I'm not really sure how to classify this one without spoiling it. A slight
change of style for me, but it's still kinky, that's for sure. The girls
find a bomb in their basement that has an unusual trigger.

NC17: MFFF, bond, hand, oral, ncons-ish

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Cleopatra 2525: Bomb
by Furball

"Can't we get a *single* uninterrupted night's sleep around here?" complained
Hel, over the sound of an alarm three times louder than it needed to be. She
was still struggling into her top as she reached the control room. Luckily
its sole occupant, while superficially male, was a sexless ex-betrayer robot.
"Mauser, what the hell is going on?"

"I just picked up an activation signal of some sort aimed directly at the
base. I think it was the arming signal for a bomb, I'm picking up a feint
electronic pulse that could be a timer counting down. I haven't pinpointed
it yet. I think it's somewhere in the basement."

At this point, Sarge entered the room at a run. "What's...."

Hel cut her off. "Bomb hunt. Basement. Get Cleo." Sarge turned on her heels
and headed back to the sleeping quarters. Minutes later all three girls were
down in the basement, but there's wasn't much searching going on. There was
something there alright, but it wasn't hidden.

"OK, who ordered a naked man stuck in a gizmo?" asked Cleo, stifling a yawn.
"And why did't anyone tell me you could order them?" The device was a plastic
"T" shape with flowing, almost organic lines. The man in question looked like
he was being eaten. His forearms and hands were engulfed in the ends of the
"T"'s crossbar, and where the crossbar met the stem the plastic flowed over
his head, leaving just his ears, cheeks and eyes exposed. They were the eyes
of a frightened animal. His feet were similarly trapped, but the rest of him
was naked. On the front of the base was a line of lights, only a few lit. As
they watched, a light went out.

Circling the man, Hel waved a small box up and down the device. "Crap.
There's enough explosive in this thing to do some serious remodelling. I
don't see a timer though." Another light winked out. "OK, I guess that must
be the trigger, but I still don't see a timer. ... Hold on, there are wires
leading up to the headpiece, and there's some kind of sensors stuck to his
scalp." Another light blinked out.

"Hel, we're running out of lights here..." cautioned Sarge.

Cleo, being Cleo, wasn't paying attention. She was more interested in the
man. He was a fairly good specimen, she thought, trailling fingers across
his well defined pecs. His chest didn't hold her attention too long, and her
hand slid lower. It's not like he can stop me, she mused, talking herself
into it. Another light blinked out just as her hand reached its goal. The
light came back on.

Sarge noticed. "Hel, a light came back on. What did you do?"


"Well if you didn't..." Slowly, two heads turned towards Cleo. "Cleo? Did
you do something?" Cleo's instant denials were completely unbelievable,
accompanied as they were with a guilty start and a blush.

"Calm down Cleo, we're not angry." soothed Hel, taking charge. "You did
something good, a light came back on." As she said it, the light went out
again. There were only two left now. "Quickly, Cleo, show me what you did."

Cleo stroked the captive's dick with the back of her hand. It twitched. The
light went back on.

Hel's voice was dripping with disgust. "You've got to be fucking kidding me."
Cleo jumped back like she'd been electrocuted. "No Cleo, don't stop. That's
the trigger. You have to keep him horny or the bomb goes off." Sheepishly,
Cleo reached back towards the man, and took a firm hold of his shaft. Another
light came back on.

Sarge's voice competed with Hel's for depths of disgust, and it was winning.
"You're right, someone's got to be fucking kidding. This one's all yours

"Sure you don't want some?" Cleo asked, to be answered by two very emphatic
headshakes. "Mmmm, all the more for me. I think he's yummy." She was openly
masturbating him now, as his shaft rose to the occasion. Another light came
on. There were still an aweful lot of dark ones though. "I think I might
have to get serious here. Sarge, there's five little bottles on my bedside
table, bring me the one marked strawberry would you? Maybe peach too."
Pausing only to exchange an exasperated look with Hel, Sarge trotted off
upstairs. In the meantime, Cleo went into full-on sexpot mode. She knelt at
the captive's feet holding his cock with just her fingertips, rolling them
around in tiny circles. Hel was watching in fascination, her idea of a
handjob wasn't exactly subtle. This was new to her. Cleo's subject was
fully erect in no time, but Sarge was back before another light lit.

"Here you are, Cleo." she said, handing over two small bottles. "Would you
mind telling me what cocktail flavours have to do with getting a guy off?"

It was Cleo's turn for exasperation. "Now *you're* kidding *me*, right?"
Getting a blank stare from both Hel and Sarge, she explained. "They're not
cocktail flavours, they're cock flavours, OK? Flavoured lube. They make my
hands all slippery, which feels good to him. Then they make him taste nice,
which is good for me. I can't believe you've never heard of this stuff.
It's great!"

Hel turned to Sarge, "She's completely nuts, isn't she?"


"I may be nuts, but I do know what I'm doing. Pull up some chairs and watch
an expert at work."

Sarge took her at her word, pulling up a packing case to sit on, but Hel
returned to scanning the device. "We can't assume this thing'll disarm when
the last light goes on. We've got to find another way to disarm it. Sarge,
get Mauser, will you? Maybe he can help."

Cleo objected. "No, having another guy around might totally kill this guy's
buzz. You've got to do it." With that, she returned her attention to her
task. Adding a slow up-and-down motion of her hands to the circles her
fingers were making, she looked up at him. "You just watch what I'm doing,
and concentrate on my hands. Everything's going to be alright." Then she
started to mix in occasional bouts of stroking, up, down or both.

"How do you know this stuff, Cleo?" asked Sarge from her vantage point.

"Oh, back when I was exotic dancing I used to talk with the other dancers.
Some of them did a lot more than dance with the customers, and we used to
exchange tricks. Watch this, a girl named Sherice told me about it." She
took the man's shaft between her hands and rolled it back and forth, like a
boy scout using a stick to make fire. Varying the speed, she soon had his
muscles tensing. "Oops!" she said, letting go.

"Hey, watch out, we don't want him going off the boil."

"We don't want him popping when there's still so many lights to go."
responded Cleo. "If I make him come, he'll peak but then he'll lose
interest. If that peak doesn't light them all, or lighting them all
doesn't do it, we're screwed. Hel, how's it coming?"

"No luck, There's booby traps everywhere, and half the circuitry's shielded,
the scanner can't see through. I can see what looks like a cutoff though,
hooked up to the last light. Looks like it's up to you Cleo." Giving up, Hel
wandered off into the shadows, came back with a couple of plastic chairs and
offered one to Sarge. "Here, might as well be comfortable." She placed hers
opposite Sarge's with Cleo and the man between them, and settled down to
watch the show.

Cleo had her hands covered with peach lube now, and was sliding them down
his shaft. When one reached the base, it let go and went back to the tip to
follow the other down. Occasionally she changed to a fast jacking motion with
just the one, then she'd go back to the endless stroke, changing direction.
Every so often, she would stop when she judged his orgasm to be getting too
close. Switching to tiny strokes of just her finger and thumb below the head,
she looked up at him. "You're enjoying this now, aren't you?" With his mouth
effectively gagged, all he could do was look back at her. He didn't look
scared anymore, the fear had been replaced by lust.

"You know, Hel," commented Sarge. "The next time we go bar hopping, the boys
we pick up won't know what hit them. I never thought of jacking a guy like
this. I thought it was just grab hold, pull up and down."

Cleo giggled. "Oh, I've got a hundred of 'em. Keep watching." She started to
curl her hands around his shaft, sliding her fingers up the side and over,
then releasing and repeating with the other hand. She was proud of her
repertoire, it had made a procession of boyfriends sit up and take notice.
She was only halfway through it when Hel spotted a problem.

"Er, Cleo, I just noticed something. The scale isn't linear, each light
takes longer to go on. Half of them are still lit, and nothing's happened
for minutes. Are we in trouble?"

Glancing down for a moment, Cleo could see that Hel was right. "No biggie,
it just means I have to blow him." Looking up at him with her best wide eyed
'innocent schoolgirl' look, she started caressing around the tip of his cock
with the tip of her tongue. "Mmmm, I'm glad I picked peach."

After a few minutes of licking and kissing, her hands never still, Cleo had
lit two more lights and progress had stopped again. That's when she decided
it was time to start her blowjob for real. Introducing it with a leasurely
full tongue lick from balls to tip, she took him into her mouth. Working her
tongue along the underside all the way, she deep-throated him with glacial
slowness, then slid back up again. Another light lit, taking her nearly two
thirds of the way there.

Glancing down briefly, she didn't need to count lights. "Guys, we have a
problem. That should have lit a lot more lights. I may need some help here."
She started her handjob repertoire where she left off, knowing this could
take some persuasion. Her right hand curled over the top, while the tented
knuckles of her left massaged the underside.

"Like what?" asked Hel, suspicious and a little nervous. She wasn't in the
habit of getting nasty with just anybody.

"Don't sound so eager." snapped back Cleo, sarcastically. "OK, something
fairly mild. How about if the two of you strip?"

There was a long moment of silence from the other girls, broken by Sarge.
"If she's got the nerve to do that, I can take my clothes off. How about you
Hel? I'll even go first." The only answer was an uncharacteristicly shy nod
from the team leader.

"Er, no, that's not what I meant. I meant the two of you strip *each*
*other*. That'll be much hornier, especially if he has lesbian fantasies.
Besides, I've seen you two move. You're great fighters, but you'd make
lousy strippers. You need all the help you can get."

Another long silence, this time broken by Hel's "I don't think I can..."

Sarge cut in with "Strip, or boom. No contest. Come here." Reluctantly Hel
got up, and met her behind Cleo where the man could see them. Sarge stood
next to the taller girl and started running her hands seductively over her
body, toying with one fastener after another. To Sarge's annoyance, Hel
stood there like a statue. "Loosen up, Hel, at least try and sell it.
Besides, you're doing nothing for my ego." After a moment, Hel's eyes
closed and she relaxed against her friend's body.

Seeing that her teammates were at least trying, Cleo went back to her
blowjob. The man wasn't watching her any more though, his eyes were on the
show behind her. Sarge was massaging Hel's breasts through her grey and
black vinyl waistcoat. Gradually, between caresses, she inched the zip on
the side down until the waistcoat fell loose. She undid the buckle, and
lifted it off. Examining the catch on the black lace bra, Sarge ducked her
head between Hel's breasts and undid it with her teeth. Moving to the other
side, she pulled the bra off one arm at a time, and leant in to flick her
tongue across a stiffening nipple.

Sounding a touch more comfortable as, despite herself, she warmed up, Hel
teased her friend. "You're suspiciously good at this. Have you done this

"That would be telling." Moving not quite behind the taller girl, keeping
where she could be seen, Sarge brought her arms around Hel to kneed and
stroke her breasts. "I just wish you had the nerve to do stuff to me."

Sarge and Hel had been a team for a long time. Sarge knew all her teammates
buttons, and how to push them. Hel couldn't back down from a challenge like
that, and this time was no different. "Nerve? I'll show you nerve." Pulling
away and stepping behind Sarge, she demonstrated that Sarge wasn't the only
one who knew how to massage a pair of breasts. One handed. The other slid
down Sarge's tights for a rather more intimate massage.

"Woah..." moaned Sarge, taken completely by surprise. "I thought you were
feeling shy?"

"I got over it. You think I don't know when you're pushing my buttons?
Serves you right. Now lean back and enjoy." Her other hand unclipped
Sarge's top, and pulled it over her head. Full, shapely breasts bounced in
the cool air of the basement. Light brown nipples stood at full attention,
as chocolate coloured fingers rolled and plucked at them.

Stealing a look over her shoulder at this exchange, Cleo was amazed.
"There's hope for you two yet!" she said with a grin. Turning back to her
plaything she saw his gaze locked intently on the duo behind her and found
her own challenge. She was going to make him look down.

Deep throating him, she bounced her head up and down an inch, then pulled
back hard so his dick made a popping sound as it left her mouth. Then she
deep throated him again, fast, squeezing his balls. That got his attention.

"Hey, he's not watching us anymore!" complained Sarge. She pulled away from
Hel and turned to her. "Hold still..." she said, undoing the black girl's
shorts. "Now turn around and bend over." With a look that suggested she'd
have something to say later the team leader obeyed, resting her hands on
the packing crate Sarge had pulled over earlier. Ever so slowly, Sarge
peeled the shorts down, exposing her friend's shaven pussy. "Hey buddy,
take a look at this" she purred as she stroked a finger along its length,
then slipped it inside. They had the guy's attention again.

Disappointed with the brevity of her success, Cleo took the guy's ball sack
in her mouth and started to jack him with her fingertips again. He glanced

Sarge fought back by sitting on the crate and leaning back while Hel pulled
her tights off, upwards. As her legs were freed, she spread them and rested
her feet on the edge of the crate. She wasn't shaven, but neatly trimmed. Hel
scooched up behind her, and began massaging the blonde's exposed clitoris.
Sarge leaned back to kiss and nuzzle Hel's neck, as her fingers reached
behind her to seek out Hel's pussy. She noticed with some satisfaction that
it was wet, apparently Hel had been enjoying her efforts.

Glancing down herself, Cleo was disappointed and a bit worried. "Guys,
there's five lights left and I'm running out of one-girl tricks."

The other two looked at each other, thoroughly warmed up. "Is she suggesting
what I think she's suggesting?" asked Hel. Sarge nodded, a crooked smile on
her face. "Do you think we could?" Another nod. They moved to kneel either
side of Cleo. "What do you want us to do?" Hel asked.

"Lick and suck his balls. And any bit of his shaft I'm not eating at the
time." Hesitantly at first, but with growing confidence they did just that.
Occasionally, Cleo would offer the tip to one of her teammates, who would
gobble it eagerly until she took it back. Their guest's arousal burned in
his eyes, and sent tremors through his body. Still, only two more lights
lit before their progress halted again.

"You know what this means, don't you?" groaned Sarge.

"Yeah, we have to fuck him." replied Hel, feigning a lack of enthusiasm.
"OK, let's get this over with. I'll go first." She turned her face up to
address the man. "You liked me bent over, didn't you?" She took his silence
for a yes, and went to pull the packing crate closer. Bending over to rest
a hand on it, she guided the man's erection into her warm, wet snatch with
the other, and started to grind. "Oh God, I didn't know how much I needed
this. It's been too long." She moaned as she slid forewards and backwards
in a slow, inexorable rhythm. Her supple back arched and twisted as she
thrust herself on to him, varying his angle of entrance at random. Soon,
the arch of her back wasn't voluntary anymore, as her climax hit without

"Hey, Hel, that was pretty quick wasn't it?" teased Sarge as her friend

"I've got you to blame for that." fired back Hel, drawing a happy chuckle
from Sarge. "At least I got another light lit."

A now naked Cleo moved towards the man, but Sarge gently pushed her out of
the way. "My turn. Let's get a little creative here." she said, throwing a
shapely ankle over his shoulder. With one arm around his waist she pulled
herself into a standing splits against him, her free hand guiding him into
her waiting pussy. "Now you just relax and let Sarge do the work. Cleo
isn't the only one with a few tricks up her sleeve."

Even Cleo had to admit, Sarge had some skills. Staring into the man's eyes
she'd pull herself close, then let her leg push them apart. She twisted her
hips and hung by one hand from his shoulder, bouncing against him all the
time. She twisted further and brought her leg down as she leaned on the
crate and copied Hel's technique for a beat, then threw the other leg up
and over his other shoulder, completing the circle. She never let him slip
out once. But Hel's fingers had done their work well, and soon Sarge too
fell victim to her orgasm. Loudly. Now there was only one light left, and
one girl.

"At last!" complained Cleo, almost tearing Sarge away from her intended
victim. That's a hard act to follow, she mused, looking for a way to keep
her unofficial title as team nympho. She elected for a little trick she'd
watched one of the other strippers do to the groom at a stag party, using
the gismo as a makeshift pole. She grabbed the crossbar with both hands,
and duck-walked up the vertical bar, bending her legs around him. "Would
somebody help guide him in please? I'm kind of short of hands here." Sarge
obliged, getting in a little squeeze of his balls into the process.

Hanging in front of the guy with her knees bent around him gave Cleo plenty
of freedom of movement, and control over her hips. She made the most of it.
She bounced and twisted, swung and ground against him using every little
trick she could think of. She milked his cock with her pussy muscles, and
pulled back so just his very tip was inside her before crashing back down
on to him. Sarge and Hel looked on, open-mouthed as the last light started
to flicker, but refused to blink on. "Now, Cleo! Make him come!" ordered
Hel, and Cleo switched to a fast, constant bounce. Sarge helped by kneeling
under Cleo's ass to take his balls in her mouth. Seconds later the man
tensed, his tendons standing out as his body strained in orgasm, and Cleo
felt his come bathe her cervix.

The last light lit.

There was a loud bang, a flash of light and smoke.

Cleo fell onto Sarge in a tangle, and Hel reeled backwards, disoriented by
the unexpected explosion. It took them seconds to recover, by which time
the man was free. He was holding a gun on them with one hand, as he dabbed
on his trademark white makeup with the other. They hadn't recognised him
without it. If that hadn't given the game away now, the revealed shock of
bright red hair did.

"Creegan, you bastard!" shouted Hel, regretting leaving her gauntlets in
her room. Judging from her expression, if it weren't for his gun she'd have
ripped him apart with her bare hands. Sarge would have tried, if it weren't
for Hel's restraining hand.

"Ah, ladies. You have to admit it was a pretty good plan. How else was I
going to have the three of you if you didn't think your lives depended on
it? And very good you were, too. We'll have to do it again some time.
Toodles!" He threw down a small package, and there was a second explosion
with a lot more smoke. By the time it cleared, he had vanished.

They searched for a while but they never found Creegan, or how he'd got in
or out. Silently, by unspoken agreement, all three headed for their showers.
The next day the basement got a major security upgrade.


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