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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Cookie Monster 12 (MMMFff,anal,dp,double-anal)
by LL

Everyone in the line, including Buffy, watched with a little jealousy as the limousine pulled up against the sidewalk outside the school. First out was Faith Lehane, exiting the front door with a cheery wave to both the vampire driving and those in the back. She swung her rucksack casually over her shoulder and headed towards the smaller entrance, used only by teachers and those who had special permission - such as the girl who was like an adopted daughter to the Mayor. Wearing her long tight leather pants and black leather jacket, she was definitely flaunting the school dress code, but no-one was going to pull her up on it.

A couple of moments later the back door opened and Dawn Summers exited. She'd been out last night with the Mayor on a fundraiser, staying the night with him, and she was still dressed in what she'd left her house with the evening before, a tiny pair of hotpants and a top that just about concealed her tits. She dabbed her lips with a hanky, before giving the Mayor a small goodbye wave and blowing him a kiss; she continued to stand there until the limousine drove off before she turned and went to the teacher's entrance. Most of the people in the line were jealous that Dawn was getting banged by the Mayor, Buffy felt no such emotion - she was being fucked by Principal Snyder who was the best man in Sunnydale (though she could see the attraction of the Mayor and Ted). However she was jealous that Dawn didn't have to wait in line for the mandatory dress code inspection - Principal Snyder was really cracking down on violations and because no-one knew she was fucking him she didn't get a pass. She sighed and shuffled forward, following Willow and Amy.

Eventually they got to the front, Amy standing on the top step between Miss Calendar and another teacher. Both frowned at her attire, Miss Calendar getting out a tape measure and holding it against the teen's skirt. "What length is this?" she asked.

"I'm not sure," said Amy in a tone which suggested she had a pretty good idea it was outside school parameters. Miss Calendar held up the measure, her thumb on the seven. "It's seven inches, Amy, you know the rules, all skirts need to be six inches or less." The teenager gave a small nod and blushed at being caught. The teachers hadn't finished yet as Miss Calendar put away the measure and turned back to the teen. "Lift up your top."

Blushing furiously the redhead did and both teachers pursed their lips as they examined the teen's chest, "Is that a bra?" asked the male teacher.

Amy had little choice to admit it was and Miss Calendar gave an obvious tut of disappointment, "You know the rules, Amy, bra's must be pop-up or see through and that's neither."

"Yes Miss Calendar," the young woman admitted.

The teacher reached for a notebook and wrote in it, speaking as she did, "Amy Madison, two dress code violation, detention and twelve spanks of the cane." The teen blushed, but could do little but nod and accept her punishment, the increased discipline not only had the full support of the school board, but was surprisingly popular with parents as well. The teacher placed away the notebook, "Go home and change," she ordered. Trailing her back behind her Amy headed back to explain to her Dad why she was returning. Miss Calendar turned and her discipline face vanished to be replaced by her normal 'cool' teacher vibe. "Next."

Buffy stepped forward and both teachers nodded in appreciation, Buffy was fully compliant with the rules it was obvious to see. For forms sake Miss Calendar ran her tape down the teen's skirt, smiling as she saw it ended just before the six inch mark. "Okay Buffy, lift your top." The teen did proudly, wiggling her tits as she was trained to do in the Doublemeat Place. Miss Calendar smiled and nodded, "Good, no bra."

"Nice tits by the way," the male teacher leered. "I'm going to make sure I grab a burger later." He looked like he was going to grab something else as well, but resisted. "Panties?"

Buffy raised her skirt to show she hadn't bothered with them, whilst strictly speaking it was acceptable as long as it was either a thong or otherwise sexy to have underwear, female students who didn't bother were likely to get higher grades. The teachers looked down at her pussy lustfully for a moment, before Miss Calendar said, "Thank you Buffy, next..."

Buffy waited in the corridor a few moments for Willow to go through her inspection; like her friend the redhead passed easily, as the bra she was wearing was acceptably transparent underneath her net top. The two of them walked down the corridor towards the cafeteria wondering if Xander had managed to arrive in yet.

There were posters advertising that the school magazine was out and Buffy picked up a copy, slipping a couple of dollars in the honesty box as she did. She opened it and flicked through a few pages as she walked. In her view it had definitely improved this year - out were tips on how to study, library opening times and staid reports of the football team's success (and more often failures). In were the best make-out spots if you wanted to be laid, reviews of the latest porn DVDs and nude pictorials of some of the sexiest girls in the school (including Dawn's friend Janice in a lesbian clinch with a senior). Dawn herself was due to appear in the next issue, Jonathan and a camera man had been round the house last week to interview her about her relationship with the Mayor and to take some naked snaps of her, in the kitchen and lounge as well as her bedroom. Ted had stood by as they snapped, obviously as proud as if she really was his daughter.

Xander wasn't yet in when they arrived at the canteen, his regular nocturnal sessions with Miss Calendar were obviously taking it out of him, and he often just made school as the bell went. Buffy and Willow went to their normal table, one with room for three for when Xander arrived. "So how was last night?" Buffy asked her friend with a smile.

"Double anal from a couple of the football studs," smirked Willow. "Did you go on patrol?"

"I didn't bother, Wesley's not great company and there's hardly any vampires around and anyway, those that are working for the Mayor."

"That was a great idea," enthused Willow as she often did whenever the Mayor or Ted were mentioned (not that Buffy could blame her), "It stops them harming people and keeps them gainfully employed."

"The night-time burglary rate has virtually stopped," agreed Buffy, "and its good to wake up in the morning knowing the only damage vamps have done is being overly enthusiastic in where they place fly-posters of the Mayor's campaign."

"So what did you do? Anything exciting?" Willow glanced round conspiratorially, she was only one who knew about Buffy and Snyder, even Xander was unaware.

"Principal Snyder was working, but I've made him a little sex tape of me masturbating, which I hope he likes," giggled Buffy.

"I'm sure he will," grinned Willow, who always had faith in her friend. "So what about the weekend? Do you fancy going to the Bronze on Saturday night, I've heard a little birdy say that the cheerleaders are going to be naked cage dancing."

"I'd love to," Buffy shook her head, but with a smile "But we're having our first full family orgy Saturday."

"That sounds a blast," said Willow, "Anyway here's Xander, I'll see if he wants to come with to the Bronze."

* * *

There was an air of tension in the Summers house, or at least in the main bedroom, as Dawn, Joyce and Buffy prepped for the orgy. It was the first time the Mayor had come over and Dawn wanted to create a good impression, as did Ted and no matter how many times he said he was relaxed it was obvious he wasn't. It had got so bad Joyce had to give him a blow-job whilst Dawn and Buffy were applying their lipstick to keep him from going off the calmness rail. Luckily he had the sexual stamina of a very horny rabbit and even though he shot a load over the blonde Milf he'd be ready for the main event.

He was downstairs offering Principal Snyder and the Mayor a choice of scotches (or brandy if they preferred) whilst the three Summers got ready, each of them making sure there pussies were shaved and checking each other for a stray bit of fuzz. Their make-up was already applied, bright red lips and light eye-shadow, which would probably be totally smeared across their faces by the end. They had also gone for the minimal clothing option, high heels and suspenders, so that their full charms were on show.

"Stand by the mirror, let me have a look," Joyce said proudly.

Her two daughters scampered into position and the Milf couldn't help but beam widely, "Oh you both look so fuckable, the guys are so lucky."

Buffy didn't want to disagree, though she felt that she, her Mom and sister were the real lucky ones, and so she just smiled back, "Why don't you take a picture of us Mom?"

"What a good idea," her Mom giggled, "I've not got one of you together grown up, Dawn step closer to your sister and push your tits at her... that's right. Now Buffy reach down to your sister's ass and grasp her cheeks hard... Now hold that pose while I get the camera... just a second... smile."

She snapped a shot and then a second before lowering the camera, "Now one of you kissing."

The two sister's kept their grip on each other as their mouths closed. They had kissed before, but never in this way, with their mouths open and their tongues twisting against each other. "That's beautiful," said their Mom and took a few more shots.

There was some reluctance from the teens as their Mom put the camera down and said, "Okay that's enough," though her next words perked them up immediately, "We shouldn't keep the guys waiting."

"No, we shouldn't," Dawn nodded enthusiastically, looking both excited and scared at her first orgy.

"Shall we take out the butt-plugs now?" Buffy asked, ever practical.

"I think our asses our prepped enough," confirmed her Mom with a smile.

There were a series of pops close together as the three women pulled the large toys from their butts. Buffy turned to the mirror, grasping her buttocks and looking over her shoulder to check her gaping ass. Her younger sister was doing the same and they were immediately joined by their Mom, the Summer's trio standing together in a line admiring their own and the others gaping holes and inwardly salivating at the thought that all three would soon be filled again - by real dicks this time. Almost reluctantly Joyce let go off her cheeks, letting them slide over the hole. She straightened, "Let's go do our men."

The two teens brightened, slipping their arms through each other and following their Mom down the stairs and into the main room. Principal Snyder was relaxing on the sofa in the middle, whilst Ted and the Mayor were on the comfy seats on either side. All three men were supping what Buffy was sure was an expensive brandy, though they stopped and grinned appreciatively as the Summers entered. The family trio sashayed in, swinging their hips sensually, their tits jiggling with the move, as they slowly and deliberately stepped towards their targets. Almost in unison they arrived, dropping down to their knees in front of their guys. The three men smiled and relaxed as without a word their pants were undone and unzipped and the Summers' fished out their hardening cocks.

No matter how often she saw it Buffy never ceased to be awed by the size and girth of Principal Snyder's dick - there were elephants with smaller trunks. It was even more amazing that she got to lick and play with it. Principal Snyder could have had any woman he wanted with a cock like that and Buffy was the one he'd chosen (he banged the cheerleaders as well, but she remained his number one). From the titters and giggles from her Mom and sister she knew they felt the same about their men's large dicks as well, even she hadn't already known that. The blonde teen opened her mouth and slid her lithe tongue around the thick gland. Snyder grinned in appreciation and sipped his brandy, whilst stroking the back of her neck encouragingly with the other hand.

"Mnnnn, I love you," Buffy murmured as her tongue swept up. Snyder just grunted and swilled the drink round his mouth, savouring it. Not that Buffy had been expecting a reply, he never said the words, just did the deed and showed her his love with how he slammed her with his dick. It made her wetter and more excited as she thought about what he'd be doing soon and she reached down to stroke herself whilst opening her mouth to take the dick in it.

The sounds of slurping filled the air, Buffy not the only Summers' whose head was bobbing up and down. The three men grinned, draining their drinks and enjoying their blow-jobs. They pressed down firmly on top of the women's skulls, encouraging them to go down deep. Not that Buffy needed much encouragement and she suspected her Mom and sister didn't either; the blonde teen went at the cock with enthusiasm, taking it as far as she could, feeling it pressing at her throat, making her gag and choke. It didn't pause her and she carried on eagerly, swallowing the prick all the way to the balls, pressing her face against her Man's middle as she pushed down.

"That's it, you slut Summers, suck my cock deep," Principal Snyder gave her the encouragement and support she craved from him. The teen went faster and harder at his words, her head rocking like she was at a Metallica gig. Snyder groaned again and pressed his hand harder at her head, keeping her down (not that she planned to move). "That's good, you're a dirty little blow-job queen."

He'd never said anything so complimentary to her and if her mouth hadn't been full she'd have beamed in pleasure. Instead she pushed herself harder, making sure that his words weren't famous last ones, and giving him the best sucking she could. He grunted and shuddered, his hand on her head, draining the brandy in the other.

Either side of her her Mom and sister drank cock just as eagerly, Ted and the Mayor, breathing and panting with lust as the Summer's did their thing. Buffy's rubbed her wet pussy, thrusting a couple of fingers in herself to make sure she was nice and lubricated their. The other two were doing the same, jilling with the same intensity they were giving head.

"Okay Dawn on your knees in the middle of the room," the Mayor said.

"You too Summers," said Snyder letting go off her head.

Buffy did as she was told, her toes brushing against her sister's as they sat back to back. Seconds later their Mom joined them, kneeling between them, so that they were in a three pointed star looking out. "Are you going to properly face fuck us?" the blonde Milf said with a smile.

"We are," it was the Mayor who answered, but Ted and Snyder nodded with him, grinning as they advanced to the three open-mouthed Summers. The three women took them readily, their heads moving forward to meet the men's incoming cocks. Down and down they went, sucking the cocks deep even as the men gripped their shoulders.

Buffy gagged as she shoved down, Snyder driving forward at the same time. His hands gripped painfully at her shoulders, gripping them like she was a bike's handlebars and he was speeding down the road. His hips moved and he drove forward, slamming his cock into her mouth like it was any other hole. Buffy didn't complain, she was Snyder's woman, he could fuck her however he wanted and she'd be happy. Her head bounced and rocked, partially under her control, but mainly from the thudding of the dick into it.

"GGrrrfff, gguuuffhhh," loud snorting, gargling sounds came from her Mom and sister as there faces were fucked as vigorously as hers. She could feel their toes stretching as they pressed into her and she was doing the same, no doubt doing wonders for the flexibility of her soles. The three of them vibrated together, rocking to the rhythm of the men's thrusts, their lover's driving deep into their mouths, making them choke and gag.

Bile and watery saliva leaked from Buffy's mouth, down her chest and over her bouncing tits. Liquid of a different sort leaked from her pussy, as she rubbed it vigorously, turned on by the fucking she was getting. She rolled her eyes upwards, trying to telepathically communicate to Principal Snyder how much she was his. He might have received her message, he grunted anyway and rammed forward, his balls smacking at her lips. "That's it you slut, let me face fuck that dirty mouth."

His cock drove in deep. Buffy's eyes watered as it hit her tonsils, but she didn't try to retreat or pull back; it might be uncomfortable, but it was so good to pleasure Snyder in every way she could and show him how much she was his. He grunted again and rammed, almost like he was in a race with Ted and the Mayor - the three of them slamming away at speed.

It wasn't long before Principal Snyder was jerking his cock out, pumping it hard as he spurted his cum all over Buffy's face. The sticky goo covered her nose and lips, spreading over her cheeks and forehead as she smiled happily, closing her eyes and facing upwards to get a full sperm facial. Her lover shot lustily, continuing until his cock was softening and she was dripping. Buffy wiped the cum from her eyelids and slowly opened her eyes. Snyder was retreating back to the couch, picking up his brandy glass. Turning she could see Ted had already shot his load over her Mom, leaving the older blonde soaked and smiling. Twisting round the other way she was just in time to see Dawn catch her cum, the Mayor jerking hard and shooting over the younger teen's tits and stomach, even as Dawn was panting and catching her breath from her throat-fucking. The three Summers smiled and grinned at each other, gently wiping away the cum from each other's bodies as the men sat down and recovered their equilibrium.

Of course, it would be hardly worth Principal Snyder and the Mayor coming over if all that was on offer was a blow-job, even a spectacular one. Ted gave an encouraging smile at the three of them, indicating that their guests needed their glasses refilled, before they refill Summers' holes. Joyce got up and walked over to the decanter on the sideboard, going round to the Mayor first and then Principal Snyder and finally Ted, pouring a generous measure into each of their glasses. Whilst she was doing that Buffy and Dawn crawled over on their hands and knees to their guys, to position themselves between their legs and gently dab and lick the flaccid, but large cocks; their Mom quickly joined them once she was done.

It didn't take long before the men's large pricks were starting to rise again, Buffy tongue moving faster and harder as Principal Snyder hardened. She carried on licking and cleaning it, moving from the base of the balls to the top of the shaft, swirling around and around with practised skill. Her Mom's tongue was moving with a similar expertise, and if Dawn perhaps wasn't matching them in technique she was making up for it with an eager enthusiasm that equalled her Mom and sister.

"I'm ready for round two," the Mayor said, putting his drink to one side.

"Me too," said principal Snyder, draining his. He looked down at Buffy who smiled eagerly back, "Plant that tight pussy on my cock," he instructed and Buffy jumped up like she was electrified. Her Mom and sister were already moving, both of them straddling their boyfriend's and lowering their pussies down their dicks. Buffy did the same, moaning in pleasure as her hole expanded round Snyder's thick meat, fitting is a snugly as a glove. She was well lubricated and despite the size she quickly slid down, her hands on Principal Snyder's shoulders to give herself leverage. He gripped her waist and thrust up, slamming his cock into her.

"Ooooh," Buffy could feel the pleasure coming at once. "OOohhhh, yes, baby, yes."

The High School Principal grunted in reply, squeezing her sides and thrusting up. Buffy groaned again, his cock was something special she always thought, and moved against him, her pert tits rubbing at his thin chest as she slipped up and down his member.

Her Mom and sister were going at it with the same eagerness as Buffy, the three Summers quickly getting into rhythm with their men and the room was filled with the sounds of their passion and effort; "Oooohhh," "Mmmmnn," "UUurrrhh," "Yes, ooohhh."

Buffy worked herself up and down, making sure Principal Snyder had to make the minimum effort for his maximum pleasure. Her pussy got wetter and wetter, her bouncing faster and harder, her hole hammering down the dick like she was trying to drive it into the ground. The couch creaked under her and she squealed loudly, her cries joining her Mom and Dawn's as the three of them went up and down almost in unison. It turned Buffy on to be fucked as a family; she'd often done it with her Mom beside her, but this was the first time with Dawn and it was even more a thrill. She could hear her younger sister almost crying with pleasure and it spurred her on, her cunt bashing Principal Snyder's cock so fast that it was a miracle it didn't catch fire from the friction.

"Aaarrghh, yesss," she screamed as the orgasm hit her, her body rocking and her head going back, "Aaaarrghhh yeesss."

Snyder pounded up and Buffy quickly forced herself back into the rhythm so as not to disappoint. Her Mom and sister shrieked with orgasmic pleasure as well, their cries sounding loudly across the room. For a second it was all Buffy could hear and then as she could hear the pant of her lover and the smack of his body at hers and she was shrieking herself, crying out as the orgasm hit her before the last had fully subsided. "AAarrrghhh, fuuucckk, yesssss."

Snyder was pushing her off, "On your hands and knees on the floor, Summers, I want to bang you from behind."

Her legs weak from the pleasure Buffy staggered over to the centre of the room, dropping down as instructed. Within moments Snyder was mounting her from behind, gripping her shoulders as he slammed the full length of his cock into her waiting hole. The teen shuddered and squealed as he rammed into her, her titties bouncing and jiggling as she was rocked. Her Mom was soon beside her, Ted slamming away and then her sister on the far side, crying out as she too was fucked. The three Summers bounced in a row, their naked bodies slick and wet with perspiration, their heads rocking and nodding with the thundering pounding they were getting, hands tightly gripping the carpet.

Harder and faster the three men went, driving the Summers like golf balls off a range. So close were they that Buffy could feel the vibrations from her Mom, their bodies brushing and rubbing each other as they wriggled and writhed beneath the hard pounding. Buffy's cunt was dripping, cum dripping out like she was leaking. She was sure her Mom and sister would be the same, they certainly sounded like they were having orgasm after orgasm as they screamed and cried like banshees in the night. It seemed to turn on their lovers more as they went faster and harder, their large dicks completely filling the soaked pussies.

Buffy could feel the smack of Snyder's thin thighs against her firm round butt. The crack of them colliding sounded loud in her ears, not as much as the squeals and squeaks that reverberated around the room, but certainly enough to suggest her ass cheeks would be turning a shade of red. He seemed to know what she was thinking, because just as she thought that his hand swished across her ass, "Take it Summers," he instructed as he spanked her, making her cry out, "Take my dick all the way."

"Yesss, yesss," she squealed in obedience and desire, rocking and writhing in response to his thrusts. His hand continued to play across her cheeks, showing who was boss - though she wouldn't have had it any other way. Ted was slapping her Mom's butt as well, riding her like she was a rodeo bronco. The Mayor was just fucking Dawn, his hands on her sides, not feeling the need to thrash her into a faster gallop. Buffy shuddered and bent her back as another orgasm hit her, Snyder's palm smacking down on her ass even as she came, "Ooohh, aaaarrgghh, fuuuckkk, aaaargggh!"

She was pleased Snyder didn't stop, continuing to ram her through her orgasm, making it even more intense. She screamed again in pleasure, her sound mixing with her Mom and sisters like they were a chorus. The three men panted and pounded, grinning widely as they planted themselves deep down the Summers' cunt holes.

It was the Mayor who led the change, "Time for some anal I think Dawn," he said.

"Oh God, yes," squeaked the youngest orgy participant, her excitement obvious, "Fuck my butt."

"Language young lady," the Mayor replied, but still pushed his cock into the back hole, making Dawn squeak with pleasure.

"You too Summers," grunted Snyder and Buffy nodded in eager agreement.

Her lover grasped her ass cheeks, and spread them apart. His hard cock pressed at her rosebud and she pushed herself back against it, almost swooning in excitement as the muscle gave way and his dick entered her back chute. As a Slayer she always recovered quickly and her ass was no exception, it made every time like the first time. Snyder had to really shove to gain access and even with Buffy working herself back to meet him it was a slow entry; her walls fighting the invader all the time. Buffy didn't mind, it might be sore and uncomfortable at first, but unlike real anal virgins she knew of the pleasure to come. She pushed back on his monster dick, one of her hands creeping down to her pussy to massage and fondle it, keeping it wet and her body warm.

"Give it me, baby, I want that dick down my ass," she called out.

"Damn, Summers, you're tight," Snyder snarled in way of explanation, his hands gripping her sides as he shoved in, a little way more each time.

Beside the blonde her Mom and sister had already got the full lengths of their lovers cock, the two of them squealing and bouncing with excitement as they were butt-fucked. Buffy rocked back, taking another half inch, and rubbing her soaked cunt so it dripped juice, "MMmnn, fuck my butt. Ram it open."

"Huh," grunted Snyder ramming himself at her. He moved faster and harder, slowly, gradually opening her resistant hole and filling it with his dick.

The teen Slayer was in heaven, waves of anal pleasure rushing through her as hidden spots were stimulated and excited. It intensified as he went in further, pushing at her ass wall and finding her clitoral nerves from behind, his cock pounding at them and making them flame with ecstasy. "Aaaarrrghhh, yesssss, yessss," she squealed, her cries joining her Mom and sisters as all three of them exploded in anal joy.

The three Summers rocked and shuddered in concert as their butts were filled by the large dicks. Buffy could see her Mom's pride in her daughter's ability and enthusiasm, and in turn that made her proud of her Mom and her openness and how she was so close to them. Literally close, as Buffy could feel them brushing together as they bounced back and forward, their sides and thighs touching and rubbing. On the other side Dawn was equally as close, her squeals showing how much she was enjoying her first family orgy. Buffy could sometimes feel jealous of Dawn, youngest children can get spoilt, but today she felt like they were the closest of sisters, like friends not relatives.

"You slut Summers, take my cock all the way in that whore ass," Snyder grunted behind, her driving his cock deep.

Being with him made the orgy perfect, Buffy knew, she couldn't imagine any other guy pleasuring her like her current lover or being able to keep up with Ted and the Mayor in the pounding stakes - not Xander or Scott Hope or that vampire she used to casually see. "Ooohhh, yesss, baby, yesssss, fuck me harder," she cried out.

"Uuurrrhh, yessss, aaarrrghh, hammer my ass Ted," her Mom called and her sister added some shrieks and cries to the cacophony, though of their were words in her high-pitched yells they were indecipherable.

The three men continued to fill the Summers' back holes with their pricks, and the three Summers continued to squeal and shudder.

"Ted, would you like to have Dawn now?" the Mayor asked, "I know you've been wanting to try her ass for a while."

"Yes," Ted said, "That'd be fun."

The Mayor continued, "What about you Dick? You have Joyce and I'll take Buffy? I've heard great things about Slayer ass."

"Sure," Snyder pulled out and slapped Buffy's rump so it jiggled. "You won't be disappointed, it's certainly something and Buffy's a real anal slut who knows what to do, aren't you?"

Guessing that the last comment was directed at her, Buffy nodded eagerly, "I love being butt-banged by Principal Snyder and his friends."

The three men swapped places, not asking what the Summers thought as it was obvious they would be in agreement with their lovers. Buffy gave another small squeak as her opened ass was invaded by cock. The Mayor was as big and thick as her High School Principal, and her ass which had briefly started to close again, was widened as he shoved down. He was quicker giving her his full length than Snyder, as her tightness had yet to return. However even so it took him a few thrusts to be fully in and into a rhythm, longer than Ted and Snyder, who were already fucking her Mom and sister's asses fast and deep as the Mayor gripped Buffy's sides and began to join them. The Slayer squealed in pleasure as his thick rod drove down her chute; if it wasn't as good as being analised by Snyder it was close. The Mayor's hands held her in position and he went hard and fast, thrusting vigorously in and stimulating every inch of tunnel, the friction burning at the walls and making them hum with excitement.

The orgasms hit Buffy in a constant stream, the waves of sexual pleasure making her gasp with joy. Her hands clawed at the carpet and her back arched and bent, making it seem like she was trying to throw the Mayor off, though nothing could be further from her mind. Her Mom was crying out in pleasure, as she always did when Principal Snyder banged her, but they were the only pair who'd done it before, Ted was as new to Dawn's butt as the Mayor was to Buffy's. It did seem that Dawn was enjoying the change of cock, her squeals and squeaks as loud as her Mom and sister's.

Buffy was glad her sister was enjoying Ted, even if Ted was her Mom's he was certainly big and virile enough to share. Though from the pounding Buffy was at the same time getting from the Mayor, she didn't think her sister was going short from her regular dicking. She herself certainly wasn't and whilst she'd have loved Snyder just to be hers, that was selfish, and at least he was keeping it in the family. "Aaarrrghhh, yessss, aaaaarghhh," her Mom screamed as Buffy's man made her cum, "Aaaarrrghhh, fuucckkk, yeessss."

Buffy was shrieking as well, "AAaarrrrghhh, fuuucckkk, aaaaarggghhh."

Her Mom squealed louder, "AAArrrghh, yesss make me cum, aaarrghhh."

Dawn joined in as well, adding her shrieks to the cacophony, "Yessss, aaarrgghhh, fuccckkk, fuuucckkkk!"

"Ted you fancy some Milf spit-roast?" grinned Snyder still slamming away.

"I never say no," his friend replied.

"You should enjoy yourself with her," the Mayor urged them on, "Dawn come here."

The teen did as she was told, crawling over with a dirty smile as Ted slipped his cock into her Mom's mouth. Joyce slurped it greedily, not minding (or perhaps even enjoying) that it had been deep in her daughter's asshole moments before. Buffy could hear the sound of Dawn kissing the Mayor, the two of them making out as he continued to slam into her. She felt a little jealous, Snyder wasn't big on the kissing thing, and Dawn seemed to be going very hot and heavy with her man. Still Buffy wasn't one to complain, if Principal Snyder didn't like to kiss, he still fucked her regularly, showing his love for her in that way - even if he was currently butt-banging her Mom.

"Now Dawn, get down in front of Buffy and spread your legs," the teen broke the kiss and scampered round, lying back so that her pussy was inches from Buffy's mouth. The shaven slot was damp with lust and Buffy was sure she knew what was about to happen. She waited for the Mayor to speak and he fulfilled her expectations. "Down you go Buffy, lick your sister's slot."

Whilst she had lapped her Mom's cunt plenty of times as it was a big turn on for Ted and Principal Snyder to watch them go lesbian, she had never tongued her sister's. It wasn't something she'd ever had a desire to do, but now it was on offer she went down on it eagerly, her enthusiasm heightened by the pounding of the cock in her ass. Her tongue sped up and down the slot, driving fast the lips apart so she could taste the pink inside. The girl on girl action seemed to turn on the Mayor as well as it did Snyder and Ted as he pounded even harder and faster, making her ass ache and orgasm at the same time.

"AAarrrghhh, yesssss, yessss," Dawn was the only one of the Summers who could speak and her cries made up for the others' silence. Her body writhed and bent as Buffy tongued it, her pussy pressing at her sister's mouth and her tits bouncing and jiggling as she twisted and rocked. Buffy stabbed and slurped as fast as she could. She was aware she wasn't getting as much traction as she often did, her head nodding as her body was rammed back and forth, but Dawn still seemed to be enjoying it.

As did Principal Snyder, who called, "Lap your sister's cunt you slut. Go for it. That's so sexy Summers, you were born to eat your sister's pussy."

"You're doing well Buffy, you as well Dawn," Ted added encouragingly. "You look like you're enjoying it so much."

Buffy certainly was and if Dawn wasn't she was a fine actress - the younger brunette screaming and shuddering like she was being electrified by orgasms.

"I think it's time for Dawn first DP," the Mayor smiled.

"Yessss," shrieked Dawn, in agreement or because Buffy's tongue was doing things to her cunt that made her scream.

"Dick, you've not had a go at Dawn's ass, if you want to do the honours I'll take her pussy," said the Mayor pulling out of Buffy, leaving her ass-hole cold and lonely.

It wasn't empty for long, as Ted pulled out from her Mom and even as Buffy was watching Snyder sit on the couch and lower her younger sister onto his prick, her almost step-Dad was pushing aside her closing sphincter with his dick and opening it wide again. He began to ram in and out, moving fast and violently, just as Buffy liked it. She gasped and shuddered in pleasure, her eyes fixed to where her sister was descending down her lover's cock, the younger teen grinning wantonly. Her Mom was next to her, kneeling down with her hands on Dawn's pussy, spreading it open. It vanished from Buffy's view as the Mayor stepped between it and Buffy, but even if she couldn't see the penetration she could hear her sister's gasp and still see her face, contorting with pleasure as she took two for the first time.

Ted continued to hit Buffy, slamming into her tushy. The teen gasped and squealed, even more turned on than normal as she heard and watched her sister get DP'd. Dawn wasn't quiet either, shrieking like she was a cat on a hot tin roof, her face twisted in pleasure. Their Mom was inches away from the DP, a lustful expression drawn across her, as she massaged her pussy with one hand and reached up to stroke Dawn's titties with the other. It was such a perfect tableau that Buffy wished she had a camera with her, but to get one would mean interrupting her own butt-fucking so she decided just to imprint the scene in her memory to relive on those nights when she was on her own.

"AAaarrrrghh, fuck, yessss, stretch my holes, oh my God, this feels so good," Dawn screamed, her legs wrapping round the Mayor and her hands grasping up at him to draw him closer and harder into her. Buffy could see his naked body working rocking as he plunged as deep as he could into her sister's hot hole. At the back Snyder was grunting and panting as he filled the other one, driving his dick up Dawn with the same expertise and power that he used on Buffy. Dawn screamed and squealed some more, her cries so loud and passionate they drowned out the sounds of the men grunting and Joyce's giggles. Even Buffy's moans seemed silent compared to her sister's. "Yesss, yessss, yessss" Dawn shouted, "OOoohhh fuck, this is great."

Buffy suspected that this wouldn't be Dawn's last DP; and she was equally sure the Mayor and Snyder were enjoying it as well. They were certainly going hard and fast, sandwiching her younger sister between them and filling her with their huge dicks.

"Aaaaarrrghhh," Dawn screamed as she came again.

The Mayor pulled out and back and Buffy could see her sister's ass bouncing up and down on Principal's Snyder's dick again. The Mayor turned to her Mom and the Milf slipped her lips round his prick, sucking it greedily, her head bouncing like her neck was elastic. He didn't leave it there for long, "Buffy's lapped Dawn's pussy Joyce, you should as well." He smiled as Joyce nodded and positioned herself between her younger daughter's legs, licking eagerly.

It was Buffy's turn to suck the Mayor's dick and she did so eagerly, quickly taking it deep into her mouth as Ted rammed her forward. The blonde bounced back and forth between the two dicks, her ass aflame with pleasure. She could no longer see her Mom and sister, but she could still hear Dawn cries, and if they weren't as passionate and loud as during the DP they still spoke of her enjoyment as she was butt-fucked and pussy licked. Buffy's own cunt was leaking with excitement and she rubbed it vigorously, her fingers massaging her clit until it was zinging in ecstasy. The two men pounded her from both ends, their hard cocks filling her. Whilst she'd have preferred Snyder to be ramming her, rather than her sister, the others were more than adequate substitutes and as she didn't want to be greedy she kept her mouth closed (on the Mayor's cock).

"AAarrrghhh, yeessss, yesssss," Dawn screamed from a few feet away. Her Mom continued to slurp her, Buffy getting glimpses of the older blonde a train passing through woods as the Mayor went back and forth with her; she seemed to be enjoying it from the way her toes were curling. Dawn shrieked again, not that Buffy could blame her, she knew how good Snyder was at anal and her Mom had been having a lot of practice at lapping pussy passionately whilst Buffy was dick-bouncing. Still she couldn't complain herself, as she was expertly spit-roast.

However soon it was time for another move, as the Mayor said, "I've not had any Joyce behind."

"Go ahead," offered Ted, "She loves it."

Buffy watched as the Mayor pulled her Mom back from Dawn, positioning her face down in the middle of the room and pushing his cock into her waiting hole. Soon he was on top of her pounding up and down and making her squeal with passion. Her mouth empty Buffy was free to cry out as well and her shrieks and yelps joined her Mom and sister as the three of them were sodomised to an orgasmic heaven. The three men pounded hard and fast, driving their large dicks into the ass holes and stretching them open; then with the chutes widened they slammed even harder and faster, making them gape more - a virtuous circle (or hole). Buffy squealed with each thrust, cumming repeatedly as from Ted, "AAAarrrghhh, yesssss, aaarrgghhh!"

Her eyes remained fixed on her sister, or more accurately on her Principal lover's cock as it went up and down into Dawn's hole. The younger teen was loving it, screaming away and bouncing up and down like she was on a pogo stick. Her hand was down at her cunt, rubbing it speedily and stimulating her clit; bursts of cunt juice would suddenly fountain out landing on the carpet inches away from their cumming Mom. Dawn's back bent and she shook as she screamed, "Ooohhh, fuckkk, yessss."

Joyce screamed as well, "Yesss, yessss, aaaarghhh, bang my ass." She was always a screamer Buffy knew, it was a family trait. The Mayor slammed down and the Milf shrieked again, "Aaarrrghhh, yessss, yessss!"

Ted continued to ram Buffy, his hands on her waist as he worked in and out. Snyder grinned at him, pushing Dawn up and leaving her panting. "You think you can take two in the ass Summers?"

Buffy had never thought about it, but she didn't pause in her answer, "Yes," she gasp, "Oh come please share my butt."

Snyder gave Dawn's ass a light slap as she stood and let him pass. Buffy barely noticed her sister dropping back to the couch to masturbate herself, her attention on Snyder's large cock as he came towards her and the realisation it was going to be joining Ted's in a hole which wasn't even designed for one. Then Snyder was out of her sight, moving behind her, her Slayer hearing listening to the silent pad of his feet on the carpet - almost drowned by her Mom's continuing squeals and shrieks. Ted slowed to a stop and she could feel him pull his cock half-way out, his hands moving to her cheeks and pulling them as far apart as they could manage. Snyder stood over her, his thin legs brushing her waist and one hand balancing himself on the small of her back.

The other guided his prick into her asshole. The blonde teen winced as she felt it push at her sphincter, her ass really having to stretch to accommodate the second invader. Snyder grunted and shoved, pushing his cock harder in as Ted adjusted his to enable his friend's entry. Buffy face twisted and her eyes pressed shut as her ass stretched and burned; she didn't think anyone but a Slayer could have handled this. She gripped the carpet and rose her ass, hoping it helped her man in.

"Wow, that's so hot," moaned Dawn, rubbing her pussy furiously on the couch, "Oh my God; Mom, Buffy's taking two dicks in her ass."

"AAarrrghhh, yessss, yessss, good," her Mom shrieked, not really concentrating on her daughter's whilst her own ass was pounded.

"Oh, yesss," Buffy panted, "I can take it, I can cope with you both."

"We know Buffy," Ted said encouragingly, Snyder just grunted and shoved his cock further into her spreading ass. The teen grimaced in pain, glad that she was the Slayer and able to manage two to satisfy her lover and almost step-Dad. Her fingers splayed out across the carpet, the nails dipping into the wool as her sister masturbated even quicker and harder, turned on by seeing Buffy being stretched whilst her own boyfriend took her Mom's ass.

"That's good Buffy, we're almost in," Ted cooed behind her, his prick moving in unison with Snyder's so that they were penetrating her together. The Slayer's ass was as open and stretched as it had ever been, not even the most brutal ass ramming from Snyder had made her gape so. The walls burned and ached, she could almost hear the creak as they were stretched like they were rubber. Slowly, ever so slowly, the two cocks went in deeper and deeper. The two men worked in a confident partnership, working in uniform to press and thrust, doubling the width and girth as they entered.

Buffy's butt ached, but it was pleasured as well. Orgasmic waves drifted through her, getting more and more intense as the men went deeper and harder. Her pussy dripped cunt juice and she'd have rubbed it with enthusiasm if she hadn't been nervous that moving a hand off the carpet would lead to her overbalancing. The cocks went deeper and they sped up as the hole became wider and looser. "Oh, yesss, yesss, " Buffy moaned.

"This is so hot and sexy," her sister groaned in reply, a couple of fingers well into her hole as her thumb circled her clit. "Your ass is getting so fucked."

Buffy had to agree. Not that she was complaining. They'd got the cocks in as far as they could go and now Snyder and Ted were working at a rhythm, one thrusting and one pulling like they were on a seesaw and she was the plank. The blonde Slayer squealed and gasped, pain and pleasure merging in one devilish sensation that was so bad it was good. He fingers pressed out and her face twisted like a cut-price version of a rubber mask, "AAaarrghhh, yessss, aaaarghhh."

"Hhmmpff, hmmfff," Snyder snorted, speeding up and driving in.

"Huh, huh," Ted went in reply, going faster and harder to match his friend's pace.

"Aaaarrrghhh, yessssss," screamed Buffy.

"Fucccckkk," her Mom cried beside her, "Fuucccck..."

"Oh God, do them harder," Dawn squealed in excitement, her fingers jammed deep into her cunt

The three Summers were lost in pleasure, crying in excitement as they came.

It was the Mayor who instigated the final act. He pulled his cock out of Joyce and walked over to Dawn, reaching down to kiss her forehead and let her stroke his hard dick, before turning to the other men. "Dawn's ambition is to be made air-tight, you want to join me in fulfilling her dream."

"Yes" nodded Dawn in agreement even though she wasn't being asked.

Buffy gave a groan as the two cocks were pulled from her ass. Sated she collapsed on the floor, rolling over to lie beside her exhausted Mom as the Mayor slipped underneath Dawn to return his dick to her ass and Snyder next to her on the couch. Even as the teen was turning her head to take the Principal between her lips Ted was moving between her legs and guiding his dick to the final hole.

And then something beautiful happened; Dawn took three dicks for the first time. Buffy watched entranced, smiling as Ted, the Mayor and Snyder worked together to fuck her sister. Dawn's tits bounced and her chest rocked as they took her from different directions, her legs stretching out as she relaxed and tensed together, one hand clasping Snyder's naked behind to encourage him in, whilst another was on Ted's shoulder bringing him forward.

Buffy sighed and smiled, her Mom also beaming happily. It was so lovely to watch Dawn being made airtight, and especially as the Principal Snyder and Ted were so enjoying her as well. The men panted and grunted as they thrust in and out of her teen holes, giving her their all. Buffy slid her hand under her own naked body and down to her pussy, rubbing the warm slit gently as she watched. From the corner of her eye she saw her Mom was doing the same, turned on by seeing her youngest daughter take three.

The couch squeaked and rocked, sagging as it took the weight of the copulating four, going at it hard. Dawn shuddered and shook with it, going enthusiastically at the dicks, her head bobbing down Snyder's as her waist swayed between the Mayor's and Ted's. Buffy rubbed herself harder, enjoying the view and wishing she was the one in the middle - maybe next time, she hoped. The couch squeaked again and if Dawn hadn't her mouth full she'd have done the same. The men moved faster, really pounding the teen's hole and Buffy groaned as she worked her own cunt.

"I'm almost ready to cum," grunted Snyder.

"Me as well," said Ted.

"Joyce, Buffy, come here and kneel with Dawn," the Mayor said, pushing the teen off his dick and onto the floor. Smiling Dawn knelt, her Mom and sister joining her as the men pumped their cocks around them. The three Summers didn't have long to wait. The cum shot out like the fire from a flame-thrower, covering their faces and titties. The men continued to jerk their dicks hard, making sure they blasted every last strand over the women's naked bodies. Only when they were sure they had emptied themselves did they stop and fall back, leaving the women smiling and dripping cum.

"That was fun," giggled Dawn.

"Best orgy ever," Buffy agreed.

* * *

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