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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Watcher's Duty Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

Joyce Summers always worried about what her daughters might do when she couldn't avoid being late home from work. All mothers did, she supposed, but she had never been worried about childish mischief. Well, maybe a little from Dawn, but mostly she worried that Buffy wasn't getting the proper training. Luckily after a rocky start Dawn had really stepped up, and she was thrilled to come home defined Dawnie lying on her stomach on her bed with her pants and panties down around her knees and Buffy's face buried in between Dawn's butt cheeks. It warmed Joyce's heart, although from the defensive look that Dawn gave her it was clear that the top in training misunderstood the look on her face.

"What?" Dawn exclaimed defensively, "I told you, rim jobs help me study. I got a B+ today and everything."

"I know Dawnie. I got your text, and I'm so proud of you." Joyce smiled, walking into her youngest daughter's room and gently scuffling Dawn's hair, "Both for the grade, and continuing to give your sister the training she so desperately needs. You're turning out to be such a good Watcher."

"Awww, thanks Mom." Dawn beamed.

"But now it's time for Buffy to go put the dinner on, so..." Joyce began, before being interrupted.

"Oh please, just 5 more minutes!" Dawn pleaded, "I've almost finished my homework."

Joyce sighed, knowing at heart it was going to be more than 5 more minutes, and then she began undoing her pants, "Alright, but dinner is going to be very late as I'm going to want a turn with that dyke tongue of hers. Ideally while I check your work."

"That's fine, I grab some snacks before I had Buffy give me my after-school pussy licking." Dawn confessed with a beaming smile as her Mom lay down on the bed beside her.

For the next 10 minutes or so Joyce waited patiently for her turn, suspecting that Dawn was deliberately taking her time so she could enjoy more of Buffy's tongue. But soon Joyce found herself letting out a sigh, followed by a moan of pleasure when Buffy buried her face in between her cheeks and began licking her ass hole with the same enthusiasm that she had tongued Dawnie's bottom. Of course, Joyce didn't have the heart to hog Buffy's tongue all to herself, so for the better part of half an hour she made the little sub go back and forth between them, Buffy tonguing their butt holes like the well-trained Slayer she was as together Dawn and Joyce took care of Dawn's homework. Then chitchated a little.

Ultimately though Joyce insisted, "Okay, that's enough. I'm starving, and while I like a good rim job as much as the next Dom, it's time for Buffy to get the dinner on."

"Alright." Dawn sighed in disappointment, before reaching down and slapping Buffy's butt nice and hard, causing her sister to yelp into their Mom's ass, "You heard her bitch! Go cook us some dinner!"

"Yes Dawnie." Buffy squeaked, scurrying off the bed and out of the room as her Mom and sister chuckled and pulled their pants back up.

"Soooooooo..." Dawn began once they were both fully clothed again and sitting on the edge of her bed, "B+, that's got to be good enough for a little fingering, right?"

Joyce thought it over for a few long seconds, then said, "I don't know Dawnie, You're just-"

"Moooooooommmmmmmmmm!" Dawn interrupted with a petulant whine.

"Dawn!" Joyce said sternly, before softening her tone, "You're so close baby. Just think, just one more great up and all her holes will be yours to do with as you please. Besides, I know you. I let you finger her butt when I'm not around you won't be able to resist shoving a strap-on up that virgin tight Slayer ass of hers."

"It wouldn't have to be her ass. I'd love to finger her pussy." Dawn said with a wicked grin, "Or she could finger mine a little when she eats me out. That would be cool."

Joyce considered this for almost a full minute before compromising, "She can finger you, but not too much. We don't want her forgetting her place. But no fingering her. Like I said, I love you sweetie, but I just don't think you'd be able to resist strap-on fucking her if you fingered her cute little cunt, and remember, we want to save something for Buffy's first love."

There was a long silence during which Joyce got up and tried to leave, but when she got to the door Dawn frowned and asked, "So what are you waiting for?"

Turning around Joyce frowned, "Excuse me?"

Dawn shrugged, "You love Buffy, right?"

"Of course I do honey." Joyce said, thoroughly confused, "I love you both."

"I know, but not in the same way." Dawn said, still confused a moment before her eyes lit up, "Oh my God! You don't know!"

"What are you talking about?" Joyce frowned.

"How can you not know?" Dawn murmured, lost in thought for a second, "It's so obvious."

"What?" Joyce pushed, clearly getting annoyed.

"You love Buffy." Dawn said, quickly clarifying, "You're in love with Buffy. And she's in love with you."

Joyce blinked a few times, and then just softly murmured, "What?"

"Mom, it's okay." Dawn said softly, slowly approaching her mother, "I've seen the way you look at her, and I've seen the way she looks at you, and just think it makes this whole thing hotter. I mean, maybe Buffy becoming the Slayer turned her into a massive lesbo slut. Maybe not. Who cares? I just know that I wanna fuck my sister. I love fucking my sister. But she's just a piece of ass to me. Don't get me wrong, I love her like a sister, which to me just makes this whole thing hotter, but you love her like a Mom and someone who wants to spend the rest of her life with her. And she feels the same way. I told you before, she wants her Mommy to take all her cherries, and I think that would be wicked hot."

There was a definite moment of silence as Joyce's mind raced. Deep down Joyce had always known that the love she felt for her oldest daughter was far deeper than what she had for her youngest, but it wasn't until Dawn said it out loud that she realised just how deep her love for Buffy went. Suddenly everything made sense. Or at least more sense than before, and Joyce was terrified. How could she still be an affected Watcher/Dom knowing just how deeply she loved Buffy? How could she still be firm but fair with her? How could she give her the discipline she so desperately needed? How could she fuck her properly?

But when Joyce finally got the ability to talk back all she could ask was, "Are, are you sure she loves me back?"

Dawn grinned, "There's one way to find out."

* * *

Initially those words and the wicked grin on Dawn's face had made Joyce worry about what her youngest was going to do. Now she just wished she'd do something. Because through out dinner nothing was said. Well, nothing about the inappropriate love between herself and her daughter, Joyce very aware of the irony that having sex with her daughter wouldn't be bad in the Council's eyes but loving her would. And yet now Dawn had pointed it out she just couldn't unsee it, and Joyce could barely stop herself from blurting out how she felt for the next two agonising hours. Then Dawn finally said something with her usual grace and tact.

"So Buffy, are you in love with Mom?" Dawn asked out of the blue.

Buffy froze midsentence, looked at Dawn, glanced cautiously at her Mom, and then stumbled, "Well, of course I love her. She's my Mom, and Watcher."

"Yeah, but are you IN love with her?" Dawn pushed, and then after a brief moment of silence added, "It's okay, Mom is in love with you too, right Mom?"

There was a long pause in which the two blondes cautiously locked eyes, then Joyce ordered, "Dawnie, could you give us a minute?"

To Buffy's surprise, and clearly her Mom's as well, Dawn slipped out of her chair and left the room without a word of protest. She left her plate, and rightfully so, house work was Buffy's job after all, but she still left, indicating she knew how important this moment was. And while Buffy wasn't convinced it wasn't about to end in disaster she was still grateful to her sister for it. She wondered if she would be so grateful to her for bringing this up, but for a fleeting moment it looked like this would be a good thing as the older woman slowly approached and cupped her face. Then again, maybe her Mom was just going to let her down gently.

"Buffy, it's okay." Joyce said softly and cautiously, "I do... I love you. That way. I-"

"Oh Mom, I love you too!" Buffy exclaimed, teary-eyed, "I thought I was the only one. Oh my God, I can't believe-"

That was all Buffy was able to get out before her Mom's hand move into her hair, gripped it firmly and roughly pulled her forwards into the stronger soft body of the older woman, her mother moving a little forward so when her lips crashed together that's exactly what it felt like, a crash. A wonderful crash were no one was hurt and instead everyone was enjoying love and affection, both mother and daughter making out like the horny teens only one of them was. Eventually though they had to pull back, but it was almost worth it to see each other's smiley happy faces.

"How long have you known?" Joyce asked softly.

"That I loved you? not long." Buffy admitted, "How about you?"

"I just realised." Joyce confessed.

"What, what triggered it?" Buffy asked, before letting us laugh, "It was Dawn, wasn't it?"

Joyce nodded, "Apparently she's become quite the perceptive young lady."

Buffy hummed an agreement, and then smiled wickedly, "We really should reward her."

"Later." Joyce promised, pulling back and forcing herself to be firm, "First I need to make it very clear, this changes nothing. Or at least very little. I am still your Watcher. You will treat me with respect, and I will not go easy on you. If anything I'll be even more firm with you, just to prove I can still give you what you need."

There was a brief pause, and then Buffy nodded in a sign she understood, "Yes Mom."

"But..." Joyce grinned, "Perhaps we can do an official enslaving ceremony or something. I'd been toying with the idea anyway as I thought it might improve your efficiency as a Slayer, but now... I really do want to see you wearing a collar young lady. Maybe some piercings. And I absolutely have to get you branded. Oh, don't worry, I mean through ink, not an actual branding iron."

"I'd be okay with either." Buffy said flirtatiously.

"Don't tempt me slut." Joyce warned, trying not to grin, especially as she added, "That reminds me, a whore like you should definitely have a tramp stamp. I'm thinking 'Property of Joyce Summers' or something to that effect, as that would perfectly brand you as what you are. Or maybe that should go on your collar? I'll have to decide that later. For now I feel the need to spank that pretty little Slayer ass of yours. Yes, that'll be just the thing to show you that you won't be getting special treatment now we're moving our relationship to the next level."

"I thought you said nothing would change?" Buffy pointed out cheekily.

Joyce glared and then pointed in the direction of the stairs, "My room! Now!"

Buffy let out a little giggle in delight, only half forced, and then turned around and headed to the stairs, deliberately wiggling her ass as much as possible. She got more than a few swats on the butt for it, which caused her to giggle and wiggle even more, especially as she rushed up the steps, barely even acknowledging Dawn's cheeky call of 'go get her Mom'. What felt like seconds later they were in her Mom's room an the older woman was pulling her into another heated kiss. So much for nothing would change, Buffy thought cheekily. Then, as if she read Buffy's mind, the Watcher pulled back and stared at her sternly.

Then after a few seconds Joyce slapped her daughter's ass and ordered, "Strip?"

"Yes Mom." Buffy grinned, slowly doing as she was told.

"Faster!" Joyce ordered, slowly making her way to the bed. By the time she was sitting down on it Buffy was pretty much naked, Joyce both admiring the sight and allowing Buffy to completely finish before patting her knee and ordering, "Now get over here slut. It's time to give you what you deserve."

"Yes Mom." Buffy happily repeated, quickly getting into position.

Part of Buffy was hoping that her Mom would get right to it, but it hardly a surprise when instead her Watcher gently slid her hand over her little bubble butt and started squeezing and groping it like Buffy was a piece of meat. As always it made Buffy tingle in anticipation, the supernaturally strong teen loving that her Mom was touching her in a way no one else could get away with. Well, Dawn too, but... and all of a sudden that thought was interrupted by a hard stinging slap to her ass which made her cry out loudly with joy. She then let out more cries as the process was repeated, her Mom spanking her butt nice and hard right from the get go.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh God!" Buffy cried out, and then when there was a pause begged, "More, more, more!"

"Slut!" Joyce growled with disdain before delivering another series of hard strikes.

When Joyce had first started spanking Buffy on a regular basis it felt like they really made a breakthrough with her Slayer training. However lately Buffy had become a real slut for a spanking and Joyce worried about what effect it was having on Buffy as the Slayer. At least in the long term. In the short term, minus one moment Buffy had allowed her cockiness to get the better of her, her performances ha been perfect. Still, Joyce feared what would happen if Buffy came to think of her discipline as a reward, which was why she had been using more extreme measures lately, mostly involving tying Buffy up and using a whip or a paddle of some kind on her cute little bubble butt.

As Joyce really loved using her bare hand, and having Buffy over her knee like this, she made sure to do this at least once a day, normally in the morning, but she very rarely bothered with the slow build up any more. Well, she still groped Buffy's butt, she couldn't help that, but after that she gave her daughter's hot little ass a brutal beat down, refusing to stop until Buffy's bare bottom was dark red and bruised from the assault. Despite the declaration of love, or even because of it, Joyce didn't stop this time until Buffy's cries of enjoyment were long gone and she was openly sobbing as the older blonde's hand came down repeatedly on that now brutalised flesh.

Even though she was using all of her strength to teach Buffy a lesson, namely that the love between them won't affect her daily discipline, Joyce couldn't help but get a little distracted by some of her favourite things about spanking her eldest daughter. Like how her firm fleshed jiggled from the force of every blow, and how quickly that flesh turned a bright pink, then light red and then finally that dark red which always got Joyce's juices flowing. Most sadistically of all she enjoyed the pathetic cries Buffy let out, the fact that she could reduce a Slayer to tears always making Joyce feel wonderfully powerful and dominant. She even enjoyed the wetness against her thighs, proof that at least part of Buffy was enjoying this despite her tears.

While Joyce was eager to prove that things hadn't really changed between them it had, and for the first time she felt a little guilty for spanking the woman she loved, even if it was for her own good. Because of that, and her lust for Buffy's butt, Joyce spent a few long minutes soothing the Slayer's ass with gentle caresses and cooing softly after the brutal, if a little short, spanking. Then, not wanting to be too gentle with Buffy, Joyce pushed her daughter off her lap and then took off her clothes. She then stood before the Slayer, who without needing to be told kneeled before her, Joyce briefly debating on what to do before ultimately deciding to treat the girl she loved.

"Lay down in the middle of the bed, on your back." Joyce ordered.

"Yes Mom." Buffy replied, slowly crawling into position to give her Mom a lingering look at her well beaten butt before wincing as she had to rest it against the bed sheets.

Joyce smiled, slowly crawled onto the bed and up Buffy's body and then when she was face to face with her daughter softly told her, "I love you."

Buffy beamed, "I love you too Mom."

"I know." Joyce said softly, "And to celebrate the occasion, I'm going to give you a special treat. But don't think for a minute this will be a regular thing. I'll only do it when you've been really, really good. Or I just feel like it."

Buffy opened her mouth to thank her Mom and tell her that she understood, but before she could get a word out the older blonde kissed her. Instantly forgetting her words Buffy eagerly kissed back, although before the kiss could get too steamy her Mom began kissing her way down her body, stopping only briefly to suck on Buffy's nipples a little bit before moving even lower. Buffy had thought her mother meant the tittie sucking, which would have been a rare treat as the older woman had only done it a few times before, yet apparently her Watcher had something even better in mind, Buffy's heart hammering in her chest as her Mom made her way past her stomach and then settled in between her legs.

There was a long pause, which felt like an eternity to the teenager, then the beautiful Watcher looked up at her, smiled softly and then lent forward. Her Mom lent forward, sticking out her tongue and slid over Buffy's pussy lips, starting from the bottom and slowly working her way up to the top. Buffy let out a sharp cry of amazement and overwhelming pleasure at this, and continued to do so along with moans, gasps and whimpers as the woman she loved and had given her life began to gently lick her submissive little pussy just like Buffy had been licking her Mom for months. Well, it was obvious just from those first few licks her mother was much more experienced, but at least the initial licking wasn't that different, even though it suggested there was more her Watcher had to teach her.

Ever since she had become the Slayer Buffy had practically lived in between her Mom's legs. More recently Buffy's rug munching duties had been doubled as Dawn had been given 24/7 access to her mouth, meaning Buffy was becoming very used to the joys of eating pussy. But she never thought she'd be getting her pussy licked. It just didn't seem to be in the cards for her. After all, she was a bottom, while her Mom and Dawnie were tops, so only seemed to make sense that cunt lapping would be exclusively her thing. Lately it was something she was really happy about, and even proud of, especially when her sister or Mom would remind her that she was officially the Summers family cunt lapper.

Not that she didn't feel incredibly grateful for this amazing treat, it was just that it felt a little unnatural. Eating pussy was supposed to be Buffy's job, and thanks to all the practice she had been getting lately Buffy felt confident that she was becoming a good little pussy licker. At least for her age. Because her Mom quickly started putting her to shame, Buffy having to bite her lip to prevent herself from pointing that out and begging her Mom to switch places so she could teach her everything she knew about muff diving. Or better yet slip into a 69 with her so Buffy could mirror her actions. Or perhaps best of all for Dawn to come in and sit on her face, Buffy really hoping that she would be treated to that at some point in the future.

Joyce had been fucking women for years, but she had almost never eaten pussy. She had just always seen that as the role of the bottom, and as a proud top Joyce had found it really easy to get another woman to lick her pussy without needing to return the favour. Mostly because she then fucked them with a strap-on, or a fist, or a handheld dildo of some kind, or even just a few fingers. But sometimes, if she was in a really generous mood, she would treat her lover to her tongue, and whenever she did Joyce made sure to do a good job of it, calling upon every single memory of a bottom eating her out to make sure she was giving the recipient a real treat.

Honestly if she was going to do this for anyone in this house Joyce thought it would have been Dawn. Maybe as an extra special treat for not only being able to get a single A, but for being able to keep her grades at that level. Or perhaps just because Joyce was in the mood for it. Which wasn't out of the question, as she had seen Dawnie's cunt and it looked really tasty, and she would have been surprised if Dawn turned her down given the way the brunette often looked at her. Of course Buffy's looked even better, but Joyce hadn't wanted to risk the delicate balance of Watcher/Dom and Slayer/Sub. But oh, was Joyce glad they were now more than that, and she could be more free to treat her girlfriend.

Perhaps not girlfriend in the traditional sense, which was why even now Joyce was reluctant to permit Buffy to call her that, but from now on dominating her daughter would not just be out of a sense of duty to Buffy as her Watcher. No, they would be two women in a committed and loving BDSM relationship, and while it might take them a while to find the right balance between discipline and love-making it was an adventure Joyce was very much looking forward to taking with her eldest. Really the only drawback to it would be that she couldn't do this more often, because wow, if anything could change her mind on eating pussy it was her daughter's pussy. Which made her want to sample her other daughter's pussy even more.

It was funny, but even though they'd had sex plenty of times without Dawn for such a momentous occasion it felt unnatural not to at least have her watching. Joyce particularly missed Dawn's dirty little mouth, and unsurprisingly Buffy wasn't picking up the slack, at least not at the moment. But Joyce was confident that she could changed that. And truth be told as much as she missed her youngest daughter in many ways it made it this one-on-one with her eldest that more intense and passionate, was able to focus all her attention on Buffy. Which for now meant gently licking her tasty twat for what felt like an eternity, Joyce determined to avoid the temptation of making Buffy cum until the teen begged her for the privilege.

Buffy wanted to beg, but normally begging without permission led to a severe punishment, and even though Buffy suspected that was simply because Dawn and their Mom like to use it as an excuse to beat her butt she didn't want to take the chance of displeasing her precious Watcher. Besides, it felt so wonderful Buffy couldn't see herself ever wanting it to stop. Even when the pleasure became agonising she dug her fingernails into the palm of her hand, ripped the bed sheets and gritted her teeth, all to try and stop herself from begging. Because she couldn't. She wouldn't. Not without permission. That's what she told herself over and over again.

Along the way another idea popped into her head. What if her Mom wanted her to beg without permission? What if she was accidentally upsetting her top? What if she was being a bad bottom? Oh God, Buffy didn't want to be a bad bottom. No, she wanted to be a good little bottom, anticipating the needs of her tops and then giving them what they needed regardless of the consequences. So ultimately that's what she did. Or at least she hope she did. Either way she comforted herself with the knowledge that her Mom was such an amazing pussy licker she should have known from the start it was only a matter of time before she broke. After all, she was a shameless slut, and needed orgasms like other people needed air.

"More..." Buffy finally whimpered, tears of desperate need and overwhelming happiness running down her cheeks, "Please Mom, give me more. Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue! Oooooooh, I want my own Mom to tongue fuck me and make me cum, ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Instead of getting angry and punishing her like Buffy kind of feared she would her Mom almost immediately shoved her tongue as deep inside her as it would go, triggering one of the most powerful climaxes of Buffy's life. Her Mom then quickly pulled her tongue out of her cunt, sealed her mouth around it and easily swallowed every drop of girl cum that left Buffy's pussy. She then bought Buffy down from her high with gentle licks to her cunt, which would have been more than enough for the slutty Slayer, especially if her Mom sat on her face or retrieved her strap-on. Instead something even better happened, namely her mother pushing her tongue back inside her and beginning to fuck her with it.

Having been given a chance to get over her initial climax Buffy got to enjoy the heaven that was having her own mother's tongue inside her for several long minutes before she ultimately came again. Her wonderful Watcher repeated the process from before and removed her tongue momentarily to swallow Buffy's cum before beginning to tongue fuck her again. God it was heaven, Buffy literally crying as her Mom, the most important woman in her life, made her cum over and over again until it felt like she was experiencing a continuous orgasm, which easily melted Buffy's mind until there was nothing left but a writhing, whimpering mess.

Joyce also felt like her mind was melting with joy as the most wonderful flavour ever continued tickling her taste-buds. She'd finger fucked her eldest daughter plenty of times, but always made Buffy clean them or even let those juices go completely to waste by washing them off, the latter of which now seemed like a crime. Again she had done this because it wasn't very top-like in her opinion to swallow cum, but now Joyce realised she had been depriving herself of a truly wonderful treat. One which would bring her closer to her Slayer daughter and improve their Watcher mother relationship, and one she was now looking forward to enjoying daily.

To ensure she got as much of that heavenly cream as possible Joyce continued to constantly switch between tongue fucking her daughter and sucking the cum right out of her little cunt. The only difference was during the first couple of orgasms she made sure to savoured the heaven in liquid form and made extra sure that not a single drop escaped her by gently licking Buffy's pussy after her baby girl had finished cumming, which as an added bonus brought the Slayer down from her high. Then as time went on Buffy came harder and her juices really started flowing, and Joyce became berserk, slamming her tongue into her daughter's cunt the second there was no more cum to swallow and then continued to fuck her little girl until she was rewarded with another mouthful of pure heaven.

Over and over again Joyce made Buffy cum like that until her mouth and tongue became so sore that she was forced to at least somewhat take the pressure off them by moving them up to attack her daughter's clit. Of course at the same time she replaced her tongue with two fingers, Joyce adding a third soon after as she continued to squeeze orgasm after orgasm out of her baby girl, especially when she curled her fingers upwards to hit that all-important sweet spot. Although even then she couldn't resist returning her mouth to that sweet honey pot for too long, especially now there was a build-up of ambrosia for her to swallow.

Part of Joyce wanted to keep doing this all night long. Thanks to Slayer stamina that might actually be possible, because while a normal girl might be feeling faint right now Buffy was like a machine, especially after all the special training Joyce had been giving the little slut lately. However this was a very special night for them both, and Joyce just couldn't let it go by without giving her favourite daughter a serious strap-on fucking. So after who knows how many orgasms Joyce reluctantly removed her mouth from Buffy's cunt and then began greedily cleaning her fingers of every last drop of her daughter's cream. Then and only then did she share the heaven she had been enjoying.

Buffy sighed with satisfaction as her Mom removed her mouth and fingers from her cunt and slowly moved upwards. She had of course loved everything her mother had just done to her, but she was more than ready to return the favour. Which apparently wasn't what her Watcher had in mind, instead the older blonde taking a few minutes to gently kiss her daughter, Buffy enjoying tasting her own cum and pussy cream, then her Mom pulled away entirely. For a second Buffy frowned in confusion, then her eyes lit up as her Mom pulled out her strap-on.

As her mother stepped into a harness and pulled it up her thighs Buffy spread her legs, slide the hand between her legs to rub her pussy and then in the sultriest voice she could manage pleaded, "Yes, fuck me! Please fuck me Mommy."

"No Buffy, I'm not going to fuck you." Joyce said, hating herself for being so horribly cheesy, "I'm going to make love to you."

If a guy, or Dawn, had said that to her Buffy would have burst out laughing. She would have thought she would have done that to anybody, but somehow it was not only bearable from her mother Buffy actually felt a little teary eyed from it. Honestly it was all she could do from saying anything equally as cheesy, and she possibly only managed it thanks to her mother putting them both out of their misery by climbing back onto the bed and positioning herself in between her legs again.

Then after only briefly glancing down to make sure that her dick was correctly positioned at her daughter's entrance the older blonde locked eyes with the younger blonde and slowly but surely pushed forwards. Despite being the Slayer Buffy couldn't help but whimper as she felt the cock beginning to enter her, although that had just as much to do with anticipation as it did with fear of pain. Sure enough the pain came, and in a way it was worse than anything she'd experienced before, but it also wasn't as bad as she feared, mostly because the woman she loved was staring lovingly at her the entire time.

It also really helped that after that burst of pain Buffy knew the worst was over, because her mother said it would be, and she was quickly proven right. Most of all that harsh pain meant that she had just officially lost her virginity to her mother. That her Mom had taken her cherry. Her watcher and mother, the woman who had given her life and had sworn to help her protect it, and every other life in the world, had officially taken what was so rightfully hers, and no matter what happened nothing would ever change that, that fact filling Buffy with so much overwhelming happiness she thought she was going to explode.

Joyce was filled with just as much happiness as she made her eldest 100% hers. She had denied herself this for so long, hid behind words such as duty and necessity when the honest truth was she just wanted Buffy. In a perfect world, or at least her very perverted version of one, Joyce would be free to make her eldest daughter her girlfriend, and hopefully later her wife, the two of them having the kind of happy ever after you see in romantic movies and fairy-tales. But this was not romantic movie or a fairy-tale, and in their world the most important thing in Joyce's life could be taken from her at any moment, so she would take this moment to show Buffy how she felt about her, even if they couldn't go public or realistically hope to grow old together.

At the same time Joyce was convinced her oldest daughter still needed to be disciplined regularly, and ideally dominated afterwards, and given the close connection she was still the best person for the job with Dawn a close second. It was just the main reason she wanted to do this wasn't really for Buffy's benefit. No, that was just happy coincidence. Mainly Joyce just wanted to fuck her daughter, and while she loved the various different ways she did that that there was just something unspeakably special about taking Buffy's virginity, the moment she completed the penetration one of the best moments of her life.

She savoured the moment for what was maybe even a few minutes before beginning to gently pump her offspring, Buffy crying out joyfully even though her cunt had to be struggling to take her mother's size. She continued not to offer up any form of verbal complaint as Joyce established a steady rhythm, becoming lost in her daughter's eyes as they began to make love again, this time in the traditional way a husband took his bride on their wedding day, only this was anything but traditional, and Joyce loved that. She finally admitted to herself she loved what her relationship with Buffy had become.

Joyce loved Buffy. Joyce was in love with her eldest daughter Buffy, and it was becoming a struggle not to cry that out, so she leaned forward and kissed the younger blonde. Buffy kissed back eagerly, the two blondes swallowing each other's whimpers and cries of passion as the older woman continued pumping into the younger one, the teenager taking everything her mother had to give her. Because of course she could take it. She was the Slayer. HER Slayer, Joyce thought proudly, smiling into the kiss as she rewarded Buffy with some extra hard thrusts into that cute little cunt of hers.

Buffy loved her Mom. Not in the more normal mother-daughter way, but she actually in love with her. Buffy was in love with her mother, and she knew she should be ashamed of that, she just wasn't. Not anymore. Sure, Buffy had been hesitant when they had first started expressing their love for each other, but now she couldn't get enough, kissing her Mom back with every ounce of passion she had for her and whimpering in delight as the older blonde steadily increased her pace until she was fucking her wonderfully hard, somehow without making Buffy feel like the dyke slut she was.

If she was honest with herself Buffy had grown to like feeling like a dyke slut. After all, deep down that was who she was, and she was very grateful to her mother to parent her from becoming the town's resident lesbian whore. Luckily only the most perverted of dyke sluts would have sex with their own mother, so every time her Mom had previously taken her Buffy had felt like a dyke slut. But not now. Well, she would always be a dyke slut, but for once she felt like a normal girl in bed with her lover, and no matter how hard she was fucked it felt like love-making.

While in the past those kinds of thoughts would have embarrassed her now Buffy wanted to scream her love for her mother from the rooftops. Let the whole world know that Buffy Summers was in love with her Mom, and more importantly, let the entire underworld know that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was her Mom's submissive bitch. Yes, then all the Demons and vampires would laugh at her, giving Buffy a wonderful sense of humiliation, smiling wickedly as she imagined how easy her job would be if her enemies all dismissed her as the submissive plaything of an older woman. More importantly, they would all know how much she loved her mother, and therefore she would never have to hide it again.

Desperately wanting to make her love known Buffy broke the kiss and called out, "Oh God Mom, I love you! I love you sooooooo fucking much."

"Me too. Ilove you Buffy." Joyce moane, and then smiled, "Now beg me to make you cum."

Her eyes lit up and Buffy squealed, "Fuck me, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck! Please, please, pleassssssseeeeeee, fuck me harder and make me cum! Please? Please Mom, mmmmmm, please make me cum. Fuck me ooooooooh fuck. Fuck yes, that's it, fuck me Mommy, fuck me hard! Make your little girl cum on your big cock Mommy, pound your daughter's pussy and make her, ohhhhhhhhhh, make her cum, oh God, make me cum, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssssss!"

With that her mother began fucking her even harder, pushing Buffy over the edge of orgasm in what felt like no time at all. When that orgasm hit Buffy was surprised that she didn't break any windows from her screams. She was also a little surprised that her Mom kept fucking her, but then again her wonderful watcher had plenty of experience riding a slutty Slayer through climax, so it wasn't that surprising. It also little surprise when Buffy found herself cumming over and over again, the Slayer's mind melting from all the blissful pleasure that her Mom was giving her.

Joyce wasn't sure how long she fucked Buffy like that, but it felt like an eternity. A wonderful eternity she got to pound her eldest daughter's pussy as hard and as fast as she could, making the girl she loved cum over and over again. And somehow through that briefly hard pussy fucking it still felt like love-making, because for the first time since they had begun this passion affairs she and Buffy had been honest about what they really wanted and through their latest round of ultra-forbidden sex they stared lovingly into each other's eyes and enjoyed this wonderfully wicked moment.

Unfortunately Joyce wasn't a Slayer, and therefore inevitably fatigue set in and she was forced to make a choice. If she kept going like this she would pass out for sure, and while Joyce had nothing to be ashamed of for a woman of her age. She almost physically needed to make Buffy cum more. Luckily there were a few ways she could do that, like flipping them over and making Buffy ride her. Or better yet, she could make Buffy sit on her face and Joyce could drink all that yummy cum directly from her eldest daughter's pussy, as while most of that liquid had already escaped she knew from experience that some of it would have lingered, and she could get more through her skilled tongue work.

Of course, Joyce knew if she really wanted to make Buffy cum hard and frequently the easiest way to do that was to fuck her baby girl's slutty little butt. Which was ultimately what Joyce chose. Sure, she lingered on the other ideas for a while, but she just couldn't resist that hot Slayer ass, especially when it was virgin tight like it was right now. Because while Joyce had been regularly shoving butt-plugs up Buffy's ass as a sign of who was in charge, and to make sure that ass was easier to penetrate, Joyce hadn't plugged her oldest daughter's butt this morning so she could treat herself to some virgin tight Slayer ass when she got back from work.

Now Joyce was somewhat regretting that decision as she didn't have the patience to properly prepare Buffy's ass hole to be penetrated. Luckily her girl was distracted by her orgasms, so Joyce took full advantage by sucking on a couple of fingers and pushed first one and then two into her daughter's tightest hole. Which of course made the little slut cum harder, which in turn made Joyce smirk wickedly and feel a lot better a few seconds later when she removed her fingers, suddenly pulled her strap-on out of Buffy's cunt and then promptly shoved it into her ass, the mother of two penetrating her eldest daughter's butt hole with one hard thrust.

Buffy let out a cry of pain and pleasure as she was once again anally penetrated by her Mom. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back to cry out, but quickly returned her head to its previous position and open her eyes so she could stare lovingly up at the woman she loved. The two blondes then exchanged a smile as the older one let the younger one relax and get used to the cock stretching her ass hole, and allowed both of them to recover a little from the hard pussy fucking and the orgasms that had come with it. Of course thanks to her supernatural stamina, and supernaturally slutty butt hole, Buffy recovered first and became eager to be butt fucked.

She forced herself to wait a few extra minutes, but ultimately Buffy couldn't help crying out, "Fuck me, please fuck my ass! Oh Mom, pound my tight little Slayer butt."

Before Buffy could utter another word her Mom gave a hard thrust forward, forcing several inches of dildo into her tight little Slayer butt which turned whatever she was going to say into another cry of pain and pleasure. Unlike the initial penetration it was mostly of pleasure, and continued to be that way as she was anally skewered on her mother's big cock. In what felt like no time at all the entire length of that dildo was buried in Buffy's butt and the woman she loved was officially beginning to butt fuck her, whatever pain or discomfort there was left quickly melting away until Buffy was moaning, groaning, whimpering, gasping and crying out in pure pleasure.

It was still incredibly humiliating to get her most private hole fucked, but Buffy now knew she deserved to be humiliated. More importantly she accepted it completely. She was a depraved whore, the kind of shameless slut who had literally been born for butt fucking. So every time she took a cock up her ass she was merely accepting her purpose in life. Oh yes, Buffy's purpose in life was to fight evil and be a depraved slut, and she definitely enjoyed the latter more. So it had never been more clear to Buffy that she would be the town whore if it wasn't for her wonderful mother and loving sister. Oh how Buffy loved them both for giving her what she needed, but in two different ways.

With Dawn their bond was more than just sisterly, and Buffy could never thank her enough for what she had done for her. In fact after tonight Buffy would beg her Mom to let her reward Dawn with what her baby sister wanted the most, namely her big sister's butt hole. Oh yes, Buffy now couldn't wait to bend over for Dawnie and let her little sister fuck her up her tight little Slayer ass for helping Buffy realised the truth about herself and her feelings. But as grateful as she was to Dawn, and as much as she loved her, it couldn't compare to the gratitude and love that she felt for her watcher, because Buffy loved her mother. She was in love with her. She was in love with the woman who had given her life and shown her the purpose of it.

Overwhelmed by her feelings Buffy whimpered, "Harder. Please harder. Fuck my slutty little Slayer ass harder! Oh Mom, fuck me! Slam my slutty little Slayer butt as hard as you can!"

After a brief pause Buffy continued begging, those words the sweetest music to Joyce's ears. However as always Joyce wanted to savour her eldest daughter's sweet little ass, and she loved hearing Buffy begging for her so she let her continue doing so for several long minutes. Unfortunately, and embarrassingly, for Joyce there was another reason, and that was that simply she had overdone the pussy fucking and she didn't have that much left in the tank. Honestly she was just running on adrenaline at this point, and even though the sweet words coming out of Buffy's mouth were adding fuel to the fire Joyce didn't think it would be enough to give Buffy's ass the pounding it deserved.

Luckily there was easy way Joyce could take a much-needed rest and still make sure that Buffy's butt got the fucking it deserved. Maybe even a better fucking than she could ever give it. Namely by grabbing onto her daughter firmly and then rolling them over so Joyce was laying on her back and Buffy was on top of her with every inch of the dildo firmly planted up her Slayer butt. This obviously took Buffy off-guard, the teen looking adorably confused for a few seconds and then she bit her lip and looked down at the older woman, clearly waiting for permission to start riding the cock in her ass.

Joyce was only too happy to give it, "Ride me Buffy. Ride me with your slutty little Slayer ass."

Not needing to be told twice Buffy lifted herself up until almost all of the dildo was out of her butt, then slid all the way back down. She then repeated the process, for while letting about half of the rubber cock slip out of her ass hole with every thrust, but increasing the pace so she was only letting little of the dildo out each time. The trade-off that Buffy was now hammering her own butt with that big fake dick, Joyce allowing Buffy to work herself up to a speed and power easily rivalling what she'd received early and almost reach her orgasm before she gave her butt half a dozen hard smacks, which actually seemed to push Buffy closer to climax.

"Stop!" Joyce ordered loudly and firmly, causing Buffy to whimper pathetically. She then hesitated to obey, a fact which would get her severely punished later, but ultimately Buffy slowed down and came to a stop, at which point Joyce asked, "Did I give you permission to make yourself cum?"

"No." Buffy whimpered.

"So why were you?" Joyce asked.

"I, I, I-" Buffy stammered.

"Is it because you're a greedy little slut?" Joyce offered.

"Yes." Buffy squeaked, "I'm a greedy little slut. I'm sorry, mmmmmmm, I'm sorry for being a greedy little slut, but please let me cum."

"Go back to riding my dick, and I'll think about it." Joyce huffed.

Obviously eager to get back to the sodomy Buffy started bouncing up and down Joyce's poll again, clearly unsure how fast she should go. Joyce allowed her daughter to wallow in uncertainty for a few minutes, partly to punish her for trying to cum without permission, and partly because she just enjoyed the way Buffy was increasing and decreasing the pace of the ass fucking while having an adorable expression of nervousness on her face. Then Joyce grabbed a firm hold of Buffy's waist and showed her daughter exactly the pace she wanted her to use, pulling her up and down for a few minutes before allowing her grip to loosen so Buffy could do it, Joyce then rewarding her daughter with a smile as she continued fucking her own ass at that pace.

Buffy blushed and preened at the smile before returning it. Which was ridiculous. She had no idea how she could be watching for a smile while anally riding her Mom's strap-on cock, but Buffy supposed it was a habit that she would never grow out of. As it made her Mom/watcher smile wider Buffy was happy about that, because she would do anything to please this dominant woman, which definitely included this kind of agonising pleasure. It wasn't like she wasn't used to it. Her mother loved sexually teasing her, although it was never more intense then when she was getting fucked up the ass, because of all the most depraved things Buffy now did anal sex was by far her favourite.

It was proof that she had become the greedy little slut that her mother had always feared she'd become, and while part of Buffy still found that humiliating she couldn't really care when her ass was being pumped. In fact, the humiliation only added to the pleasure, which at times like this was a big problem. Another big problem was having to look down at the beautiful face of the woman she loved, Buffy ultimately unable to cope with it and having to close her eyes. Which in turn just meant she could only concentrate on the cock sliding through her rectum and stimulating forbidden places inside her.

For what felt like eternity Buffy bounced up and down on her Mom's lap, in a much less innocent way then she had when she was younger, this time her ass hole sliding up and down a dildo strapped around the waist of the woman who had given her life, her poor back hole stretched widely around that weapon of ass-destruction. At one point Buffy was pretty sure that her Mom sat up and started sliding her hands over her body, naturally concentrating on squeezing her dildo stuffed ass and her bouncing little boobs, but she was so delirious that she could have imagined it, and she didn't dare open her eyes to find out as she feared just looking at the beautiful face of her mother would push her over the edge of the orgasm she had been on the verge of receiving for so very long.

Finally, after she gently pressed her lips to her daughter's and laid back, Joyce ordered, "Okay honey, make yourself cum. Ride Mommy with your hot little ass. Yessssssss, that's it, good girl. That's a good little slut daughter. Make it good for Mommy too. Mmmmmmm, ride me good and cum for me Buffy. I want to see you cum."

With permission finally granted Buffy didn't hesitate, simultaneously opening her eyes to see the beautiful look in her mother's face and started slamming herself up and down with every ounce of her Slayer strength. The latter actually caused her a little pain again, although it was by far dwarfed by the ecstasy she was feeling. And that was before the combination of the harder ass fucking and staring lovingly at her mother push Buffy over the edge of what might have been the hardest climaxes of her life. Sure, she had thought that before, but her Mom/Watcher kept redefining her definition of hardest climax, which continue to be the case as Buffy came over and over again as she relentlessly hammered her own ass on her mother's dildo.

Joyce giggled a little the first time Buffy squirted onto her stomach. The second time was less funny as some of it actually hit her in the face due to a combination of Buffy arching her back and the climax being just that powerful. After that Buffy seemed to make a conscious, or possibly unconscious, choice to lean forward to make sure that didn't happen again. As a result all of her daughter's delightful squirt ended up on her stomach and the underside of her tits, but at that angle it depowered the climaxes somewhat, and that was unacceptable. Buffy had been the perfect little daughter slut for her tonight, and every night since they'd started having sex. She deserved a reward.

More importantly Joyce just wanted to show her baby girl how much she truly loved her, so she grabbed a tight hold of Buffy's waist and began thrusting upwards into her daughter's butt. Of course she could have probably used all her strength at that point and not slowed Buffy down, but that was the last thing she wanted. Yes, Joyce wanted to make this butt fuck the hardest and most brutal of their anal sex filled lives. That Buffy would never again be able to sit down without thinking of her. Because it wasn't enough that Buffy's body tingled every time she thought of tonight, her daughter's butt hole had to quiver in delight at the memory of when Joyce truly made this her favourite fuck hole.

As much as she tried Joyce just couldn't do that in this position, but that was fine. Because when Buffy finally ran out of steam, which took very, very long time, Joyce flipped them over, placed Buffy's legs on her shoulders and started to ram that really well battered hole with every ounce of strength. This caused Buffy to cry out with a mixture of pain and pleasure, which quickly turned to pure pleasure as once again she began receiving multiple orgasms from the brutal sodomy she was receiving, and even though Joyce couldn't compete with the raw power of Buffy's thrusts she was able to use all her skill and knowledge of Buffy's body to her advantage.


Of course all of this had quite the effect on Joyce as well, the older blonde cumming several times herself while the younger one was still riding her, because of the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising her own daughter so thoroughly. Soon it became only a matter of time before Joyce collapsed in exhaustion down onto the body of her lover, and unlike most times they had sex that was exactly what Joyce did, squeezing every single orgasm out of Buffy that she could before showing weakness by allowing herself to collapse. Luckily she avoided slipping into unconsciousness, although she did just lie there for quite a while.

Then Joyce kissed her way from her daughter's shoulder, her neck and to her lips, Buffy welcoming her with a long, gentle, and most of all loving kiss before Joyce pulled back, gently stroked her lover's face and said, "I love you Buffy."

Buffy smiled, "I love you too Mom. Thanks for being such a great Watcher."

Joyce smiled back, and leaned in for another kiss, "Just doing my duty honey."


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