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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Cookie Monster Part 13 (FFf,inc,dp,anal,double-anal)
by LL

The school hall was almost as busy as Buffy had ever seen it, no basketball game or wrestling match had seen as many Sunnydale High students packed on the benches - only the talk from the Mayor the month before on the importance of politeness in everyday conversation had come close. Buffy stood on her tiptoes and looked through the glass window set in the door and watched as more people filed in, like a crowd attending an important football game - a few had even brought popcorn and cola. The benches got even busier, so jam-packed that no further seats were available and the late-comers had to stand, with a more limited view of the wrestling mat in the middle of floor - there was a lesson about tardiness there. Buffy was pleased to see both Willow and Xander had arrived early and were sitting in the front row, Xander especially had been talking about it all week.

In front of the microphone Principal Snyder was frowning as he looked at the camera crew - volunteers from the AV Club. They were making the last minute preparations so they could mat and the three chairs beside it were covered from a variety of angles, without spoiling the views of the live audience. Buffy continued to look round, noting the cheerleaders (all in their sexy new uniforms) and the swim team, the math club and the astronomy society all mixed together and jabbering excitedly.

"Let me look," Dawn jumped up beside her and tried to nudge Buffy out of the way. Buffy ignored her, being eldest had its privileges

"Let her look," Buffy her Mom said and Buffy reluctantly moved, letting her sister take her place at the window looking in. The corridor they were in was empty apart from the three of them, the only thing of interest a notice board with a few posters. Buffy glanced at them whilst waiting - an old one advertising cheerleader try-outs (anal required), another one about saying no to drugs (close to the Mayor's heart) and a third reminding students to walk not run. The fourth was new and Buffy read it briefly, even it told her nothing she didn't already know, "The Ascension. Coming soon!" and then in smaller letters underneath, "Mass sacrifice followed by the Mayor's ultimate rise in demonic fury" "Entry by ticket only."

Buffy wasn't worried, as a senior she was automatically getting a ticket, even if she hadn't been banging Snyder and being the sister of the Mayor's girlfriend. She wished that they'd announce the date, if it was before Prom she probably wouldn't bother with getting a dress.

"They look like they're ready," Dawn announced from behind her, the youngest Summers still peering through the window into the hall.

Principal Snyder was tapping the microphone, "Be quiet" he snapped to the students and they quickly subsided into silence. "No eating, no drinking, no talking, no shuffling, no jacking yourself off, no trying to get into the action, no cameras apart from the AV Club and no fighting." He glared round the hall as if daring anyone to challenge him. Buffy and Dawn crowded together at the door, looking to see if anyone did; everyone was silent, but Faith carried on drinking her milkshake. However as she was pretty much adopted as a daughter by the Mayor the rules didn't apply.

Satisfied that his words had sunk in the Principal leaned into the microphone again, "I mean it," he snarled, "but here's Faith Lehane." There was a polite ripple of applause as he stepped back lectern and a bigger one as the dark haired brunette slowly sauntered up, still slurping her drink.

She eyed the audience, a dirty grin on her face. "As the man said hands off your cocks boys, keep it hard until you get home," she leant into the microphone, and even from behind Buffy knew that the front row was getting a good view of the teenager's cleavage. "Anyways I'm here to introduce tonight's entertainment, Daddy says she's a great fuck and she's certainly loud... dirty Dawnie Summers."

Dawn pushed the door open and jogged into the hall, waving brightly as the crowd cheered and hollered ignoring Principal Snyder's injunctions as Faith encouraged them on like she was conducting an orchestra. Dawn went over to one seat and sat down, she was wearing nothing but a pair of suspenders and some panties. Faith gave her the thumbs up sign before returning to the microphone, "Next up, is the school's hottest blonde, a sizzling sexpot of legs, Dawnie's sister Buffy B..."

The crowd cheered again as Buffy followed her sister in. It was strangely liberating to be skipping in wearing only a pair of pumps and a crucifix in front of almost the entire school; they certainly seemed appreciative as she flaunted herself, jiggling and wiggling before she took the third seat. Faith nodded, "Hot B." She paused and returned to her audience, "And now for the third member of tonight's lesbian family fuckfest, the bustiest and sluttiest Summers of them all - Momma Joyce Summers..."

The crowd cheered again loudly, perhaps not quiet as enthusiastically as for Buffy, the younger blonde noted with a touch of pride, but still showing their support as Joyce sashayed in. She was as naked as her daughters with only a lace belt and some pumps, and the second item didn't even make it as far as the chair before Joyce was taking them off and sitting in the middle between her daughters.

Waiting a moment for the applause to die down, Faith picked up a microphone and walked the few feet from the lectern to the chairs. Once there she held it up to her mouth so both the audience and the sound-guys could pick up her words, "So Dawnie, I'm guessing, not your first girl on girl action with your Mom and sister."

Dawn shook her head and Faith held the microphone towards the younger teen, "No, I've done it with them both. The Mayor loves to watch me getting it on lesbo style with other hotties and they don't come much hotter than my Mom and sis." She giggled and Joyce and Buffy preened themselves for the cameras, "But it's the first time we've had a family threesome."

"Looking forward to it, B?" Faith switched targets.

"A lot," giggled Buffy trying to appear coquettish and alluring to the audience. It had been a suggestion of the Mayor's and one eagerly supported by Snyder and Ted as a way for people to get to know Dawn before she married him as part of the Ascension rites. 'Make a movie with your Mom and sister' he had said, 'We can give it away free with the school magazine'. Buffy had been eager as well and their Mom had needed no persuasion - after all she'd had lesbian sex with them in front of an audience before - this time it would just involve a bigger crowd than Ted, Principal Snyder and Ted and some cameras. "I could hardly sleep last night thinking about how we're going to share Mom." Strictly speaking her fevered imaginings had been more about Snyder ramming her up the ass with his big cock, but that was a secret and she could never tell. She gave a sexy sigh, designed deliberately to titillate the audience, who thought she was thinking of her Mom and Dawn, as she said, "Mmmnn, it'll be great - I'm going to cum so much."

Moving back to the centre Faith smiled at Joyce, "So you're going to be double-fucked by your daughters. Isn't that so disgustingly depraved?"

"So dirty," confirmed Joyce smiling, "Incest with my daughters is about the most taboo breaking act I could do, the only thing even more depraved would be them double-stuffing my ass at the same time." She laughed at her hint and there was a definite rumble of surprise and delight from the audience, who might have been expecting kink, but not that much.

Faith grinned as well, keeping the microphone with Joyce, "You're no anal virgin I'm sure."

She grinned as Joyce shook her head, "I love it in my ass. It's a family trait," she added, looking at her daughters who both grinned.

"I know it is for little D, I can hear her screams right down the corridor when I'm trying to get some shut-eye," Faith laughed and Dawn giggled with her, nodding her agreement. "So you're going at butt-fucking like a bunny on heat, Jay, you B? You an anal slut?"

"Totally, I love large dick in my ass, I can never get enough," Buffy cast a surreptitious look at her lover as she said it, but Principal Snyder was looking at his watch and yawning as if the afternoon's event had already gone on too long.

"I bet," Faith word's brought her back to the present. "Anyway let's see what you've all got. Lean in and give your Mom a kiss B."

Buffy turned and leaned into towards her Mom's eager mouth. There was a murmur of appreciation as the two of them connected, their mouths moving around and against in each other in a long, lingering lip-clench. Joyce's hands reached to Buffy's tits, rolling over the round titties, her palm gliding over the smooth skin and the hardening nipples. Buffy in return massaged up her Mom's thighs and between her legs, her fingers drawing over the Milf's shaven slit. Her sister's hands were on their Mom's waist, moving up and down and massaging her gently as the youngest Summers waited for her turn.

It wasn't long in coming, "Nice," drawled Faith, "Now let's see you with Dawnie."

The Milf broke from Buffy and turned, leaving Buffy's tits and transferring her hands onto Dawn's larger pair, before the two of them kissed open mouthed. Buffy watched thinking how hot it was and that she could see why it turned everyone on to see it. Her hands continued to slide over her Mom's thighs and tease the older blonde's pussy, her finger easing between the labia lips to skim the slit itself. Her Mom kissed Dawn harder, squeezing her tits as if they were a pair of ripe plums she was attempting to burst. Dawn showed no lack of enthusiasm either, her hands joining her sister's, rubbing and massaging Buffy's wrists and fingers even as she was touching her Mom's rapidly dampening hole.

"Mmmnn," Joyce moaned as she let go for air.

"I see both your daughters are kissers, but let's see them get a little lower and suck those titties of yours," Faith grinned and the crowd agreed.

Joyce relaxed on her chair as Buffy went for one titty and her sister went for the other, the two teens sucking and nibbling at the nipples, their tongues darting out and round the teats. They were so close their heads were gently banging together, each other's hair flopping over them (more Dawn's as hers grew half-way down her back). Both the teens' hands slipped lower down their Mom's stomach and the Milf's legs opened in anticipation. She groaned as her daughter's fingers slipped into her slit, both of them working their digit up and around, massaging and stimulating the inside of her hole. The camera operators moved in closer, not wishing to miss a second of the action for the give-away DVD (free with the next issue of the school magazine). Joyce smiled at it, a toothy beam to show how much pleasure she was getting and then shuddered as the two sets of fingers drove in.

"Mmnnn," Buffy groaned as she suckled her Mom's boob, the nipple was so hard and sensual, feeling so good as her tongue swivelled round it. Her fingers pressed in harder at the Milf's hole her knuckles knocking Dawn's as they collaborated and competed over the soaked cunt. All the time Faith was feet away, watching with a sardonic smile. Knowing she was being watched turned Buffy on even more, and she sped up the fingering, her younger sister matching her pace. They slurped loudly and passionately on their Mom's large tits, swallowing them in.

"Go for it girls," Faith drawled, "Give your Mom what she wants."

"Oooohhh," the Milf moaned as she shook, her chair wobbling as she was driven to heaven. "OOohhhh..."

Buffy could have carried on sucking her Mom's tits, but she realised it wasn't just the three of them, but a show - and for it to be a success it needed variety. "Time to tongue some pussy," she murmured so quietly as she detached herself from her Mom's tit only Dawn could hear her.

Her sister nodded with her eyes and pulled her sopping fingers from their Mom's fuckhole as Buffy got off the seat and slid between the legs. She got onto her hands and knees, raising her butt skywards for the audience and camera, as Faith called out, "That's nice B, shake that booty."

Then Buffy was in, wiggling and jiggling her butt as Faith had said and her tongue sweeping over her Mom's cunt lips. They were already soaked with cum and Buffy's enthusiastic tonguing did nothing to dry them. She could feel her Mom shuddering and moaning as her daughter's appreciated her in ways that few children ever did. The blonde's tongue went faster, pressing at the slit and easing it open. She lifted her hand to the cunt, sliding it apart with her fingers so that she could go in deeper, smelling the sensual aroma as she did. Her sister's mouth still was on their Mom's titties, but she was swapping now, suckling the boob Buffy had finished with and keeping the nipple hard, her spare hand was stroking Buffy's hair, encouraging her older sister to cunt-lap their Mom.

Behind them Buffy could hear Faith moving around, her boots clacking on the wood, as positioned herself for the best view and squeaks on the floor so quiet only a Slayer could have picked them up as the pump-soled cameramen shifted so they too could pick up the whole action. There was a continual buzz from the crowd, not one of them individually doing more than murmuring to their neighbours, but collectively making the hall hum with conversation. Even with her ears Buffy could decipher what they were saying, but the tone was excited and appreciative of the sexual floor-show; it was good they were enjoying it and Buffy hoped they'd enjoy it more.

It was Dawn who initiated the next round. "Centipede?" she murmured quietly and there was a gasp of assent from her Mom and Buffy nodded.

The three of them broke, but only for long enough to move to the mat. Faith stepped back, standing in the way of Cordelia - who looked put out, but didn't say anything, "So it looks like this Summers' orgy is hotting up," she said for the camera, the audience or both.

The three women moved into a prearranged triangle, lying on their sides so that Buffy's face was next to Dawn's pussy and her sister's next to their Mom's, whilst Joyce's open mouth quickly moved to her oldest daughter's moist hole. They began to kiss and lap each other, their hands massaging each other's thighs and asses as they did. The camera crews moved to cover them, shooting at a variety of angles so that each cunt lap was picked up by one of them, leaving the future editor with plenty of choice footage for porn magnum opus. The hum of the audience got louder, they were obviously having a good time - albeit possibly not as much as the Summers; exhibitionist, nymphomaniacs that they were.

The three of them trembled and shook, their tongues moving quicker and more passionately. None of them were new to sixty-nining, it was a regular occurrence in the Summers household, especially if Snyder or the Mayor were joining Ted, a little floor-show always turned their guys on and make them pound even harder than normal. It was a first to move from two to three, and Buffy at least was enjoying it. There wasn't the direct connection that you got from a sixty-nine, when she licked Dawn's cunt it was her Mom's tongue that responded, but that seemed to make it more powerful, as if the chain of licking was intensified as went from Dawn to Joyce to Buffy to Dawn again. She hoped Principal Snyder was enjoying the show, because she'd suggest they did this next time they had a party.

"Mmmmn," "Uuuurhhh," "Yuummm," the moans and slurps of them filled the room. The camera and boom were close, picking up every detail and every groan - the soundtrack would probably be enough on its own to get the listeners hard. But they could do more, Buffy knew, make both the audio and the visual so hot that the machines were burnt. The teen shifted her hand from Dawn's ass to her pussy, driving the finger in.

"Ooohhh, aaaaarhhh," Dawn shuddered and shook, though showing her dedication to her Mom's cunt by keeping her head in place and her mouth open. Buffy drove the finger harder, following up with her tongue. Against her she could feel Dawn vibrating like she was attached to the mains. Within seconds Buffy felt the chain go round as her Mom pushed her own digit into Buffy's cunt. The blonde squeaked and squealed, still determinedly licking her younger sister, as her Mom combined finger and tongue in the most delightful combination.

Round and round went the circle of pleasure. The mat was wet with girl juice, its blue cover rippled as they pressed and rubbed over it. Harder and harder went the Summers, not letting up even for a second. Buffy could taste her sister's flavour, swallowing down the liquid like it was a fine wine and she was a woman stuck in the desert. Her own pussy was soaking as well and her Mom was doing a great job of both keeping it that way and cleaning up the juice as it was secreted.

There was the series of small bumps in the centre of the mat. Buffy knew that Faith was moving them on and she glanced downwards, to see the three large dildos the brunette had tossed, rolling around between them. Reluctantly Buffy moved into the next position, her Mom and sister doing the same. Not that Buffy had anything against public masturbation, but that pussy lapping had been so good eternity wouldn't have been long enough. Still it was important not to show her disappointment, so she kept a fixed smile on her face as she sat up facing the benches. Beside her Mom did the same, with Dawn on the other side of the Milf. They spread their legs as wide as they could go, sprawling all over each other and showing the audience their shaven holes in explicit detail.

"Mmnnn, ohhhhh," Joyce groaned and shuddered, her eyes closing in her pleasure, as she started to push one of the toys into herself.

Buffy and Dawn swiftly followed, driving the large dildos into their wet holes. Faith moved into Buffy's eye-line, the other Slayer grinning broadly as she watched Buffy fuck herself - something she'd told her to do several times before when they still bothered with patrolling. Buffy grinned back and slammed her dildo in. If it didn't feel as good as tongue it still felt pretty good, and unlike her Mom's licks, she could directly control the speed and power. She upped a gear, slamming the toy in with Slayer strength and stamina, making herself cum so hard that a spurt of liquid shot from her pussy all across the mat. She glanced at Principal Snyder, he was looking at least, even if his face was set in his trademark scowl so it was hard to tell whether he was enjoying the show or not. Hopefully he was, and so much that he'd come round tonight and make her cum with his huge cock. The thought spurred Buffy on and she rammed herself harder, bucking with self-pleasure as they toy went deep.

The crowd all grinned and gazed eagerly at the three Summers pleasuring themselves on a mat more often used for other forms of gymnastics and wrestling. Buffy smiled back at them, flaunting herself for their (and her) enjoyment. She caught Willow's eye and her friend nodded in encouragement, giving her the thumbs up and nudging Xander to do the same. He did, though he seemed to be having a pain in his pants or at least he kept having to hold his crotch whilst making exaggerated contortions with his face. Buffy grinned at him and he nearly collapsed backwards, whilst moaning piteously. Buffy was sure Miss Calendar would be getting a work-out later.

"Oooohhh," beside her Joyce moaned as she came.

"Uurrrhh, urrrhhh," Dawn was not quiet either.

Buffy decided to join in or else everyone would think she was frigid, "Oh yes," she moaned, "Oh, fuck, yes, yes, yes."

The three of them went into an unplanned chorus, a melody of orgasmic song. Cum splattered from their cunts showering over the mat and their cries became louder and higher pitched, like an experimental choir. "AAaarrrghhh, yessss, aaaarrggghhh."

"Yeah, that's the way to go for it," grinned Faith, "Now isn't it about time you all swapped holes."

Giggling and nodding the three Summers turned onto their hands and knees, jiggling their asses at the audience. Faith handed out some new toys, these dildos designed for anal stimulation with a sharper tip to open the tighter hole. Buffy, her Mom and sister reached round to their butts and pushed them in. As a Slayer's Buffy's butt was the tightest (even if like the others it was looser than it had been a year ago due to regular ass-banging), but she could also put more strength into her pushing and hers was the first to break the seal and drive in. She groaned in pleasure and quickly began to work it up and down, even as Dawn and her Mom, were still easing theirs in.

"That's good girls, you can't see them, but the camera guys are really fixing on those hot asses," said Faith, "Give them, and us, a real show."

Buffy did so, ramming the anal-toy in and out as fast as she could. Her mouth opened and she squealed in happy bliss, her asshole expanding and stretching as she went to it. The mat vibrated under her and she could sense the rapid movements of the others as they too pounded their asses. She couldn't see the audience, but the hum of appreciation left no doubt about how well they were doing. The toys pounded in and out, making them all squeal and shake. One of the AV club moved to the front to shoot their faces, mouths open and eyes wide as they came again and again. The others shot from behind or the sides, co-operating to shoot a multi-angled tableau which would be perfect gift for anyone who had the bad luck not to be there.

As she was ramming her ass Buffy felt for her pussy. It was soaked, but became even wetter as she fingered herself, the anal and vaginal stimulation combining into a perfect pleasure point. Buffy gasped and squealed some more, shaking her body. She could feel the perspiration forming over her skin and soaking the mat beneath her palms. "Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes," she groaned loudly, "Fuck, yes, yes, oh God, yesss!"

"Uuurrhhh my ass, it feels so good," Dawn moaned competitively, "My ass is so fucking hot."

"Gape those butts, girls," their Mom instructed with a giggle, "Work them as I know you can."

In and out the two teens drove, doing as they were told. Joyce went with them, thrusting the toy deep into her own open butthole and squealing as she hit her sensitive spots. Buffy moved slightly closer to her Mom so the two of them were rubbing together, adding both an extra frisson to the anal masturbation and to the movie.

"Yeah look at those asses go," grinned Faith and spanked hard across Buffy's bare butt. The blonde Slayer gave a small squeak and wiggled her butt hard, letting go off the toy so that she could twerk herself for camera without her arm spoiling the view; she kept the toy in as it was deeply encased. Faith slapped her again, "You must be so proud Joyce, you've raised two bangable butt-sluts."

"So proud," confirmed Joyce, still pounding her own hole.

"Like mother like daughter?" Faith asked and spanked Joyce's round ass.

"Yes," giggled the Milf and started to twerk her plugged ass like her daughter.

"MMnnn, I can see why the Mayor likes this," Faith moved onto Dawn and the crack of her palm could be heard. Dawn squealed and squeaked and she too moved into the same twerking rhythm as her Mom and sisters. For a few moments they jiggled together, if not in unison as Faith rustled around in a rucksack next to the chairs. She moved in front of them so they could see her as well as the audience and cameras as she held two strap-ons, dangling them from her fingers. "So Joyce you're a total slut aren't you?"

"Yes I am, and I love it," the blonde Milf replied eagerly.

"And for tonight's entertainment we're going to see you taking two cocks wielded by your daughters, aren't we?"

"Yes," giggled the Milf.

"Which is about as depraved a thing as any Mom can do with her kids," Faith grinned and Joyce nodded in enthusiastic agreement. "Okay girls, get equipped."

Buffy and Dawn stood up and took the toys from the corrupted Slayer. They'd both used strap-ons plenty of times on each other and on their Mom and slipped into them with a practised expertise as the camera's admired them and their still twerking Mom. Faith grinned and slapped their Mom's bouncing butt again, before gripping one of the cheeks to hold the Milf in place, "So who's going to start the fucking?"

"You go first, Dawn," grinned Buffy, standing back to watch as her Mom twisted round onto her back and watching as her sister waddled forward on her knees. She pulled their Mom's legs up and rested them on her shoulders and then dragged the Milf towards her so that Joyce was resting on the teen's thighs. The crowd hummed in appreciation as the youngest Summers introduced her plastic prick to pink pussy of her Mom, sliding in the toy with a skilled expertise. Buffy watched with as much fascination, hoping she could pick up some tips and techniques, both on how to fuck her Mom/sister, but also to make it enjoyable for the watching Snyder, Ted and/or the Mayor. Certainly her sister was making sure her position wasn't one that covered her Mom and spoilt the view. She was making sure she looked at the crowd sensually and sexually as she pounded in and out, teasing them and making them wish they were the one with her (albeit most of the men hoping for a different position).

It was certainly a turn on, and Buffy was sure the injunction against masturbation didn't include her. Taking hold off her fake did she worked it, pressing the haft against her pussy and clit, stimulating herself and moaning. Faith saw what she was doing and grinned, making no move to stop it. Most of the audience was watching her Mom and sister going at it, but the few who were looking at her were appreciative, and no-one minded if it was a rule that was being broken. She licked her lips and pushed it harder at herself, moaning softly.

her Mom was squealing much louder, "Yesss, yessss, Dawn, fuck your Mommy, aaaarrrghhh, yesssss, give it me hard."

The youngest Summers was certainly doing that, going at it with so much speed and vigour that Buffy wondered if she'd somehow passed down the Slayer genes. Buffy worked her dick up and down as she watched her sister slam hers deep into their Mom, the dildo vanishing and then quickly reappearing as it was plunged full on into their Mom's fuckhole. "AAarrrrghh," the Milf shrieked again, "Fuck me, aaaaarrghhh, make Mommy cum."

Faith moved beside Buffy, still grinning as she held the microphone to her mouth, "Pretty hot, eh B?"

Immediately she moved the mike to in front of Buffy and the blonde replied, "Oh God yes."

Faith moved it back to her mouth, "So I'm guessing this happens a lot in the Summers household."

"It's not unusual," Buffy agreed.

"So you want a go?"

"Oh yes," giggled Buffy.

"You reckon you can fuck as hard as your little sis?"

"Harder," said Buffy. it wasn't boasting if it was the truth.

"So you reckon we should give blondie here a go?" Faith turned to the audience like a ringmaster garnering support for the acts.

There was a general sound of whistling and whooping, intermixed with applause which Buffy took as a 'yes' and luckily so did Faith, the dark Slayer stepping back and announcing, "Dawn you're off, Buffy you're on."

The two sisters swapped positions, Buffy guiding her strap-on into her Mom's slick pussy. Soon she was pummelling away, her Mom's ankles wrapped round her neck and the Milf's round butt bouncing at the teen's thighs. Buffy always enjoyed fucking her Mom with an audience, knowing they were turned on by what they were watching. Normally it was Ted and Principal Snyder, latterly joined by the Mayor. However it was just as fun when it was her school mates; and if Willow had seen her banging away before it was a first for Xander and from his look he was finding it worth the price of admission. Buffy grinned at him and gave her Mom an extra series of hard rammings, Xander had fucked her as well and she knew her friend knew exactly how bangable her Mom was.

"AAarrrghh, yessss, Buffy, yessss," her Mom continued to shriek following the daughter-swap. Her naked body heaved and jerked on the mat, her large tits wobbling as she was rammed. Buffy grinned and slammed some more, she knew her Mom was a total nympho who could take a lot of cock and love it. The crowd appreciated it as well, it wasn't just Xander and Willow, who were watching with wide grins. She could see Cordy and Harmony, in their new cheerleader uniforms (the ones hired from a porn set), Anya giving a guy next to her a hand job, and many others, some of whom she knew well, others hardly at all. they were all watching her ram her Mom and enjoying every second.

"AAaarrrghhh, fuckkkk, Buffy, aaaaargghhhh," Joyce screamed even louder, her cunt leaking juice like a faulty fire hydrant

Faith was standing behind Dawn, her hands on the youngest Summers' shoulders, massaging them like the teen was a boxer and Faith her training giving her advice between rounds. "You ready to carry on fucking your Mom, Dawnie?"

The young brunette nodded and grinned cockily at Buffy. Faith didn't say anything for a moment, just continuing to massage the teenager as she looked at the other two fucking. After perhaps half a minute she spoke again, but to Joyce, "Okay Mrs S, on your hands and knees, let Buffy fuck that sweet pussy doggy-style."

Buffy pulled out her strap-on from the sopping cunt, holding the dripping toy and getting her breath back as her Mom swapped position. Immediately she'd done so the Slayer was back, thrusting and driving her dildo deep into the hot twat, grasping her Mom's waist for extra leverage. She was soon back to her previous speed, drilling her Mom's hole with her large cock and them both loving every second.

"I think it time to share again," said Faith from the sidelines, "You wanna be spit-roasted by your darling daughters, slut Mom?"

"Oooohhhh God, yes," gasped a still rocking Joyce, "I want to be the middle part of a Summers sandwich."

"You heard her D, go get yourself some Mom," grinned Faith, her hand reached down to slap Dawn's ass as the giggling teen scampered back into the centre.

One of the AV club camera crew was making sure he stood in front of her as she advanced so he could get her happy smile and jiggling titties. He stepped back as Dawn got onto the mat and moved in front of her Mom, holding out her toy like it was a weapon. Her Mom was bounced forward by Buffy, her mouth opening. She couldn't quiet get her lips round the dildo the first time, nor the second, but with the third it slipped between her lips like an arrow hitting the bulls eye. Dawn grinned and started to work her hips, moving in time with her older sister.

"That's good," Faith grinned, "Work together, double-fuck your Mom, she's such a slut but so are you two."

"It must be a family thing," Dawn agreed and Buffy nodded, continuing to thrust in and out of her Mom.

Soon they got the perfect rhythm, the two teens happily sharing them Mom front and back. It was so hot that Buffy wondered why they hadn't done this before. A quick glance across the room at Snyder confirmed her lover was enjoying it and he'd like it even more if they'd being doing it in the front bedroom, with him and others ready to jump in and get some butt. Dawn looked like she was having fun as well, the teen grinning widely as she slipped her cock into her Mom's mouth. As their first family spit roast Buffy was glad it was being filmed, it would mean they had a souvenir to keep forever. She upped her speed, her sister matching her thrust for thrust and their Mom rocking in pleasure between them.

"You enjoy fucking your Mom's butt, B?" Faith said smiling.

"Yes, I love it," Buffy grunted, whilst still enjoying the other hole.

"I think it's time to swap, show these guys how to really ass ram a woman," Faith said.

"You want me to continue?" giggled Dawn, showing no sign that she was intending to stop.

"Yeah, but you can go a bit harder, give your Mom a proper face-fucking; she can handle it," Faith grinned.

Buffy was already swapping holes, pressing her toy at her Mom's ass, already loosened and ready to be banged again. The older blonde rocked backwards as Dawn began to thrust harder at her throat, driving the cock in as deep as she could manage and Buffy grabbed her Mom as she moved, driving forward and planting the toy deep within her Mom's well-used butthole. If Joyce could have shrieked she would have been so loud she'd have shattered eardrums, but as her mouth was full she settled for a stifled grunt and redoubled her own efforts, bouncing between her daughter's like a squash ball in a close fought game.

"High five" said Dawn, raising her hand.

Buffy nodded, winked at a grinning Faith and then slapped her hand against her sister, "Five by five," she replied as their palms slapped together.

"Mmpppfff," their Mom snorted in agreement and the two Summers girls slammed her together.

The camera people were clustered around, shooting the sexy spit-roast from every angle. A couple of times Faith had to move in to shoo them back as they got so close they were in danger of being smacked by a rogue limb or placing a camera lens in the way of a thrusting Summers. Buffy, however, ignored them, concentrating on butt-pounding her Mom and keeping in concert with her younger sister. Her hands held her Mom's waist, marvelling at how well the older woman could take two thick cocks from the teens and hoping that she was a supple as her Mom when she reached the ancient age of forty-five.

"Take it, mmmnn, yeah suck it all down," called out Dawn and Buffy pulled her eyes up from her Mom's round rump to look at her sister. The younger teen was amazing as well, her tits bouncing and swinging around as she slammed their Mom's mouth with a happy grin on her face. She saw Buffy looking at her and flicked her hair back over her shoulder before holding her palm out for Buffy to strike again. They clapped together and Buffy grinned, she was so lucky to have such a great family and such a great lover. She glanced over at Snyder and felt a wave of love wash over her; seeing him there, watching her fuck was so hot and sexy that she found herself going harder and faster without noticing it, bouncing her Mom hard against Dawn's fake phallus.

"Hey, I think its time we went harder, don't you?" Faith grinned at the audience, who agreed whole-heartedly. She moved behind Dawn, taking the teen by the waist and pulling her back so that the cock popped out of her Mom's mouth, "I bet you love DPs don't you Mrs S?"

"I love," gasped the Milf, Buffy slowing her pounding to allow her Mom to talk without shrieking, "Even better than being spit roast."

"In that case I think it's time little Dawnie got your ass and B got to fuck that hot, juicy cunt again," Faith grinned and waved for one of the AV club to get closer as the Summers again switched positions, Dawn sitting on the mat and Joyce lowering herself. Buffy and the camera guy watched in lustful fascination as the toy went up her Mom's back hole. The young man knelt down and shoved his camera in close to pick up the detail. Another one was filming Buffy, catching her expression as she licked her lips in hungry anticipation.

Joyce rose up and down, impaling herself fully on the toy. Dawn gripped her Mom's waist and moved her head round so that she could suckle and lick the round boobs, her tongue flicking out like she was a hungry lizard. The Milf moaned and pressed herself back on her youngest daughter, her head resting the crook of the teenager's shoulder. Buffy waited impatiently for the 'go' signal from Faith, the other Slayer holding her back and letting Dawn work their Mom solo for a couple of minutes. Soon the blonde Milf was gasping and rocking, her hips swinging as she sped up down the plastic dong.

"Time for two," said Faith slapping at Buffy's ass.

The blonde ignored the sting, but instead got on her Mom, reintroducing her dick to her Mom's soaked slot. Joyce squealed out, shaking in pleasure as she took two. Buffy grinned at her sister and Dawn smiled back as they came together, sandwiching them Mom between them. The older blonde shuddered some more, her back bending and her legs stretching as she gripped Buffy's back, pulling her closer, "Fuck me girls, fuck Mommy together."

They did.

"Take us both," grunted Buffy as she thrust in and out, going faster and harder than ever. "Take us all the way in."

"Yes, Mom, you're so hot, me and Buffy both love fucking you, its so sexy, 'specially doing it in tandem," Dawn agreed, she gripped her hands onto her Mom's tits and squeezed them as she hammered up.

"Oooohhh, aaarrghh, I love your cocks, they're almost as good as the real thing. Oohhh God, please pound my holes," Joyce squealed and rocked between them, her naked body pressing at first one and them the other as she punched from side to side.

Buffy and Dawn continued slamming, but moved their heads together. It wasn't the easiest way to kiss, not when their Mom was bouncing between them and they were driving in and out at speed. It wasn't the most successful either, their tongues barely flickering over each other and their lips not meeting at all. But for Faith and the audience it worked. "Look at this guys and girls," shouted Faith, like an over-excited football commentator, "Have you ever seen anything so fucking disgustingly depraved?"

Probably some of them had, it was Sunnydale, but they didn't mention it, just clapped and cheered as Buffy moved in again for a second attempt. It did little better than the first, but one of the camera crew knelt inches from them capturing the valiant attempt for posterity and Faith led the whooping applause, ignoring Principal Snyder's early injunctions. "Go for it B, you too Dawnie, third try's the lucky one."

It wasn't, as it happened, nor was the fourth. But by the fifth their Mom had orgasmed, shrieking so loudly that Buffy was almost deafened, and had fallen back on Dawn. Buffy both slowed and pressed forward even deeper, Dawn doing the same. The two sisters connected in a way they never had before and their lips met as they did, their mouths opening as they swirled their tongues around. The crowd yelped and cheered, led on by Faith, but with Willow and Xander not far behind. The camera was inches from them, catching every second of the depravity.

The kiss didn't last long, even if the memories would last forever, then Buffy pulled back and resumed giving her Mom the hardest fuck possible, making the Milf shriek and squeal even more. Dawn didn't lie back on her laurels either, and within moments she was back up at speed, driving her toy into their Mom's tushie and matching her sister thrust for thrust. As the main beneficiary Joyce was rocking and screaming like she was rammed by electric cattle prods, her face contorted and her hair wild. Sweat washed her body and stained the mat as she was hit two at a time.

"Go for it, B, give it your Mom hard. You too Dawnie," Faith yelled from the sidelines, directing a camera shot to take in both the toys slamming deep. "Fuck that slut, you slutty sluts," she said, as she grappled for the right words to use. "Shit, just double ram her brains out."

If Joyce's brains weren't leaking out her ears, her juice was certainly leaking out her twat. She screamed some more and rocked like she was a ship afloat in a storm, her legs kicked out and her arms stretched, her large titties bounced. Buffy rammed in as hard as she could, her own pussy soaked and warm with excitement. She could feel the hammer from behind as Dawn's dildo rammed their Mom's hole, almost meeting Buffy in the middle. "Harder, Dawnie, harder," Buffy said.

"I'm going as fast as I can," gasped Dawn, "I'm not a Slayer."

"Aaarrrghh, you're both doing great, don't argue," shrieked their sandwiched Mom.

Their Mom was right, this wasn't the time to fight, but for the two sisters to work together. If Dawn couldn't up her pace and power, Buffy could. She rammed harder, driving her dildo into her Mom so quick that it was only the dampness of her cunt that stopped it smoking and flaming. The Milf cried out louder, her legs wrapping at Buffy's as her palms pressed on the mat. "Yes, yesss, girls, pound Mommy's holes open."

There was a continual hum of excitement from the crowd as they enjoyed the live sex show. A few of them so turned on they were making out with a hot girl sitting next to them, and more than one had his cock out as the same hot-girl gave him a hand-job. Xander was one of the luckiest, as Cordy had moved to sit next to him and her hand was jacking furiously at his cock. Principal Snyder snarled for a moment as the students flagrantly ignored his instructions, but he was quieted as Faith directed Harmony to drop to her knees in front of him and use her mouth to manage his hard-on. Buffy felt a little jealous, but she also recognised her boyfriend had needs and it was important he had them met, and she couldn't do that at the moment.

More and more of the watching teen girls were working the guy's dicks, some of them two of the time, one in each hand and soon the only guys who weren't either getting jacked or blown were the cameramen, which was kinda typical for the AV clubs nerds. Still, in some sort of recompense they were all getting close ups of Buffy and Dawn pounding Joyce and the Milf's ecstatic reactions; shivering, screaming, squirting.

The blast of juice zipped from her Mom pussy and all over Buffy's stomach. The blonde grinned and slammed in, she knew what her Mom was feeling, having two dicks in you didn't just double the pleasure of having one, it quadrupled it. The Milf was adding further to her excitement by rubbing her clit vigorously, pressing the button down and in, stimulating herself. She screamed back "AAaaarrrghhh, yesssss, aaaargggghhh."

"That is hot," grinned Faith, "but let's make it hotter, now your Mom's ass is nice and open let's see it take two dicks at once. On your hands and knees, butt-fuck bunny."

Joyce complied, waving her ass at the camera and her daughters. It was certainly gaped, red rimmed and dark inside. Buffy licked her lips in anticipation as her sister stepped forward and slid the strap-on back down the hole. Their Mom moaned and rested forward, spreading her arms across the mat and she lay her cheek against it, slowly rubbing the material as she moved herself back and forth over her teen daughter's toy. Buffy stepped over them, glancing at the audience, and smiling as she saw how much fun they too were having.

"Give it her B," instructed Faith.

The hole was as tight as Buffy had ever fucked, only a small gap remaining between the wall and her sister's strap-on. Buffy pushed at it, using her Slayer strength to force it wider open. Her Mom squealed and grunted, trying to push her ass up to meet Buffy. Dawn was doing her best to help as well, gripping her toy and using it as a lever to open her Mom's ass, pulling the hope open wider and giving Buffy more space.

"Urrhhh," Buffy grunted, as slowly she pushed the dildo deeper and deeper, stretching the Milf butt wider than it had ever gone (and with the fuckings it had received it could go pretty wide). Her Mom shuddered, with pleasure or pain - it was hard to tell and Buffy grasped her waist to hold her in position, her fingers brushing Dawn as the youngest Summers had the same idea.

"Go for it Buffy, you can do it," Dawn said encouragingly.

"Yes, baby go for it," Joyce moaned, "My ass can take your big cock."

Buffy worked her hips, driving forward. Dawn pressed forward to make sure she was all in, her naked tits speared at Buffy's as the two teens met over their Mom. They grinned and giggled, Dawn transferring her hands from her Mom's waist to her sisters as the older teenager continued to push and press. She was getting in deeper and deeper, the toy gradually vanishing into her Mom's stretched out hole. "Mmnnn, this is so sexy," she moaned, "Your ass is so fuckable Mom, even with another dick in it."

"Ooohhh, yesss," Joyce groaned in reply, "I'm loving having my two girls in my most private hole."

A camera guy was crouching at each side, their cameras inches from the expanded chute, filming every inch of toy going in. Buffy was sure it would be a part of the movie people would watch again and again, rewinding and fast-forwarding back so they could engrave on their memories. She also knew it'd be something she'd be viewing, with Principal Snyder beside her so she could work his huge cock at the same time. She was in all the way now, going faster and harder as her Mom's butt loosened and she could work up a rhythm. Her naked body pressed and bounced against Dawn's, the younger teen keeping herself in place and acting as a base whilst Buffy was the worker. Buffy didn't mind, she was enjoying herself too much, and the audience weren't seeming to care either, most of them lost in a frenzy of jacking and sucking. Even Faith was relaxed, her hand down her own pants as she sat on one of the chairs and watched the show with a grin on her face.

"Aarrrrghhh, yesssss, yessss, oh my God, yessss," Joyce was enjoying it as well.

Buffy went quicker, at the same time pressing herself closer at Dawn so their naked tits rubbed and massaged each other. Her sister could be as irritating as any younger sibling at times, with a cocksure attitude and a smart-ass mouth, but she also had an ultra-hot body, which she could see why the Mayor had gone for. On top of that she was as dirty and depraved as the rest of her family, why else would she be double-fucking her Mom in front of an audience? The brunette teen might have read Buffy's mind, as she wiggled her titties, pressing them harder against her older sister and moaning gently in obvious excitement as she went down and in.

Beneath them their Mom squirmed and shrieked as her daughters shared her ass, "Aaaarrrrghh, fill me girls, stretch my hole wide."

The two teens continued to work together in a way they seldom managed when asked to do the dishes or prepare dinner; they slammed their Mom's butt so co-operatively it was like they were in a contract with it. The Milf screamed even louder, her howls echoing round the hall and merging with grunts and groans of dozens of schoolboys getting jacked off. Faith was grinning, walking around the threesome in the mat, like a tiger eyeing it's next meal. "Go for it B and D, you're hearing what you're sweet Mommy is saying. Be good girls and split her ass in two."

The teens upped their speed, Dawn panting with exertion as she gave it her all, Buffy knowing that if she did she would literally tear them Mom in half so instead keeping herself at her sister's level. Their strap-on shoved in and out, there was no doubt Joyce's hole was expanding as they worked and that she was enjoying it as she screamed even louder, so high-pitched that it was a wonder people didn't fall away with bleeding eardrums.

Dawn was starting to slow and though Buffy gripped her sister closer to take some of the strain, their Mom was starting to flag as well, her head falling forward onto the mat and her arms stretching out in front of her. Faith saw that the show was coming to end and stepped forward, taking both Dawn and Buffy's hands in hers and pulling them up, before raising them like a championship boxer. "The Summers!" she announced to a crowd who were more interested in jacking/being jacked off.

The brunette grinned at them, "Don't worry you were great. That's going to be one hell of a movie."

* * *

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