur matted with her and Peter's sweat and juices, not to mention
a small amount of blood was huge but he remembered Aslan's instructions,
wrinkled his nose and dove bewteen her legs face first instead.

"EDMUND! What are you...ohh. oh that's that's sooo nice, Don't stop, please
don't stop!"

For his part Edmund was finding the mix of smells unpleasant but not as bad
as he had thought they would be and well worth the effect his tongue was
having on his sister. His tongue probed deeper and harder into her twat and
he felt her legs mount his shoulders and wrap around his head. He took the
opportunity to grope at her firm young ass and when he finally found her clit
and sucked on it she let out a shriek that climbed into a register only dogs
and satyrs could hear.

Before his sister had come entirely down from her orgasm Edmund had wriggled
upwards and prepared to send her into another one with his iron hard rod. He
slid between her slowly loosening legs, feeeling almost as if they were a
vagina and his entire body was his penis to finally come face-to-face with
her. She lacked the strength even to talk this time but her lips framed the
only word that mattered to either of them, "More." Which he was happy to
give her, ramming his cock full force and repeatedly while kissing her as
enthusiastically as he was fucking her.

After a few thrusts he felt her starting to shift out from under him. At
first he was confused, surely she wasn't trying to get away? But no, all she
was trying to do was to get on top. Soon she was riding him as fervently as
he had her.

"You like this Ed?"


"You want it?"


"What do you want?," she asked fiercely, squeezing his cock tight with her
cunt muscles. "Tell me!"

"I want to fuck my sister!"

"Good. Because she wants to fuck you too!"

While his siblings were gleefully humping away Peter lay on the bed watching
them and jerking off, feeling guilty all the while.

"Feel no shame King Peter." Even though Aslan was across the room Peter could
hear him clearly. He also somehow knew that only he could hear the great

"But Lord Aslan, isn't what we're doing wrrong?"

"It is humans who put conditions on how and who you may love, not I."

As he heard his sister say how much she wanted to fuck him Edmund came with
one great final thrust, sending her over the top as well.

"FUUUCCCKKKK!" she screamed and collapsed on top of him.

As she caught her breath Aslan spoke, this time so all could hear.

"The task is not yet complete. The Rite must be sealed. Peter, Edmund, aid
your sister to get off the bed." It was good that they did so because at this
point she could barely stand, much less walk. Following Aslans's instructions
they put her on her knees at the end of the bed. A few seconds passed in
which she caught her breath and braced herself against the huge bed, then she
felt her masters great paws on her shoulders.

"Yes!" she howled in a frenzy of sexual abandon. "Yes, Lord Aslan, fuck me
with your great big lion cock!"

And big it was. In length it was only a couple of inches bigger than her
brothers, but it felt as thick as a lamppost, ripping her almost in half. But
it was a glorious pain, making her feel as if she was dying and being born at
the same time.


"Yes, my Magdalena...I am," rumbled the great lion as he came, making her
feel as if she was flooded with light and pounding her head on the matress in

"It is complete."

* * *

Four Months Later.

Susan lay in her royal bed, mildly grumpy and extremely horny. Ever since
they had found out that she was pregnant her three siblings hadn't let her
lift a finger. Lucy wasn't quite sure *how* her sister had gotten pregnant
but had accepted that it was "a gift of Aslan", as well it might be and had
spoiled her as much as Peter and Edmund.

Not that she minded being spoiled but she was beginning to get bored.

Which was why she had called both her brothers to her bedroom. And why she
was naked.

In fact when Edmund and Peter entered the first thing Edmund wanted to know
was, "Why are you naked?" In truth neither brother could help but admire
their sister's nude form. Her tummy bulge was still modest and it was more
than made up for by the growth of her breasts.

"Why aren't you? I want you both stripped and in bed with me. Now."

"But the baby..." said Peter weakly.

"Well, I've been lying here, thinking, not that you two have given me much to
do *but* think lately."

"Well if you'd been a bit more understanding..." Edmund started but shut up
at her murderous glare.

In truth for the first couple of weeks after the Rite of Seasons the three of
them had fucked like bunnies at every possible opportunity. They had tried to
keep it from their youngest sibling but had pretty much adopted a "We'll deal
with that problem if and when it comes up" policy. If Lucy had noticed what
her brothers and sisters were up to she hadn't mentioned it. But then the
morning sickness had started and of course Susan had put the blame on her
brothers. They'd had to hide her bow and arrows for their own safety and
largely steered clear of her since.

"*As* I was saying," Susan continued, "I've been thinking and there are only
a couple of positions I can think of that might bother me and the baby." In
those two weeks they had tried every position and combination any of them
could think of. "Boy-on-top is right out and kneeling-face-to-face probably
wouldn't work either but everything else should be alright. Listen," she
said, adopting a more contrite tone. "I know I've been a..."

"Bitch?" supplied Edmund, getting himself glared at again, this time by both
brother and sister. But then Susan relented.

"Yes, alright, I suppose bitch is the right word. But this hasn't been easy
on me and now I want to make it up to both of you. So bygones?"

Both boys looked at each other, nodded and said, "Bygones," in unison than
started taking off their clothes while their sister watched and licked her
lips. While they disrobed she got herself ready for them by slipping a pair
of fingers into her slit and rubbing. By the time they were done she was wet
and ready for them.

They got in bed with her, Edmund on the right, Peter on the left and shared a
threeway kiss. Although her brothers hadn't had sex with each other and had
no plans to, two intense weeks of threeway fucking had relaxed their barriers
somewhat. Besides they were too happy to be sharing Susan's bed again to mind
anything. Peter's hands roamed over her prodigious tits while Edmund's sliid
down her belly and slipped a finger into her cunt to join her own.

His sister moaned, then smiled at him and withdrew her fingers, offering
up one to him, then one to Peter to lick clean, which they did with utter
enthusiasm. It had been way too long since they had tasted their sister's
cunt juices.

"Help me get on all fours. We have some fucking to do." Once again, they were
more than happy to obey but only after each pf them planted a kiss on the
belly that had become an object of their worship almost as much as her pussy.

"Okay, Peter, I want that beatiful cock in my mouth. Ed, put yours where it
will do us both the most good. With that she wiggled her ass at him.

Uncertain which hole she wanted filled Edmund decided to go for both. First
he reached forward and harvested some of his sister's pussy cream then used
it to lube up her ass. Then he shoved his cock in her twat, matching the
rhythm of his brother who was feeding his member into Susan's mouth. Finally
he pushed first one, then two fingers into her ass.

The sensation of all her holes being filled was indescribably glorious to the
young, royal slut. Her mind sank under the weight of her passions and even if
her mouth hadn't been stuffed with her older brothers cock all that would
having come out was a wordless whine of ecstasy, a feeling that could only be
increased by what happened next, her brothers cumming simultaneously inside

* * *

As they lay snuggled up against each other, something they had missed almost
as much as the sex, although Susan was the only one man enough to admit it,
Edmund stroked her stomach and asked "Who do you think is the father?"

"It doesn't matter. Whoever the father is he..."

"He?" Peter asked. "How do you know it's a he?"

She smiled the superior smile of expectant mothers since the dawn of time.
"I know. Anyway, whoever the father is he will be mine and you will both love
him as if he were your own. Right?," she added in a dangerous tone of voice.

They looked across her at each other and nodded. After all whoever the father
was the child would still be family, even if only a nephew. They signified
their assent by once more kissing their beloved's belly.

"Mmmmm," Susan sighed as she reached down and started stroking their willies.
She loved when they did that. "Peter, would you like to fuck my tits? And
Eddie, be a love and eat me out?"

Both brothers were more than willing but Peter had one caveat. "Won't your
stomach get in the way?"

"Not if you come at them from the other direction, silly."

So he straddled her face and startedthrusting between her currently
mountainous breasts, which she pushed together while Edmund crawled between
her legs and started licking her cunt.

"Oh. Oh yes, that sooo good!" At the same time her older brother reveled in
the softness of her tits. It was different than any other way of fucking her,
more gentle somehow. Soon he was ready to spray over the hill of her stomach
and did so, while she arched her back and screamed from Edmund's


After bringing her to climax, Edmund got to his knees and waggled his penis
at her, his face a mask of need. She beckoned him over while Peter got off
her and started massaging his cum into her skin. Susan scooched up on her
elbows and took her brother's willy firmly in hand, stroking it first slowly
then faster while applying lips and tongue to the tip. Finally she felt him
getting ready to burt and speeded up her stroking.

"Come on my face Eddie! Come on my face!" Which he did.

* * *

As it turned out the child was a boy, whom Susan named Martin, and there was
no doubt about his paternity.

He had his father's eyes.

Lion's eyes.


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