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Author's Notes: Takes place during Civil War (so possible spoilers) with film characters used. Enjoy

Keywords: Oral, Anal, MF, Rim (sorry if there's some missing, I'm not too knowledgeable on the codes, first time writing)

Captain America - Civil War: Under House Arrest
by IronManHulkbuster

Wanda had been trapped inside the house for three days now, and she was utterly bored. At first, it wasn't so bad-she had Vision keeping her company. Being kind to her. But now she realised it was all just a facade, with the android really just an enforcer of Stark's. Her feelings for him mixed between liking him and hating him throughout the last few days.

She was lying on her bed, dressed in black jeans and a khaki-green jacket with a black top on underneath. She would do something-anything-right now just for the sake of freedom, but she was trapped. All because of one stupid mistake.

She turned to look at her bedside clock. '12:00 at night,' she moaned silently, unable to sleep. Normally by now, she's have done what she always did to get herself to sleep-watch porn, make herself cum to it, and then doze off due to lack of energy. However, as part of her 'house arrest', she wasn't allowed technology. 'She may try to contact Steve' was their excuse. She slide her hands down her panties, feeling her pussy. 'I need to cum' she thought to herself.

Wanda took a risk. She quietly slipped out of bed, making her way to where she once saw Tony access the Wifi. As she fumbled with the controls, the lights in the room flicked on.

"I'm afraid your efforts are useless, Wanda," a robotic voice commented. Vision. For some reason, his voice seemed....upset at what he was saying. As if he didn't want to stop her. "Mr Stark ensured you could not access the Wifi codes."

"Please Vision," Wanda didn't want to show her desperation, but couldn't hide that and how horny she was at the same time. "I don't want to contact any of them, just the web. Please?"

"I'm sorry, Wanda. Mr Stark said no exceptions." With that, he started walking away.

'Damn,' Wanda thought, 'I'll never get to sleep now!' As she was abut to give in, she realised something... 'Wait...what if....the Vision...I wouldn't be breaking any of Stark'a precious rules. And I'd get to sleep.'

"Vision, wait!" As the android turned back, he was greeted by Wanda's sexy smile, her biting her lower lip and moving her body as to emphasise her breasts and hips. "If I can't access the Internet, can help me." As she uttered the last four syllables, her finger delicately slid down the android's chest.

"Yes, Wand-"

She quickly put her finger deductively onto his metal lips. "Shhhh, don't say anything. Tonight, I don't want the man, Vision. I want the machine. Do you understand?"

"I'm afraid not, W-"

"Let me put it another way." She took his hand, pulling it to inside her panties to her wet pussy. By now, at just the thought of Vision's cock her underwear was soaking. "I need you to sort this out for me. Can you do that, Vision?"

"This is entirely inappropriate, Mr Stark-"

"Mr Stark doesn't have to know," she finished with a subtle control. As she did the Vision began to fall for her charm. Both soon melded into a passionate kiss, Wanda shivering from a mixture of how horny she was and the cold metal on her warm skin.

Vision being, essentially, a 1-year-old, was forced to succumb to Wanda's control of the situation. Her tongue traveled in all directions in his cold, metal mouth, like a python wriggling out of a trap.

After a few minutes of this, Wanda separated. "Y'know," she used her deep European accent as a seduction technique, "you can use your hands."

"My....hands?" Vision'a confusion was understandable. Soon she sorted that out.

With a sexy smile, she grabbed his wrists and led them round her small figure to her ass. It was relatively big in relation to the rest of her body, and so was extremely squeezeable - especially when Vision tested it.

As he fondled with her cheeks, Wanda let out small moans of pleasure. Most were genuine, whilst a handful were to entice Vision even more.

It obviously worked. Soon Vision left one hand gripping one of the cheeks whilst the other retraced back around to play with her front. Using his strength, he ripped the top and jacked right off her, revealing her petite boobs. Immediately he started fondling with one of them, causing Wanda's moans to intensify. A few times, a couple of words were audible such as 'Oh shit', whereas most of the time the moans were incomprehensible.

"Should we - huhhh - move into the bedroom?" Wanda asked between moans.

Vision looked at Wanda's face, seeing her eyes close and open at the blissful experience. "If you are comfortable with that, Wanda."

As they quickly made their way, Wanda turned to speak to the android. "Remember, I don't want the man tonight. Just the machine. Can you do that, Vision? Be my fuck machine?" Wanda added a pleading tone to her questions, adding to Vision'a sexual arousal.

"I....will." Vision did not entirely understand, but opted to let this continue. He didn't know why, but he enjoyed what was happening.

When they made it to Wanda's bedroom, she quickly removed the remains of her clothing, lying on her bed. "I want you, Vision. I want your tongue in me." Her seductive pose and attitude meant Vision could not argue. He knelt down on the end of the bed where Wanda had made sure her pussy was. Vision closed his eyes, letting his tongue slip into Wanda'a tight pussy.

As it did she let out a moan of relief, before callings of "Oh Fuck"
and "Harder, baby". She wriggled on the bed, arching and relaxing her back rhythmically.

As she did, Vision realised something-he was feeling enjoyment. He wanted to keep doing this to Wanda.

And then be remembered his promise. 'The machine, not the man...'

He unleashed his abilities into Wanda's cunt, vibrating his tongue powerfully. As he did, he extended the metallic muscle as fat as it would go, speeding up the rate at which it slid around in her.

As he did, Wanda's moans gained in volume, filling the corridors. Not before long, they became shouting, yearnings for Vision to continue.


Soon she started rubbing her cilt at the same rate, driving her even closer to cumming. "SHHHHHHIIIIT OHHHH FFFFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKK!"

With a high-pitched scream and eyes tightly closed, an explosion of white milk spewed out from her hole, soaking the bedcovers. Vision let it settle on his tongue, not being able to taste it for himself.

Once Wanda settled, she turned back to her machine, even more turned on. "Good job." She suddenly noticed something in Vision's trousers-a bulge.

"I'm glad," she crawled over on the bed to his trousers, pulling them down, "that I made you so happy." She could see the android's confusion at the red metal rod expanding in size. "Let me show you what we do with this..."

With a last-minute grin, she slid the 10-inch cock as far as she could into her mouth, causing even the Vision to feel something definite. She soon sped up her rhythm of sucking, causing the rod to be covered in her saliva.

"Mmmhmm, your cock tastes so good," she commented with a sexy smile. Vision was elsewhere, enjoying the moment of her warm mouthy taking his dick as far as it could go.

He could feel himself building up to orgasm, knowing fully well he could do nothing. On instinct, he took Wanda roughly by the back of her head, shoving the full 10-inches into her mouth. Her wide eyes remained when he came into her mouth, but soon were replaced with blissful gazes as she guzzled every drop.

He soon releases her, causing her spit to drop down onto her fully naked body.

"Good boy," she whispered, still gaining her breath back. "But we're not done yet."

She quickly pulled him onto the bed, before lying ontop of him. "I've got to ride that big cock now, let it ram me." Her smile was a mix of seductive and manic, whereas Vision was starting to finally relax and enjoy the moment.

As if on command, his dick became hard again, and he slowly guided it into Wanda'a right pussy. It was still sore from his tongue, and so the moment of penetration was met with a high-pitched gasp. "Oh, fuck. Fuck me, Vision. Take that cock and take me with it."

The android happily obliged. He started motioning up and down, syncing with Wanda's vertical movements. As they both sped up, a slapping noise became louder and louder as Vision's robotic balls slapped Wanda's clit. "Fuck me, fuck me, keep going, don't stop please!" Wanda's screams and pleading enticed both of them to go faster.

Soon he was ramming her like a machine gun firing bullets. Her face was in beautiful agony as she became more and more pleasured. "Please keep on fucking going, shit!"

Soon, they swapped positions- now Vision was in the top, allowing him to penetrate Wanda with a greater force. He used the same effect he used with his tongue, vibrating it and extending it to 12-inches long.

These intense vibrations caused Wanda to break again, her squeal increasing in pitch. "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH SSSSHHHHHIIIIIIITTTTTTT YES YES YYYYYEEESSSSS!!!!!"

Wanda came again, this time her eyes rolling back and forth hypnotically with every part of her orgasm. This nearly set Vision off too, but he was resistant, and so did not cum.

Wanda had to stop for a minute to breath. "That....was incredible."

She quickly traded herself for her last whole to be filled-her asshole. "I'm nearly done with you, machine. I just need your fucking big dick one more time, and then I can go to sleep."

Vision naturally readied his cock once again, but this time tried a different tactic. With him so close to orgasm already, he shoved the 12-inch rod straight into her ass, pounding and vibrating it as hard as he could. Wanda produced an 'O' face before smiling and moaning once again, this time even more desperate for Vision's cock, as he pulled her hair back towards him as a handle. "Shit you're so amazing Vision, cum all over my fucking face, do it!!"

Soon neither of them could take much more. First, Wanda came. "SSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!!"

She erupted once again, releasing her milk in all directions. Immediately, he spun her around, feeling his cum riding up his dick, facing Wanda'a head towards its tip. With one more second, Vision yelped as his load shot onto her sweat-and-spit-covered face for a good minute and a half, before ha body gave in and collapsed next to Wanda's.

The witch moaned contemptibly lying on her bed, happy with the fun night she had.

"Good night, Vision," she sweetly called out to him. "I'll see you tomorrow. Same time, same place."


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