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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Cookie Monster Part 11 (Mf,anal)
by LL

"AAarrrghh, yessss, aaaarghh," her Mom's orgasmic cries came loudly through the open door of Dawn's room. The teen smiled and kicked her feet up in the air, as she lay face down on her bed reading. Now she was sixteen there was no attempt to hide the fucking that was going on in the Summers household, if it wasn't her Mom taking some dick from Ted her sister Buffy was doing anal reverse cowgirl with Principal Snyder. For a birthday treat all four of them had fucked in the lounger as Dawn looked on, using her brand new dildo as she did so. As an extra present, as if the cookie cake, sex show and the toys hadn't been enough, Ted had given her an open invitation to watch him and her Mom whenever she liked (Buffy hadn't, but that was big sisters for you). Dawn had oftentimes taken him up on it, seeing her Mom get banged was a bigger turn on that it should be.

However, she liked to allow them some time on their own, though after a particularly loud orgasmic scream she looked up and gave a smile. As she did so her eyes affixed on one of her posters, a picture of her idol and she gave a sigh as she imagined him pounding her as Ted was her Mom. Her eyes swivelled round the room; it wasn't untypical for a sixteen year old. There was a pink bed with some favourite soft toys and red-bowed cushions on it; a desk with a computer and some half-read school textbooks, a shelf with her collection of Harry Potter and Sweet Valley High novels; a wardrobe and cupboard where she kept her dildos and sexy nightwear, as well as her normal short skirts and cropped tops. But her gaze didn't fall over any of them. Like most of her peers she had posters of her crush and being Sunnydale there was only one crush any self-respecting teen could have. She sighed again as she looked at the poster of the Mayor, his arms folded as he looked out at the voters, then at another one of him shaking hands with a local dignitary (the other man cropped from the poster as being too boring) and another of him behind a lectern, mesmerising a crowd with his plans for sanitation. Then more, him walking down the street a gaggle of journalists behind him, another election shot (different suit, same tie) and signing something on his desk, another of him smiling as he met his fans (or the electorate as it was sometimes called) and her favourite, him smiling at the camera as he popped a slip into a ballot box.

She gave another sigh and returned to her reading material; the monthly free magazine put through her door by the legion of Mayor's helpers to remind his constituents what a great job he was doing. She always read it cover to cover, and then re-read it again and again, until the pages were almost worn through - and this issue was no different. She nodded in agreement as she read it Mayor's statements on road surfacing and the park's trees and the pictures of him beside the articles were so handsome, that if wouldn't ruin the magazine she'd have cut them out and stuck them to the inside of her school books. Opening the centre she smiled proudly; the headline read 'Sunnydale High Students come out for the Mayor' and underneath was a picture of a large group of teens lifting their tops to display their titties and tummies, with each stomach having a letter collectively spelling 'Vote Richard Wilkins III'. Dawn was near the centre, a 'H' emblazoned on her chest, as she smiled broadly. Her Mom and Ted liked the picture so much, they'd got a print to put on the landing, just between a shot of Buffy with cum running down her face and her Mom and sister's gaping ass holes, after they'd just had a good anal banging.

Turning the next page Dawn nearly squeaked with excitement, reading the short article three times just to be sure, before getting up and almost skipping to her Mom and Ted's room.

Ted was lying back relaxing against the headboard, his hands behind his head, as Joyce licked round his large, flaccid cock, some cum still seeping down from her back hole. Ted gave his youngest step-daughter a fatherly smile, "Sorry Dawnie, you've missed us, I've just cum - if you wait ten minutes I could go again."

"That'd be brill," said Dawn, as now she thought about it, seeing her Mom getting butt-fucked would be kinda hot and the short break gave her the chance to talk to Ted. She sat down on the bed, making sure she put on her best loving, but obedient, daughter face and smiled at Ted. "Have you read the Mayor's monthly?"

He smiled back, "I didn't get a chance. I'm not sure it had hit the mat before you were whizzing up the stairs with it. Still, we've seen the photo before - it's very good, your Mom says your titties look lovely in it and I agree. Hopefully it got a good write up?"

"Yes, fine. The Mayor said he was honoured that a bunch of such sexy school girls were busting out for him, but that's not what I want to talk about."

"Oh?" Ted's eyebrow's rose quizzically and he waited for Dawn to speak again.

"The Mayor's running a competition; with the election later in the year he want's some choice teen arm candy..."

"Arm candy?" Ted frowned slightly.

"He phrased it a little more politely," admitted Dawn, "but he's running a competition, to win a date with him."

"What do you have to do?" Ted asked.

"Submit a photo and say why he'd want to date me in three words - I thought we could send in the one of me sunbathing topless in the yard? And for words 'I do anal'."

"It's a nice shot," admitted Ted, "but a little boring compared to some of the ones he'll be sent. What about you strip off and we'll take a few of you using your toys in your front and back hole; that will show Mayor Wilkins what's on offer." Dawn nodded in complete agreement; it was for suggestions like that she'd gone to Ted. He continued his advice, "and as for words - what about 'Any hole, anytime', that's a much better offer than just your ass and also tells him you'd be up for further dates."

Again Dawn nodded eagerly, "Do you want to take the photos now?"

Ted looked down at Joyce, as the blonde Milf's tongue cleaned his cock, "Perhaps in a short while," he grinned, "if you want to watch me butt-fuck your Mom first."

* * *

Dawn couldn't remember ever being so nervous; or so excited (admittedly she had a really bad memory). For about the hundredth time she checked herself in the mirror, pursing her lips to make sure the lipstick was perfectly applied and craning her head from side to side as she rechecked her make-up. She tugged at the straps of her short dress, pulling it up to expose the top of her thighs and then reaching in to tug it down to expose even more of her cleavage as she tried to find a happy medium between exposing leg and tit.

"I'm sure you'll be fine," said Ted, looking up over the top of his newspaper. "Right Joyce?"

Joyce stopped sucking his dick long enough to turn to her daughter and nod in agreement with her man, "You look fabulous Dawn, he'll find you a real knock-out."

"I hope so," Dawn agreed nervously. The memory of opening the letter that told her she'd won the date with the Mayor was definitely one of her sharper ones, as she jumped with joy, screaming so loudly that Buffy thought a demon had come with the post. But ever since then she'd be alternating that excitement with nerves, spending all the afternoon and fair part of the morning getting herself ready, trying dress after dress and shade after shade of lip gloss and eyeliner until she had found the perfect combination. Now looking at them, she wasn't as sure as she'd been twenty minutes ago, but it was too late - the doorbell rang.

The teen quickly glanced at the winning photo, framed above the mantelpiece. Even Buffy agreed she looked hot, as the brunette lay naked on her bed one leg pointing upwards like a ballerina, smiling brightly as she stuffed dildos in both her front and back holes.

"Have a good time," Ted lowered his paper again and gave her a smile of encouragement.

Her Mom popped her head up, wiping some saliva from it as she turned to her youngest daughter. She gave her the same Momsy smile she'd probably given when Dawn was about to start school for the first time, "Remember if you have sex to make sure he knows your back hole is on offer, men like that."

Ted frowned as if his girlfriend was dumb, "Of course Dawn's going to give him her butt, she knows what on offer." He smiled again, "Feel free to bring him back here as well."

"I will," said Dawn, her head spinning from the surfeit of advice. She opened the front door.

Standing there, beaming like a Greek God, was Mayor Richard Wilkins III. For a second Dawn's heart stopped beating and her brain froze like a program with a bug. Luckily the Mayor didn't run screaming thinking he'd made a hideous mistake, instead he proffered his arm, "Dawn Summers?" She managed a nod and took his arm, glad to have some support to her trembling legs. He smiled even wider, "You look more beautiful in real life."

"Thanks," she managed. Then remembering her manners, "So do you." Then she added in a squeak, "Handsome not beautiful."

He smiled beatifically and led her down the path to the car parked on the sidewalk. The windows were darkened so no light could get in. The Mayor sensed her question, "My driver, Mr Trick is a vampire, I think its so much better to have them dutifully employed rather than being murdered in the dark."

Dawn blushed, wondering how much he knew about her sister's previous nocturnal activities before she'd started dating Principal Snyder. "I think that's a great idea, we should give equal rights to vampires" she said, quickly distancing herself from her sister's slaying.

"That's good to hear," he said as he opened the door, "I've got some ideas about how we can make Sunnydale a better place for our demonic brethren, also I'm going to commit to fixing any potholes within twenty-fours hours of them being reported."

Dawn was enthralled, the Mayor was telling her his future plans, just like she was in council with him. She got into the back seat, thrilling as he slid in after her. He shut the door and banged the dark glass partition between him and Mr Trick; the car starting almost immediately. He relaxed against the leather upholstery and placed a hand on her leg stroking it gently, making her feel at ease. "I was thinking we'd go to the Doublemeat Palace; I know how you teenagers like your burgers and milkshakes and I hear the staff are charming."

Dawn briefly wondered if he knew her sister worked at the topless burger bar, but decided not to ask in case it raised questions about the Summers' family's previous poor relations with a key part of the Mayor's new electorate. "That sounds yummy," she said instead and swiftly moved to change the subject, "I was reading about your zoning plans, they sound fascinating, tell me more."

It wasn't a lie, they were fascinating or at least interesting or perhaps it was he had such a mellifluous voice that she was carried away. In any case she was still listening intently as they arrived at the burger bar. The Mayor removed his hand from her thigh and opened his door, immediately going round to politely open hers and help her out. The glaring glow of the burger bar shone from across the parking lot as the Mayor slipped his arm through hers again and escorted her to the door.

There were a huddle of people there. As the Mayor and Dawn approached they broke and surged forward to surround them and block the entrance. "Jonathan Levinson, Sunnydale High Times, Mayor Wilkins is this your new date?"

"I'm always pleased to speak to the ladies and gentlemen of the press," the Mayor stopped and beamed in welcome, "This young lady is Dawn Summers, who I have the honour of accompanying this evening."

"Chelsea Riggs, Sunnydale Courier, there's been plenty of competition to be seen with you in this special year - what was it about Miss Summers which attracted you?"

The Mayor smiled at Dawn, "I saw an enchanting picture of her; now she's here in person I can see the photo doesn't do her justice."

"Byron Ellerton, Sunnydale Press, you're going to break a lot of hearts with this decision, are you concerned that this might impact on the election this year - early polls are showing you on course for a one hundred percent vote."

"I never take any election for granted Byron, I'll fight for every vote."

"And what do you think about your challenger, Wesley Wyndham-Price, he's indicated he's going to vote for you as well."

"Well I won't need to take him on a date for his vote then," chuckled the Mayor and the press pack laughed with him, as Dawn smiled and simpered, which is what she thought she was supposed to do in these situations. "Seriously I'm glad that Mr Wyndham-Price is standing, in a democracy we need challengers or else it's one person rule."

"I hear someone had to twist his arm to get him to stand," said Chelsea, holding a microphone.

"That would be my associate Mr Trick, he may have twisted it too much," the Mayor grinned and everyone laughed at the joke, given that Wesley had announced his candidacy whilst wearing a sling and sporting a couple of black eyes.

"What about a picture of the two of you?" said a man who didn't announce himself, but was standing close to Chelsea with a camera slung round his neck.

The Mayor nodded and put his arm round Dawn's shoulder hugging her close. She smiled happily as the photographers snapped away. "Can we have some of Miss Summers on her own?" one of them asked and the Mayor moved away from her. Dawn paused for a moment and then put her hand on her hip like she'd seen actresses do on the red carpet and smiled. "So Miss Summers what do you think about your date with the Mayor?"

"I'm very lucky," she blushed, "He so dishy."

"Hoist your dress up your leg, let's see the top of your thigh," one of the photographers called out. Dawn looked at the Mayor to see what he thought and he nodded, so the teen bent her knee so she stood sexily as she pulled the dress up far enough that they (and the Mayor) could see she wasn't bothering with panties.

"What about one with you up against the wall, with your dress pulled up to show that ass?"

"Good idea," said the Mayor and Dawn did as was suggested, leaning forward against the Doublemeat Palace wall and hoisting her dress up over her ass so they could snap her round rump. She turned her head and wiggled her butt, giggling and smiling, though more for the Mayor's benefit than the photographers though they enjoyed it as well.

"What about doing a nude spread for Sunnydale High Times?" asked Jonathan.

Dawn blushed but didn't have to answer as Chelsea pipped in, "So Miss Summers is the Mayor going to get some tonight?" Dawn realised every eye was on her and her mouth went dry.

The Mayor quickly stepped in with a smile, "That's enough questions, Dawn and I are out for a evening, if we can have some privacy."

The journalists nodded and scooted away to compare notes as the Mayor slipped his arm into Dawn. She looked at him, still blushing slightly after the interrogation, "You are so going to get some tonight," she confirmed in case he mistook her nerves in front of the press for lack of enthusiasm for dicking her.

He smiled, "I know," he said and led her into Doublemeat Place.

She hadn't been since it opened, though everyone was talking about it. In some ways it looked like a typical burger bar, plastic gaudy seating, a few booths for faux privacy, easily wipeable tables and the only decor on the walls menus and posters offering 'special offers'. But it was also probably the only burger bar in California where all the staff were female and topless. Dawn followed the Mayor over to a table in the corner, passing Willow giving a couple of guys hand-jobs in one of the booths. The Mayor gestured for her to sit, politely waiting before he slid in opposite her. "I don't go to burger joints very often," he smiled, "can you suggest what to have?"

Dawn's stomach looped in excitement at the Mayor asking her opinion. She perused the menu, making and discarding choice after choice, before deciding, "You can't go wrong with a double cheeseburger and a chocolate milkshake."

He beamed at her, "For two?"

"Yes," she said and he gestured for a waitress.

It was just her luck it was Buffy. Her sister almost bounded over, smiling enthusiastically and wiggling her pert titties, "Hi, I'm Buffy," she trilled like she was overdosed with the Joker's Venom, "Can I take your order?"

The Mayor nodded and beamed at Buffy like she was the second coming, whilst Dawn tried to fight back a scowl as her sister's bosom bounced and jiggled in the Mayor eyelike as the blonde over-energetically wrote down the order. Once that was done she straightened a little, but not so much that her tits weren't within half a foot of the Mayor's face. "There's some glory-holes in the restroom if you'd like to use them, we're also offering membership cards, which get you ten percent off purchases."

The Mayor reached over and squeezed Dawn's hand, "It look like there's a bit of a queue for the restrooms."

Buffy turned to look at it, before coming back to them her smile still plastered across her face, "About thirty minutes, depending on how quick the guys cum."

"Just the burgers and milkshakes," the Mayor said.

"Do you want fries with that?" asked Buffy and scribbled down the response.

The service was quick, Dawn barely having time to quiz the Mayor on his plans for tax before Buffy returned with their order. She smiled widely as she placed them on the table, wiggling her titties for the Mayor as she did, "Do you want anything else?"

"Thank you Buffy, we're fine," said the Mayor, eyeing the burger like he was worried it was going to explode.

Dawn bit into hers, wolfing it down indecorously, before guzzling her fries and slurping up her shake. By the time she'd finished the Mayor had managed one bite. He put it down, giving the bun a glance of distaste, before turning his smile on and beaming at Dawn. "Do you want anything else? Shall we go?"

Dawn shook her head and then immediately nodded. The Mayor stood up and slid his arm romantically through hers, as he went to the counter to pay for them both, before leading her out to the car. Again he opened the door for her, allowing her to slide in before following her. It was getting dark outside and when he rapped on the partition it opened to reveal a black man, with a slick red tie and matching red jacket. The vampire gave a sharp-face grin, just the right side of arrogant "Where to?"

The Mayor looked at Dawn for a second. "Lover's Lane," he instructed the driver.

"Right away," said Mr Trick, closing the partition.

The Mayor relaxed back in his seat and slid one arm round Dawn's shoulder. With the other he slowly undid the zip on his pants. "You know what to do?" he asked with a twinkle in his eye.

Dawn did.

Undoing her safety belt she reached down to the Mayor's zip, taking over from him to pull it the rest of the way down. As it descended she could feel the lump beneath, hardening and enlarging as she got closer. She undid the button and pushed back the flaps, seeing the boxer shorts rise up as whatever was underneath was freed from the underwear's constraints. The teen gave the Mayor a smile as she pulled the boxers away and took hold off the cock as it sprang up. It was massive - at least as big as Ted and Snyder (which were the only dicks she'd seen in real life, as they pounded her Mom and sister). Her hand twisted round it, trying to work out the best way to hold it. There was a bump as the car went over a small pothole and she jerked at the dick. "Sorry." Then she blushed as she realised it was what the Mayor was waiting for. She began to work her hand up and down, stroking the massive member.

He gave an encouraging smile, "You're doing good Dawn, you don't need to jerk it, just get into a rhythm, nice and smooth, hold it tight, but keep it moving."

Dawn nodded, concentrating on giving her date the hand job he deserved. She could feel the pulse and beat of his dick, the blood pumping as she held it in her hand. She was moving faster now, but not too fast, making sure she kept a steady tempo. The Mayor smiled again, looking at her beautiful face, "You're doing well. Is this your first time?"

The teen nodded, then shook her head, then gave a small confused smile, "Kinda. Miss Calendar runs a lunchtime practice session with Xander, which I've gone to a couple of times. Trouble is she only lets us do about ten seconds each and she always finishes him."

"I'm a big supporter of education and teachers running extra curricular classes, so I'm pleased to know she's taking the initiative in showing the next-generation how to handle penis," the Mayor grinned.

Dawn nodded, not meaning to criticise her teacher - it might be a show and tell rather than a deep practical, but it had taught her a lot; like the need to smile prettily and lick her lips sensually as well as just keeping her hand going. Her expression was meant showing the Mayor this meant something more than a girl jacking off her guy in the back-seat because they were bored. The Mayor grinned back, relaxing against his seat as Dawn felt the car turn a corner. It bumped a little as it went up a rough track and Dawn slowed down so that she didn't loose her rhythm if they hit a pothole. The bumping got worse as they went further up the track and then off it, to the bluff from which you could see the whole of Sunnydale.

Not that Dawn was interested in the view. As the car stopped moving she smiled willingly at the Mayor, "You want me to suck it now?"

"That would be nice," he replied.

The teen leant further forward, trying to recall all the tricks and tips her Mom and sister had given her earlier. The first one was not to try and jam it in all the way to start with, but to hint at the future pleasure. Her mouth opened and she took the top in, her tongue flickering at the bulbous head's sensitive flesh. Her hand continued to stroke up and down, gently working the cock.

"That is good," the Mayor moaned. Dawn removed her mouth (at least temporarily) and began to lick down and round the prong and balls. Her slippery tongue coated his huge dong in her saliva and she followed it with a series of small kisses as she showed him how much she adored the huge prick. Down she went to his balls, suckling the sack and then lapping round it, leaving them slick and shiny with her saliva. Her tongue trailed up the dick again, taking her time to tickle the ten-inch gland with her sexy tongue, before opening her mouth and returning it to the dick. Her head bobbed and she found she could go down further and easier than before. Her hand jerked the dick into her mouth until she found the point, half-way down, where it was starting to get difficult.

There was a decision to make; did she, for her first blow job, accept her limitations and stick where she was or did she, for her first date, push past them and deep throat the Mayor. It wasn't a difficult one to make. She pulled back her head, closed her eyes and then pushed down. The dick pushed into her mouth, pinning her tongue and filling her. She continued to force herself, feeling a wave of nausea as it pushed at her throat and shuddering as she automatically gagged, her bile slipping down the dick.

"Ooooh, that is fine, you're doing so well and being the perfect date. If you continue with this promise we'll be going on more," the Mayor said, encouraging the teen. She pushed herself further, seven inches, eight, nine... it was so close. Her eyes watered so much it was like she was sobbing and her throat was raw as the hard dick hammered home. She wanted to make that final inch, but it was so very, very hard for a first timer. Then the Mayor gave her a lifeline, "Do you want me to help?"

She pulled her head up, nodding, dripping saliva and bile from her mouth as she croaked, "Yes, please."

"Get that pretty face down my dick again," he gave her a charming smile and she complied.

Again it was easy to bob down the upper half and with increasing effort to get her throat down the next five inches. But then she was stuck, embarrassingly lacking the willpower to manage that last fives inches. She again tried to force herself, if people could cross burning coals and lift cars to get to loved ones, surely she'd could manage an inch for the Mayor. She couldn't though.

Until he placed his hand on the back of her head. He pushed downwards, forcing her through the barrier. She choked and gagged and gargled, her stomach heaving as she ejected bile up her throat and out from her mouth. But still she went down, slobbering greedily, until she could feel his balls squishing against her lips. It was a victory for them both and she remained there even as the Mayor loosened his grip, just for a second, so that she could savour the win and the cock. When she bobbed down again it only needed the faintest pressure to get her all the way and soon she was doing it without any support at all, slurping the dick all the way in, as good as her Mom or Buffy. She felt a rush of pride.

"Oh yes, Dawn, that's good, mmmmnn, I think I'm going to cum soon," the Mayor said.

Dawn carried on deep-throating, waiting for the explosive injection. She didn't have to wait long.

"Ohhh, yesss," the Mayor groaned and stretched in the car's back seat. His cock pumped out his cum, blasting the sperm into the teen's mouth. Some she swallowed, more she gargled out, mixing it with her spit and saliva in a white gooey mess, which covered her chin. She sucked and slurped at the dick until the last blast, then slipped her mouth up from the deflating monster, a smile on her face.

The Mayor was grinning as well, zipping himself up, "I enjoyed that," he said.

"Me too, I like making you happy," she smiled, and wiped away some of the liquid from her chin. "Would you like to come back to my house and you can fuck me properly?"

"I'd like that a lot," he grinned and reached forward to rap on the glass, "1630 Revello Drive."

The car began to reverse and turn...

* * *

They halted outside the house and the Mayor rapped on the partition pane. The dark glass slid back and Mr Trick looked through, "Yes?"

"I won't need you any more tonight," the Mayor turned to Dawn and smiled pleasantly, "Will I?"

Dawn shook her head, pleased that the Mayor was intending to stay the night and not just bang her and leave. He opened the door and held it as she stepped out, before taking her hand and leading her up the pathway. Her front door opened as they approach, though there was no mystery to the reason as her Mom stood excitedly waiting in the threshold with Ted beaming like a proud father in the background. As per Sunnydale tradition the Mayor didn't seek permission to enter, but just did (though vampire attacks were down over last couple of months, now they were joining his election campaign).

"How did it go?" asked Joyce as the Mayor reached forward to shake Ted's hand.

"It went well, I can tell," Ted said, smiling at his almost daughter.

The Mayor nodded in confirmation, "Dawn gives one of the best back-seat blow jobs it's been my pleasure to have, especially for a first date."

Dawn felt herself going red at the praise, even if it was deserved, her glow deepening as her Mom and Ted looked at her proudly. "It was such a nice cock I just had to suck it," she said.

"Well done Dawn," her Mom burbled.

"Good job," agreed Ted, "You want some cookies tomorrow, I'll bake you up a special batch."

Dawn would have happily blown the Mayor without cookies, but she wasn't going to say no. She gave an eager nod, "Chocolate chip?"

"It's a deal," Ted said with his normal happy beam. "Now I assume you're not both back here so you can show the Mayor your CD collection."

Dawn shook her head and looked at the Mayor to supply the explanation, "No, I'm here to road test Dawn's holes. So far she's doing well, but if she wants to be my regular young lady we need to be fully compatible." He slid his arm round Dawn's waist, "Speaking of which, it's time you showed me your room."

"Remember Dawn, make sure you give the Mayor your ass, men like that," her Mom couldn't resist a final bit of coaching, even if Dawn she told Dawn multiple times before.

The Mayor stepped in for her, "I'm sure Dawn will be pulling out everything to make the rest of the date an enjoyable one." He reached down and squeezed her ass with his left hand whilst he held out his right for Ted to shake, "Great to see you again Ted, you up for a spot of Golf Friday afternoon."

"Sure, that'd be great," Ted said. Dawn waited impatiently as they set the time and then almost dragged the Mayor to her room.

He smiled as he saw the posters bearing his face affixed to the wall, "Glad to see you're a fan."

"I'm a massive fan," said Dawn as she quickly undressed.

The teen was naked, her clothes strewn across the floor, before the Mayor had finished undoing his tie. He looked at the socks tossed over the chair and gave a small cough, "I'm not sure I'd want to be out with someone who leaves her clothes on the floor."

Dawn took the hint and as he undressed, she folded her things up or took them to the laundry basket. Even so she was still ready before the Mayor. As he removed each piece of clothing he brushed it to remove the lint and then carefully folded it before placing it on her chair in a pile so neat it was symmetrical. Dawn tried to hold in her impatience, sitting on the bed and stroking her aroused cunt as he got ready. She almost panted as his Y-fronts came off and his huge dick sprang up; in the light of her room it looked even bigger than it had in the darkness of the back seat and her pussy warmed at the thought of it entering.

He folded his underwear smartly and put them down carefully on the top of the pile, before turning to Dawn. He looked her up and down as she continued to stroke her twat to take some of the edge of her intense excitement. "Very nice," he smiled, "Now put a couple of fingers in there and spread it, show me your pink."

Stretching her pussy open Dawn smiled up, "How's this?"

"Very, very nice," the Mayor replied, "You're a natural. It's a wonder Ted didn't fuck you earlier."

"I'm a virgin," Dawn confirmed, aware that if Ted had offered she wouldn't be, "well I've used toys."

"It would be a miracle if you hadn't," the Mayor smiled, "this town is so sexually charged."

It kinda was, thought Dawn, she didn't know of many other towns that had a topless burger bar, nor having dancing cages for naked blondes in their local club. Nor had any, as far as she knew, released an edition of the school newsletter emblazoned with 'The cheerleader squad as you've never seen them before', filled with naked poses of the teens. Though she had to admit that it was a great issue (and who knew Cordelia's greatest sexual ambition was for double-anal). She spread her pussy wider, "My cunt is so sexually charged as well, it's leaking."
The Mayor laughed good-naturedly, "Well we'll have to do something about that."

He put his hand on her chest and pushed her back onto the bed, reaching down to take her legs and pull them wide apart. He breath gave in short gasps as she waited to lose her virginity to her the Mayor, on whom she had been crushing so long (if the feelings she felt for him could be called a crush, rather than first love). "Come fuck me," she moaned as she pulled apart her cunt lips.

"Yes," he said simply as he climbed onto the bed and onto her. Then it was done, her cunt spreading as his large, thick prick shoved down. The tunnels eased and opened, allowing him all the way, the juice lubricating the dick and helping it slide down easy. He carried on, not stopping until his balls were against her and then he rose up, grinning and smiling. "Oh yes," he repeated.

Dawn couldn't believe how lucky she was; to have the Mayor on her, in her, his massive cock thrusting deep into her cunt. She wasn't the only teen in her year who had the hots for him, in a poll for the school magazine for most fuckable guy he'd got over half the votes, only Principal Snyder coming close at just over ten percent. But she was the one who'd got him, he was fucking her for the very first time of what she hoped was many. His hands were planted either side of her levering himself up and down, his tummy bashing into her slender stomach, squashing her against the bed as his prick filled her. Her tits wobbled and swayed underneath him, bouncing with each passionate thrust into her. He smiled as he came down, his eyes meeting hers like he was a hypnotist and she was his victim; but if that were true she was a very willing victim.

"OOoohhh," she moaned and groaned, her body melding with his, her waist rising to meet him and falling as he drove into her pinning her to the bed. A deep smile of pleasure slid across her face as her hands reached up and around him to grasp at his back and hug him as her pounded her. Her legs shifted up as well, gripping him in a vice to stop him leaving her - not that he showed any intention of doing that as he rammed quicker and harder.

"Ooohhh, yessss," she moaned again, her back arching as a wave of pleasure washed through her. She'd always thought fucking would be fun, but she never realised how much it would be - though the Mayor was definitely one of the best lovers a teen could have, even an inexperienced a virgin as Dawn could tell that. He knew exactly what to do, his cock stimulating hidden zones of ecstasy with exactly the right combination of power and speed, the huge dick filling her teen fuckhole so that no part was untouched. "Oooohhh, give it me Mr Wilkins, ram my sweet hole."

"Mmmnnn yes Dawn. You've such a tight pussy, its delectable," the Mayor smiled and moved his mouth down to suckle at a tit.

"Oooohhh, yes, yessss," The teen gasped as his teeth slipped over the soft flesh and his tongue tickled at the sensitive nub. The only problem was that as he sucked and licked her boobs his fucking slowed, the teen tried to make up for that by moving herself more forcefully, driving her pussy at his dick. He swapped from boob to boob, leaving them tender as he nipped and nibbled the teat, his tongue spinning over them as his teeth massaged them, pulling and stretching them out. The pleasure wasn't as powerful as the sensations between her thighs, but it wasn't negligible either and she cried out, "OOOohhh yessss."

He lifted his head, looking direct at her face and smiling warmly, as for a second he paused, his unmoving dick deep down her wet cunt. Then he beamed wider and began pounding with an increased passion, his thick dick driving all the way into her, stretching her and pleasuring her in equal amounts. The teen squealed again, rocking and writhing under the pounding. Her screams filled the room and the bed knocked heavily against the wall to Buffy's room; a small revenge for all the times she'd had to listen to her sister and Principal Snyder at it - only neutered by the fact her sister was still waitressing at topless burger bar. The Mayor smiled and went harder and faster, pinning Dawn to the bed like she was a butterfly in a lepidopterist's collection. She gripped him, her fingers stabbing at his back - which he didn't seem to mind and her legs clinging round him like a limpet to a rock.

"Aaaarrrghh," she shrieked, loud enough her Mom and Ted must hear, "Aaaaarrrrghh," she screamed again, even louder. Each thrust brought a pleasure so intense it was indescribable. Her cunt was bubbling cum, the liquid filling her hole and slipping out over the lips as the Mayor pounded in. He smiled at her cries and drove at her even harder. "AAAaarrrrgghhh," Dawn screamed "AAaarrrghhh."

If this was sex Dawn could see why people became addicted, she couldn't see why anyone would think it was a bad thing. She'd be more than happy to give up school, her friends, the rest of her life to be here forever, being fucked to heaven by the Mayor. She took in a deep breath and cried out "Aaarrrrghhh, fuck me, aaaarrghhh please fuck me harder."

The Mayor's large cock drilled harder into her. He smiled at her, "I'm going to cum."

"In me," she gasped, wondering if she go off the pill to become pregnant by him and have his babies.

"On your face for the first time," he said. He got off her and pumped his dick with one hand as with the other he half-encouraged, half-dragged her to her knees in front of him. "You're doing well," he said, "I can see us together regularly." She smiled and a arc of cum shot from his cock, landing all over her face. He continued pumping and shot after shot laced out in quick succession, covering her with his goo, landing on her hair and forehead, across her nose and down her lips. She grinned happily, pleased that she could have this effect.

The Mayor beamed happily at her, "That looks good. Why don't you go show your Mom and Ted?"

Dawn nodded eagerly, then quickly stopped as she felt the goo sliding down her face. Gingerly she stood up and walked towards the door like she was crossing eggshells. Opening the door she went down into the main room, where her Mom was doing some dusting whilst wearing a sexy maid outfit, which showed her naked tits. "Mom," the teen couldn't keep the excitement from her voice, "my first facial."

Her Mom looked up and gave a squeak, "Oh Dawn, you look so beautiful. Ted you'll want come quick and see this, Dawn's cum covered."

The teen quickly struck a pose, one hand on hip, leg slightly hooked and raised, a smile on her face as Ted came from the kitchen, the waft of fresh cookies following him. He smiled proudly as he looked at her, "Wait a second, let me get the camera, we need to capture this."

Remaining in position Dawn waited, aware that the cum was slowly dribbling down her and starting to dry. Luckily Ted was only moments before coming back with the camera, snapping a few shots before saying to Joyce, "Stand behind her, with your hands on her shoulders, that's it, you're every inch the proud Mom, smile the two of you."

Dawn beamed, wondering if one of these pictures would get pride of place in landing beside the ones of her Mom and sister; she hoped so.

Ted put the camera down, "You should return to your date, he might think you've deserted him."

For a moment panic gripped Dawn, after it had all being going so well, but then she saw Ted beaming and realised he wasn't being serious - hopefully. She still turned and quickly sped back up the stairs to her room. Luckily the Mayor didn't seem to have thought she'd gone, as he was half-lying, half-sitting on her bed flicking through the latest issue of the school magazine; the one with the naked cheerleader squad centre-fold; and his cock was rising. Whilst it was good he was becoming hard again, Dawn wasn't sure that she wanted it be from as contemplating the charms of Cordelia, Harmony and their fellow cheerios.

She closed the door, "I'm back," she said and clambered onto the bed as the Mayor put down the bed to look at her. She crawled towards him, lowering her head to run her tongue around his large cock for a couple of seconds, before looking up at him with a dirty look, "I'm still horny, are you?"

He nodded and stroked his erect cock, "I am."

"There's still one hole you haven't tried," the teen said, she turned round, sitting up on her knees and reaching round for her buttocks to pull them apart and show what hole she meant in the unlikely event he hadn't got it.

"Let me try it now," he said with a smile. He got up behind her, pushing her forward so she was on her hands and knees, before reaching round her waist and turning her so that she was facing her dresser mirror. She could see him in its reflection coming behind her. His smooth chest wasn't hard like a movie actors, but it looking at still made her heart beat; and he was so handsome, a round jaw being so much more manly in her mind than the square and if there was some flab around him, it was cute. Plus even if she couldn't see it in the mirror there was his ten inch thick cock which was all any girl could want. "You have such a bangable behind" he complimented her, his hands moving over it.

"Bang it," giggled Dawn, her excitement rising as she realised that she was about to become only the fifth girl in her class to lose her anal virginity (something they'd all pledged to do by Christmas).

The Mayors hands clasped her cheeks harder and he pulled them apart, pushing himself forward so his cock was rubbing between the crack and over her asshole. The teen trembled in excitement, gripping the bed hard and wiggling her butt back against him. The Mayor smiled in the mirror and gave her butt a quick slap, making her quiver even more. He raised his finger to his mouth and sucked it in an over the top manner, his eyes looking in the mirror looking at hers. He slapped her ass again, smiling and then grasped the ass cheek, separating it from its partner. She quivered as he removed the finger from his mouth and with obvious relish moved it down behind her.

For half a second she felt the tip against her rosebud and then he was shoving it, opening the ring muscle and planting it as deep as it could go. Dawn let out a sigh which covered both the uncomfortableness of her hole being invaded and the contentment that she had someone else in her ass for the first time ever. Like the rest of her friends she had being using a variety of anal toys on her butt since the end of the summer vacation, but it was DIY was different from having someone else penetrate you - especially someone as dishy as the Mayor. She moaned against as he twisted and turned his digit, his knuckle scraping round her insides.

"That's a night tight hole," he said, with a smile and Dawn nodded her agreement, smiling at him in the mirror. There was a pop as he pulled out his finger, "Let's see if we can widen it."

"Gape it open," Dawn giggled in excitement, "Make it as a wide as the Pacific." Which was an unlikely outcome she had to admit, but at least gave him an idea of the total butt-hammering she was hoping for.

The Mayor smiled at her, one hand still on her cheeks the other gripping his cock and introducing it to her asshole. It touched her sphincter and was then in, spreading her hole open as it pushed down. It was much thicker than the finger, longer as well, and whilst the digit had helped a little, she still gasped and shuddered as her hole was opened. "That's it your doing well," the Mayor said encouragingly as he pushed further forward, shoving his large dong down into her.

"MMmnn, uurrrrhh," Dawn grunted, proud of how well she was taking it for her first time. She pushed back, forcing herself down the massive member. It was deeply enough impaled that the Mayor could remove his hand from it, letting it guide itself in. Instead he gently spanked her cheeks, making them jiggle and wiggle. Dawn gripped the bed and went against him, feeling the cock slowly going deeper. It was further in than she'd ever done with a toy, literally entering virgin territory. The Mayor beamed behind her, evidentially impressed by her enthusiasm. She rocked back again meeting him half into his thrust, "OOOhhh, stick it in me. I want it all the way."

"That's good Dawn, take my dick in your ass. You're a natural for this, I can tell," he called behind her, shoving forward. Both hands were on her waist, using it as leverage as they worked the final inch in.

And then his balls slapped as her as he pushed his full length into her tushy. Dawn groaned in triumph, gasping out and breathing in. For a moment the Mayor remained still, a small smile on his lips as he looked at her face in the mirror. "Are you ready for a hard butt pounding?" he asked.

"Oh God, yes please," she nodded eagerly.

If she thought he had been forceful before it was double now, his hard cock spearing her behind brutally and energetically. She bounced forward as he slammed into her, the crack of their bodies coming together loud and incessant. Beneath her the bed rocked and shook, smacking the wall to add another set of sounds to the mix. Her mouth opened and she squealed in immediate pleasure, the noise almost drowning the others as her high-pitched cries filled the room. "Aaaaarrghh, fuuuckk, my God, yessss."

The anal orgasms arrived within moments, washing through her like a wave. She could see her expression twisting and contorting in the mirror as the ecstasy took hold. Behind her the Mayor's face was set in a smiling mask of fixed concentration as he pounded in and out. His flabby chest was heaving as he gave it his all, his hands gripped tight to her waist. The teen didn't want to just be a passive recipient and she moved with his, driving herself back at him and working his cock. Her long hair flew round her face as her head bobbed, like her neck was made of elastic and weakened by the waves of pleasure. "AAarrrgrghhh," she shrieked, "Fuck me harder. I want that dick."

She let herself fall face down, making it a little easier for the Mayor to ram her ass, whilst at the same time sliding a hand between her legs. Her cunt was soaked with excitement and it didn't get any drier as she began to rub it vigorously. She could feel the dick going deep down her chute and if she slipped her fingers into her twat, feel it bouncing and pounding at the thin wall which separated her holes. She screamed in loud pleasure, the ecstasy so powerful it was almost debilitating.

Behind her the Mayor panted and grunted, as he rammed her as hard and fast as she could imagine anyone doing her. He might be old (almost fifty she guessed), but he had the stamina and strength of a much younger man, as if he'd be sacrificing his soul for eternal youth. He speared her ass with such intensity it was like she was being taken to a new plane of heaven, his cock stretching her hole and leaving her burning with it's friction. "Yes," he grunted, "This is the loveliest asshole I've had in ages."

Dawn reddened with pride, jamming her finger into her cunt with pleasure. Her ass was aching as it stretched, sore and bruised, but it was worth it to here those words. "You're the best, I love the way you're fucking my asshole, it's so perfect."

"I'm going to cum," he grunted in reply and she half-waited for him to turn her around for another facial.

But this time he just continued to pound until she could feel his damp goo exploding into her asshole. Blast after blast off the sticky liquid, shooting deeper into her and stinging her aching ass. He shot for what seemed like ages, but was probably just seconds, but it was enough to fill her and leaving the cum overflowing, dripping from her wide open ass as he pulled out.

She sighed in contentment and moved round, lying herself between his legs as he sat against the bed board and licking his flaccid cock (a hint her Mom had given her earlier). The Mayor smiled at her warmly, "That was a great job Dawn, good enough for a second date."

She looked up briefly, smiling sexily at him, before returning to her cleaning of the cock. The Mayor reached down and ruffled her hair, "Though you'll need to keep up the quality if we're going to go regular."

Dawn nodded and bobbed; she was up for that challenge.

* * *

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