Cleopatra 2525: Echo of a Hero (Chapter 7) - By Tyval



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Cleopatra 2525: Echo of a Hero
(Chapter 7)
NC-17 for explicit f/f/f sex, consensual f/f/f BDSM, and m/f/f/f
Summary: In the world of Cleopatra 2525, a new hope for mankind may

have just been found. That is if Cleo, Hel, and Sarge can find the
secret of Cryo chamber G.O.L.D. 7- before the betrayers or the evil
psionic Raina do.

"Wait a minute, If Voice is Shiro and Shiro is a male scientist from
500 years ago, why have I always heard a female voice?" Hel asked.

"G.O.L.D. equipment," Questar replied.- "It probably scrambled his
voice to protect his identity. Only the filtration of a G.O.L.D.
comm-link could reveal his true identity."

"Questar, how can you be so calm?" Hel asked, her temper flaring.-
"Shiro, Voice or whoever this is has obviously betrayed you and used

"Oh, I'm furious, Hel, but Shiro was one of my best friends for over
60 years.- If he betrayed me he had a good reason or he better have.
And I'm going to find out why," Questar said, barely controlling
his own temper.- "Whatever it was, Dragon had to be involved in it
too and China Dragon is my spirit brother."

"It was not a betrayal, Questar. It was what we had to do to save
your life and to save Earth," Shiro said.- "And Helen, I would never
callously use you. Your parents hid the truth from you in order to
preserve your life. Your name, the name you always thought was yours
is false. Your real name is Helen Ray!"

"What?" Questar and Hel said as one. Hel did not know the significance
of that name, but the meaning of it was all too clear to Questar.

"Well, that's one piece of the puzzle," Questar said.- "Does she...?"

"Yes. She's latent, but she has the power. I had hoped that Raina
could unlock her mind so that she could realize her potential. You
of course can do that far easier," Shiro continued.

"Hel, even if you don't trust him right now, please trust me," Questar
said.- "I'm in mental contact with him now and he's telling the truth.
You must believe that both of us would die rather than see you hurt."

"Now I'm really confused and pissed off," Hel angrily said.- "Are
you trying to tell me that everything I've ever believed, everything
that's ever happened to me is a lie?! And so what if my name is different
from what I always thought it was."

"Hel, it was the only way to protect you from the Bailies until you
grew old enough and strong enough to take care of yourself. I was
helpless to protect you until you were finally old enough and close
enough to be one of my operatives," Shiro's voice was electronic,
but was still sad.- "If the Bailies had known who you were before
your powers manifested or before Questar could protect you, you would
have been as good as dead. Helen, you are the direct descendant of
Billy Ray."

"Hero of G.O.L.D. and my friend," Questar added.- "Helen, you possess
his power and his name. The Bailies would have killed you as a baby
just for one of those reasons."

"So, I'm a mutant?" Helen asked, calming down a little.

"Technically, no. Your powers are actually inherited, although they
have skipped several generations," Shiro said.- "You will not be
quite as fast as Billy was, but you will be close enough to cause
the Bailies headaches. If they had headaches that is."

"Shiro, what the hell really is going on?" Questar angrily asked.-
"You've gone to great lengths to bring me to this time and place.
In fact, I even see a pattern with you gathering 4 beautiful, talented
women and me together. I can't probe you very deep, but I'll know
if you're lying. I want some straight answers now!!"

"It should be obvious. You 6 will be the core group of G.O.L.D. 4,"
Shiro would have smiled if he had a face.- "And G.O.L.D. will retake
the Earth."

"Are you sure you can't smoke wacky weed in that jar, Shiro? Because
now I'm confused and I need a whole shit load of answers that I'm
still not getting," Questar shook his head.

"Wait a minute.- 6? Even if he's talking about us, that's Questar,
Sarge, Cleo, Raina, and me. That's only 5," Hel said.

"I'm number 6," Mauser said.

"You're number 6? But you're a robot, Mauser, and not even a sentient
one from what the girls have told me," Questar said.

"I'm not Mauser anymore. I haven't been Mauser for 3 days.- Deactivating
hologram," Mauser said, his face and form shifting.

Questar's jaw dropped open in total surprise. Then a mask of anger
replaced that.

"My name is Max, Max Starr. I'm Questar's brother," the handsome
face of Mauser/Max said.

* * * * *

Raina had taken a shower and was fast asleep, nude, on what had been
Tara's big bed, as Sarge finished her own shower.- Between the bedroom
and the bathroom, I never want to leave, the nude Sarge thought as
she flopped down in a recliner.

Sarge picked up a remote control from the side pocket.- How did Cleo
use this before? Sarge wondered.

Cleo had showered in Questar's room and was dressed in one of the
pretty American Indian outfits once worn by Kestrel/Willow Twoswords.-
Entering the room she smiled at Sarge, Cleo's nipples stiffened at
the sight of her naked friend.- God, what a hardbody she is, Cleo
thought.- Sarge smiled back.

"Cleo, how does this thing work?" Sarge asked.- "I wanted to watch
one of those things we saw earlier before I fell asleep."

"Here," Cleo said, taking the remote.

Cleopatra put on a video titled 'Tara and Felicia'. Felicia, a.k.a.
the (harmless) villainess called Dancer, had been a regular at the
club that Cleopatra had worked at. Felicia had also been one of Cleo's
favorite customers and she had often gone home with the beautiful
lesbian villainess.

"Those girls really know how to eat pussy," Sarge purred as she flicked
her nipples to stiffness.- "Say, does that girl have pointed ears?
Wow, they make her even sexier."

"This is making me sooo hot, but I'm so tired I'm about to pass out,"
Cleo yawned.- "I'm going to bed."

"What? Did Questar wear you out?" Sarge teased.

"We didn't do anything," Cleo sighed.

"You mean you didn't have sex with him?" Sarge asked amazed.- "I
prefer women, but I'd throw him down and fuck him any chance I got."

"He's definitely the only man I'd ever be interested in," Cleo sighed,
staring at the ceiling.

"I don't believe it! You're in love with him! You are," Sarge teased.

"Oh, Sarge, I'm so confused," Cleo cried as she embraced Sarge.

Sarge held Cleo tightly as Cleo laid her head on Sarge's strong shoulder
and sobbed. Cleopatra really was confused, she loved Hel and Sarge
so much and even felt strong affection for Raina. Why then did Questar
make her feel this way. Every second that she was away from him was
an eternity. Questar was like some kind of noble knight, paladin,
or Prince Charming, but with an attitude and a mean streak.

"Shhhhh. It's all right sweetie," Sarge cradled Cleo's head," He's
so perfect it's hard not to fall in love with him. But you'd better

"Sarge, if the legends about him are true, like everything else about
him is, he could wipe out all 4 of us in a sex contest and take another
40 easy," Cleo grinned, her tears beginning to vanish.- "Uh, Sarge,
is 4 wives legal in this time?"

"Huh, why Cleo, uh, you know what, there are no rules about marriage
anywhere in the Underground," Sarge said, surprised.- "It's usually
one man and one woman, but polygamy is not taboo and is legal everywhere
in the Underground as long as it's consensual. Cleo, you're a genius.
We can all have him and still have each other."

Sarge and Cleo kissed each other deeply as they embraced. The video
was forgotten as they walked hand in hand to the bed.

"Oh, Sarge, I love you," Cleo whispered.

"C'mon, sweetie, let's get you out of those clothes and get some
sleep. I want to try this room out tomorrow," Sarge smiled.

* * * * *

"No, Questar! It's me! It really is me!" Mauser/Max cried out as
Questar slammed him into the wall.

"Whatever sick joke you're trying to pull ends now," Questar snarled.

"Questar! Stop it!" Shiro shouted.- "I managed to transfer your brother's
mind, his very essence into a Mechas 4 brain before he died.- But
I never had a body I could put him into. After the Bailies took over
I was able to capture a one of a kind super Betrayer. That robot
became Mauser. When the Bailies scrambled Mauser's brain a few days
ago I finally had a body to put Max into. I've even been able to
finally modify his body so that he looks like he did when he was
18 and he's even capable and able to enjoy sex."

"Can you prove that?" Questar angrily said, his steel hard fist only
inches from Max's head.

"Prove it?" Shiro asked, thought for several long moments, then with
a sad tone, "Questar, I-I can't. I just know, that everything Max
was, everything that he is, is in that body."

"I can prove it," Max calmly said.

"How's that?" Questar said, angry but curious. If Shiro was so sure.....

"There's one thing that I know that Shiro never knew, that no computer
ever recorded, something known only to our parents, Billy Ray, Dragon,
and I," Max smiled.- "Something that would be impossible for anyone
to know that didn't you. YOUR real name."

Questar dropped the 'Max' robot like a normal man would drop a hot
potato. No one, not Shiro, not Tara, nor any other members of G.O.L.D.
knew that secret.

Don't worry, I won't tell anyone, a familiar voice in Questar's head
told him.- I still even have some of my powers, although not much.-
Raina's more powerful.

Max, Questar sent telepathically.

Max mentally said Questar's real name. Tears welled up in Questar's
eyes as he embraced Max. Robot or not, this really was his brother.
Hel gasped as she silently watched the tearful reunion.- It must
be true, Hel thought as water that simulated tears also came from
Max. For several minutes the man and sentient robot held each other.

"Okay, Shiro," Questar said stepping back, cleaning his eyes, "now
I want the whole story.- What happened?"

"It's a long story," Shiro sighed.

"Yea well, it took 500 years so I figure I've got plenty of time,"
Questar said.

Shiro finally began his tale.

* * * * *

The year was 2025, exactly 500 years before. It was the final showdown
between G.O.L.D. and Daemonus, the last of the evil Chaos Lords.
Daemonus had been the most powerful and tricky of the evil elder
gods that had plagued mankind before they had been driven off by
the good pantheons of gods and by man themselves. For years Daemonus
had escaped being brought to justice by G.O.L.D., but this time they
had him cornered.

During the battle in the Nether-Sphere, China Dragon and Shiro had
become separated from the others. To Questar and the others the two
of them had been gone only moments. For China Dragon and Shiro it
had been 10 years. There were many hidden portals in the Nether-Sphere
and they had tumbled into one.

Landing in a strange dimension China Dragon watched transfixed as
alternate future after alternate future flashed before their eyes.
But in eerie reality one thing was clear. The Bailies were destined
to rule the surface and the only chance that humanity had was if
one particular member of G.O.L.D. was alive in the year 2525. One
man who could rally all of humanity and was capable of actually defeating

It could not be China Dragon, for while still alive he was destined
to be far away in the stars. Of all the other heroes in G.O.L.D.
and their close friends in the Alliance of Justice there was only
one other man capable of both fighting and leading, Questar. Questar
would die in any reality in which he chose to stand and fight before
2525, and while Shiro had invented a time machine, time travel into
the future was impossible.

China Dragon and Questar both had traveled through time many times
and knew that that was true. The past was open if unchangeable, the
future simply hadn't happened yet. That left only one solution, cryo
chambers. Not just for Questar, but for as many members of G.O.L.D.,
the Alliance, and every other hero and heroine that they could get.

Re-appearing in the heat of battle China Dragon delivered the final
fatal blow on Lord Daemonus, thus finally ending the ordeal of the
Chaos Lords that had plagued mankind since the dawn of time.

Then it became a matter of resources and logistics. Especially since
China Dragon and Shiro could not tell anyone of their plans lest
they destroy their chance to save Earth. This, however, was an easy
task when one is the Chinese ' God of the Martial Arts', and is also
owed favors by Asgard, Olympus, and a dozen advanced alien planets.

Eight cryo chambers were built. While they were being built China
Dragon and Shiro began 'kidnapping' various G.O.L.D. members. Some,
like Pi Chen and Billy Ray died in battle before they could be frozen.-
Others, such as the Olympian Golden Girl and the Gelatian's Emerald
and Peridot simply went home until they could be summoned. Sam Stone
and his granddaughter Sapphire went to live on Mechas 4.

Mace could never be gotten into a position where they could kidnap
him and thus grew old and eventually caught radiation poisoning in
a battle against Vector #2. It took a long time, until 2050, to get
Questar in a position where they could get him into a cryo chamber.-
Each chamber had been fully equipped for a full squad of G.O.L.D.,
but all the beds they could fill were full leaving Questar alone
in chamber 7.

With no one else that they could save, Shiro sacrificed his own,
by now ancient body, to try and preserve what he could of humanity.
If he could still cry, Shiro would have wept a river of tears as
he watched helplessly as the unstoppable events proceeded. China
Dragon fought alone for years, but eventually had to forsake Earth
in order to preserve the universe. For if the universe died there
would be no Earth to save.

* * * * *

All this and much more did Shiro reveal. There had been no other
way.- For mankind to retake the Earth one thing was clear. Questar
had to survive at all costs, even if they had to sacrifice his honor,
because Questar would have rather died fighting than be frozen.

"You would have sacrificed yourself for nothing, Questar," Shiro
said.- "This period of time is the strongest moment for the Bailies,
but it is also the time that they are most vulnerable. They no longer
expect more than token resistance from mankind. That is their fatal
mistake. I and the girls and all the others that still oppose them
are little more than 100 ants to 100 elephants. You are Godzilla."

"Let's get some rest, Hel," Questar smiled so evilly that chills
ran down Hel's spine.- "Tomorrow we start taking back the Earth!"

The End - Chapter 7


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