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Cat Girl Nuku Nuku: Nuku Goes Into Heat
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

Nuku couldn't sleep. Of course, she didn't sleep at all in the same sense
that humans do. This was because she wasn't human at all. To look at and
touch she was a tall, spectacularly shaped human girl of about seventeen
years with cranberry colored hair and luminous green eyes. But in reality,
she was an android.

However, even for an android Nuku was unique because her brain was one not
just of circuitry but of cicuitry joined to an organic brain, specifically a
cat's. This made her a creature not just of programming but of instinct as
well. Tonight a new instinct was rising in her. While her body was that of a
teen-age girl she had only been a kitten when her "Papa", Kyusaku had put her
brain into that body and now that brain was entering a new phase, sending
strange, irrisistable impulses to every corner of her body.

Finally she left the room where she normally deactivated. Rich in her
nostrils was the scent of males. This was not unusual in that the only other
two inhabitants of the house were male: Kyusaku and his son, twelve year old

* * *

Ryonosuke stirred uneasily as the door to his bedroom slid open and shut and
a naked Nuku entered. She stood over him and then knelt next to his bed. She
bent down her head and gave a long slow lick to her "brother"'s neck,
startling him awake.

"Nuku! What are you doing!?!"

Inside Nuku's head instinct collided with programming. He programming didn't
really cover this behavior. But it didn't forbid it either. After all she
didn't intend to harm the boy. Quite the opposite in fact.

"I'm not sure, Ryunosuke," she andwered, her normally raspy voice gone even
huskier. "I just know I have to." She extended a single sharp nailed finger
and, button by button opened the young boy's pajama top leaving his smooth
young chest bare. She bent her head down again and ran her long rough tongue
across his flesh. As it flicked across his nipple's Ryunosuke let out a gasp
of both shock and unaccustomed desire as his young prick sprang to attention.

* * *

"*What* are they doing?"

"Here, letmesee!", with this Arisia Mitamura snatched away the camoculars her
partner, Kyoko, had been looking through away from her. Unfortunately for
Kyoko she'd been wearing them around her neck, with the result that the strap
strangled her, causing her eyes and tongue to bulge out of her head.

"Holy shit! That damn android's in bed with him. Naked!" Kyoko finally
untangled herself and got the second pair. She knew better than to try
to take her binoculars back. Her partner had a disposition that could
generously be described as "volatile". More accurately it could be
described as borderline psychotic. But in this case she was also right.
The android cat girl was pressed against the young Ryunosuke, sliding
her voluptuous body up and down and nipping playfully at his chest and
stomach. She had to admit that he seemed to be enjoying it. Still...

"We should tell Lady Akiko immediately!" That would have been the sensible
thing to do. But as usual Arisia had ideas in the opposite direction.

"Wait. Let's make sure we have a complete report. You do have that thing set
on 'Record', right?"

"Mm, I do now."

One of the few things Lady Akiko didn't know about Arisia and Kyoko was that
they were not only partners but sometime lovers, which was why Kyoko hadn't
transferred to another partner long ago. Arisia now stepped behind Kyoko and
groped at her breasts, her fingernails tracing patterns over her small tits
and causing her nipples to harden.

"Ariiisa! We're on duty!"

The tall brunette ignored her, unzipping her bodysuit and peeling it down to
the waist. The smaller woman knew that once Arisia decided on a course of
action there was no disuading her. As Arisia's teeth bit down on her neck and
shoulders she gave in, as she always did, with a sigh that mingled pain,
pleasure and exasperation.

* * *

In the meantime, Nuku, oblivious of being spied on had finished stripping
her step-brother naked and had his small but rigid cock trapped between her
breasts which he was eagerly thrusting between. At each forward thrust her
long tongue flicked out and licked the cockhead. She pushed him down and
straddled him, her hairless cunt hovering over his prick teasingly.

"Nuku, pleeease!"

"Please what?" This was said half teasingly and half serious because she was
nearly as confused as the twelve-year old beeath her.

"Please...I want...want to...fuck you." He blushed as much at the word as the
statement of intent.

"Oh, okay." With that she presented herself on all fours, legs spread to
recieve him.

Somewhat confused, but also guided by instinct Ryunosuke got on his knees on
the bed behind her and pushed in. A sigh of pleasure greeted him as there
was, of course, no hymen to break.


* * *

"Oh my God, they're fucking now!" cried Arisia. By now both she and Kyoko
were naked. She was on her knees at the window sill and her partner was
underneath servicing her with her tongue.

"Lady Akiko will be sooo angry!" said her partner, lifting her cream soaked
face before plunging back in.

"Who cares! This is better than blowing up a mall!"

* * *

Nuku padded silently out of Ryunosuke's room feeling unsatisfied. It had been
nice enough but Ryunosuke was of course totally inexperienced and had not
reached his full growth peniswise. She needed more and knew where to get it.

She crept quietly into her "Papa" Kyusaku's room. She went over to his bed.
She knew that "papa" had a drinking problem and so was not surprised to see
him stay asleep as she lifted the sheet and examined his body, clad only in
a pair of red and white striped boxer shorts. His body was thin but not
unappealing. She crawled under the sheet with him, wrapped her arms and legs
around him and nuzzled his neck. *This* woke him up.

"WhattheHell!?! Nuku!"

"Yes Papa?" she said as her hand slipped inside his trunks and pulled out his
cock. She could feel that his member was much more satisfatory in size than

"Nuku! Stop!" She had no choice but to obey a direct order from her master so
she froze into position.

"But Papaaaa!" she whined. "I neeeed..."

"Need what?" He wasn't immune to having her ripe, naked body right next to
him but if Akiko ever found out...

She thought of the word Ryunosuke had used.

"Fuckiiiiiing! I need fucking!"

The begging in her voice got to him.


"Thank you Papa, thaaank you!"

"Now let me show you how to suck me off in gratitude. Put your mouth around
my cock. Yeah, like that, no biting! Well maybe just a little yeah, that's
good now move your mouth up and down and suck on it during the upstroke and
let up a little going down, oh that's good, that's real good you little

Nuku looked up with pleading in her eyes. Ryunosuke just hadn't been enough
and her genitals were burning with need. A combination of pity and horniness
made her master withdraw. She got into the instinctive all-fours position.

"There are other ways of doing it you know."

"There arrre?" she purred, with wonder in her voice. So much to learn!

"Yes," Kyusaku replied. "Now straddle me like a good girl and lower youself
on me. That's it. Oh that's good, now move up and down, yeah, ohfuck, yeah!"
As she moved up and down on him he took the opportunity to play with her
ample tits. Soon he was ready to come in her when she interrupted.

"What's that Papa?"

"What's what?"

"That!" she said pointing out the window. Her cat eyes could make out forms
across the alleyway and had seen a glint of moonlight off a lens.

Kyusaku's eyes weren't as good as Nuku's but, squinting, he too saw the

"Oh shit!"

* * *

"Lady Akiko's going to kill him! Literally kill him!"

At this point Kyoko was manning the camoculars while Arisia was behind her,
fucking her with a strap-on she had just "happened" to have in the gunbag
that doubled as her purse.

"Good! Maybe she'll let me do it!" She had her partner by her short auburn
hair and was using it to brace herself as she screwed her.


"Don't care. Cum for me bitch!"

Just then the roof caved in as Nuku crashed through. She was in battlemode
and wearing one of the bizarre inventions Kyasaku tended to come up with out
of nowhere, the Mecha-Dildo. A metallic penis covered with silver-grey scales
it lashed out, extending across the room and grabbing the camocular out of
Kyoko's hands then crushed it. Arisa tried to reach her gunbag but was
pounced on by Nuku.

"Papa said if you didn't cooperate, I could fuck you! So give! What else did
you see?"

Kyoko, in a bid to distract the angry android, grabbed the Mecha-dildo. Her
ploy succeded better than she thought because unlike an ordinary strap-on it
was directly connected to Nuku's neural system.

"Oooooh, that feels good!" the feline female squealed. Encouraged Kyoko, put
it in her mouth and started sucking. Completely enthralled, Nuku let Arisia
slip away. The psycotic agent had almost reached her gunbag when Nuku noticed
and swung the extendable cyber-penis at here, Kyoko still attached, knocking
both of the Mitsuhara agents for a loop. She then pounced on them once more.

"Please don't rape us Nuku-san!" pleaded Kyoko. "The other camoculars are
over there! If you let us go we'll...we'll eat you out!"

"Traitor!" cried Arisia hiding her own fear. But she was also intrigued by
the idea af sex with Nuku.

At first the naive android thought this was a threat and the Mecha dildo
reared back like a cobra about to strike. Then Kyoko approached her on her
hands and knees and strated licking at her hairless labia. Nuku realised
that this was as good as the fellatio the shy young woman had just given
her and was soon writhing and purring in delight. Meanwhile Arisia mounted
the Mecha-Dildo even as Nuku squatted on top of Kyoko's face.

"AHHHHHHH, you fucking catbitch! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Okayyy, I willl, rrrrrrrrr! OH! That's nice!"

As the two women and the android girl lay in a heap they all concluded that
it was best that Lady Akiko never find out about any of this.


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