This is a fictional story, not the usual storyline you'll find watching
these two shows. As always if your under 18 then your too young to read this

Buffy The Vampire Slayer/X-Files: Part 2 - The Search For Dana Scully
by Mia Is Da Bomb ([email protected]) (Ff,FF,FFf,mc)

Dana Scully the FBI's top agent had not been in contact for two days. This
was very unusual for Dana, she usually checked in every 12 hours. She had
gotten a call from Fox Mulder, whom she hadn't heard from in ages, and she
had quickly left to go to a small town next to Sunnydale, CA. Agent Monica
Reyes was very worried, agent John Doggett was on assignment elsewhere and
she wasn't about to wait for him to come back. Monica took off in her black
Lincoln Continental to find Dana. Monica got a call on her cell phone it was
agent Doggett. "Guess what? Dana left her cellphone on and, satellite has
pinpointed her location somewhere in Sunnydale, CA."

"Oh good otherwise I would be looking for a needle in a haystack, thanks a
lot John." Monica hung up, she had true feelings for agent Doggett, but ever
since his son was murdered years ago he never let anyone get close to him.
This was probably why John and his wife separated. Monica had gotten John to
open up a little, but then he would pull away.

Monica also had feelings for Dana too, not the obvious professional respect
for her as an agent. The other feelings were of the sexual nature, confusing
to Monica since she had never been with another woman before. There was just
something about Dana, her beautiful red hair along with her light complexion
and her breasts, so big on her slender figure.

Monica remembered back to a day when Dana wore a low cut white shirt and a
black short skirt. Dana was working in the lab where the air conditioning
had froze up and her top was sweaty and Dana's nipples were visible through
the top. Monica couldn't help but stare, especially when Dana bent down to
look into the microscope. This allowed Monica to get a view down Dana's top,
and she saw a sexy white bra holding her firm breasts. Ever since that day
Monica wondered what it would be like to see Dana's naked body. It also made
her wonder if Dana ever noticed her.

Monica was an attractive women in her own right. She had dark brown hair that
(much like Dana's) went just past her shoulders. Monica had a very attractive
thin figure, a killer ass and, even though they weren't as big as Dana's,
very nice breasts. As Monica drove into Sunnydale she saw that someone had
spray painted on the Welcome to Sunnydale sign. Someone spray painted in red
the mouth of hell! Suddenly it hit her, she knew she had heard of Sunnydale
before. It was in a couple of Mulder's X-Files she had read. This was a place
that had many supernatural occurrences.

As she drove into the town around 6 p.m. she noticed a flash of light in a
dark alley. The sun, that would be going down soon, reflected off something
in the alley.

There on the ground was a silver cross necklace. Not just any cross necklace
though it was Dana's the one she always wore. If Dana was without her cross
this could only mean something had happened to her.

Monica decided she could get answers of Dana's disappearance here in
Sunnydale. More specifically from the local law enforcement. Going to the
police station she found out that it was deserted. "Where is everybody" she
wondered. Monica decided to check out some of the businesses. There was a
local tavern so she decided to check it out. Going in she noticed only a few
people (God is there anyone in this town) she thought.

She noticed a young girl in there, who couldn't be more than 14. She was
attractive with long dark hair and dressed in a tight T-shirt and tan shorts.
Monica went over to her, interested in what she was doing in a place that
served alcohol. "Hi. I'm FBI Special Agent Reyes, are you old enough to
be in here?"

The young girl looked up at her with a blank expression. "Does it matter, I
mean does anything really matter anymore?" The girl answered with a tear
running down her cheek.

"Oh my God, what's wrong?"

The girl was definitely upset as she responded, "Its my sister Buffy, she's
been missing, she always promised she'd be with me after my Mom died, but
she hasn't been!"

Monica almost giggled hearing the name Buffy, Buffy sounded like a cartoon
characters name or even a character you'd find on some corny UPN or WB show.
She held in her laughter though seeing this young girl was very upset. "I'm
sorry to hear that maybe I can help, what's your name?"

"It's Dawn, Dawn Summers." She answered.

"Well, I'm Monica Reyes, an agent for the FBI I can help you." Monica helped
Dawn retrace her steps, where she last saw her sister. It didn't make sense,
Buffy seemed to be responsible the way Dawn described her. Why would she up
and leave for no reason? There had to be foul play involved. Then again
Sunnydale had been known to be overflowing with X-Files in the past. So this
couldn't be just a coincidence.

Monica told Dawn about her friend Dana who was missing as well. That's when
Monica showed Dawn the cross. This time Monica noticed something about it,
the cross had a smell to it. A very sweet smell to it. She had Dawn sniff it
as well, what was the smell? Was it Dana's perfume? That was doubtful, Monica
would have remembered it. Dawn and Monica both found this smell intoxicating,
why was a smell from a piece of jewelry fascinating them.

They went back to where Monica found the cross, they found that the smell was
in the alley too. Monica never went into the alley until now, since Dana's
cross was at the end of the alley. Both her and Dawn felt strange but very
good as the smell seemed to consume them. Monica glanced over at Dawn. "God
look at the way those shorts hug that tight little ass of hers, mmmm I bet
that bitch has a tight little pussy," she thought. "God what am I saying I'm
getting hot looking at a 14 year old."

Monica wasn't the only one who was being overcome by sexual urges though.
Dawn was eyeing Monica's body as they were lost in the sweet smell out of
the alley. "God look at her sexy butt, and her breasts so much bigger than
mine, mm I can see her nipples poking through. God I'd like to put one of
them in my mouth." Dawn thought.

Their eyes met overcome with lust, there was a long silence before Monica
spoke. "Why don't I take you home Dawn." Dawn smiled a sweet smile, as they
drove to her house. Once inside Monica stared at the young girls sexy butt
again and was unable to hold back. She grabbed Dawn from behind and turned
her around, their lips meeting in a wet French kiss. Arms wrapped around
each other as the two continued their hot kiss. Their heads were spinning
"God what am I doing?" Monica thought. Dawn broke the kiss and started
kissing the older woman's neck. Dawn's inexperienced fingers started
unbuttoning Monica's black blouse, her heart was racing as Monica's black
bra was exposed to her. Monica knew it was wrong to be doing this with a
young girl, after all working for the FBI she arrested people for sex with
underage girls. Yet here she was engaging in it, and she was so turned on
she couldn't stop.

Monica slid her hands under Dawn's T-shirt and softly cupped her breasts,
causing the teen to moan as she kissed Monica's breasts. Monica wanted Dawn
so bad she felt like she was on fire. Soon Dawn's shirt was off revealing
her white training bra. The two pressed against each others bra covered
breasts as Dawn unzipped Monica's gray slacks, revealing that the agent was
wearing a sexy black thong. Dawn had found Monica's ass sexy already, but
seeing it in such a sexy thong really got the young teen hot!

The kissing intensified as Dawn unhooked Monica's bra in the front. Monica
returned the favor unhooking Dawn's bra. Dawn's pink little nubs were hard
as she pressed them against Monica's pointed dark nipples. Tongues continued
intertwining as Dawn's shorts dropped to the floor exposing her white panties
with little red hearts. Dawn broke the kiss then asked, "Would you like to go
to my bedroom?" Monica responded with a nod, and they went to her room.

Once in Dawn's room Monica started kissing down Dawn's body. She slowly
pulled down Dawn's cute panties exposing her sweet little cunt with just a
little of dark pubic hair above it. Monica had Dawn sit on the bed as she
spread the attractive girl's legs. Monica leaned in and began to ever so
softly kiss her pussy lips. Dawn stroked Monica's hair as the female agent
started using her tongue. She slid it up and down her slit for a few minutes
before her tongue slid inside Dawn. Dawn cupped her own little breasts as
Monica ate her out. Monica didn't hesitate with her intense oral stimulation,
she didn't care that she was eating out a 14 year old girl. No thoughts of
this being wrong went through her mind now. All she wanted in the world was
for Dawn to explode so she could taste her love juice.

Both of Monica's hands cupped Dawn's cute little ass as she tongue fucked
her as deep as her tongue would allow. Dawn was unable to contain her moans.
Dawn was inexperienced, and Monica was definitely enjoying exploring her
virgin territory! Her pussy juices were starting to leak out running down
her inner thighs as the inevitable finally came. Dawn had her first orgasm
all over Monica's face. Her honey pot bathed Monica's face in girl cum, and
Monica savored every drop of it. Monica licked Dawn until her well ran dry.
She actually became sad when there was no sweet cum left.

After her senses came back from her orgasm, she pulled Monica up on the bed
with her. Dawn immediately latched on to Monica's left breast sucking it
like a newborn, as she felt up the right one. Monica just laid there,
completely willing to let the young girl have her way with her. Dawn bathed
Monica's breasts with her saliva licking and sucking them like no tomorrow.
Monica was being driven crazy by the young girl's licking and pulling on her
nipples. She wanted more, so much more. Monica couldn't believe her own
words as she begged Dawn, "Please eat my pussy Dawn, I wanna feel your tongue
inside me, oh please do it I want it so bad!"

Dawn slid lower to Monica's thong which the eager girl pulled off in seconds.
Dawn parted the agent's cunt lips and stuck her tongue in her. Monica moaned
as she felt her hot tongue enter her. Dawn licked up and down Monica's pussy.
Monica felt like her pussy was on fire as Dawn licked her at rapid tongue
speed. Monica moaned and pinched and pulled on her own hard nipples, as Dawn
kept up her great oral effort. Dawn found Monica's clit and began stabbing
at it with her tongue. Hearing Monica's moans was getting Dawn hot as well.
So Dawn slid a hand back to her own pussy and began fingering herself. She
continued going down on Monica like she'd been eating pussy all of her life.

The pleasure went on and on, Monica never knew sex with another woman could
be so good! She had fantasized about her partner agent Doggett before, but
she could never imagine getting pleasure like this from any man. Especially
when Dawn's tongue was better than sex with any man she had been with. Dawn
sucked hard on her clit finally causing Monica's dam to burst. "Oh God Dawn
oh yes baby ohh I'm cumming i"m cumming here it comes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."
She came again and again painting Dawn's face with her creamy pussy juices.

The two laid there snuggling in Dawn's bed. Then there was a knock on the
door, the two jumped up immediately. Dawn grabbed her pink robe and put it
on real quick. Dawn opened the front door to find Willow standing there.
Willow was in a white tank top with obviously no bra on (evident by her
nipples poking through the fabric). She was also in a red mini skirt that
was so short it barely cover her crotch. She finished off the outfit with
white lacey top thigh high stockings and red 4 inch heels. Dawn just stood
there for a moment surprised to see Willow dressed in a way she never had
before. Willow had always been somewhat conservative with how she dressed.
This outfit though, was quite the opposite!

"Dawn, I found Buffy it wasn't easy, but I found out that she's in Spike's
lair, she's in a lot of trouble I'm gonna need your help." Dawn was ecstatic
that Willow had found her sister.

"What's going on?" Asked Monica who had ran from upstairs. Monica was just
finishing buttoning the last top buttons on her blouse.

"Monica this is my friend Willow, she says she found my sister!"

"Willow this is Monica Reyes, she works for the FBI."

Monica felt a little nervous knowing Willow saw her buttoning her blouse as
she went downstairs. It wouldn't be hard to put two and two together at what
they were doing.

She shook hands with Willow, and Willow gave her a reassuring smile, which
let Monica breath easier. "Hey I better come with you girls, this could be
dangerous." Insisted Monica. They all agreed and soon were off to Spike's
lair. Once inside they found it to be empty. The two puzzled looked at
Willow. "Where is she?" wondered Monica.

Her question was soon answered as in walked Buffy wearing black hot pants,
knee high black high heeled boots, and a black halter top. Her hair was
down and she was wearing heavy blue eyeshade and red lipstick, she looked
incredibly hot to say the least! Monica and Dawn were practically drooling
at the incredible woman in front of them. What really got Monica's attention
even more though, was the red head next to Buffy. It was Dana!!!! Dana was
wearing a see through black bodystocking with thin straps. Dana's cleavage
was practically spilling out of the bodystocking and Dana's nipples were
clearly visible.

Willow had a smile on her face, after all she was in on the whole setup.
Monica and Dawn were both standing there stunned, not knowing what to think.
"Well, I think I should explain things ladies." Buffy stated. "You see I was
turned into a vampire by Spike, so I decided to use my power to take revenge
against all men." I've always had a thing for women anyway, so now I have
the power to rid the earth of men and make love to women forever. I began
this by using a special spray that can turn even the straightest woman to a
lesbian, a spray which you both got a whiff of. So now you two can join me,
as Dana and Willow have. I am your mistress now, so come and kneel at my

Dawn was mesmerized by her beautiful sister. Maybe it was the secret feelings
she always had for her sister Buffy, or that she couldn't control her sexual
urges after smelling that spray. Whatever the reason she showed no resistance
as she kneeled at Buffy's feet. Monica was sexual aroused as well but she was
a woman who had will power. So Monica stood there fighting the feelings she
had right now off dropping to her knees to the sexy blonde.

Buffy had suspected that Monica's will would be strong, but I didn't matter
cause Buffy had the something she knew Monica couldn't resist. That something
or someone was Dana Scully. Dana stepped forward her black heels clicking on
the floor and caught Monica's attention. "Come on Monica, you kiss Mistress
Buffy's feet and you can do what you've always wanted to do with me." Said
Dana in a sexy voice.

Monica saw Dana drop the top half of her bodystocking revealing her breasts.
Monica was holding back with everything within her. Dana saw her will was
about to break. So Dana opened her legs slightly to reveal that her
bodystocking was crotchless. Monica looked straight at Dana's pussy, her
red pubic hair already moist. That was all it took, Monica got on her knees
and kissed Buffy's feet.

Buffy raised Monica to her feet and led her over to Dana, knowing that Dana
was what she wanted more than anything.

Monica met Dana with a wet almost slobbery kiss. The two women had both
wanted this from each other for a long time and now it was finally happening.
Monica broke the kiss and went down to Dana's neck, lower and lower she went
leaving a trail of wet kisses until she reached her big tits. Monica took a
big round globe in her mouth as her other hand pinched Dana's big pink
aureola. Dana moaned in pleasure as her breasts were smothered in Monica's
mouth. Dana started undressing Monica. She unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped
her slacks, letting them fall to the floor. Monica's bra was soon off and
then with one tug Dana ripped off Monica's thong.

Monica couldn't help but admire the view in front of her. Dana Scully in a
sexy black bodystocking her big breasts hanging out of the top of the
stocking. Her red pubic hair and pussy was visible with the slit in the
crotch of the stocking, and Monica could smell Dana's sweet scent. The two
met in another hot kiss pressing their bare breasts together as Dana felt on
Monica's firm ass, and tongues danced together for a long passionate kiss.

Dana finally broke the kiss as she put one leg up on a chair and gave Monica
a great view of her ass in the black bodystocking. She motion for Monica to
come to her. Monica was practically salivating at the sight of Dana's big
plump butt in the air covered with the black bodystocking. She crawled to
Dana and stuck her tongue out finding Dana's pink pussy. Monica pulled apart
Dana's pretty pussy lips, and went right to her clit. Dana squeezed her
hanging breasts, her nipples were hard and pointed like pink pencil erasers,
as her pussy was invaded by Monica's fingers. Her clit was being invaded by
Monica's tongue. Monica went at Dana like a mad woman wanting the beautiful
redhead to feel nothing but pure pleasure. So far she was handling the job
quite nicely.

Dana felt her teeth grow just a little as Monica bit on her clit, "Oh yes
Monica ahhhh that's it, oh your such a good little cuntlicker, eat my pussy
like you've always wanted to you bitch!" Monica was going crazy hearing the
normally well mannered Dana Scully talk dirty like that really got her hot.
Dana started to ride her ass on Monica's face as Dana was driven to a huge
release. "Ahhhhh Monica yeah here it comes, here you go swallow it bitch,
make my pussy cum and lick me fucking dry ohhhhhaaahhhhhhhhhh!" Dana gave
Monica's a fresh coat of girl cum as Monica licked Dana's pussy for what
seemed forever.

Dana pulled Monica too her for a tender kiss on the mouth, then lower to the
neck. Then Dana's teeth grew to fangs and she bit into Monica's neck! Monica
screamed as her blood was drained by Dana until she passed out. Dana placed
her on the bed as she licked the last of Monica's blood off her lips. She
caressed Monica's hair, "Soon you'll awake Monica and we will begin a new
life together, where we will be lovers for eternity." Dana smiled and left
Monica on the bed.

Buffy and Dawn were in a private corner. Buffy kissed her little sister,
wrapping her arms around Dawn's waist, as the two siblings tongues found each
others in a French kiss that was intense to say the least. Buffy pulled away
and motioned for Dawn to stand up, she gladly obey. "OK little sis, get naked
for your mistress!" Dawn pulled off her T-shirt, then slid down her shorts.
Her bra came next, followed by her panties. Dawn stood there named in front
of her older sister, as Buffy stood up and slid down her hot pants exposing
her blonde pussy.

Dawn got on her knees and knew immediately what her Mistress wanted. Dawn
licked up her sister's inner thighs until she reached the golden treasure.
Dawn's tongue went up and down Buffy's slit, causing the female vampire to
moan. Buffy unzipped her top exposing her bare breasts with dark red buds.
Dawn reached up with her hands to feel her big sister up, while her tongue
didn't miss a lick between Buffy's legs. Buffy opened her legs wide,
practically doing the splits as her 14 year old sister gave her incredible
oral sex. "Oh that's it Dawn, oh yeah suck your sister clit, oh yes that's
it my little slut!" Dawn caressed Buffy's smooth tan legs as her tongue dug
deeper and deeper in Buffy's cunt.

"Oh yeah I'm so close, stick a finger up my ass Dawn make me cum hard, oh
yes you little bitch! Oh fuck me my little dyke, fucktoy!" All this talk
just turned Dawn on more and soon she was doubling her efforts on Buffy's
clit, taking Buffy to an all new sexual high which was ended by her releasing
a flood of cum onto Dawn.

After Buffy was finished with her orgasm she called Willow into the room.
Willow was wearing just a 6 inch strap-on dildo and red high heels. "Go suck
on Willow's cock a while Dawn."

"Yes, Mistress Buffy" answered Dawn.

Buffy grabbed a strap-on dildo herself, this one was black and a full 12
inches long. Buffy watched as Dawn licked and sucked up and down the fake
cock, treating it like it was a real one that she was trying to get Willow's
semen from. Finally Buffy could take no more and she laid on her back and
called to her little sister. "OK Dawn, time for you to lose your cherry,
come have a seat."

Dawn crawled over and climbed aboard the big black strapon. Dawn practically
screamed at the top of her lungs as the huge cock tore at her insides. Buffy
got impatient and started thrusting at her and soon her hymen broke leaving
her little sister a virgin no longer. Buffy kept going until Dawn was impaled
on all 12 inches of the cock. Willow got behind Dawn and pressed the cock at
Dawn's tiny asshole. Luckily Dawn had gotten the cock really wet with her
sucking or it might have been extremely painful. As it turned out though,
Willow was able to work it in with minimal pain to Dawn. After a while the
two lesbian vampires were rhythmically fucking Dawn in her ass and her pussy.

Dawn's body would reach multiple orgasms as the two pounded relentlessly in
both of her holes. After Dawn had cum for a third time Willow and Buffy
finally pulled out of her. Buffy had Dawn clean off Willow's cock, dirty from
fucking Dawn's ass. Buffy then gave her sister another French kiss. Then
sliding down to Dawn's neck she brushed her hair aside and bit Dawn on the

Dawn passed out and Buffy left the room joining Dana in the front of the
lair. "So Dana, mission accomplished?"

Dana got on her knees kissing Buffy's feet. "Yes, mistress, Monica has joined

"Very good, soon my sweet little sister will join her as well. We have so
much to do Dana, this is only the beginning of a new world, a world that
will be ruled by vampires!"


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