Cleopatra 2525: Echo of a Hero (Chapter 6) - By Tyval



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Cleopatra 2525: Echo of a Hero
(Chapter 6)
NC-17 for explicit f/f/f sex, consensual f/f/f BDSM, and m/f/f/f
Summary: In the world of Cleopatra 2525, a new hope for mankind may

have just been found. That is if Cleo, Hel, and Sarge can find the
secret of Cryo chamber G.O.L.D. 7- before the betrayers or the evil
psionic Raina do.

Sarge and Raina made the final connection and were rewarded as the
lights flickered back on.

"Aha! We did it," Sarge cried triumphantly.

Sarge and Raina did that odd high-five move Cleo had taught them
and smiled at each other. The silence between was awkward. That morning
they had been enemies, but after the events of the last few hours
everything was changed. The mutual attraction they had always felt
was impossible now to ignore.

"Uh, we'd better join the others," Raina awkwardly said.

Upstairs in the main control room, Questar, Hel, and Cleopatra grinned
at each other as the power to the G.O.L.D. complex was restored.

"All right! Now we're cooking with gas," Questar smiled as he started
re-booting the control computer.

"Huh? Cleo, did you understand what he just said?" Hel whispered.

"Of course, you mean you didn't?" Cleo whispered back.

Hel rolled her eyes.- Those people from the 20th century must have
really been weird, she thought.

"Working," a- feminine electronic voice said.- "Please identify."

"Questar, rank G-2, assuming rank G-1 at present, priority clearance
A-1," Questar said.

A green scanning ray bathed Questar in a strange glow.

"Fingerprint scan confirmed, voice print confirmed, retina scan confirmed,
DNA scan confirmed, brain wave scan confirmed. Identity confirmed.-
Welcome, Questar."

"Computer, activate information files," Questar said.

"Information files on-line," the computer responded.

"Computer, requesting files on this facility, who built it without
my knowledge, and how did I end up here?" Questar ordered.

The mouths of Hel and Cleo dropped open in surprise.

"What? You mean you don't know how you ended up here?" Cleo asked.

"And you don't even know about this facility?" Hel asked.

"No, I don't. I'm the number 2 man of G.O.L.D. and I never saw this
base," Questar told them.- "Whoever built it had to be G.O.L.D. though.-
Tara's room was an exact duplicate of her main room at G.O.L.D. HQ
in Los Angeles, the arsenal is stocked with our weapons and even
a flying car, and this facility was protected by Mechas 4 robots.
It has to be a G.O.L.D. base, but how did it get built without my
knowledge, by who and for what purpose?"

"Information access denied," the computer intoned.

"What?! Computer, this is Questar, rank G-2, assuming rank G-1, I
have priority clearance A-1, you will access that data," Questar
angrily said.

"Access denied," the computer said.

"This is madness," Questar said.- "Computer, I have absolute priority
clearance to all information including the most top secret. I want
that information now, priority A-1."

"Access denied, restricted data can only be accessed by China Dragon
or by Shiro Sanlemoto," the computer said.

Questar's fist shattered the monitor.- "Fucking toys," he snarled
as a second monitor came on-line.

"Um, Questar, you don't have amnesia or anything, do you?" Cleo asked

"Hardly."- The question made Questar smile again.- "With my powers
I would know if there were gaps in my memory. But the last thing
I can remember was that I was talking to China Dragon in 2050..."

"2050?- But I was frozen in 2001 and you look the same as you did
then," Cleo gasped.

"Yea, not bad for a 90 year old man," Questar laughed.- "Or is it
almost 600 now. I stopped aging in my 30's, but I didn't really notice
it until I was about 50 or so. I'm not immortal really, I just don't
get older. I can bleed and die just like anyone. Poor Mace, Max,
my brother, that was the one power we didn't share."

At the mention of his beloved brother, Questar's eyes became moist.-
His brother had still been alive in 2050, barely. In the scant few
hours since his de-frosting, Questar had not had time to think about
his lost friends and family. Now, the emotions, pent up, threatened
to overwhelm him.

"Excuse me, I-I need to check something out," Questar said as he
quickly exited the room.

"Where is he going?" Sarge asked as she and Raina entered the room
as Questar left.

"I think he just got officially welcomed to the 26th century," Cleopatra
said, fighting back her own tears. She had gone through this too,
but Cleo had had few relatives or friends. Questar had many to mourn.

* * * * * *

"Some hero I am, some big savior of Earth," Questar thought aloud.

Questar looked around the trashed room that had been an exact duplicate
of his own room at G.O.L.D. HQ an hour before. Huge holes and dents
showed where he had punched and kicked the walls. The door to the
room had been ripped off and thrown into a corner. Pictures and video
tapes of his friends and family were scattered on the floor.

But Questar was a martial artist and a hero. His rage and grief were
gone now as he focused his chi and sat in the lotus position. This
world needed him. Human, mutant, halfling, it didn't matter.- There
has to be some of us left, Questar thought.- This is Cryo chamber
7. It doesn't matter if I don't know who built it or why at the moment.
That means that there must be at least 6 more, #1-#6. There were
a dozen empty beds just in this one. Why? And what of those of us
who were immortal or almost so. Emerald's people have life spans
of 1000 years, Tara might be old now, but she could make 500 easy
because of her hybrid nature. And what of China Dragon, Vodar, and
Golden Girl? They were supposed to actually be immortals.

Questar shook his head. There were too many questions. Questar had
buried many friends during his time with G.O.L.D. His brother had
been 70 and was dying of radiation poisoning when Questar had seen
him last.- To Questar that had only been a day before, but in reality
it had been almost 500 years.

A soft female hand touched his shoulder.

"How did you know where I was, Cleo?" Questar asked, knowing who
it was even without using his powers.

"It's not hard to find someone who can punch through steel walls.
I just followed the path of destruction you left," Cleopatra said
as she softly hugged his neck from behind.

"You went through this too. I guess I just got selfish. Some hero,
huh?" Questar said," This world needs Superman or Captain America."

"I think we got something better," Cleo whispered.- "We got a man."

"Cleo," Questar whispered as he brushed back her hair.

Cleo held his hand and felt the blood from his knuckles where he
had punched walls repeatedly. A normal man's hands would have been
Jell-O instead of slightly skinned. Cleo thought and hoped that Questar
would make love to her, but Questar knew that neither one of them
were truly ready for that yet.

Questar softly kissed her and they held each other tightly for a
long time.

* * * * * *

"I love this room," Hel smiled as Sarge, Raina, and she finished
cleaning up the combination room and lesbian dungeon that had been
built for Tara.

The girls had even stolen another big screen tv/vcr from one of the
other living quarters rooms to replace the one broken by the elevator
explosion. The room had escaped much of the damage despite having
seen some action. The women were exhausted from all the fighting
they had done, but all the sex toys were making them horny.

Raina and Hel flopped down on the soft oversized bed. Sarge looked
in the bathroom, her eyes growing wide as she saw the large shower
and a hot tub big enough for 4 women. ' Wow, those G.O.L.D. people
really knew how to stock a base, Sarge thought.

"Hey, Hel, Raina, check this out," Sarge called.

Hel moaned as Raina helped her off the bed. Hel and Raina were just
as impressed as Sarge when they saw the opulent bathroom. Just then
a familiar voice was heard from behind them.

"Ah, I finally made it," Mauser said.

"Mauser! What are you doing here?" Hel asked, surprised at this turn
of events.

"Voice needs you to contact him via the G.O.L.D. com-links," Mauser

"Okay," Hel wearily sighed.- "C'mon, guys."

"No, Hel, this message is for you, Questar and I alone," Mauser said.

"What? You know, I get sick of the elitism you and Voice practice
Mauser," Sarge angrily said.- "Voice only speaks to Cleo and I when
she wants something and I get sick of it."

"I'm sorry," Mauser said shaking his head.

All three women did a double take. No robot ever used the word 'I'
to describe himself even one as sophisticated as Mauser. And no robot
ever said that he was sorry was something.

"Okay, now even I am getting freaked out," Raina said.

"All will be explained soon," Mauser said," Voice is finally going
to reveal everything, just please be patient for a little longer.
It is imperative that he first talk to Hel and Questar."

None of the women noticed that Mauser referred to Voice as 'he' that
last time, but all of them knew that something had been said. Hel
shrugged her shoulders and wearily followed Mauser down the hall.
Hel smiled as she found Cleo and Questar asleep in each other's arms.-
Made for each other, Hel thought.- I just hope I get some of him
too. Cleo had better share.

"Hey, sex fiend!" Hel shouted.- "Wake up!"

But Questar was already awake as he vaulted out of bed, flipped in
mid-air, landed, and held Mauser off the ground by the throat like
a rag doll with one hand.

"Another one!" Questar growled.- "Say good-bye to your gears, robot!"

"No! Wait, Questar!" Cleo shouted as she woke up "That one's ours!"

"He's a friend Questar," Hel said as she grabbed Questar's arm.

What reflexes, even when he's asleep.- Hel thought.- And these arms,
whoa! I like girls, but he's magnificent!

Questar released Mauser who oddly rubbed his throat.

"A friend, huh?" Questar said.

"Yes, he's called Mauser," Cleo said as she stood next to Hel.

"Actually I'm not really Mauser anymore, but I am still a friend,"
Mauser smiled, further freaking out Hel and Cleo.

That voice? Where have I heard that voice before? Questar thought.
Questar had known the sentient robots of Mechas 4 and had encountered
robots who laughed, cried - in their own fashion - felt real pain,
and real joy so wasn't as surprised as the women were at Mauser's
recent actions.

"Mauser, or whoever you are now, what the hell is going on?" Hel

"Please, just come with me to the main control room," Mauser said.-
"Voice has some vital information he needs to impart to you. Cleo,
please wait for us in Tara's room."

Huh?- How did he know that that was Tara's room? Questar thought.-
This is getting too weird. And his voice, why is it so familiar?

"It's okay, Cleo, join the others," Questar said.- "Lead on, R2-D2."

Hel and Questar followed Mauser back to the main computer room. The
computer had re-activated 5 of the G.O.L.D. robots and had them out
doing repairs and clean-up. Mauser quickly punched in a code to establish
communication with Voice. Hel also knew the code and watched to make
sure that Mauser punched in the right one.

"Greetings, Questar.- And you too, Helen," Voice said, but in a male
voice that shocked Hel.

Hel had only heard a female voice before, but somehow knew that this
was the real Voice. A strange sad smile was on Questar's lips.

"I am sorry you are surprised, Helen," Voice continued.- "Yes, this
is my real voice, or was. Questar, it's good to see you again old
friend.- But then, I don't really do that either anymore."

"Is that really you?" Questar said knowingly.

"What's left of me," Voice answered.- "I'm afraid I really am just
a brain floating in a jar."

"Questar, what's going on here? Do you know who or what Voice really
is?" Hel asked in suspense.

"Oh I know who he is all right, and even though I owe him my life
a dozen times over I have some serious questions about why I just
spent 500 years in a freezer," Questar said.- "In fact, I think we
should stop calling him Voice and call him by his real name. Shiro.-
Shiro Sanlemoto, the smartest man of the 20th and 21st century and
member of G.O.L.D."

The End - Chapter 6


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