Cleopatra 2525: Echo Of A Hero Part 8 (FF,inter)
by Tyval ([email protected])

Hel wearily finished her shower. The feel of a hot shower felt so good, but
she was too tired to fully enjoy it. Only moments before Questar had unlocked
her mind and Hel reveled in the thrill of her new powers. She had quickly
tested herself on a treadmill built for her ancestor and had attained a speed
of 500 MPH with ease.

But for all that, the non-stop fighting of this very long day had caught up
with her. Even Questar was yawning, having come from a 500 year long sleep
straight into a war zone. Questar had told her to get some rest so she had
left him with Voice (she still coudn't quite fathom that Voice was actually
the disembodied brain of Shiro Sanlemoto) and Mauser/Max Starr. Hel smiled
as she crawled into the large bed with the nude bodies of Sarge, Cleo, and
Raina. The 4 women slept in each others arms.

* * *

The smell of bacon, eggs, ham, toast, and many other, almost forgotton,
but longed for food woke Cleopatra many hours later. Rubbing her eyes she
saw a sight she thought she would never see again. Food was scarce in the
underground, but just inside the doorway was a fully stocked breakfast
buffet! Cleo looked around, the others were still asleep. If the digital
clock on the wall was accurate, she had been asleep for almost 12 hours.

Cleopatra smiled as she looked at her still sleeping friends. For the first
time since she had awaken in this nightmarish future she felt safe. And

"Wakey, wakey," Cleo grinned as she shook Hel's shoulder.

"Ohhhhh, what is it?" Hel moaned, "Huh?"

The sight and smell of so much food caused Hel's mouth to water. Sarge and
Raina were starting to stir and soon 4 pairs of eyes spotted the lavish
setting in front of them. All of them were starved, having eaten nothing
the previous 2 days. The buffet was attacked. Meat was especially a luxury
in the underground. This vault had been designed to house and feed a dozen
superhumans for months.

Finally satisfied, the 4 women lay about the room sighing contentedly. A
patched up robot drone wheeled into the room with a rack of clothes. The
outfits had been tailored to fit the 4 women. Cleopatra had been lucky
that she was the same size as Kestrel/Willow Twoswords and now had her
choice of pretty Native American style dresses and outfits. Giggling like
school girls the 4 women tried on their new clothes.

Reality returned an hour later as Voice summoned them to the tactical room.
The women noted that a dozen more robots had been repaired or cannibilzed
and that they were starting to dismantle the base along with newly arriving
scores of humans and mutants who represented the remnants of civilization.

"It's not enough," Questar said, "People are starting to mobilize, but we
need more. We need something to rally the Underground, something to give
them hope."

"But that's us now, isn't it?" Cleopatra asked.

"It will be," Voice/Shiro said.

"We need a victory," Questar said, "A major one. Something to give people
hope, a symbol. I have to defeat the Bailies, publicly."

"What are you planning?" Hel asked.

"I need to find and defeat a large contingent of Bailies, no weapons, just
me," Questar said, "And the battle must be broadcast throught the entire

"And if you lose?" Raina asked.

"If I lose the Bailies continue to rule the surface, people lose what little
hope they have left, and the few still willing to fight for a dream at least
get a weapons upgrade," Questar said steely, "Defeat is not an option. I
either win or Earth is lost."

"You could die," Sarge said, "Are you ready for that?"

"I either fight or I'm already dead," Questar said, "I've lived with death
all around me, had friends die in my arms, fought creatures, demons, robots,
and nutty super villians. I never asked for this war, but I never ran from a
fight in my life, and when innocent lives are at stake, well that just makes
it even more important."

"We know that there is a large concentration of Bailies around your old
village Sarge," Max spoke up for the first time, "I came up with a grid map
showing the area."

"Oh, and don't think that you guys are going to miss out on any action,"
Questar added, "Your role in this is just as important as mine."

"Oh yes, we get to sit on our ass and watch you get your cute ass shot off,"
Raina sarcasticlly said.

"Wrong! I'm playing Captain America here, but I need all of you to pull
this off," Questar said, "Hel, you now have super speed, Max, you now have
weaponry and a Betrayer body that can get you past Bailie scanners, Raina,
you have psionic powers equal to what Max used to have, Sarge, you know
the terrain, you are the best shot and arguably the best fighter in the
Underground, in addition you have a cybernetic eye that gives you super
vision, Cleopatra, you are half-trained but you're a natural athlete and
you also possess mime, mimickry, and considerable acting ability. Fully
trained you will be quite an asset, and even now you are useful to my plan."

"Okay, so what is the plan?" Hel asked.

"Max, you and Raina are going to take Cleopatra right into the Bailie
stronghold, snoop around, get all the information you can," Questar said, he
was in his element now, "Sarge, I want you to scan everything from outside,
I want to know where every rock, every tree, any water is. I need complete
knowledge of the terrain, anything I can use as a weapon, or cover, or a
distraction. A pile of bouders I can throw or tk, a large tree I can rip up
and use as a battering ram, sand that can be used to blind their 'eyes', mud
to clog their weapons. When I have the lay of the land Hel will use her new
speed to draw the Bailes to me. Once I'm engaged Hel and Sarge will help Max,
Raina and Cleo escape."

"Wooo, brains and power, no wonder you were chosen to be the one to get
frozen," Raina grinned.

"The plan is simple, yet highly logical," Voice/Shiro said, "The Bailies are
unused to resistance. The element of surprise will be complete."

"Shiro, I guess I should call you Shiro now," Hel said, "How did the Bailies
take over?"

"It was a long time ago Helen," Shiro started, "World War 3 decimated the
super hero population of Earth. Thank God only a few nukes were actually
used. But even the few that did fly scared people."

"The start of the Underground?" Cleopatra asked, "How many nukes, and how
many people died?"

"Yes Cleopatra, quite perceptive of you," Voice/Shiro continued. "People
sought refuge underground even though only 12 nuclear weapons were used.
About 100 million deaths, mostly the bad guys who sarted it. Arab extremists.
This time they had nukes, 1 for New York, 1 for Moscow, 1 for Beijing."

"Taking on all 3 major powers? Man, that was smart, not," Max said.

"No one ever said they were," Voice/Shiro said, "Thinking the war was won
the Allied powers turned their defenses over to a worldwide computer. This
computer, the prototype of what would eventually dominate the Earth, well,
that's almost another story, suffice it to say that it disabled all the
nuclear weapons on Earth. This really didn't bother the allies at first as
they used their superior numbers and technology against the terrorists
natios. Unfortunately they wouldn't surrender, despite losing every battle
to conventional forces. Thus the war dragged on and on. The 'World Computer'
then came up with a suggestion, robot soldiers to replace the human ones.
Ten years of seeing sons and daughters come home in body bags made this
idea very popular."

"Why the name Bailies?" Sarge asked.

"After their creator, William Roger Bailey," Voice/Shiro answered, "Bailey
was a genuis, but also a completely evil man. He used the brain patterns of
the 3 most evil men he could think of, Hitler Stalin, and our old enemy, the
former President from Arkansas."

"No one but G.O.L.D. ever knew just how evil he was," Questar said, "We knew
everything, including his pact with Mephisto, we could prove nothing."

"So, I think I can guess the rest, the Bailies turned on us," Hel said

"Oh, it took awhile, mankind didn't give up without a fight, but without a
leader, divided, war weary, eventually the Bailies succeeded in driving
everyone underground," Shiro finished.

"Now we know what we're up against," Questar said, "This is the last day off
we're going to have for a loooonngg time, so everyone get some rest, because
at dawn tomorrow we start taking back the Earth."

* * *

"Owwwwww! Shit Questar! This body may be robotic, but it's still me in here,"
Max cried out as he was slammed against the wall of the small gym for the
20th time.

"Sorry little brother," Questar grinned, extending his hand," I've just spent
500 years in a freezer, I need to know if I've gotten rusty."

"This body is stronger than my original one," Max grinned back, taking his
brothers hand," To still throw me around this easy, well, you aint rusty."

"Maybe against Betrayers, I haven't fought a Bailie yet," Questar said,
picking his brother up, then flipping him back down with a judo throw.

"Geeezz! You've fought against lots of Mechas 4 robots, Bailies are tough,
but they're not sentient," Max said, refusing the re-offered hand with a

A servo robot brought out water and a towell for Questar. The 2 brothers sat
down on a bench at the edge of the gym. Questar and Max were silent, their
thoughts came.

"You would sacrifice your own life rather than see any of us hurt, you would
give up your own life just to give us an hour of freedom," Max said, "I know
you so well. big brother. Your'e pretty damn sure I can get the girls out."

"I know you can, and those 'girls' are pretty damn capable on their own,"
Questar said, "It may turn out that they end up saving your ass."

Max chuckled knowing that his older brother may well be right. Then he grew
silent. For several minutes the tension built up in his human mind.

"Max, I have no intention of dying if that's what bothering you," Questar
said," But if that's what it takes, just to give a taste of freedom to these
people, then I'll do it. No regrets."

"You are such a fucking hero," Max grinned shaking his head, "You mean that
too. Man, I tried so hard to be like you, but I never could."

"Just be what you are Max, what you've always been," Questar smiled, "A good
man, and the best little brother anyone could ever have."

Man and robot embraced in a brotherly hug. The days ahead would be hard, but
family is a strong unbreakable bond. They knew they wouldn't have to face the
war to come alone.

* * *

Cleopatra watched as man and mutant loaded up everything they could of
G.O.L.D. equipment for transportation to a more secure location. Voice/Shiro
was already far away with all the computers loaded. Weapons capable of
hurting Bailies like the ECM rifle were already packed away and being shipped
so that they could be replicated. Cleo looked at the new more powerful
blasters she already wore. Would they be enough to turn the tide?

"Not without him to lead us," Raina said from behind her.

"Oh," Cleopatra said startled.

"I'm sorry Cleo, I'm a telepath, I didn't mean to intrude on you," Raina
sadly smiled, "I know I'm not really that popular on anyone's list yet."

"It's okay," Cleo nerously smiled, "I know the truth, it's hard, but I know
it'll be okay."

"This is what it's like," Raina smiled," We're fighting for more than simple
day to day existance now. Questar has given us hope. Hope for something more.
Freedom! God, the very sound of that gives me shivers for the first time in
my life!"

"So many didn't understand it when we had it in my time," Cleo sadly mused,
"You never know how much you miss it until it's gone."

The 2 women walked hand in hand along the hall.

* * *

Sarge lay naked in the warm oversized bathtub. The luxury of this simple act
was pleasureable to her. She had come so far from the simple peasent girl
named Rose. Now, she was part of an elite team of warriors. Little of history
teaching had survived, but some tales of ancient hero's had bridged the gulf.
To Sarge this was like being a member of the Round Table, or the Men of
Sherwood Forest.

"Mind some company?" Hel asked as her robe fell off.

Sarge smiled and beckoned Hel to join her. The 2 women kissed deeply,
hungrily as their tongue's dueled. Hel's hands found and fondled Sarge's
large breasts as Sarge caressed her ass. The kiss seeed to grow deeper,
then broke as Hel kissed down Sarge's neck. Sarge now stroked Hel's back
as Hel's eager mouth found the hard nipples and took them into her mouth,
gently sucklng each one.

"Oh Helen," Sarge moaned.

Sarge felt her desire grow as Hel continued to gently knead and suckle her
tits. Hel sensed her lovers need and stroked the woman's hairless pussy,
rubbing one finger along Sarge's erect clit. Hel's effort was rewarded as
Sarge jerked and cried out in orgasm.

"Hmmmmm, so naughty," Hel grinned.

Hel lifted Sarge's legs out of the water, her tongue replaced her fingers
as she sucked Sarge's tasty cunt.

"Ahhh! Ahhhhh!" was all that Sarge was able to cry out.

Sarge shuddered under another cum. Dreamily Sarge opened her mouth as Hel
offered Sarge her tits. Now it was Hel who moaned in pleasure as Sarge's
talented tongue worked it's magic.

"Hmmmmmm, your tits taste so good," Sarge moaned," But I want to eat that
tasty black pussy of yours."

Hel smiled, loving the dirty talk as she straddled Sarge's face. Sarge licked
up and down Hel's slit, then probed deep inside.

"Aaaiiiiiii! Ohhhh, eat me baby," Hel cried out, "Iiiiiiiiieeeeee!"

Sarge tasted the delicious pussy juice from Hel's cum and continued to tongue
fuck her. Sarge then switched tactics, blowing on Hel's exposed clitoris then
licking it until Hel again climaxed.

"Aaaaaaaaa!," Hel cried out.

Hel and Sarge kissed, tasting each others juices as wel as their own.

"Let's continue this in bed," Sarge grinned.

Hand in hand they stepped out of the tub, dried off and walked back to the
bed. They lay down next to each other kissing deeply.

"Party!" Cleopatra cried out coming out of her clothes.

"The more the merrier," Hel laughed.

"You too Raina," Sarge grinned noting the dark haired woman's hesitation,
"You're a part of this group too now."

Raina needed no more encouragement as she quickly stripped off her clothes.

End of chapter 8


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