This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory: Sugar Rush Part 2 - Market Research
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Though she didn't win ownership of Willy Wonka's factory, which ultimately
turned out to be the special prize given in the gold ticket competition,
Veruca Salt came away with something much more worthwhile to her at the
moment. Whether it be masturbating for Violet on the webcam or sneaking
vegetables out of the kitchen to use as makeshift dildos, Veruca had
realized her sexuality and how much pleasure she got from it.

The one thing she wanted though, but didn't have easy access to even with
her family wealth and her ability to get away with anything, was a thick
warm cock. During the trip to the factory Veruca had one in her mouth and in
her ass, but not in her pussy. She did lose her virginity to the candy penis
that Violet had fucked her with, but that along with the various vegetables
Veruca had tried just didn't feel the same. She had briefly thought about
trying to bribe the pool boy who was twenty-one and just about the only
member of her family's staff who was cute enough for her. Veruca figured
though that after the incident with the chef and maid getting fired that he
wouldn't want to risk putting his job in jeopardy.

The answer came to her one day as she surfed the internet waiting for Violet
to log on. Veruca was perusing a webpage displaying amateur couple photos
and as she scrolled down to look at the last of the photos one picture link
in particular caught her eye. It was a simple link that alternated flashing
between black and white and white and black letters that read "Pet

Veruca clicked on the link and her eyes widened as the webpage for "Sexy Pet
Birthdays" opened up. On the page was a caption that read "Current Birthday
Pet: Henry". Accompanying that was a photo of a woman on her hands and knees
with a golden retriever on her back mounting her. Below that photo were
multiple links to other photos of the same woman and dog. Veruca marveled at
how big and thick the dog's cock was and seeing the smile on the woman's
face convinced her to give it a try. The archive of pictures she would later
look through gave her more than enough masturbatory incentive to completely
soak her panties before she got on webcam with Violet later in the night.

The next day was unbearable for Veruca as she trudged through the day
waiting for school to end. Even Veruca knew that there were limits to what a
spoiled rich "princess" like herself could get away with. Bestiality was
illegal just about everywhere in the world so she couldn't exactly ask
somebody for tips and advice, but the one thing Veruca had learned about the
internet was that you could find just about anything online including guides
to having sex with animals.

Veruca made mental notes of all the do's and don'ts and took note of the
dog's knot swelling at orgasm locking him and his mate together for around
thirty minutes. Now she would just have to wait for the right time before
she could attempt anything with her doberman pinscher, William. Veruca's
opportunity came several weeks later when her mother accompanied her father
on an overseas business trip. She then lied to Violet saying she wouldn't be
online for a few days because she would be on a school trip. Veruca's
parents would be out of town for two weeks, but she gave herself several
days away from Violet just in case something came up during her first
attempt with William.

With an excited nervousness that the spoiled girl rarely found herself with
Veruca's opportunity came the first Saturday her parents were gone. She
stood inside by veranda door waiting for the family's pet caretaker, Lilly,
to return with William from his daily walk. Several minutes later the two of
them appeared. As she prepared William to return inside Lilly happened to
look up as Veruca stepped onto the veranda.

"Shall I find the driver for you Ms. Salt? I'm almost done with William

"No, I want to stay in today."

"You know your father asked us to try and get you out of the house? He
worries you spend too much time online with your friends."

"We hired you to take care of our animals Lilly, not to be my caretaker. Do
not worry about my father. I will deal with him later. William come," Veruca
said calling the doberman pinscher. The dog followed her inside and she
slammed the veranda door behind her. Veruca was stopped once again as she
and the dog crossed into the foyer heading towards the steps leading to the
second floor and her bedroom.

"Ms. Salt, you're father-"

"I know my father doesn't want any of the dogs upstairs," Veruca said
glaring at the maid cutting her off in mid-sentence. "But I do, and you know
I always get what I want!"

"My apologies Ms. Salt!"

"Not that it's any concern of yours, but I'm taking pictures of William for
something I'm working on and I'll be doing the same for my other pets

"Again, my apologies Ms. Salt!"

"Don't do it again and let the others know that anyone else who tries to
tell me what to do will be fired."

Finally rid of the distractions Veruca quickly made her way to her room with
William and shut the door behind them locking it. She stood still momentarily
looking at the dog as it stared back at her. William was the most obedient of
her pets and would be easiest for Veruca to work with it.

"Sit," Veruca ordered and the doberman immediately obeyed.

As it sat on it's haunches Veruca could see a tiny pink tip sticking out of
William's sheath and smiled. Veruca stripped off her clothing and laid down
on her bed. She reached between her legs and found her bare pussy slowly
stroking her finger up and down her slit. The dog turned it's head to watch
it's master and Veruca felt herself getting excited as she made eye contact
with it with thoughts of things to come.

Veruca let out a small sigh as she pushed two fingers into her pussy and
began pushing them in and out. His curiosity perked by his master's moans
William got up from where he sat and walked over to Veruca's side before
sitting down again. Veruca grinned even wider this time when she saw the
doberman staring at her intently as if he were watching her knowing what was
going on. Veruca continued pumping her fingers into her tiny snatch waiting
until the moment she started to wet herself. Several minutes later when she
finally felt her sticky fluid start to moisten her fingers she pulled them

"Here boy, here's a treat for you," Veruca smiled putting her fingers up to
William's face. A few seconds later Veruca felt a rush of excitement surge
through her body as William licked her fingers clean. "That's a good boy. I
knew you'd like that."

As Veruca sat up to sit down on the floor she happen to glance down at the
dog's underside and liked what she saw. More of William's penis was starting
to emerge from it's sheath.

"Up boy," Veruca ordered as she got to her knees on the floor and the
doberman pinscher obeyed.

With a definite nervousness starting to overtake her body Veruca was
beginning to have seconds thoughts about trying to get William to mount her.
She wanted to get up, dress, and call the whole thing off, but as she sat
there starting at the dog cock the wanting of a warm throbbing penis in her
began to take over again.

Veruca made her way underneath the dog half-crouching half-laying as she did
so. Slowly she reached up taking William's penis in her hand and slowly
began stroking it back and forth. It definitely looked different from Willy
Wonka's dick, but it was still felt warm and fleshy in her hand and reacted
the same way to stimulation.

With each passing stroke from Veruca more and more of her pet's cock
emerged. As it grew bigger and bigger Veruca's appetite for it also grew.
William's cock had to be just as big as Mr. Wonka's penis if not just a bit
bigger. The spoiled rich girl could no longer hold herself back and wanted
the doberman's cock now.

First though she would give it the same treatment she gave the candy maker.
Veruca wrapped her lips around the dog's shaft and slowly began taking it
into her mouth. The doberman stood still obeying his master's previous
command. The only thing that was different now was the periodic whine or
bark that he let out as Veruca bobbed her head back and forth over his cock.

Several minutes later Veruca pulled her head back with a loud slurp and a
string of saliva on her chin. As she sat up on her knees her hand went back
down between her legs reaching for her pussy. There she found a nice sticky
mess building and wiped a bit up with her fingers. Veruca smacked her lips
as she licked her fingers clean then scooped up one more bit of her cream.
She held out her fingers for William and when he licked them clean again she
smiled and kissed him on the nose.

With her body tingling all over and the wetness in her crotch growing in
size Veruca got onto all fours and spread her legs. With a smile on her face
Veruca turned and gave her dog a new order.

"Come on boy! Mount me! Stick your penis inside me!" Veruca waited as she
felt the doberman's paws press into her back then felt it's prick start to
poke around her pussy. "That's a good boy!" She moaned as the dog cock
penetrated her after several tries.

Treating Veruca like the bitches he had mounted before William began
thrusting wildly into his master's pussy with little rhythm or easiness.
There was a definite uneasiness and pain at first for Veruca as William got
going. He wasn't nearly as gentle or easy going as Mr. Wonka was when he
fucked her in the ass, but still the cock was thick and it was warm and
inside her and that's all that Veruca wanted at the moment. With each
passing thrust Veruca could fill the doberman's cock pushing deeper and
deeper into her body.

Then suddenly Veruca gasped loudly moaning as William's knot swelled up
inside her pussy locking them together as his semen erupted into her belly.
Veruca could feel the warm semen fill her body and even start leaking a bit
from her pussy and drip down her leg. As long as Veruca was still the knot
wasn't terribly uncomfortable and almost forty minutes later she felt it
shrink down.

When William finally dismounted her Veruca collapsed to the floor exhausted,
but excited. When she was able to pull herself up to clean up she noticed
William already asleep in a corner and a small wet spot had formed in the
carpeting underneath where her ass had just been. Veruca thought for a
moment then grabbed some facial tissue from her nightstand. She dabbed up as
much of the dog cum as she could, put on her robe, then stuck her head out
her bedroom door.

"Elena!!!" Veruca shouted.

"Yes Ms. Salt?" the maid said running into the foyer below.

"I am going to bathe now, but clean up the mess William made in bedroom. Oh
and I have some clothes on the floor that need to be cleaned."

"Right away Miss Salt!"

* * *

While the number of sports and other competitions that Violet entered had
gone down drastically since her return from Willy Wonka's factory there was
one sport that she absolutely loved and that was basketball. The current
season had already been well underway before Violet's trip to London and her
team did play two games while she was gone. Violet's team won both games to
remain undefeated, but they were very marginal victories winning a game by
one with a last second three-point shot and winning the second game by two
with a missed shot by the opposing team. As Violet's first team practice
since she came back came to an end the Coach Bell called her over.

"Violet can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Yeah coach?" a sweaty Violet said running over.

"I wanted to wait until after practice to tell you this, because I know how
competitive you are and I didn't want a big scene occurring, but starting
with Saturday's game you will no longer be in the starting lineup. You will
play coming off the bench."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Violet scowled her demeanor quickly
changing to anger.

"Maybe we should wait until your mother gets here, so I only have to explain
this once and you have a chance to calm down."

"No! Tell me now! Why aren't I starting anymore???"

"There she is. Mrs. Beauregarde can I have a moment of your time please?"

"What's going on Coach Bell?" Mrs. Beauregarde asked concerned seeing the
expression on her daughter's face.

"It's about Violet's playing time. She-"

"He's benching me! I'm not starting anymore!" Violet screamed.

"Violet dear calm down please," Her mother said trying to calm her. "Now why
isn't she starting? She's the best player on the team."

"We've had this discussion before and she's been warned this would happen.
Violet doesn't pass, takes all of the shots, and frankly doesn't do her part
in play defense. There's no concept of team in the way she plays and she
expects everyone to play around her."

"I play to win championships and take home trophies! I don't sit around and
let other people do it for me! You barely won the two games I wasn't here
for. You got very lucky you didn't lose those games."

"My daughter might not have worded that in the best way possible Mr. Bell,
but she is right."

"Regardless, we did win those games and to be honest after the second game I
had parents and players telling me that those games were a few of the rare
the moments of fun they've had this season. Like they've been telling me all
season they want to play too and not stand around to watch you be a ball
hog. It's your choice Violet. You can either be a bench player for the time
being and earn your way back into the starting line up or you can quit the
team and the league."

"This is bullshit!" Violet growled.

"Violet! Where'd you learn that kind of language?" Ms. Beauregarde asked
surprised by her daughter's foul mouth.

"Oh come off of it! You and I both know this is complete bullshit!"

"I was afraid our discussion would come to this so I talked to some league
officials and in your case they agreed to prorate a refund for the rest of
the season and next season they'll let you play for a team not in your

"It's up to you Violet."

"I'm not happy at all about this, but I'm not quitting. I want another
trophy even if that means Coach Bell forcing me to earn my way back into the
starting lineup. Let's get the hell out of here."

"God if she ever makes it as a pro the WNBA's going to have their own T.O.
to deal with," Coach Bell muttered under his breath as the Beauregardes left
the gym.

* * *

"What are you going to do Violet? You're better than the entire team put
together," Ms. Beauregarde asked as they drove home.

"Don't worry about it. I'll be in the starting lineup on Saturday," Violet
replied calmly.

"That's great, but how are you going to do that? You heard what Coach Bell

"I said don't worry about it. I'll take care of it."

* * *

People were coming and going at the gym where the day's game was going to be
played. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary for Coach Bell except that he
saw Violet sitting outside on a bench in her breakaway warm-ups and shooter

"Violet what are you doing her so early? You don't need to be here for
another half an hour."

"I wanted to talk to you about what you said after practice," Violet said
standing up and picking up her bag.

"We've already discussed this. You're going to have work your way back into
the starting lineup."

"I know that coach, I'm not here to talk about that. It's something else
related to it. Look I just wanted to apologize for my behavior at practice
the other night and just the way I've been selfish in general."

"Well... Thank you... That's big of you to say," Coach Bell replied not sure
how to take Violet's sudden change in attitude. "Where's your mother at?" he
asked suddenly realize Mrs. Beauregarde was nowhere around.

"She has some things to do before the game so she dropped me off early."

"Ok, well grab the bag of balls and I'll meet you on the court. I've got to
meet with one of the officials for a moment."

Violet picked up and carried the bag of balls following Coach Bell into the
gym. She dropped them on her team's side of the floor and watched the coach
as he talked to another man. If Violet was going to start today's game she'd
have to get to Coach Bell in a hurry in order to have a talk with him. After
a few minutes the two men split and coach started down a hall. Violet
quickly followed him in hopes of cornering him.

After turning a corner Violet saw her coach walk into one of the gym's
offices. She stopped momentarily with nervousness catching up to her. Though
she had like it Violet's fooling around with Willy Wonka was due in part to
her eating some candy she shouldn't have and her online sessions with Veruca
were private affairs with just her friend. Violet was either going to have
to do this or she was going to quit the team. There was just no way she was
going to be a bench warmer with how good she was. Violet quickly opened the
office door and darted inside locking it behind her. She then quickly
glanced around to make sure all of the blinds were closed and nobody could
see inside. Violet's attention then turned to Coach Bell who was sitting in
a chair and on the phone.

"Listen Richard, I have a little matter to take care of before the game
today. I'll call you back later okay? All right thanks. Talk to you later.
Bye," Coach Bell said as he hung up the phone. "Is there something I can
help you with Violet?" He asked as he started to get up.

"Look Coach I wanted to talk to you about playing basketball."

"We've already been over this Violet."

"No please just listen to me for a second. Everything you said at practice
was right. I am selfish and I am a ballhog, but I'm the best player on the
team and deserve to be starting. I'm still the team captain and the only
reason why everyone is crying about me is because of this whole fair play
idea the league likes to push. I'm the best player on the team and in the
entire league in fact and I should be playing. You know it."

"Like I said, next season you can play for another team. Until then you're a
bench player," Coach Bell said with some finality standing up.

"And there's nothing I can do to change your mind?"

"No." The coach started to reach down to unlock and open the door.

"What if I suck your cock?"

Coach Bell completely came to a stand still. "What did you say?" He asked
turn to face Violet.

"Would you put me back into the starting lineup if I sucked your dick? You
know, a blowjob."

"Violet out now! I don't know where you're picking up this kind of stuff,
but it's highly inappropriate for someone your age. I'm telling you're
mother what you said when she gets here," Coach Bell said with only a few

"Shows how much you know Coach. I'm not a virgin," Violet replied removing
her shooter's jersey leaving only her regular jersey covering her chest. She
then removed her breakaway pants leaving her regular basketball shorts

"Violet what are you doing? This is highly inappropriate!"

"I've noticed how you look at us during practice and games when we're all
sweaty. It turns you on doesn't it? You won't ever do anything about it, but
it turns you on."

"No... It... doesn't..." Coach Bell stammered very flustered.

"Oh yeah, then why haven't you stopped me? Why haven't you left the office
yet?" Violet teased removing her jersey and going topless. "What if someone
else shows up early? What if someone is looking for you at this very moment
and here you are in here with me topless and a very obvious hard-on in your


"Shh! I'll make this quick," Violet whispered as she got on her knees in
front of her coach and unbuttoned his pants.

She pulled his pants and underwear down letting his cock slip out. It was
fully erect and throbbing. If Mr. Wonka was about eight inches then Coach
Bell being smaller had to be about six or seven inches. He nearly came as
Violet's lips touched his shaft, but he was able to barely hold back. Coach
Bell watched with a grin as his star player thrust her head back and forth
running her tongue along his shaft as her lips kept themselves tightly
wrapped around his prick.

Violet felt a small bit of precum land on her tongue as she cupped his
scrotum in her hand and began to fondle it. As Violet continued to run her
lips back and forth over his shaft while she played with his balls Coach
Bell felt the urge and intensity of wanting to come increase. He grabbed the
back of Violet's head and began to face fuck her.

"God Violet you're so good at this," He moaned with his thrusting cock
pushing down into her throat.

"Mmm... Come for me then Coach. Let me be your little cumslut," Violet
teased temporarily pulling her head back.

"Oh God I really want to fuck you hard!" Coach Bell groaned his hands firmly
around Violet's head as he relentlessly slammed his dick down her throat and
occasionally held her head in place so his shaft sat still in her mouth.

Coach Bell was definitely rougher than Mr. Wonka was and not something
Violet was completely fond of, but there was no turning back now and even
then there was no way in hell she wasn't going to be back in the starting

"You're such a dirty slutty little girl!" Coach demeaned Violet as his
thrusting became very quick and hard. "Do you always fuck people to get what
you want? Tell me," He said stopping momentarily and holding Violet's head
in place. Her eyes began to water and she started to gag as he held her in
place. "I said tell me bitch!" Violet shook her head yes. "That's what I
thought! Girl's like you have no shame or respect for yourselves!"

Violet was taken aback by Coach Bell's sudden change in demeanor, but she
knew what she was doing and could sense things were almost over as his
grunts became loud. Suddenly she felt his penis open up and his semen start
to shoot into her mouth. Shot after shot hit the back of her mouth dripping
down her throat. Seconds later his load subsided and Violet swallowed the
last of Coach's cum. The two of them were silent as he zipped back up and
she stood up putting her top back on. Then Coach Bell spoke.

"Listen Violet about-"

"Shut up Jack," Violet interrupted calling him by his first name. "I have no
interest in hearing anything you have to say. As far as what happened just
now let me say this. I will start every game for the rest of the season. I
don't care what you have to tell the losers on this team or their parents.
Just start me, that's all you have to do or else I'll tell everyone you
forced me to give you oral sex so I could just play again. Got it?"

"Yes," Jack said weakly now pale-faced.

"Good. We shouldn't have any problems then."

* * *

"It's a good thing Coach Bell started you today. No one else on the team
could make a shot," Mrs. Beauregarde said as she and Violet drove home after
the thirty-point victory.

"Oh come on mother, did you really expect anyone else to help all that much?
They all suck."

"Everyone knows you're the best Violet. It goes without saying and it won't
be too long before you'll need to make room for another trophy. I'm curious
though, how did you get Coach Bell to start you today?"

"Like I told you I'd do at practice, I took care of it. Have I ever failed
to get anything I wanted."

"Well, no of course not."

"Don't ever doubt me again when I say I'm going to do something."

"I never do honey. There's just one more thing."

"What?" Violet scowled.

"How much longer are you going to get on the computer to talk to Veruca? You
could be winning so many more trophies with as much time as you waste with

"I'm going to keep talking to her for as long as I feel like it and besides
I'd have to stop playing sports and doing competitions for years before
anyone began to catch up to me."

"Alright fine, if that's the way you want to spend your time I'm done
arguing with you over it," Mrs. Beauregarde said as they pulled up to their
house. "Get the mail and eat some lunch before you do anything else today."

"Fine," Violet grunted hopping out of the s.u.v. and heading towards the
mailbox at the end of the driveway. She thumbed through the mail as she
headed towards the house taking out her copy of the new Sports Illustrated.

Then stuck between two catalogs at the bottom of the pile of mail Violet
found a colorful envelope postmarked London, England. It was from Willy
Wonka. Violet threw the mail onto the kitchen counter then started opening
the envelope as she headed towards her room.

"What did you get in the mail?" Her mother asked as she started to make a
tunafish sandwich.

"Sports Illustrated."

"What's that envelope in your hand?"

"God mother do you have to know everything?" Violet huffed stopping midway
up the stairs to the second floor as she read the card inside the envelope.

"Yes, I do."

"I hate when you try to act all motherly and do things like this. You're
just doing this because you're jealous of my trophies and know I've already
done more with my life than you did with yours."

"If it wasn't for me you wouldn't be nearly as competitive or have entered
all of the competitions that you have to win your trophies. You'd be in the
Girl Scouts camping in the woods making S'mores."

"You'd know about that wouldn't you fatty? Tell me again how old were you
before you weighed less than two hundred fifty pounds and won your first

"You can make your own damn sandwich!" Mrs. Beauregarde shouted throwing the
bread back onto the counter and the spoon back into the bowl.

"That's what I thought!" Violet shouted back as her mother disappeared into
the master bedroom. "And if you must know Mr. Wonka sent me a plane ticket
to London! He's bringing everyone back to try out a new line of candy before
he starts selling it and I'm going!"

* * *

Veruca lay on her bed mind numbingly bored as she channel surfed. The help
was too busy with their jobs to provide her with some form of entertainment
and she didn't feel like going anywhere. Her parents would be gone for
another week and it'd be another day before Violet was back on. As she
finally and reluctantly settled on some American action movie there was a
knock at the door.


"Ms. Salt you've received some kind of letter or card from Mr. Wonka."

"Bring it to me Elena."

Veruca sat up in bed curious as to what the candy maker wanted as she took
the envelope. As Elena was about to walk through the doorway Veruca stopped

"Elena when do my parents get back from their trip?"

"One week from this Sunday."

"Make preparations for me for a week from this Saturday. It seems Mr. Wonka
is inviting everyone back for a tryout of his new candy, before it goes on

"Yes Ms. Salt. Right away." Elena left closing the door behind her.

"Hmm... I wonder what he's up to now?" Veruca smiled with a devilish grin.

* * *

"When do the others get in? Are we waiting for them as well?" The Salt's
driver asked.

"No Jeffrey, we're here to pick up Violet only. She's the only one I've
talked to and besides I don't care about the others. The plane landed a few
minutes ago so she should be here any moment."

Veruca and Jeffrey waited in the baggage claim for several minutes.

"Ms. Beauregarde has arrived. Here she comes down the ramp," Jeffrey

The two girls squealed loudly running across the lobby towards each other
and hugged for several minutes.

"It's so good to see you again!" Violet smiled as the hug broke.

"It really is! You wouldn't believe how boring it is around here when we're
not chatting on-line." Veruca rolled her eyes when she glanced over Violet's
shoulder. "That sucks. You couldn't come without your mother?"

"Unfortunately not. Your parents are gone on their trip and she wanted more
than just your help around if I was going to come. That and Mr. Wonka
provided tickets for both of us. I'll have to say something to him about
that tomorrow."

"Who knows what that man is up to. Anyway, you're mother won't be much of a
problem. We've got more than enough diversions around the mansion to keep
her occupied." Just then Mrs. Beauregarde walked up to the girls with
Jeffrey not far behind with a cart full of luggage. "Hi, Mrs. Beauregarde.
How was the flight?"

"Hi again Veruca. It was long and I'm tired. I really wish Mr. Wonka wouldn't
just invite you kids to these things with only a few weeks notice."

"Mother don't be rude to Veruca!" Violet snapped.

"It's okay. My parents are like that all the time when they get back from
their trips."

"Are they gone a lot?" Mrs. Beauregarde asked.

"Usually it's just my dad gone every other month or so. With the flight and
time differential I'm sure both of you could use a nap. Why don't we head
back home and we can talk about this later? Let's head to the car Jeffrey."

"Hmm... This is certainly a different side of you Veruca," Mrs. Beauregarde
commented as everyone headed out.

"Father and I had a long talk after our visit to the factory. I was in
punishment and I realized how bratty and spoiled I must have come off."

"Hopefully some of that will rub onto Violet while we're here," Mrs.
Beauregarde said as they reached the limousine. Jeffrey loaded the bags into
the trunk and opened the back passenger door.

"Guests first of course," Veruca smiled politely.

Violet shook her head grinning at Veruca as her mother climbed in. Veruca
returned the favor with a smile and a simple shrug of the shoulder.

* * *

"God your house is huge!" Violet exclaimed as the two of them entered
Veruca's room.

"It's a mansion, get it right," Veruca smirked locking the door behind them.

"Right, so what was with the act at the airport? I know you're not that
polite," Violet grinned.

"I don't have to do it with my parents or the staff around here because I
always get what I want, but sometimes it's a good idea to play nice and
proper with people," Veruca said as they sat down on the edge of her bed.
"So how was your flight? You tired at all?" Veruca asked leaning to kiss
Violet on the cheek.

"Not one bit," Violet replied returning the kiss but to Veruca's lips.

"Is the door locked? My mother likes to snoop around and might come looking
for me."

"It is, but don't worry. Once she sees the bathtub in the bedroom she's
staying in she'll be in there for hours," Veruca smiled as she worked
Violet's shirt off of her. "Off with those pants and lay back," Veruca said
as she took off her shirt.

Violet quickly removed her shoes, pants, and panties and laid nude on
Veruca's bed. Veruca then removed her own clothing as well and climbed onto
the bed straddling Violet. She leaned forward kissing Violet's smiling face
on the lips. Violet then took the initiative and pressed her tongue into
Veruca's mouth. The two friends pressed themselves together and French
kissed like they were lovers who hadn't seen each other in years. Veruca
then brought her head back still smiling.

"God I wish we didn't live so far apart."

"Me too, but don't worry about it right now," Violet said wrapping her arms
around Veruca's neck. "We've got today and tomorrow after our visit to
Wonka. Let's not waste it."

The two kissed once more for a few seconds before Veruca made her way down
to Violet's barely budding chest and perky nipples. Violet moaned as both
nipples were pinched and slightly twisted. Veruca then flicked her tongue
across Violet's right nipple as she continued to twist it.

"God Veruca where'd you learn this?" Violet moaned.

"Off the internet sweetie. It's amazing what kinds of things you can find on

Veruca then buried her head between Violet's legs and began sliding her
tongue up and down her friend's slit. Violet moaned as Veruca's tongue
slipped into her pussy and she began to pump it in and out. Feeling a
sex-induced high brought on by a close friend that wasn't chemically induced
Violet bucked her hips as Veruca's tongue kept pushing hard and deep inside
rubbing against her walls. Veruca then pulled her tongue out as Violet's
precum began to drip onto her tongue.

"Keep going Veruca you're making me feel great," Violet pleaded.

"Have you stuck anything inside since the last time we visited Mr. Wonka?"

"No, just my fingers when I masturbate."

"You'll like this then. It's a little something I stole from my mother's
bedroom when I heard you were coming."

With a wicked smile Veruca climbed off the bed and reached under it for a
box. She opened it up and removed a purple eight-inch penis shaped dildo
that she set at the foot of the bed blocking Violet's view. Veruca then got
into sixty-nine with her friend and took hold of the dildo.

"Oh god!" Violet gasped as her pussy was split open by the tip of the dildo.

"Oh calm down Violet. It's the same size Mr. Wonka was," Veruca grinned as
she inched the fake cock farther inside. "Don't be selfish though. Eat my

Veruca let out a slight groan as Violet took hold of her hips and pulled her
down to her face. Violet then began licking Veruca's slit as the Brit kept
pushing the dildo in until it bottomed out. It might have been because she
was intoxicated when she was at the factory, but being in a clear state of
mind seemed to provide Violet with that much more pleasure as Veruca started
pumping the dildo in and out of her pussy.

Veruca could tell Violet was really starting to get off as her friend
excitedly tongued her pussy sucking her juices out. There was an almost
sloppy wet sound as Violet ate out Veruca's pussy. Veruca started to feel
herself getting awfully close to coming and it seemed Violet wasn't anywhere
close to an orgasm even as she pumped the dildo in and out of Violet's pussy
with all her might. She then got an idea and pulled out the dildo.

"What are you doing?" Violet protested. "I like it!"

"I know you do sweetie," Veruca replied turning around to face her friend
and sitting on her knees. "But there's one thing you haven't tried that I
know you will love."

"What would that be?"

"Turn over on your stomach. This might feel a little weird a first, but
since you got so wet and the dildo is covered in your juices it'll go in
that much easier."

"Go in whe-" Violet began as she turned over.

Violet was interrupted as Veruca began pushing the fake cock into her ass.
It did indeed feel weird as her anus stretched to accommodate the intruder,
but Veruca's sweet nothings in her ear and her own hand rubbing her slit
quickly soothed Violet.

Before she knew it the entire dildo had bottomed out in her ass. Slowly but
surely Veruca picked up the rhythm as she pushed the dildo in and out.
Violet's body shuddered at each pass and her fingers pushed deeper and
harder into her pussy. She moaned more and more as time passed on and Veruca
fucked her cunt with the toy.

"Oh fuck Veruca!" Violet groaned as her body shook with orgasm.

Veruca left the dildo in Violet's ass as she bobbed her head in and began
sucking Violet's pussy as cum started to pour out. Within a few minutes
Violet's body calmed down and Veruca brought her head up.

"I remember now why I really miss having you around," Veruca announced with
a smile. "Even without the mint flavoring you taste great."

"Mmm... Pull that thing out of my butt and I can return the favor," Violet

Veruca removed the dildo from Violet's ass and leaned over the side of the
bed to put it back in the box. As she did so she felt a sudden weight
pressed to her back. Violet was leaning on her holding her down.

"Violet what are you doing?"

"Nothing," Violet teased as she spanked Veruca's bare bottom.

"Hey stop that!" Veruca weakly protested as Violet spanked her on the ass

"You're not the only one who learned about new stuff on the internet."

"Violet stop!"

"No Veruca, you've been a bad girl haven't you?" Violet asked spanking her
friend again.

"No, I've been good! I promise!" Veruca pleaded quickly falling in line with
Violet's game.

"Don't lie to me Veruca!" Violet scowled slamming her palm across Veruca's

"I'm sorry Violet! I'm sorry! I have been a bad girl..."

"Stand up on the floor for me and tell me what you've been doing," Violet
said sitting up.

"I like to play with myself and sometimes I got online and let people watch

"Why do you do that Veruca?"

"Because it's fun and I like the attention."

"Okay then. You like to play with yourself in front of people then I'm going
to let you. Go to the window and open the curtains." Veruca did as she was
told and Violet followed behind her.

"Violet, someone might see me," Veruca frowned.

"I thought you liked that, besides look outside. It's cold and there's snow
everywhere. There's nobody outside," Violet said sitting down on her knees a
few feet from the window. "Now face me and start playing with yourself."

With her bare backside just inches from the window Veruca slid her hand down
between her legs and began rubbing her slit. Violet watch as she slipped a
finger inside and started pushing it in and out.

"Does this turn you on Veruca? Do you like me watching you?"

"Ye- Yes it does."

"Good, keep going. I want you to come for me. Stick another finger inside."

In the dead of winter and neighboring mansions so far apart Veruca knew the
odds were next to zero that anyone would see through her window and see her
naked backside. Still this tiny dive into potential voyeurism forced upon
her by Violet was intriguing and seeing the growing smile on her friend's
face as she finger-fucked herself was nice too. Veruca was finding she
needed little stimulus in her current situation as she just needed to
increase her speed and keep her eyes on Violet to find her body getting more
and more excited. Violet then got to her hands and knees and crawled towards
Veruca. She started flicking her tongue over Veruca's slit and fingers
licking up the juices as they came out.

"Come Veruca! Come in my mouth!" Violet ordered pushing Veruca's hand out of
the way and clamping her lips around her opening. Violet slid her tongue in
and out tasting the vaginal walls.

Minutes later Veruca's legs started to buckle as she orgasmed. Violet
grabbed hold of her friend's buttocks pressed her mouth to Veruca's pussy
eating up every bit of cum that the rich girl released. She let go of Veruca
and fell back onto the floor. Veruca's legs gave out without the support and
she fell to her knees. Minutes later they both finally to their feet.

"Wow Violet, what made you do that?"

"I don't know. It was something I just thought of and wanted to see if you'd
go along with it."

"That was cool," Veruca said as the two hugged. "I kinda liked the spanking."

"Me too," Violet grinned.

"Let's go get cleaned up before your mom comes looking for you."

"I'm surprised she didn't show up while we were in the middle of that."

"Well later tonight or maybe tomorrow there's one thing I'm thinking about
showing you."

"What do you mean thinking about?"

"I'm just not sure if you're ready."

"What exactly did you have in mind?"

* * *

"So how long is this going to take?" Mrs. Beauregarde asked as the Salt's
limo stopped in front the chocolate factory. "Should we wait around to pick
you up?"


"I can't say for sure how long this will take," Veruca said interrupting
Violet. "It all depends on how much candy there is and how involved the
evaluating process is. I'll tell you what though, Jeffrey show Mrs.
Beauregarde around town and take her wherever she wants to go. You can even
get her some souvenirs if she likes. As soon as we're done here I'll call
your cell phone and the two of you can pick us up then."

"Well, okay I suppose we can do that. Where are the others that? I thought
Violet said Mr. Wonka invited everyone back?"

"They're probably inside already," Veruca replied.

"I guess I'll do some sight-seeing around town then. Have fun."

Veruca and Violet watched as the limo drove off.

"Jesus. You see what I have to put up with?" Violet grumbled.

"Don't worry about it. She won't even be thinking about us in awhile. Now
let's see what our good friend is up to."

As the girls turned around the gate opened and they walked into the
courtyard. As they got closer to the steps leading up to the main entrance
they were met by Willy Wonka himself.

"Good to see you two again," he greeted them with a warm smile.

"You should be happy we kept our mouths shut about what happened," Violet

"Like I said the last time you two were here I could have feed you medication
that would have removed those memories, but I didn't. I knew you wouldn't say
a word, because I knew you would find you liked participating in activities
less than appropriate for girls your age. If you told what happened then your
parents would never let you out of their sight again, thus not allowing you
to keep on doing what you two like to do."

"You got lucky Wonka," Veruca replied.

"Did I? Is that why you didn't leave zero room after you realized what was
in there?"

"Yes, you got lucky," Violet said.

"Right, let's go inside then if the two of you still want to try my new line
of candy."

"Are the others inside?" Veruca asked as the three of them walked into the
factory and started towards the elevator.

"What others? Your invitation said "You're invited" and I only sent two
invitations out. Everyone's here that needs to be here."

"What's wrong with your?" Violet asked. "You didn't stutter when you said
parents and you just seem different."

"I had my doubts about you Violet, but you're more than a stupid jock,"
Willy Wonka replied as they stepped into the elevator and he pushed a
button. "Actually, after everyone left the last time I made a trip to our
friend Charlie's house. It was there after seeing his family interact with
each other that I came to a few realizations. I won't get much further into
detail than that, but I'll say that a lot of childhood baggage I had been
carrying is now gone. This is our floor here."

The three of them stepped off the elevator as it came to a stop. They were
in a room full of tables and shelves that were storing various pieces of
Wonka Candy that neither girl had seen before.

"So what is this place?" Veruca asked. "I've never seen any of this candy

"Of course you haven't. None of this candy has been evaluated for sale."

"Ok so where do we start? What do you want us to do?" Veruca asked.

"This candy isn't for you," Willy laughed. "Since you two seemed so eager to
eat items from my adult line before, I thought you would appreciate the
chance to try out new candy."

"And what, are you just going to stand there and watch us as you wank
yourself?" Veruca asked.

"No, I'm here purely for the evaluation and thought it would be easiest to
use you two again instead of finding new test subjects, but if you two don't
want to then I suppose I'll have to find someone else."

"No, no I like you even if you are a dirty old man. You're not any worse
than my basketball coach. I want to stay," Violet said.

"So do I!" Veruca added. "I was just joking with you. I want to stay too."

"That's what I thought," Willy said with a smile. "And I'm not that old."

"You're older than me," Violet replied.

"Regardless, follow me over here," Mr. Wonka said walking to a door on the
other side of the room. "In here please." Inside was a very simplistic
makeshift bedroom with among other things a queen size bed and a rolling
cart with a tray containing several items. "Now take off your clothes and
get on your hands and knees on the bed."

As Violet and Veruca did as they were told Willy took two jawbreaker-sized
suppositories off the cart.

"What kind of candy is this? What do you want us to do first?" Veruca asked
wiggling her ass for Mr. Wonka.

"First I'm going to administer something we're going to call Ass Breakers.
These are just like Jaw Breakers except these are anal suppositories that
the heat from your body will dissolve quickly and your body and your muscles
will feel immediately relaxed."

"You'll take it in with ease then Veruca," Violet teased.

"I won't be the only one," Veruca replied.

Willy Wonka began with Veruca first slowly twisting the round candy as he
began pushing it into her ass. Violet watched her grimace with a smile as
Veruca's anus stretched far enough to take the Ass Breaker in. Almost
immediately Veruca could feel it start to melt and relax her body. Willy
then turned his attention to Violet and started to do the same. As Violet's
ass was just starting to take in the large suppository the one in Veruca had
already completely melted leaving her in a very relaxed state. Willy then
took several gummi bear looking candies off of the cart.

"To finish your preparation both of you will now need to take two of these,"
the chocolateer said handing the jelly candies to the girls. "These are
Cummi Bears. They're aphrodisiacs that make the body sexually excited and
ultra-sensitive to touch. And unlike things like Spanish Fly these work."

"So these will make us really really horny?" Violet asked as she and Veruca
ate the candy.

"To put it in it's simplest terms yes."

"Can we take some with us when we leave today," Veruca asked with a hungry
look in her eye the candy already working on her.

"I'm afraid not for the same reasons that I had to administer the treatment
the last time you were here."

"Please?" Violet asked reaching to unbutton Willy Wonka's pants.

"Not this time Violet," Willy replied quickly moving away from her. "I'm
here purely to evaluate the effectiveness of the candy."

"Alright fine, what now?" Violet pouted.

"Everything I have for you today is on the cart."

Veruca went to it and quickly found something she liked. It was a cat 'o
nine tails with a thick black licorice handle with several red strands.
"Here baby spank me with this," Veruca said handing it to Violet.

"With pleasure," Violet grinned as Veruca leaned over the side of the bed.

Veruca gasped loudly the first time Violet whipped her. Mr. Wonka was right.
Each time the whip snapped into her ass Veruca felt her body burn with
excitement like this had been going on for hours. Willy found himself
getting excited as he watched Violet continue to whip Veruca's ass leaving
marks and turning it red. He also noticed the glistening wet spot forming
between her legs.

"Stop for a moment Violet," he said. "Veruca stand up and turn around so
Violet can whip your front side."

The girls did as they were told and on the first strike to her body with
the licorice whip Veruca cried out as her nipple was hit sending an orgasm
through her body. Violet temporarily stopped to let her friend collect
herself, but Veruca insisted she keep going. As he watched Veruca take the
punishment Willy couldn't help himself and unbuttoned his pants lowering
them enough to remove his cock and start masturbating.

"Looks like Mr. Wonka is going to be a wanker after all," Veruca laughed her
front side still getting whipped by Violet and it turning red and leaving
marks as well.

"Hey you said not today! That you were only going to evaluate the candy!"
Violet protested as she stopped the whipping.

"As you Americans like to say shit happens, but I'll tell you what I'll do.
Veruca get the candy canes off the cart and get behind Violet," Willy said
as he stripped off his clothing and sat down on the bed. "Violet come here
and put your hands on the bed, but don't touch me." At the cart Veruca
picked up two ten inch long two-inch thick penis shaped candy canes and got
behind Violet who was leaning over Mr. Wonka's lap with his erect cock only
inches from her face. "Now Veruca insert them into Violet."

Veruca started by penetrating Violet's pussy with the first candy cane
slowly pushing it in one inch at a time. Violet moaned with passing bit of
the shaft until the carved scrotum of the candy was up next to her skin.
With ten inches of penis candy in her snatch Violet was feeling nothing but
fullness and excitement as the preparatory candy she had been given was
doing it's job magnificently. She then flinched only temporarily as Violet
began pushing the second ten-inch candy cane into her ass. It wasn't any
thicker than the jawbreaker was and Violet felt her body start to excite
itself as she had both orifices filled to the brim when Veruca finally got
all ten-inches into her ass.

"Can I suck your cock now?" Violet asked with an anxious excitement.

"Almost. Veruca bring me the small bag of pills from the cart."

Veruca did as she was asked anxiously waiting her next turn. Willy Wonka took
the bag from her and took out something that looked like red gel-capsule
medicine. He opened up the casing and let the gel fall to Violet's back.

"Mmmph!" Violet grimaced arching her back as the hot substance touched her
skin. "What was that?"

"These are Burning Hots. It's gel that comes in a plyable casing that burns
the skin much like hot wax does. Does it hurt too much for you Violet?"

"No Mr. Wonka."

"Good then. Veruca you can start with the candy canes now and whenever
you're ready Violet."

With a big sigh of relief Violet eagerly wrapped her lips around Willy's
dick and began bobbing her head up and down rolling her tongue around his
shaft. Meanwhile Veruca told hold of the candy cocks and slowly began
pushing them in and out of Violet's pussy and ass.

Veruca watched with excitement as Mr. Wonka opened up two more Burning Hots
and poured the red gel onto Violet's back causing her to squirm. She
desperately yearned for the same kind of treatment and found herself getting
excited thinking about it.

Willy saw Veruca watching him intently as he poured the gel on Violet who
only gave better head with each drop. Violet was eagerly sucking on Mr.
Wonka's cock as Veruca continued to thrust the candy canes into her body.
Veruca's rhythm had been picking up steadily and Violet heard the pants
coming from Mr. Wonka. Suddenly Violet felt his hands hold her head down
as his cock started to throb than began releasing cum into her mouth. She
swallowed it down as best she could and when he finally went limp he let
go of her head. A bit of semen still managed to find it's way out of her
mouth and down her chin. Violet quickly wiped it up with her finger and
licked it clean.

"Use the Burning Hots on me please!" Veruca begged.

"In a moment," Willy replied reaching over and taking Cummi Bears for
himself. Literally within seconds after eating them he was hard again. He
then looked down between Violet's legs and saw a large puddle on the floor.
"Take the candy canes out of Violet now please and I have one last thing for
you two to try."

"What's that?" Veruca asked placing the cum soaked candy dicks back on the

"Just try it," Mr. Wonka said handing a piece of taffy to Veruca and Violet.
"You'll see what it does in a minute."

For several minutes after eating the candy the girls felt nothing and
suddenly their chest started growing. Slowly but surely they went from
flat-chested, to an A-cup, to a B-cup, and quickly Veruca and Violet found
themselves with C-cup sized breasts and neither were ready for them.

"What's the big idea?" Violet protest sitting on the floor leaning against
the bed holding up her breasts. Veruca was laying on the bed on her side.

"It's called Tittie Taffie. It temporarily increases your bust size and over
time you'd return to your normal size. However, once I get done with Veruca
here I'm going to milk your breasts and use the milk for a new line of white
chocolate that I'm working on. Now lay on your back Veruca."

Willy climbed on the bed straddling Veruca's body. He leaned forward grabbing
hold of her oversized tits and began fondling them and squeezing her nipples.
As he squeezed Veruca's breasts Willy began to notice milk leaking from them.
He leaned forward licking up the white liquid. Veruca moaned as the
chocolateer's tongue tickled her nipples. Willy then began sucking on
Veruca's right breast squeezing it to force more milk out.

"You should try this Violet. You're friend's milk is quite good," Mr. Wonka
proudly announced.

"Really?" Violet said standing up. "I haven't done this since I was a baby."

Pushing her own tits out of the way Violet made her way to Veruca's left side
and wrapped her lips around the free nipple and began sucking on it working
it over much the same that Willy was doing. As her friend's breast milk began
to fill her mouth Violet had to admit that Willy was right. It tasted better
than anything Violet had drank before and she had to admit it probably would
help make some great white chocolate. Several minutes later she felt Mr.
Wonka's had on her shoulder.

"That's enough. Now get the bag full of Burning Hots and when I tell you
start pouring them over Veruca's tits." Violet found the bag and waited for
her cue while Willy straddled Veruca's stomach and pushed her breasts around
his dick. "Now," he said as he started to slide his cock back and forth
between Veruca's C-cups.

"Oh god!" Veruca moaned as Violet cracked open the first capsule letting the
gel fall on her friend's chest.

Violet then took a second and third one and burned Veruca with the red gel.
The spoiled rich girl cried out with a pain induced excitement each time.
Mr. Wonka meanwhile continued to titfuck Veruca increasing his speed as her
lactating breasts lubed his cock. A fourth and fifth capsule were cracked
opened and Veruca cried out in excitement as she creamed herself as the hot
gel continued to cover her chest.

Normally that would have been all for Veruca, but he Cummi Bears quickly
reinvigorated her and she was ready for more action. Now knowing of her
friend's sexual liking of pain Violet came up with an idea. She took the bag
of Burning Hots and went around to Veruca's bottom side.

"Violet!" Veruca cried out her body bucking as she felt hot gel touching her
skin halfway between her abdomen and pussy.

She twitched again as another drop of gel splashed down near her legs. Veruca
felt herself getting really excited again felt her pussy starting to tingle
again. Suddenly Veruca cried out the bottom part of her body thrashing wildly
as Violet opened up one more Burning Hot and the gel splashed down on her
tiny clit. As Veruca's body shook with her second orgasm and she squirted her
cream all over the bed Willy saw the look of ecstasy on her face and raised
himself and bit and began stroking himself as he came. Gobs of Mr. Wonka's
cum covered Veruca's face and some even landed in her mouth.

When he finally finished coming Willy rolled off Veruca and sat on the bed.
"I certainly learned something specific about you two's future endeavors
into sex," Mr. Wonka replied standing up and dressing. "I'll be right back
with something to milk your chests with then you two can get cleaned up and
ready to go home."

"You okay Veruca?" Violet asked sitting down next to her friend who was still
laying on her back.

"Oh god that was great," Veruca replied slowly sitting up. The front of her
body was now red and covered with whip marks and solidified gel. "You know
it's going to be so much easier for you to find two or three guys willing to
have sex with you than it is for me to find someone willing to whip me and
use hot wax."

"How were you able to get any kind of pleasure from the whippings and the
wax?" Violet asked incredulously.

"I don't know. I just liked it when it happened and wanted more. Do you see
anything around that I can clean my face with?" Veruca asked wiping Willy's
semen from her eyes and eating it with nowhere else to put it.

"I've got something here for you," Willy Wonka announced returning with two
black bags.

He took a towel from one and handed it to Veruca who quickly cleaned her
face as best she could. Mr. Wonka then set a bag down next to each girl and
took out an electric breast pump from each one. Violet immediately
recognized these as resembling something she found in the attic one time by

"Like I said this milk is for a line of candy that we're just starting work
on so this is as fancy as it's going to get with milking breasts for the
time being. I've got a few things that require my immediate attention so I
won't be able to help you with this. The instructions are in the bag, but I
can send in some of the Oompa Loompas to help if need be."

"I think we'll be fine," Violet said already attaching the cups to her
breasts and making sure everything was properly connected.

"I'll be back in ten minutes then."

As Willy Wonka left Violet talked Veruca through the steps to set up her own
breast pump. Within minutes both machines were going and slowly but surely
their breast size went down. They would only have to stop twice to change
out the collection bottles. Veruca and Violet finishing milking shortly after
Mr. Wonka returned. Their chests were a little puffy still, but nothing too

"Girls I apologize for being curt and taking off like this, but some major
unexpected problems have come up that I must attend to immediately. Please
pick up your clothes and follow me to the showers."

"We're going to walk through the factory nude?" Veruca said.

"I don't see how at this point that would be problem for you, but the showers
are only a couple of rooms down. Once you're done I will have someone waiting
outside the shower room door for you to take you back outside to meet your
ride. They will also have money for you for your time."

Once in the bathroom Veruca and Violet both waited for several minutes to let
the water warm up before they stepped in.

"God those red marks really are noticeable," Violet commented.

"It's no big deal. I must admit today wasn't exactly what I expected it to
be," Veruca replied soaping up her body.

"Me neither, but it was cool. I'm looking forward to you showing me whatever
it was you were going to show me after we got done here," Violet said washing
the shampoo from her hair.

"I only said I was thinking about it remember?" Veruca teased.

"That's not fair! After what we did today what's the problem?"

"It's just something most people never try or even think about."

"Oh come on Veruca will you please show me? Don't make me beg," Violet
pouted as they turned off the shower and began to dry off.

"Alright alright. Any girl who knows their rightful place and knows how to
handle themselves should never beg for anything. If this is really want you
want I'll show you. Just don't freak out on me."


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