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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Cookie Monster Part 14 (M+F,anal,dp,double-anal)
by LL

"Let's have a look at the two of you," smiled Ted as Buffy and Willow entered the main room.

The two teens immediately struck a pose, which they hadn't been practising for the last twenty minutes in case Ted had a camera, moving back to back, half twisting and bending. Their short skirts began to look even shorter and their tits heaved at the cropped and tight tops which were a couple of sizes too small. They turned their faces to him and Joyce, their expressions taken from the cover of a porn magazine, designed to drag in readers with their dirty, but inviting stare. By no coincidence Ted did have a camera and he took a couple of snaps, smiling as the teens moved to their second pose, lifting their tops to wiggle their tits. He clicked again, a photo for the Summers family album and continued to take a shot as they turned their backs on him, moving to the third and final pose, bending over so their skirts shot up to expose their bare butts.

"You both look so lovely," cooed Joyce, standing beside Ted with a smile on her face and a plate of his cookies in her hand.

"Thanks Mom," grinned Buffy as she and Willow snaffled a couple each.

Ted put down the camera, still smiling pleasantly as he regarded the two teens, "In my day we had the prom to mark the end of High School, not an orgy."

"I'm much more up for the orgy," Buffy grinned and Willow nodded, unable to say anything as she was already stuffing a cookie into her mouth. "What with the Ascension tomorrow, everyone needs to relax tonight."

"It's also your sister's wedding," her Mom reminded her, "That's also important. Though not as important," she quickly added.

"Yeah, sure Mom, but as she's marrying the Mayor they kinda come together don't they?" Buffy said.

"Which reminds me," said Willow swallowing her crumbs, "I've been meaning to ask, given he turns into a demon is the marriage before or after?"

"It's after, he'll be in demon form for when Dawn says her vows, but he's said he's going to revert to human form for their wedding night." Joyce smiled, rightly proud that her youngest was about to marry the Mayor who ranked only behind Principal Snyder and Ted in Buffy's pantheon of heroes - though admittedly it was a distant third.

"It's so exciting," grinned Willow, ever the romantic, "and if he's looking for a volunteer to join him and Dawn for a bridal bed threesome you know where to look..."

"If he is, I have first dibs," Joyce laughed, "Mother of the bride privileges...and if he wants someone to DP her, well Ted's willing to volunteer, aren't you dear?"

Ted smiled back, nodding slightly to show he took his duties as Dawn's almost step-father seriously. Then he turned to Buffy, "What about you for tonight? Is Dick going to be partnering you?"

It was a bit of a sore point for Buffy, despite being desperately in love for over a year Principal Snyder had still not acknowledged Buffy was his girlfriend. As far as virtually anyone in her school knew (apart from Will) she and Snyder had done no more than pass in the corridors, it was especially galling when she had to listen to the locker room talk from teens he had banged over lunch in his office. Still Buffy didn't want to act the martyr, nothing was more off-putting to a man in demand than a whiny girlfriend. As Snyder was very popular Buffy knew how lucky she was that she was his girlfriend, even if secret and she got to bang him every weekend and a couple of times a week in between - not even Cordelia and Harmony could match that... "Um, he's not mentioned anything."

"That's a shame Buffy," her Mom sympathised, "Every girl wants to get butt banged at her High School orgy... I would have if we hadn't been having a boring prom."

"I guess I'll just sit by the punch and watch," said Buffy.

"Surely he wouldn't mind if you gave a quick handjob or two, that doesn't really count," suggested Willow.

"I wish... but no I think tonight I'm going to look like the only virgin in the room." Buffy gave a small shrug, she would have loved in some ways to be going out and getting as much cock as her friend was going to get, but she was a one man teen. She forced a cheerful smile, "but you make sure you have a good time."

* * *

In the hall a cheesy eighties cover version was being belted out by a band which looked like throwbacks to the seventies. Willow immediately unhooked her arm from Buffy and made a beeline to a couple of the football team. By the time Buffy had got over to the drinks table, her friend had already dropped to her knees and was busily unzipping the flies of the guys so she could blow them. Around the hall others were doing the same, coupling, tripling and quadrupling off (even an ambitious fivesome as some of the Math club got themselves in a circle). Buffy was pleased to see Xander was already banging some petite blonde on one of the 'bang' mats that had been laid out for that purpose.

A guy she vaguely knew came up to her and politely asked her to fuck. She almost wished she could say yes, aware that she was getting a reputation in the school that might stick with her the rest of her life. But she sadly shook her head, hinting that she would have done had she not promised the first fuck to a nameless someone else. He grinned, not taking it badly, and went to join one of his buddies in dping Cordelia.

Buffy turned to the drinks table. The punch was so far virtually untouched, the horny teens having other priorities. Beside the bowl Jonathan Levinson stood, looking a little guilty as he stood with his beaker in his hand. As she reached for the ladle he blushed, "You're having some punch?"

"Yes, unless you're about to tell me its poisoned," Buffy grinned to show she was joking.

"Not poisoned, but I may have added a small kick," he reached surreptitiously into a pocket and pulled out a small silver flask, which he shook to show was empty. "Some vodka for flavour."

Buffy took a ladle, it wasn't like she was going to need her reactions to be fully functioning tonight. In fact now she thought about it she hadn't patrolled for months - the Mayor's regime was much more effective at controlling demonic activity than the Watcher's Council; and less bloodily too - at least for the demons. She sipped the drink, the vodka gave it a tang, but despite Jonathan's efforts there was too little for it to be more than a flavouring.

"You think the sacrifice will hurt tomorrow?" Jonathan seemed to want to talk.

As she wasn't getting fucked there wasn't anything else for Buffy to do but talk; so she shrugged "I'm not sure. You're one of the chosen aren't you?" Buffy knew it was an honour to be the half of the senior year who were to be sacrificed to bring about the Mayor's immortality. Still she felt a little guilty that she was glad she wasn't one of them - getting your flesh ripped from your very bones sounded painful even if she didn't say it.

"I hope it doesn't. I mean I don't mind, I'm willing and all that, but I don't want to let the side down by screaming."

"I'm sure people won't mind, its a mass sacrifice, I think they're expecting noise," Buffy responded.

"Yeah," he nodded still looking anxious.

Buffy didn't blame him, it was a big day tomorrow. "You ought to go and fuck someone," she suggested.

"You up for it?" he asked eagerly, his nerves forgotten.

"Um, kinda not able to, might have a friend coming later, sorta suggested he might be my first tonight, don't want to disappoint him," Buffy burbled.

However luckily Faith chose that moment to swoop by, she pulled a bigger flask from her jacket and poured it in, "Bourbon," she explained, "It and vibrators are a girl's best friend." She turned to Jonathan, "I've just promised your friends, Warren and Andrew they can double-fuck me, you wanna come join us and make me airtight."

He nodded eagerly, Buffy's rejection forgotten and followed Faith, as she walked and stripped to a mat in the middle of the room. Buffy watched jealously, wishing it was her going to the mat with Principal Snyder, and with Ted and the Mayor waiting there to drive their large dicks into all her holes. She took another ladle of punch, Faith's addition had added more kick than Jonathan's.

"Enjoying the orgy, Buffy?" Miss Calendar came up. She looked at the punch bowl, "I hope no-one's being adding anything to it whilst I was away, I'm supposed to be keeping an eye on it, but I got waylaid."

As her tits were out over her dress and her hair still had drying clumps of cum in it, the diversion hadn't been because she'd needed to mark some homework. She saw Buffy looking at her and smiled, "Xander and I've given each other hall passes for the night, he only gets one senior year orgy and he should enjoy himself. So should you, I never saw you as a wallflower."

"I thought I should keep an eye on the drinks in case anybody spiked them," Buffy lied and quickly changed the subject, "You look like you're having fun as well."

Jenny nodded and smiled, "Xander's not the only one who's got a hall pass, there's plenty of young studs here I've had my eye on over the last two years, believe it or not teachers have needs."

Given exactly who Buffy was fucking she knew that, but she forced herself to smile and nod in agreement. Jenny continued on however, "There's so many of them and I might treat myself to some hot lesbian action as well, perhaps a threesome, when I make out with one of the cheerleaders whilst I'm rammed by a footballer, mmmnn, that's making me hot. I might have some punch..."

"It's not very nice," said Buffy, "A bit strong."

Miss Calendar ignored her and ladled some into the cup. Buffy quickly moved on, she didn't want a detention on her last day - even if she hadn't spiked the drink, she hadn't stopped Faith and Jonathan either.

The hall was filled with the sounds of sex. grunting and squealing, panting and gasping, the slap of body against body and the rub of flesh against the mats. Buffy avoided the copulators as she moved around, feeling jealous of the frenzied fucking that she couldn't join in. Jenny Calendar wasn't the only teacher who was realising long-held ambitions about banging students. Ms Litto was sucking the cock of one guy whilst manhandling the other, whilst Mrs Jackson was going all lesbian cougar and kitten with a cheerleader - the two of them sixty-nining passionately, Buffy noticing as she got nearer it was Harmony. On the mat next door was Cordelia, covered by a trio of nerds; she was sharing the mat with Amy who was covered in alliance of Math, English and History teachers - each using a different hole. Buffy paused to watch for a moment, listening to the two teens screaming in pleasure; a couple of other on-lookers joining for a moment to cheer and applaud them on. Not wanting to stay long enough in one place that people started to notice she wasn't getting fucked and started hitting on her Buffy moved on.

She could see Principal Snyder on the edge of the room and her heart leapt with love as she sighed at her man. He was looking across the hall, and for once there was a smile on his face - satisfaction. And why shouldn't he have, thought Buffy, tomorrow there'd be the Ascension and as one of the architects his and Ted's rewards would be a power only second to that of the Mayor. She continued to look at him, and he was still so fuckable. Her pussy quivered and she reached under her tiny skirt to touch it, rubbing the slit as she imagined it and other holes being ripped open and pounded by her lover's massive dick.

No-one said anything to her as she slipped her fingers over her hole, probably no-one even noticed as most people were much too engrossed in other things, the few not fucking were, like Buffy, watching the grunting and ramming bodies on the floor. The teen eased a finger into her pussy, wishing it was thicker and longer and attached to Principal Snyder's pelvis. Her moans were lost in the loud cries and shrieks that were filling the hall, the ground almost seeming to shake as dozens of horny seniors went at it like it was their last night on earth (which for some of them it was). Buffy drove her finger in quicker, adding a partner and then a third, so she could stretch her pussy hole and pleasure her hidden spots. Cum dripped down her fingers and wrist, a flood of passion as she slammed herself. "Ooohhh," she moaned, "Ooohhh, yes."

In her minds eye Snyder was turning her on her front, ramming her from behind over the stage, filling her pussy with his large manhood and then swapping holes to stretch open her ass until he was cumming inside her, his warm seed spurting down and deep. "Ooooohhh," she moaned again.

"Drink?" asked Willow. She was naked apart from her socks and pumps, cum matting her hair and trickling from her pussy. A wide grin was on her face and two glasses in her hand.

Buffy pulled her fingers from her pussy, "Thanks Will," she took the drink and sipped it. There was hardly any alcohol in it, it must have been spiked back. "How was your fucking?"

"Really good, front and back filled together. You know over the years I may have said some less than complimentary things about footballers, I take it back, those boys bang," Willow grinned. She hooked her arm through her friends, "Come on it's only one night, at least he's not fucking anyone - I've just seen him inspecting the punch and pouring in more juice."

"Yeah," Buffy nodded, knowing her friend was right, but hating being unfucked by Principal Snyder. She straightened a little as Cordelia, head of the orgy organising committee, climbed onto the main stage, like many of the teens she was in a serious state of undress, wearing only her cheerleader skirt and one sock (why she'd been left lop-sided was a mystery to Buffy).

The brunette topped the microphone and addressed those people not fucking. "It's time to announce the Sunnydale Senior Year slut and stud; and I can tell you there's been some competition."

"Just hurry up and announce," Willow said sotto voce as Cordelia explained the voting system in depth (which could be boiled down as counting who had the most votes). She then continued to talk through the security system in place (the shortened version of which could be summarised as locking the results in the school safe overnight).

Eventually Cordy came to a halt and took a breath, "Sunnydale's sluttiest senior, as voted by you..." she paused for an imaginary drum roll, in reality the squeals of Harmony as she got banged a few feet away. Buffy crossed her fingers, hoping it was Will, it was who she had voted for, "... Faith Lehane."

The naked brunette walked up the stairs grinning widely. Buffy clapped politely, she supposed Faith was a reasonable winner, though she suspected that there had been a few votes cast because she was the Mayor's adopted daughter and had his talent for winning elections. Cordelia slipped a crown on her head, which Faith immediately pushed to one side to give herself a cocky air. Cordelia waited a few moments before moving on. "Now for stud of the year..." Buffy's fingers remained crossed, though if she had hoped that Willow would win the slut, she knew her vote for the stud had no chance. "A very popular choice, he's big dicked and has fucked most of the senior year to our complete satisfaction, no more than complete satisfaction, the best lay ever..."

"I voted for Principal Snyder," Willow said in a whisper."

"Thanks, Will, at least he'll get two votes," Buffy said, "The rules didn't say you had to vote for a senior did they?" She was glad her friend had put a tick beside her man, as had she.

Cordelia was continuing to extol the virtues of the winner without actually naming him, talking about how he'd manage to take her and Harmony together and leave them both swooning with pleasure by the time he'd finished. As she ended the anecdote she seemed to realise she hadn't said who it was, "... the winner is... Principal Snyder."

Buffy wasn't the only one clapping and cheering, though she might have been the only one so happy that tears were forming in her eyes. Her man was the school stud, the best bang in Sunnydale High, it was an honour for him and she felt so supportive. Her hands banged together so hard they hurt as he walked up onto the stage to take a grope of Cordy's cunt and receive his crown, which he immediately placed on the table behind. Cordelia waited for the applause to die down, "If this was the prom this would be the stage where by tradition we'd ask the Queen and King to take their partners and dance..."

The crowd didn't seem that interested in a waltz, Cordelia waited for the boos and hisses to die down, a broad beam still on her face, "... however as it's an orgy the organising committee thought we'd have a new tradition and out slut and stud are up for that. They're going to have the next bang with their partners, Faith... you got someone in mind."

The other Slayer grinned at Cordy and nodded, "I'm gonna dyke it up, you fancy it Willow?"

The redhead nodded eagerly, unhooking her arm from Buffy's and rushing up to the stage as the senior year cheered. Once there she began to kiss Faith, the two of them immediately pressing their naked bodies together and feeling down for each other's pussies. Cordelia gave a smile, but otherwise ignored them as she turned to Principal Snyder, "So, sir, who are you going to fuck?"

Buffy could feel her stomach constricting and her breath stopping as she waited to hear which slut he was going to fuck; there was such a choice and all would be begging for it. She told herself not to be jealous, that he was a man with needs and it was right that she supported him, his reputation was important and she didn't want to risk ruining it by them being seen as a public. He spoke and the crowd went wild.

For a second Buffy wasn't sure she'd heard right and she clapped automatically with a fake enthusiasm, it was only when Cordelia called out, "Buffy Summers, come on up," that she realised she wasn't having hearing problems, but that her man was going to show the world they were fucking. A huge grin broke across her face and she bounded up onto the stage, pulling off her top as she did so.

"This is so hot, you acknowledging me in public as your girlfriend," Buffy murmured as she helped him out of his jacket and undid his tie.

"Acknowledging you as my top fuckhole," he corrected her with a lecherous leer, kicking off his shoes. Buffy blushed at her mistake. She wasn't totally sure of the difference between a fuckhole and a girlfriend, but she knew she loved him unconditionally and if he wanted to use a different words for their relationship she was fine with that. Her hands slipped under his open shirt, sliding it off his shoulders and exposing his weedy, but sexy, body. She pushed her naked tits at him, rolling and rubbing them at his chest. At the same time, with practised expertise, she was undoing his belt and zip, her hands reaching into his pants to find the treasure within. She found it under his Y-fronts, ten inches of pulsating prick, already hard like steel.

"MMmnn, yes," she moaned in anticipation as she both pulled down his pants and underwear and fished out the cock. It felt so good in her hand, thick and long, the blood pumping through it so it seemed to beat in and drum as she gripped. Beside her she could see Willow and Faith making out passionately, their bodies clenched together. In front of her Cordelia had found a dildo from somewhere and was working it in and out of her cunt as she watched Buffy stroke the hard dick. And behind, from the sounds, the orgy was resuming with increased energy.

"You know what to do Summers," said the Principal.

She did. Dropping to her knees Buffy began to kiss and lick her man's hard shaft, worshipping it like she was a nun in the Church of Snyder. Her tongue flickered round his balls, painting them with little specks of wet saliva and he grinned happily. He was not, however, as happy as Buffy. She had been hiding this for near two years and now it was out in the open that she was Snyder's girlfrie... fuckslut, the blonde teen was so brimming with joy it was if every Christmas present she had ever asked for had arrived at once. Her mouth slipped over his large cock, rolling over the mushroom head and down the thick trunk. It might not taste of anything, but it was yummy all the same. Her head bobbed down as she went at him with enthusiasm and he gave a grunt of appreciation, leaning one hand on her shoulder as he used the other to push her head further - not that Buffy needed telling, she knew he liked it deep.

Willow was on her knees, her face buried deep in Faith's twat, the dark Slayer moaning in pleasure as the redhead found the right spots. Buffy reached out her hand, taking her best friend's. Willow squeezed it. Buffy squeezed back, if there was one thing she was enjoyed more than sucking Principal Snyder in public, it was doing it whilst her bestie dyked out on Faith's cunt. The two teens sucked and licked with an equal enthusiasm and energy, their mouths almost glued to the genitals of the older man and brunette Slayer. Buffy could hear them both grunting and panting as she and Willow gave it their all.

"MMmnnn, ooohhh, that is so hot," Cordelia was perched on a table a few feet away, driving her dildo in and out of her pussy. She didn't have to self-service herself for long as Jonathan got onto the stage and advanced on her. The class nerd took the Queen Bee there and then, his cock pounding into her hole and making her cry out with enthusiasm, no-one batted an eyelid - it was that kind of night.

"Uurrgghh," Buffy almost choked as she pushed herself all the way down Snyder's shaft. She probably would have done if she hadn't become used to taking it so deep. It still felt uncomfortable, but as she knew her man enjoyed it the discomfort was more than worth it. Snyder held her head in place while he jerked his hips back and forth, brutally face-fucking her, making her eyes water uncontrollably and her throat wretch up bile. Her friend squeezed her hand, as if Buffy needed support, the blonde gripped back, even though she didn't. Snyder enjoyed her throat almost as much as her ass and she knew that no matter how much it might choke her and make her gag she would survive. Snyder was thrusting even harder than normal, though, turned on by the orgy he could see and Buffy could hear. Buffy heaved again, her white bile covering his dick.

"That's it, Summers, you hot little whore," snarled Snyder, "Show the school what you can do, that you're the deep-throat bitch of the year." His hand gripped her head, forcing it as far forward as Buffy had ever been, his huge dick hammering at her tonsils, filling it and making her choke and wretch painfully hard. She went to it, ignoring the burning in her throat and the way the muscles of her oesophagus were stretching agonisingly, concentrating instead on giving her man the best deep-throat she could. He grunted, seemingly content with her mouth's ministrations. "Go on, suck it slut, make it nice and wet, lubricate it for where it's going."

The thought of his dick hammering her ass was such a big turn on that Buffy couldn't help but use her spare hand to rub at her cunt. Snyder didn't seem to mind, his concentration still on fucking her face and Willow was doing the same, fingering herself deep as she lapped Faith eagerly. Buffy thrust in her own digit, driving it back and forth with powerful strokes. It had been a couple of weeks since she'd had a real cock in their, though plenty of dildos (including her Mom and sister's strap-ons) as Snyder preferred her ass and face, only fucking her in the cunt if she was being dp'd. Buffy did like it when her pussy was used. It was the easiest hole to be stretched and the least discomforting to have ten inches of dick pound down, - it was definitely a design flaw from the guy upstairs not to have made ass holes more easily stretchable. Still it was more important that she pleasured Snyder than herself, that was the thing about being his girl... fuckhole.

She gulped for air as Principal Snyder pulled out, her saliva dripping from his hard cock. "Turn around, on your hands and knees," he ordered and Buffy enthusiastically obeyed.

The sight that met her was amazing, a hundred, probably more teens fucking and sucking in front of her. The whole floor was a sea of heaving, trembling naked flesh - with only the most conservative of seniors wearing more than a pair of socks or a half undone bra. They were all going at it hard, every conceivable sex act taking part - girls sucking guys, guys lapping girls, girls lapping girls, straight missionary position, reverse cowgirl, anal, double-penetration, girls being made airtight, guys sharing a hole (pussy and ass), sixty-nines, seventy-nines, triangles, squares, slurpathons so multi-shaped Buffy couldn't even think of a name, titty fucking, deep-throating, straps-on and double-ended dildos, butt-plugs and titty clamps, a whip and a couple of paddles; one couple - more daring than most were even holding hands and kissing.

"Wow, that's so hot," giggled Willow as she got on her hands and knees beside Buffy.

"Yes, but not as hot as us getting fucked together," giggled Buffy, "I can't believe Principal Snyder is going to bang me in public." She smiled broadly, it didn't even matter that no-one was really paying attention apart from a furiously masturbating Anya and even she was switching her view from the four on the stage to the crowd on the front. "This is the best night ever."

"I'm so happy for you," smiled Will, "I know you wanted this so much."

"Less talking more action," said Snyder, slapping Buffy's butt as he moved behind her. Beside him Faith had got herself a strap-on and was moving behind Willow, grinning as she gripped the redhead's ass cheeks. Across the room the band began to play an almost good version of 'The Power of Love' (Jennifer Rush version). Buffy gave a small groan as her man grabbed her buttocks, yanking them forcefully apart so her could see his favourite hole.

"Fuck me please, fuck my tight Slayer ass," she moaned, rolling her body invitingly.

"MMmnnn, yes," moaned Willow as she was entered by Faith's toy.

Buffy had a couple of seconds listening to her friend's groans and then Snyder's dick was pushing at her hole, as with a practised ease he broke her sphincter seal and entered. His large cock always felt so good in there, like it belonged. It stretched her and stimulated her, pleasuring her so deeply that she always came loudly and passionately. It's length meant it went deep and it's width meant that it filled and expanded the hole, leaving her anal nerve endings zinging and singing. Tonight was no different and within moments Buffy was squealing in excited ecstasy as the cock drove into her hole.

Snyder grasped her waist and went at it with even more power and force than normal, almost like he was in a competition with the young Slayer next to him over who could fuck their partner the hardest and deepest. Neither Buffy nor Willow was complaining, both young women squealing and rocking as the anal orgasms tore through them both. Their cries joined the general cacophony of orgasming teenagers, shrieks, squeals and screams, together with grunts and pants and the loud yells and shouts of passion.

"Take it Summers, take it," grunted the Principal as he pounded her.

"Yes, oh my God, yes, I love you, I love your big dick," screamed Buffy in reply. She rocked and bounced enthusiastically, working her ass back at his cock and making sure she was the best ride she could be.

"Aaarrrghh, yessss, yesss, oooohhh fuck my ass Faith, fuck my butt hole, I'm bi for you," screamed Willow, rolling with the same intensity as Buffy, her long red hair whipping around like her was aflame.

The two friends went at in unison, banged by a High School Principal and a high school drop-out. The band moved to another song, a disco beat disguised as a power ballad. Across the hall teenagers banged to the sound of the music. The teachers began to join in, inspired by their Principal's example to bang some of the hottest seniors. Through the orgy Buffy could see Xander dping Ms Moran with a basketball player, whilst making out with Jenny Calendar as she took in the butt from one of the band.

"I'm going to sit down, I'm tired of doing all the work," said Snyder, "but come park that hot little hole down on my cock."

He moved to one of the chairs, sitting on it his legs astride and his cock up. Buffy climbed on top of him, her petite body resting against him as she placed her feet on his thighs and lowered her open asshole onto his large cock. She went down as he came up and soon they were in a perfect rhythm, his large rod ripping her open and sending her to pleasureland. The new position also made it easier for her to finger herself, making her cunt quiver with joy as she drove two fingers in. She screamed in ecstasy and went harder, making the chair tremble beneath them.

It was an even bigger turn-on that she could now see Willow and Faith going at it; she knew her friend was more into guys than women, but she seemed to be enjoying the change - the strap-on Faith was wielding acting like a substitute cock. Faith was grinning and going harder, her ass rebounding repeatedly as she slammed the dildo deep. "Yeah Willow, mmmmnn, you're loving this plastic prick, we should have had you join in the Summers family orgy - a bit of red amongst the blondes and Dawnie. You'd have been a star."

"Aaaarrrrghhh, fuck me Faith, oooohhh fuck fill my ass."

"Yessss, yessss," Buffy was aware she was shrieking as well, babbling incoherently as her brain was atomised by her lovers hard cockmanship. "AAarrrrghh give it me harder."

She could see Xander had finished fucking the teacher and was having a quick drink, looking around at the fucking frenzy and wondering where to go next. She was surprised when Snyder snapped, "Harris here."

Xander looked as surprised and then guilty as if he'd suddenly remembered he'd forgotten to hand in his homework assignment. He gave a last look at Jenny (being made airtight by the some of the Math Club - two guys and a girl) before trooping up. Snyder slowed his fucking to a halt as the teen approached. "You ever have Buffy?"

"No, we're just friends," Xander said, looking quiet disappointed.

"She DP's good if you want to join in," Snyder grinned.

Xander eyes widened and his mouth opened like a goldfish who'd just found out the castle under the sea was make of fish food. He nodded eagerly before looking at Buffy to make sure she was happy. The blonde leaned back against her lover, making sure she spread her legs open for Xander as she did and smiled welcomingly. "Fuck, yes, I'm in," grinned the young man, his large dick immediately springing back into attention.

If Buffy had a favourite sex-act it was definitely double-penetration; she came so hard when Principal Snyder had his dick in her ass sharing her with Ted or the Mayor. She was sure that Snyder ramming her ass, Xander would be no disappointment either; her friend certainly knew how to pleasure his teacher-girlfriend. She rubbed her pussy in excitement, easing it apart as Xander slipped his cock into the wet hole. He was as big as Ted, almost the same size as the Mayor and whilst he was never going to be as fulfilling as Principal Snyder (no one could be) his thrust were soon stuffing her hole and stretching it.

"Mmmnn, double-fuck me boys," she groaned, "Hit my holes hard."

Her legs spread wider, moving up and around Xander so heels were rubbing and bouncing at his ass as he drove in and out. To keep her balanced Snyder gripped her waist hard and made sure his cock was shoving deep into her ass, holding her like a pole. The blonde shuddered and shivered, screaming loudly as the two dicks rammed fast. She known Principal Snyder was a studly hunk, who could bang her to oblivion; on his own or in partnership he knew how to fuck, making her cum again and again. Xander was good as well, despite already shooting tonight his cock was hard and his energy high, his hands gripping at her shoulders as he slammed at her hard, not treating her as a friend, but just as a fuckhole - which was what she desired.

"Aaarrrghhh, yessss, fucccckkk, yessss, ram me hard," the teen screamed.

She wasn't the only one sharing, Faith had moved to Willow's front and the redhead was eagerly sucking the dark-haired Slayer's fake cock as Amy drove a second plastic phallus into her from behind. A small queue was forming of women who wanted to bang Willow, all of them looking greedily at the redhead as she was bounced back and forth between her two current belles.

Buffy turned her head back, looking at Xander as he rammed her, his face twisted with effort and sweat dribbling down him. She was surprised to see that behind him there was a gathering of her male classmates, all stroking their dicks and looking like they were waiting for a turn. Snyder seemed to recognise what she was thinking as he grunted, "You want to take more cock, Summers, compete for class slut with Rosenberg?"

"I want to be fucked by you," squeaked Buffy, recognising that was the proper answer, before gasping, "Anyone else is a bonus."

"Hmmmpf. Pull back a moment Harris," Snyder ordered and as soon as her friend had done so, the Principal pushed her forward and onto her knees. He pulled his own cock out and moved to the front, "Suck it Summers."

Buffy immediately started down the dick, not caring where it had last been. Snyder glanced round, "Mears, you want to have Buffy ride your cock. Get over here. Summers get up and straddle Mears." Buffy did as she was told, she wouldn't have said Warren was her favourite person, he was kinda creepy and strictly speaking wasn't even a student here. But she raised herself and let the young man underneath her before guiding herself down onto his cock. Snyder pulled her forward forcing her mouth down his dick, so her lips were pressed at his balls. "You can come back and finish now Harris, use her ass."

"Oh God yes, I've been wanting this for a long time," moaned Xander as he pushed his hard cock into her gaping ass. He began to pump, as did Warren and Snyder continued to grip her head, jerking it up and down his own large dick.

Buffy thudded between them, all holes filled. She was in heaven, not only was she getting three dicks, one of which was Snyder's massive and delectable one, her long cherished hope of the Principal acknowledging her as his was finally happening, as he gang-banged her in public. It was enough to make a girl cum; which she did violently and energetically, her teen tits bouncing and swaying as her body shuddered from pleasure.

"Take it Summers, take three dicks at once you whore," snarled Snyder lovingly. He drove his cock at the teenager's mouth and throat, face-fucking her with a brutal passion. Buffy thrashed back against him, forced forward by Xander's equally enthusiastic pounding. He eyes swam, the make-up smudging as water moistened the gap underneath. Principal Snyder grunted and suddenly she could taste his delicious sperm in her mouth. She swallowed and choked, drinking down the salty liquid as he pulled out, some more cum dribbling between her lips before she managed to close her mouth and gulp it down.

The Principal stepped back and nodded to the school quarterback, slapping him on the back as he stepped forward, "Stuff your cock in her mouth."

"Yes please," Buffy nodded to show she was fully in accord with Snyder's plan. Dale stepped forward and Buffy grasped his legs whilst opening his mouth for his cock, already salted and pussy flavoured from earlier fuckings. Xander and Warren continued with her other holes.

Not to be outdone Faith had invited Anya to join her and Amy in strap-on fucking Willow, and as Amy began to flag the dark Slayer quickly replaced her with Harmony, the blonde giggling as she pushed her strap-on into the redhead's butthole. Willow squirmed and shuddered, obviously cumming hard but unable to scream it out as Anya's toy went in and out of her mouth.

Xander grunted and let out an oath, his dick spurting his seed into Buffy's butthole. He was barely out when Adam was in, the long-haired student grasping the blonde and pounding away. Buffy came and came again, sweat staining her and her cunt leaking her juice like she was a broken pipe. Warren cried out as he came and Buffy briefly moved position so that Jonathan was beneath her, his cock hammering her well-used whilst Adam continued in her cunt. Dale had cum, shooting over her face so she was dripping goo down her chin and nose, so as she went reverse cowgirl on Jonathan she pushed her head back so that she could suck Scott as he stood over her.

Her and Willow were pounded back and forth like they were cheap rag dolls. One after the other the guys came in or over Buffy, pulling out to be replaced by more seniors. Buffy lost count off how many drove their dick into her holes, all she knew was that there were plenty and the orgasms came as thick and fast as storm flood down a river. When her mouth was empty she screamed and shrieked in pleasure, crying out her enjoyment to the whole hall - then another cock would be pushed towards her lips and she suck it down greedily. Her other holes were continually being fucked as well, her both being rammed so hard and so often sore, luckily as a Slayer she could take the aches and pains. Even if she couldn't the orgasms would have been enough to keep her going; that and Principal Snyder standing near by - watching with a happy smile on his face.

"You can take it Summers, I know a whore slut like you can manage multiple cock," he said, obviously proud of her. He turned, "Anyone else want to fuck Summers, I can vouch she's a dirty skank, but a great bang."

More guys nodded, Snyder becoming the most popular Principal in the State as they joined the queue. Buffy came again as another cock was withdrawn and another entered, her naked tits bounced and jiggled as she was slammed from multiple directions. Just feet away Willow was in a similar position, except the cocks she was taking were plastic, wielded by women. Faith was still pounding her - the benefits of Slayer stamina -, though she'd moved from hole to hole, now lying underneath the redhead and hammering up as two other teen girls took Willow's ass and mouth. She certainly looked like she was enjoying her part in the orgy as much as Buffy, even as her friend watched the young redhead arching and bucking as she orgasmed.

Yet more dicks penetrated Buffy, she no longer looked at who owned them, concentrating instead on riding them and being ridden. Her whole body was a sea of pleasure, orgasm after orgasm striking through her, shredding her very being into small atoms. She was dripping from cum where people had shot their loads, it smothered her face and mussed her hair, dripped down from her chin, nose and forehead and trickled between her breasts. More oozed and seeped from her ass and pussy, in the latter case mixing with her own juice as she leaked like a broken hose. She looked at her man. Principal Snyder was hard again, his cock pointing towards her like a missile. Another guy came shooting his load into her ass. Principal Snyder stepped forward, "My turn again."

No-one disputed his rightful place in Buffy's ass and he stepped behind her, gripping her cheeks as if he needed to move them to get into the gaped asshole. "Hurry up," he snapped to the others fucking her, before nodding towards Willow, "Anyone who wants a go Rosenberg is now available for male dick." Faith nodded her agreement, whilst still pounding at the redhead's cunt to show that it was going to be a bi-sexual gang-fuck. The two guys in Buffy hurried up as Snyder gripped her ass cheeks, stabbing his fingers into them and working them with his hands as his cock shaft rolled over the open hole. Soon the guys had cum, shooting yet more sperm onto and into the blonde Slayer.

Buffy giggled and waved her butt at Snyder, whilst she loved having more than one cock at a time, she was willing to give it up for more Principal Dick. He slapped her butt playfully, stinging it red. He had other ideas, "You want to share Summers' asshole Harris."

Xander nodded eagerly, before again looking at Buffy who nodded just as enthusiastically, "Come share my butt, you needn't worry about stretching me, I'm not a double-anal virgin."

Xander grinned and stepped over her. Buffy gasped in pleasure as Snyder's dick pushed into her gaped asshole, quickly driving all the way down, the walls giving no resistance to his hard member. He worked it in and out for a few moments, before Xander's cock joined him - for a brief second sitting on the edge of the crater and then pushing in.

"Aaarrrrghhh, yessss," Buffy's ass was tender and sore from the mass banging it had been receiving and having two dicks stretching her wasn't the way to soothe it. However, if it was painful it was also exciting and exhilarating, even as her anal passage was stretching all the nerves were screaming their pleasure, the ecstasy magnifying as the two men, pushed themselves in. "AAArrrghh, double-pound my ass, stretch it until it rips."

"Huh, huh," grunted Xander, "Yes sure thing Buffster."

"Stuff it all the way in, Harris, don't hold back," instructed Snyder.

"Yes, Principal Sir," said Xander - no doubt regretting all the uncomplimentary things he'd said over the year about the teacher. He drove down harder, matching Snyder's speed and intensity, the two them quickly working out a pattern that enabled them to maximise the slamming of the Slayer's butt. Buffy certainly appreciated it, her cunt squirted her pleasure and her screams reverberated around the hall, drowning out the crowds of other orgasmic cries.

Snyder was gripping her waist and Xander her ass cheeks, both using them as levers as they rammed their large dicks in. Buffy came again, shrieking out, "Yessss, aaarrrghh, oooohhh my assssss!" She loved double-penetration and double-anal penetration was the best type, especially when it was her man fucking her.

Beside her Willow was also get a double-anal, her first Buffy thought - or at least she'd never mentioned having it before. Faith had swapped holes again and was butt-slamming the redhead, her dildo joined by Jonathan's cock in stretching Will's backhole. From the way she was screaming and bucking she was having as much fun as Buffy...

"AAaarrrrghhh, yeessss," the blonde teen screamed "Double fuck me, fill my ass with dick and stretch me like a trampoline."

It was hard to believe but Buffy was sure they went faster, pounding their dicks down her chute like it was oiled. She came again, almost immediately bucking as an another orgasm tore her. Her ass was agony, but a good pain as it was intermixed with ecstatic pleasure and bliss. She enjoyed it more knowing how much Principal Snyder loved banging her ass and sharing it with friends, she vaguely wondered if she'd be seeing more of Xander - he was no longer a student so Principal Snyder no longer had to keep a professional distance. If he ass-banged like he was doing at the moment, Buffy could live with repeat sharings, perhaps with Ted filming them for the family collection. Her finger rubbed her throbbing pussy as she trembled and with the thoughts of the movie she came again, her cunt dripping girl cum.

"I'm ready to cum, you ready Harris," said Snyder.

"Yes, sir, I'm ready," replied Xander.

There was a pop as they withdrew their cocks and Buffy reached round to grasp her cheeks pulling them apart and keeping her hole open. She could hear the grunts and feel the jerks as they worked their cocks like porn stars for the last bit. The warm cum splattered all over her ass, down the hole and glazing the open rosebud, blast after blast of semen spitting over her skin, seeping down over the curved rump and slipping into the sexed-up anal chute.

"Anyone else want a go?" said Snyder, "There's plenty of time to go and Summers' ass can take two at once."

A more or less orderly line formed...

* * *

Buffy was glad the Ascension was a stand-up ceremony, even with Slayer healing her ass was still aching from the orgy last night. She wasn't sure how many dicks had been up it, she'd been loosing count even before the repeated double anal and continually taking two at once had really messed up her Math. She tried to calculate how many guys there were in senior year and then added the teachers, before remembering she'd been taken with a strap-on by Faith amongst others - she gave up, the answer was a lot. She guessed from a few grimaces from the other teen girls she wasn't the only one with a sore butt, but the smiles on their faces weren't just from the ceremony in front.

Dawn was there, looking resplendent in her jet black wedding dress, or wedding corset and veil if Buffy wanted to be accurate; and the corset only covered the teen's tummy, leaving her pussy and tits out. It was different from other weddings Buffy had been to, but she'd been told demonic weddings to humans were much more relaxed about dress code. However, revealing dress or no, Dawn looked blissfully happy as she stood with her Mom on one side (also tits out) and Ted on the other; the Mayor was a few feet away leading a chant of the teachers as they covered themselves with the menstrual blood of virgins. Faith was standing smiling, wearing an expensive dress the Mayor had insisted she wear and watching her adopted father achieve his ambition. Principal Snyder, who if truth be told Buffy was giving the most concentration on, was taking the time to remind those that survived the Ascension that school would be closing permanently and the importance of absolute obedience to the Mayor and his minions (of which he was proudly one).

The chanting reached a crescendo and then suddenly stopped. The Mayor stepped forward, gave Dawn a reassuring smile, and raised his hand.

The senior audience on one side began to scream agonisingly and whilst Buffy still wanted to admire Snyder and look at him lovingly, the shrieking was so loud and pitched she automatically turned. The teenagers across the way were shaking and shuddering the cloaks and caps they'd been wearing ripping away and whirling into a storm above their heads. Willow took Buffy's hand for reassurance, Buffy glanced down to see that the redhead's other hand was taking Xander's. She turned back to watch.

The sacrifices screamed as one and their skins peeled off, flying towards the Mayor to vanish into him as they reached. A pink mist followed as the blood and muscles and innards were ripped away and pulverised, it entering the Mayor's mouth almost like he was swallowing it. Then there was silence and for a few moments a hundred skeletons stood in place, their bones as bleached white as chalk, before they all collapsed in a heap.

Buffy was aware that everyone was applauding and she joined in, turning back to the stage where the Mayor had turned into something between a cross between a dragon and a snake. Snyder stepped forward to the microphone, "Do you Richard Wilkins take Dawn Summers to be your wife..."

* * *

It was several days after Ascension and things were changing in Sunnydale as hundreds of demons, from across the world, arrived, attracted by the Mayor's new rule. Buffy's street had already got a dozen new vampiric and demonic neighbours, the newcomers evicting and in some cases eviscerating the previous owners. On a more positive note the wedding night had gone well, the Mayor returning to human form and inviting the bridesmaid and the bride's Mom to join him and the Bride for a few days honeymoon, leaving Buffy at home to entertain Ted and Snyder.

Which was why she was happily polishing the cock of Principal Snyder, after doing Ted, who was sitting relaxed on the sofa opposite.

Snyder groaned in pleasure and pulled at Buffy's hair bringing her deeper onto his cock, at the same time lifting his hips to press it into her mouth. Buffy gagged and gasped, realising that not all the liquid in her mouth was her own bile as Snyder pumped his salty semen into her. She swallowed it gratefully, before pulling herself up and licking the remaining traces of her protein breakfast from her lips.

As Snyder buttoned himself up again, Ted asked, "So what are your plans now the Mayor's decided we no longer need a schooling system?"

"I'm going to take the building and turn it into a whorehouse, there's plenty of hot little sluts in this town who won't need much paying in cash if they get lots of cock and plenty of demons with money to burn."

"Sounds a good idea, doesn't it Buffy?" Ted grinned.

Buffy nodded enthusiastically, she was sure Snyder would be an excellent a pimp as he had been a Principal. Snyder leered at her and lifted her head so he could look into her eyes, "I think you should give up the job in the burger bar now there are new opportunities on offer."

"Yes," Buffy agreed, then asked "New opportunities?"

"In my whorehouse, as the orgy showed you're the dirtiest slut in Sunnydale and there's plenty of demons who'll pay a good price to stretch a Slayer's ass wide."

"You mean I'd be working with you?" Buffy hadn't known she could be so excited; the thought of seeing Principal Snyder every day was making her feel giddy and breathless - it was all she could have hoped for the future.

"In a manner of speaking..." Snyder leered.

"Oh my God, yes, I'll be a demon whore for you, baby," Buffy beamed.

She'd never been so happy...

The End

* * *

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