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Captain America 2: Lucky 13 Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

Sharon Carter had never been good at sharing her space. Or sharing anything really. But she had particularly bad memories of having roommates in college. Part of that was that she would always find some part of them attractive, and she would hate herself for it because at that point she wasn't even close to being comfortable with her own sexuality, but it was mostly because of little things the other person did to annoy her. Like the fact that somehow she ended up living with only slobs who didn't clean up after themselves. Somehow that included Natasha Romanoff. Which was ironic, because the first time she thought about it Natasha wasn't even living with her at the time.

Today that was changing, which both greatly excited Sharon and made her nervous as hell. Because even though elements of this was familiar she had never lived with someone she was actually in a relationship with, so mostly this was new and scary territory for her. Although in it's own way it was kind of exciting, and Sharon put a brave face on the entire time, even smiling on occasion as she concentrated on the good parts of this, especially while Natasha's friends where helping them. Specifically Clint Barton, Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers, three men who were at the core of The Avengers, but also apparently had nothing better to do on a Saturday. Or maybe Natasha had dirt on them.

Either way they did most of the heavy lifting while Natasha mostly just watched, and tried to encourage Sharon to do the same. Sharon wasn't having any of that, and insisted on helping, even if that meant embarrassing herself by trying to lift more than she could carry. On the bright side it was something of a bonding exercise, and almost made her feel part of the team. Almost. In truth she had no desire to join The Avengers. She was a spy, not a superhero. But it was still nice, and given that she had been spending time recently with Agent Barton and Captain Rogers she almost felt like they were her friends too. She was even disappointed when they declined her offer to stay, although it was hardly surprising given the looks Natasha was giving them.

Pretty much the second her friends were gone Natasha wrapped herself around Sharon from behind and whispered in her ear, "Alone at last."

Sharon rolled her eyes, "We still have a lot of unpacking to do, you know?"

"Yes, but from what I've heard these things are never done in just one day, and then we have everything we need. Including a bed." Natasha grinned wickedly, then when Sharon turned around in her arms and gave her a look sighed, "But I'd just be happy with cuddling for a bit if you want. Anything but more of this mundane work."

"Says the woman who spent most of the day just watching." Sharon said dryly.

"You of all people should know the importance of delegating work, Carter." Natasha pointed out, before wiggling her eyebrows at the end of her next sentence, "But in this case it was especially important as I had to save my energy for fucking my incredibly hot girlfriend."

Despite herself Sharon laughed, "What happened to cuddling?"

"We can still do that, for starters." Natasha said flirtatiously, before correcting herself, "Or that's all we'll do if you really want, but you know me... I'm always up for a little fun. I just wanted to save my energy just in case. Especially as this is our first night, in our place."

Sharon smiled and after a gentle kiss to Natasha's lips told her, "Nice save."

It was kind of surprising that Natasha didn't lean in for another kiss, or turn that last one into a more passionate one, but not as surprising as the fact she led Sharon to their bed and then cuddled with her for about an hour, The Black Widow on her best behaviour the entire time. It was almost like she had read Sharon's mind and knew what Sharon was considering giving her. Although it wasn't out of the realm of possibility that she simply guessed. After all, Natasha had been subtly, and not so subtly, asking for it for months, and now finally Sharon felt she was ready to give it to Natasha, even if she was almost as nervous about it as moving in together.

Natasha was hopeful that they were going to get extra special sex, and she could think of a number of things she would consider a reward, but she was also preparing herself for disappointment. Recently Sharon had been pouting that she only cared about sex, and Natasha was trying her best to prove that wasn't the case. It was just difficult, because she really, really loved sex, and Sharon would look stunning if she was wearing a paper bag, and the simple girl next door look she had right now was much better than a simple paper bag, Natasha struggling not to stare while her friends had been helping them, and completely failing now they were gone.

This made it extremely obvious not everything was all right in Sharon's world, as she was obviously nervous about something, and while it could be simply moving in together Natasha wasn't sure that was the case. If it was anyone else she would have asked them a series of questions designed to get the truth out of them, but as this was her girlfriend she tried the radical approach of simply asking her. Although somehow she was able to not only wait until her friends were gone, but then spend about an hour cuddling, and then cooking and even finish a meal before asking it. In fact, it wasn't until they'd finished their after dinner glasses of wines before Natasha finally piped up.

"So, what's wrong?" Natasha asked.

"Uh?" Sharon replied, caught off-guard.

"What's wrong? And save me the excuses. I'm me, I know something is on your mind. So just woman up and tell me." Natasha said firmly, taking another sip of her drink before asking sombrely, "Is... is it just moving in together? Are you having second thoughts?"

"No! It's not that at all." Sharon said firmly.

"What then?" Natasha pushed.

Sharon just stared at Natasha for a few long seconds, then downed the rest of her glass, put it aside, looked at her girlfriend again and as calmly as she could asked, "Do you still want to fuck my ass?"

There was a brief pause as Natasha forced herself even understated response, even if she couldn't stop herself from smirking as she asked, "Is that an offer?"

Yet another pause and then Sharon admitted, "Yes."

After putting her drink down without finishing it Natasha ordered with a smile, "Then go to our room, take off your clothes, get on your hands and knees on the bed, and then I'll give you my answer."

"I'm pretty sure I already got it." Sharon said dryly, but did as she was told.

As much as she wanted to make a mad dash for her toy collection Natasha forced herself to remain calm, cool and collected, which gave her the opportunity to watch Sharon's cute little ass wiggle out of the room before she slowly got up, took off her own clothes and retrieved a nice big strap-on dildo and some lubricant. Then with the toy cock attached and covered in liquid Natasha slowly walked to the bedroom and paused by the doorway so she could enjoy the breath-taking sight before her. Namely Sharon Carter completely naked, on her hands and knees and best of all with her bare bottom facing the door, her girlfriend literally giving Natasha her virgin ass to use for her pleasure. Poor Sharon, she had no idea what she was in for.

With that in mind Natasha had to ask as she slowly moved forwards, "Are you sure about this?"

"No." Sharon admitted with a little laugh, before quickly adding, "But you've made it very clear how badly you want this, and one way or another it will make this night memorable. And honestly, while I might prefer otherwise, I find it hard to imagine you wouldn't make this enjoyable for me."

"Oh Sharon, I promise you that you'll enjoy it." Natasha grinned wickedly, "You'll enjoy it so much you'll wonder how you ever did without it."

"That's kind of what I'm afraid of." Sharon admitted with a soft smile.

Ignoring that comment Natasha slowly got on their bed behind Sharon and slid her hands slowly up her thighs to cup her buttocks. Fighting the urge to point out what an amazing gift this was, and how truly beautiful Sharon's butt was, Natasha simply massaged the shapely cheeks for a few long seconds, then gently pulled them apart, lean down and pressed her tongue directly to her girlfriend's ass hole, making Sharon gasp softly in the process. She then started licking up and down her crack, before focusing on her pretty little butt hole. Which Natasha might have spent longer reaching under other circumstances, but it had been a long day, and she wanted to get this done before Sharon couldn't change her mind, and most importantly she'd just wanted to do this for so very long.

Sharon was surprised how quickly she started moaning from the rim job. Perhaps she shouldn't, given that Natasha just loved to shove a finger up her ass during oral, but no matter how graphically Natasha had described the experience it was hard for Sharon to believe having that hole violated would truly be pleasurable. After all, that hole was never meant to be entered, and certainly not touched by a tongue. And yet, she couldn't deny that the experience wasn't terrible. She tried, because Sharon was extremely embarrassed about the fact that she was enjoying this, but if there was anything she should know by now it was that Natasha Romanoff wouldn't be denied.

Just when Sharon didn't think the experience could get any weirder, or shameful, Natasha literally started to try and push her tongue inside her ass hole. Part of her wanted to laugh, because surely Natasha must know that hole was way too tight for something as soft as a tongue to enter it? Of course she should have realised it was all part of Natasha's wicked plan, and these were not failed attempts at entering her ass, but successful attempts at preparing her for something bigger. Which came after a few stabs of her tongue, Natasha first gently tongue fucking Sharon's butt before violating it for the first time with a finger.

It wasn't that hard or fast at first, and Natasha had obviously applied some sort of liquid to her fingers making the penetration easier, but it was still quite a shock which made Sharon gasped. She almost complained Natasha didn't give her any warning, although she knew that would just invoke a smart ass response from the other spy, so she kept her mouth shut and just concentrated on relaxing as Natasha slowly buried that finger up to the knuckle inside her and then began to slowly pump it in and out of her. Which again felt a lot better than it should have, a lot sooner than it should have, if at all, and much to her shame Sharon found herself moaning in what felt like no time at all, making her feel like she could practically taste Natasha's triumphant smirk.

After a few long minutes of that Natasha replaced it with her tongue, in the process getting a little bit of it up Sharon's butt, which was yet more humiliation for the blonde. Then the redhead switched between those two things, along the way adding a second finger to really stretch her out. It was the addition of that second finger which really made her nervous. After all, it couldn't be much longer after that addition Natasha would replace it with her cock, and at the moment of truth Sharon would really wanted to back out. But she would also do anything for Natasha, and if she gave this a fair chance and didn't enjoy it maybe she wouldn't have to do it again.

"So, are you ready?" Natasha asked huskily after a few long minutes.

The correct answer was no, but Sharon answered, "Yes."

Natasha was so excited for this she just wanted to take that answer, but that would have been definitely being a bad girlfriend, so she pushed, "Sharon, if you're-"

"Who's ever ready for something like this?" Sharon interrupted quickly, and then pleaded somewhat more convincingly, "Please. I, I want you to do it. So I can see what it's like. Please Natasha? Make my ass yours."

Natasha just couldn't resist that, so she pulled her fingers out of Sharon's ass and then pushed one cheek aside with one hand while she used the other to grab hold of her dildo and press it against her target. Fortunately the dildo was still covered in the lube, the combination of that and Natasha's saliva making it easier for The Black Widow to start stretching Sharon's butt hole. Of course Natasha always carried around a tube of lube in case of situations like this, and considering that the redhead loved giving and receiving anal that was a lot, however Natasha was glad she didn't have too waste any more time. Oh yes, she wanted Sharon's ass, and she was going to take it right now.

Sure enough Sharon's forbidden hole began to slowly stretch for her, and she had taken her time so that she could savour every wonderful second of popping the anal cherry of Agent 13, her favourite moment being when Sharon's virgin ass hole stretched wide enough for the head of the dildo to pass through that tight little anal ring and into the blonde's butt, a.k.a. the moment Natasha officially took Sharon's anal virginity. Which of course caused Sharon to cry out loudly, but to her credit she barely even whimpered after that, the blonde forcing herself to relax and allow Natasha to violate her most private hole, which in turn caused a blissfully happy smiled to cross the redhead's face.

There was nothing in this world Natasha loved more than taking another woman's anal cherry. It was a moment of total dominance over another member of her own sex. To seduce them so much they were willing to completely surrender their most intimate and private orifice, one which was never supposed to be entered, and allow her to use it as a fuck hole, oh there was just no way Natasha could accurately describe how much of a thrill that was, hence why she had spent so many nights seducing and then pleasuring women to the point where they would be willing to do anything for her.

Initially Natasha had intended the same for Sharon, but then Agent 13 joined the CIA and became suddenly useful to The Avengers and Natasha no longer thought it would be prudent to indulge in her desires. At least not yet. However if Sharon was going to be her girlfriend she was going to have to be willing to give up her anal honeypot every single day, because the past few weeks with no anal had been tortured for Natasha. In fact there was no way Natasha could go without butt fucking other women on a daily basis again, that belief only enforced when the redhead started sliding inch after inch of strap-on into the blonde's rectum, Natasha becoming lost in the beautiful sight of her cock disappearing into Sharon's obscenely stretched ass hole.

Sharon's face twisted and convulsed during the initial back hole stretching, and then even more when her back door was forced to remain stretched wide as inch after inch of long thick dildo was pushed through it, forcing her back passage to stretch beyond anything it had ever been designed for. It felt so gross, and disgusting, and weird, Sharon unable to believe that her ex-boyfriend loved being on the receiving end of this so much. Perhaps it was different for boys, and maybe even some other girls, but Sharon was hating every minute of it.

Of course she had been sure she would, however after all those amazing orgasms it was hard to say no. Not that it was ever that easy to say no to The Black Widow, Sharon considering herself lucky that Natasha hadn't asked for this sooner, because she was sure she could have been bent over and taking it up the butt for their first date if Natasha wanted. Perhaps the fact that she was an asset saved her up until now, but regardless of whatever had happened before and whatever happened after in this moment Sharon's ass belonged to Natasha. Oh God, her most private hole was the official property of the infamous Black Widow, and it was clear Natasha was determined to get every ounce of enjoyment possible out of this.

Looking back over her shoulder Sharon blushed when she saw the happy look on Natasha's face. Bizarrely it actually caused a rush of pride to fill her, Sharon actually proud that she was able to please this goddess of a woman with her ass hole. Which just made Sharon blush more, and contemplate just how thoroughly under this woman's thumb she was. She was sure that if any other girl had asked it would be a firm no, but here she was, face down on the bed sheets, and the only thing keeping her lower half in the air being the strategically placed pillows which were allowing perhaps the most deadly woman on the planet to sodomise her.

Just when she didn't think she could get any more embarrassed or ashamed Natasha's hips came to rest against her butt cheeks, announcing every single inch of that huge dildo was buried in Sharon's bowels. Although she swore she could feel it in her stomach, perhaps even her throat given the embarrassing sounds coming out of it, and Sharon certainly felt like she had been skewered like a pig on a spit. Which caused a wide smile to cross Natasha's face and she started taunting Sharon, which made the former up-and-coming SHIELD Agent blush an even deeper shade of red.

"Ooooooooh, that's it Agent Carter, moan for me. Moan for me while I fuck you up the ass." Natasha taunted, "Oh yeah, you like that, don't you? Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, you're just another little blonde slut who likes it in the ass. Well get ready Sharon, because you may like it now, but I'm going to make you love it. Need it. Crave it. Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss, I'm going to turn you into my little anal junkie whore, who'll desperately begged me to butt fuck her, and do anything I want if I just fuck your horny little ass. Yeahhhhhh Sharon, your ass is mine now, and don't worry, I'm going to be using it a lot."

Natasha knew she was pushing things too far, that it would be kinder just to stay silent, but she just couldn't help herself. She was completely lost in her anal lust, and Natasha was confident that if she really offended Sharon that all she'd have to do is apologise and everything would be fine. That had been true in the past, proving once again that it helped being this hot. Of course Natasha didn't want to be cruel, so after those words she forced herself to shut up and officially start fucking Sharon Carter up the ass.

Halfway through the anal stuffing Natasha had moved her right hand from the dildo to Sharon's other cheek so she could spread that too and get the best view of her cock disappearing into the other girl's butt. Now she moved both hands to Sharon's hips, gripped them tightly and then slowly pulled back until almost half of the dildo was out of her fellow former SHIELD Agent's ass. Then just as slowly she pushed her strap-on back inside Sharon's most intimate hole, repeating the process over and over again until she just couldn't resist sliding her hands back down and spreading those cheeks again.

At times like this Natasha wasn't sure what she loved more, the sight of another woman's ass hole slowly swallowing inch after inch of dildo or the side of that dildo sliding in and out of that forbidden hole. Both were breathtakingly captivating and made Natasha feel more dominant and powerful than nearly anything else, with perhaps the moment she completed the anal penetration being a close second and the only thing better the moment she actually penetrated the anal ring and added another back door cherry to her collection.

The only thing better than that was making another woman cum for the first time through butt sex, and from the way Sharon's incoherent groaning turned to soft and then louder whimpers, gasps, cries and even moans of pure pleasure it looked like it won't be long before Natasha turned this uptight woman into a total butt slut. Natasha smiled wickedly at the thought and increased the pace just enough so that Sharon wouldn't be able to hide her sounds of pleasure, Natasha determined to make her prudish girlfriend begged for a hard butt fucking so that they both could cum.

Sharon was having to grind her teeth to stop herself from doing just that. She really felt like a total butt slut, and like she nearly lost every ounce of her dignity, and she was determined not to lose whatever she had left. She'd lost so much recently, felt like she failed her beloved Aunt by allowing her legacy to be tarnished by Hydra, the once mighty SHIELD now broken into tiny pieces, much like her dignity and self-respect, Sharon feeling completely and utterly humiliated as she felt so much incredible pleasure from being fucked in the ass. But she wouldn't beg for more. She wouldn't insult her Aunt even more by stooping that low.

Despite how determined she was to remain strong Sharon didn't know how much more she could take. She never thought she'd miss the pain of the initial penetration, or the discomfort which came after it, but now her body was so overwhelmed with in this twisted kind of pleasure she had ever felt it was actually torturous. More so than any amount of training SHIELD or Aunt Peggy had put her through, tears of frustration literally flooding her eyes until it became a tossup between begging for more and begging for mercy.

Ironically the idea of begging for mercy actually made Sharon feel weak, so when she inevitably broke it was to cry out, "Fuck me! Please fuck me, ooooooooh God Nat, fuck me! Fuck my ass. Please fuck my ass and make me cum. I'll do anything if you just make me cum. Please? I'll let you fuck my ass whenever you want, be your little anal junkie whore, ohhhhhhhh fuck, I'll do whatever you want, please just make me cum! Oh God it feels so good. I can't believe it. It feels so good in my ass, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Slam my slutty little ass hole and make it yours! Make my ass yours! Make me your little anal junkie whore! Oh God Natasha! Natasha! Yes, just like that, oh yes, oh God, fuckkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmm, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuckkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeee aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh shit!"

With that Natasha began very slowly increasing the pace, bringing Sharon to the edge of orgasm for what felt like hours, fresh tears sliding down Sharon's face as she thought she was going to be forced to stay there for a long time. In reality it was only a few long seconds, then Sharon screamed at the top of her lungs and she experienced the most powerful climax of her life, her cum literally squirting from her cunt and body shaking violently. Not long afterwards she lifted herself upwards onto all fours start thrusting back like a Bucking Bronco, Natasha keeping a firm grip of her like a seasoned cowgirl and effortlessly riding her to multiple orgasms.

The sound of flesh smacking off flesh echoed throughout the room and Sharon swore she wouldn't be able to sit down again, let alone be in the field, but it was totally worth it to experienced the mind melting pleasure she was now blissfully lost in. Her last coherent thought was that maybe it wouldn't be so bad being a total butt slut if it meant this was her reward, Sharon swearing she would do anything, no matter how humiliating and degrading, if it meant the wonderful Natasha Romanoff would give her this kind of pleasure again.

Natasha fully intended to do this again. In fact if it was up to her she would never stop, but despite the fact that she was in the best shape of her life after the last few months of hanging out with 'superheroes' she was still only human and therefore her stamina eventually ran out. Along the way she experienced wonderful climaxes of her own, the stimulator inside the harness and the almost otherworldly paradise which was butt fucking another woman allowing her to cum over and over again. Which of course only added to her inevitable exhaustion, Natasha ultimately collapsing down on top of Sharon and then both women lying in a sweaty heap for several minutes as they tried to get their breath back.

At least Natasha could take solace in the fact that after an adorable session of turning into a Bucking Bronco Sharon was the first to collapse, Agent 13 remaining face down and whimpering for the remainder of her hellacious ass fucking. Which to be fair was only another minute or two, which was just as well, as Natasha didn't enjoy fucking unconscious bodies. The redhead also took solace in the fact that she had the presence of mind to bury every inch of her dildo inside the blonde's butt with the final thrust, so that when she finally had the energy to lift herself up she got quite the sight as a reward, namely Sharon Carter's gaping ass hole. That sight caused Natasha to smirk wickedly and spread Sharon's cheeks so she could get an even better look at that stretched wide open back door.

This made Sharon blushed furiously and softly asked, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Admiring my handiwork." Natasha grinned, continuing to do so for a few more seconds before laying down on her back beside the blonde.

"You're so weird." Sharon grinned softly, with a hint of fondness in her voice.

"Oh baby, you have no idea." Natasha quipped, then after a pause, speaking of which, "How do you feel about a little ass to mouth action?"

Lifting her head out of the bed sheets Sharon looked directly at the redhead and asked, "Seriously?"

Natasha shrugged, "You said you do anything to cum. Think of this is me collecting on that debt?"

Sharon continued to stare directly at Natasha while she thought about this. On the one hand she never thought about doing anything like this, but then again she had never seriously thought she would give up her ass to anyone, and that was more enjoyable than she could have possibly imagined. In fact she had cum so hard and frequently she felt indebted to Natasha, which was no doubt something the crafty woman was counting on. Then again did she really want to be in debt to The Black Widow? No, so eventually Sharon gave into the curiosity and convinced her tired body to slowly crawl down until her lips were hovering over Natasha's crotch.

She almost chickened out when she reached her destination, but ultimately Sharon closed her eyes, scrunched up her face and lowered her head so she could wrap her lips around the dildo which had just pummelled her virgin ass hole. To her surprise, and relief, it didn't taste as bad as she feared it would. In fact what she got used to it she actually kind of liked it. Not as much as girl cum or pussy juice, but it was tolerable enough that Sharon soon found herself bobbing her head up and down the first few inches of the cock. This unsurprisingly delighted Natasha, who first began stroking her hair and then gave Sharon some less subtle encouragement.

"Mmmmmm, that's it Sharon, clean my cock. Ohhhhhhhh, good girl." Natasha moaned softly, "Clean my cock with your naughty little mouth. Oh yes, suck your ass juice off of my cock you dirty girl. Mmmmmm fuck, if only our superiors at SHIELD could see us now. You sucking my strap-on cock after I've just used it to fuck your tight little dyke ass. Oooooooh, or everybody used to work for SHIELD, everyone currently working for the CIA, and your precious Aunt Peggy could see you cleaning that ass cream coated cock with your naughty little mouth. Fuck yeah, clean that cock and get every drop of your butt juice!"

Some of those words made Sharon frown, and most made her blush, but she guessed that was the point, and while she didn't particularly like parts of it Sharon decided to let it slide. After all she had learned long ago the price of failing to control her temper, and she now fully intended on getting revenge on Natasha by giving her a taste of her own medicine. So for now Sharon just concentrated on giving Natasha the best blow job possible, considering her very limited experience. After all this wasn't something she'd always wanted to do, and could never have imagined doing for a woman, so despite Natasha's encouragement she certainly couldn't deep throat the dildo.

She did try pushing a few inches into her throat, just to show she was willing to try, but she didn't get very far before her choking and gagging stopped her. Then, after Natasha suggested it, Sharon licked the bottom half of the dildo, slowly but surely cleaning it, just like her girlfriend wanted. Once she had got every drop Natasha pulled her upwards into a deep kiss, and Sharon had to admit there was a thrill to having The Black Widow tasting her ass on her lips and tongue. Then after maybe a minute or two of that Natasha broke the kiss and grinned wickedly at her, making Sharon blush again but also grin back hopefully just as wickedly.

"So, is your ass mine now?" Natasha grinned.

Sharon blushed, rolled her eyes, but admitted, "Yeah, I think it is."


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