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Date: 09/27/2007

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, male/female sex, female solo sex, female/female sex,
male solo sex, strong language

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Lorraine/m/f

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Summary: After Lorraine and her friends arrive in Paris, France and get
themselves settled into an apartment, she accidently bumps into a handsome
American artist who happens to be in Paris for some artistic inspiration.

Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Hilary Duff, who was born
on September 28th, 1987.

Dedication: Happy 20th Birthday to Hilary Duff! -- ATK 2007

Cheaper By The Dozen: City Of Lovers
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

My name is Lorraine Baker and ever since my big sister Nora had gotten
himself married to Hank and Charlie had graduated from college and moved
himself into an apartment with his ladylove Beth, I had finally graduated
from high school and started packing my personal stuff to go with my friends
on a trip to Paris, France.

And even though both of my parents -- Tom and Kate Baker -- were having a
little problem with that idea, they had given me a big loving hug and told
me that they would still love me no matter what happens and wish for me to
have a good time in Paris and stay safe just before I had given my other
brothers and sisters a big 'goodbye' hug, got into the minivan that my
friends were riding in and gone to the airport with them.

Now of course, the flight to Paris aboard a passager jet was okay but as
soon as the jet had finally touched itself down at a Paris airport and gotten
ourselves out of that plane, we had gone into the building, picked-up our
luggage and stepped out of the airport just in time for us to have a really
good look at the magnificent city of Paris and realize that we had made the
right decision to come to what is known as 'The City Of Lovers'.

Anyway, as soon as we had finally hailed a taxi and allowed the cab driver
to take us over to an address that my very best friend -- a beautiful
curly-haired supermodel-type whose name happens to be Nicole Gannon -- had
given him, the cab had stopped itself right in front of this fantastic
apartment building that we had instantly fallen in love with.

So, as soon as we had gotten ourselves settled into this one apartment and
allowed Nicole to give the first and last month's rent to the landlord, I had
accidently bumped into this great-looking guy with dark-brown hair and I had
tried to come up with the way that the French translation for the words 'I'm

But just as I was about to give it a try, Nicole has placed her hand on my
shoulder, let out a small giggle and said, "Lorraine Baker, I see that you
were able to meet Mister Matt Hopkins, a fellow American who had allowed
himself to come here for some artistic inspiration. "causing me to look at
Matt with curiousity in my eyes and ask, "You're an artist?Were you able to
paint anything?"

And after he had said 'yes' and allowed me to have a look at the most
beautiful paintings that I had ever seen in my entire life, Matt had looked
at me with a small smile on his face, placed his gentle hand on my cheek and
said, "You know, Lorraine. If you really want me to do so, I would be more
than willing to paint a nude portait of you."

But just as I was about to tell Matt that I might have some problem with that
idea, an understanding Nicole had gently placed her hands on my shoulders and
said, "Well, Matt. I do believe that it sounds like a generous offer but I
don't think that now would be a really good time and it's because that
Lorraine had just arrived here and needs some time to rest."

And after he had looked and smiled at both me and Nicole and told us that he
had understood, I had said 'goodbye' to Matt and followed Nicole into our new
apartment just in time for little curious me to turn my eyes toward Matt and
watch him close his apartment door.

And yet, even though both Nicole and I had joined the others in enjoying a
tasty lunch in the kitchen, I was still unable to keep Matt out of my mind
and had gotten the sudden urge to take him up on his offer to do that nude
portrait of me but I was also unable to allow myself to do that, because if
I were to do so and my parents get a good look at it and discover that it
was me as the subject of that nude portrait, they would really go balistic
on me.

But that was before the other girls had decided to get all dressed-up and go
have dinner at a local restaurant and check-out a show at the local theater
house and wanted me and Nicole to go with them, only to have the both of us
say 'thanks but no thanks' and allow the other girls to go out and have
themselves a good time.

And after the other girls had said 'goodnight' and left the apartment for
their first dinner and a show in Paris, Nicole had decided to just sit around
on the living-room sofa and read her favorite book and I had gone into the
bathroom, turned on the water, stripped off all of my clothes, stepped into
the shower and started rubbing soap all over my nude body.

But then, as soon as I was finally done with my shower, I had put on this
soft powder blue bathrobe, stepped out of the bathroom and walked back into
the living-room to ask Nicole what she had wanted to have for a little snack,
only to have me discover that she was no longer on the sofa.

That had caused me to step out of our apartment and go over to Matt's
apartment, only to have me discover that his door was unlocked and
slightly-opened, which--in turn--had caused me to open the door and step
into the apartment just in time for me to suddenly hear the sound of two
adult lovers having hot and steamy sex with each other.

And as soon as I had followed that sound to its source, my eyes had grown at
the sight of a bare-ass naked Matt licking on a nude Nicole's hot, wet pussy
and carressing her firm breasts, which had suddenly caused me to slip off my
robe and start pumping two of my hot, moist snatch and carressing my own tits
with the other hand.

That was before they had stopped what they were doing and take a good look at
me and Matt had taken me by the hand and allowed me to continue licking on
Nicole's hot and steamy cunt for him, while he had began stroking his stiff
cock right in front of us and just before she had placed her hands on my bare
shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Lorraine! Do it
to me now! I'm hot and eager! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry!

And then, after Matt had placed his stone hard dick inside my asshole and his
hands on Nicole's bare shoulders, I had suddenly realized that I was able to
experience the one thing that I had never experienced with anyone in another
country before, for I was experiencing pure and untamed erotica... and
enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after Matt had placed his stiff cock inside my pussy and began
licking on Nicole's snatch, she had placed her hands on my silky-smooth naked
thighs and began sucking on my stiff mounds, causing me to place my hands on
Nicole's bare back and yell at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S

And after the three of us had started moving ourselves harder and faster and
our lovemaking has finally arrived in Paris, Matt, Nicole and I had came and
collapsed due to exhaustion and fell asleep with our naked arms in a lover's
embrace, while everyone else in the City Of Lovers had kept on doing their
normal routine.

Just then, on the very next day, after the other girls had gone off to do
some sight-seeing, both Nicole and I had placed ourselves back inside Matt's
apartment, stripped off all of our clothes, placed our bare-ass naked bodies
on the sofa and allowed him to start painting the both of us in a nude

As for my mom and dad, all I could say is that I hope that I'm not a little
girl anymore and understand that I had to allow Matt to use me as a subject
for his latest nude masterpiece to prove such a point... and who knows. Maybe
Matt and I would possibly allow ourselves to get married. You never can tell.



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