Cleopatra 2525: Echo of a Hero (Chapter 1) - By Tyval



Cleopatra 2525: Echo of a Hero
(Chapter 1)
NC-17 for explicit f/f/f sex, consensual f/f/f BDSM, and m/f/f/f
Summary: In the world of Cleopatra 2525, a new hope for mankind may
have just been found. That is if Cleo, Hel, and Sarge can find the
secret of Cryo chamber G.O.L.D. 7- before the betrayers or the evil
psionic Raina do.

Raina blinked twice as light again filtered into her eyes. Blinking
she looked up at the half robotic face that looked down at her, tattered
fake skin hanging off that face. Looking around she saw 2 more obviously
robotic 'men' covered in the blood of a dozen human guards.

"I'm impressed, betrayer," Raina said, trying to keep herself calm.-
"You made a bigger mess than I did when I escaped."

"You will come with us," the half-faced robot ordered, releasing
the beautiful, if evil mentallist.

"And why should I?" Raina snapped.- "I have my own plans to rule
the underworld. And whatever I may be, I am still human. I will not
serve your master's plans to kill everyone."

"We do not ask you to serve us," the robot continued.- "All we offer
you is the chance to eliminate a mutual enemy."

"Oh really?" Raina asked, curious despite herself.

"Affirmative. All we ask of you in exchange for your freedom is the
elimination of the 3 women who put you here. Those named Helen, Sarge
and Cleopatra," the robot said handing Raina weapons.

Many levels away;

Cleopatra screamed as she continued her practice of swinging from
corridor to corridor. Despite her squeals Sarge and Hel smiled and
nodded as Cleopatra was showing considerable progress. It was then
that Hel got the message from Voice.

"Oh, shit," Hel said.- "Guys, we've got big trouble. We've got to
get to Voice. Raina got busted out by Betrayers!"

"What?" Sarge asked.- "That can't be right. What would they want
with Raina?"

"Does it matter?" Cleo gasped, landing beside them.- "We barely beat
Raina the first time, if she's hooked up with Betrayers...."

Cleopatra didn't need to finish her statement. All of them knew what
could happen if Raina decided that she'd rather destroy the underworld
than rule it. The trio were not far from from their base and arrived
within minutes. Mauser wasn't there, but they knew that he was probably

"Voice! We're here," Hel called out.

"Greetings, Hel, and to you as well, Sarge and Cleopatra," the electronic
words of Voice were heard by all of them.

"What kind of plan do we have to stop Raina?" Sarge asked.

"Raina is not the reason I called you here," Voice said.

"What? But you alerted me that she was free," Hel said, slightly

"Raina is just one of the obstacles you will face," Voice answered.-
"If what I have located is what I have gleaned from my initial findings
is correct, the time of humans retaking the surface is at hand."

The three women were astounded at that news. Only in their fantasies
had they been able to envision an Earth ruled once again by humanity.

"But, but how?" Cleo asked.

"Actually, Cleopatra," Voice said.- "I was hoping you could provide
that answer."

"What? Cleo?" Sarge asked incredulously.

"Me?" Cleo asked, almost as astonished.

A holo projector came down in front of the 3 women. An image flickered
and then came fully to life. The image was that of some kind of sealed
chamber. The doors looked to be sealed by over 2 feet of some kind
of super-steel alloy. On the door were the words and letters:

Cryo Chamber
G.O.L.D. 7

"What is this?" Hel asked.- "Another hidden cryo chamber like the
one we found Cleopatra in?"

Something about the name of the chamber was bugging Cleopatra. A
vague remembrance was forming.

"It is indeed a cryo chamber similar to the one we found Cleopatra
in," Voice said.- "And my records also indicate that it date back
to the same time as Cleopatra."

"So who's in there that could possibly help us? General Colin Powell?"
Cleo innocently asked.

Sarge looked at Cleo and shook her head.- Maybe someday I'll find
out who all these people are that she's always talking about, Sarge

"I was hoping that you can tell me who he is, Cleopatra," Voice said.-
"All I have to go on is this picture."

The image came on the screen and Cleo nearly lost control of her
bladder as she saw and instantly recognized the face and body of
the man she saw. With a squeal and loud "Waaa Hoo's" Cleo hugged
Sarge and Hel and danced around in joy. Sarge and Hel were totally
confused. This was weird, even for Cleo.

The eyes of Sarge and Hel looked closely at the various images of
the man that Voice brought up. He was a tall man, possibly standing
over 6 and a half feet. Fairly young, perhaps mid-30's. Muscles like
corded wire, yet many of the images were of the man in martial arts
stances.- Sarge and Hel had to admit that this man looked like a
fighter. His eyes said that he had killed, but that he was not a

What a hunk, Sarge thought.

That is the best looking man I have ever seen in my life, Hel and
Sarge both thought at the same time.

Cleopatra was laughing and crying at the same time in a joy that
she had not known since she had awakened in this time. While she
had never met the man who's face and form she now saw, she had indeed
seen him in the television and newspapers of her time. The corrupt
liberal media and politicians of her time had called him a menace,
the U.N. called him an enforcer of justice, the common people called
him hero and friend.

"Cleopatra," Voice said loudly, trying to shock her back to reality.-
"Do you know who this man is?"

"Yes, and if he really is still alive, I'd say that all the Betrayers,
and all the Bailies have a big problem," Cleo grinned like an evil

"So, c'mon girl, spill it," Hel said in suspense.

"The name of that man, ladies, is Questar!" Cleo said triumphantly.


The End - Chapter 1


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