Cleopatra 2525: Echo of a Hero (Chapter 5) - By Tyval

>>Cleopatra 2525: Echo of a Hero
(Chapter 5)
NC-17 for explicit f/f/f sex, consensual f/f/f BDSM, and m/f/f/f
Summary: In the world of Cleopatra 2525, a new hope for mankind may
have just been found. That is if Cleo, Hel, and Sarge can find the
secret of Cryo chamber G.O.L.D. 7- before the betrayers or the evil
psionic Raina do.

"Target Cleopatra-termination imminent," the Betrayer mechanically
said as his clawed steel arm headed for Cleopatra's head.
Cleopatra screwed her closed eyes tighly and silently prayed that
it would be painless.
"Not today, you walking junk pile," a steely male voice said.
Cleoptra's eyes flew open, her mouth dropped open in suprise. The
most magnificent man she had ever seen in her life was holding the
Betrayer off the ground by his wrist as easily as she could hold
a ragdoll. The nude man's other fist then shattered the robotic face.-
Dropping the now harmless robot the man faced the other 5 Betrayers
who seemed to be in shock at this sudden turn of events.

The man lashed out, his bare foot smashed the head of another Betrayer,
a back-fist took out the second. The third Betrayer swung a clawed
arm. The man caught the arm and with a quick twist ripped the arm
from the robots body. The man then ducked the wild swing of the fourth
robot, his counter kick went right through the robot's body, shattering
its back-bone.

The robot flopped on the ground for a few seconds while the man finished
off the fifth robot with a crane strike to the robot's control center.
The man then stomped on that robots head, crushing it. Another quick
kick finished the one armed Betrayer.

Cleopatra was stunned. Betrayers had the strength of 20 men, and
were usually very tough to kill even with a laser. But this man had
just destroyed 6 of them in less than a minute with his bare hands
and feet.- Walking over to a control panel the man punched a button.
A closet full of various uniforms opened. Selecting one the man began

"What year is it?" the man asked as he buckled a belt around his

"2-2525," Cleopatra answered.

"My God! That long," he said as he stared upwards longingly.- "Sorry,
you must be as confused as I am. My name is..."

"Questar," Cleopatra answered.

"Oh, you know who I am?" Questar asked.

"I'm from the same time you are," Cleopatra answered.- "I was frozen
just like you were. My name's Cleopatra."

"Cleopatra? Hmmm, your name sounds familiar, if fact I think I've
heard of you too," Questar smiled.- "You were a, uh, dancer. I think
some of the girls caught your act."

Clepatra blushed as Questar looked at her nude body. Cleo liked women,
but she wanted Questar too. Questar finished dressing by snapping
on a pair of titanium steel gauntlets. Questar was also aroused by
the sight of Cleo's nude body, but the sounds of battle were all
around mweaning that time was in short supply.

"Those weren't friends of yours," Questar said looking at the smashed
Betrayers.- "What are they?"

"Ummm, you remember that movie Terminator," Cleopatra said as he
nodded.- "Well, it happened. Those things are called Betrayers, they're
the spies for a whole group of super-robots called the Bailies. They've
driven mankind underground and rule the surface. I've become part
of one of the few groups still trying to take the surface back. Ohmigod!
Hel and Sarge! We've got to save them!"

"Computer," Questar said, "where are this girl's companions?"

"Squuueeeee! Welcome back Questar," the electronic feminine voice
said.- "The young lady's companions are in Tara's chambers along
with another young lady."

"Status?!" Questar ordered.

"All three women are alive and relatively unharmed at present. All
3 are ccccclllliiikkkkk, semi-concious. Status on enemy forces. Currently
136 active, correction, 130 after your recent little skirmish. 78
of them have the final remaining 23 allied robots pinned down near
the arsenal. The rest are scattered throughout the compound. Warning!
Two of them are converging on Tara's room."

"Computer! If the girl and her friends have any weapons return them,"
Questar ordered, then looked at Cleo.- "Return their clothes too."

A brief hum and Cleopatra's clothing and equipment materialized in
frnt of her.

"You'll have to catch up with me, I can't wait for you to get dressed
if you want to save your friends," Questar said as Cleopatra hurridly
began dressing.

Questar ran out into the hall. Three Betrayer's rounded the other
end. The Betrayer's fired, but their shots just bounced off Questar's
telekinetic shield. Running towards them, Questar then ducked and
rolled forward. Springing upwards from the floor Questar smased the
heads of two of the robots, then spun around and kicked the head
completely off the last one. A quick stomp finished it.

"Wow! You're even better in real life than the news reels I used
to watch," Cleopatra gasped as she exited the lab.

"And you can get dressed fast," Questar grinned at the former exotic

* * * * * *

All three women were slowly coming around. Raina brushed her hair
from her eyes as she managed to sit up. Hel crawled over to Sarge.

"A-are yo okay?" Hel asked.

"Nothing feels broken," Sarge said, "but I've got the worst headache
in the Underground."

"Know what you mean," Hel replied.- "Feel's like I got hit with neuro

"Sarge, Hel," Raina called," What happened?"

"I think your friends the Betrayers did this," Hel sarcasticlly said
as she saw the now chotic room.

"They're not my friends," Raina replied harshly.- "I don't have any
love for those mechanical toys. All they did was bust me out."

"Targets designate Hel and Sarge sighted. Operative Raina also located.
Beginning termination of targets Hel and Sarge. Operative Raina to
be terminated if she resists," a Betrayer said as he entered the
room followed by a second Betrayer.

The Betrayers trained their blasters on the helpless Hel and Sarge.

"Looks like this is it, partner," Sarge sighed.- "I guess we failed."

"Wait a minute!" Raina shouted as she stepped in front of the Betrayers.-
"We had a deal! You free me and I take care of them any way I want

"Operative Raina," the Betrayer said, "stand aside or become termination

Raina turned and looked deep in the eyes of Sarge and Hel. The two
women were prepared to die for what they believed in.

"No!! I won't let you kill them!," Raina cried, shielding Hel and
Sarge with her own body.- "I love them!"

"Activating termination of targets Hel, Sarge, and Raina," the Betrayer

Raina bravely faced them, sure of her own death. Raina closed her
eyes and didn't see 2 strong hands grab the heads of both robots
and smash them together.

"What the hell?!" Raina's eys flew open.

Raina saw Cleopatra standing beside a tall handsome man who dropped
the now lifeless bodies of the 2 Betrayer's. Instinctively Raina
lashed out with her psionic power. Questar merely smiled.

"Your'e psi bolts are strong, maybe as strong as Kestrel's were,
but I was always at least 3 times stronger than she was," Questar
smiled as Raina's psi bolts shattered against his shields.

Questar probed the dark haired woman. He could kill her or shatter
her mind with a single psionic blast of his own. The women watched
as Raina strained with all of her willpower against Questar in a
silent unseen battle. Questar learned everything about her and his
eyes grew wide with surprise.

"All the bad things she did," Questar whispered loud enough for the
women to barely hear, "she has a blood clot in her brain that's the
cause of all of it."

Questar advanced on Raina who tried to back away, but found herslf
against a wall. Questar held out his arm, palm up.

"S-Stay away from m-me," Raina quivered.- "Please! S-stay away!"

"It's okay," Questar smiled in a soothing voice.- "The Raina that
was willing to risk her life for her friends is the real you. I can
help you Raina. It's the blood clot, It's pressing against the nerves
that control your perceptions, your conscience if you will. Your
powers only made it worse, made you do things that weren't really

Raina screamed as Questar placd his palm on Raina's forehead. Hel,
Sarge, and Cleo all flinched. Raina gave out a second piercing scream,
then slumped unconcious to the floor. Cleopatra handed Hel and Sarge
their clothes and equipment.

"What did you do to her?" Hel demanded as she strapped on her wrist

"She'll be okay," Questar answered, as he found some of Tara's old
outfits for Raina to wear," She was never evil. She had a blood clot
in her brain that twisted her. It took some finese, but I destroyed
it. She should recover in a few minutes, better than ever in fact.
In fact her powers may even be slightly stronger."

"I take you really are Questar then. Cleo, you gave us another scare.
but once again you've come through," Hel said as she gave Cleo that
odd high-5 move that Cleo had taught them.

Raina moaned as she regained conciouness. She was holding her head
in both pain and relief. Opening her eyes slowly she saw the smiling
faces of Hel, Sarge, Cleo, and Questar. Hel knealt down in front
of her and brushed Raina's hair back.

"Welcome back, Raina," Hel smiled softly and lovingly.

"Oh, Hel! I'm so sorry," Raina cried as she embraced Hel tightly.

Tears streaked Raina's lovely face as she whispered ' sorry' again
and again. Sarge and Cleo joined in and it became a 4-way hug fest.

"Excuse me, we are in the middle of a battle here," Questar sighed.

Questar had destroyed 12 Betrayers and Cleo had gotten 2 more on
their way to this room. That left 113 Betrayers unaccounted for.
Questar went ahead and gave the women a few more minutes despite
his impatience.- Raina dressed in the clothes that Questar had given
her. Except for a slight tightness in the breasts - and Tara had
had a good bust in her own right - the outfit was a close fit.

Hel and Sarge each handed Raina their hand blasters, they knew they
could trust her now. Armed and ready they were now 5 in number.

"What's the plan?" Hel asked Questar.- "This is your facility, you
call it."

"It's simple.- We do the one thing that they won't expect," Questar
said, grinning, he was in his element now.- "We attack. Getting to
the arsenal is almost as important as I am. There are weapons in
there that could make a big differance."

With Questar in the lead they set out. A squad of 5 sighted them
in the next corridor.

"We don't have time for this," Questar said as he smashed them with
a wave of psycokinetic force.

"Whoa! Now I'm really impressed," Cleopatra said.- "But if you can
do that, why did you destroy all those others with your hands?"

"Where's the fun in that?" Questar grinned.- "Besides, the worst
thing that could happen to me is for me to get lazy."

* * * * * *

If the Betrayer's were human they would have been sensing victory.-
The other robots and drones were pinned down and slowly being destroyed.-
There were only 46 Betrayers left, but only 12 of the battle robots
and 6 of the flying drones still stood between them and the feared

A mockery of a smile came to the Betrayers face as another Mechas
4 robot went down. The high-tech weaponry inside, despite it's 500
year vintage was as good or better than anything their 5 centuries
had produced. The mock smile was destroyed as Sarge blew a hole right
through his electronic brain.

The Bailies aren't as smart as they think they are, Questar thought
as pyrokinetic flame came from his hand and slagged 5 Betrayers.-
Putting their 'brains' in their heads is just like a target.

Hel, Sarge, Raina, and even Cleo were soon taking a deadly toll on
the Betrayer's as well. Caught in a crossfire now, the Betrayers
fell. Slowly but surely the tide of battle changed until every last
Betrayer was little more than scrap metal.

The remaining 8 Mecas 4 robots stood at a ragged attention as Questar
opened the door to the arsenal. There were only about a dozen or
so unaccounted for, but Questar wanted the fight over now. Questar
walked straight over to one particular solitary weapon.

"I'm sorry, guys," Questar said to the few remaining robots on his
side.- "You fought so hard for me, this is such a shitty way to repay
you. I'm only glad you're non-sentient."

A tear formed at the corner of his eye as Questar pulled the trigger.-
The ECM ray deactivated every electronic brain in the entire complex.-
The emergency lights came on as even the controlling G.O.L.D. computer
shut down. The Mechas 4 robots collapsed into heaps.

Questar looked sadly at the four women before him.- I only hope I'm
worth it, Questar thought as he saw the hope in their eyes.

"Let's pack up," Questar said.- "We've got a whole planet to free."

The End - Chapter 5


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