Author's Note: This is part of a multi-chapter epic that involves lots of
different shows, but each chapter is meant to stand on its own so if there
is one you have no interest in a particular show please skip it.

Author's Note 2: In the movie Nora was played by Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly,
Rocky & Bullwinkle), Lorraine was played Hillary Duff and Sarah was played
by Alyson Stoner (Mike's Super Short Show).

Cheaper By The Dozen: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengance Part 12
by Hamster (ffg,inc,voy,mc,magic)

Bob the cupid was determined to enjoy this particular Valentine's Day. The
disgruntled little winged purveyor of lust had become invisible and made his
way to Chicago, Illinois in order to strike potential sexual partners with
his love.

Nora had agreed to baby-sit two of her sisters for her parents. So she had
brought them over to her new apartment. She figured she might as well watch
the ones partially responsible for her being alone on Valentine's Day to
begin with. But she had had no idea that Lorraine and Sarah would spend all
day at each other's throats. The pig-tailed tomboy Sarah was an unholy terror
(she had played increasingly mean practical jokes on Nora's ex-boyfriend;
including soaking his underpants in meat so that he'd be chased by dogs) and
it did not help that Lorraine was always on the girl's case.

"You should try wearing pink I think it would look good on you." Lorraine was
trying to convince her little sister to wear the cloths she'd bought her.

"I am not going to let you turn me into some airhead that only thinks about
cloths and boys like you! And by the way, I'm not a Barbie doll so stop
trying to dress me." Sarah responded.

"Look you little bull-dyke..." Lorraine said getting in the girl's face.

"Lorraine don't call your sister that!" Nora cried angrily. "Can't you two
stop fighting for like two minutes?"

That was exactly what Bob the Cupid was planning to help them with. He pinged
the girls with his love-arrows, knowing full well that it was going to be one
of his more perverted pairing and completely not caring.

Sarah was the first to react to the lust-inducing magical arrows.

"Oh so you think I'm a bull-dyke huh you big-titty bitch? Why don't I show
you what a bull-dyke I can really be?" The girl said as she lunged forward
and bit her sister's tit through her shirt.

"OUCH! You little bitch!!!" Lorraine said even though it didn't really hurt
and she wasn't actually mad. Actually she was very, very aroused. Lorraine
giggled. "So I guess you really are a dyke."

"I guess I am and I think I want to prove it." Sarah said as she squeezed
Lorraine's ass.

Nora stared at her little sisters in shock. Despite her surprise she was also
very turned on.

"That sounds like fun, but we shouldn't leave Nora out." Lorraine said.

"I think your right." Sarah replied.

Lorraine sat down behind Nora and Lorraine slid her hands down the front of
her sister's chest to squeeze her tits She pulled her shirt off then slid
off the shoulder straps of her bra down her arms. Nora was surprised at
Lorraine's boldness but did not resist. She was enjoying her sister's touch
far too much. Nora started to plant little butterfly kisses on Lorraine's
neck, a little sigh escaped Lorraine's lips, Nora cupped Lorraine's breasts
and starts to squeeze them making her nipples become fully erect, Nora
pinched them through the fabric, Nora was licking Lorraine's ear lobe.
Lorraine opened her eyes and smiled and Nora returned the smile in her cute,
and leaned forward and kissed Lorraine on the lips, she kissed twice on
the lips before parting them with her tongue, Nora slid her tongue into
Lorraine's mouth only to be greeted with Lorraine's tongue. Nora pulled her
tongue back into her mouth and started to suck on Lorraine's tongue, she
continued sucking on it giving it its own little blowjob. Nora put her mouth
back over Lorraine's and let their tongue's intertwine.

Nora stripped off Lorraine's shirt, and began massaging her breasts. Nora
immediately took a mouth full of Lorraine's beautiful nipple. Nora tugged on
the nipple with her teeth making Lorraine's breathing get heavier.

Nora slid her tongue down Lorraine's tummy and over the fabric of her skirt
she unzipped the skirt and pulled them off, Nora stopped just above the wet
spot where Lorraine's pussy lips were firmly pressed against material her
panties, Nora sniffed the material smelling Lorraine's juice. Nora licked
around Lorraine's inner thighs teasing her; Nora licked right up the middle
of Lorraine's fabric covered pussy lips, sending a bolt electricity through
Lorraine's entire body. Lorraine couldn't contain herself any longer and let
a loud moan escape her lips. Both Sarah and the invisible Bob stared at the
highly erotic scene in acute arousal. Sarah kicked her shoes of and unzipped
her pants, letting them fall to her ankles. Her hands fished around in her
pants and found her pussy. She began to finger herself as she washed her
sister's getting it on, she closed her eyes and bit her lip so she wouldn't
cry out and distract them.

Nora pulled Lorraine's panties to the side and slid her tongue around the
outside of Lorraine's lips, taking the side of Lorraine's pussy in her lips
and pulled, it stretched and then snapped back, Nora spread Lorraine's lips
and licked her inner walls making Lorraine buck her pussy into Nora's face.
Just then Nora heard a noise she froze and looked towards it, then smiled
when she saw Sarah with eyes tightly shut and her hands down her panties.

Nora motioned Sarah to join them with her finger. Sarah walked over to
Nora and Lorraine; Nora bent down and continued to flick her tongue over
Lorraine's pussy. Lorraine reached up and grabbed Sarah's head and placed
her mouth on Sarah's, they swirled their tongues together. Sarah's tongue
was vibrating from Lorraine's moaning, Lorraine lifted up Sarah's shirt
revealing her braless little tits. Lorraine squeezed and massaged Sarah's
tiny swells. Sarah shut her eyes, nipples becoming instantly stiff;
Lorraine took her lips off Sarah's. She quickly put Sarah's nipple in her
mouth flicking it with her tongue and giving it a little nibble before
moving to the other one to repeat the procedure. Nora tongue wrestled with
Lorraine's pussy until her clit erected which she gingerly took it in her
mouth squeezing it between her lips Nora brought her hand up and started
rub the entrance of her hole she then slid a finger in the wet entrance.
Lorraine lay down flat on the couch so Sarah could throw a leg over
Lorraine's face; Sarah squatted down and lowered her pussy onto Lorraine's
face. Lorraine hungrily ate out little Sarah; Lorraine's mouth was buried
in Sarah's pussy her nose buried in her hairless virgin cunt. Lorraine
blew steady streams of air into Sarah's pussy driving Sarah wild.

Nora stood up and led Sarah and Lorraine over to the throw rug in front of
her electric fireplace. Nora lied down on her side and told Lorraine to
lick her pussy and Sarah to lick Lorraine's and she would lick Sarah's, it
would be a lesbian triangle. Lorraine positioned herself behind Nora and
started to lick her pussy, Sarah positioned herself behind Lorraine and in
front of Nora. Sarah thought to herself that this would be her first time
tasting pussy, it sure smelled good, she slowly stuck her tongue out and
touch the tip against Lorraine's slit, she was pleasantly surprised at how
good her sister tasted she need no more tests she dove right in licking up
and down Lorraine's pussy making Lorraine moan in pleasure. Lorraine loved
the taste of Nora's love juice, she decided to try something new, she slid
her tongue over Nora's puckered asshole, she probed the outside of Nora's
hole until her tongue slipped in, Lorraine rubbed at Nora's pussy lips,
she brought 2 fingers to her lips and sucked on the two fingers, and slid
them into Nora's slippery hole.

Lorraine and Nora climaxed together, Lorraine and Nora stood up.

Sarah was about to stand up but Lorraine and Nora kept her down and said
together. "We're not done with you yet."

With that they spread her legs, buried her face in Sarah's waiting pussy,
while lifted Sarah's right leg and kiss and lick Sarah's toes sucking each
one into her mouth. Lorraine joined Nora in licking Sarah's pussy, Lorraine
and Nora's tongue's flicked against each other as they both licked Sarah,
this brought Sarah over the edge very quickly squirting juice all over both
of there faces, she crawled over to the two and licked some of her own
juices off there faces.

"Mmmm I taste good." Sarah moaned.

Bob had truly enjoyed the sex-show but it was time for the Cupid to move on
and spread the love.
_ _ _

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Here's a list of all the shows involved in the series:

1. Reba
2. Harry Potter
3. Hope And Faith
4. Gilmore Girls
5. Sister, Sister
6. Batman - The Animated Series
7. 8 Simple Rules
8. Lizzie McGuire
9. 7th Heaven
10. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
11. Scout's Safari
12. Cheaper By The Dozen
13. Angel
14. Teen Titans/X-Men Evolution
15. Justice League
16. Fantastic Four
17. Lilo And Stitch
18. Grounded For Life
19. What I Like About You


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