Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If that offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this, seek help.

People ask me what I think is my best story. While I'm not certain about
that, I can tell you what my worse is. My "Mad About You/Caroline In The
City" entry is easily my weakest effort. Not being a fan of either of those
shows, I was uncertain as to how the female characters were and put them in
a hurried situation with no real plot movement. Since then, I've been hooked
onto "Caroline," enough so that I can put together an actual story. I hope
you like it.

HypnoTV: Caroline In The City Part 2 (m/f,f/f,mc)
by MAW

Julia got the call at about five in the morning. "It's ready."

Julia sat up in the bed, making sure not to disturb Richard. "Did you have
any problems?"

"Please, I've been doing this since before you were born. It's all set up."

"I owe you for this, Roman."

"It's a favor to your father, Julia. Forget about it."

Smiling, Julia hung up. Getting back into bed, careful not to wake up
Richard, she grinned at the thoughts of what she was going to do.

* * *

For what was going to become the most eventful day in her life, Caroline
thought it started routine. Getting out of bed, showering, brushing her short
brown hair, throwing on a pair of sweats and a sweater and heading down to
the studio part of her apartment. Richard was already there, once again
reflecting on the oddity that a native-born New Yorker like Caroline always
left her door unlocked. Richard was handsome, with sandy-blond hair and a
pair of glasses and, as usual, was dressed entirely in black. "Thanks for
coming over, Richard," Caroline said.

"No problem," Richard said in his usual dour voice. "Julia's watching the
'Godfather' trilogy on USA. She always gets over- emotional at the death

"So, she gets emotional pretty much the entire movie."


As Caroline put on a pair of glasses and began drawing, her door opened and
Annie came in. Caroline's best friend, the dark-haired, attractive actress
was wearing a pair of jeans and a black sweatshirt. She went over to the
refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of milk before even saying "hello."

"How'd it go last night?" Richard asked her. "Screaming and clawing all

"Actually, I didn't perform in 'Cats' last night," Annie answered in her New
York toughened voice.

"I wasn't talking about 'Cats'." Richard and Annie weren't exactly best
buddies. Ironic, considering Annie knew about the unrequited love between
Richard and Caroline. Richard had been in love with Caroline for years but
never got the guts to say anything about it. By the time Caroline realized
she felt the same about Richard, he was married. Annie had been tempted more
than once to say something but something kept her silent, making her the
only one who knew about the feelings the two had. Or at least, she thought
she was the only one.

"What are you doing here, Annie?" Caroline asked.

"Did you forget? Channel 5, 11 o'clock!"

"Your latest boyfriend get arrested?" Richard asked.

Before Annie could respond, Caroline's door opened and Del and Charlie
walked in. Actually Del walked in, Charlie followed on his ever-present
roller-blades. They were a decided contrast, the bespectacled, slick-haired,
suited Del and the grungy, eccentric Charlie. "Richard, are you ready?" Del

"Oh, yeah, my party boots are on," Richard replied sourly.

"Where are you guys going?" Caroline asked.

"There's this new distributor in from the coast," Del said. "I think I can
talk him into handling the strip for greeting cards."

"Why didn't you tell me about it?" Caroline asked.

"I had my reasons," Del said.

"Um, didn't it have to do with the fact that you used to sleep with the woman
and you're worried how that'll affect the deal?" Charlie wasn't exactly the
top of his class.

"Ah, another roll in the hay comes to spit in your face," Annie said with
some delight.

"Annie, this could be very important to Caroline and the strip. Richard knows

"Del's right," Richard said. He immediately glanced around. "The hell did
that come from?"

"Why are you going with? Dining with the vultures again?" Annie said.

"For your information, Miss-Shags-A-Lot, Julia wants me to talk this guy into
taking a look at my art. Futile of course, like everything else in my life,
but she insisted."

"Come on, Richard, we'll be late." Del grabbed a coke from Caroline's fridge
and walked out, Richard behind him and Charlie skating behind them both.
Caroline and Annie declined to ask why Charlie was going with, positive they
didn't want an answer.

"Come on, girlfriend. Ghost time!" Annie grabbed a bag of pretzels from the
pantry as Caroline moved onto the couch. Annie sat down next to her, turning
on the TV. A strange pattern covered most of the screen, obscuring much of
the action. "Oh, great, your cable's out again."

"No, this happened earlier today. Just wait a couple of minutes, maybe it'll
clear up." Shrugging, Annie sat back on the couch. She and Caroline both
watched the patterns shift on the screen. As they watched, the interference
shifted, twisting colors around. Annie and Caroline both watched the waves
of light wash over the screen. Quiet, soothing waves. One after another. The
light shifted patterns into waves, coming at them slowly and easily. Caroline
and Annie watched them, dreamy expressions slowly coming onto their faces. As
they continued to watch the screen, they both felt relaxed, sleepy. Caroline
wanted to say something, but she couldn't bring herself to turn to Annie.
Annie was in much the same predicament, her mind feeling fogged. So intent on
the screen, neither woman heard the door open. They barely heard the soft
Italian voice whispering in their ears.

* * *

A small mountain of tissues lay on the floor in front of the couch as the
movie ended. Annie and Caroline sat together, heads touching as they wept.
"God, I hate that ending," Caroline sobbed.

"I mean, he's going up to heaven and she's stuck with Whoopi Goldberg in a
bad dress," Annie answered.

"God, and the last time he touched her, he was in Whoopi's body. Do you know
how gross that must have felt?"

"What, kissing a woman or kissing Whoppi?"

Caroline shrugged. "Both, I guess. I mean, you've never a kissed a woman
before. How do you think it would feel?"

Annie shrugged. "I don't know, I've never tried it."

"Really? Come on, let's try it."

"Okay, Caroline, I think you're taking this Richard thing to extremes."

"Come on, just once. You can tell Del how good a kisser I am."

Annie hesitated. "What the hell?" she said. She and Caroline sat across
from each other. Slowly, they moved forward. After a few false starts, they
finally met. Their lips touched briefly at first before finally merging
together. They were nervous at first, but soon they both felt an arousal the
kiss was producing. Breaking apart, the two friends stared at one another.
Then they threw themselves together, kissing wildly. Annie pulled at
Caroline's shirt, yanking it over her head even as they kissed. Breaking
apart just long enough to pull off her sweater, Caroline went back to kissing

Gripping Annie's shirt, Caroline pulled it apart. Unheeding of the buttons
flying, Annie helped Caroline pull off her bra. Annie lay back as Caroline
buried her head in between her breasts. Moaning, Annie let her fingers drag
in Caroline's hair as her friend kissed a tightened nipple. Caroline moved
down Annie's body, kissing her belly before coming to her pants. Undoing the
button and zipper, Caroline pulled off Annie's pants. Pushing the dark
panties aside, Caroline could see Annie's clit. After a brief pause, she
went in, placing her tongue inside the lips and licking. Annie groaned as
Caroline's tongue jabbed inside her, dragging inside. Her juices began
flowing down, raining onto Caroline's tongue. Annie gasped and grabbed a
pillow as she came, arching herself so that her cum sprayed onto Caroline's

Sitting back up, Annie took Caroline's head in her hands and kissed her,
tasting her cum on her friend's lips. Annie unsnapped Caroline's bra and
threw it over the couch. Facing each other on their knees, the two kissed
again. Annie broke off and moved her head down Caroline's body. She placed
her mouth over one nipple and suckled on it. As she kissed it, she let her
hand drift down Caroline's body and into her pants. Caroline moaned as she
felt Annie's fingers enter her pussy. Annie dug in, moving her fingers
around as she continued to mouth Caroline's breast, eliciting gasps from
her friend. Annie almost bit down on the nipple as Caroline's body tensed.
She could feel the sticky liquid cover her fingers.

The two disengaged and broke apart. They stared at each other in utter
amazement. Neither was sure how to react to what just happened. Before they
could think of anything to say, the door opened and Richard, Del, Charlie
and Julia entered. Actually, Charlie entered, skating inside as if he saw
Annie and Caroline lying half-naked next to each other every day. Richard,
Del and Annie stopped just outside of the doorway and stared at the scene
before them.

"Oh, my god," Caroline said. "Oh, my god. Annie, please tell me I'm dreaming.
Please god, tell me we're both dreaming."

"Let me see," Annie said. She got up to her feet, grabbing her shirt. She
walked over and slapped Del in the face. After seeing him almost collapse
in pain, she turned back to Caroline. "No, it's real. We're stuck with it.
Oh, my god."

Del and Richard looked as if they had seen a train smash through their
apartment. "I'm praying to God that Lucifer was involved in this somehow,"
Richard said.

"I don't know," Caroline said. She had pulled back on her sweater and was
now covering her head with her hands. "We just watch the movie, we were
talking, then we kissed--"

"Agh!" Del cried.

"Richard, maybe we'd better go," Julia said. The long-haired, busty Italian
seemed rather impatient by the goings-on.

"This is so weird," Annie said. "Making love to my best friend--"

"Agh!" Del yelled.

"I know, I mean, I'm not a lesbian, I know I'm not, but it felt so good--"


"*Real* good. I mean, I've been with a lot of guys but I didn't feel anything
like that."


"Richard, let's go," Julia said, taking him by the arm.

"Hey, cool, you've got a modulator!" Charlie had skated behind Caroline's TV
and was staring a small box attached to the back. "I've read about these!
Where'd you get it?"

Everyone stared at him. "Charlie, I know I ask you this every time I see
you," Richard said. "But what are you talking about?"

Charlie pulled the box off the TV, wires trailing from it. "It's a new thing
in Europe. They use it for visualized trance stuff. It's got this cool
subliminal message wave system and a terrific hypnotic pattern. It's designed
to install deep trance in people just by staring at it. I thought it was only
in Italy, but I guess I missed it on my Internet mail order list."

For a moment, everyone was silent as Charlie's words penetrated. Then, as
one, they all turned and stared at Julia. "What?" she asked. "What, you don't
actually think I had something to do with this, do you?"

"It is Italian," Annie remarked, her eyes turning to slits.

"So's spaghetti, doesn't mean I own it." Julia turned. One didn't have to be
an expert at body motion to recognize her defensive posture.

"Julia," Richard said as he came up to her. "Tell me."

Julia smiled. "Richard, please, you know me, I'm your wife. You don't

"Tell me." Richard's voice had taken on a tone Caroline had never heard

"Richard, I think we should talk about this at home. Now come on--"

"*Tell me!*" Everyone was taken aback as Richard yelled and grabbed Julia by
the shoulders. His face was set hard, waiting for an answer. Looking at it,
Julia felt her denials slip away. "All right, all right, I did it! I put them
under so I could arrange them to be together."


"Why?" Richard hissed.

"For us, all right! Because I knew you still loved her and she loved you! I
heard her message, asking you out before I erased it! I want this to work,
but as long as she's still thinking about you that's not going to happen!"
The words fell from Julia's lips before she could stop them. The look of
horror on Richard's face told her she had made a bad choice. Slowly, Richard
turned and stared at Caroline, who was looking back at him with a stunned
expression. Without looking back, Richard pointed a finger in Julia's face.
"I want you packed and out by tonight. As far as I'm concerned, this marriage
never happened."

"Richard, you can't mean that!"

"I do."

"Come on, I'll help you pack," Annie said. She had pulled her shirt back on
and was marching towards Julia. Grabbing her by the hair, Annie pulled her to
the door, slamming her head into it. "There's a couple of people I'd like you
to meet."

"Wait, where are we going?"

"Doesn't matter, you're not going to remember it anyway," Annie said as she
dragged Julia away. "Charlie, thank you," Caroline said softly.

"Hmn? Okay, you're welcome. Whatever." Charlie shrugged as Del grabbed him
and pulled him out the door. Just before it shut, he turned and gave Caroline
a quick thumbs-up.

For a long moment, Caroline and Richard stood, staring at one another. "I was
an idiot," Richard said. "I'm sorry, I should never have--"

"No, I should have known, I should have told you earlier--"

"Julia was a mistake, a bad one, she should never have--"

"I wasn't honest with you or myself, I should have been up front from the

"I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry."

"I love you, Caroline."

"I love you, Richard."

She practically leaped into his arms, kissing him long and hard. His dreams
answered at last, Richard embraced her, holding her in close. He picked her
off her feet and took her upstairs as they continued to kiss. Richard picked
her up and held her in her arms as he kicked open her bedroom door. "Aren't
we supposed to be married first?" Caroline asked.

"I'm getting my practice in early," Richard replied. He lay Caroline down on
the bed and quickly began undressing. Pulling off her sweater and her stained
pants and panties, Caroline waited. Richard crawled onto the bed, naked.
Caroline had to keep from smiling as she saw his black underwear fall to the
floor. Then he was on her, kissing her with passion that she returned in
full. He entered her, his hard cock pushing into her clit. Richard may have
been a bit eager but he was ready for this. He had been dreaming about it for
years. He pushed into Caroline, moving his member in and out. They kissed
again, as if feeding off each other. Caroline was in ecstasy. Any doubts
about her feelings over Richard were erased as she felt herself growing in
pleasure. Richard shot his wad into her, eliciting a cry as they orgasmed
together before falling together.

It was about an hour later when the phone rang. Turning over, Caroline picked
up the phone and spoke into it. "Hello."

"I guess I don't have to ask how it's going," Annie said. "I can hear you two
from here."

"What happened with Julia?"

"Ah, she had a little facial trouble is all. Nothing a few thousand can't

"You didn't mess up her hair, did you?"

"Caroline, please, I'm not an animal."

"Annie, about before--"

"Forget it, Caroline. Put it behind us. I enjoyed it, but it's not something
to dwell on. Concentrate on what you've got."

"Annie?" Richard's voice came over the line. "Thank you. I mean that."

"Welcome. Hurt her and I'll kill you."

"Glad we had this heart-to-heart."

"Good-bye Annie, I'll see you tomorrow." Hanging up, Caroline turned and
kissed Richard again. "Maybe I should drop Julia a thank-you note."

"Sure," Richard answered. "I'll send the divorce papers with." Laughing, the
two hugged each other as they rolled around together.


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