Subject: Charles In Charge (ff)

"You're wet inside," Jamie sneered, pumping harder as she
noticed Sarah's ass wiggling from side to side.
"N... n... noooooo," Sarah sniffled. "Am... not."
Jamie ran her hand over Sarah's soft, red round ass cheeks,
then slid it flat along the crease and right down between her legs
and over her pussy, squeezing it, then pushing two fingers back
inside. She pumped them steadily, flicking her thumb over the clit,
rasping the fingers against it as she pumped.
She pulled her hands out then, letting go of her sister. She
pulled a nearby footstool over and heaved Sarah up across it,
belly down. Before the dazed girl could respond, Jamie was between
her legs, jerking her thighs wide as she pressed her face into
Sarah's crotch.
She pried her cunt lips open and pushed hero tongue into
Sarah's snatch, slurping on her cunt honey and wriggling her
tongue deep into the virgin cunt box.
Sarah gasped and jerked but didn't try to pull away as
Jamie's tongue worked up and down her slit. Jamie slid two fingers
back inside her hole and pumped them as she sucked Sarah's clitty
into her mouth and munched on it.
"Uuuuuuunnnnnnnnnggggghhhhhhhh!" Sarah groaned.
"Yeah," Jamie grinned fiercely, opening her mouth wide as she
could and mashing it against Sarah's cunt meat, sucking, chewing,
rubbing her lips and teeth against the pink and white flesh, then
closing her lips tightly and pushing her mouth hard into Sarah's
cunt meat, her tongue pushing out into the girl's hole.
Sarah whimpered and shook, her ass wagging from side to side and
humping back at Jamie's face.
Jamie munched and suckled at Sarah's cunt patch, her tongue
sliding up and down, her lips rubbing from side to side, her teeth
nipping, gnawing. She peeled her cunt wide and pressed her lips
tight against the fuck hole, then blew as hard as she could, then
she sucked as hard as she could.
She cupped Sarah's cunt mound in her hand and squeezed hard,
rubbing her hand up and down to twist the fuck meat. She sucked
Sarah's clitty into her mouth and then bit down on it with her
teeth, grinding them slowly from side to side over the sensitive
little cunt button.
And Sarah... went insane.
Her whimpers grew to sobs, then to great heaving gasps and
pants and groans, then to cries of pleasure and delight and shock.
She ground her ass back against Jamie's face with more and more
passion and force, her knees sliding apart on the carpet of their
own accord to open her crotch up more.
She bucked back, fucking her cunt back onto Jamie's tongue and
mouth. She rubbed her hard swollen breasts back and forth on the
footstool, whining in heat as the rough fabric ground against her
sharp, pointed little nipples.
Her mouth gaped, her eyes alternately shut tight or blinked
wide, wide open. Her breathing was ragged and loud, becoming a
hoarse gasping groan at regular intervals.
She came, bucking and bouncing and crying out as her cum tore
through her and blasted her senses apart. She shook and trembled
and thrashed madly, her ass bucking like a horse in a rodeo.
Jamie's hands held tightly to Sarah's thighs as her lips
locked vacuum tight against her drooling wet fuck-pad. She sucked
and chewed and rubbed her lips as the girl bounced and writhed and
then went limp.
She kept licking and sucking as Sarah began to tremble again,
the trembling getting rougher and more violent, and she kept
licking as Sarah came again, and then again, and then again,
gnawing on her clit as she pumped three fingers and her thumb deep
into her snatch.
And then finally she relented. Like Sarah, she was soaked
with sweat, only hers had dampened her clothes. She peeled them off
quickly, then knelt behind Sarah and hugged the shivering girl
tightly, kissing her on the neck, and then on the cheek.
She pulled her off the foot stool. She had to pry Sarah's
white knuckles off the edge of the stool, and then pull her back
onto the rug where she sat leaning on Jamie, limp, wet, exhausted,
her hair a bedraggled mess, some plastered to her face and cheeks.
Jamie pushed it aside and kissed her again on the cheek, then
on the forehead, hugging her and rocking her as Sarah slowly
regained some control of her orgasm racked body.

< To be continued?? >


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