Cleopatra 2525: Echo of a Hero (Chapter 2) - By Tyval



Cleopatra 2525: Echo of a Hero
(Chapter 2)
NC-17 for explicit f/f/f sex, consensual f/f/f BDSM, and m/f/f/f
Summary: In the world of Cleopatra 2525, a new hope for mankind may
have just been found. That is if Cleo, Hel, and Sarge can find the
secret of Cryo chamber G.O.L.D. 7- before the betrayers or the evil
psionic Raina do.

"Who or what is a Questar?" Hel asked as she continued to watch image
after image of the strange man on the holo screen.

"Questar was only one of the most dynamic and powerful super-heroes
of the late 20th century," Cleo sighed.- "He spent most of his time
on the west coast, but he was starting to become famous when I got
frozen.- He was a real hotshot in a group called G.O.L.D.- Don't
they teach any history in your schools?"

"What's a school?" Sarge asked.

Cleopatra sighed. This world was so different from the one she had
come from. Survival was more important than education in the underworld.-
What learning that did exist was scattered in pockets. At that time
Mauser appeared carrying a very large box.

"Your new gauntlets are in here, along with new jet boots, wrist
lasers, blast pistols, and this," Mauser said holding up an odd looking
key.- "This is the only way to get through those doors. We are the
only ones with the technology to duplicate this device. According
to what Voice was able to find out by tapping into that vaults system,
those doors, and indeed that whole section is protected by some kind
of metal called adamantium."

"Whoa! No wonder no one's ever been able to loot that chamber," Cleo
whistled.- "That's the most indestructible substance there is. The
Hulk couldn't break in there."

"There is one thing that must be revealed in order for you to succeed
in this mission," Voice said.

"What is that, Voice?" Hel asked.

"Raina is a lesbian," Voice said.

"I always suspected that," Hel said.- "That's really no surprise."

"You and Sarge and Cleo are also lesbians," Voice said, dropping
the other shoe.

"How, how did you know?" Cleo whispered, her secret desire revealed.

"Wait a minute," Sarge said, still trying to deny it.- "I find this
Questar guy attractive, how can I be a lesbian?"

"From the records I've recovered in the minutes since we learned
who Questar is I have studied all the available records on Questar
that I could find," Mauser said.- "It seems that Questar has a strange
effect on lesbians from that data. It seems that he was the only
exception to the preference of dozens of lesbian women in his own

"It's true," Cleo whispered, ashamed, but somewhat glad that her
secret was revealed.- "I remember that now. There was always a crowd
of beautiful lesbians around him. It always seemed so bizarre since
he was so macho."

"Okay, Voice," Hel sighed, "you've made your point. What does that
have to do with our mission?"

"It should be obvious," Voice continued.- "Not only are the three
of you and Raina lesbians, but all 3 of you desire kinky perverted
lesbian sex. All 4 of you are half dominant and half submissive.
Not only do you want lesbian sex, you all want to engage in foot
worship, watersports, and especially BDSM, preferably with each other.
Mauser, give them the L pill."

"Take this pill and you will permanently gain the ability to produce
breast milk at will, Raina took one a long time ago," Mauser said.-
"In addition your nipples will be nearly an inch long when aroused
and your clits will be nearly a half inch long and more sensitive."

"You will also permanently be more sensitive to pain and pleasure,"
Voice added.- "The pain of the whip will now feel as good as having
your pussy sucked."

Cleo, Sarge and Hel swallowed the pills as quick as they could. The
effect were almost immediately felt as all 3 of them were instantly
horny. Cleo had fallen in love with, and had wanted to have sex with
Hel and Sarge since the first day she had met them. By the same token,
Hel and Sarge had secretly been in love with each other for a long
time.- Despite their feeling for each other, Hel and Sarge had also
fallen in love with Cleopatra.

Cleo felt like her skin was on fire and couldn't wait to take her
clothes off. Sarge felt like her clothing was going to strangle her.
Hel also wanted to rip her clothes off. None of them noticed that
Mauser had left the room and that Voice had also gone on to other
things. For long moments the 3 beautiful women just stared into each
others eyes.

"I want to do a special dance for you guys," Cleo whispered breaking
the awkward silence.- "Take off your clothes."

Helen and Sarge stripped as fast as they could until both women were
fully nude. Seeing each other naked was getting Hel and Sarge even
hornier. The nipples and clits of both women were already at full
arousal stage, small droplets of breast milk were already forming
at the tips of their nipples. But Cleo was in charge as she had them
sit down on separate couches facing each other separated by a thin
pole.- Cleo then dimmed all the lights except for all the flashing
winking lights in the room. This done Cleo selected some music from
the computer memory banks.

The music began as Cleo began the most sensual and sexy lap dance
she had ever done in her life. For Cleo this was the most erotic
dance that she had ever done because this time she was dancing for
2 women that she loved. Sarge and Hel held their breath as Cleo slowly
stripped for them.- Hel and Sarge had seen Cleo dance and even tease
before and knew that she was good, but this was something even more.
As Cleo danced for them, now fully as nude as they were, all 3 women
knew that they truly loved each other.

Cleo continued to tease Hel and Sarge. Cleo bent over in front of
Hel, spreading her hairless pussy lips right before her eyes. Cleo
then shook her tits in front of Sarge's face, before barely brushing
Sarge's nipples with her own nipples. This barest of touches sent
waves of pleasure through both women. All 3 women were well endowed
in the breast department.

No woman in 2525 had pubic hair. Cleo had taken a pill to permanently
get rid of hers after she had found that out. Cleo had always preferred
hairless pussy anyway, and was always attracted to the girls that
had bald pussies.- If only Raina wasn't evil, Cleo thought, it would
be great if she could join in, too.

Oh, God, she is sooo hot, Sarge thought as she roughly began kneading
her own breasts.

Cleo smiled as she saw Sarge maul her own tits. Tittie milk covered
Sarge's big tits, running all the way down to her hairless pussy.
Hel couldn't take Cleo's erotic teasing any longer. Hel yanked Cleo's
head back and kissed Cleo's eager lips. The tongue's of Cleo and
Hel sought each other hungrily as their kiss grew deeper. Sarge then
yanked Helen's head back and french-kissed her.

Cleo's mouth replaced Hel's on Sarge's lips. Hel moved her head lower
and began to lick and suck on Sarge's milk covered breasts. Hel and
Cleo frenched some more as Sarge moved behind Cleo and kissed her
neck, hands around Cleo's chest, seeking and then finding the milk
filled tits of Cleo.

"Oh Sarge, Helen," Cleo moaned.

Hel kissed down Cleo's throat. Cleo arched her neck back, her mouth
met the lips of Sarge. Hel cupped Cleo's big tits as her lips grew
closer to Cleo's nipples. Sarge was gently caressing Cleo's tits
as well, but as Hel's hands touched hers Sarge squeezed Cleo's tits
harder squirting Cleo's tasty tit milk into Hel's mouth.

"Ohhhhhh, yeahh," Cleo moaned.- "Milk me, milk me rough."

"Not yet you greedy bitch," Hel panted.- "Let's become milk sisters

Hel pressed her own big tits against Cleo's titties, nipple to nipple.
The two women then hugged each tightly while they kissed each other
deeply. Hel and Cleo rubbed each others breasts together, and soon
their tits were covered in each others tit milk. Hel and Sarge then
embraced tightly, tit to tit, nipple to nipple, tongues intertwining.-
The tittie milk of Cleo, Hel,- and Sarge soon covered the breasts
of both women.

Sarge and Cleo then embraced each other, french-kissing hotly. The
breasts of all 3 women were now covered with the mingled milk of
each other. Cleo, Hel, and Sarge attacked each others tits with their
mouths.- Licking, sucking, and gentle biting as they lapped up the
smeared milk.- Hel shuddered as a small orgasm shook her body.

"Mmmmmm, soooo goood," Hel moaned.

Hel and Sarge double teamed Cleo's tits causing her to moan as she
also had a small orgasm.

"Ahhhhhh," Cleo cried as she came.

Cleo and Hel eased Sarge onto a couch and they then double teamed
the large breasts of the muscular blonde. Sarge now moaned as she
submitted her tits to the mouths of Hel and Cleo. The talented lips
and tongues of Cleo and Helen quickly brought Sarge to a small orgasm
as well.

"Now we are milk sisters," Hel grinned.

Cleo and Sarge laughed and the 3 women embraced each other. Cleo
then lay on her back. Sarge straddled Cleo's pretty face. Cleo licked
her lip as she looked lustfully at Sarge's hairless pussy. Helen
spread Cleo's legs wide as she had Cleo's pussy at her mercy.

Cleo started by slowly licking up and down Sarge's tasty slit before
teasing the blonde woman's permanently enlarged clit.- Sarge moaned
in pleasure as Hel began licking and sucking Cleo's moist pussy.

"Oh, yessss," Sarge panted.- "Suck my pussy! Aaaaaa! Oh, Cleo! I
love you!"

Cleo was eating Sarge's pussy faster now while Helen's talented tongue
was driving her crazy. Hel was licking Cleo's asshole now, then pointing
her tongue Hel stabbed her tongue into Cleo's ass.

"Aaaahhhhh!" Cleo cried as she continued her own assault on Sarge's

Hel tongue fucked Cleo's ass until the short haired blonde shuddered
in orgasm. Sarge was also cumming as Cleo sucked her love juices.
Hel's mouth was on Cleo's pussy as Sarge moved into position so that
she could suck Hel's pussy. Soon the 3 women formed a semi triangle
as Sarge licked and sucked Hel's pussy and anus while Hel continued
to work on Cleo and Cleo was now furiously tongue-fucking Sarge's
pussy and asshole.

For several minutes the beautiful trio licked and sucked each other,
until, with cries of joy they experienced a mutual climax. The three
women shuddered and lay still and panting for several more minutes,
but their mutual love, now finally revealed, could no longer be denied.

Sarge rolled Hel onto her back, spread her legs wide and then mounted
her, lips to lips, tits to tits, nipple to nipple, cunt to cunt,
for a hot pussyfuck.

"Cleo, spank my ass while I fuck this cunt," Sarge ordered.

Cleo grinned and started spanking Sarge while Sarge humped her pussy
into Hel's pussy. Kissing and frenching, milk coating their tits,
Sarge was grinding her pussy into Hel's, their clits touching again
and again.- Cleo was spanking Sarge as hard as she could, turning
Sarge's ass pink.

"Spank me! Harder! Owwww! Spank me," Sarge begged.- "Spank my ass

"Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me! Ooooo! Fuck me harder!" Hel pleaded.-
"Fuck me!"

With cries of passion both women again mutually orgasmed. Sarge and
Hel continued to kiss as Cleo now softly caressed Sarge's spanked
pink ass. Sarge pulled Cleo down and the 3 women kissed and frenched
for several minutes. Already they were ready for more when Mauser
walked back in the room carrying another new mind helmet.

"Excuse me, ladies, but you do have a mission to perform," Mauser

"Damn it, Mauser! We were just getting started!" Hel screamed.

"There will be plenty of time for your sex play if you succeed in
your mission. If the Betrayers get to Mr. Questar first there won't
be a future," Mauser said.

Hel, Sarge and Cleo sighed. Mauser was right. Besides, they wanted
to collect some S&M toys, anyway. And if Questar was as good as his
legend then, well...

And they still needed to shower and that was another opportunity
for a quickie.

The End - Chapter 2


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